Thursday, March 6, 2014

February Monthly Update by Cobra

You might want to listen to the February monthly update Cobra interview by Alexandra Meadors here: 

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P.S. Our Peace Mediation for Ukraine has been successful and the tension has subsided. The purpose of the meditation was not to support one or the other side in the conflict, but to reduce tension and to avert physical violence and unnecessary suffering of the Ukrainian people. If further meditation interventions will be needed, they will be announced on my blog. 


  1. Great news ! Thank you Cobra and thanks to all who participated. It was a very powerful experience for many of us..

    PEACE NOW !!

  2. Things are coming to the light...


    By Gordon Duff and Press TV

    Related Interviews:

    Israel lobby ‘controls US politics’
    ‘Israel provoking US to strike Syria’

    Two members of Congress, specially authorized to view documents on 9/11 censored under the personal authority of President Bush (43), have come away “absolutely shocked,” demanding immediate action.

    However, the full story, told for the first time below, explains “why now” and who is really being targeted by revelations of cover-up and conspiracy.

    In accusations published yesterday by the leading Tea Party publication, Family Security Matters, Saudi Defense Minister and Intelligence chief Prince Bandar referred to as “Bandar Bush” in his Wikipedia biography for his close relationship with that family, was said to be the planner of 9/11.

    In an article by Paul Sperry of the Hoover Institute, Bandar was cited with fleeing the US to avoid prosecution. Here, Sperry quotes a government source:

    “Our investigations contributed to the ambassador’s departure,” (2005) an investigator who worked with the Joint Terrorism Task Force in Washington told me, though Bandar says he left for “personal reasons.”

    Despite these pronouncements, these accusations may well be unfounded speculation. What we have to ask is why are they being made now and why by political groups long close to the Saudi government. Why has Saudi Arabia failed to respond to these very public accusations coming from some of the highest authorities in Washington? “Why are the rats turning on each other?”

    Startling disclosures?

    This week, Congressional representatives Stephen Lynch (D-MA) and Walter Jones (R-NC) have officially requested a congressional resolution demanding President Obama declassify the heavily redacted Congressional Investigative Report on 9/11.

    The two representatives had just been given authority under penalty of “national security secrecy” to read the censored 28 pages of the 800-page report that had not been seen.

    For nearly a decade, the US has maintained security policies, both domestic and international, based on threats now known to have been totally fabricated. The cost, trillions of dollars, thousands of Americans dead in wars against “enemies” long known to have never been involved in terror attacks on America, the phony “hunt for bin Laden,” all of it, nothing but utter hogwash.

    Bush cited as conspirator

    What has been made clear is that President Bush was fully aware that neither Afghanistan nor Iraq were involved in 9/11 and that military action against those two nations was done to cover involvement of his administration in 9/11, involvement that included support from foreign intelligence agencies.

    The representatives, while reviewing the report, came to the portion titled “Specific Sources of Foreign Support.” A 28-page section here had been “butchered” by the White House on the personal orders of President Bush. On the original report given to Congress, an estimated 5-10,000 words were omitted from this section with page after page of dotted lines replacing text.

    The full report carries a tale of not only broad complicity of foreign intelligence agencies but, in the use of the term “complicity,” indications of full knowledge of the funding and planning of 9/11 by the Bush administration.

    However, the lawmakers, without the support of a resolution, are under a “gag order” and unable to name the nation or nations that supplied.

    Israel, Saudi Arabia or both

    Recent revelations tied to events in Syria and Egypt have exposed an unimagined level of cooperation between the intelligence services of Israel and Saudi Arabia. For years, Israel has cited Saudi Arabia as the greatest threat to their security, much greater than Iraq under Saddam or their claims of a “nuclear Iran.”



    1. Those are part of too many details of too much filled with words minds, since the event of the Confusion of tongues at Babylon. After the Cabal´s economic structures ceases to exist and the Lex Romana is abolished (ONLY TWO THINGS), the rest is HUMAN NATURE and PARADISE.

  3. Meditation was successful...that sounds very good as it was not even a portal opening.

    Very curious about the next planetary update Cobra !

    1. As a matter of fact, just a day earlier a portal HAS opened.
      It is The Triumph Portal - and we are still being Flashed with Love and Light and Healing!!!

      The Timing of the Meditation could not have possibly been any better, thank you so much to Cobra and the RM for organizing this "on the fly" if you will, and for everyone taking part in it.
      It was a HUGE success, and went way beyond the Ukraine :-)

      Really fantastic job, everybody. Domo arigato.
      No human language has the words to express my eternal gratitude for the efforts of each and every single one of you - and that means Us ALL - involved in this.amazing liberation process.

      We're here :-)

      Peace, Love and Light Forever.


    2. Interesting...

      "Know that for the next 21 days of your earthly reality the gates of great change and tremendous opportunity to channel this energy into the type of life you wish for your selves and others shall be open to you."

      There is a possibility for the Event in this 21 days...but at least for the next 2 months....

    3. THANK YOU for this most IMPORTANT reminder amidst all the incredible baloney going on...

  4. The tension is huge right now. Sevastopol voted to become Russia's region.

    This will eventually lead to increase in Ukrainian forces to restore constitutional order in Crimea, and later eventual Russia's military response. This is very similar to situation in South Ossetia in 2008 which was politically annexed by Russia from Georgia under "peacemaker" rhetoric.

    Russia is a wrong player here, it basically uses political destabilization to annex regions of other countries. Then they use Gazprom to induce economical pressure.

    Well, if you believe cabal started wrongdoings in Ukraine, see how Russia exploits them. Who's the real benefactor after all?

    1. The American press portrays Putin as being the bad guy and the aggressor in the Ukraine crisis.

      Putin is certainly no saint. A former KGB agent, Putin's net worth is estimated at some $40 billion dollars ... as he has squeezed money out of the Russian economy by treating the country as his own personal fiefdom. And all sides appear to have dirt on their hands in the Russia-Ukraine crisis.

      But we can only see the bigger picture if we take a step back and gain a little understanding of the history underlying the current tensions.

      We are witnessing as we talk the making possibly of the worst history of our lifetime. We are watching the descending of a new cold war divide between west and east, only this time, it is not in far away Berlin, it's right on Russia's borders through the historical civilization in Ukraine. It's a crisis of historic magnitude. If you ask how we got in it, how we got into the crisis, and how therefore do we get out, it is time to stop asking why Putin - why Putin is doing this or that, but ask about the American policy, and the European Union policy that led to this moment.

      From the moment the Soviet Union collapsed in 1991, the United States has relentlessly pursued a strategy of encircling Russia, just as it has with other perceived enemies like China and Iran. It has brought 12 countries in central Europe, all of them formerly allied with Moscow, into the NATO alliance. US military power is now directly on Russia’s borders.

    2. Ask yourself this question, beloved Aleksey, who was the one who started this conflict? Putin? No! It was the CIA in Crimea and they (the Cabal) crossed the redline. I believe most of us know this by now. If Putin's intention was to invade and conquer Ulkraine, he would had done it long time ago, why now? And we also know the Cabal were very good to control another country by splitting it apart - it had been done to Germany, Vietnam, Korea, and now many Arabic countries (also trying China recently). Their dirty trick is so obvious, cant you see it?

      May the LOVE be with you always!

    3. Considering Russian news agencies fanatically quote various marginal ultra-nationalists that talk exactly what Moscow would like to hear, it's not a stretch to assume this crisis was partly generated by Moscow.

      It is only an empty propaganda that the west block generated this situation in Ukraine. The problem started when Yanukovich cancelled EU association and it's now obvious Yanukovich did that under Russia's guarantee to lend 15 billion dollars.

      From the inside, Russia is a complete control-monger country. Every aspect was put under control, police and special forces staff size sky-rocketed in the last 10 years. As a citizen, I would like to reduce this control-mongering, but the problem is, Russia is not a representative democracy now as in most elections the "party lists" control who takes the power. We vote for a party not even knowing who exactly will be ruling our country and what perspective these persons have.

      Russia is an authoritarian police state giving little to people to prosper.

    4. I read the comments from the bottom and go up (newest first) and I responded to your comment below ... The United States may be a representative democracy, but most people don't understand what "democracy" means and the U.S. is actually a facist police state. We are governed by force and it should actually be by consent of the people. There are two sets of rules that most people aren't even aware exist ... Common Law and Roman Civil Law (i.e. statutory law imposed by the U.S. Corporation). If people here were educated as to simply the set of rules they fall under, this country would be different but most "default" for lack of knowledge to the Civil Law system and then complain they have no rights ... human beings here contract away their rights from birth to the Corporation and are ignorant of doing so and then they complain they have no constitutional protection ... it's because they willingly give up their constitutional rights! The U.S. and Russia don't sound all that different. The concept that IS the same is, no matter what system we are "in" the people are the ones who can change it ... I didn't say I know how to do that, other than through the heart space.

    5. Russia courts (be it criminal or arbitrage) in many sensitive cases follows arrangements of federal or local executive powers. It's far worse than US courts. Serious businesses avoid Russian courts like a plague and rely on British courts instead.

      Russia Today makes you think US power is corrupt while in fact it translates its first-hand understanding of Russia corrupt power situation to other countries. It's a psychological response of a traumatized consciousness.

    6. The NAME is the game Kirsten you are right. everyone is a SLAVE and they think they are free. why do you think TPTB keep bringing up slavery? which film won the oscar? hmmmm you cannot see it or touch it but you know it is there. people take the red pill or you are doomed to repeat it. not only in this like but karmically as well. Buellar Buellar WAKE UP!

    7. also at its core ecclesiastical law as well which is why a judge can leave the room up to three times to change jurisdiction/hats. don't forget the vatican owns it all. (jesuits/black nobility) keep in mind it is not LAW the only LAW is NATURAL, DIVINE LAW. they only have legalese, policies and statutes. they know this and copied GOD's law, inverted it as they do with everything and try to act like they created this. keep in mind YOU give away your consent willingly to the LandLord so do not complain when you see what is happening today. the only thing you need to do is dissent and redeem yourself by attorning from the LandLord back to your true Creator. resurrect yourself and walk on water, the sea of commerce and die civilly, the birth NAME. know thyself in true proportion ø

    8. Aleksey - seriously, the U.S. Courts are no better ... I realize I am "arguing" semantics here but if one is a target here, any excuse is good enough for the humans wielding the "power" sword to put another human away for life. And if a human here gets caught up in the criminal courts, there's very little he can do to get out of the money loop. There's very little defenses if they are really after another human - especially if a human is operating as a "person" through the court system and doesn't know how to "exercise" his common law rights muscle.

      The statutory law under which the U.S. operates is VERY corrupt! and I agree, the Russian response to the U.S. is a "psychological response of a traumatized consciousness" because the U.S. does the very same thing!

    9. Kirsten, sorry, but I do not read a complete picture in your reply. What "money loop"? Do you mean expensive advocacy? It's no different in the whole world. It's also no different in the whole world that a commoner has little knowledge of "the law". These are not the problems I'm talking about.

      What I've meant is not about "money loop", but about arrangements made outside of the law system which the law system blindly obeys. Besides, a lot of Russian judges are believed to be plainly corrupt. There's no statistics, but a word of mouth. But we have statistics as well: 99.3% of criminal courts end up with accusation verdict. Russian courts are very hostile and good advocacy rarely helps anyone.

  5. @Aleksey, Well, VOTING to do something is a far sight better than using guns and intimidation to bring about political change. If all of Ukraine VOTES to rejoin Russia, except the small region controlled by neo-nazi, paid thugs, then so be it! Putin did nothing but save a lot of people's lives. If those paid thugs were allowed to take over the country, they would have spread far and wide killing every single Russian sympathizer they could find (just like what is happening in Syria right now). Now, the only thing that happened is the neo-nazis are isolated and the dark cabal is pissed off.

    1. Please read my reply above. Russians were denied the right to vote for well-known politicians, Russians vote for parties without known agenda. It all boils down to farce not elections. Everything is under authoritative rule of Putin's clique.

      "Neo-nazis in Ukraine" is Russia Today's and Russian news agencies shameless propaganda.

    2. Sounds like voting in Russia is the same as it is in the U.S. ... in the "important" elections, we're only provided candidates who fit the agendas for the U.S. Corporation (of course, b/c that's who is running the show).

    3. Ha ha, no. You know the persons you vote for. In Russia you never heard of them. To keep electorate calm, parties include celebrities from sports and arts into their "party lists". It's a real pseudo-democracy.

    4. Most people in Crimea are thanking God for Putin and Russia's help and the referendum will confirm this. Once again the USA has acted in total hipocrisy. John Kerry has become an evil joke.

    5. Paraiba blue, are you there physically to state that "Most people in Crimea are thanking God for Putin and Russia's help"? Did you see it with your own eyes? What sources did you receive this information from?
      From my undestanding you are very wrong, because I am from there.

    6. @Aleksey, thank you for your reply. This wasn't a vote for political candidates, this was a vote to either rejoin Russia or not. Pretty simple and straightforward- either yes or no. As far as the voting process in Russia, you mean to tell me it is corrupt and misleading?? Oh, no! You don't say!!! Well, Aleksey, Welcome to Planet Earth! The voting process is corrupt and misleading in every single country, including the "free" countries.

      And I think I can discern dis-info for myself. I have seen the pictures of the "Hail Hitler" salutes against nazi-esque backdrops. You can't tell me these "freedom fighters" aren't neo-nazis. Pictures are worth a thousand words.

    7. it has been proven that the candidates that get chosen have the highest percentage dna/bloodline closest to the queen/royal. and yes barry soetero is closely related to bush through his mothers CIA background.

    8. Well said Mitchell. Speaking for myself, there is something very suspect about Aleksey and his comments, I sense 'paid by cabal agitator'

  6. When I learned about cosmic rays and that gamma-rays (e.g. neutrinos, carried in "solar wind" or pulse) travel up to 6x the speed of light and can pass through our atmosphere, only to lodge deep in ice - took my awakening into another stratosphere because that one "little" piece of scientific data meant that "time travel" through portals with coordinates was possible. We essentially could travel faster than the very limiting speed of light - at a speed of thought rather.
    If anyone is interested in learning more about "Spiritual Astrology" and "Celestial Cosmology", which use the Relativity Ratio of 1:400,000, instead of the faulty or incomplete ratio of 1:365,000, explain how Light can travel at the Speed of Thought by utilizing the Light grid. Link here:

    Please we have to remember to welcome our cosmic family, the star people. At least I would much rather come down here if I knew I was completely safe here, instead of facing the possibility of being shot at and people misunderstanding me and my intentions. So please for your own sake, imagine in great detail and depth and feeling it in your heart, how would you like the Contact to happen and what would be the most amazing outcome for you. Now is a great time to do that because it will be so :)
    Peace and Love Mes Amis! Victory of the Light!

  7. At the end of the interview, you guys mentioned invisibles. What do we do to be proactive about invisibles?

    1. They are call Blobs... Cameron day explain a good way to protect our selfs

  8. Another depressive interview. With virtually no information about the non-pshysical situation and repetitions about things that cobra already explained many times before, like rumors about meteors, chemtrails and etc.


    1. @spiritofjustice, I hear what you are saying but I don't think it was that bad. Cobra is a difficult interview subject because most of the good stuff is classified and what he can talk about he has to be rather guarded. Alexandra is very friendly and positive, so I wouldn't say the interview was depressing. But there are some subjects she doesn't need to ask about anymore (no matter how many people want to know): Nuclear war or nuclear false flags (not going to happen); chemtrails (mostly neutralized); geo-engineering/HAARP (non- existent now). And stop asking to verify everything in Benjamin Fulford's posts! It's boring. One or two things okay, but not everything! However, I think she asked a lot of really good and pertinent questions about the situation in Ukraine. Just a suggestion, maybe she could spend half of the hour on world events (that Cobra can't really say anything about lol) and half of the hour on spiritual matters. I LOVED the interview with Dr. Dream because they asked more spiritual questions. Maybe we could e-mail Alexandra with some spiritual type questions where would like to hear Cobra's perspective. After all, we can't complain if we don't participate. Her e-mail is:

    2. @spiritofjustice, i agree...nothing new here. Same old same old, nothing of real substance was discussed or disclosed. There is always talk of operations going on that concern the surface population and have a direct impact on our future, but we are not allowed to know about them or participate in them. The surface population is nothing more than pawns in a game of galactic chess.

      How r we suppose to think all high and mighty of the RM and light forces when their clearly stated objectives and goals have been impeded and retarded for so long by the mere mortals of the cabal. Another day goes by and the surface population continues to be suffer needlessly at the hands of an evidently superior and far more capable foe in the cabal. The RM admits that mimimum conditins on the planet have been breached and still they sit and wait. We have asked for their over and direct help and still they wait. All the while allowing more to doe and suffer needlessly under false pretenses and of a reality that is false and allowed to manifest while the "light forces" sit and watch and wait.

      Our free will to have a full experience, travel the stars in this very given moment of now is NOT being honored and hasn't been for some time. How r we supposed to respect universal law when it does not apply to us.

    3. Yes, the minimum surface conditions have been breached. The Earth surface hostage situation is extremely serious right now. There are worse things than a nuclear war and THAT is what the Light forces are dealing with.

    4. you cant make an omeltte w/o cracking a few eggs. As has been clearly stated we on this side of the situation are willing to take on additional risks, whatever those might be, to start overt and direct action by the RM and ought forces.

      If the human, mortal cabal's machinations and plans are too much for the light forces, RM and the company of heaven to handle then maybe the surface population needs to make our own plans. Liberate ourselves on our time frame and in our own way.

      Over the past few years it's quite clear that the light forces have their hands full.

    5. Thank you Cobra for this important intel.

      This is the astral / etheric war.

      Guys, don´t forget, a nuclear war is the worst for the physical bodies. But the souls never die. They reincarnate. And if the hostage situation isn´t solved, this is worse than nuclear war.

    6. can that prevent the event from happening?

    7. This can NOT prevent the Event. An update follows in a few days when it will be safe to release some substantial intel.

    8. "Guys, don´t forget, a nuclear war is the worst for the physical bodies. But the souls never die. They reincarnate. And if the hostage situation isn´t solved, this is worse than nuclear war."
      Very good said @discoveryet!
      Very good.
      The problems are with consciousness not with the body...
      And if RM free only our bodies, our consciousness will begin to worship RM instead of cabal...

    9. actually i believe nuclear radiation can destroy the soul/spirit and break it up to the point that it cannot repair itself. which is why it is the weapon of choice. please correct me if i am wrong cobra or anyone else i have read that some of the souls from hiroshima and nagasaki were irreparably damaged or it takes an inordinate amount of time if at all. i am using those areas as an example. fission is the antithesis of fusion which is how many soul/spirits travel/enter solar systems.

    10. Thank you Cobra for saying:

      "the minimum surface conditions have been breached. The Earth surface hostage situation is extremely serious right now. There are worse things than a nuclear war and THAT is what the Light forces are dealing with. "

      I have not been able to see Earth clearly for the last 5 days. By just looking at what I see or don't see, I know that we are in trouble. I wish everyone to continue to mediate to help our situation now.

      love and peace

    11. @Matthew, I can understand your frustration at this wait because I can feel it too. But one of the revealing things about this interview is how the Dragon Society held up this process for months and months because they didn't want to let go of the gold!! They were tricked by the American Federal Reserve to turn gold over, for ridiculous bonds, and could never get it back again. Instead of taking their lumps and just moving on, they held up this whole process because they wanted revenge against the US. So, people are suffering and dying everyday for months just because they wanted a chance to be the world power. Very selfish if you ask me. I think most of these long delays have to do with stupid humans, not incompetent light forces.

    12. @Cobra

      Sheldan Nidle's latest email update contains this forward. Is this finally it ? Can we push at least the RV through with a mass meditation now ?

      by Dave Schmidt

      I have been involved in this RV issue for over two years, which includes a direct involvement since last May. If there has ever been a time I would ask you to be focused, to be in prayer, or to be directing your faith and belief for this RV becoming a reality, IT WOULD BE NOW!!!

      In the last two days I have been on the phone or in conference calls totaling more than 7 hours. I have talked with intel sources I trust, people who have been involved with this for years. I have talked with individuals who have direct contacts with the US Treasury, the IMF, the Dragon Family, the Central Bank of Iraq and more. These people have backgrounds that include years of political experience in WA DC, international banking, foreign relations, senior level banking and intelligence work.

      I am not at liberty to give you specifics, but something happened today that is key to the funds being released. I also discovered we were all on the same page and many of the group have not been this excited for over a year. They all agreed; we're seeing a light at the end of tunnel.

      What can I say? There is movement, behind the scenes movement that has been confirmed by various sources from different perspectives. Does that mean we will be in the bank in the next few days? Not necessarily. Does that mean the actions are in place to allow the RV to take place soon? YES!

      I have always been cautious about jumping on the hopium (hope, hope, hope) train. But I do want to let you know that myself and others feel things are very close. I know we have been here before, and it has been very close before, only to have something beyond our control stop everything in it's tracks. But this time it's different. I'm not saying a delay couldn't happen, but from what I heard today, we all agree we can see the finish line.

      So, focus, pray, believe, have faith, and choose to start seeing the finish line with me.

      We're all in this together, and it just might be right around the corner!!!

      Believing with You!!!

      The Sedona Connection

    13. We honestly hope you don't talk about gold in this update, cobra...

      In my opinion, these are some of the things we would like to know in the next updates/interviews:

      1) WHO (and not what) are the "archons"? Is HORUS and "archon"?

      2) Who is the leader of the "archons"? Lucifer?

      3) How much % of the etheric grid is still operational?

      4) When will the forces of light be able to destroy the etheric computers that control the etheric implants?

      5) Is it truth that MANY of the soldiers from nazi germany and japan, in world war two, were REPTILIAN SHAPE SHIFTERS, and not ordinary human soldiers?

      6) How is the etheric/astral war going? Give us as many details as possible of this war. Things like equipments used by both
      side, size of the armies, what is the type (appearence) of the battlefields that they fight? WHO are the leaders of both armies?
      What is being the avarage number of casualties? How many races are attacking the forces of darkness?

      7) How does the light chambers work?

      8) Why can't the creator just simply "teleport" the reptilians to a new prison planet and end this mess once and for all?

      9) You said that the duality will end after this all come to an end. But if the duality
      ends after this all, the reptilians won't have to answer for their crimes.
      Will a new primitive universe be createad for the reptilians to inhabt and atone their mistakes?

      10) Is is truth that earth was invaded because of the pleiadians irresponsability?

      11) Is it truth that many people from our planet (including ordinary people we see everyday) are just physical holograms, souless humans, robotic synthetic humans and etc?

      12) You said some time ago that we were in christmas 1944, in world war 2 time frame. Where are we now?

      13) You said there was an "error" in creation. But WHY wans't this error fixed right away? Is not the creator omnipotent?

      14) Is the situation of gaia (not the whole planet, but HER situation) her karma?

      These are just some questions that are in my mind right now, but there are many more...

    14. I have been uneasy the past few days. On top of experiencing a near-constant level of high-stress and sadness in my personal life, I have also sensed that we are in a very delicate time as far as behind-the-scenes action. We wil ultimately prevail, but now is a really bad time for a misstep by the light forces; I look forward to hearing the next Intel update.

      On the bright side, I have had many productive conversations lately. I have had to justify many odd life decisions over the past few years - all of them pertaining to my particular perspective of how the Event and subsequent change will play out. The conversations I've had have given me a much clearer view of how I can personally contribute to planetary liberation. I now feel much better about following my instincts in these times.

      My feeling now is that we have to show on an energetic level that we as a species have to want this by helping out. We can take steps in our lives that will allow us to manifest our thoughts via positive action. At the very least we have to make an effort to take care of ourselves and facilitate gatherings where we can begin getting others in position to help themselves.

      I'm not talking about conditions like that in Cormac McCarthy's "The Road" here - even the most pessimistic of Cobra's blog readers believes in a positive ultimate outcome. That has to be a key message to anyone freaking out about a possible two-week banking shutdown once the announcements come out. This is going to require cooperation, sharing, and creative problem solving via various groups.

      I think if all the readers here and at PFC begin taking positive Event-supporting actions in their daily lives over the next few weeks, once the Window of Opportunity starts we can be in a much stronger position - perhaps even to the degree that delays are signs of significant concessions in surrender negotiations.

      We must will ourselves over the final threshold to victory. Let's do what we can to support the Light forces for the final push to end the Cabal's madness.

    15. Cobra,

      Thank you for alerting us to the seriousness of the situation.

      We could help the Light Forces most by keeping a positive vision and maybe it's best if we refrain from passing judgement on a situation that we have very limited knowledge regarding it's scope of magnitude.

      We appreciate all that you, the RM and the Light Forces are doing to help to free humanity !

      Blessings and May the Force Be With Us All !

    16. @time missionary

      Sadly, anything with RV and Iraq is BS. Iraq and the dinar have little to do with the picture as a whole. Actually as cobra has said before, financially wise we're ready to go since 2012.

      The "RV" is something CABAL MADE, their plans was to trigger a cabal made financial reset to buy them time and power.

      The RV and the Financial reset are 2 different things, pay attention to those words because whenever people are ranting about the RV they probably don't know what they're talking about (or know it too well..).

      The financial reset is not important. The event is, the financial reset is a consequence of the event, so any over hype about the financial world is probably something related to the cabal and their financial survival plans.

    17. @spiritofjustice, those are good questions! You should e-mail them to:

    18. @ New age biscuit

      I kinda feel the same.

      As of lately I feel very uneasy, I also feel that everything that goes on around me doesn't matter much. It's hard to explain.

      Work, normal day activities, etc all feel so meaningless right now. The best way to explain it is that life right now is like that scene in the movie Titanic where the ship is sinking and it's chaos everywhere, there's a group of people playing violin like if everything is ok.

      I can feel an intense feeling of rush in the air, like if I'm sitting in the middle of a very busy office, but instead of being part of the rush I'm just sitting there.

      I've been having a "call for action" feeling for a while now, but it just got 10 times stronger as of lately. I'm not having any thoughts about bad things, or hobbies or shyness to talk about things people don't wanna hear.

      Everything tells me to be ready, and to be ready for the people who wont be.

      Event wise, the thing that worries me the most is that if the event happens in a not so perfect way and things get disrupted for a while, there's a lot of people that will be in serious trouble, especially the elderly. In my building there's a lot of old people that live alone that will have 0 clue of what to do so my focus will be on them.

  9. Hey, light workers! And if we do not chip in for $ 1, 150,000 people and create a fund to arrest the ringleaders physical world behind the scenes. Orsini, Farnese, Chigi, Adolfo Nicolas, Kolvenbah everyone else. Head think legs go, hands are. Why do we need special services for detention? Can handle themselves.

    1. Because sadly it's not that easy. They're not out there in the open, actually, all the people in that list are never in the media or anywhere public. They rather use their minions to take the blame and responsibility for their actions, like presidents and other public figures.

      That also gives people the illusion that they have a choice and opinion, when the real criminals are hidden in the background, like in the US and the constant nauseating debate of "Republicans vs Democrats" and which side is wrong or right, when in reality they're two sides of the same coin.

      The real challenge is to wake people, as much as you can as fast as possible.
      If there's more people out there saying NO to the cabal while doing mass meditations, achieving numbers way higher than the actual meditation goal of 144.000 (Which is pathetically low compared to the billions of people here) We could easily achieve a 1 million people mass meditation.

      Now that's something that could jump start the event!

    2. Dear rabbits! No need to create the fund. It is necessary that you went through Cabal. What is happening now. I'm for you calm. Former rabbit.

  10. I recommend you all to read the posts here from the beginning of the existence of this blog. A lot of things are explained as clear as the light in an authentic way.

    An "American Spring" event is being planned for May 16th 2014. The plan is to get as many people as possible in to Washington DC to demand an end to the tyranny that has overun the US Federal government. This is being organized by retired military and at least a million vets have signed up. This is planned to be a peaceful protest and not just a one day event in that nobody leaves DC until the peoples demands are met. Period.
    Please remember what Cobra said about America standing up? Well, this is it folks.
    This needs to go far and wide. Even if we can't go to DC, let's all put our support in whatever way we can behind this.
    I strongly believe that this will be the event that triggers THE EVENT.
    Remember our free will. With a million people in DC and more around the world demanding the change, IT WILL HAPPEN. The time is right for it to happen.

    For more info here is the website

    You can also listen to this interview on youtube


    Peace, Love and Light.

  12. Here's a bit of a gem of an article that touches the bottom of the rabbit hole, reverse-engineered ET technology and secret space war programs:

    This is interesting as well regarding Dr Keshe's address to humanity on Feb 27, 2014, a call to the disclosure of New Technologies to the world.

    A simple message and a "last-minute" fair warning to the ones who still work for the dark, join the Light before it's too late for you as the "Victory of the Light cannot be reversed or stopped"! There is absolutely no ifs or buts, we will soon be able to experience Freedom and travel to other stars ;)

  13. I read a comment on the one YouTube Alexandra interview videos that was posted by someone in South Africa re: chemtrails and that he never sees any. Well, in the U.S., it's quite a different story. I'm surprised Cobra said that most of them are CONtrails because here in the U.S., that is definitely not the case. Also, the U.S. is (and has been) under severe weather modification that is destroying our lands, crops, livestock and people. It's been said that California is a current target for forced drought because it is pro-GMO labeling. Monsanto now owns one of the geoengineering companies that specializes in weather modification. There are a tremendous amount of trees dying and also, on a high wind day, if there's been a lot of spraying, there is clearly something in the air because after the spraying, I feel a bit constricted with breathing and I feel like I'm fighting off a cold. This is no joke! I used to think people were crazy when they would say these sorts of things but I started paying attention to my physicality on these days and there is no good with those trails. I also pay attention to people around me and I typically hear one of my co-workers say something like, "I couldn't breathe last night. I was so scared." She gets anxiety attacks and doesn't even believe in chemtrails.

    I know there's many things we can do to neutralize them (so to speak) and I'm certain that the more people are aware of them, this awareness creates the change of the tide. But they are currently a very serious issue. And after watching the documentary, "Look Up", I'm not so certain as to the complete "dark agenda" anymore. I used to think it was only a dark agenda but now I think that there are many layers to chemtrails and as with everything, it's not just "one" agenda. I think some of the people doing the spraying really think they are helping out by saving the polar icecaps.

    I also just wanted to mention, last Sunday and Monday were super stressful days for me ... the energies felt so intense. Now, after the meditation, I can feel a shift. I feel like, "Ahhhh! So much better!" Thank you for coordinating these meditations, Cobra! The meditations (as we all know) are creating great changes in positive ways!

    1. I think that they only spray areas that they judge important. I'm from Brazil and for years I've never seen a single chemtrail, UNTIL the day that mass protests happened here couple months ago, since then, I see them everywhere!

      I know that they're not contrails because where i live you can rarely see a plane.

      But now every couple days in the morning you can see the planes getting done crossing the sky with their toxic waste. And those lines stay in the sky for hours and hours, my mom noticed them a few days ago and told me "look how pretty those shapes are!" She never believes anything I say so I didn't bother telling her that she's calling poison clouds pretty.

    2. Very few chemtrails in Asia too. Ive seen about 6 in 7 years.

  14. I fell liek this is a grea tiem to remind all our enthusiastic readers and meditators that we have a weekly opportunity to contribute to the victory of the light through the Sunday liberatiosn meditations. This success can be repeated weekly! If we had the same sence of urgency and commitment to expressing our will and divinity through meditation every week as we came together and developed community around this singular call, our victory would be assured and created by us very swiftly.

    Please consider keeping the faith and joining me and many others this Sunday and Sundays following. We'll continue to feel as amazing as we did in the last meditation by contributing again! I look so very forward to seeing you all on the higher planes and sharing in the love light that is our true self.

    We have the power. We create our victory. Tell everyone and bring all open minds and hearts. Thank you everyone for everything.

    Love and Light.

  15. Hi Cobra,
    thank you and the RM for all you have done! You mentioned the Pacituestrial in that interview. Can you comment on who they are?
    Victory of the Light now

  16. The Farsight Institute

    Implications Posting #17:

    The fact that the leadership of a country always reflects the consciousness of the people does not mean that there is no need for the people to take action. We live in a universe where action is a natural consequence of thought. All actions result from thoughts of desired change. We often attribute the change to the actions. But the reality is that the change in our thoughts is the true origin of the change in our experienced manifestations, since the actions would never have occurred had the thoughts not changed first. When change does not occur, it is because we continue to think the same thoughts of frustration and the impossibility of change. If we want change, then we must change our thoughts, and nothing does this more effectively than the introduction of new information.

    1. This is one of a series of “Implications Postings” that refer to an announcement that will be made during the month of March 2014. Once made, news of this announcement will be available at and elsewhere.
    2. These postings are designed to encourage broad public discussion of the March 2014 announcement. They do not directly address the specific content of the announcement.


    1. I've been following this too and I can't wait for the announcement.
      Going by the content of the postings so far I'm 100% convinced that the announcement is going to be about the true origins of the human race - Extra - terrestrial! Maybe I'm totally wrong though but we will see.
      I can't think of anything else that would be so profound as to change the course of our future. This is about knowing who we really are and where our journey began. Now THAT knowledge would change EVERYTHING.

      My only question is what level of media coverage is the announcement going to get? I'll throw that question out on Courtney's fbk page.

    2. Well, that would be huge!
      I've been thinking about earthier things, like a catholic church's disclosure (have you seen the ITCCS's actions?).
      But I like your guess better.

    3. I haven't been on the ITCCS's website for a while but I'm very aware of what Kevin Annett is up to. But you are right. This announcement could be connected to the Roman Cattholic Church.
      One of the earlier postings by Courtney referred to George Lucas. George Lucas wrote the Star Wars stories, and based on my research and internal powers of resonance, the Star Wars stories contain more truth than we might know. We shall soon find out.

  17. What bugs me is how many things are depending on this Event that may or may not happen during our lifetime. After the Event this, the Event will fix that... Any of you dare to think about the situation if this miracle does not occur?

    1. Yep! Me every single day, 7 days a week, And after 2+ years of reading so many spiritual books, videos of channeling, etc, etc. Having my head twisted in and out with this spirit, ET or entity says this or that! I think i am just about full of the BS. I've got new age Love spilling out of every hole of my body, till i'm ready to explode, I spend most my time reading or checking the various websites for change including this one. Surely we out number them all day long, thats the reason their all secret societies, its about time we realised this and made an impact! The world is done with wars, famine, pollution, etc we the majority have had enough, what are we waiting for? Ukraine is happening because we are letting it happen, just like iraq, afgan, etc, etc despite what i've heard regarding russia, all governments have had their chance, its just one control system after another, at the cost of the planet, humans, etc, in my opinion its now up! Or are we waiting for the Event so we can change to a different system of control? Oh yes i forgot maybe it's because of free will, That must mean the free will of the 1% twisted cabal, ET'S and other dimension beings outway that of ours the 99%! But hey lets meditate some more while, the enemy is busy destroying the planet and killing everybody, killing them with love only works if were still here to do it? Peace HOPE YOU READ THIS COBRA!

    2. If The Event doesn't happen, We're totally screwed. Personally, I'm going to be destitute and out on the street in about two years. The Cabal is leading humanity down a self-destructive path, and we'll likely take a good chunk of the eco system with us, after witch the planet will plunge into an ice age as it takes a million years or so to repair itself, after which the only evidence we ever existed will be tiny bits of ground up plastic.

      So.. I'm cool with putting all my eggs in one basket for this. I'm an all or nothing kinda guy.

    3. yer know pal...its useless to think about things you dont want to happen unless you want to generate fear through it...

      just trust yourself

    4. either way, consciousness seems to be rising. Numerous prophets have talked about this time. Baba Vanga, Edgar Cayce.... research that stuff, it might make you feel better. A shift of consciousness bringing in positive changes during the shift of ages, to aquarius, the pole shift, increased solar activity, and increased weather activity. Which is this time, so either way, we are in the extraordinary times of a giant leap in humanity, a redemption period to make up for our past mistakes... a freeing of the negative it feels like to me and many prophets have talked about this... Something is going on, how deep it goes remains to be seen but there is no doubting we all feel it and it is positive and liberating and we are on the track to changes... Not to mention people are tired in general of corrupt politicians ruling the world, and the prophets mention a financial reset as well. And spiritual enlightenment spreading across the world instead of communism or religion. Exciting times. I believe we are ready, whether this happens in 'an Event' or gradually, there is no going back. People are tired, and waking up....

    5. My initial comment probably didn't convey my whole argument. We should not be hoping for outside intervention as a complete cure if any, and i'm as guilty for this as anyone else, the answer to the situation is US! remember who you are, question everything around you. we search for the all the answers from so called ascended masters, channeling, new age theories, etc, etc. We all have so many beliefs and if you take a deep look none of them are really our own. Re claim your sovereignty, cancel all ties/contracts with these energy vampires, let them know were pissed and the gig is up! They want us to believe someone is coming to save us, that way were handing over our sovereignty (free will) and energy over to someone yet again. We are so much more than we realise, and when we do, they are the one's in trouble not us. I'm awake at this moment in time for a reason and it isn't so i can wait for a saviour. Tell the self appointed Lords of Karma exactly where to stick their Karma! Its Incarnation not Reincarnation! The gloves came off the moment i awoke, Universal Law do no harm to others and respect freewill, but defend yourself with what ever force is necessary to those who try to do harm to you or take away your freewill. Peace

    6. If the Event doesn't happen we are all screwed. I read lots of blogs and comments from New Ager type people who claim things like "we are the Event", or "we allowed this to happen", etc., etc. I think all of that is pure hogwash. Aliens with a superior technology high jacked this planet and made all of us slaves- how is that "we allowed this to happen"? I know I didn't give my permission. That is like saying the American Indians allowed the white man to decimate their people and steal their lands. The American Indian is responsible for the slaughter because they "allowed it to happen". Excuse me?
      The other one that really gets me is "we are the Event". Yeah, right! WE are just mindless zombie slaves being pushed around and corralled like sheep. The dark cabal has perfected its control for 25,000 years, WE can't even wipe our asses without the cabal's permission. If advanced aliens didn't come to Earth to level the playing field and help us to escape this control, we would all be completely screwed.

    7. @Pegazus @Cytherean Agreed!!!

    8. Ok Mitchell, i agree and dis agree with you, New age was the cabal saying, ok some of these folks are starting to see through this illusion, so we need an alternative control system, in my opinion that is the new age, How ever i dis agree with you that we are screwed if this event does not happen, what is the event? An awakening? Ok lets look at responsibility, in my opinion we are jointly responsible, we bought into belief systems that were not our own, The ruling elite can only do their deeds if we follow, no the american indians weren't responsible, but what about the soldiers, what about the american population at the time, didn't they buy into the ruling elite's belief, they are partly responsible. Here in the UK, we are spoon feed beliefs that are not our own, for example we are all struggling financially because immigrants are taking all the jobs, then there's people on benefits are lazy, and the cost of keeping these people, is the reason why were in this financial mess. These are examples of how the ruling elite control the masses to their agendas, by creating factions within society, if we allow them, then yes we are responsible. The uk government tried to convince the uk population that a war in Syria was needed, they hit our news channels with endless suffering being carried out by the regime, the only difference this time was, they was selling but we weren't buying it, Thats were big changes are happening. Critical thinking, and the fact that we are having this conversation shows more and more people are doing it, thats what will save us.

    9. @Michael, thank you for your response. I have nothing against the New Age movement and find a lot of value in the pursuit of spirituality, I just don't like New Age platitudes like "We are the Event" and "We allowed this to happen" because they are not truthful or constructive. They just allow the believer to block out negative reality in order to feel all warm and fuzzy inside. The negative reality is that humans were powerless slaves for thousands of years and it is only through the help of the RM and the galactic forces that we are now starting to get our power back. Cobra recently posted that "We Have the Power", and that is true thanks to the RM and light forces! We didn't do it on our own and we never could have done it on our own. What is the Event? The Event is the Compression Breakthrough when the Light finally overcomes the dark on planet Earth. It will involve mass arrests, financial reset, and the release of the truth of our history and possible future. But it isn't the RV alone; it isn't arresting some cabal members alone; it isn't the release of the truth alone. All of those things done alone isn't enough. It has to be the COMPLETE overcoming of the dark by the light. It is an energetic event more than anything.

      You write, "Ok lets look at responsibility, in my opinion we are jointly responsible, we bought into belief systems that were not our own, The ruling elite can only do their deeds if we follow, no the american indians weren't responsible, but what about the soldiers, what about the american population at the time, didn't they buy into the ruling elite's belief, they are partly responsible." Do we really have free will on this planet? We have implants in our etheric bodies; parasites in our brains; reptilians zapping us with manipulation technology; sound waves; poison in our food and water; destructive vaccines, etc, etc.. Michael, we have been puppets from day one, both sides: the Native Americans, the settlers, and the soldiers, all puppets to create fear and suffering. No, WE are not responsible for what has happened. WE are actually quite loving, peaceful, kind, and generous at heart.

      You also write, "Thats were big changes are happening. Critical thinking, and the fact that we are having this conversation shows more and more people are doing it, thats what will save us." Yes, the fact that we are having this conversation over the Internet is part of what will save us. The Internet has made the Event possible where it couldn't have been possible before. But remember.....the RM is responsible for computers and the Internet! It wasn't just a lucky happenstance of human invention.

      What will happen if the Event doesn't happen? Like I said, we are completely screwed. But I think Karen Hudes put it more distinctly when she said that we would go back into the Dark Ages- mass starvation, pestilence, rampant ignorance, and constant fear.

    10. Mitchell, i also have nothing against the new age movement, other than it has been totally taken over in a bad way! Also your statement about the internet, well that too, dis info everywhere, now if you were in the position of just realising something aint right, awakening what ever term you wish to use, and you turned to the internet to help you understand, my viewpoint would be DON'T because you will end up clearly more confused very fearful and very close to insane, Here is another point for me, and this is not meant to cause offence to anyone, cobra post's something, its clear we do not understand what it means, but there is endless, thank you's and this is great news, etc, etc, now i'm not here to rain on anyone's parade, But i would just like to see more critical thinking and conversation between us all. But it is good to have a conversation with you and i respect your opinion.

  18. We have started the FINAL phase of the Chain Reaction, it is ZERO TIME.
    Triumph Unity Activation Time.
    Golden Dragon Gate

    From our Pleidian friends
    "Dearly beloved children of the Universe,
    The time has come to once again pick up your swords of love and light and connect your channels of communication with the divine to accomplish a significant task at hand. For the time has come for all of you to activate the caudexes within your sub anatomical structure which have indeed been sent to you from the Pleiades.

    That which we have been in communication with you for months, is ready to activate, and as such. We ask that you once again, join forces together in a powerful unity and enter the meditative state of positivity, enlightenment, joy, bliss, harmony, understanding and peace."

    Geschafft! :-)
    Definitely Dini-Time

    Peace, Love and Light Forever!


  19. Always had the hope to witness something good for all of us, during my life time. It seems that won't be the case.
    I wish courage for all the people of good will.

  20. Cabala stealing money from my country COBRA?

  21. Hi Cobra

    Music is vibration.
    Universe is vibration.

    Music semitone are 12.
    Are dimension divided in 12 sub layer?

    Sub layer 12 x Sub layer 12 = 144

    Is correct that for understand Universe we should use math with base 12 instead of math with base 10 ?


  22. This event needs to happen now. When a hostage situation reaches a critical mass, It is time to breach and take control before more hostages are killed or hurt. NOW is the time for the EVENT. We can't take much more of this.

  23. Thank you for all the info, Cobra.

    A very weird and sad story regarding the Malaysian airliner that disappeared on a flight to Beijing, China... what has happened?

  24. When the darkness reached its vale, it will rise into light, and so do the peak of light will fall into darkness once again.When and light and darkness wanted to stay perfectly balanced and united, it becomes chaotic and separated.

    Until somebody wanted to create an Artificial Law that overwrites the Natural Law, stating that such Unnatural Law can claims the God for itself to be perfect, where it is not respect and humble to the nature, arrogance which will in turn being humbled and respected by the nature.

    Good luck!

  25. So many fantastic comments and excellent questions :)))) Shining bright - I feel lots of gratitude for reading such enlightened thoughts! Really, the Light grid is connecting and growing into a purifying wildfire.
    Personally, I would like to emphasize be kind to your loved ones, that is all that really matters, only do your best without feeling it is a chore, and please understand this includes animals and plants also, humanity somehow has forgotten in their linear thinking how EVERYTHING is connected, that we are part of one consciousness, humans are not "on top of the food chain, but part of it", it's the collective consciousness and one part of the ecosystem, therefore, speak to your loved ones, especially the flora and the fauna, speak softly and show you care, observe them, they may be going through their own ascension process and may feel just the same anticipation and maybe at times fearful for not knowing what is going on, and the doubts and concerns. Please comfort animals and plants and "tell them what is going on here, and most importantly about the bright future ahead of us. Let them know you understand them and love them back, notice the difference, as there is nothing more gratifying than seeing your pet at peace and knowing that "everything is ok".
    This ascension is galactic in scale, one galactic revolution as measured in the Tzolkin Calendar. Therefore even in the 5th density, many 5th dimensional Pleaidians will be ascending to a higher dimension, WITH A HUGE EXCEPTION that in5D and above, there's no more dharma or karma, everything is balanced. They say that even numbers represent mental/spiritual awakening/enlightment and odd numbers the "physical" nature, just like we'd currently be in the 3rd density physical, but ascending in the 4D mental/spiritual before the physical transcendence. 
    In 5D no more negative thought forms can exist, only in some (highly respected) historical records, and life thrives in higher learning and ascension culminates in "graduation". Same process could pertain to Sirians who are said to exist in the 7th physical and mentally/spiritually mastering subjects like "Sacred Geometry" of 8D, for instance. The Arcturian consciousness is in the 9th dimension and probably why they are on Earth only on a telepathic level, I dunno, just a guess. Today is the grand graduation for all who are ready, and who woke up and saw the Light. We, as part of the forces of Light, for whatever reasons everyone had, volunteered to live through this experience and bring it all, the holographic memories, back to God.

  26. Besides that, I'd like to mention something else. If you have access to History2 cable channel, check it out, if only for comparison. The programs coming out past week or so have been quite extraordinary in depth and detail and especially in relation to each other - not in some random context, thus never before seen on American TV, on subjects such as MJ-12, Tesla, Project Paperclip, Dulce and Phil Scheneider, Antarctica, Nazis and ETs secret technologies, RAND Corp, anti-gravity, undersea bases, nightmare hall, advanced mind manipulation, human-animal cloning, manipulation of auric/etheric/astral fields etc. If this is not spoon feeding of truth in order to prepare those who's minds are prepared to perceive the truth, the full disclosure, I don't know what is :) the masses ought to wake up, as the the above is not the top of the pyramid, as even the NaziZionists serve their Muppet-Master, it is only a prelude to the depravity of the Babylonian pharaohs, or the Roman mental illnesses due to lead pipe Aqueducts etc etc, [in relation to today]. Or, a program about a massive implosion that happened during Atlantis, or that humans most likely co-existed with dinosaurs, and the reason why all dinosaur bones in all museums are painted with "certain paint" is because the bones are very 'radioactive' from elements NOT found in space objects that have crashed here, but ONLY produced by a nuclear weapon/bomb. And around the same day, the news about the 65 MILLION year old (Jurassic period) pyramid in Crimea was "suddenly" discovered. Yes, it will all come out, the whole truth. 
    So, in regards to rats, Sort of "last call" for jumping ship, oh well, just saying that the choice for your own soul is yours, and at least this time you've been clearly told that help is available if you want to turn to Light, it won't be easy as no one can buy their way to "heaven" with coins. Light will humble you in shame, but there is also lots of psychological support and assistance available for healing negative thought forms, but you are running out of time, nemesis, if you want to be with the Living Light, there are no short cuts, yet, all you need to do is accept the Light in your heart first, surrender the ego, that's where the road to salvation begins.
    As far as us already awakened, there's nothing to worry or fear. We are closing in on the separation of timelines, and if anyone still doubts whether this will happen, I'll mention once again, as Cobra said, "Surely, no one can control the Galactic Central Sun". We don't have that much more to wait anyhow, ready or not, it's arriving in waves before the real bright light. It will be glorious. oh yeah

    1. We'll said my friend! I can't wait for the central sun super wave!!!!!! VICTORY TO THE LIGHT!!!!!!

    2. obviously have what is equal to a PHD and Masters degree in "enlightenment", thank you for your posts. Like many others, I start second guessing if all this is BS or not, all the false hope, promises, living with an alcoholic who always says they'll stop their abusive behavior tomorrow, but tomorrow never comes and soon you're so caught up in all the false hope you no longer know what to believe. Thanks for the pep talk and words of encouragement. Helps to keep me focused.

    3. Thank you so very much for your comments :) Seriously, if only you knew their impact and how much they mean to me, I mirror yours.
      As I bow down my head, "Much respect and Namaste".

  27. Cobra,
    Is it possible that there could be a golden god walking this earth? A man who like the Olympic god Apollo could possibly rule over this earth like a Tsar, Caesar, Chairman Mao or Odin who once ruled over Asgard? Kublai Kahn had a dream of Xanadu. Wing Chun, the Chinese female marital arts master had a dream of her martial arts. In modern times, Chun Li was the first lady of martial arts superheroes in video games.

    1. I think you forgot to mention Yoda, Excalibur, an Professor Xavier in the post Hans. The paradigm you should be think of is this: Do you want to be Shinji Ikari working NERV or do you want to be like Haruhi Suzumiya in the SOS Brigade - even Raymond Reddington would support the later.

  28. After reading all the comments for the last 4 weeks and reading cobra post since the beginning of this blog. I believe we're all fed up of the cabals and ready to the EVENT. But the resistance movement doesn't believe is safe yet. They're going to let the cabals to cross couples more red lines and kill more good and poor people before they launch the EVENT.
    Victory of light (please come soon)

  29. je pense que d'attendre plus longtemps pour la libération serai plus préjudiciable.

  30. I believe the cabal blew up the Singapore Airlines. They are acting like a cornered animal and extremely dangerous. This is probably why the event is taking so long.

  31. I'm sorry I meant Malaysia Airlines.

  32. I have the same ringing too.
    It's called Tinnitus

  33. My ears have been non-stop ringing (high frequency pitch) for three months now, its NOT Tinnitus! Something is happening.

  34. Hey everybody! Try to love one another right now. *tune*
    Seriously ppl. Do you not realize the power yo have? And LOVE is the magic word. If youre here postng on this site, then youre safe. Youre not helping anyone by focusing on the dark. Enough. Just love and anchor that light where they need it most.

  35. Come on ppl now, smile on your brother everybody get together and try to love on another right now.
    -all you need is love- John Lennon