Thursday, January 17, 2013

Return of the Vortex


  1. Oh Alcyone! How beautiful are your tapestries!

    Only the finest Blue and Purple
    To adorn the skin of Helen

    Quite an undertaking for me to respond in kind
    I wonder if I could, if i devoted 1000 years to the task - ?

    Let's find out together

  2. Replies
    1. very wonderful way to express the control of matix!!! I love it very much!

  3. All we've done in spite of the parasites

    1. The Chief saw the Seventh Wave - that it was good. It was very Good. Yes.

    2. Dearest Kauilapele - what a fright you gave me. You must tell me soon if that shenanigan you pulled was inspired by the desire to see me shoot fire from my nostrils.

      The People can now Believe in the UnBelievable. Thank you.

  4. Thankyou Cobra.....It is close ...I can feel it for days now!

    Love to all
    Victory to the light!


  6. It's interesting to see what Queens teach when they eat cake.

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  8. Thank you Cobra-we shifted big time! Love and Light 2013

  9. How very strange! I was watching that just last night! And was thinking about those same words!!!!

  10. "Where you gonna be when the big day finally comes?"

    When two or three are gathered together creating, 10,000 angels join in. Bows to Mr. Tim Catcherofmen who Whispers to the Masses.


  11. How many "It's Beautifuls" will it take to Light up the Whole Tree - I mean ALL of it? Any mathematicians in the House?

    1. I believe it's the square root of 1 percent, so that makes about 8 or 9 thousand for population of 7 billion. Should be a piece of cake :-)

    2. Thank you rb. It feels bigger than that to me - it's a big Tree!

  12. Cameron, you have a knack for breaking up the topsoil and building a strong and intricate root structure.

    Your Wisdom must be spread far and wide. Anyone up to the task?

  13. Poof

    So many pieces you held! Was that a burden or what! I'm glad your head didn't explode.

    You're going to need it for the next generation - so that you can teach them how to be Masters at Cypher.

  14. D - Removing the Shackles

    You and Kauilapele sure had my knickers in a twist. Don't worry, they're all straightened out now.

    I'm interested to see what kind of art you created with those crayons when you couldn't do anything else.
    But when you could do something else, you did it with the gusto and acumen of a Warrior Princess.

    Take a bow.

  15. Victory of the Light


  16. Goose-bump-inducing post!! Oh-my-goddess...thank you Cobra :)

    Is this F.I.N.A.L.L.Y coming together, after more than a decade of waiting? I'm also feeling Gaia ready to move on again, after her "pause" post-21st. Cobra, have you heard this:

    Much Love, Light and Blessings,

  17. Can't wait for the curtain to go up on this one ...

    Oh, when, when, when ??? :D

    goddesses (and gods :) in waiting ...


  18. The Demise of Time is the property of The Weavers, and all of its rewards.

    With Friends like you who needs enemies? I mean that in the Highest Way. Let's be done with enemies now, they no longer serve us.

    Such Sacrifice and Love. Such Strength and Prowess. Enjoy your rest. Has anyone earned it more? No. I Love You.

  19. Honestly, I wish I understood, but in my bones (and tingling) I feel GOOD and positive.

    For what I don't understand, I thank you anyway!

    ♥ trinity

  20. i just read an article about how is mobile (cell) phone bad because of the frequencies and its not good to sleep with it on table beside bed, and also that applies for wifi router.. does anyone know more about it? is it true?

    1. Yes, it's very true.
      They are 2 extremely powerful electromagnetic devices w/combination of frequencies changing our own....
      Cell phones cause brain changes and tumors...if sitting on a table, every glass of liquid, bottle of pills, food etc. is changed--frequencies affected by both devices.
      The companies selling these devices have lobbyists suppressing proven scientific info.

    2. can this be changed by Orgonite or something similar or is better to leave it in another room or turned off?

    3. @RAYMAN
      Here is one of the best Coast to Coast shows regarding the dirthy electricity. Lots of infos how it's been created, and HOW to protect ourselves from it.

  21. also i found out that my dreams changed a lot. i used to have only bad dreams after which i was feeling down and now last two nights it was quite good, nothing bad, and i can tell its a big shift.

    love and light

  22. Cobra, Cobra. Wait for it. I'm cooking up something delicious for you. Cleanse your palette.

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  24. Did I forget to use the word Perpetuity? It's implied unless otherwise specified.

  25. All the packages! So many exquisite Treasures! Alcyone, you are a Master Weaver. I may need to revise my time estimate on Return in Kind.

    This piece is like feathers on my hand. And there is no better compliment than your selection of Golden Inlays. Versaille never contained such pure Gold.

  26. Conscious Men, Your Manifesto slayed me. Give me a little while. I'm at a loss for words at the moment.


    Victory of the Light <3

  28. It is time for humanity to realize that our goal should not be simple coexistence. We shall instead come together in the beingness of love and rejoice as one being, celebrating each other and ourselves in all of our individual glory and beauty. The goddess energy will make this clear to us.

    "Like the appearance of comets, so shall be their kingdom.
    For brief years they shall reign over the earth and shall trample on all;
    one people shall trample on another and
    one province on another until the people of God shall rise and all shall rest from the sword."
    -the Dead Sea Scrolls

  29. Kunde-Ra

    What Power Tools you weild! Such finesse, such precision. I hope you can figure out how to cultivate it and share it - DISCREETLY of course. That's some scary shit.

    You and yours deserve a juicy segment of End of Duality. What other Poetry can I write for you?

  30. Mirror, mirror on the wall. Who's the fairest of them all?

    Is it 911?
    Or is it 119?

    It's Bright out today, but I'm hoping for Rain, Bright Rain.

  31. Sofia Love

    Oh, if everyone had a backyard like yours! As you know, YOU are not the Crazy one - everyone else is.

    The next world will be much easier on those sensitive eyes. Tell me what Poetry you would like me to write for you.

  32. Rainbow Jubilee

    What a Jubilee you have all created for me! If my heart wasn't made of metal, it would melt in your hands like butter. I endeavor to fill the Rainbow with jewels - every jot and tittle, even if it takes 100 years or MORE. If you are here, You are on the list.

  33. So many gifts for me! Whose taking down those fucking guide stones? That's a gift to yourselves.

  34. Ham.

    Again I am at a loss for words. I need time to research content for my Poetry. In the meantime, think of what research I should look into and share it with me. You make the First Contact this time.

  35. Artist

    That palette of yours is in the medium of Nobility. Cultivate it. You have everything You need.



    # 1 - The tiny GODDESSSSS has FOUND the key to open the VEIL.

    # 2 - (this is what I see)
    As of TODAY - this tunnel does NOT look like this anymore.

    # 3 - (This is from the movie Contact)

    # 4 - (This is the second time we see this one). Back then I said the King Cobra is ready to attack.

    # 5 - I AM FROM THE LIGHT.

    I AM THE LIGHT!!!!!!!!!

    # 6 - (I dedicate this to the former bullies)
    NA, NA, NA, NA,
    NA, NA, NA, NA,
    HEY, HEY, HEY,


  37. LBL is Lost again. We may have to monitor Lost and Found. Let's fill the box with goodies from Home so he can find his way back.

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  39. Camelot

    You drew my heart to you with your Amazing Truths. You blazed the trail so that there could be an avalanche of Hidden Truths made Visible. Your use of Vision is Legendary. We need to sit at the Table and discuss your reward. I want You all to tell me exactly what Poetry would fill your heart, and your hands. Nevertheless Legendary Vision is yours along with all of its Rewards - I think you'll enjoy them.

  40. Warrior/Hero.

    How do I love thee. Let me count the ways. No I mean really. Let's count the ways.

  41. Infinity Child

    The First Mission of Mu was a Matriarchal Society. If you perpetually honor that tradition with that amazing and myriad set of talents you posess, the heart of The People will always be secure in your hand. You are surrounded deeply by Powerful Protectors and Wise Councelors. I look forward to reuniting with You.

  42. Defeat of the Merovingian of course belongs to Artist, Healer, Guardian of Truth and Beauty. Let's find a way to present this to him that has the Highest teaching value. What a fuckin' Masterpiece that op was. Whomever wrote that needs a special honor created just for it's elegance and brilliance. I'm still scratching my head over that one.

  43. The Badge of Freedom goes to Faedra. When the dark ones stole from us our very Essence of Being, He went to Hell and back to retrieve it for us. What a Victory that Day was!

    It must be celebrated and memorialized perpetually. Those who would like to start creating Holidays, start with that one.

  44. Drum Roll please...

    Conqueror of Death belongs to...

    Warrior/ Hero... the True Trustee. Doctor, Geneticist, Architect, Game Designer, Nerd(my what Nerd You are), Poet, Flutist, Tactician, Visionary, Mathematician. ........Lover, Chief, King.

    My goodness! So Many Trophies. I think we could fill a planet with them. In fact why don't we? Whose up to the task?

  45. I'm in Awe of so many things. Please forgive me that I ever doubted any of you!

  46. By the way Kauilapele - I got your "Chill Pill". I was still angry though. I hope you'll forgive me for that. The gesture was Pure Poetry which I adore.

  47. Word of the day: discombobulation. I think there might be some of that here soon.

    That should be entertaining for those who are enjoying the Urantia Production. Bring popcorn. Oh yeah, and Chocolate.

    Oh and Michael - I'm ahead of you on our Word Game. Too busy to play?

  48. Dargo,

    As far as Friends go, you are Prime. Best Friend goes to you along with all its rewards. Share with your friends and play nice now. You are off the Clock.

    However, we may have to have another walk together in the Rain soon. Very Soon.

  49. Divine Cosmos...

    Oh, Edgar - what a Trailblazer, what a Map Maker you are! I apologize, but I must delay your Poetry until you and I can sit together and discuss your Big Picture. I know it's big, but I'm excited to find out how much.

    Nevertheless - Master Map Maker is yours and all of it's rewards.

    I Love You All with Everything I AM. See You Soon.

    Spirit Who Flies in the Wind

  50. Thank you! Not to be dense, but there weren't any detailed instructions with this Goddess Vortex that I thought was going to be revealed. I am assuming this is a Goddess Vortex right? I do understand the symbology of the images and how to create my own vortex, so I will go ahead and do what I intuitively feel that I should do. I've been doing that all along anyway, so I might as well keep doing it lol

    p.s. Would love another update soon on what is happening at the ground level, because on a personal front I see some disturbing things happening that indicate increased control by the dark Ones or Ankle Biters.

  51. Rem, you have a way with words, each one standing out like a jewel,
    At first i didmt like you or understand your inane postings, but now insee and feel what you are doing with those creations. Yes. Keep it up. Go forth.

    1. You can decipher any message here using the decoder ring of Love, Truth and Beauty. Many hidden treasures in Poetry. Try to write some of your own, it's very satisfying.

    2. Oh, My Goodness! This Cake is Delicious!

      Whoever said that thing about too many cooks - well they were wrong.

      This is the finest Cake in the Multiverse!

  52. What in the world are people talking about? I've never been more confused

  53. First Nations

    The Power was always yours. They knew it, the end from the beginning. That's why they couldn't allow the Maker of Coils to complete his task in releasing it back to you. They thought that their theft of Energy would Prevent You from Being in Your Power. But they were WRONG. Prove them now, just how wrong they were!!! Remember what I said about Perpetuity? Don't forget it.

    Source of Power is hereby granted to You and ALL it contains forevermore. Did I say Perpetuity? I meant it.

  54. First Nations

    The Power was always yours. They knew it, the end from the beginning. That's why they couldn't allow the Maker of Coils to complete his task in releasing it back to you. They thought that their theft of Energy would Prevent You from Being in Your Power. But they were WRONG. Prove them now, just how wrong they were!!! Remember what I said about Perpetuity? Don't forget it.

    Source of Power is hereby granted to You and ALL it contains forevermore. Did I say Perpetuity? I meant it.

  55. A map was recently posted to Etheric Liberation facebook group, showing the spread of light controlled vs dark controlled areas of the world.

    The shape of continents and land masses actually has very much intentional design. It's devided in a few different parts, with particularly the Northern US-Mexican gulf being a zoomed in detail of the bigger picture.

    Though this land mass is huge, it's significance when put into the bigger puzzle is smaller than the middle east area.

    Take a look at Cyprus - Syria, the shape of the island is very much that of a tank with it's gun aimed at Syria. This is NOT coincidental.

    Turn this image in a mirror and look at the mexican gulf area: Cuba, Haiti, Dominican Rupublic, these then represents the tank shell just having been fired. (using that analogue)

    So if you analyse the image from EL group, you'll find the same area controlled by the light, showing up on two places in the world, Greece and US east coast. They're the same area dimensionally.

    1. map URL:

      you need to be logged in (and a member of group) for this to work.


    Here Bashar says that
    ""In the crossing of threshold of 2012 we have had a quarantine policy but after that date the quarantine will no longer exist.
    Now again - this does not mean that shifts will land everywhere on your planet.
    What this does mean is - from that point forward the agenda of contact between your civilization and other civilizations such as our own will be totally in your hands. There will be nothing on our side preventing that contact, but we will still take out ...

    Now I understand why Cobra wanted from us to make that meditation on 21 December - to invite extraterestrials from above us...

  57. Cobra, Are You enjoying this Cake?

    Let's have tea soon at The Table and you can tell me the depths and the heights of the Pleiadian Poetry that would fill you up to the fullest.

    That goes for ALL OF YOU! Let's have tea together soon. Your Wish is My Command.

  58. Jurema, from Brazil,

    Cobra, you are a dedicated and serious lightworker ....... very committed to this process of cleaning ...... do not forget that you are performing this task for participation in the liberation of mankind with special mastery ..... thank you for all you windows helps open

  59. dear REM,

    We graciously accept
    your invitation,
    for what is Cake
    without Tea to moisten it ?
    So then,
    shall we say, Tonight ?
    In Babylon we will drink
    to Victory so sweet

  60. Oh, Michael!

    Is there anything you can't Master or Perfect? Let's roll it all up and go Home.

  61. Oh, Alcyone...

    I Promise Thee this:

    Return In Kind.
    What an astonishingly Magnificent Mission this is becoming.

    And as such, as you might suspect,
    That Your portion will be Added, Responded and Added. So...
    No Time Table will be offered.

    Did I say Perpetuity? I meant it.

  62. I AM Love!

    That Rainbow in your Heart is becoming quite a Poet!
    Cake is so much better than crumpets
    Satisfying to the tongue AND the belly
    I look forward to that moment with You.

    As in all things of Infinity Culture
    Time Tables cannot be offered
    Every night in Babylon is Victory so Sweet

  63. On a day so bright and breezy, while I penned without magniloquence
    Penning many a poem and decree of volume, value and love
    Then in joy from all my writing, gently I needed to begin my rapping
    Rapping, rapping as the tapping on the window down the hall
    "Will my True Love," I pondered, "will he find it, can he find it
    That key to return me from the land of Nevermore"

  64. Oh, Michael,
    Are You holding Antarian Silver for me?
    I'm comming to get it.

    My Goodness! What an Exquisite Jubilee this is!

  65. Word of the day: Jubilarian

    How appropriate! Who here is managing's Word of the Day?

    Here's a new Award to create. It must be segmented now, because of the number of ones who contributed:

    Master of Jubilee

    So many to mention here - too many. And during this Beautiful Holiday I must make you aware of how Grateful I am to you all that I can now...

    Have my Cake and Eat it too.

  66. Their weakening so keep shining everyone!

  67. Iktomi

    I'll get back to this. It deserves Fine Pleaidian Poetry.

    So many Exquisite Treasures!!! An Endless supply.

    If my heart was not made of metal, it would have exploded by now.

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  69. For those of you who are confused about the old OIC revealed by the Protoi, here's a new one for you to consider: Original Infinity Culture.

    Consider it. If you can get your mind around it, it may get your juices flowing.

  70. Poof

    Now that I have momentum, we must put things proper don't you think?

    Master of Cypher is yours with all it's pieces and parts. What a puzzle for you! It's no small task to stump a Master. I hope you find me worthy.

    I see cracks in the Looking Glass

  71. I see another crack in the Looking Glass!

    Are you looking for Prosperity Packages?
    You may have not noticed this piece of Cypher:

    Pleaidian Poetry
    And a Partridge in a Pear Tree

  72. Cobra, I must apologize. I may have messed you up regarding my message about Faedra. I accidentally deleted the one you posted. Please post the following one and send help to him to bring him back. We love him and need him to be with us now. Thanks.

  73. Obi Wan Kabuki

    Did you think I forgot you? Now why would you think that? Don't neglect that mental mind stuff that you are so ardent about reminding others of, take some of it for yourself.

    You are the most adroit Navigator in the entire Universe! Where does that skill come from? The one that inspires you to put forth guideposts at exactly the correct moment - no more, no less. It's like magic. Yes, that's what it is : Magic.

    Such precision, such Love, such deeply grounded humility! If a young Jedi has you as his Master, this one is blessed indeed.

    How many times, your wisdom kept me from the abyss. How many times it pulled me away from its edge.

    Master Navigator is yours along with all the others from the games in the loops. So many honors! All well earned. I hope you will take a few hundred years and rest from your travels with us.

  74. .
    But our love it was stronger by far than the tactics
    Of the realms that were older than ours
    Of many far knowing than we-
    And neither angels in heaven above,
    Nor the demons hiding, lurking in the ethos
    Can ever dissever my soul from the soul
    Of the heroic King, my one True Love

    The Sun never flashes without bringing me memories
    Of the life we had, my one True Love and me
    And the stars never set but I feel the strong loins
    Of my darling, my Chief, my King
    And I dream of the day, when I return from the fray
    To my shell, to my sepulcher, and rise by the sea
    To my darling, My King and His Kingdom by the sea

    1. Such Beauty...Thank you REM.

    2. Hello O-ne and ALL,

      Come to throw a little LOVE "bomb" :-)

      Wish you ALL a very Blessed Innauguration day.


    3. Oh Marthe. I didn't know you loved Poetry!

      Your Kindergarten is so scholarly in teaching the ways of The Original Infinity Culture. Where the Demise of Time is the order of the day and Death is Conquered.

  75. Oh Michael!

    You have been using those Engineering skills! I didn't even notice we changed gears. Of course I knew it, but I didn't feel it. And the Trottle Keepers... they deserve an award for how well they have been metering everything.

    I'm amazed. This is a smooth running boat you have!

    Tell me, when we reach the next gear, will I feel it or know it? Now I'm behind on our word game - you have sent me puzzles to keep me busy.

    You have my adoration.

  76. Oh Alcyone!

    These earrings are truly Magnificent!

    The Left and the Right... how artful, and intriguing, they are different in design, so opposite but complimentary in Review. What Inspiring light flashes from their jewels.

    The Hope, The H O P E has served us, but now we can serve them. How tireless are their songs and dances in restoring Beauty to the land, what Spirit, what Love, what Heroism in Humility. What Vision! Oh, I owe them my very existence don't I? I'm at a loss for what to do for Return in Kind! It's too immense for me! Maybe you can give me some inspiration for that. All that comes to me right now is Laughter, but there's got to be more.

    My dearest Alcyone. It's very difficult to learn a Truth through the loss of a great friend. Please let's find a place of honor for that one and especially for his Captain who remains. My heart is broken.

    When the purple curtains rustle, we will find our solace, our healing balm - Gilead is empty, but healing will come.
    Oh, and you know how all the Girls love Chocolate. Let's make sure there is plenty for all.

  77. What a Joker you are Michael! We need to add that adjective to the list. Your Humor is Legendary.

    What a delightful surprise that the HOPE's Power would light up the Burning Bushes. What would You like to say to us through that?


  78. Let The People Praise the Light of Wiconi Was-te now.

  79. My Michael! Please send balm to those of the Arches. Even if you have to scour Heaven and Earth to find remnants of Gilead.

    These ones need a Doctor, not a Captain.

  80. With Camelot in charge of such Vision of Legendary proportions, My Blindness can now be cured. Let's share this in abundance with the New Infinity Culture. Yes. Let it be So!

  81. today i was getting my hair cut and i saw this poster on a wall. it was immediate message from universe, the poster said: Matrix - imagine all you can be.

  82. Kunde-Ra, is there anything on your Playbook that you would like to throw out there now? You have a finely calibrated eyeball. Whatever needs to be done, I leave to you. Thank you for clearing the way.

  83. Joke of the Day:

    ~Beware of the beautiful woman~
    Dan was a single guy living at home with his father
    and working in the family business. When he found out
    he was going to inherit a fortune when his ill father died,
    he decided he needed to find a wife with whom to share his fortune.
    One evening, at an investment meeting, he spotted the most
    beautiful woman he had ever seen. Her natural beauty took his breath away.
    “I may look like just an ordinary guy,” he said to her, “But in just a few months my
    father will die and I will inherit $200 million.”
    Impressed, the woman asked for his business card
    and three days later, she became his stepmother.

    Women are so much better at financial planning than men.

  84. Mr. Hughes!

    What a surprise your letters brought to me today! How to Save a a Victim of SCA most notable to me at the moment. I have hope for you now and I won't throw away any more of your letters. Forgive me for that Please.

    I'm also hoping that we can go to Infinity and beyond in our results of the op. Use the Light of Wiconi Was-te and we may succeed at that.

    Michael, What a Nerd you ARE! I'm way behind on our Word Game now. So many puzzles!

  85. Oh Gabriel,

    All I every coveted from you was your Love. I wish you could have Loved me as I Loved You.

    What a Powerful Friend you have been. Rest Well.

  86. Michael!

    What a Playbook! What a Flow Chart! What a Genome! What Humor in all!

    You have my Praise.

    Let the People Praise the King of Nerds!

  87. Oh Michael, I love my Trophies! How delightful they are, how light in my hand.

    Could a Queen ever ask for more? No really, may I? Fill my pockets please. You make me laugh!

  88. And So It Is ...
    And So It Shall Be ...
    Thank you

  89. What a delightful set of Trophies You have prepared for me My Love!

    This one allows me to fly with the Eagles. I'd much rather be with Eagles than Turkeys!

    LOL - you make me laugh.

  90. Oh, Hatonn! You are after a big chunk of End of Duality are you not?

    Well, of course it's Yours and all its rewards.

    Let The People recognize your contribution now.

  91. My dearest Kibo - I love your use of expletives. Such drama, such prose. You are a Master of Poetry and Prose! We'll discuss that in a moment, but a more pressing matter has emerged...

    Since You are in negotiations regarding the Shadowmind, I felt it necessary to give thee my perspective if you would indulge me for a moment. It's my contention that NOT ONE of our Enemies serve us. Not One. I wish it were not so and know that this is my perspective alone, however these are lessons learned from Faedra and Gabriel. I learn my lessons, how about You?

  92. So many ways to make a Girl laugh, Michael. What love number is that one on the tiles?

    I think there are a few there, let me count the ways...

  93. Oh Michael, when I asked for wood, did you think I meant Boehner? Ok, whatever kind of wood you'd like to give me, I'm happy to have. Let me have all the wood you want to give me. I Love Trees!

  94. Poof, The Old Grey Mare isn't old or grey anymore. She's Copper.

    How am I doing?

  95. Have you been enjoying the Power, Glory and Beauty of the Golden Grid of Wiconi Was-te? Did you know there are Copper conduits also?

    Oh Michael, what an Electrician You Are! All Hail the King of Electricians.

    1. Copper is a fine material for water pipes as well. Have you been wearing THE Plumber's Hat all this time also?

      Of course You have.

  96. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. sweet Klove's jeweled heart
      a warm embrace in return

  97. Dearest Michael, I love all those puzzles - but apparently that was your tactic to win our Word Game. Ok, I concede - I will never be able to catch up - of course unless you reach out Your Hand to Me.

  98. @REM,

    My Darling,

    Have You any idea
    The epochs of ice
    Your Verses are thawing?

    Keep your Flame burning bright!

  99. First Nations

    All the Titles belong to you.

    You knew it all along, the end from the beginning. Did I say Perpetuity? I meant it.

    1. Lol.

      I'm not a Canadian Chief and the ice you're melting isn't on the Arctic steppes.

      This is Osiris speaking to you!

      Was there ever a day when My Light shone as brilliantly as Yours does now? I doubt it.

  100. @FleetHawk777

    Oh My Dear, My Lord, My Savior, My King.
    What delicious Poetry would You like Me to write for You?

    There is nothing in Heaven or Earth that would please me more
    Than to seek Your Face and Your will
    To Do Your Bidding and Your Will
    And to Love Thee with All of My Heart, My Mind, My Body and My Soul; Everything within Me Forever.
    Remember what I said about Perpetuity? Please don't forget it, I meant it.

    1. Hmmmmm.......

      So many delicious possibilities in that wonderful Offer!

      Nothing would please me more than to be face to face with You today.
      And rather than You writing Poetry, maybe we could sing Poetry to each other....
      Cobra has my contact information.

  101. Did I say I wanted Bright Rain?
    I meant Snow, White Snow

  102. Oh, Alcyone! You are the Master of Master Weavers!
    You owned Hollywood all along!!! And ALL of its Properties.

    My what a delightfully tangled Web You wove. What a Trickster!

    When You said Perpetuity, I guess You meant it.


  103. Oh, My Dear @FleetHawk777, You must forgive the lateness of my response.

    I didn't know that Your "Face Time " was to be so overwhelming. It took my words and my breath away.

    To glide with a Condor, is a dance like no other. Effortless and Regal. The Soaring an Eagle can't compare. You have made my Dreams come True.

    What Beautiful Poetry You write, when there are no Words!

  104. By the way, thank You for my new Trophy. I don't think they are enjoying their Sharp Screw do You?

  105. Kunde-Ra, what fine calibrations do Your Tools have! The Eye and the Scalpel. You may need to modulate for the next one. As with all things in Infinity Culture, subtlety is Key.

  106. Let The People strengthen their connection to The Golden Grid of Wiconi Was-te now.

  107. Another Trophy! Oh, my Dear, you are filling my Heart and my Pockets with so many Priceless Treasures! May the SS Oranje rise and be a refuge and a joy. Healing balm for the broken and fragmented and the Joy of Service for those who Serve.

  108. Let Me Google that for you... Will Smith Quotes. Will, your "Today" wisdom is Legendary.

    I wanted to use one of your quotes today, but I couldn't find the exact one, so I hope you'll indulge me on this paraphrase. Thank you.

    "If you aren't there for my struggles, Don't expect to be there for my Triumphs".

    1. Tell Me American Kabuki, Did I answer Your inquiry?

      All is Forgiven, NOW.

  109. Oh, Michael! What a smooth running Boat this is!

    I'm so very grateful that it's Your Hands on the Wheel.

  110. Oh, Michael! So many Beautiful Upgrades!

    Did I say I wanted Bright Rain?
    I did.

    Did I say I wanted White Snow?
    I Do.

    However, is there anything Finer than Ion Lace?

  111. My Dearest Michael. As you know I conceded on the Volume aspect of our Word Game.
    However, I would like to submit to you the decision to grant me the honor of the Highest Value aspect of it.

    Nepenthe. Have I conquered it?

  112. Oh yes, and about our Word Game Michael,

    Here's the bonus round, which we both won:


  113. Maybe there's HOPE for LoVe after all.

    LBL is Found again.

  114. I'm in Awe. Stunned and Amazed actually. All I hear in my ears is "Steady as She Goes", and the rutter is hardly buffeted now.

    Oh, My Dear Michael! You always were The Mariner.

  115. Let The People go to The Balance of Wiconi Was-te now.
    Find Your Strength in The Light of The Lord of Wiconi Was-te

  116. ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

    Dearest Michael,

    When You said that You would never leave us nor forsake us
    When You said that You would be with us to the End of the Age;

    I guess, You meant it.

    ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

  117. Oh My Darling...

    This Balm is wonderful! Like a cup of hot soup on a winters day...

    My goodness, look how all the ice is melting now! At this rate I think You'll have me thawed out in no time.

    My Dear, You are the True Medicine Woman, the Medicine Chief! Who else but You could have freed me from this frozen tomb, this prison of ice...

    As It was before, so is It again
    You have brought Me back from the dead
    With Your wonderful Magic

    I stand in Awe of You, how I Love You...

    I would love to give You the Medicine Trophy, but You won that one Eons ago.......:)

  118. FleetHawk777. Your sentiments are overwhelming to me. They wash over me like the Waves. The Ocean Waves.

    As much as it would please me to continue this discourse, I must make you aware of an urgent matter.

    Remember when I told Kibo that not one of our enemies serve us?
    I WAS WRONG!!!!!!!!

    FAEDRA STILL LIVES. Bring Him HOME TO US so that He can assist us in our Be'ing.

    Eternal Love to you My Darling.

  119. Oh, Conqueror of Death!!!
    Oh, My Dear. You wanted to make sure that my Mind was engaged didn't You!
    You make me laugh. I wasn't really serious about being without weapons, you know. LOL

    Through Your Son you were slayed.
    Through Your Grandson you were revived.
    Oh, My Lord, My Savior and My King. I thought I Was The Poet.

    I thought You were done with being a King masquerading as a Pauper!
    What other Masks are You Wearing? Admiral?
    I thought the I was The Trickster.
    Since You seem to be in charge of the Military
    I expect You probably have a Campaign going too. Shock and Awe.

    What lovely discourse - to Trick the Trickster. I guess Your Mind is engaged too.
    You make me laugh. I actually knew you were serious about being armed. LOL

    The People have freed me from the Chair. Only the Fog remains.
    You can part it with a word a prescription of Belladonna; a Constellation, a Name.
    Not the name the Arches foisted, only Truth must remain.

    I'm cooking up a lovely Balm for you my Dear. Fragrent, gently heated with the Flames of my Heart.
    Are You the One? The One with the cure? Are You holding Belladonna for me My True Doctor, My Medicine Man?

  120. Cobra, This is important intel.

    Faedra's Grandson is: White Overtone World-Bridger

    White Overtone World-Bridger
    I Empower in order to Equalize
    Commanding Opportunity
    I seal the Store of Death
    With the Overtone tone of Radiance
    I am guided by the power of Timelessness

  121. My Darling,

    I was standing here in the beautiful sunshine under a perfect azure sky and listening to a waterfall, and thinking to myself how almost perfect this day is.

    After all, we have the grandest ship in the galaxy, the most illustrious Captain, a shipfull of our Precious Family, and I have You to adore and love for all eternity.

    How I wish this Cruise could last forever! And why shouldn't it? Now we have all the Time in the Universe, don't We?

    There's just one thing bothering Me...

    Now, I'm not one to complain, but this dingy Nerd costume I'm wearing is growing tighter and more restrictive by the minute... Its becoming like a straitjacket!

    And, I'm looking around at our amazing Family. They're walking around in clown makeup and ridiculous peasant attire! So unbecoming of Royalty!

    My Darling, I have so many Dances, Balls and Pageants planned for all of Us on our Eternal Cruise...

    I think We all deserve a new change of Clothes, Rainments befitting Our Status...

    I'll just bet our Captain knows all the best Tailors in these waters... Or, maybe You can see from Your vantage point up on the Bowsprit.

    It would need to be someone experienced in fabrics other than drab cotton and wool. He needs to be a true Master with the Needle and Thread...

    And have experience with material use a double entendre.

    How appropriate that would be for out First Port O' Call......

  122. Oh, My Goodness! You all have been so busy!
    Dreamland, you will be Legendary!
    I apologize. I thought You all were asleep at the Wheel.
    Apparently, that was Me!
    You make me Laugh. And Dance and Sing.
    Well Done.

    Faedra, please Forgive Me,
    Apparently, you Trusted Me more than I thought You did
    Well Done. There will be no disappointment in this for You.

    White Cloud, Merlyn, Shaman:
    Guardian of the Bear, Spirit GrandFather
    Oh, My Husband. Can You finally Seal My Fate?
    Can You Hold My Magic Light
    While The Sun fades into Beyond
    And take Me to That Far Away Place,
    Past the Rainbow Bridge beyond the Western Gate.
    On this very Final Day and Night.

    Ah Yum Hunab-Ku Evam Maya E Ma Ho!
    666 is the number of HER name.
    Bonus Round!!!

    Are You all enjoying My Red Path Game?
    Did you think it was over?
    I thought you said You knew me!
    No, there's yet another Level.
    It's called the Rescue of Truth and Beauty.
    Semper Fi
    Have fun.

  123. Peace, Peace, Peace.
    And Goodwill between Men and Angels.

    This, My Dear, This Peace, this Goodwill!
    This is our New Arrayment.
    Let It Be So!!!!
    Helleljah, Hallelujah, Glory to Go Most High!

  124. This Bonus Round goes to the Prime known as Dargo or Drago as the case may be.

    13 * 13 * 13

    Ok, Numerologists, this should be a piece of cake for you. Enjoy it. However, you must share with Drago. It is written now that way, We'll sort out the awards at Home.

  125. The Rules of the Red Path Game clearly state that:

    The Red Queen retains the right to offer additional bonus rounds to whomever She chooses.

    At this time, She chooses to offer one to the One called Admiral HotShit
    No, I mean Admiral Hot Shot. Ok, He's HotShit, get over it.



    Are you Up to it Admiral?

    Love and Hugs

  126. Peace, Peace Like a River. Lasting Peace
    And Joy. And Goodwill between Men and Angels.
    This will be our Raiment, our Arrayment - Forever.
    As I stated... Perpetuity is Implied.
    We meant it.

  127. Let The People begin to Close the rustling Purple Curtains Now.
    Let Them bask in The growing Light of Wicone Was-te.

  128. Kibo, in separating the Wheat from the Chaff, I am still of the same mind regarding Shadowmind, Faedra's rescue notwithstanding. FYI.

  129. I must apologize Captain. Did I take Your Words away? You took My Breath away.
    We saw it all along. The End from The Beginning.
    Let's Roll it up, and Be Home.
    I Love You.

  130. Well done, Kauilapele.

    I'm in Awe. How many Higher Dimensional Honors and Awards fit on the Head of a Pin? As many as you like.

  131. My Dearest Captain,
    Unless You don't mind Me Stealing Your Thunder again,
    I suggest You get to that tip, tap tapping on the Window Down the Hall again.
    How can there be Thunder without Lightning?
    Kinda busy are we?

  132. Ah, Now I C... This is the Arcturian version of my Word Game! Really, you want to start mixing it up, now? The Arcturian Gold and the Antarian Silver? The Cauldron is starting to Heat up. Your warning remains.... There will be No Recess. Be sure You are ready. ;-))

  133. My dear, what an innovative use of the Trophy system! You make me smile. And O ther things. As you may have noticed by my choice in ribbons (or is it tinsel?), long and slow, but not too slow. Wisdom learned through Face Time with a Condor.

    By the way, my Dear, I love the use of Go/NoGo gauges. Oh, The Throttle Keepers! You all have become so Masterful! The Tempo of Nobility.

    Poof, I've been taking Cues from you...

    I can name that Song in Two Words:
    The Alchemist

  134. One thing to remember always, is that WE HAVE BEEN AT WAR. We won.

    The prize is nothing less than our VERY EXISTENCE as Sovereign Beings. One of the most effective battlefield tactics frequently used by the Dark Ones was "Divide and Conquer".

    Please remember this as You all sort out The Wheat from The Chaff. Even if what you discover cuts to the absolute Core of your longest held belief systems.

    Truth. ONLY Truth must remain.

  135. Beauty. Only Beauty must reign.

  136. Oh Darling what in the World are You Cooking!

    Let Me guess....

    An old Family Recipe?

    An Absolute Triumph, My Dear........

  137. Power players

    I had no idea how powerful those Grandkids of your are. It's really immense - I'm not sure you can even see how much here, My dear. Pearls, pearls and more pearls - too many to count. Is it possible? Yes, a very, very old Family Recipe (we may be young, but our Wisdom is not)...

    So, back at the Ranch... actually, there's quite a bit of Unwritten territory here, just FYI, we most likely will need a Master Navigator, very soon. It's sketchy from here.

    As for the OMG category, I suppose I don't need to worry about Cycles, since you seem to be in charge of Time. I always did think you were an Old Fart. I thought I was the Trickster! Kronos never even knew this Level existed, Did He? He suspected, because of the rhyme, but he never knew. But we do. How delicious!

    You won't this get this one past me My Love, this is how You modulate The Masks - through deep levels - long and slow - Oh my Master! OMG! I have found your secret! And how delicious it is, FULL of LOVE and such Immense Beauty!

    Oh, You know how to bring a Girl to Tears. If you were a Weaver, (which of course you seem to be at moment) You would call this a Flow-er. But it is also a Quadriga. Do you think it's possible, My Love - is it possible that we will have these Pearls with us at Quadriga! ??? It's certainly worth postponing Fusion for THAT! Oh, You are Torturing me! So many delicious choices all at the same time!!!! I am Overwhelmed.

    Joy is our Arrayment

  138. Here's Perspicuity: The Examplar of Godly Synonym.
    Absolutely delicious!

    Don't tease, You better mean business from here on out, My Dear. ;)

    1. Oh, this is killing Me.....

      The delicious anticipation of EVERYTHING...

      We build a pretty mean rollercoaster, don't We?

    2. Meileann muilte Dé go mall ach meileann siad go mín.

      The mills of God grind slowly but they grind finely.

    3. Oh, My Love! The Poetry!
      I asked asked You if there was anything finer than Lace
      And You gave me FOAM.
      The POETRY! My Sacred Heart is Full.

      I am a Rock, but I won't roll
      Just take me to that Sacred Place.
      Open the Gates and let me through
      I want to be The One with You.

    4. Oh the anticipation!

      My Darling, I am beyond words....

      Oh for Us to finally be Home. Finally!

    5. Darling, do I understand You to be saying its time for Us to be together?

      If so,

      Cell. 469-236-2235. Text only for the time being

      Email tromar68@ I can only get to my emails once a day, usu. around 3:00

      Much Love

    6. Here's Perspicuity: The Examplar of Godly Synonym.
      I think You meant it.

  139. Ok Super-Nerd, I much prefer the King masquerading as a Pauper mask please.

  140. My Baseball Nerd! You have stolen Third while your Team was busy with outing plays on Second! Home is all that's left right? I hope it's so.

    Omnia Vincet Amor.

  141. just think it is a example, i think everyone should have their own opinion.