Sunday, September 2, 2012

About the Conferences and Cobra

As soon as I posted about the conferences, some amazing synchronicities happened along with a strong reaction and attacks from the Cabal.

Apart from that, people  also had many questions and concerns and I will address those in this post.

All information from the conferences will be given freely after the conferences through posts in this blog. We are also working on creating an audio webinar for at least some conferences to be available also. 

The conferences are meant for those who wish to dedicate themselves more fully to the planetary liberation process and are also willing to put a considerable amount of energy into it.
The purpose of the non-disclosure agreements is only to protect my identity. Intel given at the conferences is not included in non-disclosure agreement and is to be shared and distributed freely.

There have been again some extremely hateful comments in my blog and I had to close the comment section again. Some people reacted extremely violently when I deleted their comments, saying  "Cobra deletes anything that incriminates him, and the emails have been forwarded to my brother who is a serious fraud officer with the Metropolitan police." This is my private blog and I can delete anything I want, and why some people go ballistic about that is beyond my understanding. As I understand free speech, they can spill their hatred elsewhere and I can shape my blog in any way I want to, including deleting their comments.

Few courses of action remain open. Shall I leave all comments open in the name of »freedom of speech« to let some pople spill poison and threats here, posting comments with hatred and a purpose of destroying my work? Shall I keep deleting negative comments? To tell you the truth, I am tired of doing that as I have more important work to do. Shall I block the comments altogether? I am open to suggestions.

I would like people to learn non-violent communication. Those that would like to »expose me as a scam«  are free to do so in their own blog and on other websites, but not here. For your information, if I deleted a comment, all replies to that comment were deleted automatically by Blogger. Also, my Blogger account has been broken into a few times and many times comments were deleted without my approval. People need to learn patience. I WILL address their concerns, but it may take a few days as I have an overload of work to do. 

I will however address here some concerns that pople might have that are at the core of those hateful comments. 

There has been a certain indvidual posting here, wanting to ruin and destroy my work. If he is of the Light, why does he want to destroy something beautiful? If he belongs to the Cabal, his actions are obvious. He is among those people that are violently against the conferences, saying that this is a scam taking other people's money. Are David Wilcock's conferences also a scam? And conferences of countless other dedicated Lightworkers around the world? Here nobody has been »tricked« or »forced« into buying a ticket. If anybody wants a refund, it will be gladly given.

There have been many speculations about my identity. Some people think I am Lady Dragon, some people think I am Ishtar Antares and there are wide speculations as to where I am coming from, ranging from China to Europe and South America.

I know both lady Dragon and Ishtar Antares and they are both good people. There is a lot of disinformation about the two circulating in the blogosphere. Lady Dragon has not been »arrested« and is not on »meth« as some people think. I actually spoke to her a week ago as she came back from a vacation. Ishtar Antares is not a »scammer that wants your ascended money«, nor is he »taking advantage from women mostly for sex« as it is written on a notorious disinfo site of the Former White Hat. As you probably know, money and sex related accusations are a standard tactic of the Cabal when it wants to discredit someone. I am in constant contact with Ishtar and he is very honest in his business dealings and one of the most sincere people towards women that I know. He graciously allowed me to use some of his intel for posts in my blog. He has written a book and I use some of intel from that book. Although most of that book is channeled material and I don't agree with all of it, it is of a very high quality and I would recommend it. You can order his book here:

It is also worth noticing that Former White hat sent threatening mails to both Lady Dragon and Ishtar Antares, stating that »If you wish to avoid further revealing about you, your past and family, you will back down from this silly Cobra bullshit. You will denunce on your website Drake as a fraud and insane old man who has been making everything up. Okay? FW Hat«

Drake is not a fraud, he is a good man fighting for the liberation of this planet. So is Benjamin Fulford, so is David Wilcock, so am I and so are many others. I don't agree totally with Drake and Wilcock, but I would support their fight for freedom with all my heart. I would suggest that all sincere people working towards the planetary liberation start supporting each other despite all personal differences and stop with personal attacks.  

And again, the link to conferences is here:

And you can register here:



  1. No conference in India?:( I was hoping to attend but now its impossible. Anyways keep up the great work cobra.

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  3. In my personal opinion, I think that Cobra has a much more important mission that should not involve having to monitor the comment section of this website for unconstructive, hateful, very biased, and vulgar attacks that frequently come from the same individuals who, rather than move on to another website, come back again and again as "ankle biters."

    While I would most certainly miss the numerous positive comments of those who are regular commentors on this website, I believe that Cobra's mission and the purpose of this website would be better served if the comment section were turned off. If people need clarification about previous material, they can always use the "Search This Blog" field on the right-hand side of this website.

    In any event, I send Peace and greatest blessings to all those who have added their constructive and delightful comments on this website over the past five months!

    1. I agree Aleanna! Although I too, get a lot out of the fellowship with all you Warriors of the LIGHT, the comment section is not the purpose of this site. The purpose is to send messages to the Resistance, and a nice side effect is the messages to US! Another wonderful "side-effect," up until recently, are all the loving comments, and the comradary of we sisters and brothers. But we cannot cling to this, dear friends. Soon it will be all better. We all need to hold the space for the LIGHT, with or without encouragement from each other! Be BRAVE, dear warriors. You each know your mission! It may be a simple as being a lighthouse in your neighborhood! I wish you all goodspeed!
      I can't wait to go to the Charlotte conference, and maybe to Egypt! Wow! Much work has gone into all this. Don't try to tie Cobra down to being on here 24/7 to approve or disapprove each comment. If he wants to shut down the comments, let it be! Sincerely, Suzie

  4. I think it would be just fine for you to block negative comments. No loving purpose is served by continuing to give hate and violence a platform. The cabal have the whole world as their playground. Let the light shine here.

  5. suggestion about comments issue: i say keep the comment section closed ;) you DO have better things to do! and policing and deleting them, i imagine it's not good for maintaining a high vibration. many times, the comment section reminds me of working in a day care center. --outta control egos in addition to the negativity. this is SERIOUS work of the Highest Importance! if people want to discuss what you've posted they could consider becoming friends on facebook and share there. I’m actually in a secret group on FB and we have RULES…because it’s a sacred space for lightworkers. peace and love!!

    1. Great idea! I am thinking about a group on facebook. It would be open but people who are haters or spammers could easily be deleted

    2. Facebook group great idea :) Although Drake has one and it got bombarded with so much "stuff" similar to what has gone on here! I shared your blog on his page and got reprimanded for taking up the page, so would have to be moderated quite a lot..

    3. Please consider a moderated blog somewhere other than at Facebook for comments. Trusted volunteers could help with screening comments.

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    5. Same thing happens with Face Book (FB) pages. Any page that is ‘for the Freedom’ is watched by the government agents. ‘They’ try to created distrust between the members of the group and also try to discredit the ‘main people’ who ‘own’ or run the pages. They are brutal in their language. The ‘admin’ people usually monitor and follow the trolls/agents and delete them when it gets too volatile. There is a lot of discord between the members usually about whether the deletion was ‘called for’ or not. So, the same will go on with FB and it will take several people to watch and follow these ‘trolls’ (depends on how many members you have that determines how many admins you would need). This is very time consuming work, and they just come back using another name after you delete them. They also can gain access to your computer via FB if they decide to ‘take a look’.
      But, I would like to say that as long as we are in the 3D existence, these ‘Freedom’ pages would require willing volunteers to monitor these ‘agents’, because there are so many of them out. I don’t personally mind the agents, they are kind of interesting to me, but many people feel like they have to defend and argue who’s right and who’s wrong, so the stuff doesn’t really cease. Some ‘light workers’ kinda feed them too just by trying to chance it in to ‘love and light’ – they still get fed. They want you to defend/argue/get upset/not trust… I have seen it when nobody commented on a thread, the thread died. This doesn’t happen very often because we all have our opinions. Closing the comments would be the easiest for Cobra. Or, Cobra could always open up the comments for a day or so and then close it. This way he/she doesn’t have too much to monitor.

    6. This site just needs a good moderator. Several good candidates can be found posting here.

    7. @Cobra,
      I agree with thislittlelightofmine. A moderator would save you time and energy while still maintaining the essence of this blog. I would be very sad to see the comments closed permanently...

    8. Seriously? Are we gonna let this site be shut down? Do you know what I did this morning....after reading SO much garbage that is taking over on this site? I went back to Cobra's very first post. I scrolled through ALL the comments. I did this for EVERY post that had lots of comments. I was looking to see who the core members are in our community. Some of the original posters have gone quiet and of course some new ones have found their voice, me included. But besides Pottsman, the most prolific and consistent poster, the one who rallies the troops time and again, is my friend I AM Love! Please consider this as my vote....I AM Love for moderator! Can you hear me Love? xo Diane LightBearer

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  6. I would love to come to the Turin conference but for some reason flights from London dont seem to connect up with the organised dates, so doesn't look like a viable option for me! If anyone knows any different please feel free to update me :) Also if anyone from the UK is attending it might be nice to travel as a group..

    Anyway if at some point a COBRA conference is organised in the UK I would definitavely be there :D

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    2. CK,
      I am seriously considering going to Turin, BA flights are 50 pounds for a one-way, around 100 for return.
      You can contact me at


    3. LV,
      Have sent you email!

      Do you know if accommodation is icluded in the price?

      Kind regards


  7. POOF for SEPT 2: While we were waiting

    Greetings and Salutations;

    Frankly, this whole things has been like cleaning out an impacted colon. Let that image percolate thru the grey matter…Then while you’re cleaning somebody is throwing more crap to try to keep the impaction in place. Sometimes it’s been necessary to use explosives to gain on the enemy, who’ve been using every desperate measure at their disposal. Failure was never an option. Whatever it looked like but no human could stop the future. For folks intent on keeping the past intact, like horses with blinders, they failed to notice the bridge back was gone. That was the detonation and now the system has the barnyard runs as the toxins are being released into the media and they in turn spray it all over the listener. Buddha taught the middle path…staying between the opposing sides and seeing them both clearly. We all know politicians can’t stand centrist. Do you dare keep your own mind and thoughts…not join the herd, off the cliff?

    ‘But I need the money, Poof…I’ll do good stuff’. ‘They’ know it and it’s why it was designed to impact the ‘bottom’, first. YOU move the world not bankers. You bring supply to neighborhoods, elderly, children, the indigent. The bankers tried to act as if it was a closed world between the haves’ and have nots’. Then they started cannibalizing each other, what a nice little mess that turned out to be. Had these same goons been left to do to you what they did to each other, all this time of waiting and preparing, would have been a total waste of time. To this day, folks still have a hard time conceiving of a world not run by the greedy predators, of the last 100+ years. Many have accepted that they are the lesser, serfs on the lord’s big land and willing to pay tribute to be left alone. That’s why these announcements will turn many brains to mush, I’ll say again the history books will Have to be rewritten. We were taught outright lies. Learning the answer as to Why, something was done, not just it’s the ‘patriotic thing to do’…followed with band music.

    With the impacted colon problem relieved, the omega doorway to this system can be opened to usher in the future. There will be many surprises and some will be hard to digest. The nice lady for example is not dead and mr bush can testify to that. Nothing like personal contact…she ain’t no joke and does not mind adding insult to injury. There’s a reason why the chinese are called inscrutable…look it up again if you fail to grasp it’s meaning. The never pay model was always destined to fail. If your ‘reason’ was based on faulty will lose to a great game of global banking. Nothing like buying your casino right out from under you…more like foreclosure. I just gotta say this, who would it benefit in the us for everything to dump right now…rvs and programs..hint it’s a politician. I think even a 3rd grader could figure that one out.

    Have a blessed future, filled with joy. The world is moving on, no matter what you hear on the internet.

    Love and Kisses, Poofness

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  9. Love and gratitude, as always.
    My vote would be that those proving unable to post without attack would be blocked. I appreciate your patience with us. We can be quite fearful and cynical. The financial system is imploding. It is all happening. I love what is, and what will be. This is an amazing time. Thank you for allowing comments. Please do whatever you need to do, to keep this website operational. Love to you, Cobra, and to all who visit here.

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  11. We are Humanity we Are LOVE!! LOVE, joy and music is the key!! Never listen to negativity and hate ;)

    You know who hate? those that want you to hate :) listen to yourself

    Also Listen to this to help the positive direction of your spiritual path! :D

    - Ancient Solfeggio Frequencies

    - Anti Depression Anti Anxiety

    Divine PEEEEAAAACEEEE!!! <3

  12. I find it sad that some people come to this blog to spread such hate full comments. Cobra I agree with others that a moderated FB group would be much better .

  13. Namaste!

    As one who watches comments from all over, I say, in this case, leave the comments closed. If someone wants to let you know something, your email is available.

    Better that information is outed/given than argued over.

    Too many want to argue and debate that which they are given.

    Keep the comments closed.

    Peace, Love, and Light!!!

  14. It is best just to ignore the trolls. They want attention after all.

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  15. Cobra if this doesn't take to you too much time I suggest a moderated comment section. Anyway the guys who have a negative attitude are really few. Frankly I don't see this big problem to just ignore them.

  16. Marúaweka!
    Well done COBRA! I did order a copy of David Ike's last book and it was so interesting I got through half of it and had to share right away, but I'll get it back. Reminds me of CREDO MUTWA. TEAM FORTRESS II accpets DONATIONS to keep servers open and speedy. We have M.E.M.A. for funds for musicians with no health insurance and we gather for FUND RAISERS to raise money. KRVM 91.9FM relies on DONATIONS to say on the air, and have pledge drives. I say we have a 'gathering' with MUSIC and vendors, food! (donations accepted)
    Jimi Hendrix didn't use standard tuning either.

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  18. Its simple Cobra, this is your blog, you make the rules.
    If you think its too much trouble leaving the comments section open then close it.
    For all those that visit your blog it won't make any difference, the 'for' folk will just say things you like to hear, the observers will as usual say nothing and the 'anti' folk will say things you don't like, and take up your time deleting them.
    So just close comments.
    Time will tell anyway, so keep doing what you believe to be in the interests of whatever path you are following, and all us out here will do the same.

  19. I may eventually regret this but I am offering a place to "off-load" things (opinions, regardless of whether they are crap or of the finest stuff in anyone's opinion) by creating an open forum for discussion via Yahoo Groups (I choose Yahoo Groups as that is what I am most familiar with). I have been in the process of doing that for a couple of hours now since I had a most welcome "interruption" by having my 21 year old stop by and the not as welcome hassle of a computer not working very well. As the "creator" of such a group, I do reserve the right to make the rules and to tweak them as I see fit; also to discontinue the group or hand it off to someone else if I see that it does not serve the purpose I intend or, even if it does, it becomes too much of a challenge to add to the other challenges I face. I would like to make it an "almost anything goes" thing at first to test the waters, then "tweak" from there, though I do not intend to allow a) spam messages or b) posts that threaten. Will keep membership open and messages not requiring approval as long as that works. I'll post the link as soon as I have it set up.

    Also, the intention is NOT to "bash" anyone or anything or belief system, but to share information, as I have seen done to wonderful effect here, and to objectively offer opinions.

    So, here goes.......

    1. Flying by the seat of my pants --- here is the link to the group I've just created:
      email address:

      Let's see how that goes. I am learning to not have a strong judgment regarding "negative" and "positive" which I feel differs from "discernment." I will respect your right to voice an opinion and ask that you remain equally respectful while giving that opinion and of the views of others. Thank you.

    2. I was not terribly happy with the category I needed to place the group into but that is the case with many "categories" these days. I haven't been happy either with the categories of "New Age" and things like that in book stores either, for that matter.

    3. sure, have peeked at that previously though not deeply -- is there much ban-free debate going on there? will check again & may join.......

    4. As yet it's not so much "much", but very much "ban-free". ;-)
      Time will tell ...

      It'd be nice, seeing you there, Angelsea
      and others as well.

    5. Hmmmm, something about the aggressive recruiting for this new forum ... reminds me of ....

      No censorship, except my id was made invalid. It only took 3 posts here asking for an answer to my email inquiry, to be told that ermmmm..... the wife deleted it.

      And what's this ? A new blog based on trashing Cobra ? Its called "Truth and Love" ....

      *whistling away ......

      All that in addition to new trolls on the beat tells us that we are doing something right guys !!

      Victory of the Light !

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    7. IAL now come on, lets tell the truth here, when you register you are sent an email, to finish registration you need to click the link provided in that email. You told me that you had sent an email to me and I then told you that I did not receive it and that maybe it had been deleted as my wife tend to delete a lot of emails without looking at them. I then activated your account and told you right away....this is all in one of the previous posts in this blog.

      This is not a blog it is a fully functional forum that is managed by ALL its members and it is most definitely not there to trash your beloved for AGGRESSIVELY recruiting.... please where is your evidence of this??? it has been mentioned a couple of times in here.

      This place is for everyone no matter what your beliefs, it is ban free, deleted posts free and very much everything that is manipulative, controlling, suggestive and bullshit free and its on its own server with its own domain name and no call for donations will EVER be made...........doesn't sound so bad to me .........mmmm maybe it might seem a little threatning to some though!!

  20. Cobra, you could also invite trusted people to have access to your blog and moderate comments, no need to go elsewhere, I like it here.

    1. In blogger go to settings> Basic>Permissions>+ Add authors

  21. @Cobra.

    Make public a full statement of all funds received from donors via paypal and explain fully, where every penny has gone to, this would be a great start..

    I have a million reasons due to my ex-profession to hide my face, real serious security issue's but I have not hidden.

    Nearly a decade out of uniform in Northern Ireland for one example, You think so called "Archons" hold a grudge? Try provisional IRA that you sent down. Also my job in the private security sector throughout the globe since 1998.

    I spent 11 months recovering from near fatal wounds and still don't feel the need for anonymity, I've had my actual face on here and other places.

    Sorry, but I can't trust somebody who hides, and neither should anyone else.

    If you have nothing to hide then show yourself and earn a huge amount of trust and respect.

    I put very bad individuals in the ground and in prison for life, murderers, paedo racketeers, human traffickers. etc etc.. and they all know what I look like.

    I have worked for the Rockefeller foundation, they own Monsanto who now own Black-water and Halliburton group, I've met Evelyn de~Rothschild and David Rockefeller, just to name a few,They know my name and face. Why would I hide from evil entities such as they? They paid my wages for more than a decade and I've spoken out against them many many times, it all boils down to living in fear or choosing not to.

    I've got the wage slips and dark suits from these nefarious entities and I am still here, not living in fear.

    I've provided close protection and been to some very disturbing parties and social gatherings that these monsters create to blackmail officlais with..

    You know nothing of these people, it's patently obvious to me.

    Death is a total illusion, anyone that's died will tell you this and I've died 3 times.. So what is there to fear apart from fear itself?

    So what are you hiding for? If not because of come backs when your fraudulent enterprise goes tits up in the water?

    I was paid a very serious amount of money to sniff out bullshitters, and my nose has not lost it's capacity, if anything it's even sharper now..

    So again, what are you hiding for?

    Love & Light has no use when it's from tainted HEARTS.

    Speak your TRUTH and be counted like a man or stop misleading people, because if you don't I will find you.

    This is a solemn oath I make to you right now.

    I will leave it at that, But I have evidence that you've obtained money by deception and you would have serious bother excusing this.

    You wish to join forces then man up or shut up. Prove me wrong and I will happilly provide you with all the sources I have at my disposal and 25 years of evidence and anecdotal accounts of how big this Cult of Babel really is, You've never even mentioned the fact that they all worship Saturn which is true Satan-ism. The Dark Sun and the cult of Thelema. Aleister Crowley sparked off the entire new age religion for example, so it's Saturn-ism from it's inception.

    Cult of celbrity
    Cult of media
    Cult of Hollywood

    They all answers to one huge organisation of Saturn ism which is Satanism. You've never mentioned any of this so your followers are severely misinformed, is this deliberate or are you just ignorant?

    Wicca was created by Saturnists, lots of other fairly harmless little cults also, then the big one's like Scientology.

    You mention nothing I don't already know I could teach you for days, But you drip feed nonsense and bullshit codes? WHY?

    I've been to functions that would make your head spin, and I am still here speaking out against them.

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    2. Good luck to you as well, and I mean it from my heart. Peace.

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    4. Why so much anger Claydog? I tought your input on this blog very valid but can't understand this personnal crusade against Cobra. If you disagree with his methods, then propose better or setup your own blog. I for one come here for info, not dissension.

    5. This comment has been removed by the author.

    6. I think we just found one of 'them'. I would not feed this being.

    7. @claydog,
      Wow, your bark is so annoying! But keep it up, I'm glad you let us all know about makes me love him more! I, too, and many more LightBearers have lost EVERYTHING! Does this mean we are all untrustworthy and pathetic? Hell no! It means we will not lay down, nor go quietly. We failed in the corrupt big surprise. The Light always attracts the Dark in equal strength. Take your own advice to Rob...'you are not welcome, simple truth'. Soon you will not be fed by our annoyance and frustration and you'll go elsewhere for your meal. People, we need a moderator here so we can get back to business! Can't you see the effect of all this distraction? As you were, family!!

    8. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
      bless you doggy

  22. I believe this website is enough. Trolls become easily recognized, and can be scrolled over. The news is getting out. Cobra, please don't allow our limits to distract you from the intent of this site, and the life you deserve to have.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Claydog, correct me if I'm wrong but I sense something came to your attention recently?(I'm not talking about Cobra and this blog)

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. @prosperity, elaborate and I may give you an answer, things come to my attention every day..

    5. You come across as scared? Are you scared to face facts that the occult runs everything? military industrial complex,police force, TV, Radio, arts, Medical, all major corporations are just one huge corporation when you trace it back to who prints the money, same small elite bloodline of families, cleverly guarded closely protected and out to cull YOU.

      That's the TRUTH, so how do WE stop them?

      Coded messages from the "resistance" That's exactly what they want, weakness.. You have no clue as to the extent of your own enslavement.

      "ignore the trolls" say that when they shove you sectioned off from your family in to a FEMA camp, the Europeans who went in to the death chambers funded by the Vatican did exactly the same, hide and hope they wont notice us. oh shit, too late..

      Why do you think most of the US and Europe are on prescription anti-psychotics? to help them or to subdue them from thinking?

      What part of Cobra's "resistance" is going to save you from this slow creeping agenda of global totalitarianism.

      Please enlighten me Mr Freewolf7. You're not free at all, you're a total slave from birth.

      So how do WE put an end to this?

      A good start is to recognise the enemy and the #1 rule of the black arts is to convince the populace that the good guys have all our interests at heart, when it's the occult and this is reverse, that's the whole symbolism of the occult, they tell you one thing, freedom for example. it really means the opposite, the swastika was the reverse symbol of a loving hindu symbol, reverse to symbolise hatred instead of love. if they tell you they are the good guys then they are telling you the complete opposite.. And you call yourself "awake" LOL.

      Research occultism it's at the very core of the high seats of power in government and organised religion, Christianity is reverse Christianity, just one example, they hide it in plain sight so drones don't even notice due to being addled on suppressants and bombarded with them even when you sleep..

      very few on here that are actually awake and it's shocking, I can smell the fear but not the TRUTH from many..

      Illuminati is not evil, it's sold as a lie, the cult of babel is evil, Babylonian cult of babel was the first new world order and they are trying to restore it via order from chaos, please educate yourself before you slip in to the abyss for another millennia. This is what they want.. they feed your ignorance and turn you in to wage slaves if your lucky..

      "illuminate" the self and be truly free from mental and physical slavery, stop following false shepherds down dead end rabbit holes for fuck sake your future depends on your awareness..

      So be aware of the occult and expose them at all opportunity.

    6. Something struck a chord in you and it's made you bitter on the surface.I honestly hope you heal from it. If your eyes have seen more than others and want to expose them share everything you know.This blog is quite popular and information goes viral.It would have it's full effect if posted by Cobra instead of a comment.I think just about everyone here wants freedom and team work is key.I know you have a big heart that's been scarred but harsh words towards others will only delay things.If you mean what you say and say what you mean,use the tools given to you.Expose them,right NOW is the opportunity. The ball is in your court..

      Peace and love to you

  23. Hi Cobra. I rarely read the comments on here but I read all of your posts, and if it was me, I would just not allow comments any more. At least until the cabal have been arrested, or are no longer in charge, which won't be much longer. I love what you do and I'm in the fight with you, all the way. Bless you and may Angels of Light protect you. God Victorious!

  24. Here's my suggestion for dealing with negative comments:
    Notice keywords that are only used in negative comments.
    Set an automatic filter to delete those.
    That should leave you more time to read the rest and get rid of the poison.

  25. Cobra.. I would be happy to help you monitor the negative comments.. I understand why you say this to the work tirelessly on saving Humanity and that's not enough.. Oh well.. the Light will shine on all the people one day soon..
    God Bless you and may your Heart feel the Love so many are sharing here today.

  26. HI Cobra, I would like to attend N.Carolina event hoping that funds and work schedules fit in with this.
    I am presuming you feel that the event will have happened before your conferences enabling your unveiling?
    This is a difficult time for all and we dont need IS-BE's turning into wannabes claydog cough cough,there is truth in all of us, joining the truth dots together is the key to real freedom.
    Unlike what Claydog said, the rule of the black arts is convince the populace that the Good guys are really the BAD guys and not the other way round.
    I feel it would be better if you closed comments and perhaps excepted 1 email from each of the members who post on here and then replied to whom you choose to reply to, whenever it fitted your schedule.

    1. @Thomas

      Spoken like a true ignorant American. I expect you think Eisenhower was a good guy too.. If I made a typo or grammatical mistake then it does not make the statement any less valid, Cheap shots is about your level I presume from your comment, why not add something of value to readers? the number one rule is diversion and giving the impression that the good guys are in charge when occult is the reverse of this just like Christianity is really reverse Christianity and the Swastika is a reverse symbol of love and denotes hatred.

      If you going to brand somebody a "wannabe" then back it up please.

      I suggest you know nothing about black arts because you've had a sheltered normal mainstream education and probably a mainstream religious background so you're blinkered and addled from birth.

      Are you indoctrinated in to any occult societies? Can you offer any insight? Have you attended masonic 33rd degree and higher ceremony?

      If the answer is no as I suspect then keep that wannabe tag where it belongs you pultroon.. If you know the significance of that meaning then please elaborate, it's not on the internet though so don't bother googling it as it's disinfo..

      This entire globe is sewn up tight by occult practise. This is fact that is unquestionable right now, but it will change.. Don't feed your EGO, feed your intellect with factual evidence then come have another pop at me when you're ready..

    2. LOL @ "IS-BEs" Sounds like the "Alien Interview" that I read on New Earth. The alien pilot being interviewed by the military nurse, way back in 1947, used that term. Wow, what an interview! It only "came out" because the nurse, before she died, sent the top secret info to a one Lawrence Spencer. It is copywrited material. Here is the link, for any of you who want a wonderful, if long, read:

  27. please have a volunteer read your comments and filter them as I believe David Wilcock did... he also had this experence and it was affecting him emotionally. Hopefully there are more positive comments than neg..

  28. I think it would be a shame to close this place as it has been very positive before. It has allowed some people to meet up and share Love and info that made a big difference, at least to me..

    FB is alright but famously very infiltrated by the cabal. I know many including myself that get their posts and messages blocked. It is still a good platform to reach numbers of people quickly.

    For your info there has been a 6k+ members FB group that was created after the meditation for World Liberation Day, we have created events that reached up to 7k members for the Venus meditation. There are beautiful people there and nice sharings. We have barely had to censor but we will if needed.

    However i understand some people don't wanna go on FB and i would be for keeping the comment section up, with Cobra designating someone to delete comments that contain insults. People don't need to agree on everything and peaceful debates are healthy and help us grow. To call people names is useless for positivity and only brings negativity regardless of the person's intent. Such comments should be deleted.
    I can understand the difficulty in this case of finding someone that can moderate but if it's possible that would be the best option for me. I'm sure many are aware that beyond great sharings on site, many meaningful connections have been made here that extend outside the blog.

    1. here is the fb group

  29. Hello, Cobra.

    This is your house, and your family.
    And it should be run according to YOUR own rules and regulations.

    When an intruder, or a thief puts the safety of YOUR family in a danger, it's your DUTY as a rightful owner, to protect and to defend your home, your family, and yourself. ( You don't leave your home and run away like a... ).

    I SINCERELY, WANT TO THANK YOUR ATTACKERS. Yes I do, because This was the best proof of who you really are. Fortunately, now WE know, that the best Lightworkers are attacked the most.

    Stay safe and protected under the HEAVENLY LIGHT WINGS!!

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. @HyeAngel,

      A total fear riddled response from you, you have to face the fact that the occult agenda has not been hampered in the slightest at the moment,look at the Olympics closing ceremony and the obvious ordo templi orientis blood sacrifice.

      Watched by billions worldwide, please take time to check out the obvious symbolism and the fact that a 12 year old girl went missing and was offered as a blood sacrifice to Tiamat, this is their chaos god and the girl that was found brutally slain the next morning was called Tia.

      No more than a few miles from the stadium.

      How if this is still happening, how are the "resistance" helping us?

      If they can show this in plain sight still how are we anything but still deeply entrenched in the occultism that runs this globe and is trying to bring order from chaos.

      Everyone needs to be aware of this otherwise it remains the occult or hidden, by recognising this it brings it out in the open, mass hypnosis and chemtrails and MSM and GMO crap etc etc is all designed to stop us from joining the dots and discovering the menace behind the curtain.

      If you just ignore this and put all your hopes in ET turning up then you should be ashamed to call yourself a decent loving human being. Denial is not the cure, recognition and exposure is the cure.

      I urge all to investigate, expose, make viral all occult practise. It's the only way to defeat them.

      Ignorance is NOT bliss, so stop being ignorant and share info and wake people up to the true menace of occultism.

      If YOU choose to ignore this then YOU are not of the true light.

      I am being labelled a "troll" for pointing out the obvious here and it's shameful on all of you who are literally shit scared to look evil in it's face.

      If you think ignorance is the path to ascension then some huge misgivings are coming your way as the golden age of TRUTH manifests in to reality..

      All our futures are at risk by these psychopaths so ignoring them is playing in to their hands..

      If Cobra is so well informed why has he not mentioned this?

      Stop leaning on others for false comfort and get out and expose and communicate with others and the veil of secrets will come down quicker..

      You are all lowering the vibrations by being scared to face the TRUTH, you think you're being positive in thoughts is enough, when actions and words need setting to more purpose by all.

      The cult of Babel is the true menace, they don't use words such as Cabal so it's disinfo fed by morons and drones, investigate yourself don't rely on others to do it for YOU.

  30. Dear Cobra:

    Thanks for this post. My friends shown me some stunning pics of circumhorizontal clouds today in China, Sep. 2nd. It was so beautiful. I believe we will shift to a new realm without any hunger, poverty and brainwashing disciplines.

    I remember when Mr. Foster Gamble decided to show "Thrive" movie on the internet, he charged 5 dollars for watching the film. This provoked lots of question from general population. However this film became free after about 1 year, and I guess they have gotten back most of the production fee of this film. I guess the intention of the charge of liberation events may have a similar purpose.

    One of another woman I trust is Mrs. Kaoru Nakamaru from Japan. She is a very talented person as far as I think. Do you know something about her, if you have any information you would like to share?

    Wish the Love and light prevail.

    1. Foster gamble makes millions per day in interest alone from his families empire and he inherited billions, so charging would have alienated plenty of viewers who are on JP Morgan foodstamps,

      I hold him in high regards but a multi billionaire charging $5 is just bad publicity.


  31. ooopppssss....

    I should have said:
    " This was the best proof of who YOU Cobra, really are."

  32. My humble two cents, if people do not wish to play nice they should not come to your blog and expect you to thank them for attacking you, whether they agree with your stance/intel or not. People will cry censorship as a guise to allow them to be abusive, free speech is NOT liberty of free attack, there is a difference. Many individuals would benefit from learning that. Block em, wishing them the best to go on their merry way to somewhere that resonates more with them. :)

  33. "Come on people now, smile on each other. Everybody get together. Try to love one another, right now."

    Love you Cobra, keep on swimming! :DDD

  34. I personally can not wait to see the NEGATIVE former white hat on his one way trip to another 3d planet to live in his own pile of shit ! We stand proud by you and your courage is respected ! I will be at either Turin or Laguna Beach ! God bless and lets keep pushing ..

    Victory Of the Light !!

    Dr. Doug Cole

  35. I say moderate the comments. You will always get those that want to trash you. Not much you can do about that. Trolling for fun started when the Internet began. Its a strange way for people to get their amusement.

    1. hey Obi-Wan :)

      Agreed. I'm voting for a high vibe space. Plenty of the alternative around elsewhere :)

  36. Close or delegate! Cobra, you don't need to deal with these lower vibrations and neither do we. And you have far more important tasks at hand right now than moderating comments!

    Love and light!

  37. Cobra,

    Many, many thanks for all you are doing on behalf of us all. To the naysayers I say, try doing the Sunday meditations. If Cobra were anything other than a lightworker why would he organize these weekly gatherings that are clearly of the light?

    I have participated every week in these, and am so encouraged to see and feel the progress being made. I have so much hope for our future. Those who are speaking from a fearful place do not really bother me. I feel compassion for all of us who have believed that life has to be a struggle. I am so happy to have a group of fellow lightworkers to share ideas with and I feel this is more important now than trying to silence the fearful ones. I hope you will keep comments open.

    1. Nice, RosesandLight! I wish I could say the same! I have missed a few Sundays! Victory to the Light! xoxo Suzie Hey by the way, all, I am getting really good and scrolling right across the mud puddles! I think I can fly! Thank you, Cobra, for opening up the comments, and weather they stay on or not is up to you. I would miss them for sure, but I will manage!Thank you IAM Love for all the Love you have given over the months. You are the best! Well, good night, and peace!

  38. How can people not know the identity of Cobra has been what I have been thinking from the first interview. The voice modulation was not enough. Perhaps I am wrong but I doubt it. I wont be sharing my thoughts on who you are because that wouldn't be a nice thing to do. I appreciate your work and the community you have created. Much love and admiration... Peace.

  39. Thanks Cobra for clarifying the non-disclosure comment. It does make sense. And I like the idea of video conferencing or maybe you can expand it into putting them all in CD or script. I will definitely buy them. I'm sure some of us here are not in the position of doing any conference in any given time because they are busy with constant family matters. Not to mention the time zones. In Light -Iam Omm

  40. On the top of this blog is written:

    "This blog is the official communication outlet for the Resistance Movement."

    During my meditation came out also some questions:

    - Why RM allows you Cobra to expose yourself so much with conferences around the world?

    - Isn't it too dangerous for all of you, I mean collecting the money for the conferences, traveling etc...?

    I have a feeling you are Cobra more or less alone and left to your own ingenuity.


    P.S.: My invitation is still valid, you are nice guy/girl.
    P.S.S: 200 EUR instead for the conference in Torino I'll give to poor children in my neighbourhood.

    1. Cobra
      Is very busy so i will answer for him in this instance because i asked him the first time I wanted to do conference and we skyped. it is a realistic and normal question. I will be going into the reality of saucer smear campaigns and murder attempts threats and intimidation in a soon to be released post. these will be from my personal first hand knowledge in face to face communications with the victims.
      The short answer is you will see and meet cobra to know he is real. I do not feel he is ishtar antares as many have speculated but I do not know for sure. Many contactees in positions similar to cobra ARE PROTECTED. There family members and those around them cannot be. This is problematic and has caused some such as alex collier to retire so to speak. He told me persoanlly his story and alex has children. He has done so much for our movement of revealing the truth that he has already earned a purple heart and the galactic federation medal of honor in my opinion.
      The collecting the mony comment is a bit silly really as his showing up is exposing himself obviously he could be identified for an attempt to silence him later away from public view.
      The money is collected to a pay pal account of someone with a bank account cobra does not have one neither do I. I also have someone to cash the checks for those who mail them i do not know or speak for any other groups.

      cobra has also told me that certain major cabal players have been warned that any attempts on him will be dealt with and Cabal members responsible will dealt with arrested and contained immediately by the RM. Know this knowmyself that the RM technology and capabilities are UNSTOPPABLE when they CHOOSE to employ them. FYI Billy Meir another of SEmjases contacts had at least 10 attempts on his life one was a gun fired point plank into his chest with a 22 hand gun. He had a metal notebook in his pocket "For some reason" (we know who and why that was there dont we?") he survived.This will be the case with cobra

      I THINK YOUR IDEA TO GIVE MONETY AWAY TO CHILDREN IS WONDERFUL. I hope you will video this kind act of charity and put it on you tube as cobras seminar will also one day be shared with all.
      I hope this has address your concerns and anybody elses in this regard. also i hope you see my post later in regards to other contactees and truth givers in this regard.

  41. Dear Cobra,

    Re: Few courses of action remain open.

    1) The way I see it...

    2) ...whether these posters are dis/misinformation agents trying to silence the truth, distract & cause dissension, or are regular posters...

    3) ...there is only one way to deal with these destructive comments.

    4) Being your Blog (your property), that way is to ignore & discard them immediately, & move right on to the next comment...

    5) ...not wasting any of your energy on them.

    6) "Freedom of Speech" does not mean the "freedom" to speak rudely & abusively...

    7) that not only crosses the line into (invades) others' personal space, but causes them harm.

    Much love,
    Maiden PEI

    1. That would seem to be the best way for a blog's owner/author to deal with abusive comments if commenting is open, however (and I don't know how simple or complicated the actual procedure is) I believe doing what you outlined would be very time consuming. Therefore it would seem that the two viable alternatives are to either turn off the capability of accepting comments or to do what you outline. I think I know how I would handle it unless I was gifted with a fair amount of unscheduled time :)

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Thanx for the reply, Angelesea.

      Re: Time consuming.

      You're right, without comments being moderated for approval before they are posted, it WOULD be time consuming...very!

      The two blogs I ever post comments on approve them before posting them...I didn't even think to see if that is the case here or not.

  42. My two cents' worth: I'd hate to see the Comments thread eliminated entirely. I find it very helpful to see/feel how others are taking this move into the New, and different aspects thereof. For me, the ideal would be that Cobra would have a Moderator to help screen excessive comments. But since that appears to be a non-starter of an idea, I'll have to go with what Cobra feels he can handle on his plate. I hope he can just do the occasional 'Comment removed by the author,' and let us continue to hear each other/comment on the subject at hand. Fee speech isn't about just Motherhood and Apple Pie.

    1. When it is "comment removed by author" it means that the person who wrote it went back and removed it him/herself. I at times do it when I change my mind about sharing what I had written or to rewrite a correction (even typo/spelling/grammar/punctuation -- I just get weird about those things sometimes) since I haven't discovered a way to edit what is already sent out, if one exists.

      If the BLOG's author removes comments they simply disappear with no sign that they were ever there except possibly subsequent comments referring back that make you go "huh?" (not the replies to the removed comment -- those also go away with the removed comment). LOL, just the mechanics of it the way I understand it.

  43. Cobra
    I for one find the negative comments absolutely hysterical.
    They really give me a good old belly laugh.
    Love and light to all

    1. Yeah, I know what you mean.

      Sitting on the sidelines watching someone being verbally abused is hilarious . . . NOT!!!!!

    2. I did not mean that the abuse towards Cobra is funny.
      I meant the way certain people portray themselves is funny.

    3. My apologies.

      I forgot to check with you if I understood your comment correctly.

      Thank-you for taking the time to reply & clarify it for me.

      And for doing it respectively. :-)

      PS: I am glad to hear you didn't think the abusive comments were funny.

    4. Not a problem and thank you for your reply.
      Looking at it again I realised my comment was a little ambiguous. :-)

    5. You're welcome!

      It's been a pleasure talking to you. :-)

  44. @ ClayDog

    For somebody who professes to hate Cobra so much, you certainly spend a lot of time sweating his blog. From the looks of it, you're starved for attention & are using this comments section as a platform for your vitriol, which is sort of pathetic.

    In case you haven't noticed, no one here gives a crap about your opinions. Whatever truth they may contain is completely undermined by your nasty, defensive tone & condescending attitude. You're not persuading or convincing anyone here. All you're doing is annoying people & making yourself look like a dipsh!t in the process.

    If you have so many brilliant ideas & penetrating insights into The Way Things Really Are, go start your own blog & spout your bullsh!t there. I can promise you Cobra won't be there to troll through your comments section, as he seems like a person who actually has something constructive to do with his time, unlike you, apparently.

    And if at the end of the day he's ripping people off, why the hell do you care so much? Who elected you Sheriff of Cyberspace?

    Let me repeat this one more time, since it's clear at this point that you're a little slow on the uptake where this is concerned:


    So piss off, man, seriously. You're really freaking annoying.

  45. Also, the claim you make above that "most people in the US and Europe are on prescription anti-psychotics" is patently absurd. Please show me the evidence to support this assertion. I would love to see it, because unlike most of your shrieking, fear-mongering rhetoric & chest-thumping self-aggrandizing bullshit, this could actually be objectively verified.

    In this case, it could be verified to be false, which makes me wonder about the rest of what you so vehemently purport to be the "TRUTH".

    Real men, possessed of real intelligence, engage each other on the level of ideas. The tactic of name-calling & personal attacks is puerile & just plain weak, and in my mind further calls into question the nature of your character. And I'm not talking about your beef with Cobra here, but the way you've responded to anyone in these comments who has dared to contradict you.

    What gives you the right to insult these people? And please, spare me the Rockefeller & Rothschild name-dropping; I'm not impressed. You talk a big game but your actions belie your true nature: you are a petty, bitter man with delusions of grandeur & way too much time on his hands.

    Again, FUCK OFF & GET LOST, and take that laughing hyena cooter with you.

    1. Laughing hyena.
      That is soooo funny

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. HA HA HA DeadMan!! Thankyou for typing up what I was thinking and probably most of the rest of us are!

      Victory to the Light!

    4. And another one is accepted into the Frey. : P

  46. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  47. @Claydog,

    for lack of better words I find your attitude repulsive.
    I understand that you've been through very hard times but then you should focus all your power to manifest the change which will never ever allow the nefarious bigfish control us and to start build a beautiful,just,liveable world where everyone is provided with food,water,shelter,cloths,infrastructure,free energy,etc and can live happily and freely.
    What you do instead is you attack one of the very few sincere Lightworkers, who works for planetary liberation?

    Write down your own experiences, won conclusions, results and plans but stop this dreadful hate campaign.

  48. This comment has been removed by the author.

  49. @Cobra,

    I suggest comment moderation like on David WIlcock's page. He has been throguh the same problem and hateful comments took a lot of energies away from him so he appointed a few moderators who review every comment before they approve them.
    I think 98% of the comments are positive anyway and also you always have to allow constructive criticism just get rid of the cooter style nefarious haters.

  50. @Cobra,
    I would like to apologise for posting that you had not deleted the hate comments, you clearly had not been able to get to them and I can see this is a problem.
    The dark ones were operating strongly and in a team, last Friday. I felt the need to defend someone who they had attacked very badly and thus got attacked myself which is entirely my responsibility. But it is in me, I would do so again and thus am best keeping off the site if they continue
    It is hard not to read the dark’s work , it’s a bit like trying not to look as you drive past a car accident .
    Regarding the free will aspect, it is free will to express opinions, yet we also have the right to be treated decently and not harmed by others.
    It is possible to express disagreements or alternative views without attacking.
    EG: ‘I disagree with Aradia because this does not resonate, it does not gel with what I have researched previously etc…. as opposed to ‘Aradia is posting rubbish because she is stupid’.
    The dark attacks will probably gain momentum for now. The only way to stop them is to moderate all comments before they are posted, which you cannot do due to time/resources. You could consider approaching souls you feel you know/trust and give them limited admin rights so they can take it in turns to moderate all comments.
    The starseeds websight works this way, and the spirit guides network

    1. I'm glad you're back, Aradia!

    2. Dear Aradia,

      So happy to see you shining your light here ... you have been in my heart and in my thoughts.


  51. Hi Cobra,
    Here's my 2 cents on the Forum issue. I think it should be moderated by a trusted volunteer. Delegate. You are wanting to do something big here and don't have time for this. It is my understanding that there are paid trolls that disrupt anything that the Cabal does not want out there. I am not accusing anyone here of being a troll, but I am saying that it is a distraction to what you are doing. It looks like those most virulent against you are not posting under their own names - how cowardly is that?

    I enjoy having a Forum where people can post experiences and links etc, but I fail to see the benefit of this back and forth debate. It turns me off.

    I am planning on going to Charlotte and I am excited about it. I look forward to meeting not just Cobra, but the other attendees.

    Blessings and Peace.

  52. Hey everyone!

    There is alot to be done before Ascension, which includes: Toppling of Old Decrepit Strucutres and Introduction of New Ones (Banking, Government, etc), Disclosure, First Encounter (between benevolent ET/ED races and Humanity, not Governments), Sharing of Suppressed Technologies, Physical and Mental Healing of Humanity, Cleanup of Gaia, Introduction of the Concept of Ascension to Humanity, Preparation of Humanity for Ascension..

    I'm not sure what everyone else's stance is, but I for one am getting antsy, and even nervous. With just a few months remaining, and many things left unaccomplished, what's the hold up? I know, we need to wait for the Cabal to be removed before we can go ahead with major plans, but come on. Do the Galactics not fully understand how linear time works? They must. They must also understand how difficult it will be for Humanity to transition from the way it's currently living to a totally different paradygm. This takes time, it takes time for people to adjust to the new information. It has taken some lightworkers months and years to come to terms with what is really going on here on Earth, and how you expect the unawakened to do this and MORE is kind of ludicrous.

    I for one, am getting nervous. Galactics, what is the HOLD UP? Get down here already, we've got alot of work to do.

  53. Hello Cobra, here's one more in favor of moderation.

    Clay, what are you doing? Why are you attacking the flock? Isn't your designation to protect it? Calm down please you are barking up the wrong tree. Change the collar of bad wolf. Most here, including me, won't can't grow fangs. We have other purposes.
    Stay on track with your original assignment. Use your fangs wisely.

    1. In defense of ClayDog and others (including the river cooter, I just wanted to add that I have read into their objections an honest desire to protect other readers from what their own guidance tells them could be potentially damaging or even dangerous to those who read this blog. Yes, it is obvious that it is their intent to cast doubt and influence readers to their way of thinking. I can't go back and check how abusive they were with language since it looks like those comments have subsequently been removed but I don't recall them using terms of endearment like "f*** off" and "p*** off," for example. And I could be wrong -- but those just don't stick in my mind. What does stick is having read into a couple of the comments something like "I have much more experience than you do [which I'm sure is true in my case -- or at least my experience is different] and *my experience is more valuable and more valid than your experience*"....... now that is the presumption that does cause me a bit of consternation.

      There is all of this DISTRUST afoot, and I don't know what the answer to that is besides everyone finally being able to see and feel for themselves what is real and true --- and it seems like that process is ever determined to remain very gradual for now. Hmmm, everyone is of the dark until proven otherwise? And wow, at this point I am just ready to blame about everything that isn't working right in my life on the cabal, including the plumbers turning off the gas to my dryer last week and neglecting to turn it back on. I am also one who goes around more and more with the suspicion that just about everyone wants to remove some of my hard-earned bucks from my wallet.

      Speaking of which -- there is also a little thing where people offer things for free and then no one places any value on what they are offering. This is true in my one job where my company charges fees that I can sometimes tinker with to get lower, but that often results in the client deciding to not return the following year -- people do want value for what they are paying for and the less they pay the less they value it. I was reminded of this when reading a post on my city's ning group where someone offered free Reiki classes and no one signed up for them (if I had known ahead of time and the location and timing worked for me, I would have taken her up on it -- she was only requesting a donation to the library she would be doing this in).

      Again, I apologize for being so long-winded. We all have our opinions, I am no exception, and it does seem to be of the ego to express so much -- I am working on that. The biggest challenge for me, though, is learning to practice non-judgment while still discerning. Being as non-judgmental as possible seems to be the learning path I must embark on and it is a difficult one.

      Love to All.

    2. @Angelsea

      Regarding your statement - "In defense of ClayDog and others (including the river cooter, I just wanted to add that I have read into their objections an honest desire to protect other readers from what their own guidance tells them could be potentially damaging or even dangerous to those who read this blog. Yes, it is obvious that it is their intent to cast doubt and influence readers to their way of thinking. I can't go back and check how abusive they were with language since it looks like those comments have subsequently been removed but I don't recall them using terms of endearment like "f*** off" and "p*** off," for example."

      I'm sorry to tell you that their attacks have indeed included such hateful statements as well as personal attacks and slander. I was singled out as a "brain dead drone" and a few others on this site were also viciously attacked. This has gone far beyond a difference of opinion or a desire to protect. I subscribe to comments on all posts and currently have a record of nearly everything that has been posted. This means I have all deleted comments as well.

    3. Goodness klove, good job I didn't see that one. I only have a low level of consciousness!

    4. Sorry to have been mistaken about that. I must have missed those posts. I was dismayed to see that he is running credit reports on people and am not entirely sure that it's even legal to do that without their consent.

    5. I fail to see why "telling it how it is" no matter what language is used in passion could be damaging, unless these people really do want to keep their heads in the sand and see the world entirely through rose coloured glasses.

      You must know ALL the bad to be able to see ALL the good.
      In other words to fully understand the light you must also fully understand the dark.....failure to recognise this is pure ignorance and by no means a wise choice.

  54. “It is only with the heart that one can see rightly, for what is real is invisible to the eye”
    The Little Prince
    There is no question that “Occult” practices have been used to control our world. There is power in the unseen and many “Secret Societies” have harnessed that power toward evil. The purpose of many organized religions was to keep the Power hidden from the masses. They were designed to make people feel small and worthless and to worship a Power outside of themselves. This has been successful for generations.
    There are many paths to “Awakening”. The “awakening “ is ultimately the realization of our own sovereign Power. Once “Awakened” we then have a learning curve. How do we use that Power to bring Light and love to a world that has been controlled by darkness and people who know how to use the Power? The emotion of “Anger” is very easy for us. It can take over without a moment’s notice. To truly see with the “ Heart of Love” requires the removal of lifetimes of programing. It is a “two steps forward, one step back” process. It is not easy. As we move from “Awakening “ to “enlightenment” we begin to gather information. We may read books or search the internet of find answers. At some point we think we have found the answers and often become “spiritually arrogant” thinking we are special and know it all. Our drive to know more leads to more information and ultimately we find more questions than answers. We realize there is so much we don’t know and we simply have to take all of the information we find and process it through our hearts and see what is meant for us. My Truth may not be the same as another’s. That is ok at this point as we are all a part of the “One” and have different roles to play on the team.
    I understand ‘Passion”. I understand going on to a Blog and feeling people are being led down a path to be “followers” once again. When I go on to Greg Giles’ site I find some great “Truths” among many “Untruths”. The “Truths” I find encourage spiritual growth and the “Untruths” are making false promises and then blaming the followers for the failure of those promises. I strongly believe many of the statements are not “Light” filled, but I celebrate that there are many newly awakened souls who are now on a journey to find their truths and this is their beginning toward “enlightenment”.
    The above statements are a representation of my journey. I currently feel that working for the Light is occult also, but occult in a good way. It is learning to go within and embrace our hidden power toward erasing the darkness. I fully believe mass meditations to empower light are a strong way to defeat the darkness.
    Keeping an open mind means gathering information from many sources whether it be Cobra, Drake, the dreaded MSM, FWH, Wilcox etc. and just treating it as information from varying viewpoints that often conflict. Then set it aside and go within knowing we are all “ Sovereign Beings” and we will ascend in any event by being the best we can be in any given moment and demonstrating Love, Light, Peace and Harmony in our own lives and our community. I believe we should appreciate others but do not follow anyone. Just follow your Heart!

    1. I loved reading this. Thank you for sharing your wisdom and experience.

    2. Aradia: Thank you! Much Love to you as always:)

    3. Quote: Keeping an open mind means gathering information from many sources whether it be Cobra, Drake, the dreaded MSM, FWH, Wilcox etc. and just treating it as information from varying viewpoints that often conflict. Then set it aside and go within knowing we are all “ Sovereign Beings” and we will ascend in any event by being the best we can be in any given moment and demonstrating Love, Light, Peace and Harmony in our own lives and our community. I believe we should appreciate others but do not follow anyone. Just follow your Heart! end Quote

      Exactly. No one person/operative has all the pieces to the puzzle. The grand puzzle was designed that way. The contents of Pandora's box are in your own heart - even to the dregs - which is hope.

    4. This was beautifully written, Christopher, thank you. And I agree completely.

  55. Cobra,
    I rarely read comments...but you asked for Ideas...soooo...
    I was going to say "fight fire with fire" but I don't think that is correct..."fighting stupidity with love" is better...I happen to think negative comments, not constructive, are some of the funniest things I've ever read...and show the mental awareness of the author...

    Now, if I had a blog...I would put the + comments as they should be...take the - comments and put them in their own section with the title...FOR A GOOD LAUGH...or some such...put it Front and Center...say right above the Meditation clock...with a disclaimer that states 'these are negative comments and are vial...enter at own risk' in RED letters...

    Don't Hide them....shine a light on them for what they are...

    These guys are playing in YOUR back...with love, of course...

    Make an example of them and they may go away...if not, you have containment...

    To make my own comment: Atta boy, Cobra, Keep up the good work...and Thanks...

  56. "I would like people to learn non-violent communication." Dear Cobra, so wood I. I love to read this blog from beginning to the end but if the comments section turns into a battlefield of negativity I will simply not read the comments. All I want is that we along with our mother Earth make the shift together and become the brilliant powerful light beings that we were meant to be. The universe is cooperating, this is the opportunity of eons of time, we must get our acts together and unite in love and light. There is no time to waste. My dearest all, I am sending love and light to every one.
    Aurora, in love with all creation.

  57. no matter what is said or done, these same people are gonna spew the hate no matter what. they probably cant help themselves..... so i feel for them. they wont change,been doin it there whole lives. ignore it...or laugh at it w the rest of us. im worried this is distracting you. youKNOW its false,just forgive them as if a child wrote it without knowing a thing. u know what to do. again thank you. pete

  58. I will wait and watch and at same time give LOVE to you all. Everyone stands right on his/her own path.In my heart I know there are moments of uncertainty. We should trust ourself and fill our heart with love and light.

  59. LOL. many on here are simply shit scared of TRUTH. I can smell all of YOU. You're ignorant and perfect for manipulation.

    But, you can have your little pseudo safe haven back but Don't come running to me when the occult come to you in your dreams. You've all been warned of their intentions for YOU and it's not being stopped by some made up "resistance" that's the imagination of an Eastern European scam artist, and Rob Potter who is nothing more than a dodgy financial advisor. You'r being lead in to a pit of despair, and YOU all know it.

    Be more vigilant or stay for another millennia as slaves.

    Feel free to abuse my words of truth it shows as a clear sign of your own ignorance and hypocrisy. I wont be reading it though, as it's tedious and the projections of cowards and liars, lying to themselves..

    1. “For every minute you remain angry, you give up sixty seconds of peace of mind.”
      -Ralph Waldo Emerson

      What do we have without it? Nothing in life can be enjoyed when our minds are entrenched in fear and anger. Peace of mind is the most important thing in life. How do we attain peace of mind? When we come to understand that our emotions belong to us alone. And peace means choosing love.

      If you are angry, you are fearful.
      If you have resentments, you are fearful.
      If you feel the need to influence another's choice or perception, you are fearful.

      If your powers of discernment lead you to believe anything a former white hat says, you are fearful. He sells fear.

      The dust will settle around here and everyone will be on their chosen path when it does.

      All is Well.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Claydog :-) you actually sound somewhat intelligent and almost eloquent! I think your posts are getting better....but perhaps don't take yourself quite so seriously :-)
      Rob .... shame on you for being dodgy!! But it occurs to me you must have done something extraordinary to rile up Claydog...

      Oh...this is so much fun!

  60. @claydog Personal experience in this life is what we chose before we incarnated on this earth. I do understand the painful and extraordinary experience you have had in you life. But that doesn't mean you have the right to be so critical and sneering to others. No matter Cobra is a fraud or scam, the interesting thing is that we are able to get some info from here. Maybe you will also say it's all disinformation, time will tell everything. It is pathetic that you have been so cynical to this world or this blog. I think no matter what we have experienced, we need to be positive and optimistic to our future. Sarcastically, it is not intellectual to critical others to be ignorant. Some may think you are ignorant too, because everyone has different social, educational, and family background. If you think they are ignorant, it will be great that if keep helping them being notified the truth rather than disrespect them. Too much negativity you have produced. Why don't learn some ideology about the Confucius (I think maybe he is also fabricated by the CMP, that he has never been existed at all??? Hahahaaa)? Humaneness, Righteousness or Justice, Propriety or Etiquette, Knowledge and Integrity.

    1. Sorry, there is a typo, it is not intellectual to "criticize" but not "critical". @_@ :P

  61. Hi everyone. I come and go from the comments section of this site mostly because of time constraints, but also because sometimes the beautiful energy created here by the vibrant souls involved is voluntarily, if I may, interrupted by the attention given to those who stir the pot.
    I know the desire to uplift everyone is strong, but by trying to convince another we are not only leaving our personal balance in higher vibration but also simply not achieving that goal. To each their own perspective :)
    So I wonder, is the apparent interruption of lower energy also a great opportunity to simply shine your light and present the environment for those of lower energy to feel it and be lifted up, without direct attention - attention that as I suggested above, often just feeds the negative flame despite of the good intentions?
    Why not just let those comments slide. Without attention, I believe they will transform or disappear because the energy of this forum will no longer feed their needs, it thereby is simply too high in vibration and the lower energy thoughts will feel too uncomfortable and leave, or join the light.
    I really believe this. Namaste to all you beautiful people, higher and lower energy alike.

  62. Let us focus on the Victory of Light instead.

  63. There is a simple way to erase doubt if possible and then many would flock to the conference with open purses. Simply print out a list of all the past predictions from this site that have actually come true or are easily proven. Fruitful predictions would convince anybody but I am thinking back to April and frankly, I can't think of any. Anyone want to take a stab at this? Cobra? How about Operation Stardust? How did that work out?

  64. Hi Cobra

    re: comments off or on, i think off. This section used to be a place of love and light, now its descended.., better to let it go PLEASE dont let yourself be drawn in by these people.
    I agree with a previous post , i think a facebook page would be a good idea.

  65. @mrstrman

    Really? Did you come to this site hoping to find a guru to predict the future for you? Its a war between the Light and The Dark.. not a game of spiritual one upmanship.

    1. If it is a war of truth versus lies, and truth wins, then light comes naturally. All people seek is truth.

    2. This is the problem there is no war per say, the only war is in your own mind, dark and light are both there and it is your own personal battle within that is important.

      I know Clay has been very passionate recently but I also understand his reasoning..... you people are so wrapped up in your love bubble that you are overlooking the obvious for an easy way me no ET's are going to pull us out of this, they will not intervene because it breaches our free will and this they hold paramount above all........if you are sitting back waiting for this to happen then you will be waiting for sometime,

      It also seems to me that most seem to think that everything is going to change before Christmas.....well good luck with that also. The date given as the end of the Mayan calender is when we will experience a wave of energy from the centre of the Galaxy that will intern start to change peoples perceptions. Depending on what happens here on this planet, will decide if they will start landing and making themselves public......this is not a sit back and wait for the et's to fix everything event.

  66. There once was a king in India who, while walking through his garden, noticed a ruse going on at one of his gates. He walked over and asked what was going on.
    The guard pointed towards a sage standing there with a large empty bowl.
    The guard told the king that the sage held a magic bowl: no matter what they trew into the bowl it stayed empty!
    The king couldn't believe this and ordered his servants to gather everything he owned and ordered them to throw it into the bowl, one by one.
    To his amazement everything that was trown in disappeared completely! Even his horses and furniture!
    When everything was thrown in the king asked this sage: what on earth is this bowl?
    The sage answered: this is the bowl of separation, nothing can ever fill the void that is caused by it.
    Upon hearing these words, the king fell to his knees and recognized his true being. Together with the sage he walked the paths for many years, offering the bowl of seperation to everyone with a yearning to find the heart of being.

  67. Hi All,

    Here comes my 2 cents:

    I did not read the comments here and there was no need to read ping pong responses.

    1. There are only few negatives here who have exposed and discredited themselves. There is no need to name names, we all know who they are.

    2. Cobra has not forced or imposed his or her views and opinion on anybody here. Our free will in action.

    3. The few negatives have and are forcing their opinion and views on the rest of us. They behave like brats and angry because we are not listening or agreeing with their gibberish. Again, our free will in action.

    4. Since all of us know them and their views, I would like to suggest to not to respond to any of their posts. They are here to stir the pots and derail us from benefiting and learning from each other. They are like barking dogs and when no one pays attention to them, they will get quiet!!!

    5. I like to suggest to Cobra to keep the comments open and let them to expose themselves more and let everyone get a clearer picture of these paid agents. Filtering them is not a solution and TRUTH needs to be known to all. Negativity has never won and deleting will not solve anything. I know it is hard to read or listen to slander and lies but when we ignore them, the problem will be solved. These negatives are trying to use the same tactics as MSM to repeat over and over and over try to force us to believe their lies and slanders. Sorry guys and gals, it will not work.

    6. Everyone, please ignore those posts and try hard not to answer. Your answers give them more power to come back and continue. No answer will keep them away and give no satisfaction to them. And if you need to answer, may I suggest to respond with this:

    "Bark, bark, bark, sending you healing, love and a lot of light."

    7. Give negatives healing, love and a lot of light but no respond to their posts. There is nothing that anyone of us can do to open their eyes and heart. They know exactly what they are doing and why they are here. If they were truthful about hating this blog, they would have gone by now and not posting negativity here. Their mission is to create havoc here. Now is this what anyone of us wants? Stop feeding Archons and their agents!

    8. Be sure they will find their way to the light. Let them find their way on their own.

    Sending all a lot of healing, love and a lot more light.

    1. This would continue to give them a platform and make this site a no go area for many. It would be difficult to get everyone posting to agree to ignore them consistently, people come here from all over the world.
      The main issue is harm to Cobra. Venamous, harmful words or thoughts fired at someone with intent stick in the energy field. I had a shamanic guide who used to pull them out of my aura, they were like grey threads and they are thought frorms or word forms. I don't feel Cobra should go through this any more for our sake, we can set up something up ourselves. It will make him ill, quite simply.

    2. They are part of us, whatever they do to others will circle back to them.We bring pain to ourselves by hurting others. Why one wants to hurt himself or herself, go gifure.

      I asked my guides and been told that all those negative ones will be enlightened and get back to the path. We need to let them to find their way and not to feed on the negativity. We need to give them healing, love and light and we will get that back in many folds.

      Blessings, healings, love and lots of light to all.
      We are one.

    3. That is all well and good, indeed they are. But please kindly ask your guides to read what they wrote about Rob. Nobody has touched on this; I will flipping well touch it:
      Slander 100%
      Illegal 100%

    4. Why do you all immediately call anyone who does not agree with you negative??? this is such a copout.

      Some of you seem to have quite a bad superiority complex, you are so righteous and anyone who disagrees is dark and do realise that this is being judgemental??, probably one of the most negative of human traits.

      This only confirms to me that you have not evolved very far spiritually at all, you are still wrapped up in 3D emotions and before you start ripping into me take a close look at what I have written!!

      Observations that's all they are, I have plenty of evidence right here to validate these may not agree with them but that does not make you any more right. Most of you are preaching a 4th density way of life yet you still dwell in 3D emotions.

      This is a brief explanation of how you should be living your life if you expect to ascend when you die (It does not happen before, the cut off for worthiness is December)

      We ask you to consider as we speak that there are not words for positively describing fourth density. We can only explain what is not and approximate what is. Beyond fourth density our ability grows more limited still until we become without words.

      That which fourth density is not: it is not of words, unless chosen. It is not of heavy chemical vehicles for body complex activities. It is not of disharmony within self. It is not of disharmony within peoples. It is not within limits of possibility to cause disharmony in any way.

      Approximations of positive statements: it is a plane of a type of bipedal vehicle which is much denser and more full of life; it is a plane wherein one is aware of the thoughts of other-selves; it is a plane where one is aware of vibrations of other-selves; it is a plane of compassion and understanding of the sorrows of third density; it is a plane striving towards wisdom or light; it is a plane wherein individual differences are pronounced although automatically harmonized by group consensus.

  68. Omg, my English is so bad. Hope people won't laugh at me.

    1. I enjoy reading your comments! Don't worry about your English, and if someone really doesn't understand your meaning, they can easily ask you to clarify.

    2. thanks angelseaaaa! Appreciated, hahhhh

  69. This is sad, so sad news.... Reminds me of the same issue when i was in the team of the Tribe Of Many Colors...
    So much hate, so many attacks, Kiesha Crowther had to close the forum.
    I am doing my best to attend the Turin conference, seems that the Divine plan wants me to go there;)

  70. Drake Update ATTENTION: !!!

    Posted by Drake on 09/03/2012

    As stated in previous postings and shows, arrests I said were going to happen
    are now taking place.
    To date there are eight individuals whom are to be arrested.
    As everyone has heard, Nancy Pelosi has been reported as the first arrest. I
    am waiting on the exact location of this incident. When it comes available it will
    be posted.
    The List : Nancy Pelosi, Michell Obama, Joe Biden, Harry Reid, Barack Obama,
    George H.W. Bush, Timothy Geithner, and Eric Holder.
    These arrests are to be carried out one a day until the list is complete.
    The arrests are being carried out by Interpol and United States Martials.
    This is an effort being carried out by the international community.
    ~ Drake

    1. If this post is correct, Pelosi is in Charlotte NC getting ready for her speech at the DNC. Which would mean another Drake BS session. Too bad...

    2. wow, wouldn't that be something !

    3. WOOHOO Victory!! Thanks for the INFO! Go Drake &Co.! Go Resistance!

      I must say, though, I DO get a little confused about Obama.... because some of the "channels" describe him as a good guy, ready to usher in the Light, and greet the ETs... If so, he's really doing a good job of faking it, ie, being a good Puppet for the puppeteers~~

      Thanks again, I'm always glad to see a new post from Drake!

      Light and Love, Suzie

    4. You see this is another example that what you think to be true actually may not be.

      Obama has been a socialist for over 20 years, even a paid member of a socialist party, he is not Of US origin, his birth certificate is a blatantly fraudulent document, and no attempt has been made to actually prove that he is a US citizen. He used to go by Barry Soertoro and there are photos of him when he was living in Indonesia in his 20's.

      Indonesia is where most of the worlds gold is hidden under heavy guard, so you would also think that if the cabal is hiding the gold there they might have some kind of stronghold there also.........gee 2+2 =??

      It seems to me with all the evidence available about him is that he was groomed for this position because his masters knew he was an ace card that they could pullout when it was needed. Its a fact that more people have died in US lead wars since Obama took office than when that war monger criminal Bush was in power, Its just that Obama tries to sugar coat it and feed it to you like its your will.................mmmmmm sounds familiar

  71. It seems like no matter what ‘Freedom’ site you go/join the negative ones are also there. The ‘Good’ and the ‘Bad’, the ‘Light’ and the ‘Dark’ are all here in action. I have been watching this ‘war’ in several internet sites/groups going on for a while now. I have been thinking about what could be the lesson and the learning for us to face such polarity. We have been in war for eons and now a version of it is happening on internet. So, what have I leaned from it? When there is so much good info and disinfo that you don’t know what is true or real any longer, it made me go inside myself, and forced me to get my own answers. It can be a blessing to find that place within that truly KNOWS. We all know who is who just by reading the posts. You don’t have to wonder, just know for yourself. And, don’t feed the one that doesn’t serve you. So many beautiful souls here!

  72. I say KEEP IT OPEN!!! Getting this section closed is the goal of these distractors...don't let them win! If you are very much needing to delete these negative comments, maybe a good idea would be to have a few people (who have extra time to donate to this cause) be in charge for different shifts for deleting purposes, so that Cobra doesn't have to be bogged down by this and can get on with his work. This section is a treasure trove of extremely valuable info being shared between us, and that is why "they" are trying to get it closed down. Again, I say PLEASE DON'T LET THEM WIN AND ACCOMPLISH WHAT THEY CAME HERE TO DO!!!

    1. untwine concurs muy muchos oui oui amen

    2. I second that muy muchos oui oui amen, untwine!!

  73. This is Cobra's blog for his positive spiritual work. Keep the comment section open only to those messages of Divine Love and Light. Detractors may create their own blogs to promote and express their views. David Wilcock has an effective moderator. Volunteers could take shifts here to keep out anything negative in nature. I would be happy to assist.

  74. I live in London and as it is famous the weather has been famously messed here and when you look at it, it doesn't seem natural.
    The sky had been looking like a war zone here for a week or two, all kinds of shapes and straight lines yadiyada
    All of august, it seemed like the weather was meant to be really nice and sunny, every early morning was a beautiful blue sky and after a few planes and helicopters patrols it's all cloudy. Nothing new to you people i'm sure.
    American Kabuki posted something about HAARP being disconnected yesterday, anybody has anything to say about that ?
    Cause over here it was a gorgeous beautiful blue sunny sky all day. Some planes laying stuff but no clouds ? And this night, it seems very blatant. It's a clear sky no cloud apart from a cluster just under the moon, however there's holes in it, and i can clearly see the moon. Several plane trails meet in that cloud and several helicopters patrol around it, but it seems they are not managing to keep the cloud up ?
    Anybody has ever tried cloud busting ? It works right ? Take a 'natural' cloud and stare at it for a little while and it vanishes ?
    But some darker clouds and plane trails seem not to be moving usually ? Even with high winds, clouds move fast but they stay put ?
    When i meditate outside i often seem to attract helicopters around me, sometimes it even seemed like they were following me.. Am i busting their clouds by visualizing light pouring down on the city ?
    Anybody has clues on any of this ?

  75. Well said Aradia.

    More and more new people will continue to come to this website on a daily basis. Neither Cobra, his mission, nor the mission of the Resistance Movement should be compromised by hateful, bitter, and biased attackers, who only want to do harm to this website. These new people, many of whom will not have perfect discernment, do not need to be fed the intentional negativity that will only continue to appear from one source or another. The Forces of Light are still in a war. The Cabal are not completely gone. Until the Cabal are gone, maximum precautions must be taken.

    The comments relating to this website should be held to a high caliber of discussion that reflects the high quality and spiritual goals of the information. Therefore, we should look to an alternative website for our comments where we can still enjoy everyone’s input without the risk of compromise to Cobra’s website.

  76. I don't know if this is possible but I figure it is. My suggestion would be to shade those comments that are obvious trolls a color of gray. This way one's like myself could stroll through on not have a hiccup in the good vibe simultaneously this would not withhold free will even if the domain has a "right" to do so.

    1. grey or gone... either way would be sweet. Off to another forum for those wishing to engage in dissenting debate that detracts and destroys the harmony herein. That is not the purpose of this particular site.

  77. @Angelsea

    I hear your comments with respect to the negativity of my first two responses to ClayDog's poison, and I apologize for subjecting you & everyone else here to it.

    I personally also very much ascribe to the philosophy that it is better to defeat darkness with light & hatred with love, but so many people had already tried that tactic with him & it clearly wasn't getting through. I wish I didn't have to resort to vulgarity & anger to get my message across to him, but unfortunately I am well acquainted with his kind, and this is the only type of message that will penetrate the wall he has built around himself.

    He is too consumed by his own anger, too hurt by whatever sad & unfair events must have transpired in his own life, to be able to hear anything else. The anger & the fear-mongering are a smokescreen, they are a defense, an armor constructed to protect the innermost part of him that is injured & feels to him most vulnerable.

    Simply put, he is too afraid to allow the love & light that so many here have offered him to penetrate through to the part of him where it could have its healing effect. For this is the very part that must have been betrayed long ago, likely by someone very close to him. Consequently, he would rather beat away everyone who tries to get close to him with rage & fear & bombast than risk exposing that part of himself to further injury ever again. I have never met the man but I can say this about him with the utmost certainty. This is a function of our human nature, and it is the source of all fear, hatred & evil in the world.

    I have sat by quietly reading this blog & most of the comments for months now, without ever commenting before. But ClayDog was getting too out of hand, his attacks were becoming particularly vicious & personally directed at innocent bystanders, so to speak, and were really beginning to poison the community. This was something I could no longer abide, so I decided to intervene in a way that I felt would have the best chance of succeeding, because I would rather see this comments section continue as a place where likeminded, peace-loving souls can convene to share love & wisdom, rather than have the whole thing shut down because of a few bad apples.

    Judging by his last comment, it appears my attempt may have actually worked, though I am of course hesitant to say this with any confidence. Only time will tell.

    For the record, I do not bear any ill will to the human being going by the name of ClayDog on this website. If anything, I pity him, and I sincerely direct all the love & light I can toward I'm, to help him heal whatever wounds he is suffering with. I would encourage everyone to do this, as is very eloquently described above by sheedy angel. My anger was directed only at his behavior.

    agapi kai aigli,
    Daedalus Hoffmann

    1. Thank you, Daedalus -- I didn't really mean to single you out, though it does look like I did just that. He has been accusing so many of us (well, like all of us here, practically) of living in fear and at the same time is listing all of the occult things of which we SHOULD be fearful. I'll admit to being afraid of a lot. I guess I'm finding the accusations of being a bunch of scaredy-cats and at the same time a bunch of overly trusting sheep to be a bit contradictory. And as I stated above I'm dismayed at that he posted the results of his investigation into someone's FICO score.

      I am looking forward to things moving toward a team effort where we can all integrate our puzzle pieces. Everyone here, including the ones crying "foul" are holding some very valuable ones.

  78. Hi Cobra
    I believe that money, as a construct, is used in the dark grid as a method of mind control that produces fear and anxiety and distrust. As soon as you mention money, many people automatically start running the "you are not good and you are not sincere or authentic" programs. I am not suggesting that you not charge for the seminars, as it is valuable and should reflect the value. I do not have an answer for this dilemma, but I see the negative posts as an affirmation of the truth of what you do and are. Many people are more frightened of hope than they are of destruction. I believe that people are working through their fears and that many of us must suffer their verbal expulsion of these fears. Sadly, the skills that would help people to understand how to process these fears are lacking in our culture as they are deemed "unimportant" and intentionally with held from education. I don't like it but see no other way at present than to allow them to show and hopefully release the fear and wounding onto us if the option is not to allow comments. Of course it would be helpful if people showed respect for others and went to other sites that they resonate with. Control is still strong though, and perhaps they are trying to save those of us who they deem weak and silly enough to believe in love, life and ascension. These hateful comments help to strengthen the rest of us and adds tone to the muscles that we are building to support the light and bring in what is good for humanity and Gaia. The day will come when those in fear will see the true power of the light and they will be grateful to feel lights embrace. Not saying I am correct, and others will have other ideas and solutions, but just my thoughts and feelings. Thank you for all that you do and for what you bring.

  79. @ Claydog, I will bite just this time to correct your sheer ignorance as I have no time for negativity.
    I am not American, No I don't think Eisenhower was a good guy,the typo mistake was for my own post not yours, how low self esteem of you to think it was your own,I never suggested the good guys were in charge please learn to read without anger management,I did not have a "normal" education although I went to "normal" school, I did not have any mainstream religious background,far from it trust me.
    I have an understanding of many subjects one of which is black arts so you were wrong again,no I am not indoctrinated in any occult societies, wrong again.
    You are right I have no idea what pultroon means(round of applause to you) I know what poltroon means though, and it fits you perfectly, the way you come across as a person on here.
    I dropped my ego a while back and my intellect and knowledge is wide ranging thank you.
    Learn to speak to people, not at people, elevate your own self esteem, as it will enable you to overcome the need to attack other people.

  80. Please keep the comments open Cobra if you can, most posters are highly intelligent and very loving. I learn from them and their links. And please no FB. I like people's idea of a moderator or simply blocking the 2 or 3 offenders from their source, who proliferate negativity.
    Love and Light to you.

  81. Light Input from Higher Realms Expands During 9-6 to 9-12 Window…

    GaiaPortal Energy Message for 4 Sep 2012

    Dissolved patterns may briefly arise in consciousness as Light input from Higher Realms expands during the 9-6 to 9-12 window. These patterns become visible only in thought at lower levels and will dissipate after the 9-12.

    This applies to individual and planetary thought patterns.

    Higher Dimensional Light grids have stabilized and are now allowing beams from the Inner Light Gaia to flow outward to the so-called surface of the planet. Previously “released” dark shadow concepts are illuminated, and thus appear, then dis-appear, in consciousness thought only.

    Reaction and response to the appearance of these former patterns are not desired. Only observation, and non-attachment.

    Current Higher Gaia Grid structure supports this final pattern unveiling and dissolving. Many patterns of old paradigms will be exposed, and dissolved.

    1. Good news! So now we need to ensure to Ground ourselves and just focus within, no matter what is happening on the outside!

  82. About those "trolls"

    What they're trying to do is of course to put doubt in your mind. Like those demons in Neil Gaiman's "Good Omens", how they see a determined monk living in celibacy and decide to have him meet a beautiful girl to create doubt in his mind.

    They're trying to provoke you into exposing your weakness. Once they find a crack in the wall they're going to try and exploit on it.

    Is there a crack in the wall? If there is they will find it. The best way to handle them would be to let them beat themselves bloody against the wall (metaphorically speaking) until they see it won't break. Then they will have to sneak away in shame, because these kinds of people can never admit defeat.

    So answer them all you like, just make sure that your arguments are solid.

    Cobra and his lost souls. Be AWARE of false prophets~False Shepherds.

  84. To ALL the positive and supportive bloggers on this site, it has been said many times before - Be The Observer. Don't respond, reply or allow these individuals to stir a reaction from you. Yes, they are not in harmony with the wonderful energies on this or any other site, and yes, they always have something to say and or have many opinions. If you feel you need to "fight back", then it is best to take a deep breath, just forgive (you don't have to forgive them...just forgive the situation) then out send positive energy. I am sure they will reply with this message too, that's ok, let them. As they are only showing each one of us a mirrored part of our selves, and that is where the forgiveness and love/light can shine.













    1. Thanks, Pottsman for keeping us on track! And for all your wonderful posts!

      Love and Light, Suzie

    2. Thanks, Pottsman, for keeping us on track! And for all you wonderful posts!

      Love and Light, Suzie

  86. In addition to all the valid points that our community has given us above, I came across this comment on another website, which for me, describes it perfectly :

    What the dark does is to present negative energy – like put downs and fear tactics. Their mission is to lower the energy of others by creating either insecurity (loss of faith in the self’s worth) or anger which separates us and created loss of unity. I am learning to just pass that energy by and not feed into it. Instead of anger, I send love and healing energy. I maintain faith in my own worth. I don’t give into the idea that we live in a hierarchy of levels of human value. I look forward to the time, very soon coming, when all will be released from the dark energies.

    When we see and hear those who put out this negative stuff, perhaps we could look at it like a child having a temper tantrum. We don’t punish the child for it. We just try to make sure they don’t hurt themselves and wait for it to pass. We then still love them and know that they will grow past this phase. Their temper tantrum is a response to whatever growing pains they are going through.

    thanks for these wise words ...

  87. YESSSSS, ROB!!!!

    So are most of US!

    TRY TO SEE the good in every bad.

    Love you all!!!

  88. ClayDog really helped me with kind words and thoughtful advice when I asked a question. As did potts. I don't sit in judgement and I don't like it when we fall out. I find it quite hard to discern my own truth, so I will reserve my judgement on others'.

    I want to put this on the record as it seems the fair and right thing to do. I'm practising how to be non-judgemental at the moment, it feels like a lesson I need to learn, and perhaps for a reason.

  89. To trinityprof These are the wisest words i have seen in this entire tread : )

    Opinions and judgement are not the same thing, it seems to me that most here have judged Clay for having an opinion, due to this ganging up of sorts Clay has pushed his issue out of frustration because people fail to see that there are other opinions other than the combined consensus of that people here feel safe with.

    You will all soon learn that this has been a bad ride, please don't judge my words I will reserve your answers until after Christmas and we shall see who was wiser.

  90. This comment has been removed by the author.

  91. Christmas is a wonderful time of year. To be clear Cobra has never set a deadline or promised any particular action or event to happen at ANYTIME other than the 2012 Portal/ "End of time" activation. I feel one in particular has pushed his "issues" out an understandable reaction to being sexually abused and being under mind control by the rothchilds rockefellers where he "acted as a guard for satanic rituals" as he has so readily admits. His frustration and outrage are understandable.

    He is clearly and obviously directing his "issues" to the wrong person, who he has never met and the wrong site in MY OPINION. Also IN MY OPINION he is still being used by this program. He brags how he has written a book about it (you can probaly get it on e-bay for a price).

    I would suggest readers maintain their objectivity and not let anyone subtley try to put words in Cobras mouth by inference. If nothing happens by Christmas it will not mean the RM the friendy space family or Cobra does not exist, or that what is being reported here is not taking place. Be aware no one can paint the full picture it is part of the security protocals of the multi dimensional nature of our holgraphic liberation put in place by our space family and much of it transcends logic and even our linear view of reality.

    The law of allownce must be honored all are free to believe and feel as they wish. This site, cobra nor is anyone else is responsible for anybody's enlightenment or growth either spiritual or intellectual. What has happened before is the that the spiritual teachers teach spiritual truths these are not concerned with temporal earthly realities. This is a personal revelation and ineffable experience.

    We now as a planet as a people are going to DO IT RIGHT. The disruptors are going to be removed from influencing and abrdging humanities freewill by force and sophisticated manipulation. These actions ARE PHYSICAL and are TEMPORAL realites. These actions and TEMPORAL changes will have SPIRITUAL repercussions. I recommend not confusing the 2. Many are confusing the 2 and using this controversy and this site to promote their own agendas or their own blogs and web sties.

    I do not speak for cobra but I feel he would agree the outside information shared here is wonderful for people to branch out and get various perpectives to learn and grow. Clearly some are even trying to siphon off readers. This is also fine in my opinion all must be free to learn and grow from whatever source resonates in their heart. I am hearing fleetwood Mac "You can go your own way" now
    in my head:-).

    Many of those alternate sites also may have wonderful and uplifting ideals some perhaps not so much?. I do find the deliberate and personal attacks on cobra as transparent misdirection and full of outright lies and deciet. It is as if the attackers are claiming to OWN COBRAS MIND by claiming to know who he is and what he is trying to say. They are even declaring his motives and this makes me laugh it is soooo ridiculous.

    I also persoanaly feel they should be MODERATED. Whether the personal attacks are orchestrated or just sincerely personally disturbed and hostile individuals it does not matter. They are rude and disruptive. The continual abuse may eventually Result in NO COMMENTS. This site will remain without the haters or the good honest and sincere seekers comments so do not worry about that.

    All is in divine order rest assured you will see massive displays of our space family and Agarthan neighbors eventually.Not on your time, not my time, not cobras time but the right time.

    Peace unto you all
    victory to the light.

    This shift is like an equinox or the exact moment of a sunrise for us all. This event will not bring cataclysm or geological upheaval for these changes are to minimal and already are upon us. 2012 Portal on Dec. 21st signifies the light of the galactic sun hitting our earth. Like spring brings forth new life, so does the new day bring warmth and new magnetic influence to our bodies.

    These changes in our lives and on our world will precipitate multiple events and opportunities for light expansion. This activation and quickening is currently in process and bringing about changes in perception and feelings as well as awareness of deeper truths. More complete revelations of our earth’s history and our souls destiny are part of this quickening.

    There will be no immediate radical vibration shift like a Light bulb from dark to light. Rather it is like a sunrise it will be a gradual increase and warming to the 2012 Portal and Central Sun Light which, is encouraging us to grow into a greater and closer relationship with all creation. Including a more open contact and relationship to our space Brother and Sisters and our Agarthan neighbors.
    No mass ascension, no major immediate or drastic changes in our way of life until the EVENT and this is not a scheduled event. We will all know what is happening when it happens it will not happen on my time or your time but the right time. Many have been prepared and ready for a long time.

    The key is to remain calm remain positive. All is being divinely orchestrated and something wonderful is about to happen. We are already seeing power grids coming down all over the planet and these are natural occurrences due to magnetic and solar changes. The only possible chaos that may result will be from man-made ignorance and fear. It is collectively, our job to comfort others during the coming changes. I pray that many will continue to gather and share the love light and feed our mother earth and ourselves as we “Return the light” to our source in service to each other and creation itself.

    Our reality is about to shift and the changes will affect everybody on our planet. This site is about the ultimate preparation for this extraordinary time. It will contain information and guidance about the changes occurring in 2012 and beyond, including the planetary dimensional shift that has never happened before on this planet.


    2012 - True or False Prophecy?