Sunday, April 15, 2012

Victory of the Light

Victory of the Light will happen with mathematical certainty. There is a law in hyperdimensional physics that is called syntropic inequation. It states that total entropy of the universe decreases with time because the universe is not a closed system. Actually decrease of entropy defines the time vector as always pointing from past into future. All this means that at a certain point in time total entropy of the universe decreases to a point which ensures absolute victory of the Light over all darkness.

This goes well beyond dualistic view of the universe we are so accustomed to here on Earth. It means that darkness is not needed to define Light and consciousness does not evolve by interactions with darkness but rather from pure joy of Being. It means absolute Light without shadow and happiness without suffering. This is the future for all of us. 

What we are witnessing now is a certain process called phase transition. Phase transition means that matter transforms from one aggregate state into another. A good example of phase transition is ice which turns into liquid water as we heat it. What is happening now on this planet in 2012 is a phase transition on subquantum level. It means that quantum signature (quantum fluctuation) of all matter on this planet is in a process of dramatic shift during this year.

This transition happens as a direct divine intervention from the Source through all dimensions of 11-dimensional stargates of Calabi-Yau manifolds. This has drastic implications on consciousness of all living beings on this planet. It means complete societal change from duality (light-darkness) based society into oneness (absolute Light) based society.

The key point of the transition from duality into oneness is dissolution of the dark reality and this will happen at the Event.

To reach the critical mass of kinetic energy required for the Event (phase transition), we are adopting a certain strategy. This strategy for overthrowing the dark Cabal is constant non-violent critical mass resonance of truth, revealed in the face of opposition. If you are constantly and coherently revealing the truth in the face of mind matrix created via mass media, this will dissolve the last power base of the Cabal - the programmed group mind of humanity. If the truth is exposed, all lies are dissolved. Truth creates a web of light on the mental plane for divine intervention which then manifests on the physical.

Cabal is well aware of this and is fighting its last war – the infowar. Disinfo agents are putting nonsense on internet such as “cloning of Fulford”. This disperses your focus and weakens your mind coherence. To increase coherence, you need to listen to your inner guidance (intuition and rational mind combined) about  veracity of all information you find on the net. When enough people do this, a critical mass is achieved and coherent resonance is created.  We are actually very close to this right now and this will soon result in leaks of truth into mass media and then also in final dissolution of mind programming matrix.

During 2012 we are traveling through a multidimensional portal. This means that we live in two co-existing reality systems. The first one is a high vibrational reality supported by truth oriented information from some alternative media. The second one is a low vibrational reality, supported by lies and propaganda mainly from mainstream media and also fear-based alternative media. It is your decision where you will have your focus as your focus co-creates your experience of reality. Nevertheless, low vibrational reality will rapidly lose its power as we move through 2012.

The good news is that divine intervention is already happening. Last week alone, the following happened as a direct result of intervention from positive Earth based and also positive extraterrestrial forces: Sumatra earthquake with tsunami warning cancelled and almost no damage reported, North Korean missile rocket failure, cease-fire in Syria and IMF calling for mortgage debt relief.

You can assist this divine intervention. If you feel desperate or impatient, if you feel nothing ever changes, what can you do? You can share credible information (from Cobra’s blog or other sources) in your blog, website or via facebook or youtube. You can share this from heart to heart with people that are open to it, but do not try to force it upon those who are not ready. If you are a journalist or a good friend of yours is, you can perhaps channel some of this info through a media outlet. Rest assured that if you dedicate yourself to this, many amazing synchronicities will happen and many doors will open to you.

Victory of the Light is near, we will all win together!


  1. Thank you so much.

    As we are shifting personally this info comes at the right time to be of great help.

    It might sometimes be hard for some to believe facts that are given here or on other truth sources, but if you, as you very well said, listen to inner guidance, you'll know that it is happening, and that it's great, it's inside of us, in the air, in the streets, on people's faces, in the park, in some signs in the news, etc

    thank you again

    1. I don't understand why people are so ready to believe this...but the same people scoff at the bible. What's the difference?

  2. Thank you very much. I always new the information about Benjamin Fulford was false. Thanks for verifying it. We should all stay positive and even though sometimes it seems as if nothing ever gets done, we should have faith that it is "already complete" in this way it will come to fruition much quicker. Only a humble opinion.

  3. These words of truth ring like the bells of Heaven...Yes! I myself had to confront an admin in a website that proclaims spiritual news and Love to all, yet all they do is print-copy/paste lies, twist and turn truth into their own fear based commentaries and ask people to donate to their 'press'.......I, in great faith and joy, told them that we saw their belittling ways and their passive agressive mannerisms were no longer cutting anything but their own life support. The commentaries they post are degrading, humiliating and they berate anyone who is not sure of what is happening. They have even posted your blogs Cobra..stating that you were a close friend and cohort. This was also the place that said Fulford was was good to set the truth free there. I am an old warrior and fear no one, for I am a Divine Child of Source. I know and feel our victory is near...almost time to pop the champers & dance! Your blog rocks! :)so much joy, FLO

  4. Weeping with deep inner knowing and joy. Truth is so clearly the answer. I had a vision last year. As truth is revealed we will look into the eyes of strangers and see the love and know we are "free at last" Every being will know this.

  5. This is that good stuff :)

    EVERYONE! Move away from any remaining darkness that you hold within! Identify the darkness, and with your intention, shoot it out of your mind, body, and spirit with the blue flame energy towards Mother Earth, so that she may dissolve it with her love.

    If you indulge in your darkness, you will find it increasingly difficult, and I mean VERY difficult, to maintain a sense of sanity. We are at that point where the Sun's energy is purging us of the darkness. If you do not ground yourself, you will experience high levels of erratic behavior. And you will regret it because it will backfire on your ass quicker than ever before :)

    Put the drink down, put the drugs down. Learn to nourish your body with the wonderful life-giving foods of Mother Earth and you will feel the love as you never have before!

  6. This is the top comment under the Icelandic report:
    "I am icelandic and live in Iceland and i want to tell everyone that this is not true , a certain type of loans and their terms was corrected through the justice system but the public is basicly still struggling with the money fascists and secret societys. But not for long ;)".



  7. A world where everyone knows and shares the truth.

    Am I dreaming?


  8. I made this narrative over the past few days, in trying to enlighten others around me.
    its called A coma patient's conversation with a God.

    I love this site, Much better than divine cosmos. your words ring true to me and bring no sort of fearmongering or lack of heart.

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  11. uhm.. a small correction from the physics department: the entropy is always growing. it may decrease in a thermodynamical sub-system as a result of a fluctuation, but for the whole system in general it does always increase. ( *for reversible processes the entropy stays constant)


  12. entropy generally describes the multiplicity of a system. in a system where every particle is in one and the same state, you have 0 entropy. the more different states are occupied, the bigger the entropy value.

    about the timeline:
    beer in a glass. first you have the molecules of the liquid "trapped" in the surfaces of the bubbles in the foam, therefore you have less freedom and less available states. after a while, the foam vanishes because the particles tend to take the liquid form, where they are free to move and therefore have more entropy.

    it should be clear, that more entropy/multiplicity/disorder is more favourable for the nature than confinement and structure

  13. but still you could correct that mistake and no one would notice anything. who cares about the truth