Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Intel about The Event

You might want to get some more intel about the Event to increase your own preparedness and also to help assisting others during the time of the transition. 

Most of the intel in the following website is a quite reliable interpretation of information that came from reliable sources. Here it is: 



  1. Cobra, Is this a hint it's happening soon?

  2. "We know now that The Event is so close because Cobra informed us only days ago*** that the Matrix has collapsed. So any Lightworker can now speed things up with their continued effort in daily meditation to ‘see’ and support the Light Forces on the etheric, astral planes leading the dark entities there to the Light."

    This is to inform all Lightworkers that the complete text (70 pages) of "The little known psychological principle of practicing ANY meditation technique as effectively as a monk" is available @

    As far as we know this principle is taught only in the above book. This book does not teach you a new meditation technique. What it does is teach you how to practice your favorite meditation technique at an unprecedentedly high level of efficiency.

    If all Lightworkers deploy the above technique, it is entirely possible to speed up the planetary liberation efforts to a dizzying pace.

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  4. Awesome! Thank you, as always Cobra!

  5. There's one thing about The Event that bothers me. The idea that people will have a large sum of money deposited into their bank accounts at the time of the event. The problem I see with this is that a lot of people with menial, yet important jobs (Truck Drivers, Dock Workers, Garbage Collectors, etc..) Would just up and quit. If enough of them did this at once, Our infrastructure would grind to a halt.

    Now, I know that among the secret technologies being kept from us is the ability to build robots that are at least as advanced as the ones Isaac Asimov wrote about. They could take over all the drudgery of society, but I would imagine it would take months to get them all in place and working. In the meantime, who's going to the work necessary to keep society running?

    If I woke up tomorrow and had $100,000 in my bank account that had the buying power of a million dollars, (as the site above suggests) I doubt I'd bother to even call work to tell them I'd quit.

    It seems to be that there has to be a gradual shift into the new paradigm to keep civilization moving. How's that going to work?

    1. To answer your concern, there will be those of us who will be more than willing (and able) to pick up the slack of the slackers. I don't care how much money is in my bank account, I will most definitely be helping out wherever I may be called to help during, and after, the time of The Event. It will be your porogative not pitch in and help, but really, wouldn't you rather help? Perhaps your current job isn't that important in the grand scheme of things and then you could choose not to return, but hopefully you will choose to participate in a more meaningful exchange. For example, I'm a web developer. After The Event I most certainly won't go back to work designing websites for corporations, but I might choose to plant organic vegetable gardens and living food forests. Or any endless amount of other possibilities. Just because I have some money in the bank doesn't mean I'll be sitting on my ass, but it will finally give me the freedom and security to follow my dreams and do exactly what I want to be doing, without having to feel lack and uncertainty. Receiving funds will effectively free us from the current slavery system and allow us to be productive members of a new society that doesn't rely on slaves to run the system. Once people realize this, I'm sure most, if not everyone, will be helping out. Besides, the new work days will only be 3-5 hours long. I'd gladly work for 3 hours so I could indeed sit on my ass, if I so desired, for the rest of the day! ;)

    2. Brilliant response. We are here to do the work of creating a new world. Prepare to roll up your sleeves and have the time of our lives. Victory of the Light!

  6. oh i am so excited for this, i can't wait to meet them! when its time

  7. The first link in short as I understood it.


    'The Event' is not 3D Earth Revolution, it is a peaceful transition from the old 3D reality to a New World overnight.
    Every 25000 years the Galactic Central Sun emits energy. In the past 25,000 years we have been inside an energetic black hole, a space time anomaly because of the activities of dark forces. The new wave of energy started in 1975 and will continue until 2025 and is bringing transformation to our planet. 2012 marked the year that we exited this black hole. This moment is known as the Event Horizon. We are in the Event Horizon now. The Matrix has collapsed and gradually day by day the 'matrix' is now disintergrating.

    'Event Flash' will happen extremely fast. From the time of the Flash to the Event it will take 15 Minutes!
    There will be no announcement to the Event. There will be no media involved. This will just happen. This will be a complete surprise to everyone. This can happen at any time. When it does we will feel a strong energy. At a certain point, energies of the Galactic Central Sun will burn through all obstacles of the Matrix on the astral and etheric planes and all negative entities will be removed. They will be replaced with angels and spiritual guides. Cabal companies will be bankrupt, physical cabal will be arrested.

    In the early hours and days of the Event, there will not be any outside sources to tell you what to do; this will be a time when you must listen to your true heart feelings and Intuition. Remain calm and give people information - they will listen.
    In the first few hours of 'The Event' the Galactic forces will take over the satellites and communication stations. You will be able to receive intel as to what is going on around the planet. Credit cards will not work. The banks will close. There will be no way to transfer money at this time. It would be good to have cash, gold and silver coins. Because supermarkets can literally be emptied in the timeframe of 45 minutes after the news gets out, you would be wise to have a week’s supply of everything
    Within a few days there will be a new financial gold-backed system. After 'The Event' there will no longer be any homeless people. Homes will be opened up for everyone who is in need of one. Everyone with valid bank accounts will absolutely have full access to their money as soon as the banks re-open, but for the first few days the money in your bank account will be frozen.
    We will have new governments worldwide. The only tax in the future will be a 14% tax on new items. About 100,000$ will be given to each person. Some who have debt, will have to pay the debt from this sum. You should be able to buy a house for 10,000$. You will not need to have concern about health issues costing you money. There will be enough for everyone to have proper housing, food and a fairly comfortable lifestyle, but not enough to spend the rest of your days sipping cocktails by the pool. Country debt and house debt will be forgiven, mortgage debt will be cancelled. Retirement accounts, health insurance, and social security will be arranged.
    Mind controlled persons will be healed. New projects will be getting underway in every area of life and everybody can be involved. Immediately after 'The Event' factories will be built to provide New Advanced Technology – cars run on distilled water, levitating cars, almost free production of energy, heating and engines. The earth will be purified quickly.
    There will be 3 to max 5 hour workday. Education will be totally transformed. It will be much more fun and much more holistic. We will start to learn the true history about our planet. Our perception of time itself will change, people will be given spiritual education. Humanity will be under Spiritual Guidance. We will begin to create our own reality.

  8. Thanks Cobra! That helps a lot...

  9. Thank you Cobra and all who contributed for this wealth of new info!!

    Victory for the Light! :)

  10. @WINGMAKER(s)

    Thank you, my friend.
    I have something for YOU, too.
    Actually, this is for EVERYBODY. It's a message from Ashtar (2012), regarding THE WINGMAKERS.

    1. Question: "Can you tell me about the Wingmakers?"

    Ashtar: "The Wingmakers have come from the future to assist Planet Earth. They have left several time capsules, and the one in New Mexico is the first to have been discovered. There is a rich treasure trove of art and music there, along with a communication device for the telling of their story. Some of them are here now in human body.

    "Originally the Wingmakers came with warnings of a future invasion of Planet Earth by a group from another place in the universe who wanted to take over the world. However, the planet is now in pre-Ascension status, with totally changed timelines, so this invasion is not seen to take place.

    "We suggest that you go to their website* to enjoy the Wingmakers' art and music and to read their story, keeping in mind that there is nothing to fear in the predictions, because everything has changed since the time capsule was discovered."


    If you go to the original site, you'll read also about the planet NIBURU.

    Oh! I wanted to ask Cobra this question at the conference... didn't have the chance.

    COBRA, can You talk about THIS now when it's much safer to spread the TRUTH? :)))))

    Best of Luck and ALL the Light and Love to the PEOPLE of the WORLD=EARTHLINGS!!!! (I am so proud to BE one of YOU).
    That's how WE CAN change the World!!!


    1. Victory of the LIGHT!
      That is NOT the original wingmakers web site. That dot COM wingmakers website has been hijacked and now a commercial enterprise. The original wingmakers: was not about a commercial enterprise. Please see the original
      I have mentioned this before, how the original had been taken over and the original message was distorted. Even the hosts of the original have posted this difference. The hosts, yes they do communicate if you care. You see, in the beginning of this blog, I watched to see which way or how this blog would transform. Would it transform in the way of the original site did to the commercial venture, or remain true to the spirit of the original real message? You can see the difference in the messages, as I have read a great deal of both wingmakers websites, the original and the commercial. By the way, the music on the commercial website isn't bad at all, it's just sad to never really know, as of yet, what the original music was. I have videos from this week of sky watching through my profile.
      Victory of the LIGHT!

  11. it just sums up whats already been said. but what about the original ascension plan that was planned to be released after 25th may? what about other details or intel on situation in the world? there is a lot of tornadoes, floods in europe, situation in turkey.. so much pressure everywhere, i dont see anything getting better.

  12. Hello Cobra,

    I listened to your interview with Alexandra Meadors on Tuesday night and just needed confirmation on a key comment that I think you made. If I remember correctly, you stated that the timing of the Event was contingent on the ability of your fairly small group on this blog to form global groups that will organize all of humanity in all aspects after the Event. Please confirm if this is correct.

    Would you be willing to share with us the number of people who are truly ready, willing, and able to do this? Namaste!

  13. is it all going to happen for real?
    any proof?

  14. All of your links are not available?

  15. The Plan To “Take Back America” – Place ALL state and federal capitols under ‘Civil Disobedient’ Siege

    1. Victory of the LIGHT!
      If the indigenous people were to 'Take Back America", how would that go? You forget, the land called 'America' was never called that in the beginning and was very much stolen and looted as is still happening this very minute. The term 'Native American' implies that the land now called 'America' was always called America. Think about it. There is a much higher 'civil' authority than the ones that run the land called America that will see that balance is returned.
      and that will be a Victory of the LIGHT!
      Victory of the LIGHT!
      Victory of the LIGHT!

    2. And a great day that will be. Justice will prevail for the good people of the earth. I believe that there is somewhere tucked away in the Plan, provisions for restitution to native peoples, as it should be. However with their philosophy of earth stewardship, can something be restored to them, that in their own view was never theirs, nor ever belonged to anyone but Great Spirit and Gaia herself ? Whatever unfolds, they will no doubt be blessed for holding the flame alive, in spite of the pillaging and oppression of their cultures.

  16. Been wanting to post this for a while. There is a show on ABC called Once Upon A Time. It's a story about a group of people from another dimension that had a veil of forgetfullness cast on them and who do not know who they really are. The little boy is on a "mission" to release this curse and wake everyone up. The boy calls this mission...drum roll...OPERATION COBRA! Love it, clearly a little message for us from the Light Forces. Check it out, he says it at 0:34 and 1:47.


    "Alex JOnes: You can't stop freedom! Peoples is waking up!" :D

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    thing that ever has. -Margaret Mead