Sunday, June 23, 2013

Short Situation Update

Significant progress has been made after the opening the Portal on May 25th.
On the non-physical planes, the final offensive of the Light forces to clear all remaining negative entities has commenced. This offensive will continue until the final and complete liberation of the non-physical planes and the Light forces will not retreat under any circumstances. This offensive is one of the key elements for the planetary liberation and we can compare it with Operation Overlord offensive in 1944 which decided the victory of the Allied forces in World War 2. Although it will still take some time for the liberation to be completed, our victory is assured. 

In the subterranean network below the surface of the planet, a process of integration of the Resistance Movement into the Galactic Confederation is taking place. Many different positive cosmic races are building their bases in the deeper portions of the underground network as part of spiritual, cultural and sociological integration process. You need to understand that only about 70 percent of Galactic races are humanoid and there are many exotic forms of life out there. Nevertheless, cosmic Love is the deeper bond which connects all these races, no matter how strange or exotic their physical body or psychological makeup might be. This integration process will strengthen cosmic Love and brotherhood between different cosmic races and the Resistance as part of preparations for the First Contact for the surface population which will happen after the Event. The other part of this process will include the appearance of certain members of some of those races on the surface of the planet within this year of 2013. Those appearances may or may not be public. Details about this project must remain classified for now. 
Needless to say, there are many projects and operations taking place behind the scenes and hopefully soon there will be results and I will have interesting news. 


  1. Thank you cobra, this is wonderful news. What you say about the similarity between the opening of the portal and D-Day was something I had already in my head as a comparison. Very funny that you affirm this. I really felt something has changed since. I feel more lifted up and experience less heavy attacks.

    Kind regards

  2. I'm just smiling so hugely these days!

    I must say, I was so disappointed when 12/21/12 did not produce the changes I had been imagining. How silly I was to imagine that our changes could occur like flipping a switch. Of course they could not!!I was disheartened, but thank goodness only briefly.

    These days I am seeing the future with new eyes! Now that the former Defense Minister of Canada, Paul Hellyer ( has come forward with intel so similar to what's been said here for some time, I am again infused with hope for our planet's future. It's coming, and I can feel it.

    Thank you again for being a place for all of this hope to be expressed in a unified voice!!

    Blessing to all!!!

  3. Thank you dear Cobra.
    Very interesting intel, it make us wonder how these races looks like.

    1. Dolores Cannon has many discriptions of various galactics in her books. I would start with "The Three Waves of Volunteers" and "Convoluted Universe Book 4" (you can read the Convoluted series out of order). I think you might enjoy these.

  4. Nós somos um!
    We are one!
    Love for all!
    Hugs from Brasil!
    O gigante acordou!

  5. Hello Cobra. I would love to make contact, but I feel that my location limits me because I live off of a busy street in a small city. How can I make it possible for an alien species to contact me? I have recently "woke up" and began meditating but I am not very experienced, however I have wanted to get in contact for a very long time. I just think that I need guidance, could you please give me some tips?
    Thank you

    1. If you have had contact, you may be surprised to learn that you may not have any memory of it. Or when you are taken it is such that there is no evidence to lead you to believe it. As one who has repeated contact, but is allowed to remember almost none of it, and still is scared shitless when there is a grey (the short robot kind), don't ask for what you don't know. The Humanoid races are easy to be around. But there are many other types. And some would freak you the hell out. When there is open contact you will be able to easily interact with them if you wish.

    2. Yes I am speaking more of the pleiadian race. I have never had an experience with other races, only once in a very vivid dream but things were very random and not realistic.
      Anyways and I will keep trying :)

  6. hi cobra,

    is that just a picture or are you trying to give a clue by including 2 deities in it ?

    1. The mountain is called Arunachala. It was the place where Ramana Maharshi got liberated (enlightened) . He invites you to ask yourself one question only: who are you? Then don' stop wondering until the knowledge obliterates the false self.

    2. There should be a stargate there. Heard there was one in Manasarovar. Who am I ! One of the greatest Zen koans ever ! Ramana would have been at home in a Zen monastery !

  7. Time to double and triple down on meditations!!! Thank you Cobra and thank you star family! I hope and pray I get to thank you in person!

  8. I send my love and blessing to you Cobra and to the light forces to help us in this crucial timeline. May we be successful and may the LOVE be with you always.

    Piperon - The Spiritual Flute Player

  9. Can you give me your opinion of this note I just got to night 6/23/13 ?
    Third Continental Congress
    The brightest signal flare in America history will be witnessed across the globe this week signaling the militias who have since united, signaling the troops within United States military and signaling you, the People who have waited for this day of resistance.

    It will be as bright as the first shot fired in the American Revolution was loud. It will tell tyranny we are engaged in the fight. It will speak to tyranny, in one voice.

    The voice of the People - will no longer live in slavery! The voice of the People - will no longer be controlled by the banks and government charters cancelled! The voice of the People - will now stand our ground united in all states across this great Republic! The voice of the People - will fight for freedom as our Forefathers fought for us.

    This fight for freedom is to secure the Republic for our children, our grandchildren and for generations to follow. Our Forefathers and the standing army accomplished this over two hundred thirty six years ago with less than we have.

    We will fight with our guns and knives, with our pitch forks and shovels, with our trucks and cars, and trackers and combines. We will fight alongside one another. We will fight for each other. We will fight for those who can’t, and we will fight for those who simply don’t give damn.

    There is no doubt - many will perish in the coming battles to secure freedom. Such sacrifices are necessary to secure liberty and to preserve life for generations, as our children are our greatest asset. Any sacrifices short of laying down our lives for them, is unacceptable.

    We will all be known in the pages of history as a People who had set petty differences aside and united as one to restore the Republic. We will be known for our bravery - Our unity - Our resilience to tyranny! We will be known again as one nation under God and indivisible!

    Go - be with your children and grandchildren this weekend. Be with your mothers and fathers, aunts and uncles, grandmother and grandfather. Be with your cousins and your friends. Look at them in the eye and tell them you love them. Hold them as if you will never again be able to hold them.

    Look at yourself in the mirror, and understand this – most often destiny chooses you, and if you do not believe in yourself – know this: Your Creator believes in you.

    1. Where did you get this "note" from? A channel? It's beautiful. Thank you for sharing!!! ;)

    2. @ icing RP and to the people of the world

      DON'T BE ALARMED, and/or afraid, my friends.
      Yes, a few disturbances, and casualties will happen, for sure.

      Yet, I KNOW, that we will get help, and will be protected by our own RM sisters and brothers, as well as by our Galactic/Cosmic sisters and brothers.

      And remember; death means going back to HOME. Nothing else. And when you go THERE.... you don't want to come back here.... I know.

      Trust Cobra when HE said;

  10. AWESOME!!!!

    But this waiting period seems to BE the hardest of all...
    I just want to be taken to UNDERGROUND, and cooperate with THEM. I want to work with these exotic, Cosmic family (like Mother Sekhmet), and be a part of the projects THEY are doing behind the scenes.

    I love acting, and can't stand, any longer, talking, and talking, and talking....

    Where can I get a job application? ;)))

  11. This all sounded wonderful until I read the part of the post that said .. "Many different positive cosmic races are building their bases in the deeper portions of the underground network as part of spiritual, cultural and sociological integration process." Why does that disturb me? Because how do we know they are 100% positive? I haven't met them yet, and here they are already setting up shop. Who invited them? That brings me to my next point. If we are sovereign human beings then we should be the ones to determine who and what can live on our planet. We've never had that opportunity and I am fed up with all the secrecy already, even from the positive races. Given the pervasive and hidden nature of alien control (energy harvesting and implants, mind programming, hyper dimensional manipulation and the influencing of mass consciousness to influence timelines), can anyone blame me for being circumspect?

    True discernment is a necessary skill and cannot be swept aside even for something as benign as this appears to be. Critical thinking must be applied. It is important to decipher the core elements of alien disinformation and what roles they would likely play in a worldwide deception scenario so they can keep their preservation of hyper dimensional control at this very critical time (The Great Harvest).

    White Fire

    1. I agree and had the same reaction to this post.
      And am finding that the definition of a "light"
      being can be "Service to self" or "Service to others".
      It does not make me feel very comfortable that any
      groups from off planet are setting up bases already.
      Who gave them permission? Did the meditations that
      have been proposed here serve as a "green light"?
      If these forces are our liberation, then we should
      all be in contact with them. Not just a few individuals.

    2. I understand your point of view Devi Mariamne, White fire... It's always good to be aware of everything :]

      However the Galactic Confederation of light has been around this planet for centuries. They have been taking care of cataclysms and some of them even with the quality of the very air we breath.

      I suggest you to relax good friend, relax. Be assured that everything is being done for our own safety... :]

    3. I am willing to do that Gabryel. At this point
      I do not see another option!

    4. Brethren, isn't the sense of ownership, one of the evils of our civilization? Who owns the land? What race was here first? As one can deny shelter to those in need? The idea of scarcity is a myth 3D. The universe provides everything we need.

    5. I've been on this planet living openly for years. No one invited me that I remember. Ha! I just woke up here and have been trying to figure it out ever since. So, dear White Fire, (I love your name!) who invited you? I certainly didn't that I remember. No worries; I welcome you to my planet! It's mine, all mine, by rights of discovery. It has many natives who think they own the place, but of course they're fooling themselves. If I tell them it's mine and they stay here at my pleasure, they are unlikely to get it. Some may even get hostile. Oh well, goes with the territory. Now for the galactics that have been using this place for millions of years, some as a vacation resort, some as a prison, some as a place to mine gold, using the natives as slaves, and now the whole gang, their differences reconciled, want to turn it back into a heaven on Earth. Well, for their information, they have my permission, as the property owner, and my blessings as well. The thing is we all, or many of us, have been reincarnating over and over again on this and many other planets and as members of races domestic and exotic for millions of lives, unless of course we haven't. The idea of personal ownership or collective ownership by you're buddies, family, race, or ethnicity is really very silly. But silliness goes with the territory too. Anyway, that's my story and I'm sticking to it unless I come up with a better one. Have you a better one?

  12. Who said that the Earth is our planet? Because we live here? I think it should not a simple "property" question anymore. We should consider thinking outside of the box.

  13. I am finding that I am being taken every 2 1/2 - 3 weeks now. Things must be picking up pace. Of course at this critical time, I don't get to remember anything for security reasons. But they let me know, as I requested, by changing the straps on my apnea mask. As long as I have it on when I take any kind of sleep, I know when I went. It had been once a month till March-April. I only just requested the proof at Christmas 2012. I do wish I had thought of it sooner. I very much want to meet with the other races of non-humanoids. After the Event, I am sure that I will get that opportunity. And I am hoping I will get to be an emissary to the Galactic government, as I was told I could be nearly 20 years ago. I do need to finish my 2nd Masters in International Relations.

  14. So at last the interesting times are beginning right now! What an adventure! :-)

  15. Great work Cobra and the Resistance Movement! I am always feeling positive and delighted everyday since May 25!

    Looking forward after the Event!
    Let the bygones be bygones, it's a start of New Era! :D

  16. actually folks you are the ones who gave permission for the current hive of intergalactic activity that is being globally witnessed, that'll be the higher you which is the you that does "the business" while the you that is playing in the matrix of Earth sleeps...

    Your ego mind will attempt to reason this unpalatable truth out of your human vehicle because you are quite thoroughly conditioned to not believe what i have just intoned.

    For example:
    i have doubts as to the veracity of Cobra's information because i share the same ego issue as you, however,,i also observe our instincts draw us here to Cobra's blog like magnets and in observation of that magnetic pull, i am willing to give my instincts the opportunity to educate my ego to the ever expanding notion that most things are not quite what they seem here on Earth.

    Cosmic Love, We Are Energy, The Energy We Know And Recognise as LOVE

    1. I am willing to do that as well. Holding all judgements.

  17. Maybe Cobra could publish photos of a few representatives (some 'unique' looking ones) of the cosmic races who are here building bases...
    Since the people who visit this site are already aware of the e.t.'s presence, it isn't giving away any secrets to just let us see what a few look like...
    And anyone who stumbles on the site will either be 'a believer' or will believe the photos are photo-shopped, it really can't do any harm to post some visual confirmation of your intel here...
    As far as the negative entities 'seeing' which cosmic races are here, how could it do any harm if the liberation is to the point that "victory is assured"?

  18. I met many different faces humans until now. They were mostly harmful. I like them already all different many exotic forms of life form.

    1. Beloved Baris,

      I think you type it wrongly - it should be "They were mostly friendly".

      May the LOVE be with you always.
      Piperon - The Spiritual Flute Player.

  19. I have a question for light lovely people who comes to this site. Is anyone able to tell if someone is your soulmate, twin flame etc, just by saying a name and date of birth or so? Please? i'd like to know about this one person, and please dont tell me that i have to feel it and so on,.. i just need an feedback.

    1. Namaste,

      The only way to truly know is to feel it out, otherwise your just comparing logical variables in your head against that person.

    2. hi Rayman,
      i'm currently experimenting with your question (this lifetime actually).
      feel free to contact me if u'd like to know more.

  20. Hi Cobra
    Thanks for all your effort made
    Positive thinking will draw positive result
    Love and Humanity coming on to our Plant Earth is near at hand
    I am expecting good news soon.....

  21. Why are so many of those professing to help rid our world of the DARK CABAL so against President Obama when he is the Light that will lead us through these terrible times? I just don't understand. I would so appreciated any information. thanks gramma Ellen

    1. I reserve judgement on Obama myself, I like him a lot personally but he does seem to have doubled down on all the archly criminal Bush policies. Now it may be he's been told his daughters will kidnapped and tortured if he doesn't play ball, with the long-time shadow government. This is a common tactic when offers of multi-million dollar secret bank accounts don't entice. What would you do under such circumstances? The Secret Service (SS) was, I've read, built from the roots of the same Nazi SS that was pulled Hitler's strings. It's politically correct to blame HItler, of course. Obama gets blamed because we only see what we see. With an entire Congress and Supreme Court in the pockets of the dark side, what can a mere President actually do? People need to wake up and use their own eyes and ears rather than those of the controlled media. Now that I"ve ranted. the real answer is that people criticize because they haven't learned about love. Criticism is modeled for us by agents of the dark side, so we think it's an appropriate behavior. Criticism only keeps us from growing spiritually, playing nicely into the hands of the dark. Let's all take charge of our own lives and practice love for all. Let's do it now and not stop until either we're dead or the world changes. The truth is we will never be dead even if our bodies expire, so why waste even a minute when we could be spending it in loving service to All that IS? Anyone have a better idea? Disclaimer: This message contains speculations which may be only partly true. Fact is, I hope it's getting less true by the minute!

  22. Cobra,
    thank you for all your interviews! <3
    The last one:

  23. Hello Cobra,

    this is important information about Cabal with names and loctions. Hope you look it up: