Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Sublunar Operations

The Resistance defines sublunar space as the space below the Moon orbit and above the orbit of the lowest man-made orbiting satellites.
The Light forces have begun sublunar operations today, as the next logical step towards the completion of MOSS.
Sublunar space was always a region of intense Chimera activity, as it is the last line of defense before the planetary surface.
There are may man-made satellites orbiting the Earth, and some of them double as Chimera plasma strangelet bomb implant stations:
The most important to mention is the proposed Manned Orbiting Laboratory:

This project was officially canceled in 1969, but in reality it went deep black and is still now the most important Chimera implant station. 
The second group of Chimera implant stations are some of the geostationary and geosynchronous satellites:
And the third group are some satellites in near Earth orbit (NEO), especially the Keyhole (KH) satellite group:
The sublunar space is constantly monitored for any sign of extraterrestrial contact by the Chimera, infiltrated into the US military:

And into the Chinese military also, through their proxy Henry Kissinger:
Sublunar operations will remove all Chimera presence, their implant stations and all plasma strangelet and toplet bombs from sublunar space. All parts of man-made satellites, directly related to Chimera operations (such as ion-plasma chambers, some high definition spy cameras, etc.) will soon become dysfunctional. 
It is a very interesting »coincidence« that sublunar operations have started on the same day that NASA's New Horizons space probe made its closest approach to Pluto and its moon Charon:
Fifteen years ago, Charon was the main exotic weapons warehouse for Chimera / Draco / Illuminati secret space programs. All this has been cleared by the Light forces a few years later. Now, Charon is the main portal between our Solar System and M 87 Galaxy in Virgo. Now, Charon is one of the most positive and beautiful places in the whole Solar System and will have a very important role in the liberation of our planet as one of the most important relay stations for the Event flash.
You can connect with the energy of Charon through this picture:

The Breakthrough is near!


  1. Thank you cobra, victory to the light :) !!

  2. How Wonderful! Thank You Cobra! Thank you so much for putting up with us, on a daily basis, and tolerating our negativity and selfishness. Hopefully , someday soon, we will all be able to understand the deepest ramifications of your effort! I'm Sorry, Thank You, Love to you, and VIctory For The Light!

  3. a whole lotta compression going on, keep it coming!

  4. Thank you Cobra!
    All my support and patience!
    Believe me guys, we are going to make it soon!
    If you see the world is getting crappier, it is not that the NWO is getting more shape and form, as many disinfo fearmongers are stating. It is because...these are the last shakings of the agonizing dragon' s tail!
    Those idiotic cabals , they still look smiling and making plans, but inside they know GAME is OVER. The more they stick to their desires, the more they will suffer later. Believe me they will. Not from the hands of men, nor from God hands.
    Light will force them to wake up from their useless dreams, and when they look at the mirror, they will not see the face of a god anymore, but the nothingness which is the Essence of the Being.

    1. The cabal/nwo are just apart of this game as we are. A huge percentage of the cabal are controlled/programmed/scared/confused. I think people are too quick to judge them without realising what they have also been through. We should not condem them for that is the old way, we should pray and reabilitate those who accept the light. Far more rewards for showing someone the light and mercy than doing to them what they did to us. The cycle needs to be broken.

    2. To be nothing, is to be ALL..
      To be nothing, is to be God.
      Because after they will wake up from their dream they will not understand Nothingness, Nothingnss will piss them off!
      It will be unbearable for them, like the Sun in the Desert. They will try to sleep and dream again, but the Sun will let ' em not.
      Yes, Sir, we do not need the forks!

    3. YES, Cobra, all support and patience for you and the RM.
      Thank you, ger sey for writing it down here.

      I echo this conviction from our common heart and make a chorus--a sound wave--that moves from our heart all the way out to the sublunar space en-globing each one of those implant stations with Christ Love and engulfing it in Positive Light until it becomes purified of all negativity, only positive creative potential.

    4. GER SAY,
      This the MOST beautiful commetns you EVER wrote!!!
      That's the way to gooooooo!!!!


    5. Nobody said a word about condemning them, Cruise.
      We will not need to touch even one single hair of theirs. Read well, please Sir. Thank u

    6. I did read carefully, and i did not accuse you of condemning them it was purely a statement for all to see. You should also read well sir. Thank you

    7. Justice will be made anyway. Programming is not a total, valid excuse! After all, are we computers?
      Where is our Free Will?
      I was "programmed" too. In a very evil way in which i could have turned into a very dark person. But i CHOSE the Light Path through MY OWN WILL. Nobody i have to thank except myself! And you will find many examples in history.
      However, it is not a time to play the "devil" advocate. These people without any exception must be stopped , arrested and isolated in cells. As the RM stated.
      No punishment except that.
      After the Event, the Sun will be shining everywhere.
      Even inside the cells.
      So what will happen with them inside the cells will depend ON THEM.
      As always.

  5. So once that is down, the Earth cabal/chimera will be 100% exposed?

    Sounds like good news!

  6. "Sublunar operations will remove all Chimera presence, their implant stations and all plasma strangelet and toplet bombs."
    --- Finally! We've been long waiting for this moment.
    This is almost like a break-through.------------

    1. " ..." "in the sublunar space" he should probably have added. After reading Cobras updates for some years you learn to fill in some missing words. I actually thought the same thing when I read that sentence.

    2. Rem there is still stranglets bombs on surface and underground of earth... I don't think the sublUmar includes yet the ones within earth...regardless .. indeed breakthrough seems near

    3. Right, it's not on the surface planet level, but if all "their implant stations" are removed on the sublunar space, then the implant regeneration mechanism to the human bodies would be dismantled.

  7. "15 years ago Charon was the main exotic weapons warehouse for Chimera / Draco / Illuminati secret space programs" and google doodle: "The probe’s interstellar jaunt spanned more than 9 years and 3 billion miles."
    3billion miles, 6 years ago(15-9)= 3, 6, 9.

  8. Thank you the Light forces, the RM and Cobra!

    1. Your are Welcome PFC All. Open arms, Windows and DOORS.

  9. "If you intend to do this DAMN silly thing at least consider doing it in another way."

    The Purity of The Fleur de Lis returns NOW.

    Aegis for the Church. It's time to remove that. Today SOL E1:Y3:A41:S3:M29:D5 14:36:00 it is.


    ~DIVINA, Paradise Trinity

  10. I'm ready and willing to do what I can to assist anywhere I'm needed, either on or off planet and in whichever realm deemed necessary. It is Time.

    You know how to reach me.

  11. Big APPRECIATION for everything you, Cobra, and the RM and everyone else are doing to bring liberation to this planet and beyond!

    What I perceive as being humanity's 'work' is to remain intent on focusing on that which we desire, and using our imaginations to pretend, practice and FEEL as if it is already done. Yes, this is so difficult for most because we are so used to going by what we see, hear, taste, etc. with our 5 physical senses. Yet if we just practice this exercise of imagining already having our desired outcome, and we FEEL as if it's here and NOW, it gets easier and easier.

    This is our work everyone so just take one step at a time, acknowledge the WHAT IS NESS you perceive with your 5 senses and then immediately get into the practice of FEELING just what it is really like for it to ALREADY BE DONE!

    Blessings to all everywhere. Using Ho-Oponopono also is a fabulous exercise:

    I Am Sorry
    Please Forgive me
    Thank You
    I Love You

    Hugs, You, aka YouMa

  12. Thanks bro, i could use this one.
    Heading for victory.

  13. I was going to comment on the previous post to say that I have been feeling the energies changing. During the weekly meditation, it was so different last sunday. There was a lightness to it that I couldn't tell why. I came here to share that and saw the new post. As soon as I read the first lines, tears came down and I started shaking.

    I had a dream that I didn't want to wake up from past saturday. I saw the first contact and how I watched them come down. It was such a beautiful dream. I felt how all of us connected with love. I felt no boundaries. Just love and the endlessness.

    Victory of the Light!

  14. I like the information on Charon.


    Introduction to spiritual courts:


    How to 5x the liberation process, Part One:


    Extra information on implants at the lower back of the neck, and control rooms:


    Bilocation conference here:



    I suggest people focus on getting their Microeconomic infrastructure in place, instead of watching macrofinancial intel.

    Best Wishes.

    1. Thank you for the great links and info. Yes, definitely micro instead of macro economics - totally agree.

      In regards to the bilocation conference - the link you posted is for the past one - is there another one planned?

    2. Never mind the question re bilocation date - I was looking on the right side (or should I say wrong side) of the page. It is 19 July - I see:)

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  15. thank you Cobra. curious, is it intentional that the photo of Charon appears out of focus? also when you stare at it, it appears to be moving.

    1. Clearly, it is fuzzy, intentionally!

      Perhaps it has a love-y-fuzzy vibe...or is too high-vibe to sit still long enough to be photographed.


    2. Oh, maybe not! Today it is clearly clear!
      Fuzzy logic bouncing around my brain...makes it hard to focus!

  16. Thankyou Cobra, my deepest appreciation for all you do for us.


    1. Dearest, your Prayer was heard before it was uttered. Thank you for offering it.

    2. I feel jealous that I couldn't come up with a similar prayer. Is this my ego again?

      Thank you Joe for the best prayer :)

  18. Great Positive Info.....Thanks!

  19. My Rose Colored glasses have given me such a Bright Shine on my Path which I am Eternally grateful for. I shall return in Kind now. THANK YOU ALL THOSE WHO SHINE SO BRIGHT FOR ME.


  20. Beautifully formed This is !

    Grateful acknowledgment to all !

    Victory of the Light !

  21. Thank you Cobra and the Light Forces, Victory to the Light!!


  22. "Eins muss jetzt echt unbedingt noch gesagt werden:
    Ich hab Dich wirklich unglaublich lieb."

    "Ich hab Dich auch lieb."

    Freu mich auf Dich, mein Schatz


    And We're getting Closer. Closer and Closer :-)


  23. Feeling powerful energies that support elevated self-awareness and especially focused will. Like I can finally beat a partner in a taekwondo match. This is unusual, my physical will feels like a fog usually. Last time I felt such empowerment was 4-5 years ago when I've met a girl I felt in love with. She wasn't. Every time I was thinking about her I felt the empowerment, it was almost supernatural. I was a lot less self-aware at that time, though.

    Also had a dream today where I was given a number code clearly written on a piece of paper that opens some code-protected door. While the code was right there before my eyes I was unable to enter the code because my dream body wasn't focused, it was behaving incorrectly and pressing wrong buttons. The number of attempts (or time) ended and the door was left closed... Well, I guess it was self-suggesting dream that something have to be fixed, do not know what, though, a dream body?

    1. It might have been the code for a locked door to a Control Room of the Matrix Grid...

    2. I wasn't suggested to where that door leads, but considering my interest in "breaking free from confinement" on a somewhat global level (that's why I'm reading this blog), the door may have been a representation of "exit" or "escape"... I do not have much attention deficiency problems in life, but in the dream it seemed like I was experiencing a lack of attention.

  24. Here's how to get wealth from The Trustee. Respect your Elders. Elderberry is Good Medicine for body and Soul.

  25. With deep Gratitude to Cobra and RM
    I graciously welcome the Breakthrough.

  26. Full scale cyber war erupts in wake of Greek default, Pentagon takes on Khazarian mafia


  27. Arrest Barack Hussein Obama & His Criminal Assistants in the Commission of Treason!

  28. Sending The Resistance Movement Love, Light, Respect & Honor and a Big Group Hug from our hearts praying for your safety in your sublunar operations.....WE LOVE YOUR ALL!!

    1. And of course to include all the Light Forces & Cobra.....A successful sublunar operation will bring us so much closer to the Event!!

  29. What thinks cobra about the flat earth theory?

    1. He no longer thinks of that ridiculous annoyance, he already stated his views during one of the interviews, as if it merited an answer. He's kind of polite that way, but he does not repeat himself.

  30. Thank you Cobra may the light of God and our best intentions keep you safe.

  31. hello Cobra,
    is this the last step, or there are others before the breakthrough?

  32. This post put a huge smile across my face just now, I had been battling the Ego and negative thoughts for the past two days! Thank you for All for what you are doing, have done and will do. I love you all :)

    Victory to the light!



    1. I have been battling angry and violent thoughts....

  33. Thank You, Cobra!
    Love and Light to all of you! :)

  34. Thank You All. I AM Light. I AM Love. I AM in divine service forever. I choose Paradise. The Game is Over.

  35. Action Item for today: Ascend to a Larger Perspective.

    And next, lets add fragrance to the Air ... More Hi's and fewer goodbyes.

  36. Oh my God!!!
    I can hardly type....
    While reading this; I was filled with tears of JOY, and all I could say was:
    The Last Battle is over!!!!!!!

    What a wonderful, incredible, miraculios times TO BE on Earth!!!!!
    What an honor TO BE a part of it's liberation!!!!!!

    Dear RM and Cosmic Light sisters and brothers, WE ARE WITH YOU!!!


    1. I love your enthusiasm, totally cheered me up.

  37. I have a question. This is for when the Event occurs.
    I have a 30 day supply of food for one, but think I should get way more for others, and I have saved a couple hundred in cash. My question is, if the current monetary system collapses, will my cash even mean anything? I can't imagine it will be easy to buy anything.
    This is exciting news Cobra has given us. I have added a group for Boise Idaho on the Prepare For Change website. I hope to hear from people. I don't know if I can do it alone in my area.
    If anyone here wants to contact me...TheEventBoise@gmail.com
    Thanks, and love you guys.

    1. Your intentions are noble and inquiries are valid.. however my advice is not to be too transparent about your finances..it may lead you to be a target for scam artists... specially when you make it easier for them how to reach you.

      Not everyone monitoring posts have the best of intentions...

      Just a thought.

  38. Trophy wives are Bestowals not conquests and CERTAINLY Not CONquests.

    Dominique N.

  39. you are my brothers, my sisters , A tribe of light reunited. Bring it. We ready.

  40. Interesting... tineye showed no other site hosting that Charon pic. An original? Evidence of an ability to take such a photo?

  41. Thank you Cobra for the Sublunar update !! Wow! Sending love and light to all of you who are working so hard on this liberation!

    I sense who some of you are, and I thank you and send you love and light.


    I'd be interested in hearing from others about their adventures with the Cintamani stone.

    Here are two man things that have happened to me recently.

    (1) Five days after receiving the stone, I was "downsized" (I was let go, also known as fired) from my job. I was bored there and was sort of starting to look for something else... but it had good pay and benefits, so it didn't really make sense for me to leave.

    I'd much rather do more creative things (music, art) and I keep thinking the Cintamani stone must be able to help us with our creative development.

    So I'm working on what I want to do next. My guess is the Cintamani stone assists in bringing things much more into focus. My soul wanted me out of there, and the stone assisted, is sort of what I think.

    (2) A few nights ago I dreamt of my father. My father died 37 years ago... I was pretty young when he departed this earth. But anyway, I haven't dreamt of him in at least 15 years, though I have wanted to. I ask to have dreams of him before I go to sleep. And finally I dreamt of him.

    He was in a diner (a restaurant) sitting in a booth. I was paying for something and I was turned away from him, up at the cash register. I heard my name. I turned around, looked at everybody, thinking 'someone is calling my name.' I couldn't figure out who was talking to me. And then again, I heard it, my name!

    Finally I saw him. HIs face was quite flushed and red-toned, for some reason. He got out of the booth and came over to me and gave me a big hug. Dad !!! Yay !!! He looked great, younger and heavier (healthier) than his extremely skinny frame that he had when he was alive.

    He had on black horn-rimmed stylish glasses, and had a big smile. His face became more normal (less flushed). He said he visits me, and "he attends gatherings" (probably family gatherings) and "he's around."

    I have always felt that when a dead person visits you in a dream, it is really them. He felt so real. It was absolutely ** great ***.

    I think the Cintamani stone had something to do with bringing my dad in.

    Also: I think I feel more powerful after holding it during meditation. I think it heightens my perceptions... sometimes it almost makes me a little dizzy.

    What are your experiences? Thank you.

    1. Once we started Starseed: Activate! my first Cintimani made its way to me. Now many months later... We are 10 episodes in, and an even bigger Cintimani made its way to me, and with enough friends for the team that works on the show.

      While I won't go into too many specifics in a public forum... I can say I have noticed a profound difference in a number of aspects of life. But creative projects with the greater good in mind got the biggest boost for sure. ;)

    2. Sounds like some beautiful experiences :) I haven't got a stone but everyone is reporting some amazing stuff !

    3. It's absolutely life changing to me as well.

    4. I believe it is real soul contact, when someone departed who we want to contact comes to us in a dream. Long ago, I had an artist boyfriend, he was still grieving his former girlfriend who died of cancer at a young age, and he had a multitude of art projects he worked on when he wasn't painting houses for income. When he had problems, he would ask his father to come to him in the dream state. Sure enough, he would, and they sit and talk over the issues he was dealing with, and his Dad would have him advice. It wasn't often, just once in a while when he was really at a loss as to what direction to go in.

      I hope that when I can afford a stone, there will still be one available. I think using it to heal myself, and using it with intention on clients eventually, could be a good thing.

    5. Thanks all..

      Phoenix, visualize a stone! And I will visualize one for you... and one will come to you...

    6. Phoenix: Also, I think using the stone to help heal others is just a wonderful idea!!

    7. Hmmmm - it's like my 3rd day w/ the Stone. I can totally Still hear the RInging in my ears and when I stop & actually "listen to it" it get like 2-3 times louder. I think it's an amplifier for your own energy (of sorts) - As in when I do nothing or forget it's on me - I forget it's on me. When I actually concentrate or thing with it - I feel it ever so slightly making my hand tingle.

      I think it's more of a 4-D or Energetic based tool or help - My Body has felt less stressed & I usually get headaches when the pressure changes - but I've noticed ALL the ailments or aches that I was used to feeling have had the Volume turned "WAY Down" - like if Normal was say a 6-8...since the Stone- I'd say I feel like they're at a 1 - 3. Enough to know they exist but easier ignored or forgotten. I also feel 'Thinner' & Lighter and I've been eating the same junk I always do.

      I don't feel on edge or irritable like I used to- like I still feel like "me" though. It's like I'm "me" but I don't care about the "Past" anymore- I don't feel anxious or regret or longing- It's kinda weird - I don't feel "Hungry" for an emotional Fix of any kind.

      I personally would like to know More about the Stones- like what I should be doing with it. Like I had an idea that I should put in a glass of water & say a healing blessing, them remove the stone & give my Dad the water to drink- Why? cause he's pushing 80 & in love w/ Catholic Dogma & hurting emotionally- Then I say to myself- It's a stone. Not a Magic Wand.

      I'd like to know what I can do for the Stone - as opposed to treating the stone like a Wishing Well or Magic Wand. I know better than to "project my desires" onto a tool is was most likely not designed for. I do however- think my Stone "likes me"- it senses my Enthusiasm & which is why it hums in my ears ( to let me know it can hear me?) I don't know - I keep thinking of the Pyramid Rob Potter holds in his arm (on his website?) and I wonder if that would make my Stone even more powerful? But I don't know why I would need more power or if it's just a suggestion??

    8. http://spiritlibrary.com/brenda-hoffman/new-you-and-your-personal-experience-lab

      "...So it is that your dreams can be visited, as is true for dimensions, frequencies and times. Does it not make sense that you explore your creative ideas – testing them before you create? Think of your creations as complex dreams that you play within by shifting a wall, piece or person – evaluating the rightness of your dream and starting over if that creation does not produce joy.

      New you is starting to create your personal test lab. For it is one thing to slip into new dimensions and times, but quite another to use those dimensions and times for your creative, fun ventures..."

    9. From the arrival of Cintamani stone to Iceland, we have been continually connected, I made a necklaces and carrie him around 24/7, just positive changes are taking place everywhere around me, and I believe that he is distribute energy through the internet too, if one is connected and listen to the radio show online, I believe that the energy and the frequency of rock reach all those involved.
      to take all metal money I get, put them in a bowl, pour water over them and put CINTAMAN stone in the water and beam it with a green laser beam, take that money and distribute them around town, and wish that the stone energy envelop them by taking the money <3

      And helping with the Weekly Liberation Meditation

      Love and Light from the land of fire and ice <3

  42. Love and Light to all.

    For the past 2 days, I have been feeling physically too exhausted
    to go to work. I have gratefully experienced deep sleep and many dreams and it's been good for the soul, actually. I am aware of this to be part of the transition energetics and Meditation has been helpful in the spiritual level. I sense that at this rate I might only be able to work part time. I would appreciate some advice on how to possibly access some financial relief to get through the transition. Thanks.

  43. After the completion of MOSS (Multidimensional Operations Solar System) and subsequent Sublunar Operations, the Event will follow. http://2012portal.blogspot.sk/2015/03/the-alliance-fleet.html

    1. Thank you for posting this up. I couldn't remember where it was Cobra said that the MOSS operation would be first then Sublunar operations before the event.

      It's funny how you can forget what has been written and it was good to refresh my memory. It looks like we are getting really close now! :)

    2. Good attention there! Thank you!

  44. (google translator)

    Summary of John Moricz research

    Hary Györgyné (1977)

    Peapody Museum at Harvard University reported that into the Puebla (Mexico) posted research group, conducted the excavation finds material found there, that does not mean the American people from 12 to 15,000 years ago in America, but more than forty thousand years. The excavations human skeletons, polished stone tools were found together with other ancient creatures that have been extinct for more than 40,000 years ago. In the US the world's news agencies spread the word flown.

    (right mouse button, -TRANSLATION English)


  45. I also do believe in value exchange. So for Los Angeles / Orange County residents who are interested in French lessons, I can be reached via email : francaifacile123@gmail.com.
    For lessons via Skype, my ID is rocherfort. Thanks.

    1. Exchange as if.. I can offer you computer repair service in exchange of a lesson? That is if your pc is broken of course. computer maintenance could be done remotely too..

    2. Perhaps you will be the entrepreneur that will lead us into an online bartering system...

    3. Varying degrees of resonance, primordial included of course

  46. Cloudy weather ahead with a chance of satellite debris...

    @Cobra, is there an implant station at L2?

  47. Thanks Beloved Cobra and all the RM.

    Love and Light

  48. The Story of the Central Race


    1. Anyone familiar with Matrix 5? It's written by a "Wholeness Navigator". Check out the simultaneous life streams. http://www.trufax.org/graphics/m5g2.jpg

  49. Could anyone recommended a block for negative thoughts, I a quite happy atm but feels as though negativity is seeping through somehow, I am letting the thoughts go and using my intention and meditation to let them past and experience joy but feel as though I could use something extra.

    Are there any particular crystals that are good for protection? I am going to a crystal shop I have been told of near my work at the end of the month so that would be brilliant.

    Love and light to you all,


    1. I hear good thins about Citrine. There are bunch that have those characteristics though. Maybe get some ideas from this site, then make a final decision when you have them in your hands. https://www.energymuse.com/about-gemstones

    2. I only know of a few...


      Obsidian (check out also snowflake obsidian)


      Hope that helps

    3. For protection i love black onyx.
      But...never ever sleep with it
      I had the worst, longest, creepy nightmares the nights i slept with the necklace and i didnt know why
      Then i researched on google about it and they were giving the warning!
      But in the daytime it is powerful and benevolent!

    4. Excellent book I have mentioned before:


      Metaphysical aspects of stones and crystals, she is also a Geologist.

    5. Hematite - grounding and protection
      Turquoise - personal protection (why it was often in metal head and breast plates)
      Black Onyx or Snowflake Obsidian, or any black stone

      Generally if you are drawn to the stone it can protect you on some level, IMHO.

    6. @RICH
      Black Turmaline is the QUEEN crystal for protection. NO OTHER crystal or gem does this: It does NOT absorbe the negative energy. It TRANSMUTES it into a positve energy!!
      It's not expensive. So get at least 2-3 pieces of different size/shapes, and carry them in your pocket, wallet/purse and in the home, (next to your bed). But if you would get one long stick/cigar shaped one, made as a pendant, grabb that one. Carrying it on your neck is the BEST!!!



      Here is a quote from this article:

      >>Why Would You Use It

      It is powerful for healing and for psychic protection and spiritual purposes... and will strengthen the immune system and help allergies. You all have times when you feel negative, or when you encounter other people who are giving off vibrations that are not pleasing to you.

      ••One of the powerful things about Black tourmaline is that it will suck up any negativity or disharmony that it encounters from its surroundings. But it does not absorb it... but will transmute, or convert the negative energy into positive energy<<.

      However, keeping your crystals and gems clean and energized is very essential.
      Every FULL MOON, for 3 whole days, day and night, I put all my crystals outside. And once a year, for 2-3days, I burry them in a bowl of the Dead Sea sand I got.

      The techniques shown in this vid are very good, and one of the easiest to do.

      How to Cleanse Your Crystals video:
      6 Quick & Easy Methods! - ----- 11min. long

    7. Thank you :) I will look into these today, I hope you both are having a fine day!

      Love and light to all,


    8. A Mountain Crystal - Rhinestone


    9. @Rich - I have posted earlier under other cobra posts about the apophylite crystal and how to make a protective grid for your house, car and even personal. You can read about it at http://tomstones.org/gridding/

      The hematite is also great and the others suggested by our brothers and sisters in the replies. Furthermore, do not forget to use the protective white light "bubble" around your body that Cobra has described in an earlier post.

      @Phoenix Boulay is right about the book. Phoenix, I did purchase it and love it. Thank you again for pointing me to it:)

    10. For many years, there was a wonderful tiny metaphysical bookstore in Marin County called Paper ships, Books and Candles owned by a woman named Elaine, where I found many treasures. I often used to stop by in the 90's when David was working, and later, Dennis, to browse and talk. It was that kind of place where you could linger and explore, or when they were engaged with other customers, step outside in the sunshine to grab something from the Coffee Roastery when it was at it's old location across the street, or browse (a different Elaine's) Sunglass City store, or to look in astonishment at a sky full of chemtrails, in what was otherwise a pristine and beautiful area on the Northeast side of Mt. Tam, before going back in to Paper Ships to continue the conversation. They had gemstones and objects and the most extraordinary collection of books in their tiny, 1-room store perched where the bridge crossed the river in downtown San Anselmo.

      After I moved out of California, I don't think they survived the last big flood, according to my former roommate, who was one of the Co-opertive owners of Shabui Gardens (hot tubs, sauna and massage) after Ken sold it. She told me there was 4 feet of water throughout downtown, which is hard for me to imagine. I had seen the river swell 10 or 12 feet from its normal quiet flow, but never that much water.

      I especially loved the logo of Paper Ships on the bookmarks you'd get with a book purchase, it had a flying saucer on it beaming down a light. There was a lot of love and wisdom in that magical little place. <3

  50. These things are not allowed on your mission: Corruptability.

  51. The Level of Insight and Awareness of Father Fragment is where Grace and Mercy is found.

  52. Pluto's heart shape region, love

  53. You can't bring Culture to a cesspool. One gets captured and there are tears. If the Culture is captured the leadership becomes demoralized. If the cesspool is captured it becomes the seed for Entropy.

    Papa says this: You can lead a Whore to Culture but you can't make her think.

  54. Hack of Netanyahu Chief of Staff Shows Israeli Control of ISIS


  55. Prison Ministries deserves HIGH HONORS. They would like a Return In Kind by those who were touched by them. Let's Shred that Cello.

  56. A Mindenható Egy Szent Isten Hívása! 2015.07.03-án


  57. I'm a constant sky watcher, luckily I can be outside a lot. After a decade of heavy chemtrails 24/7, they stopped for the last 3 months. Craziest thing I've ever seen. Unfortunately they started heavily again. I know Cobra says they are often misidentified as contrails, but I feel confident about what I'm seeing in my area because they stopped completely for so long. Chemtrails may not be super important, but they're the the only thing I can see and understand.

    My whole life I've been trying to move beyond what can be seen and understood, since those things are mostly negative. How can I still be just a dumb lab rat, staring up at the shit they're spraying. How have I failed so badly to awaken any spiritual connection?

    1. Geoengineering and HAARP are real and if they have come to your attention it's because we are suppose to do something about it. Check out GeongineeringWatch.org and help to sound the alarm on this most dire situation the Earth and all life facing. Being enlightened doesn't mean we are not suppose to take any action here in 3d, we wouldn't need to experience this reality if were not meant to participate physically as well.

    2. Good sites! I try to spread the word about this stuff. Just real simple things like GMO's, and people are RUTHLESSLY negative and closed minded. I can't do jack shit on this planet. Sorry spirit, you'd have to give me 100x more resilience, I'm not even close.

  58. When you are inspired to plant a Ggarden consider carefully the reality and the Concept of companion Planning & Planting (PP).

  59. A Holdpálya alatti műveletek


  60. Ho'oponopono will open good things for you, and is the Hope without which open things will close. Faith, Hope and Love, with Mercy, Hope and Grace. Triangles cause everything and keep Entropy at bay. (Hope is the portal)

  61. Charon has mountains up to 11,000 feet high! No wonder they warehoused there. I think its funny that they dont disclose the actual flyby. Just two seperate pictures, yet they describe all these things they are gathering and seeing from this exploration. I almost guarantee they are experiencing Extraterrestrial contact or observation of crafts all over, especially as they enter the Kupier Belt. BRING ON THE VICTORY!!!

  62. Is life but a Dream? or a Game. The best Realms are both simultaneously. Well done Transitional Grid Team. (geeks and nerds, SuperGeeks and SuperNerds). You keep upping the Ante on the Bonus Levels! It's such a challenge to keep up with you. And that is really fun.

    Makes me think of a word that ends in "ds" - many times over.

  63. are there any more available stones?

    1. Yes. Inside your Heart... there resides the most powerful one. :)

  64. Thank you Cobra, RM, star beings and the company of heaven. Wonderful news. We are so close to victory now. Bless you all and thank you to the wonderful lightworkers/warriors on the ground.

  65. I would like to report..that shortly after I posted I was under attack by cabals demons...everything stopped..Thank you so much ...that was quick...
    to the Victory of Light!!..

  66. I have attempted to see if I can connect with that pic of Charon (at least to the point of just mentally telling meself to do so).... On both initial attempts 'coincidentally' I get me lil 'flags'.. as if I should not... unfortunately I don't know if I interpreted me lil flags correctly...

    1. look close and youll see a fox

    2. I when I looked at the picture of a pleasant tingling sensation ran through on me.


  67. http://beforeitsnews.com/opinion-conservative/2015/07/how-to-speak-to-the-brainwashed-3032520.html

  68. hm hm hm hm hm hm
    some foreign force has locked my freedom for speech
    so this means there is not much I can say
    and also if I say something it does not mean anything
    or maybe it does
    or maybe it means everything
    and I am soooo happy
    because the first new world that will be created will be the
    "stardust world"
    oh oh oh
    I look so much forward to it
    oh yes and also
    some days ago
    I have seen the new reality
    oh this is impossible to describe
    it was something that never existed
    and I only got a tiny little glimpse
    yes, yes
    there will be no such things anymore
    things like this
    and that
    and all this kind of
    lets say
    hm hm hm hm hm hm
    la la la la la la la la la la

    1. Dear Eliana,
      Nice lyric....Did you write it? It makes me smile and relaxed...Thanks for sharing!


  70. X --- It's a very thin line between a foe and a friend. Old Hat's Money. Better the Old Hat than the Old Fart.

  71. Corey's Delegation Briefing part 2 report is available now at


  72. One impie in the hospital ( Bush) http://mobile.reuters.com/article/iduskcn0pq05y20150716?irpc=932

    1. Thanks! It is interesting that he fell at home in Maine ....?
      I thought they lived in TX. Or is this one of their sort of hide-outs?

    2. If Bush is in a wheel chair how did he break his neck? I'm pretty sure the official story is he has alzheimers and yet this article says he has Parkinsons! They (the media) cannot keep the story straight. I think he's in a wheel chair when in public and there's nothing wrong with him.

  73. Dillon Read & Co. Inc. & the Aristocracy of Prison Profits
    by Catherine Austin Fitts

    "...And so I decided it was time to lay down a few ground rules
    that would help newcomers understand what was involved with working with me. I said:

    “Gentlemen, I am obedient to the laws of God and there is nothing that you can say or do that will cause me to violate them. If that means that I am going to jail, then I am going to jail, if only to organize the last group of entrepreneurs I need to run the country when the government collapses. Because if people like me are going to prison, then it is only a matter of time until this government fails.”

    Interestingly enough, the lawyer who threatened me, told me many months later that this was the moment in which he realized that we were going to win..."

    ~Catherine Austin-Fitts


    No matter how much I have heard, read about, or seen with my own eyes regarding blatant corruption by those in high positions in Government, in Corporate management, or in Finance, I am always astonished at the sheer greed, disrespect, callousness, and outright Sociopathic tendencies of these "men", who garner success at the expense of the good, intelligent and trusting common, intelligent and honest business person. What disgust me even more is the pride they take in their deceptive ability to gain via subterfuge. Money, power, control are the spoils of the heartless. How can that not feel empty and wrong to them?

    I have long admired Catherine Austen-Fitts, and this story helps us to understand how the world, and in particular, the Good Ol' Boy Corporate America, came to be what it is today, and how interwoven everything became, like a spider web. Fascinating expose from one of the few women and one of the few people with integrity to have served in positions of power at a company that played a key role in the power shifts of Corporate America. We see her thought process and what she was up against as the status quo shifted from people doing what is right and best, to people doing what served not only the self, but the Corporate Personhood, The Government, the Drug Cartels, etc. and those willing to wheel and deal to feed her growing thirst for power.

    ~Phoenix Boulay


    Dillon Read & Co. Inc. & the Aristocracy of Prison Profits
    by Catherine Austin Fitts

    Table of Contents

    Why I Wrote This Story

    A tapeworm injects chemicals into a host that causes the host to crave what is good for the tapeworm. In America, we despair for our deterioration, but we crave the next injection of chemicals from the Tapeworm ...

    1. Brady, Bush, Bechtel & “the Boys”
    Dillon Read’s Chairman, Nicholas F. Brady, was considered one of George H. W. Bush’s most intimate friends and advisors ...


  74. 2. A Rothschild Man
    The French Rothschilds, in response to the nationalization of Banque Rothschild by President Mitterrand, moved significant operations and focus to the U.S. ...

    3. RJR Nabisco
    In 1984 and 1985, Dillon Read helped RJR merge with Nabsico Brands, making the combined RJR Nabisco one of the world’s largest consumer products corporations ...

    4. Narco Dollars in the 1980s — Mena, Arkansas; South Central L.A.
    Gary Webb’s "Dark Alliance" story was persuasive that the U.S. government and their allies were involved in narcotics trafficking ...

    5. Leveraged Buyouts
    Perhaps KKR had simply sheltered one of the world's premier money laundering networks and, behind the veil of a private company, taken this network to a whole new level ...

    6. A Parting of the Ways
    That was when I decided that we might be losing sight of the line between financial engineering and financial fraud. I left the boardroom to make a call to Washington, D.C. There was nothing else to learn at Dillon Read ...

    7. “HUD is a Sewer”
    When I told Nick Brady in 1989 that I was going to work at HUD, he said, “You can’t go to HUD — HUD is a sewer.”

    8. Dillon’s Investment in Cornell
    To understand Dillon’s investments in Cornell it is essential to understand who governed Dillon Read, who at Dillon invested personally, as well as who at Dillon helped to govern the venture funds that invested in Cornell ...

  75. 9. Cornell Corrections
    Cornell arranged for the prison to be constructed by Brown & Root of Houston, Texas, a subsidiary of Halliburton.

    10. The Clinton Administration: Progressives for For-Profit Prisons
    The Clinton Administration took the groundwork laid by Nixon, Reagan and Bush and embraced the promotion of federal support for police, enforcement and the War on Drugs with a passion that was hard to understand ...

    11. Hamilton Securities Group
    One of Hamilton Securities’ goals was to map out how the flows of money worked in the U.S. and create software tools that would make this information accessible to communities ...

    12. A Note on Protecting the Brand with Dirty Tricks
    The supremacy of the central banking-warfare investment model that has ruled our planet for the last 500 years depends on being able to combine the high margin profits of organized crime with a low cost of capital ...

    13. “You are Going to Prison” — 1996
    One day I was a wealthy entrepreneur with a successful business and money in the bank. The next day I was hunted, business assets seized, living through eighteen audits and investigations, a smear campaign directed not just at me but also members of my family ...

    14. Enforcement Terrorism — 1997
    My favorite Judge Sporkin quote was his retort from the bench, something to the effect of “I disagree with the law and if you have a problem with that, take it up with Congress.”

    15. Dillon Read — Cashing Out on Cornell
    These are the kind of profits you get when you buy stock for a price of $3.8 million and several years later sell that stock for $29.9 million — or an almost 800% increase on your investment ...

    16. Financial Coup d’Etat — 1998
    In June of 1999, Richard Grasso, Chairman of the New York stock exchange, went to Colombia to visit a Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia Commander to encourage him to reinvest in the New York Stock Exchange ...

    17. Private Banking & the Profitable Liquidation of Every Place
    An all-to-familiar impersonal financial mechanism was now in place that created yet another incentive system with global reach, to drive the financial returns of investors up by driving down the Popsicle Index of faceless people and communities, far removed.

    18. Through the Via Dolorosa
    The Via Dolorosa is the street in the Old City of Jerusalem which Jesus is said to have walked on the way to his crucifixion. It means “the way of grief.”

    This article was originally published by Narco News

    © 2006-2007 Catherine Austin Fitts


    For the latest from Catherine-Austin-Fitts, get email updates

    Subscribe to the Solari Report

    1. Catherine A. Fitts has performed a huge service for all of us.

      Thanks Phoenix for all the great links.

    2. Yes, she is. These are just the chapters of her treatise. I got the link wrong on No. 13. The correct link is:

  76. ...and new for me was that the "opal ray" is the ray of Sanat Kumara... have bought an opalite before this information recieved me....while holding this stone connecting with Sanat Kumara works also and is so nice... hm.... it was him who asked me which world I want to see first... and I said...." oh noo.....youuu decide......." so he "decided"...... or shall I say "choosed"? because.... his decision was sooooo much out of love for me and for all that is ...I still get tears when I think at it.... so.... "decision" is the wrong word.....yes..."choosing" is better...... and it is much more.... all this....
    Ashtar I love you so much you can not imagine and I hope the Ashtar command and the galactic confederation can soon land their ships here. I miss home. Can I go home soon please? Do I have a home?

    1. Dearest Eliana. I hope you can perceive how valuable you are. Do you think valuables have a home. There is no question here. And you keep filling yours with all kinds of wonderful Treasures. When HE said Many Mansions, He meant it. It IS so.

      We are all in the Pearlescense of Alcyone traveling on the Opal Ray of The Father who says... "Home soon".

  77. ~part 1~

    The Legend of the
    Ancient of Days

    for Lanello

    A long time ago
    On a star far away
    A great council assembled
    In solemn array.

    The question weighed heavy
    On everyone’s mind—
    T’was the fate of the Earth,
    What to do with mankind.

    The planet was burdened
    With discord and strife
    Human beings had forgotten
    The purpose of life.

    They had even begun
    To walk down on all fours
    In their eyes and their souls
    God’s great light shone no more.

    “Earth must be dissolved,”
    The cosmic council decreed
    “Her energy returned
    To the great primal sea.”

    I, Sanat Kumara
    Arose from my chair
    And invoked Opportunity
    From those who were there:

    “Let us give them a chance
    And perhaps over time
    These ones will remember
    They once were divine.

    “I will show them the way
    I will be the front line
    And bring mercy to Terra
    If you would change your mind.”

    “My Son,” said an elder,
    “You know the law well—
    You will be tied to Terra
    Until your ranks swell.

    “To win back her people
    The flame in your heart
    Must inspire them to love
    And become Freedom’s Star.

    “These are new beginnings
    For children of man
    By your grace we do grant them
    A fresh divine plan.”

    I gratefully knelt
    Before the Great White Throne
    Where the Nameless One blessed me
    As I left for home.

    “My son, they will call you
    The Ancient of Days
    To the Great Spirit in you
    Give glory and praise.

    “You are known throughout cosmos
    For your eternal youth
    May your Word now spring forth
    Like a fountain of truth.

    “I anoint you with Spirit
    The I AM THAT I AM,
    The ark of the covenant
    And the embodied Lamb.”

    On my shoulders descended
    A mantle of light
    Power, glory and honor
    Love, wisdom and might.

    I bid the council adieu
    And returned to my star
    Where fair Venus awaited
    With Holy Kumaras.

    Winged messengers had announced
    The cosmic council’s decision:
    That Earth was now granted
    A new dispensation.

    Our daughter Meta greeted
    Me home with a kiss.
    “Father, we’re thankful,” she said
    “For your courage and faith.”

    Though we rejoiced that night
    In a grand ball reception,
    Our hearts were weighed down
    By a measure of sadness.

    The pain of separation
    Could not be eclipsed
    As we thought of the loved ones
    We most surely would miss.

    Many eons would pass
    Before we’d meet again
    Our mission accomplished
    Our victory at hand.

  78. ~part 2~

    Twilight dropped upon us
    A blanket of peace,
    Our twin star gently twinkled
    With ethereal surcease.

    Then I looked to the mountains
    And to my surprise,
    Mine eye caught a spiral
    Of light hovering nigh.

    T’was the souls of my children—
    Hundred forty four thousand
    Approaching our palace
    With joyful compassion

    The anthem of brotherhood
    That echoed below
    Still rings clear through these valleys:
    Solstice Ode to Joy.

    They reached for our balcony,
    Stopped, lifted their eyes,
    Then stepped forth to address me
    ’Neath violet skies.

    I saw in their leader
    My beloved son
    Whose loyal steadfastness
    Was rivaled by none.

    “Our Father,” he said,
    “We have heard of your plight.
    We will not let you down,
    We will fight the good fight.

    “We will prepare the way
    We will help tend the flame
    We will spread love and light
    We will speak in your name.

    “We will be at your side
    When you enter the fray;
    We will go first to Earth,
    To keep evil at bay.”

    Their love was so touching
    Their service so rare
    We were moved beyond words
    By their life-giving prayer.

    These hundred forty four
    Thousand, my lady and I
    Wept together for joy;
    Angel legions stood by.

    Then I called from among them
    An hundred forty four
    To become our forerunners
    In this epic untold.

    The veil was now drawn
    The heaven world left behind
    Clothed in bodies of flesh
    They were born of mankind.

    Neither castle nor palace
    Would be their Earth home
    Rather shacks, caves and huts
    Humble hearths carved of stone.

    They waxed strong and matured
    In the ways of their kin
    Yet their souls would oft stir,
    With an urge to transcend.

    T’was a deep inner memory
    That could not be erased
    A magnificent city
    That would now be their fate.

    Came a day they set forth—
    Friends and family behind,
    To sail for blue horizons
    And seek holy ground.

    Hearts brimming with passion,
    Pressing on day and night,
    Only intuition to guide them
    Toward the appointed site.

    From four corners of Earth
    These great pilgrims arrived
    Mighty warriors of spirit
    Crossing lands, seas and skies.

    The Gobi Sea was the place
    Destiny had assigned
    For these men to accomplish
    Their purpose sublime.

    The pilgrims had reached
    Their final destination
    Then one among them came forward
    To speak of a vision:

    “A resplendent white city
    Is ours to erect
    Reminiscent of Venus ’n
    Divine architects.

    “On a lush, verdant island
    Seven temples our feat
    Focusing sacred fire
    In alabaster retreats.

    “A beautiful bridge
    Will be our first task
    Over sapphire blue waters
    Where others can pass.

    “Fashioned with pure white marble
    Engrained with finest gold,
    Lined with sweet cherubs carved
    Mem’ries of days of old.”

    By the sweat of their brow
    Initiating the task
    They hauled rocks, stones and metal;
    Nine hundred years passed.

    Down from neighboring hills
    Savage hordes would attack
    To destroy what was built
    Cosmic goal now set back.

    Determined and constant
    The pilgrims kept their pace
    Lifting up from the rubble
    Planting trees in its place.

    At the top of the island
    The main temple was raised
    Where Sanat Kumara’s
    Blessed feet one day would graze.

  79. ~part 3~

    Twelve marble steps
    Leading up to the throne
    That was framed with perfection
    By a high gilded dome.

    A massive gold door
    Shimmering rays in the sun
    Like a gigantic mirror
    To welcome each one.

    Tall trees lined the path
    Leading up to the gate
    Reflecting pools, rainbow fountains
    Vibrant floral parquets.

    A sacred space was created
    Where brotherhood shone
    The builders called it Shamballa
    To remind them of home.

    The task was completed
    The altars were groomed
    With delicate flowers
    Picked from most fragrant blooms.

    Sanat Kumara would come now
    For time had run short.
    To depart unto Earth
    With his devoted court.

    He bid his lady farewell
    In a poignant embrace
    And ascended o’er Hesperus
    Into stellar space.

    The souls that convened
    Offered sweet hymns of praise
    And he blessed them sincerely
    With affectionate gaze.

    Then to their amazement
    Midst a brilliant light trail
    He vanished away
    Like a comet’s vast tail.

    In Shamballa the builders
    Waited with bated breath
    For their lord to appear
    So to give Earth a rest.

    The birds hushed their singing
    The seas ceased their sway
    And all nature grew silent
    On this momentous day.

    Slow and majestic
    His feet touched the ground
    Then all life felt his presence
    Though there was not a sound.

    Fresh peace, hope and comfort
    Each troubled soul stilled
    As his Great Spirit swept
    Over woods, lakes and hills.

    Withered flowers that drooped
    With new strength raised their heads,
    And the laughter of children
    Was heard once again.

    The builders were happy
    They wearied no more
    And knelt in Thanksgiving
    To honor their Lord.

    Then upon the altar
    The Ancient of Days
    With a powerful fiat
    Invoked a dazzling flame.

    Threefold and immortal,
    Pink, Yellow and Blue
    Fount of love, wisdom, power
    Precious life renewed.

    From each flickering plume
    Flashed forth filigree threads
    To connect each one’s heart
    In a mystical web.

    The crisis was over
    The planet sustained,
    And the Earth was redeemed
    For a new golden age.

    Now the end of this story
    Is yours to create
    As you search in your soul
    For the keys it contains.

    Close your eyes, try to see
    Your mighty threefold flame
    Anchored deep in your heart
    ’Tis your spiritual claim.

    Pulsating, blazing
    It waxes and spins
    Helping you find your mission
    So you too can ascend.

    © 2004 Therese Emmanuel Grey


    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. @ Eliana

      Whoa! Goose bumps all over.....
      AWESOME!!! Truely a story of "the bridge between Heaven and Earth".
      Thank You, dear.

    3. WoW~! <3 What a bedtime story!

      Dream it awake,
      Dear friends and allies!
      That we may partake
      In the Ultimate Prize!

      <3 Love and Blessings to All <3

  80. Cobra....The Main Stream media liars are reporting that Bush senior fell in Maine and Broke a bone in his neck. Is that the truth or what is the real truth?

    1. Probably the truth is that they need to fetch another clone...

  81. I see that Charon's picture is replaced today.

    Also, I have been looking at the Stuff in Space link. Is it me or there are more gray colored "DEBRIS" today? Also, I find the technology amazing. Who developed that page and how does it work? Was it developed by RM? How can you track the objects including the DEBRIS? There is too much detail there. You can zoom in. It shows what part of the Earth is in dark, you can see the orbits. Whoever came up with it, just want to say "Good Job!". I would love to hear more about how it works.

    Victory of the Light!

    1. A lot of websites can show you satellite tracking, stuffin.space is cool because its more interactive though. You can also use sites like this one: http://www.satflare.com/track.asp?q=19980#TOP It does the same thing.

      All they're doing is using the satellite orbital position provided by nasa to calculate an orbital path, its all pure math really. With the help of similar tools you can predict star positions 100's of years ahead in the future, it's all mathematics. Show's how perfect our universe is I suppose :)

  82. Belowg is an excerpt from this insightful article:

    Free Will and Energetic Consent
    July 13, 2015 By Jennifer Hoffman

    Declaration of Energetic Consent

    "...I now give my energetic consent that the highest possible frequencies and vibration are now present on the planet, in our solar system, galaxy, and universe.

    I now give my energetic consent to be filled with the Source light of the highest frequencies and vibrations and I expand that light and those frequencies and vibrations to all of humanity.

    I now give my energetic consent to be a container for energy of the highest frequencies and vibrations and to be a source of those energies for everyone and everything, everywhere.

    I now give my energetic consent for the creation of a direct pathway to Source light and energy for myself and for all of humanity and for the Earth.

    I now give my energetic consent for the participation of every being and energy, throughout the cosmos, with the highest intentions for humanity, to assist us in clearing the planet of all lower energies and frequencies whose purpose, focus, and intention is harming the human heart, spirit, and energy.

    I now give my energetic consent that the Earth now continuously receive light and energy to overcome, vanquish, and release any and all energies that are not in the highest purpose for humanity and the planet.

    I now give my energetic consent that the highest possible frequencies and vibrations of the energies of peace, joy, love, and abundance, are now available as an unlimited, continuous, and constant source for myself, for all of humanity, for every being and life form, and for the Earth...."

    1. Thanks Phoenix.....I'm going to copy & print this to use in my meditations....You are wonderful for sharing!!

    2. Her website is http://www.EnlighteningLife.com

      She is on Facebook, and has the most popular radio show on BlogTalkRadio..it's a bit chatty, but she shares a lot of wisdom and insights; I have followed her since 2005. A friend on tribe.net used to reblog her Archangel Uriel posts that resonated with me, that's how I found her. She is also a really good mentor for self-empowerment and self-healing.

      She is big, like Doreen Virtue, (I love Doreen and her animal menagerie) but also very down-to-earth and no-nonsense. Good boundaries.A good role model.

      She has a great but simple mantra she shares from time to time:

      "Everyone in my life loves, honors and respects me."

      (and So, It Is!)

    3. Wonderful! Thank you for this, indeed, Phoenix. And thank you, Jennifer Hoffman, who wrote it. I have forwarded it to some folks who have big lists, and they have sent it out too. Exponential acceleration! Yippie!

  83. keshe free energy device now putting out 9.7kw dc and 52.9kw ac back on grid.no spacemen involved

    1. sounds very interesting. can you provide a link, if you have one ;-)

  84. Woo, had a nice dream today, won't tell its details, but I made a blog entry based on its findings. The dream was important as I woke up in the middle of the night.

    To sum up, this blog outlines the following history of our human world:

    1. During the era of pharaohs the Corona took over the human society. This was the equivalent of the biblical "original sin" or the start of the Kali Yuga.
    2. The Corona installed the Virus which organized the human society the way Corona needed it. This was at the moment of "separation of the languages".
    3. The Virus changed the way humans behave via brain function adjustments (reductions) and probably via reversible epigenetic changes. At this time humans lost their contact with the Divine, and the birthing process became frequent, mechanistic and laborious. The conscious contact with the Noosphere was lost and became subconscious.
    4. The Cabal of elite Corona servants was formed during the following epochs.
    5. The Super Intelligence became interested in the human affairs' deviations and now actively works on resolving the situation.

    Additional information for today is as follows. When the Virus was installed, humans were organized in a sort of "hives". These hives psychically separated the humans from each other. This became a staple of language separation and growth of competing cultures. The Virus played a role of imposting god, and so many religious truths may be seen as a codex of the Virus (however, not all truths apply to the Virus, which makes things complicated to understand). Currently, each country represents a virus hive, members of the hive are tightly controlled by the Virus. For example, it is almost impossible to attain an elite status for an outsider of the hive. You have to organically grow up in that hive. Your language accent, your manners, and more importantly your own virus node's self-orientation will not allow you to become a part of another hive except as a servant. Hives are also ranked, with now at least USA being higher than Russia. Hives have a hierarchy, this hierarchy has a single owner and controller, the Corona.

    For contacts between hives, special persons are used of the rank of finance ministers and foreign affair ministers, also presidents; these persons have such function for the rest of their life. Lower order contacts usually do not influence the hive directly: all new information is filtered by hive's usual means like it was found by the member of the hive without importing it. The noospherical contact is forbidden between the high-ranking members of different hives. In fact, such contact may be punished. For example, if you, being in your hive, by some means like "hacking" was able to came into noospherical contact with a high-ranking cultural star of another hive, like glimpsing its private performance, you may be lethally punished, especially if your hive has a lower rank.

    1. I'm can envision how "hives" converge into a single hive... If the idea I've got is right, we'll see tectonic movements soon.

  85. For me, on some levels watching this planets liberation unfold is like watching long distance wheel chair race.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. And the disabled racers are like "you're loved more than you know! We're coming!" And we're like "what?! I can't hear you over this terrible 440hz music!"

    3. All of us slaves are loved just not as much and universally speaking and in all truth There has been and is some hipocracy in these proceedings and its also found in the very nature of our existence. Once we are free of this universal hipocracy we will truly be free. We will know then for sure and I truly believe that ONE day very soon we will be allowed to experience this freedom! For us it will be like the universe finally freeing us from itself.

  86. Latest article about the galactic wave, galactic pulse or as Dr Simon Atkins calls it Wave X coming in late September 2015. This article posted 9th July 2015.


    The video is embedded on that article but if you want a direct link here it is:


    Dr. Simon Atkins discusses the 2015 Frequency Shift with Michelle Walling. Simon calls this frequency shift "Wave X", which is an intergalactic wave of energy that he believes will bring people advanced metaphysical abilities starting in September of 2015.

    Simon also discusses the real reasons why CERN has been cranked up, the Schumann Resonance, HAARP, the mysterious noises in the skies, DNA upgrades, the banking cartel, and much more in the interview!

    (Video is 2 hours 57 mins - posted 3rd July 2015.)

  87. Old Hats stay on Old Heads. And Old Heads stay connected. Doctor Pepper replaces Dead Presidents and WE have THE MONOPOLY. But we don't need any more funny money. We can burn that now.

    If you choose to serve the Chairman of The Board AND his money, you will fail at both. One way will bring the Fire Department and the other will accelerate the burn.


  88. Another Dr Simon Atkins interview posted July 15, 2015. Video embedded on this page.


    1 hour video:


    Published on 13 Jul 2015

    Wave X is already happening: it is an intergalactic energy field, heading toward Earth, due to swing through from late August into late September / early October. It's very likely going to cause a massive awakening on our planet. Humanity will intend to evolve. Will the process be accomplished? There will be areas of increased economic chaos, planetary natural disasters, and a 'rip' in the social fabric.

    Have an open mind in this mix of science and spirituality. Know how to prepare for this incredible new time upon us, as more people get more deeply connected, in order to raise our consciousness. But the Shadow Elite forces do not want humanity becoming more free! They want us controlled, and their weapon-of-choice is CERN. Find out what Dr. Simon Atkins believes will happen in this very important 90-day window into October 2015.

    1. could this be The Event Pulse we have been waiting for......
      A good posting to read is 25 signs that the global elites ship is about to sink
      from the website themindunleashed.org

  89. Please tell me I read this article wrong...."After all, this is the leader of not only our own great nation, but the free world. " http://www.addictinginfo.org/2015/07/16/oklahoma-conservatives-arrange-confederate-flag-protest-to-welcome-president-obama/

  90. 70 Year Old Prophecy : The Earth Will Soon Be Swept By Extraordinary Rapid Waves of Cosmic Electricity -

    "The prophecy was written 70 years ago.. and it’s absolutely mind-blowing!

    Peter Konstantinov Deunov, also known as Beinsa Douno, born in 1886 and who later passed away in 1944, left a prophecy that he had obtained through a trance based state. The prophecy was therefore dated as 1944, a few days before his death in December that year. The prophecy Beinsa Douno left fits right into the times we are going through right now, in relation to the shift in consciousness, the earth changes and our golden age. Back then, Douno was aware and taught that we were moving into the age of Aquarius, as per the astrological age system."


  91. So, are these satellites and some asteroids remaining?

  92. .#Nestle buys / harvests / obtains fetuses to make the coffee whiter / creamer they sell

  93. Poisoned and sick,
    Weary and exhausted,
    Hungry and wounded but...
    we are still here!
    And the dead ones are with us
    The Corpus complete.
    This fills me with amaze!
    I love us.

  94. Replies
    1. We sent it. Just relax and watch for it. It's not just for you, think about who else will benefit from the Help WE sent and share.

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  96. "We're Training ISIL"

    1. BUSH SLIPS UP - Bush Admits to Explosives Used at World Trade Center 9/11

  97. Sorry for the confussion:
    These sublunar operations include/ affect simultaneously Long Island plasma problem? Thank uu

  98. New Paradigm: Does your Corporate Structure have the Seal of BBB? You can DO it, if it has Divine Oversight and if it's offered. Here's the paradox: The Seal of BBB is only awarded to Structures and Systems that carry Divine Oversight. DO, Be, do.


  99. keshe foundation has developed a device that gives out free energy,get in your car fly to space,free water,free food, free healing,the creation of old or new materials. The end of war the list goes on and on.all done by a human not a spaceman.Free energy device now putting out 9.7 kw.-dc and 52.9kw ac back on grid.This is in the hands of the people not cabal that's why it can't be stopped not even by your spacemen.

  100. Some positive news about the cosmic anomaly and its influence on the plasma plane from "Enlightened Master".

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  102. Please tell us what is happening with Jade Helm! ?


  103. Just heard quite an interesting story on a podcast which should have absolutely nothing to do with this topic, yet maybe it does.

    So before recording their show, the two hosts are sitting together in "beautiful Bothel, Washington" watching TV. One of them goes into the kitchen to pour himself a glass of water, looks out of the window and sees
    "a HUGE green fireball crossing the sky and then just EXPLODING! I screamed "Holy Sh*t!"
    Co-host: "I heard you, I just found out on Twitter that other people in Seattle saw it as well."
    For their own sake they decided to classify it as just a meteor, but "It was HUGE! And it was GREEN! And it Exploded!"

    I'm just summarizing what those guys said while I listened in complete astonishment.
    Seattle, WA of all places, home of Nirvana, Soundgarden and Pearl Jam. Not to mention The Space Needle . . .

    Keep On Rockin' In The Free World


  104. Thank you!

    We're getting closer, that's clear.

    March 31, 2015
    The Alliance Fleet
    "After the completion of MOSS (Multidimensional Operations Solar System) and subsequent Sublunar Operations, the Event will follow."

    July 14
    "The Light forces have begun sublunar operations today, as the next logical step towards the completion of MOSS."

    But how do the completion of MOSS and sublunar ops relate to each other in time?

  105. Cobra can you talk a little about. Montreal-structure: "MAN AND HIS WORLD"
    EXPO 1967.
    i saw a therese zumi Summer picture from the matrix in her website. and that structure is exact the same.



  106. This week's side project was reading a book. Just for Fun and Entertainment - it had been quite a while.

    The only appropriate way to finish "Lionheart" was by sitting in the shower stall, having a smoke and a drink, and reading that Final chapter #55 "The Clock Hits Zero Tonight"

    So Be It


  107. great news from EM Ibrahim Hassan July 17, 2015 - Breakthrough of the cosmic anomaly (excuse his English, he's still learning):

    "It has been disposed of the basic fluctuations of the quantum anomaly in that region 'cosmic anomaly', where the Blue Dark Merkaba has contained it fully, which weakened the structure of the anomaly, and after that, they made a test to pass a beam of blue Light to this anomaly, and this test was successfully done..

    In the coming period, there will be work to contain the rest of the anomaly quantum fluctuations in that region “cosmic anomaly”, in order to remove the whole cosmic anomaly very soon,, and after that, this region will be ready to pass the blue pulse .."


    Now looking very much fwd. to CoBra's next update (which will hopefully coincide with EM IH's intel..)

    I guess the plasmatic bombs (strangelet, toplet) will lose most (if not all?) of their devastating power along with losing their sustaining and "nurturing" environment .. (?)