Sunday, February 10, 2019

Project 501 Update

Abort mission until RRR10 evaluation point, maintain status


  1. Metatron Shares God’s Divine Plan in a Conversation with Father
    This is Your only Saviour, everyone else is just a messenger - explaining true their own filters.

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    1. later u will understand me, at that time Please Just Leave


  3. AstralTraveler
    February 10, 2019 at 1:04 AM

    The following is a brief text compilation of segments from past interviews with Cobra. He discusses Ley Lines, Grid Lines and Vortexes. I found this to be of interest as it may relate to the new communities of Light.

    More on the subject from a different source:

    "... major portals, vortexes and dimensional doorways that connect / to other dimensional worlds, Stars and Planets in the Galaxy.

    * The Crystalline Grid * keeps harmony within the Earth plane / at the portals (&) links the Earth to the Stars and Universe to have harmony with our neighbors in space.

    These portals are spiraling vortexes that spin clockwise and anti-clockwise, this is how all energy moves / from the Heavens to the Earth. This spiraling energy is / the life force; just as it flows up your spin as the kundalini or in your cells as the DNA that hold the codings of the creation story.

    As we become the transducer of the energy from Heaven to Earth, as we unify, we marry heaven and earth within us.

    * The Light Grid * is used often when you meditate to connect with others who are 'Lightworkers' / who are here in service to assist / at different locations synchronistically to anchor in higher energies at particular cosmic events / through meditation / Thereby creating a higher level of consciousness to assist all humanity to make the shift.

    This is where you work on what you may call the Inner Planes.

    * The Solar Grid * / hold(s) the energy of the Central Sun and codings of Light that create life as we know it.

    They are also working / when we are unified and being the Creator Goddess/God of our true self, creating Heaven on Earth and working with the higher dimensional aspects of self as a member of the Council of Light, (at) one with the Central Sun.

    Once we had to go to a major vortex portal / the Pyramids, or Himalayas to move dimensionally and become activated and awakened. (These) days because the Grids are flowing again, the energy is charging around the whole Earth and even sitting in your living room you are experiencing the higher energies."


    There are major portals such as Uluru in Australia, Mt Kailash in Tibet, Macchu Picchu in Peru, the Giza Pyramids in Egypt, Sedona in Arizona USA, & Stone Hedge in England.

    Portals / often have Light Ships or Mother Ships over them / they are doorways for ships to come out from the Inner Earth.



    Geomancy (Greek for "earth divination") is the art of placing or arranging buildings or other sites auspiciously.
    The Geomancer engages with contemporary building sites and materials.


  5. AREAS OF LIGHT Development

    A 'growing' page with Q and A is already in place:

    You find here already many Answers and Questions...

    Please feel courage and interest to find together more answers to many other questions.

    You may visit also the main page:

  6. I even notice an improvement in the situation of people who cannot be described as awakened but who take care of their spiritual growth.

  7. Aquele que desenhou a grande Pirâmide do Egito a fez com 8 lados. E não exatamente com 4, como possa supor a nossa vã filosofia.
    Talvez um dia COBRA possa nos dizer algo sobre isto.
    Abraços de Luz aos Trabalhadores da Luz.

  8. Now I get it!! that's way I feel different ... 🤔 all is a project ,very impersonal

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