Wednesday, August 7, 2013

MAKE THIS VIRAL! Portal Conference in Paris and Goddess Spiral Workshop in Zurich

After the successful activation of the ALMA portal on May 25th,  we are beginning with a new cycle of conferences. You can help making them viral by posting this information on your websites, blogs and facebook.

First, there will be Cobra's Portal conference in Paris from September 13th to 15th. Paris vortex is one of the main anchor points for Saint Germain, whose main purpose is the final liberation of humanity.

On the conference,  people will receive more in-depth intel and will be able to ask questions. One of the main focuses of this conferences will be an energetic transformation of the financial system with the assistance of Saint Germain. The purpose of the conference is manifold: to strengthen the planetary Light body with vortex activations and to bring some Light and clarity in the minds of dedicated lightworkers. This conference will be a unique energetic event. We will be also anchoring the Goddess presence in the Paris vortex.

You can get more information about the Paris conference and you can also register here:

Then we will have a Goddess Spiral workshop in Zurich from September 21st to 22nd, led by Isis and Cobra. This will be a very special event, taking place exactly on the autumn equinox, assisting us to achieve balance between female and male polarity. This workship will give us practical tools how to integrate Goddess energy for our own transformation and also for us to become pure transmitters of the Goddess energy for planetary liberation process.

You can get more info about the Goddess Spiral workshop in Zurich and you can register here:

Depending on the planetary situation, there will most likely be further conferences taking place and they will be announced when the time is right.

Join us and together we can create Victory of the Light!


  1. Please Cobra, I'm confused. Your previous messages talk of how close we are to the event, but now according to this update, if we are to assume that the event won't happen until after these conferences, the event is many months away. Your even talking about more conferences after these two. I'm trying to stay positive about all of this but it's beginning to seem that this could drag on for a very long time. Is this an accurate assessment or could the event be triggered at any time before the conferences?

    1. Brother, i agree with you! It looks like that the our star brothers and sisters don't want to put and end to this madness RIGHT NOW, because our "global will" it's not "strong enough".
      They say we need 144.000 people meditating, or "asking" for intervention, so it all can happen.

      Cobra himself agreed with this fact when the user "lightworker77" said it in the previous post, therefore, at least this appears to be the case.



      (When I say "help" I mean the complete liberation of the astral plane from the dark forces. It is a FACT that our star brothers and sisters help us A LOT. But what i'm trying to say is that they don't execute the FINAL BLOW to the dark forces of the astral plane because of this.

      (At least this appears to be the case, as the user "lightworker77" said that darkness is contained, but not defeated, because our "global will" is not "strong enough" and cobra AGREED to that).

      I believe that our biggest challenge now is the opposition from the astral plane. I know cobra said that the last offensive there started, but when the darkness is no more in the astral plane, the situation in the physical plane will be much easier to deal with! Cobra himself said it also!!!!

      When we are free from "invisible" influence (when I say "we", I mean ALL HUMANITY), release of spiritual intel and truths will be much easier, we'll just have to show STUNNING evidence of the truths to the masses.

      There are lots of them on youtube. For example, the videos of annonymous FO that show so many sighting of UFOS, that only a few would not believe or would say it is hoax.

      If those videos were hoaxes (fakes), it would take a lot of time to be finished, and would cost LOTS of money.

      Tell me: WHO would spend a lot of time/money in fake videos to put in youtube and have no-return? To prove something? Give me a break! NOBODY WILL PAY YOUR BILLS JUST BECAUSE YOU DID PROVE SOMETHING TO SOME ONE.

      People need to make money in our world, to survive. And our times are not that free to spend months creating HOLLYWOOD-LIKE UFO videos and having not even one dollar in return. Nobody would spend all that time/money for nothing...

      These are just a couple of examples of how we can "teach" what we know to the masses. Showing STUNNING evidences (like historical records, artefacts, tales, videos, pictures, testimonials, and etc.) and using our heads to create undefeatable arguments to DEFEND those evidences.

      Anyway, I'm 100% sure that if you ask people in the streets, if they would want a "pos-ascension" world, they would answer: YES! (Assuming they know how it would be.)

      WE ALL WANT A BETTER WORLD, MY GOSH!!!!!!! THE LIGHT FORCES MUST UNDERSTAND THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      The point is: We can't create this pos-ascension world, because the darkness is making us busy all the time and luring our attention to stupid things. And they orquestrate this all in the ASTRAL PLANE.

      Astral plane is the key, but we need the light forces to put an end to the darkness there to be successfull here.

    2. Great comment Skins! I am feeling the same way. I'm tired of all the talk of this event on many websites but I'm starting to think that it may never happen!!!

    3. I agree 100%, I have been awake since 2006, this has been a blessing overall to be awake, but a curse on my patience. I have been reading the same stuff for years and for the most part it hasn't change. COBRA, I have to say, you do provide realism to the whole event. However, we are losing our patience, and civil war is brewing in this country. We need action now, or the people of this great country will take it on their own, and unfortunately it will bring us to our knees and back to what this country was fought over, freedom vs oppression. This is what these bastards want, and it will be unavoidable.

      I have done great research (spec finance), and I can only tell the readers of this site to watch the 10 yr US treasure bond more than what COBRA tells us (not a shot at you COBRA). If the 10 yr goes above 3%, then start to get ready for change, especially if it goes above 3.5%. It has been stuck a 2.65 for the last few weeks. Once the fed loses control on the bond market, the sooner we all mover closer to the event.

      We need to meditate that the Fed Reserve tapers in Sept and not Dec. That is the key to everything. If you saw, the Fed mentioned of tapering in May as a test run to see how the market would react, and I can tell you it was panic. Rates went from 1.6 to 2.6 in a week or so. Expensive debt for the govt, I'd say. The minute it is official that the fed will pull back on its 85 billion a month (MONTH that is), then game over. The question of the day is whether they push it to dec, jan or do it in sept, hence imo, why COBRA doesn't know for sure when the event happens. If we will that the Fed tapers in Sept, things change drastically sooner. If they push it to December, then we all wait longer for the implosion of the system. Either way, they lose control because the minute a dollar is pulled back from QE, the minute we move closer to the Event.

      I pray, visualize, hope that this nightmare ends in September of this year by the fed announcing they end QE in Sept.

    4. @Mark Raymond

      I agree 99% with you brother, the 1% that I don't agree is that we are not losing our patience, our patience is long gone, in fact.

      I remember once COBRA said that the light forces didn't liberate our planet in the ancient times because if they tried to approach earth, the dark forces would slay all humanity.

      LETS SEE: In ancient times, humanity had no more than 1 million people (that is a guess) living in the planet.
      World war two alone killed more than 50 million people. And destroyed the life of many millions more. And it was staged by the cabal, we all know it.

      And world war two was not the only catastrophic event that the cabal created. They are responsible for the deaths of much more than 50 million of people in our history. MUCH MORE!
      Not only for the killing, but for the suffering, poverty, raping, torturing, crying and etc. of hundreds of millions of humans.


      If there was a battle here, trying to liberate those 1 million, let's say that half of them would perish. It still would be much less bloody then in the way it was allowed to be.
      Much more than 500.000 people die in our world in a single YEAR... Not to say those who have nothing to eat or drink in Africa.

      And now we all are trapped in a reincarnation cycle, and the light forces say “darkness is contained, but not defeated”, because our “global will” to liberate the planet is not "strong enough" just because we don't have 144.000 meditators xD.

      Our star brothers and sisters may be good people, but they never lived our realities. Nobody has the right to blame us for the delays, THEY DO NOT KNOW HOW IT IS TO BE REINCARNATED IN EARTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      They don't know how it is to struggle for food daily, to pay your bills, to not be allowed to sleep, because they live in paradise-like worlds.


      "As I have said many times, the Event can not happen until the non-physical negative forces are dealt with. Removing them requires a lot of hard work without immediate spectacular results that many are expecting. The Light forces had a plan to trigger the Event in 2012 inside one of the Windows of Opportunity. That would require conscious cooperation and a degree of unity inside the Liberation movement on the surface of the planet. As you all know, that unity did not manifest and in addition to that, certain key individuals made wrong decisions in crucial moments, as it often happens within the surface population. The Light forces beyond the surface of the planet have thus choses a more waterproof approach that does not rely so much on the surface population. They are removing obstacles one after the other until the situation in ripe for the Event to occur. This approach takes longer, but it is much more certain to be successful."

      They may have given up on us, but let's prove them wrong. we feel that our book is a crucial piece of the puzzle as far as keeping our side of the bargain is concerned. combined with psychic self defense techniques, a small meditation group can use our book (The little known psychological principle of practicing ANY meditation technique as effectively as a monk) to manifest liberation sooner. the time taken for liberation via self effort should be inversely proportional to how much effort is put into meditation as well as the number of people making up the meditation group. people are dying daily and the above method can save lives. would you like to save lives and manifest the Event sooner or just sit back and wait for the light forces to complete their job in months/ years ? (just think that all that keeps us from liberation in the near future is convincing a few hundred thousand people to

    6. @ Mark Raymond: it's ludicrous to say that you are 'awake' and in the same breath express your impatience like some kind of brat! Some of us have been following this process for years and been engaged in spiritual practises for decades and we are not 'awake' either. The definition of being awake is seeing the illusion outside for what it is, from the perspective of the eternal Now of divine Reality...which even I have only touched lightly in my sleep!

  2. Cobra, it's very important that we start inviting well known light workers to these conferences. People like David Icke, Alex collier, Bob dean, Kerry Cassidy, Alex jones and etc.
    These light workers are very well known by the masses, and if they join forces with us, we'll be able to have a huge amount of viewers and a lot more meditators to help our efforts.
    You have strong contacts, therefore, why not to try to contact at least some of these people?
    You could even post here in your blog a message, asking people who might know some of these famous light workers to tell them about your blog.
    But it's important to prepare a material before, explaining them what is your project, how you do work and etc. Those videos in youtube, from Alexandra, about your conferences would be a nice starting point to show them your ideas.
    If you could edit a video, with images and audio, trying to summarize all the intel that they will need to understand, it will be much better, because they are probably busy and won't have time to read many of your posts.
    And if they don't fully understand the project, they won't want to participate. Therefore, it's important to explain them EXACTLY what we are doing and why we need them. A video with important key intel, to make them understand completly would be the best idea in my opinion. This video can be viewed by people of the masses too, making our project easier for them to understand as well.

  3. Cobra, the world will find out the true power of Demeter. She is the only blond Goddess high atop Mt. Olympus. An Olympic god known to make everything on earth die over her daughter Persephone, the queen of the dead. They are known as dual queens.

  4. I thought this Event was going to happen in August. Now your saying September. Is anything really going to happen!!!

    1. "I thought this Event was going to happen in August. Now your saying September. Is anything really going to happen!!!"

      Actually at the end of his post he went on to say that he thinks it likely that there will be other conferences after these two end in late Septemeber.

      So this could very well take us into 2014.Can't say I am surprised really.It's getting tiresome having the 'treat' yanked further away from us every time we are led to think we are getting near.

    2. I understand the feelings of impatience and frustration expressed on this post, sincerely. This is also what I feel to some extent, but I know it does not depend on a single person, it is a process in which all parties involved are doing their best to make that happen as soon as possible.

      I would add that we should not stop planning projects under the pretext that something is going to happen in the immediate future, the " normal timelines " have to be maintained to avoid confusion and come what may. Stop living and organizing our lives as usual because of the Event won't be wise and will ultimately alter the very occurence of the Event.

  5. My Goodness Alcyone, how Exquisite are Your Tapestries!

    Destiny is woven in Blue, Purple and Gold.

  6. "Depending on the planetary situation, there will most likely be further conferences taking place and they will be announced when the time is right."

    Will there be any conferences after the event?
    And if not does this statement mean that the event will not be for a while?Sounds like we might be going into 2014 before we see anything.

  7. Cobra is it possible to give us some intel? the Event will happen in this year? because You said that the Victory of the Light is near ,but how near? months? years?

    1. Intel update will be given next week, but no dates.

  8. OK, Cobra and everyone. You need to go to 2012 Emergence website and look for the page, More Interesting Video On "The Object". A planetary body is being photographed and shown through different filters on his computer. It is positioned under the sun and seems to have moons orbiting around it. Now Cobra has said that there is no planet x or Niberu that is coming. But this proves you wrong. I have participated in the weekly meditations that I can. And have been looking to you as a source for 'reliable' information. This seems to disprove what you have been telling us. What have you to say? Are you being misled, or are you misleading us? This really calls into question what you have been telling us. Or who your sources are. And I am very upset by this. You need to reply. As this is no small thing. I had read somewhere or heard on CoasttoCoastAM that someone has astronomers as friends and that there is some very disturbing information that is being kept hidden by NASA and the Academic community. This seems to qualify as pert of that information.

    1. Cobra said there was no Niburu but there might be a second sun or planet x visible, on last months interview.

    2. From what I have seen and read. This 'sun' is coming right past us as it swings past the Sun. We will get caught in the magnetic pull of this large, very hot body going past us at around 20 million miles distant. The sun is 93 million. And even though this body is only 47,000 miles across, its magnetic pull may well change our polls to shift not just electro-magnetically, but physically, by making the crust switch N to S. The entire planet and oceans coming out of their basin, and 700 mph winds. Not to mention the intense heat and cloud of iron ore up to 70 lbs. traveling behind it for hundreds of thousands of miles. Then we will go through that tail. It is said to be thick enough to come down like hail. This isn't years away, it would be a few months at most, if what I have seen and read are true. So yeah this is a big thing, That I have heard repeatedly is not to occur. Yet it seems that it is in the process of actually happening now. WE WILL GET HIT BY THIS. Any reply Cobra? I still have some hope in you. But it seems to be fading right now.

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  10. Dearest Michael, You have won our Word Game.


    Vision. Perfection is the exemplar of Godly synonym.

    There is nothing in the Cosmos that You cannot Perfect.

  11. Son of Thunder, You have succeeded beyond all expectations. Well Done.

    Power is Perfected in Weakness.
    Freedom is a Lovely warm dish enjoyed with FAMILY.

    Thank You.

    1. Son of Thunder, did I express to You my gratitude that the Breaking Wheel is Broken?

      Yes. WE are Very Grateful.

  12. Oh, Papa. Antarian Silver is very fine and there is nothing finer than Olympian Gold.

    Thank You for the crucible and the furnace.

  13. Be careful what you water your dreams with. Water them with worry and fear and you will produce weeds that choke the life from your dream. Water them with optimism and solutions and you will cultivate success. Always be on the lookout for ways to turn a problem into an opportunity for success. Always be on the lookout for ways to nurture your dream.

    ~ Lao Tzu


  14. whenever I see this website post upcoming planned conferences or more waiting for magic portals to open I feel sad and disappointed because it indirectly tells you that the event won't be coming anytime soon before those unending announcements pass which keeps on piling up everytime it sounded like "this must be it" more of these gets by again and again.

    Its like cobra indirectly saying " tough luck, not yet so we have more time for these inconsequencial activities." sigh............

  15. And this is why it is crazy to convince anybody not into this new age insider information because they keep on delaying the event.

    Since last year till now how many superlative/grand announcements did we hear about we are winning yet still we are here gawking at our computer screens waiting for some signs because other than the internet there are really few things we can confirm outside information loop.

  16. Cobra Conferences video

    Love and Light to all!

  17. Wonderful, earthians judge extraterrestrials for their own state of being...
    It seems that mama, papa, government, God, aliens, angels, devils and whole universe are guilty. All but us.

    Guys, it's time to grow up.

  18. 3D is emulated beautifully in holography. It must never again exist as a Realm.

    It has the capability of generating its own sentient darkness/blackness. The ShadowMind effected the entire Universe. WE almost destroyed ourselves with it. We have said Never Again.

    3D R.I.P.
    It is undone.
    It is done.

    1. Uncreating My Miscreations

      ShadowMind and all it's miscreations including but not limited to etheric weapons, implants, programs and technologies, grays, clones, zombies, reptiloids, toids et al. R.I.P

    2. Come, Lord Kalki.
      Bring Your Sword to bear.
      There will be no more Blind Justice.

    3. London Bridges are falling down.

    4. There is a White Hot Holy Fire reserved for just these:

      Zionists R.I.P
      Jesuits R.I.P.
      Bohemian Grove R.I.P

      Vatican R.I.P.

      Flags - Burn, burn.