Sunday, August 26, 2012

R13/7 complete. L0 radius: 2.0m.


  1. Glad to see the comments section back. The people who carry light and good intentions in this sacred space far overweigh and are the immense majority against trolls, and ill intentioned people.
    Thank you Cobra, keep working for the light and don't let a very small minority expressing negativity, phase you.

    Love/Light/Freedom to all

  2. 'm glad again comments are approved! some already have withdrawal symptoms:)

  3. Would love to see more information about the progress of the weekly liberation meditations... we have set the alarm on my phone to go off every Sunday at 5 minutes before our designated time of 2pm here in San Antonio. We believe that the big change has already happened and we will continue these meditations until all negative energies have been removed.
    To those that feel as though they are here at this time to do or participate in something wonderful but are feeling as though you are without percise direction.... May I suggest that you do 3 things for the time being:
    1. Meditate daily and let the love from within your being radiate to every living thing.
    2. Particiapte weekly in the "Liberation Meditation" at your designated time zone... there is power in numbers
    3. "Be the change you wish to see in the world" (Ghandi) and all will continue to unfold before your very eyes.
    With much love to all....

    1. Good post Be The Change 777 I only have one thing to add, although it does sort of fall under #3, See the world as it is the way it should be, in the present tense. Today I see a world of plenty, where no one is left out, a world of love and compassion, all beings are filled with light. I see this as it is. So be it. Love and light to all.

  4. I have been a follower of this site since end of May. I know all of the regulars here and I was quite sad that Cobra punished even the good ones, but I am glad its back.

    Hopefully from now on I will participate on the discussions rather than being a spectator. I am looking forward to it...and judging from what happened...more light is needed :)

    1. Oh sorry, btw HELLO everyone :)

    2. I am with you! I hope to be able to contribute some positivity and light. I have been following Cobra since April. Good stuff. He is a beautiful being.

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  6. revoltage: I was getting those too :)

    Be the Change 777: regarding your 2nd point... I wish I know the time in my timezone (Greece) so I could join the collective meditation.

    1111 : Hello to you too, my friend! Looking forward to your participation:)

    JOKO311: It takes a great person and a very good hearted one, to post what you've just posted here, my friend. Love/Joy/Light to you.

    Now: Indeed it is! :D


    1. anticonformistria.... Your time in Greece would be 10pm on Sunday as you are 8 hours ahead of Central time in the United States. Glad you are thinking of joining everyone... hope you make it this coming Sunday!

    2. Thank you 777. Very helpful. I'll "be there".

      So happy to be back my sweet IAL xoxo

  7. Thank you anticonformistria...I am very grateful for your kind welcome :)

    Agrees JOKO311, I have been following your posts and you have been sooo much light here and I am positive that no-one awaits your apology. Just forgive yourself sweet angel :)

    1. Love your nick by the way.
      And the cache code synchronicity for my previous post containing the number 11, was quite interesting... ;)

  8. Cobra, after reading the update about closing the comments, I just couldn't believe that there are so many negative people. We of the light greatly appreciate what you are doing, not just for us but all of Humanity. I love you and I thank you my friend. Keep up the great work, and don't let the negative trolls get you down! Namaste'

  9. Anyone else have to reboot their computer last week ? Poof had mentioned it in his weekly post yesterday, and thinking back, I did have to do so !

    1. I've had browser slow down issues and several other strange anomalies the past few weeks, I even reformatted my drive and reinstalled windows 7. But the browsers issue were there straight away? I am sure if they actually had an internet kill switch then it would have been pushed, but all they have is draconian law and the likes of SOPA and ACTA which sovereignty can see through so they don't get passed through.

      The internet was not designed for positive use it's military tech turned around and used on the malignant designers. but then all tech is neutral and it's the intention that matters..

    2. Nice time at 11:11 ClayDog :))))

  10. Thankyou Cobra for reopening the comments. Sadly what has been experience is a sad reflection of life on this planet and peoples inability to communicate through love and respect.
    Hopefully lessons learnt.

    Keep up the great work.
    With gratitude to all lightworkers and fellow meditators.

    1. That actually needed saying... and it was said so very well.

  11. Thank you for the updates and all your hard work Cobra.
    Every part of my body was covered in goose bumps when I read the latest one

  12. Oh, hello cooter, nice to have you back. We were all missing you );

    Back to serious matters. I am well aware that CIA and other govt agencies have ties to the new age movement. They have tried to interfere with my work many times. For example, through Former White Hat they have sent threatening emails to my contacts.

    Quoting part of one of the emails:

    "If you wish to avoid further revealing about you, your past and family, you will back down from this silly Cobra bullshit. You will denunce on your website Drake as a fraud and insane old man who has been making everything up.


    FW Hat"

    So this Former White Hat (= Current Black Hat?) clearly belongs to the Cabal, one way or the other.

    If you have a legitimate question or concern I can address it if you put if forth in a LOGICAL way. I will not respond to emotionally disturbed attacks towards me.

    I hope there is something positive within you.

  13. YA-TA-HEY!!
    Thank the Great Spirit for this DAY!
    If I was a PASTOR of a CHURCH, nothing would stop me from asking for DONATIONS and GOVERNMENT SUBSIDY. T.A.R.P. was 'donation' to the CENTRAL BANKING CRIMINALS, remember?
    Now See This: How to Spot – and Defeat – Disruption on the Internet:
    Now, I have spotted in the 11:00AM sky a white object that seems to NOT be a star, due to the SUN being so BRIGHT, nor a planet. The SUN is very bright and I can not see any other 'objects'. It is REFLECTIVE and in a geo-stationary orbit. I was looking at it through binoculars and it does seen to be REFLETIVE. No sooner than I discover it, we get CHEMTRAIL activity that has not happened all summer, and now it is overcast. The 'rainbow-colored' vapor as the SUN shines THROUGH it is a give-away. I have actually made friends with a DRAGONFLY. I saved a dragonfly from the jaws of a neighbors' cat and the dragonfly survived last summer. The same dragonfly returned this summer and landed on my leg and sat there for a long time. I think we chatted?
    BRIGHT OBJECT returns!! We went camping in the mountians next to a lake. The SAME bright object that has been crossing over came overhead while we were camping and the night we returned home. This object is VERY BRIGHT white LIGHT and mostly moved from west to east, and when we have events outdoors, it does come over, as during the Olympic Trials as Hayward Field and during the Eugene Celebration.
    Yes, keep your EYES to the skies. Something IS happening.
    Love, Peace and chicken grease!

  14. if this place gets locked down again then it indicates to me that the creator might have something to hide. I don't recoil from anything, and if they are surreptitious lies then let them be seen for what they are, deleting all negative comments is not a positive move in my opinion. This place has evolved way beyond the words of one person. But the freedom of expression should be respected regardless of whether it sits well with you or not. If Cobra deletes this or shuts it down then I think it is a leaning towards an admission of guilt. Let the TRUTH be spoken and don't suppress anyone's right to express their energies, their words mirror their own intentions.

    I am grateful for the inception of this blog for many reasons and those many reasons are the people here. So regardless of Cobra's intentions I am grateful for him/her for creating it in the first place. I've met many an old soul on here and that's the neutrality that can be used for good or bad purposes for me this place is nothing but good. Would I pay $1000 a month even if I had that? Not a chance.. and I would NEVER ask for money from anyone

    I am NOT saying that Cobra is dishonest. So please don't fire back at me with accusations of your misinterpretation of my words.

    But I do say that asking for donations is a red flag to me personally, and I've stated it before and I hold true to this.

    Asking for donations was not a good route to go down in my opinion, the AKASH has free access and so does all the information and a blogs costs absolutely nothing to create, and none of the words are our own, no intellectual property in the AKASH, it's universal which means shared wealth and knowledge, even for those who still only feed from negativity and are trapped in the left hemisphere of the mind control matrix. To silence them is to suppress them and this is wrong when you can simply choose to ignore what don't resonate with you and practise the discernment and the navigation of your own HEART.

    1. clay dog, you have made enormous positive contributions here, and for that, I and many others, are grateful.

      as I see it, it is not a matter of censorship to moderate negative attacks and comments.

      it is freely done across just about every site on the internet, so why would/should this one blog be the exception?

      it is all down to what is the function of this blog, which only cobra can decide.

      is it a 'sacred place to express the beauty of your souls' as cobra stated, or is it something else ?

      the issue of donations has been discussed inside and out on this blog. everyone is entitled to their opinions.

      my view is that everyone is entitled to be paid for the work that they do.

      i am not aware of anyone who has rent to pay and food to put on the table who works for free.

      rhetorical question : once again, why would/should cobra be the exception ?

      i think ALL of us here need to get past these issues once and for all and move on to something more productive.

      love and light xo

    2. ps ...

      the reason that I personally wish these attacks to be removed is that there are many of us here who are sensitive to energy, and are adversely physically affected by their constant presence.

      that's all ... :)

    3. @I AM LOVE.

      I get you completely, I do. I understand your steadfastness when it comes to protecting Cobra and his/her words. You are always the first to jump to his/her protection, this is obvious to anyone on here long enough.

      All I am saying is it's not giving anything away by laying out what exactly the money goes to, transparency in this area will nullify the repeat attacks from people who have issue with the donations request, it raises suspicion in people because we are all currently ruled by money.. Just some to a lesser or greater extent..

      Attacks are intentions, work on removing the negative intentions and the attacks fail to stick. I don't care what anyone wishes to write about me, I have my TRUTH and I am the navigator of my own destiny.

      Anything less than this is fear based and a clear indicator of the individual soul journey..

      All the worse case scenarios actually only live in the prison of the mind and that's where the Cabal currently rule.The mind and EGO. They cannot touch your HEART. Knowing this is divine protection.

      So what is there to fear other than fear itself?

    4. Yes claydog, I do have trust and I do not fear.

      I have trust that the donations that Cobra has asked for will be put to good use in serving the Light.

      I have no fear that Cobra is requesting this for ill-begotten gains.

      I have used nothing but my intuition and heart, and an ounce of rational thought, to reach these conclusions.

      In the past, these faculties, along with life experience, have served me well.

      They have provided an accurate radar & detection system into reading people's souls, and their possible intentions.

      But I do understand & respect others reservations if they do not occupy the same place in heart and mind.

      Therefore perhaps Cobra can answer questions about transparency to a satisfactory level.

      I can only assume, however, that because of the nature of the work, it would not be possible to delineate it completely.

      If the money were not coming out of my pocket, I would not feel compelled to view it as an issue.

      Each individual will have to make a 'judgement' for themselves, and proceed accordingly, if this particular issue becomes an obstacle to appreciating Cobra's work in it's entirety.

      Om Peace :)

  15. There is no free access to good intel. If it was so, everybody would be enlightened and there would be no confusion. The intel I got was partly gained thrugh sweat, blood and tears and partly through divine intervention.

    Believe me, I DO have costs associated with this blog and many more with planetary liberation efforts. One project alone cost me 5000 dollars and I paid it out of my pocket.

    I am not a Christ or Santa Claus. The work that I dedicated to this blog and associated projects (many hours daily) is no less valuable than work that you do in your jobs and get paid for.

    And yes, I DO have may things to hide. If I would release parts of the intel I got, it could put my life and lives of many other people in danger. I definitely don't want that.

    Only after the Cabal is removed and the First Contact happens, I will have the luxury to tell you everything I know.

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    2. Cobra so where is the problem?

      Stop the blog and you save the money.
      "divine intervention" finds another way to spread good intel.

      Trust in "divine intervention" and your save. Or don't you belive in "divine intervention"?

      thx for your feedback.

    3. How about a bit more transparency with regards to cost then? What does a $1000 pay for?

      You've not told me anything I don't already know apart from the coded messages. I could spend hours writing a blog exposing the occult and how they all work under one umbrella corporation of occultism, Scientology is linked to the cult of celebrity and has Hollywood tightly sewn up for example. It buys off Mayoral campaign and celebrity and media and the music industry is completely manipulated. How about more expose..

      This is all about the hidden being revealed so it no longer is the hidden or the occult. Keeping secrets when you are aware of the TRUTH is occultism.

      I have been indoctrinated in to a secret society when I was in my mid twenties and I was sexually abused as a child by a satanic paedophile ring.

      I wrote a book about it in 2009 and had a super injunction served on me and I broke this injunction and spent 7 weeks in prison for contempt of court, I've got several huge scars on my body from nefarious interactions in my past.

      Orphanages were set up to syphon kids from the created poverty ridden families, Ireland has been a huge victim of satanic ritual for aeons. Catholicism has been raping, torturing and eating children in ritual for a very very long time, there is no such thing as Catholicism to the high priest of that particular cult,That's just the lie sold to the masses.

      what are you hiding from? Why do you feel you have to hide in the first place. nobody has killed me yet despite the mind control on my past that convinced me to take overdoses, take up life risking hobbies, get involved in the high level criminal fraternity that I was involved in for many years, all aimed at my own self destruction. But they can't take your sovereignty if you truly believe that it's not theirs to take, so why hide? It's no longer the time to remain hidden, hidden is the dark age of occultism..

      We all have divine protection if we choose to know this. Knowing is divine protection. and they can only try and usurp you from your own KNOWING and make you vulnerable.

      Why do you think David Icke is still breathing and spreading the light? because he KNOW@S they cannot hurt him. He is just one shining example of the light and he does NOT need to hide.

      Everyone on here is ready for your intel, why do you choose to filter or suppress it if it speaks from your HEART, the HEART shares the mind keeps secrets..

      If you are scared then why would anyone hang on to a single word you speak? Death an illusion after all.. And we all have a predestined outcome in all of this and that's ascension. They have already lost and they are just trying to suppress and buy some time.. I don't fear them for I see them for what they are, the last remnants of the old paradigm of draconian law. When universal lore is all that matters..

      This is the TIME to stop hiding as that's the past we are shifting away from.

      That's how I see it at least..

      Please kindly take the time at least to give more transparency for the request and use of funds that you ask for, it will only endeavour to add more credibility. am I wrong in suggesting this?

      I thank you unconditionally for your continued service to the light.

    4. @ClayDog

      This is how it should go. Perfect message!


    5. The first donation paid for the laptop I needed if I wanted to write this blog when not at my home location. The second one went to the project of healing the timelines. So will subsequent ones.

      I don't understand why people have problem with my donations. I serve them high quality intel for free on a silver platter and yet they are not satisified. The call for donations goes to wealthy individuals that don't know what to do with their money. Surely it is better if I put it into healing the timelines than if it is spent towards the third Ferrari in the house of a rich individual.

      I am not afraid, I am rational. Experience has told me how to manage risk assessment to protect myself and then Resistance has stepped up to protect me as well. They have requested that I don't reveal my identity at this time and I trust their judgement, they know how to handle the Cabal far better than I do.

    6. Anyone or anything that tells me to keep secrets means it is occultism which is what occult means in the first place.

      I have a free flowing connection to the TRUTH now and the TRUTH is for everyone to share..

      So David Icke for example who releases more info in a short video than this entire blog is not rational? Or is he just not scared and determined to share the TRUTH?

      Have you given intel that is not elsewhere? Because if you have can you direct me to it because all I seek now is the TRUTH. Icke spoke of off world multi-dimensional entities 20 years ago and he is still kicking it with out any fear what so ever.. But you can't even use you own voice let alone face???

      If you believe this to be rational then Icke et all according to you are not.. Are we not joined in one cause, this cause being the search for the TRUTH and the end of dark secrets and FEAR..

      Show yourself and share everything you have to offer. We are all waiting to hear it. And we all respect and love the TRUTH. All this drip feeding is not in true service to the light in my honest opinion. If I know something others need to know then I will speak it without fear of my own safety..

      If I was receiving energies and information that told me to keep it secret then I would question the source to begin with, the Truth can be used to manipulate as well as set you free. Keeping secrets is not food for the soul in my opinion, it's actually poison of the old age we are leaving.

      I DO NOT fear anything or anyone and energies connect with me all the time in the AKASH and I can read them now for what they are, disinfo and dark. they cannot connect to me because I am aware of who has the controls, and that's the I AM and the true connection to source, not lower dimensional entities who wish to carry on with suppression and secrets.

      It's your blog of course, I respect you and the service you have provided thus far, it's been great to meet other old souls, who are realising that they also have all this info too, in their actual DNA and that our DNA is being light activated. anything that does not speak of this at this juncture is due to suppression or ignorance.

      Truth is to be shared freely without suspicion or fear.

      If any source or connection tells you anything other than that or beguiles you in to believing you're special and to keep secrets then it's occultism and should be instantly rejected, people should remember this when they make their breakthrough to the AKASH, because clairvoyance is very real, Trust your own intuition and make sure it always resonates in the HEART. That's the only guide anyone will ever need. If you KNOW it then speak it and let others know your TRUTH.

  16. The new Poof via KP:

    With this Poof message, there is again the point about “the ‘hair fire’ messages”, which will probably continue on some fronts. I am not naming names. You know who they are. No matter what is happening, the sky will be falling.

    But the major news of “the reboot”, I in fact did have to “reboot” my MS Windows computer at one point last couple weeks, I don’t recall when. But wait… I just checked my update history, and there was a major one 12 days ago, 8-14, and I did have to reboot. See the screen shot below. So maybe that’s the reboot date (at least there’s a little credence added from my computer’s end).

    Greetings and Salutations;

    How many heard or saw the detonation? I know the folks that caught it were watching the money and business channels out here. The distractions in the media kept most from catching it. The whole system was technically, reset. Computers all around the world..banking computers. If you have a computer, you’ve most likely had to reboot..especially microsoft based. Curiously enough, all was finalized at that moment. International legalities handled. A big fire won’t make This go away. Precisely where things are, I won’t say, I want nothing disturbed. I need that warm sand and sea, Now. Time to flush this puppy and move on.

    I suggest calm, the ‘hair fire’ messages, as people give voice to their own nightmares, aren’t helping. Yes, everything is in serious flux…but, that’s nature. Always making adjustments according to what’s needed. Shades of the 60′s…race riots, fire in the streets, war and wanting more war….martial law..water Ever stop and consider, ‘somebody’ is working ya? A concerted effort to keep you disturbed, edgy, nervy, the need for paxil… the time is here and the bad guys giving it their best to hang on. Tsunamis don’t care who’s in the way, and they’ve been in the way of progress for the planet as a whole for long enough, the alarm clock has gone off… if you haven’t woke up… expect some cold water thrown on you. Your free will only governs how You deal with this…it has no ability to stop anything or change it for the world. Kind of a lonely place to be. It’s the kind of thing that’s so personal, only you can figure out what works for you and yours’. Not about ‘we’…the potential of the new is within this moment on planet earth. If you’ve treated others like you’ve wanted treated, you can grab your surf board and cruise this wave to the new shore.

    I suppose, they’ll be some sort of siren, at the last moment before arrival but you should’ve been paying attention to the rumbles of it’s approach so, you wouldn’t be surprised. No matter what the issue is out here, it can be deduced down to the level of money, more personal than some people’s own hearts. Now here ya are, money will never be the object again…now, what are you going to do? What new problem will you create for yourself, to feel alive? Exchanging…’I have to…’ to ‘I choose to’. Ridding your life of ‘I can’t’ to, ‘I will’. People like that too..Turn your back and walk away. I choose internal Peace!

    Let us be done with celebrating our Labors..and celebrate our Joys, as some are doing at this very moment. Maybe cruising in the new Mercedes…eh? Have fun!

    Love and Kisses,

  17. I shall answer your response to my own post shortly.In the mean time your response to clay piqued my interest more.

    It seems even Clay is becoming suspicious of your antics Cobra.Asking for 1000 dollar donations and censoring opinions you don't like is one of the most troubling aspects of your personality.

    Especially since you claim to be a higher evolved being;one would think you are above such tactics as censorship and butt hurt.Claiming to hater the cabal when you use their own techniques just doesn't make sense at all.Not to mention that mere criticism and doubt of your intentions on this blog or online doesn't endanger you nor your family in the slightest.

    So why do it cobra?I certainly don't make a habit of deleting comments I don't like on my youtube channel and facebook page.Are you really gonna let a lowly 3D like myself out do you in freedom of expression Cobra? :P

    and as for the donations..well that's a joke.You supposedly have the backing of galactics far more advanced than the cabal;yet they can't provide you with simple living expenses?Are these the same space fella's that are gonna appoint 'helpers' to be be in charge of the entire worlds prosperity funds?Dear heavens....if that is true I think we are in deep shit :P

    And do you really expect me to believe that 'liberators' that have to ask for donations online are capable of opposing elite psychopaths with trillions of dollars at their disposal?

    I also find it disturbing that you and a few other online new agers have set the liberation dates from somewhere between october and december 2012.It's disturbing because many other non new age sources seem to indicate the cabal are intending to declare marshal law by mid October.Hmmm now wouldn't all these delays you new agers have given be a rather convenient excuse for placating the sheeple until there is Marshal law and we can no longer fight back?

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. So weary of fights and attacks here (there, everywhere). Somewhere over the rainbow there is no hurt and harm, where troubles melt like lemon drops... When there is an attack on here it makes me feel as though someone has gone into my garden and done a big poo in it, excuse the expression. Retreating back to my animals and inner core for a while. Love to you all and thank you Cobra, buy you a pint in the spirit world.

    3. @ Aradia

      Simply said..grow up.
      You basically want a place where everyone agrees with everyone and there is never any conflict.That's a fantasy world you're living in,not practical at all.

    4. I do not censor comments, I moderate them. I want to keep a positive vibe to my blog, there are enough negative places everywhere.

      Also, this blog is my creation and I have every right to shape it any way I want to. If somebody does not like it here, feel free to create your own blog or post your comments elsewhere.

      And as I said, I can address questions or concerns of any nature (if I find time to do that), but emotionaly charged personal attack comments will be removed. These are the rules of the game here.

      The situation with money is digital. Until the Cabal is gone, nobody has it. When the Cabal is gone, it is suddenly everywhere.

      Now most prominent figures in liberation movement are still struggling with money. Even Keenan does not have access to the funds becasue the Cabal would absorb them in their system the second they would appear. The same with funds that legally belong to me.

      Ironically, when the Cabal is removed, I will be bombarded with money and I will be able to give $1000 donations.

      Liberation date between oct and dec is just an estimate. I do not know when it will happen.

      I would not be afraid about the Martial law being declared. That will be prevented.

    5. Cooter, you have provided ZERO evidence that you are of the light.
      You have provided ZERO evidence that you are wise.
      You have provide ZERO evidence that you know anything of love.
      You have provided VAST evidence that you are incompassionate, negative, inconsiderate and unkind.
      You are no fighter for truth, you are just a fighter that delights in creating tension and bashing positive people.
      You desecrate this community.
      It is high time Cobra terminates your privilege of commenting here.

    6. Don't worry Erik. Cooter, I am in training to be a witch. The next waning moon I may do a banishing spell...for you, dear boy. Ahh when in Rome.

    7. @ Aradia

      Putting a spell on me to do harm eh?

      Is this just another manifestation of that amazing love,light,and peace you new agers talk about?

      Oh my bad..I'm only welcome if I parrot the same things you guys do aren't I.So silly of me to forget :P

    8. @Cooter,

      Fantasy Witch

      And would you then suppose
      by sheer bad will I can lengthen my nose
      and sprout a wart like an udder filled rose?

      In a deep, dank cave I diabolically dwell
      plotting my entrance to the gates of hell

      As I stir my tinctures on the open fire
      I am lusting for all that’s dark and dire

      Underneath my black and tattered skirts
      I store evil concoctions for deliberate hurts

      I gleefully mix in my wickedly potions
      designed to manipulate all emotions

      Adding, sifting, smoking, stirring
      Green eyed feline watches, purrrring

      Echoes of my diabolical cackle
      will cause the raising of every hackle

      Seeing my shadow the church goers scatter
      I will shred your heart to a merest tatter

      When I wave my magic wand
      I will reduce your resistance to a frond

      When I become a witch for the day
      You will fall for me come what may

      So who am I plotting to utterly bewitch?
      Well, you will know it is you, your nose will itch.


    9. "Cooter, you have provided ZERO evidence that you are of the light."

      Translation: 'I am a brainwashed new age moron,and therefore you are evil if you do not agree with everything I believe'

      "You have provided ZERO evidence that you are wise."

      Translation: 'I am a brainwashed new age moron,and therefore you are evil if you do not agree with everything I believe'

      "You have provide ZERO evidence that you know anything of love."

      Translation: 'I am a brainwashed new age moron,and therefore you are evil if you do not agree with everything I believe'

      "You have provided VAST evidence that you are incompassionate, negative, inconsiderate and unkind."

      Translation: 'I am a brainwashed new age moron,and therefore you are evil if you do not agree with everything I believe'

      "You are no fighter for truth, you are just a fighter that delights in creating tension and bashing positive people.
      You desecrate this community."

      Translation: 'I am a brainwashed new age moron,and therefore you are evil if you do not agree with everything I believe'

      "It is high time Cobra terminates your privilege of commenting here."


      Thank you for that enlightening convo Eric you broken record.Why don't you just admit already that you're another chump with double standards that only cares about freedom of speech when it suits your needs.

    10. Great logic.
      The evidence is mounting...

    11. Yeah it is great Erik..because it's close to the truth.
      I don't parrot your new age dogma,therefore I am in the wrong according to you.It really is as simple as that.

    12. People,

      I am saying it again. Cooter is being paid for his comments, the more he posts, the more he gets paid. Ask yourself why he is here? If he resents us and our views, he would have gone by now. But the fact that he still here is: he is being paid to be here.

      Instead of responding to the nonsense, send him love, and light. There is no need to put spell on anyone. Giving light will make them dizzy enough because they are not used to love and light. Forgive him for his actions and make his load lighter. The fact is you are not only helping him but helping yourself.

      Blessings and light.

    13. Er @Sheedy Angel, it was a joke, to try an lighten the atmostphere........

  18. cooter, Ave legios and co,
    No one is forcing your blah, blah, blah to read,
    as well as the posting of Cobra!
    I feel a lot of fear in you. Exempt you from and the reality is going to change.
    In Love

    1. Dear cooter,

      You failed

      The Light

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  19. @Erik, I would say that's a fair estimate of cooters current torus energy field, BUT, it changes as the transmutation process quickens. that's happening right now, it's what causes mild hysteria and other side effects of the shift of ages. We are actually all along for this ride. some are victims of mind control and lots are waking up to this, some hold on to it, some are fully out of it. some are just plain befuddled, some are tripping off the new Earth energies and it manifests as a pure love buzz, that comes form our return to the womb of creation. it's all part of the great shift of ages.

    the occultism or hidden is losing it's grip as the dark veil of secrets vaporizes.

    I predict that Katy Holmes will expose Scientology and this will expose just ONE of the many many different occult practises that all answer to one huge corporate entity of occultism, and I believe the Vatican to be behind it. That's where the cause lies and the rot is the secret societies, we extract the root of the infection and the rot heals itself in time.

    off world multidimensional ritual and manipulation is still in place, it's clear by the closing ceremonies of the Olympics and the blood offering to chaos gods that the occult is still in place but losing it's holding over more and more, it's getting desperate..

    This is the first real manifest stage of the mass awakening.

    Or that's what comes through to me in my visits to the AKASH. And it's not time to keep any secrets any longer. if you have TRUTH then speak it for all to share, and the transition will go smoother and quicker.

    The Cabal of the occult or hidden know's this and suppression and disinfo is their last stand and this is right NOW.

    The deep roots of the occult need exposing for then it is no longer hidden or the occult if we all see their dark intentions. this is part of full disclosure.

  20. Cobra,
    Communities like this one are still scarse. You need to protect this community here from abusive persons that prey on vulnarability.
    I like critical thinking and sincere questioning, but the line is drawn when someone is abusive and preying on people here.
    The possitive and inceptive dynamics that have developed here are well worth the protective measures.
    I bid you well.
    thanx, erik

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    2. that made any sense :P

      "Grow a heart."

      You don't have to believe your stupid new age BS to have a a heart.

      "Then grow a brain"

      I already have a brain.I've proven that by using actual reasoning,rather than just regurgitating whatever Cobra and the other goorooooo's tell me.

      "Then grow up."

      So from what I understand you're butt hurt that I'm asking you to think;and not just believe whatever saint Cobra posts next.

      Thanks for clearing that up.

    3. @cooter

      I vote you be removed from the site... anyone else fell that way?

      Now go ahead and say something that will cement the feeling further for the rest of us.

  21. This is the time for whistle blowers in all walks of life and top levels of the occult control paradigm. this is the only reason why Assange is getting such a tough deal. If they slot him they expose themselves, if they let him free then it encourages others, this is a real cliff edge time for the dark forces.

    Scientology is breaking down from within, this is excellent news as it will expose mind manipulation which is the cult of Scientology they are all brain addled automatons with a golden goose Tom Cruise, and his 3rd marriage which was always a sham will be exposed as this as Katy has fled LA which is deeply entrenched in occultism and a New York court will give her more of a voice. Watch this space.

    The veil of secrets is the curtain in OZ. We begin to see them for what they really are and all occult societies are closely linked and cleverly guarded until the shift of ages manifest in our collective reality, which is what we are all witness to right now..

    Expect whistle blowers, encourage whistle blowers, tell people to stop keeping secrets if it's burning them then they need to release the energy and it will benefit mankind and Gaia. emancipation from slavery is our destiny..

    1. hey clay dog,

      was wondering what was up with Assange - there is some talk that he is not what he appears to be ... that could be either disinfo or the truth :)

    2. The info he releases of how demonic the military industrial complex is the TRUTH. Enough evidence for me, disinfo can take a shit in it's own hat and punch it. it's not about Julian Assange. it's about encouraging deeply conflicted but blackmailed whistle blowers to speak up.

      We want full disclosure then where does it come from? This is why Assange is getting such a hard time. I honestly don;t care if he had sex with Swedish twins or what ever the charges are.. If it was consensual then the only emotion I can muster is a bit of jealousy ;-)

      Sweden has an American embassy, and that's Washington and the Pentagon. European countries are not sovereign. No such thing as a true sovereign country any more, not yet..

      Not until the shift of ages..

    3. The sexual charges are trumped-up for sure. One of the gals was linked to the CIA from what I understand.

      Just saw that Godlike productions is promoting him as a shill and a Neocon/Zionist disinfo op.

      A great indication he's for real then, imo :)

      I had once seen a quote that Anonymous and Wikileaks were the only thing we could trust.

      Would've been a great disappointment to have one of the two be knocked off the list :)

    4. I AM Love:

      "Linked to CIA". No, not really. She knew the local police chief. Secondly, that's the problem with Assange. Sweden is not a "corrupt" regime that allows piracy, like so many tends to think. But while everyone says the swedish juidicial system is independand, of course it's not. It's politically motivated, ruled by public opinion. A facebook poll could change the outcome in court, seriously, if enough people seem to care. It's all populism. And a true populist will deny that.

      This is why I have to question Assange's competence/intelligence. With all the documents he supposedly has access to, he should have known this is the way it works. You don't come here as a foreigner and have sex with two girls who know each other, and the police chief. You're sticking your head in the bees nest. It's stupid and you should know better.

      Public opinion WILL turn against that kind of behaviour, a rapist will only be defended by the public if the victim was a known - excuse me for using the word - slut.

      There are so many things about this that just doesn't make sense. Why would Assange go and do these things? Why come to Sweden in the first place. Everyone knows that the US military even hold live ammo exercises on swedish territory - how can you think this is a "safe" place for critizising the USA?

      All this makes me think Assange is just a puppet. He was playing the role of the "useful idiot" and did well, until his behaviour revealed a disturbing lack of social ability, and now "they" don't know how to handle it. He's still useful but got himself in a real mess that's going to be expensive to solve. But as long as people think he's the real thing, they're gonna keep up the show.

    5. The information released from wikileaks is most likely accurate though. The problem is that Assange has been running this thing like his private shop, letting out little bits if information now and then, and only to certain news outlets. He should have let everyone see for themselves.

      But his is so typical of how they do it. If it's to big to hide, you better be the first to talk about it, right? Then you get credibility and control over what information people get. That way you can make plans for damage control and feed some lesser bad guys to the mob to keep them satisfied.

    6. Still... the wikileaks/Assange business is really nothing. You don't need to care so much about this matter, it's not particularly important.

      Maybe some of those documents can be used to reveal some criminal acts and arrest some individuals, but nothing more than that. It won't bring any enlightenment to people in general. These are just political matters that make a good show for you to watch.

      I'm just telling you my view here.

      Personally, I don't care one bit about whether Assange is "real" or not, don't even see any point in researching it, it would be a waste of time imo.

    7. "Linked to CIA". No, not really. She knew the local police chief.

      Hey Newb rush ... tracked this down, fyi

      Revealed: Assange ‘rape’ accuser linked to notorious CIA operative

      One of the women accusing WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange of sex crimes appears to have worked with a group that has connections to the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).

      One accuser, Anna Ardin, may have “ties to the US-financed anti-Castro and anti-communist groups,” according to Israel Shamir and Paul Bennett, writing for CounterPunch.

      While in Cuba, Ardin worked with the Las damas de blanco (the Ladies in White), a feminist anti-Castro group.

      Professor Michael Seltzer pointed out that the group is led by Carlos Alberto Montaner who is reportedly connected to the CIA.

      Raw Story (

  22. Hello Claydog,
    I agree fully on the issue of transparacy. I would love full transparancy, including Cobra's.
    Full trasparancy requires full vulnarability and that might be too early for Cobra and I don't believe in forcing vulnarability onto anyone. Asking for it is OK though and I hope Cobra will find the courage to walk the battlefield nakedly amidst the dark warriors that cowardly hide behind thick and heavy armour.

    1. @Erik,

      No demands come from my words, just words of encouragement, If you knew my life experience it is one of suppression and fear and lots and lots of pain. self inflicted and plenty given also.

      But then comes a time of change and that TIME is here.

      Full disclosure of the occult which is running social, economical and political process in to the ground. as that is their intention of bringing about order from chaos, it's Babylonian and the cult of Babel which is the origins for the the new world order, Iraq being the original birthplace.

      America is at severe risk of the intentions of this occult. How many people and growing are collecting foodstamps from JP Morgan in the US? it's a lot and poverty is by design, recession is by design because the banking system is set up this way.

      Why is the Obama administration and Pentagon letting lose victims of mind control to shoot up cinema goers and minority cultures in America? is it a move towards disarmament before they enforce martial law? They have to convince the NRA of this and it's a huge hurdle that they are currently trying to overcome, but they will keep at it until the systems fails completely..

      And this is where the whistle blower comes in..

      You have to do what they do and look at their projections for their intended future for us. Do you think a vast majority of the US are on anti-psychotics due to illness or did they create this pseudo illness and malaise to force feed them drugs that stop you thinking? anti-psychotics are zombie drugs and nothing more.

      Europe is the same.. It's being de-constructed and austerity is being enforced. WHY? What is the reason for this? Who is doing this?

      Are they hidden? why are they hidden? where is the transparency in political process? what is compartmentalisation if it's not the draco rule of the occult?

      What about the GMO foods and enforced vaccinations and the out of the blue exponential spike in autism in the young and alzheimers in the old? Flu vaccinations? sorry, no such thing as coincidence.

      How do we as a collective consciousness put an end to the agenda of the few over the many? By realising their intentions perhaps? it's a good place to begin, because as a collective consciousness we co-create for who is currently manipulating us. is this not the case? or is this all just random events? nothing to do with one truly hidden or occult agenda?

      Does keeping all this secret serve theirs or our agenda? who do you serve by with holding TRUTH?

      Keeping any pertinent info close to your chest does not serve humanity at this pivotal moment in TIME.

      If anyone is manifesting fear then they need to question exactly why? and what is the energy of fear in the first place? is it real or are you being fucked with?

      Fear is in the gut and mind, not the HEART.

    2. This is all Draconian rule of law, draconian is cold blooded, psychopathy, no sympathy, no compassion. and they communicate globally via secret societies. they have an express wish to come out of the darkness and rule over us with such force that they no longer have to hide. This has happened on this planet before. we just have collective amnesia of this due to systemic tech and environmental abuse. And the other civilisations lay under miles of salt water? who salinated the oceans and who created the deserts?

      They are NOT trying to bring about a new word order, they are trying to return to it, by increasing the draconian rule and law to a completely totalitarian global police state.

      It is the new world order making itself known to us. And it's beginning to lose it's vision of the end game as the true prophecy tells us. And light workers have a divine instruction to make this so. So keeping secrets is NOT serving the light.

      Light overthrows the darkness and we have to recognise it first, then we can remove it and heal.

      You have to recognise the cause of an illness or parasite or infection to cure it, otherwise you'll always be just holding back more repeat infections.

      And the Draco rule is a parasite that can only consume what it is made of and that's pure negative energy. the energy of the occult or hidden. To keep all that a secret makes you complicit if you know the truth. FEAR is the only thing stopping many from speaking out and I say that time has passed and people will begin to come forward in droves as the days, weeks and months pass.

      The veil of secrets is coming down, it's safe to speak from the HEART because the illusion of FEAR has no further hold over YOU.

      The more people realise this fact the quicker this world will return to balance and abundance and shared wisdom and wealth.

      It's nothing more than the birthright of every single one of us. And that's no secret..

  23. @Cobra and Family,

    I am sincerely sorry for allowing myself to be drawn into the negativity the other day and for using such ugly language, too.

    I have been down a few rabbit holes was a process of saying NO to realize my YES.

    I have consistently supported you, Cobra, in recognizing your need for donations. If someone is asking for money, it's because they need it. If I choose to give, I am giving in trust. I gave a guy on the corner my last two dollars today. He asked, I gave, I don't care what he did with it! (But, I did see him struggle to get up and limp over to a fast food place, so he was likely hungry. I have food at home, I'm glad he was able to eat, too.)

    Cobra, you don't need to justify your request for donations or your decision to run ads. The ones who know, KNOW.

    I understand people are feeling touchy about getting the "TRUTH" and having "TRANSPARENCY". Well, too bad, dears...we can't always get what we (think we) want WHEN we think we want it. Sometimes you have to rely on faith, knowing and intuition. Make a decision, align yourself with your truth and go for it. Attacking another's truth is a waste of time and energy. So, don't waste your energy talking to me about YOUR logic. This is my life, thank you very much. And I align myself with Cobra and the fellow cobrasss.

    Peace and Love to you all.

  24. Hey guys,

    Please realize how the energy is being manipulated here, and make a choice as to whether or not you want to raise your frequency or lower it to the level of a troll ...

    What we focus on increases, what we ignore disappears.

    Is this what we want to find when we log on here ?

    We've had so much of this going on in the last few days already.


    I am requesting that we raise the frequency here.

    Thank you fellow Lovenauts :)

    Love you all

    1. Agreed, Dear I AM Love. Thanks for staying strong through this and shining your light for all to see. :)

    2. glad to see you back Klove :)


    3. I'm with you

      We can keep the vibe up by ignoring

      I vote for some calm here

      A fireplace, blueberries, spring water, the sound of the sea just a few meters outside, clean wind blowing in the pines making them sing, and bringing in smells of ocean and forest, warmth, soft blankets, no obligations, no contracts, no judgements, altogether, no need to say something good, we're just in each other's presence..


    4. "We can keep the vibe up by ignoring"

      lol you guys are a total joke.
      You are SOOOO horrified of any opinion other than your own aren't you?When/if your new age starts and people still oppose you what are you gonna do then?

      Gonna ignore then?

      Maybe recycle their soul because their vibration is too low

      (AKA new age bullocks terminology for murdering people that don't buy into your BS) :P

    5. untwine, that sounds aweSUM .... LOVE the ocean and pines ... what a combo !

      can only be made better by some of your groovy tunes eh ?

      are you on the net at all bro ?


    6. ok dude -
      got a better look at your new buddy ... looks like he mighta had a dolphin or two for dinner :-)

  25. Why so much bickering here?
    This is an information site for contacts of Cobras.
    We are priviliged to be able to view these messages also.
    If you do not like it, why are you here?
    A lot of these comments come across as panic and fear, not to mention childish.
    Concentrate on your own journey for peace within.

  26. Thank you for sharing your information with us Cobra. I honour that you are not afraid to ask for financial assistance and that you have enough self respect to not let anyone deter you from doing this.

    1. Hey there Pierre! Nice to see ya around here! :)

    2. Hi Kelly, thanks. I didn't realize Cobra sometimes comments here as well. I am more drawn to read the comments to gain additional info. The latest poof was very intriguing.

    3. hey pierre,

      did you feel the detonation ?

      I couldn't boot the computer one morning and had to unplug and reset everything.

      could it be the financial reset portended by Poofness ?


  27. my computer crashed a few times.. went OH SNAP.. does that count.. and Cobra... I am sorry people have been so mean and negative towards you.. you are not the only one . we love you and thank you for all that you do.

  28. Claydog ~ I've got your back, thanks for getting mine. What d' ya say we meet out in the forest. Tonight. You'll know me by my Light and natural white/blonde streak through my hair ; )

    1. @Kochece, See you there ;-) ♥

  29. ;D mmm, thanks for the reboot ClayDog ~~ i recall holding a blue/white ball of Light in the palms of my hands ;) i'll be out there again tonight, and every night ~~

  30. Px-30- 3m 19s 11001111101110000111001111110 Operation floor tile

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