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After the very successful activation of the Aion portal, it is time to take action again! Therefore we will meet in groups large and small, as individuals and couples, at the time of the solstice on December 21st, to experience the Return to Innocence. Many of us will gather and open ourselves to the deepest aspect of our Being, the innocent Soul, to anchor our consciousness beyond the world of games the Cabal tries to play with us. 
Our inner experience will support the plan for planetary liberation, so that it manifests as soon as possible, as non-violently and smoothly as possible. We can do it! It needs to go viral! We need to reach many people, so that the critical mass of people actually doing it is attained. Please post it on your websites and blogs. If you know an alternative media outlet, you can send it to them. You can create a Facebook group for your local group of people dong this in your part of the world. You can create a video about this and post it on Youtube.
The moment of solstice on December 21st will be a culmination point of a mini portal which will open at the end of October-December Window of Opportunity. This mini portal will be a multidimensional window to further anchor and ground the energies of the Aion portal and prepare us for the activation of a very important portal which will open in April 2014. 
The mini portal will open with full moon on December 17th, will have its turning point with Return to Innocence activation on December 21st and will close on December 25th. 
The heliocentric chart for Return to Innocence activation shows a grand trine of Jupiter, Saturn and Chiron (together with Juno), healing a grand square of Venus, Vesta, Mercury and Juno. This signifies the time when healing of all tensions within the collective feminine principle is finally possible, leading us towards the return of innocence: 

When we are in touch with our innocent Soul presence, we are beyond the reach of the Cabal and their manipulations. When a critical mass of people experiences that innocence, there is no turning back. It will bring about the disintegration of Archon's control systems of karma, lack and guilt and open our collective consciousness for the arrival of the miraculous. 
Miraculous reality is the future destiny of our planet and the future outcome of the evolution of the totality of our universe, when we all converge into the One. 

We have been programmed by the Archons in Atlantis to stop believing in fairy tales and to buy into the reality they created for us. But we do not need to play the game by their rules anymore. It is time to wake up and begin creating a reality we all deserve. When you have a strong contact with your inner innocence, you do not need to struggle for survival or follow any other aspect of Cabal's programming. You can exit the game and being manifesting everything you need through magnetic manifestation by expressing yourself as a Soul and following your divine mission which helps you to  contribute to the planetary liberation. 
We will be having our main activation in Glastonbury in United Kingdom. Glastonbury is one of the most powerful Goddess vortices on the planet and the perfect place to anchor the Return to Innocence activation. You are more than welcome to join us:

Even if you can not join us in Glastonbury, you can do this activation in your own group or even alone, wherever in the world you are. We will all be doing this activation at the same time, at the moment of the solstice, which comes on December 21st at 5 hours 11 minutes pm UT/GMT. This equals 6:11 pm CET in central Europe, 12:11 pm EST in New York, 11:11 am CST in Chicago, 10:11 am MST in Phoenix and 9:11 am PST in LA.
You can view the exact time of the activation for many places here:


1. Dedicate December 21st to get in touch with your inner innocence. Read a fairy tale. Play with your child. Watch the sunrise. Smell the flowers. Smile.

2. Few minutes before solstice make yourself comfortable, close your eyes and relax by watching your breath

3. Each time your breathe out, radiate your inner innocence into your surroundings through your heart chakra and continue doing so for anytime between 5 and 30 minutes

Updates about the Return to Innocence activation:
Victory NOW! Liberation NOW!


  1. Know this family... WE took an oath: Highest Good for ALL.

    Don't let your heart be discouraged. Instead, let it guide you to what that means for you.

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  3. I must admit that I am a bit discouraged yet still committed to victory. As of last week, I believed we were days away from the Event happening. Now, given this post, Cobra's last post on the Jesuit agenda and posts from other sources, I see the Event has been pushed back until possibly next year (or beyond). The language everywhere seems to be walking back the imminence of us moving into the Golden Age. This bothers me because I see a pattern that has formed: we build up to a big surprise and something "new" pops up (the Jesuit agenda) that seems to stand in the way and further postpone our victory. For the record, I'm looking for small, yet monumental, steps to be taken. I don't particularly think an asset-backed currency is any better than a fiat system. I think the fiat system has been scapegoated as everything wrong with economics today. To be sure, who has managed the fiat system, how it has been managed and the intent with which it has been managed has been nefarious. That said, it's very low hanging fruit. The economic culprit is our economic system and our understanding of economics, period. Capitalism (not the fiat monetary system) is the dark force we need to defeat. Being forced to work for currency upon which you are dependent for your livelihood and any decent quality of life is economic slavery. It's slavery, period. That isn't going anywhere. In fact, we're doubling down on that with an asset-backed capitalist economic system. Yes, prosperity packages and projects to eradicate poverty will act as counter measures to the horrors of capitalism. Up to a point. It will not eradicate financial slavery, the competition and hierarchical structures that bring about insecurities and feelings of inadequacy, the pitting of human against human based on that competition, and eventual inequality and anger. There is so much more that I could add to that.
    Since we're walking back the Event, I just want to remind everyone that even after the economic reset and NESARA, we still have a major battle ahead of us that is ending economic slavery and preventing the eventual feudal society that will absolutely accompany this doubling down on capitalism. Victory is on the horizon but it means continuing to fight and stay awake even after massive changes to our current system have taken place. Eyes on the prize. We will have our freedom!

    1. In terms of what will happen this is my sense. I know it may sound a tad trite but it works for me at the mo. I do not believe we have the terms of reference in this now to determine what the minutae will be. Consider for a moment, and this is the trite bit…..

      Imagine for a moment if you will, that you are sitting in a little house, say, in a Thomas Hardy novel in nineteenth century England and you were about go out and get something for dinner. Immediatley some of you may be in a farm house heading into a village others of you might be in a stately mansion sending someone to a local farm or going to a village yourself. Or a myriad of variations on the theme filled in by your own imagination. Now pull back a little and imagine that you were sitting with another in that scenario, but of that time, and you had to describe to them how you would do exactly that, go and get something for dinner, where you live here and now. You have only the environment known in your particular Thomas Hardy story as a reference point. How would you begin to describe where you live now? Your means of transport, the shops, malls and your environment? Placing your order online and having it delivered even?? Hmmmm.

      So rather think of the ultimate destination as a feeling, a state of being. In that way the surrounds economic or otherwise way after or immediately after The Event are a blank canvas to be filled in with your imagination and infinite creativity at the speed of thought in that ultimate feeling.

      We are already there now. This is a big deal to us BUT in the context of an infinite universe we are not the first and definitley not the last to make such a transition. There is everything we need provided, including a retinue of, fortunately, extremely patient helpers who have done it all before and our united commitment to victory! We will have our freedom. Love and Blessings.

    2. Maverick, I get where you are at. I'm on the verge of despair at times myself - as silly as it may sound (due to my naivety), I'm barely able to stay above water financially due to trying to help along other people. I overestimated how much I could take on as well as how long it would take until the Event actually happened. Luckily, I have a job that is relatively stable and secure. I'm overworked to a degree I can't sustain - but I know many people have it much, much worse than I do. Still, I have days where I wonder how much longer I can hold out.

      Then I think back to when I first caught wind of Cobra's blog. The first statement of his that really stood out was something along "I only agreed to start this blog when I was assured that victory of the light would be successful". I may be paraphrasing it incorrectly, but what I gathered is that all negative timelines (ultimate outcomes) were eliminated from happening.

      Specifically, I look at it as a kind of higher-dimensional version of "war games". Given the prerequisite knowledge and technology, I'm guessing that there is an ability to analyze the collective energies of any "life" - be that a species or a planet. This energetic signature can be analyzed for sustainability into the future - i.e. does a positive revolution and/or change in consciousness an ability to perpetuate itself long-term and cause fundamental societal change? If the data indicate "YES", then it becomes clear that probabilities of negative outcomes and/or trends become massively reduced, and even those negative events that do occur have substantially lower severity (i.e. false flags, etc.) than they would along a timeline with an overall negative energetic signature.

      Cobra - having been attacked in 1996 (which I can only presume including some sort of significant physical duress including possible death) - knew it was necessary to be cautious. There had been too many significant setbacks which resulted in deaths of key positive individuals; ironically, in order to speed up the process it was necessary to be very, very cautious at certain stages.

      Right now, key hurdles are becoming easier and easier to identify - one reason it seem like so many last-minute problems are coming up is because it is becoming much easier for these problems to be identified. In earlier times, the Cabal (especially the Jesuits) was able to operate stealthily for hundreds of years with nary a significant setback. Now so many former dark allies are "coming out" with critical Intel that it's almost impossible for a Cabal counter-maneuver to gain traction without it being leaked and counter-measures being successfully implemented. Just look at Cobra's coded updates over the course of this year - the ratio of successes/deflections to outright failures is dropping rapidly with each month. This means critical operations of those working for planetary liberation are able to occur in much more rapid succession as delays due to setbacks keep declining. Additionally, Cabal countermeasures are being identified and stopped before they are able to do significant damage.

      What happens setbacks dwindle to zero? Then THE EVENT can finally happen, because all factions of the Cabal will have been put into a full and final checkmate.

      Cobra - if I'm way off base with any statements, don't be afraid to chime in. I'm adding a lot of conjecture - based upon a lot of reading and thinking - but it's still just conjecture.

  4. the return to innocent ,feels so clear to me ,I always have my inner child alive and this inner voice telling me ,do not let them corrupt you.I notice this inner innocent voice likes to make fund what the adults take so serious.just and hurry up EVENT

  5. A true change towards a fair and thriving civilization on a global scale is a taunting task, but it must start somewhere. I am a nobody and have wracked my brain over this, yet, nothing would have moved forward without the collective - in this case, the collective consciousness for the betterment of all. Therefore, I would like to share an idea I have thought of occasionally. Sometime last year, I came across the term "meritocracy". Even though the concept appealed to me immediately, it took me a while to come to grips with. And even though I could not even begin to figure out how it would be implemented, I always thought it might be a great blue print for a foundation of sorts. 
    We have all been so thoroughly programmed to think in dualistic terms, such as good/bad, left/right, right/wrong, etc. All those paradigms must be cleared out to make room for new - like emptying out a salt shaker to be filled with a completely new way of thinking, being and doing. Even the current economic and political systems of capitalism and communism are so played out and really aren't that polar opposites. In both systems the very top owns everything and the rest are just pawns in their game, left with few crumbs. In the communist version the people understand that they are the proletariat and serfs. They quietly hate and then resist the oppression - under the watchful eye of the big brother.
    In capitalist society, we believed the hollywood trickery, the illusion of "free-market", "freedom to choose" and the false security of consumerism - under the watchful eye of the big brother. Turns out, there's no freedom, its slavery to materialism - and complete boredom. The "democratic, one vote" was another crafty way to keep the peasants under the illusion of empowerment. Communist countries vote too. Lets face it, leaders are selected, not elected.  
    Now, before you knock this whole idea down, give it a chance at least, even though it is not a "thought-out plan", but it may be something to evolve from.
    As we know there is plenty of money, or gold, to be shared amongst all. This could be the temporary "currency", that would keep the infra-structure and commerce alive during the transition to and implementation of a new, lawful and just system. It may sound too far-out, even "impossible" first. But, imagine what free-energy would mean to you. We already have a plethora of various technologies for free-energy. Access to free-energy would make wars obsolete! Wars are created to gain access to others' resources, minerals and oil. Free-energy could provide clean water for all, you'd never have to worry how to pay for electricity or heating oil, transportation of goods would be cheaper, hence lower prices etc.  Running nuclear power plants would come to a quick halt. They are neither clean or cheap, another lie sold to us with clever propaganda, or pr as they like to call it. They are weapon factories that pollute nature, not energy sources. Instead of wasting tax monies in weaponizing space and building mighty militaries against a non-existing enemy, we could built functioning educational systems and state-of-the-art hospitals, that focus on healing and curing people, not butchering them with the current barbaric methods of cutting and radiation. Doctors wouldn't be sued in frivolous liability cases.Corruption would end between lawyers and judges and politicians, and the criminal insurance companies would have no more business. The mafia-style ran corporations that make their biggest profits from drug- and gun-running, and the petty thieves, would cease to exist, if there was no need to steal. Everyone's basic needs - access to clean water, gmo-free food, clean chem-trail-free air, real healthcare and a decent home - would be the basic human rights, and would automatically exponentially boost the level of awareness, and education, because learning would be fun again.

  6. This would be the foundation for meritocratic society. After living in a dystopian world, this may sound totally utopian or absurd, but it is doable once people accept their birth-right. 

    There will be people who may want to veg out on the beach for the rest of their lives, but I have a feeling that after a while, most people would still want to be the doctors or teachers or scientists or artists or philosophers, even leaders and judges, who would not be called politicians, but oath-keepers, say. Life would be meaningful and exciting with room to grow and expand, without any restrictions of any kind - and, we would have time to enjoy life without working ourselves to death and save money, only to retire and die. What kind of life is that?!
    People would be "earning currency" and " titles" that would be strictly based on their merit to society and humanity, not inherited. Copyrights and patents were created for control and to deny access. Instead, scientific discoveries are part of the Akashic records, an open library, that should only further human potential - ideas built on ideas.
    The Universe is vast. We were programmed to restrict ourselves to this cube which gave birth to the Roman idealogy of "divide and rule" and "Darwinism". In reality, space is limitless, there's room for everyone and all. 
    Call me naive but maybe naivete is part of the innocence that most of us lost after age 6, when we entered the school systems and were told "no, not possible", that unicorns are just fairy tales, and UFOs don't exist. Just within the past couple of years I've come to realize it was all lies and that anything is possible. Luckily the Universe doesn't wait, and sometimes a natural cleansing is necessary to start a new cycle.

  7. I felt this already today, before I read it. We were blasted with chemtrails the last two days and today was better so I ventured out for a barefoot hike. There was a plane making a chemtrail overhead and I immediately had the thought that my body could hold enough light to stop the chemtrails. A moment later they were gone...the airplane, the chemtrail...completely disappeared. My walk indeed felt magical today and I felt the strong possibility of release from the bondages that have oppressed me. And then tonight I read this. Thank you Cobra, for spreading the magic!

  8. Christmas miracles whole year!

  9. Hi Cobra
    Any pointers how to do this? I.e. radiate your innocence? I find it easy to send Love & Light, but sadly can't remember how it is to be in that innocence. Sorry if I sound a bit silly, but life's lessons has made a lot of us closed off to these feelings :(. Any help would be much appreciated.
    Love & Victory of the Light Now!

    1. Hi George,
      How about watching this fairy tale? Personally, I have more faith in so-called fairy tales than modern stories, know what I mean :-)

    2. Hi RB thanks for the video, much appreciated :)


    Watch it and Feel it! ;)

  11. Cobra,
    In next interview, could you please tell more what is happening on etheric plane?
    What is holding the Event back most? Is it the critical mass on sunday meditations or something else?

  12. Oops!...Where's the Gold?? Could this be the "Midas Package"

    Where's the Gold?

  13. Maybe I'm wrong on this but I still think that somewhere along the line in our wait for "The Event" we're gonna get a pleasant surprise. I don't think we'll see it coming. When it happens it'll just be like - BAM! And the wait will be over. That's just how I feel. Time will tell.

  14. This is an exquisite audio so beautifully mastered to be done in direct view of the sun, that I have been enjoying recently replete with rebirthing into Innocence. I wanted to share this when I realised the latter whilst doing it yesterday.
    Prep and Geometry

    The brain circuitry upgrade is also fabulous as well as the other 'I am Avatar' audios in the library.
    Prep and Geometry

    Audio Archive Library

    They have kept me going over recent months with all the change that is happening so quickly and manifesting in my life. They are by donation so available to all. I hope they bring the same peace and connectedness they have assisted me in finding. The creators are on the same page so to speak so it feels in perfect harmony.

    Love and blessings

  15. Choices made in LOVE yield quietness, confidence and strength.

  16. “A Child’s Reflection”

    Little persons-yet so innocent and pure
    Seeing what really is there
    Little bodies with fresh eyes to use
    And minds not fogged with cares

    But as we grow up, we lose our mind’s touch
    With confusions that corrupt
    Trying and wearing lorgnettes to glasses
    But still needing beginner’s classes

    Yes, children see the truth
    In what we’re now looking for
    So, sit by my side you little one
    And take me back to four

    By Dotti

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  18. Hi, I'm a truthseeker from Indonesia.
    there are some good & detailed comments here.
    and to be honest, this Cobra's post is probably the one that -somehow- feels *real* (whether it's really true/going to happen or not, remains to be seen though...).

    But let me just add this point, again as I've always done & told people especially those truthseekers, lightworkers, The Resistance groups (which essentially means ALL of you, or us here):

    I've said this over & over again, and won't be bored to repeat this such very important truth that I strongly feel:
    No matter what/how, humanity WON'T be able to change, until (or unless) something really BIG/HUGE/DRAMATIC would happen, that would basically strongly stir & shaken ALL foundations of humanity & what we (human beings) have known for all this time.

    To me, this simply means one utmost important thing: the EVENT (or some said "Disclosure", same thing essentially) must happen FIRST and ASAP (as soon as possible), instead of we're delaying it further & further, longer & longer back,...until everything could be too LATE and we're literally destroying each other & this planet!

    along with the 'BIG/HUGE/DRAMATIC' event,
    I strongly feel (& believe) that if all those "Unseen Beings" such as ET , UFO, Galactic Beings, angelic realms etc etc DOES really exist, then they have to (or we must immediately/quickly now ask for their) HELP us first, it could be anything from executing The Event (or Disclosure), or even help raising the Consciousness level of MAJORITY of 'stubborn, ignorant, even pragmatic/skeptic & materialist' humans that are unfortunately/sadly seems to be the NORMAL NORMS in our today's deteriorating & rotten 'modern society'!

    Bottom-line what I am trying to honestly say & strongly convey/mean is:
    the MAIN reason that the world (& humanity) have only changed very slowly (or even didn't change, or worse, deteriorating nowadays!!) up until now is simply because there just seems to be NO SOLID PHYSICAL TANGIBLE PROOFS of the existence of ANYTHING outside our "physical" daily existence...!!

    No wonder, that's why, that probably like 90% (or even more!) people/humans in this world/planet still "go by their daily activity like BUSINESS-AS-USUAL and NOTHING-really-happening" ,... because probably they just simply still don't see any SOLID PHYSICAL / TANGIBLE PROOF of *other* possibilities of existence/ways of living OTHER than the currently proposed "survival-of-the-fittest/evolutionist & MATERIALIST, EGO-based without any TANGIBLE consequences" way(s) ..!!

    This is probably the most important thing I, as a truthseeker from Indonesia, can say, to contribute to all these truthful, & honest discussions.

    My only hope is that we all can really *see* this same reasoning, as I do... and hope it could/may eventually be of a help..

    thank you.

    (In the mean time,.. I guess I'll go back to the everyday's barren everyday's "reality" and just do as best as I could possibly can (although admittedly it's very hard nowadays..) ,.. and keep hoping for the best from all these 'prophecies' , to really come true/into real, tangible reality in our real-world..).

    Warmest regards,
    -a truthseeker from Indonesia-

    1. Correct, Niki. And in an interview yesterday, Cobra said that the light forces could not move about with the event because the lightworkers here on earth had not worked together to create the right conditions for the Event to take place. This was disheartening. Waiting for humans on earth to set the conditions for the Event to occur is the same thing as saying the Event isn't going to occur. We are about a century away from being able to set those conditions on earth, ourselves. And you are correct; we will have destroyed ourselves by then. This is why, sad to say, a part of me is beginning to feel a disconnect with this whole Event. I know something is very real as I feel the energies coming through from the universe to cleanse my of 3D programming and raise my vibration. However, I'm beginning to feel that something about the Event might be false. And I don't like the economic system (asset-backed capitalism and NESARA) that comes with the Event either as we'll still be enslaved to economics and all the conditions that pit human against human will still exist. And I hate feeling that way. I still believe in victory of the light but I don't know how that comes anymore.

    2. You have described the Matrix to a T. As long as it exists, awakening is impossible. The RM is working on switching it off. When it is switched off, the awakening will happen suddenly.

      Attaining critical mass in the weekly meditations is our part of the deal. Are we keeping our part of the bargain ? Why complain that a house is taking too long to build when the workers are not around and only the architect is on the site.

      Any kind of "going back to reality" is nothing but helping the J Suits pursue their agenda. If you are in a situation where you are so focused on hanging on to life that you can't pay attention to the weekly meditations then guess whose agenda you are following. Unless you are in very desperate circumstances, a little bit of common sense, some intelligent forethought, ... will enable you to temporarily free yourself from the Matrix enough to do justice to the weekly meditations.

      Expecting to trigger off the Event by the weekly meditations is stressing out many people and has the opposite effect of causing them to give it up.

      " The man who is devoted and not attached to the fruit of his actions obtains tranquillity; whilst he who through desire has attachment for the fruit of action is bound down thereby." - Bhagavad Gita.

      Many people ( without whom critical mass

  19. Oh, Alcyone Your TAPESTRIES!

    Unique in Strength and Beauty in all the Cosmos.

  20. Cobra, once you said that if the ankle-biters left the implant hemispheres, they would be dissolved instantly.

    And then later, you said that all the implant hemispheres were removed by the light forces, but yet, the ankle-biters were still existing.

    How can this happen? If the ankle-biters could only survive inside the implant hemispheres, and the implant hemispheres were dissolved, then the ankle-biters should already be gone!!!!!!!!!!!

    Please explain.

    1. This does not answer my question nor explain what I wanted to know. I hope cobra answer my question if possible, otherwise it will look like he committed a very big contradiction.

      The implant hemispheres were INSIDE the etheric plane. Imagine something like a bubble inside the etheric plane. The ankle-biters could only survive inside those bubbles.
      If those bubbles (the implant hemispheres) were popped up, then the ankle-biters should not have anywhere else to go, and would have been dissolved, because they could survive ONLY inside these bubbles.

      You understand now the apparent contradiction? But anyway, I thank you very much for trying to help, dear brother!! I still believe there is an explanation for this.


    2. In the implant hemisphere post, reference is made to non physical negative entities in general which includes elementals. Even though these hemispheres were removed, the ABs minions i.e. reptilians, still exist within the black holes/ implants. The ABs worldwide etheric network which used to be miles high has - according to an old post - reduced to 100 feet or so ... maybe less now. This network also has black holes containing reptilians. There doesn't seem to be any post specifically mentioning the ABs hiding place. Maybe this info is still classified or we are supposed to infer that the ABs are hiding along with the reptilians in these black holes.

      Sadly, according to latest interview, entities are still infecting the etheric brain ( in spite of the absence of implant hemispheres ). Optimistically speaking, they too should get cleared real quick in the near future.

    3. Yes, there was a specific post saying the ankle-biters could ONLY survive inside the implant hemispheres, and if they left that place, they would be dissolved instantly.

      That was not the case of the reptilians, elementals and etc. at least cobra didn't say that these could only survive inside the implant hemispheres too.

      What I question is: HOW are the ankle-biters still existing, if they could ONLY survive inside the implant hemispheres, and the implant hemispheres were already removed by the light?

      I believe there is an explanation for this, but honestly, we all would like to know, because it looks like cobra commited a contradiction.

    4. The only remaining negative non-physical entities are now hiding within the implant hemispheres on the etheric plane. If they wander outside implant hemispheres, they are removed instantly.

      So what happened to them when the hemispheres dissolved ? Have they shifted their hiding place into the black holes/ implants in the body ? Hope your question gets answered soon ?

  21. Sheer genius. A group by the name of Ylvis released a song called What Does the Fox Say that went viral on Youtube and has received over 260 Million hits by mostly children and youths the world over. Their new hit is called Stone Henge! It is once again as creative, if not totally irreverant in this context, however, it will be eagerly consumed due to the popularity of its predecessor. Riddled with expletives and inuendo it is likely there will be an outcry by parents due to its lack of innocence but that will probably increase its popularity to said children. So over the next few weeks, millions, thats MILLIONS, of vibrant young minds across the globe will have Stone Henge very clearly featured in their concious thoughts and discussion. One could debate the quality of focus but the focus itself is beyond even wildest expectations!

    For those of you who do not have children, or are not consumers of pop culture, you can see both the first and the second of these songs on the following links. What Does the Fox Say, and
    Stone Henge,, 14 million plus hits already.

  22. I'm having a Utopiasm! LOL

    He loves it when I coin new words.
    Freshly minted coinage.

    THIS is the RV.

  23. This is the Inquisition.
    You are being put to The Question: "What is Love"?

  24. We are re-writing the King James Bible.

    This version has so much POETRY in it:

    Arcturian, Pleiadian, Andromedan, Sirian, Human, Cetacean, Sylph, Devic, Fairy, Unicorn, Dwarf, Mineral, Angelic, Archangelic, Mech, Atlantean, Lemurian, Divine... My Goodness Cobra! Do you have more paper? It's a very long list.

    1. And of course Agarthans keeping the Balance. So grateful to you Agarthans, Trees and Tree-Huggers.

    2. Coup de grâce written by The Protoi, Idylwild Group, The Dragons, The Guardians, Positive Military, Murica, The Elohim, The Agarthans, Dreamland, Galactic Free Press, Troy Maris, Cobra and Isis, Cobrasss, Gaia-Sophia, King Michael James(FWH) The Vortex and of course THE Michael of Nebadon and The Company of Heaven.

  25. I've been anxious today for certain personal reasons, and after doing the Goddess Spiral meditations, which I do most days, I went to my dusty bookcase and found my book of Fairy Tales that I've had since I was 6 years old. Opening the book randomly, I began to read The Magic Fishbone. Five minutes later I found myself sobbing like a baby, as a story I'd completely forgotten spoke to me in ways I can't even express. Wishing you all Love and Light!

    1. Who would have thought that our harsh reality will soon become a fairy tale ! Everyone will have a good cry once this "reality" hits them.

  26. had to repost this due to being yanked off aol!

  27. Return to Innocence videos...

    Click here:

    with Love and Light

    Victory NOW! Liberation NOW!

    1. If you want to translate the text, please click here:

      ... and send me the translated text for the new video! :)

      Czech, English, French, Polish, Russian are ready. Coming soon: Hungarian, Italian, Chinese. :)

  28. This image is beautiful and speaks volumes:
    (Some background story:

    1. I have been hoping something like this would happen in the US during a 99% protest. I'm going t o use this image to start visualizing it!

  29. Hey Cobra, I found a wonderful visualization called the Ekasha Maharic Seal and Liquid Light Cleanse.

    It is a cleanse of our lower frequency distortions and starts bringing in higher dimensional source energy into our own bio-energetic fields. Allowing us to add more energy to the activations and clear out the confusion along the light forces you spoke of in the interview.

  30. my new reality—can’t go back now.

    When you start to learn everything the ankle biters have done to keep you down, it’s going to take (me) time to come to terms with. Like, purposefully being born into a family with some form of abuse and nothing but hurdles your whole life. Now I’m 40 and pretty worn out! Lost 4 jobs this year, am broke, unemployed and have been advised that where I’m living—that I have current lifetime agreements with someone in the house (not a good thing-means they can put a funnel in me) and now it’s best if I move.

    And all this time I’ve been working my butt off in the 3D world (college degree) and with the law of attraction, being a stellar and generous person tying to make SOME good happen in my life and move forward.

    I had a 4 hr multi-dimensional healing session about 2 weeks ago. The energy workers who worked on me found many control devices, negative entities hiding in my consciousness and energy field, (one whose job it was to like hold my ankles so I could not make any progress in life—he had done a great job! Haha), a ‘space’ in my abdomen (something the healer had never come across before), crap around my head with a helmet over that. One device was even booby trapped. Lots of contracts and agreements (which I now know how to break) some of which I made as a very young, lonely child and they were offered to me in the form of ‘gifts’.

    I had been feeling SOOOOOOOOO exhausted by what many of us are taught are ascension symptoms and for our own good, that I literally wanted to die. (can’t get out of bed, hold a job etc). they found a device on my adrenals that was siphoning my energy, because I’m so very powerful (which I already knew I was powerful).

    Assuming this is all true, (my consciousness is not open up enough to KNOW these things for myself, but in time I feel I’ll have the tools to be able to know instead of just putting my trust in what others are telling me) it is a lot to swallow. Within a week of getting this energy session my car battery died (stressful) and I sprained my knee. …just more hurdles, especially when I am ready to move forward. Hurdles most likely put there on purpose. I’ve already endured two separate episodes lasting 2-3 solid weeks of mental and emotional attacks with mind boggling exhaustion this past year (thinking they were for my own good, ie: “clearing”) and in late 2010 almost admitted myself to a mental hospital due to a blatant attack. (even before I had learned anything about ascension).

    The great news is that now when I feel mysterious exhaustion or confusion coming on, I break agreements and I feel better!!!!!!!!!!

    I’m also dealing with the disillusionment of certain/many spiritual teachers who tell you that we draw to us our experiences. Maybe sometimes, but this is ***definitely not*** what has been happening to me my whole life. I’m actually pissed that I fell for this teaching. Seems no different than a rapist telling their victim they were asking for it by wearing a sexy dress.

    So, be ready to learn what maybe you’ve been up against. There will be tons of rightful anger. (and how come so few so-called spiritual teachers NEVER mentions stuff like this?!....hhhhmmm, suspicious) Maybe I should be honored, I must be quite a threat, haha.

    1. update: this is far beyond ridiculous.

      i need a job soooo bad. a couple hours ago i start applying on line. guess what happened? i immediately get hit with a very highly unnatural, unmistakable physical heaviness. it's an attack for sure. i've repeated my Breaking Contracts and Agreements speech at least 5 times. (this has worked immediately in the past.) but not working this time. (my practitioner says it's because i've entered into an agreement, ie: renting a room from, with someone in my current life i should not have).

      i am an *extremely* capable, strong, and confident person and have a degree in science. what is happening to me, i can promise you, is not in my head. i did not manifest it in order to learn a lesson. it is not me manifesting any lack of motivation upon myself , self sabotage, or depression. i know i am not depressed!!

      i pushed hard through applying to 2 jobs. I AM WIPED THE F^&$% OUT. THIS IS NOT NATURAL.

      anybody else notice that they are being artificially boxed in their 3D life very badly?!?!

      my practitioner here at Divine Heart Ministries says The Matrix has me right where they want me. ...sigh... guess it's time to put on my warrior pants and pull out some new tools of my own. this website from this non-profit organization in my town has some really great articles on the matrix if anybody's interested.

    2. im jobless, too.
      i have applyied to 2 jobs, too.
      its just simply things i need to do, and you probably, too.

      what about a psychologist?
      or just someone you can talk with and it is important that this person is listening to you.

  31. Beloved Brothers & Sisters
    Your all welcome to join Light Workers Cyprus on the 21st of December for this very special date. Get in touch with me for more info.
    Love & Victory of the Light Now!

  32. Cobra's Interview with Alexandra Meadors, 3 December 2013

  33. Parece importante a mensagem mas, com está em ingles não pude aproveita-la. Como fazer? Grato.Edison

  34. The facts are that the Cabal has created a malevolent depressive force that has affected all humanity worldwide except themselves. Joblessness, an unhealthy living environment, continuing fear tactics via false flags and much more. My heart & soul is devoted to my Lord & Savior Jesus Christ & I await for his return. If "The Event" will jump start that process, as only The Father knows the day or the hour, I am all for it. People are dying from HAARP generated geoengineered environmental disasters both in mass & individually and both scenarios are orchestrated by the Cabal who need to be made to cease & desist. I pray ceaselessly so not to miss that moment which you call a paradigm shift. I pray for unity with the source of all good, love, peace & joy. I pray for the return of my Lord & Savior Jesus Christ.

  35. Have been signing petitions and speaking Truth for many long years. In fact, it could be part of the reason why I am unable to find a job. And that, Cobra, is one reason why many people are afraid to sign them or be associated with them. I don't blame them. But, I signed the petition before being asked via this blog post, I tweeted the link, put it on Facebook and emailed a few people directly. But here's the thing... I am known for my near-endless patience but I am finally reaching the end of my rope, so how must others feel who are less patient than me? I know people who have given up hope long ago. Up until the financial crash of 2008, I never had a problem keeping or finding a job. Since then, I have been unable to find anything but occasional temporary work. Come January 2014, I will once again be filing for unemployment. I have had enough of this. What do we have to do to bring these bastards to justice who created this financial mess? This new petition feels like yet another hoop to jump through. It's times like this I find it hard to remember why I signed up for this.

  36. cobra please start the event now, cause i will not longer survive with my bills, rent etc, i am a good person, i am a lover soul, i dont deserve this