Sunday, January 12, 2014

Fall of the Archons Update

There is a certain important operation of the Light forces taking place behind the scenes under strictest secrecy. Insiders have been instructed to release no significant intel until this is completed. That is the reason why apparently »nothing« is happening, except for usual Fukushima and Dinar / RV hype. 
The only thing I can say about this operation is that it is related to removal of all remaining Archons from the planet and also related to removing the real cause that allowed darkness to spread across the Galaxy millions of years ago in the first place. 
On the physical plane, the current Archon leader is now living in a small provincial city not too far from Rome. He came to Earth in 1995 through a portal in a deep underground military base near Verona to prevent the Ascension and planetary liberation process which was in full force then, and to prepare and organize the Congo Archon invasion in 1996. Obviously he does not belong to old Italian black nobility. But he is very well connected with them and with the Jesuit network through the following three main communication nodes:
His role now is to maintain the quarantine status of planet Earth and to »prevent certain things from happening«. 
The main Archon black nobility families still worth noticing are Farnese, Orsini, Aldobrandini and Chigi. 
The Farnese family is the main architect of the Cabal as they have created the Jesuits with a little help of the Borja family back in the 1540s. Immediately after that, they have built their first Pentagon in Caprarola near Rome:

In their »map room« inside that building they have shaped the destiny of the world during 16th and 17th centuries:

It is interesting to note that the world map from the 16th century shows Antarctica, which was officially »discovered« in the 1770s. Around that time the Farnese have decided to use Jesuit Adam Weishaupt to create Illuminati, elevate the Rothschilds to power and move the Farnese seat of power to Washington, DC. They have built their second Pentagon there. It is also interesting to see that Larry Farnese, a member of the family, is a senator:
The Orsini family has a very strong connection with the Reptilian race and is the main connecting link between the physical and non-physical Archons. They are the ones who created the pact between the Reptilian race and the Roman Catholic Church. Long time ago, their main portal was in the underground tunnels beneath Pitigliano. That system of tunnels went all the way to Orvieto and in underground chambers beneath Orvieto they have stored the Vatican gold. The Orsini family lost a lot of their power in May 2010 in a major operation of the Light forces codenamed Mission Blue Shield. 
The Aldobrandini family contains members of the original group which chose to experience separation from the Source millions of years ago. They have in their possession secret documents about the existence of Atlantis and fragments of rituals of Atlantean mystery schools. This family is aware of the importance of the Goddess energy. There is a certain fact about this family that will be made public after the Event and will surprise many people.
The Chigi family are bankers for the Jesuits and they control Banca Monte dei Paschi de Siena. As I have stated over a month ago, the Eastern Alliance is disrupting their financial machinations and here are the results:
All these families are losing power rapidly and the Cabal is losing support that was covering their backs for centuries. Besides that, the Cabal is now worried about this:
This is the reason many people within the Cabal structure are preparing for the end of the current civilization and building shelters. All high level intel about Galactic Center activity, especially in the March to May timeframe,  must remain classified for now. 
The Eastern Alliance is making big progress, especially in China, removing Cabal minions from positions of power and reforming the system:
Certain operation of the Light forces will be completed in a week or so and things will begin to move forward and more intel and good news might be released soon. 
On the non-physical planes, removal of Archons, their minions and their technologies continues. One of areas where good progress was made is the removal of etheric infrasound technology which suppresses human vibrational frequency.

More than two thirds of that technology have been removed in the last month. Etheric scalar devices can produce physical infrasound that can be measured. In two independent measurements of the ambient sound in nature you can see that ambient infrasound up to 100 Hz goes up to 35 dB above the ambient sound in other frequencies. You can also see a curious ultrasound peak at 10 kHz in one measurement and 15 kHz in the other. They correspond to etheric ultrasound network which scans the brain activity: 

The intensity of the etheric infrasound and ultrasound is set to remain just below the hearing threshold of an average human being to avoid people becoming curious about it and realizing that something strange is going on. You can see that perceived human hearing graph looks quite similar to the graphs above:

Some people are still able to hear that infrasound and some even the ultrasound frequencies and many researchers call this the Taos hum. This hum was recorded with a professional sound equipment and it sounds like this:
Removal of these technologies and structures requires a lot of hard work of the Light forces, as the Archons were improving their non-physical control networks for the last 25,000 years. It will take much less than 25,000 years to dismantle all this, but do not be discouraged if a month or two passes without any visible breakthroughs. There will be results soon enough and in the meantime you can read this very informative article:


  1. At least you continue to give us hope.

    1. yes.. but hope can eventually be lost if it never manifest into reality here ..

    2. you know NikiWonoto, it is a matter of perspective, what you call reality, i call it matrix, and to me and to many, it's all but real-

      Much Love and Victory of the Light!

    3. NikiWonoto

      There are many things you can do to make the process faster.Liberation meditations are one of the options.I think some people will only see the light(end of the tunnel) at the time of the event and some people will see it sooner depending on how complete your perception is.When the Event strike,many will feel it before it happens....but there are many key elements to this.Such key element can be your own thinking.Dont think your actions doesnt matter.Actually everybody make waves that affects its surroundings that passes on and on to eternity.When the Event happen it will be everybodies victory!At some level even the "bad" guys will be happy!IThis is a plan by the Highest ,there is not much that can be done in order to prevent this whole liberation process.(I think its already happened and thats another factor why it cant be stopped.)

  2. Sending all I can muster inside myself along with the resistance forces
    to help with this final purge...godspeed....
    is the G2 cloud anything to do with the pulse thats coming our way....
    love and blessings...

  3. Thank you Cobra for the latest info. During today's meditation, I saw Etheric plane being cleaned further and archons and their devices are being surrounded more and light forces are rolling up the archon influences and sucking (thru the cords connecting them to Earth) their minions and physical archons from Earth up and forwarding them to Galactic core! Saw light is spread on Earth and fireworks with people dancing on Earth. After finishing my meditation I came to this site and read the latest info. Thank you for validating my vision.

    BTW that humming sound has been reduced. I used to hear it specially at night and it was preventing my sleep!

    I want to tell those that get discouraged and lose their faith to hang in there, the end is near and don't give in to the thought and feelings that are not yours. We are being manipulated big time right now by archons' last cry for survival. Also to those misinformation agents: give it up, you are fighting against your own survival., come over the light side and be among us, the light warriors.

    love and light,
    victory to the light and of the light.

  4. Hmmm! If g2 cloud or its stars can explode and devastate civilization in the coming months, why RM and allies are working so hard? Just to save some souls? I don't think so. What would be left of the 3D world to be changed after doom's day? Anyway, g2 could be the source of the blue star kachina (in Hopi mythology), and its light or rays could be the real flag or the window of opportunity to trigger the Event.

  5. Thank you, Cobra, for spreading this interesting information about etheric Archons connection
    with foundation Jesuits and Illuminati, making complete picture of formation dark energy on
    earthly plane in our human history and breaking cycle of our spiritual evolution with Lemurian and Atlantean civilization destruction. We all have vision of falling their last barricade apart.

  6. Cobra,
    An excellent job of balancing inspirational information and hard data. Well done.

  7. Cobra, thank you so much for this article. Wonderful job putting together the additional links of information as well to go along with the update. Your relentless work and the work of the RM is being noticed! I can tell you that for so long I've felt the low hum frequency and without knowing this information I felt it stop a few weeks ago, and what a difference it has been in my life recently! So grateful, keep up the great work...we are behind you 100% :)



  9. You are so excellent Cobra!!

    you have talked so much about black nobility, but I am a bit interested in white nobility families, how they have helped in the liberation process? I will appreciate if you can talk about it in next update.

    Thank you for RM and light forces hard work,victory of Light !

  10. Hola Cobra! You, The light Workers, the RM and all The beings involves in humanity liberation thanks thanks so much for your priceless effort

  11. I am soooo happy to see those reforms in China! Way to go Eastern Alliance!!

    1. Beloved Mitchell, I heard 18,000 over officials were arrested for corruption, power misuse, sexual exchange, etc. A great move indeed and they are prosecuting the man behind the whole bad ass - Zhou Yong Kang who instructed his man to harvest organs and sold them from the practitioner of the Fa Lun Kong. And the process were very painful cause the victim was awake when the operation were done. Hope this madness will never happen again.

  12. "All high level intel about Galactic Center activity, especially in the March to May timeframe, must remain classified for now."

    So (at least) another 4 months of waiting? At this rate, you should rename the blog Portal 2015.

    1. Cobra has said many times that the event can happen at any time.....

  13. Hola cobra. What is the real purpose of CERN (cabal)?

  14. Outstanding job, Cobra ! Lightworkers ... we need Cobra to start boasting of our group meditation efforts. We have the power to take down the entire Matrix in a few weeks of focussed, regular, group meditation for a few minutes. We have the power to ensure that the Event occurs smoothly and bloodlessly. We keep complaining about the number of lives lost needlessly everyday. We have the power to turn this around. Let us continue with our group meditations and consciously choose to trigger off the Event sooner ...

  15. “Whatever it is you're seeking won't come in the form you're expecting.”
    — Haruki Murakami

  16. Namaste Cobra & friends,

    great and interesting news. As i was listening to the sound file concerning the infrasound manipulation it became soooo clear to me.that this is the annoying deep humming i hear since several years now. I´m so grateful that there are people like Cobra and the RM and others who work hard 24/7 to liberate Humanity. And i do everything i can within my skills to support the liberation ! Greetz from germany, Arne

  17. I found the last link on the bottom to be very informative, thanks for sharing it.

    I'm guessing the gas cloud heading into the galactic core is going to cause a galactic superwave. Hmm.. Pondering if the galactic superwave and the event are one and the same. An explosion from the core would radiate intense cosmic rays as well as gamma rays and stratospheric ions. This event could possibly look like a burst of light coming from galactic core. It's very interesting to think about and the best part is we won't have to wait long for it since this event is scheduled to happen between March and late June this year.

  18. Cobra,
    Thanks for the update! Im a little bummed to hear that the event may not be for another few months, but its always helpful to know that the light is making good progress. We are now that much closer to planetary liberation!! I look forward to learning more about future developments. In the mean time, can you post informational articles about how reincarnation works (without dark force intervention), what is required to ascend to higher levels of consciousness, and also what Karma actually is and how it works. You said that the cabal created a misconception among the masses about what Karma truely is and how it works, but I dont believe you explained the actuallity of it. I believe (as im sure others do) that aquiring more knowledge on the workings of the universe is in our best interest. Aside from spreading the word and continuing the weekly meditation, we are simply waiting around for the event. Please RESPOND to this request. Thanks again Cobra.
    Stay positive fellow light forces :)
    Victory to the Light!!

  19. Thank you so much for this informations !

  20. well.. I can only hope this is all really going to be real,.. and not just some imagination/wishful-thinking/fantasy only... because I'm honestly tired of living in this 3D reality everyday, and don't want to be just given another false hope..

    *crossing my fingers everyday here* ...
    thank you..

    -from Indonesia -

  21. Cobra, thank you, for this great news. My feeling of Light is right.
    It is all inside.
    Much Love

  22. The previous night I had a dream that has stuck with me. I was walking in an empty times square during the day. I remember looking over my left shoulder and seeing a streaking fireball incoming. It looked massive in the sky but upon impact, made a crater only the size of my fist. Here's the interesting part, I was roughly 100ft away from impact and saw the blast wave coming my way. I stood there opened my arms and took the blast wave. I remember the feeling of it enveloping me and nothing happening to me. I felt as if I was absorbing/deflecting/containing the energy from the blast and the city was fine.

    Question for you Cobra, regarding these casualties that the RM and Light Forces cannot have, is it because there are certain people mixed in with the population right now that are key to it all and if they go, it all goes?
    Let me clarify, someone who's sole function in this reality is to collapse the wave function and bring "light" to this reality. Like a light switch. If they're shut off then this reality is shut off... no more.

  23. Hey riseabove,
    you wrote that the infrasound humming stopped but i still hear it and it`s loud as it ever was.....

    1. Yes, for me the low hum ceased several weeks ago and then I read here that 2/3's of the technology that causes that has been removed. So perhaps where you are 1/3 of that technology is still in effect. Sheedy Angel also reported a reduction in the hum in her comment above. Anyway, I'm no expert with this stuff, but I can only suspect that was the cause of the improvements I've been feeling.

    2. The humming sound was loud and persistance here in Singapore but today it reduced quite a lot. Sound like something really did happened.

  24. I always felt strange why the galactic federation who had far superior intellect, abilities, experience and technology that can easily dispatched whatever threats the cabal throws out cannot overwhelm these "primitive" opponents by now or even decades ago.....there must be something they are not willing to admit like these malevolent archons and reptillians are forces at par or perhaps once greater than them which was the real reason for the delay.

    Otherwise with the power to stop nuclear bombs, clear underground bunkers, weapons can precisely target an atom or perhaps one that could easily shatter a galaxy with a single shot could never be delayed by to low tech threats of the cabal.

    You know the galactic federation may not want to admit it but if you get the feeling from all the reports that cobra dispenses for the past two years these archons are really powerful opponent that they can't toy with so either that or again some kind of galactic rules of engagement that prevents them from applying full force attack on these malevolent beings.

    1. Hello Amaranth Red, may be if you read the last segment of Cobra's message:
      "Removal of these technologies and structures requires a lot of hard work of the Light forces, as the Archons were improving their non-physical control networks for the last 25,000 years. It will take much less than 25,000 years to dismantle all this.." you will not feel strange and frustrated about the progress of Galactic Federation work.

    2. The truth is they are hostage takers and parasites that excel at hiding behind/among their hosts. Cowardice is their true power. Such behaviours create very delicate situations because of the interdependence with the surface population : since millenia, the cabal became literally embedded in mankind, at all levels.

      Any attempt to " separate the wheat from the chaff " can be extremely harmful for Earth Humans, this is why direct intervention is such a delicate matter. The Light Forces are only delayed by their concern in rescuing humanity in a smooth way. Unlike the cabal, they care about us.

    3. @ Arbre Solarie : an excellent explanation!

    4. Another reason for the slow liberation is that they, the Galactic Federation of Light do not want to cause another major intergalactic warfare like the past (the Lyra and Orion warfare). Many lives were lost during the two galactic wars and peace had been maintained ever since. It will be foolish to start another one cause it will take very long to subside the war. Like the Chinese said "Slow work produces the BEST and PRECISE products!"

    5. Still wondering why the super-advanced ETs could not foresee or prevent the invasion of the parasites unless they wanted it to be so. Don't they have time travel/view technology? Anyway you are bagging them now...

      Glad the "lords of karma" issue is resolved. They are just lords of deception (I knew it). Same old joke with all these dark ones.

      Go get 'em!

    6. I heard from a guide that what we are facing now is compared to a very complicated surgery, as a removal of a heavy tumor, that is deep-rooted in the body, for example. It must be done carefully to not lose the life of the patient. In our case, to avoid some disasters and big sufferings in the physical plane...

  25. I didn't get that part about the Galactic Central Sun in this post, it was very cryptic. But I do know that our sun, Sol, is going through some very strange, inexplicable activity lately (until you factor in ETs). For the past two years or more, whenever our sun has a huge solar flare, that solar flare just "goes away" as the sun rotates facing Earth, and then just "pops back up again" as the hot spot rotates away from Earth. This happens every single time! NASA is trying its best to cover this up. In my estimation, the only 'feasible' explanation is that HUGE UFOs are protecting Earth from increased sun activity:

  26. Dear Cobra, THANK YOU very much for this super informative message
    uplifting many discouraged hearts!!! It is like offering a cup of spring water
    to a traveler crossing a Sahara desert and showing a spot where to get more!!!
    May the Source give You all the support needed to continue this enormous task
    to help humanity to be liberated and united in love and know that we are VERY
    grateful for your dedication, hard work and the courage to overcome many obstacles
    one the way to the full liberation of our planet.

  27. Cobra, Sisters & Brothers of the Light! Thank you for this update, and all that is being done behind the scenes by the RM and light workers toward the liberation/freedom/Ascension of humanity and earth!

    I have been following the RM thru this channel for some time, and must say that I am disappointed at your recommendation of the last link/article. You have many lightworkers who follow you, meditate w you, and support what you are doing. Why you would promote an article that is anti-lightworker and even going so far as to call much if not all of the lightworkers efforts bull sh**, seems to encourage the very same separatism and dis-unity consciousness that we are already subjected to.. And is very disheartening.

    We are all in search of the Truth, and I am by no means claiming to "know" more than anyone else or be any type of "authority" in these matters. So I am not saying that the brother who put out this article is wrong in any way, and I totally support him for speaking what is "his" truth! My heart will not allow me to agree with him on every point.. Yes I believe we should proclaim our Sovereignty, and take back/re cognize our own Power in that way... And I also believe that that re cognizing should not be at the expense/ disenfranchising/ belittlement of your fellow brothers and sisters, who are in search of the very same Truth. If they are off the mark or not as enlightened as you, be it the result of false light/ mis-information, or simply by their own ignorance... They are still following their own hearts and speaking "their" truths.. I mean, what happened to "forgive them, for they know not what they do"? I certainly get the anger and frustration, we have all been mislead and duped to whatever degree in our search for the truth, but it is not the lightworkers who have created this mess.. We are all striving for the same thing in our own ways.. I respect my brother on his path, and I respect the lightworkers on their paths..

    I guess I just thought that you, Cobra, would have more discernment or perhaps be more neutral with what you are promoting... If you are indeed promoting this.. Considering that we are all looking up to you to lead the way, if you will. I have learned to always follow MY own heart and My own truth, so I can discern what is true for me and what is not.. But there are many sisters and brothers who listen/follow you that are still lost in many ways and can be easily swayed in whatever direction. I dont see how directing anger and frustration at lightworkers is helping or forwarding the Movement? Perhaps I am missing something, and I have been known to make mistakes..

    Nevertheless I do continue to hold space and support your work and the RM, as well as my fellow lightworkers and brothers and sisters of the Liberation Movement!


    1. There, you hit the exact point. I don´t think disseminating hatred will lead us to a good path...on the contrary. I think the world is in need of good vibrations, which is why I do my daily meditations and prayers, wishing that this energy will be sent to the universe and used for good purposes. Spreading hatred and separatism will only create more hatred and separatism in the hearts of those who are confused, and that is definitely not the goal we should aim for.

  28. For those who have fear that nothing is going on, or that nothing will ever change, treat yourself to this graphic. It is a compilation of protests which have occurred on the planet since 1979. Of course, many have not been reported by the mainstream media. This is a potent statement of the awakening of humanity across the globe, which will reach it's peak in 2014 ... with the Event. Protests will become a part of our storied history, as we embrace a New Earth and a New Paradigm.

    We will be God and Goddess Victorious !

    Love you All

  29. this is so exciting and it sounds so close. my heart jumps

  30. Thank you Cobra much love and light

  31. I liked this anime video and would like to share with you.

  32. Beloved Cobra and RM
    Thank you for your efforts, our appreciation is far beyond words!!!
    Despite the ankle bitters being on the back foot are they pushing hard with what ever power they have left? The last couple of weeks i feel realy "heavy" and trying really hard to keep the faith etc. I always send Love and Light and do the weekly Liberation Meditation (apart from my daily Meditations).

    Love, Light, Victory NOW! Liberation NOW!!
    Your brother George

  33. Thanks Cobra for a very cool report, lots of good stuff there.

    What I really wanted to say is that, it is a disgrace, that being an astronomer/physicist/inventor, has been one of the most hazardous occupations for the past 500 years.

    I saw many interested comments regarding the G2 cloud and wanted to reference those who want to learn more, to a well respected astro-physicist Dr. Paul LaViolette. He has openly talked about G2. Here's a fairly recent link to one of his interviews

    Like any views not in line with the current status quo, Dr. LaViolette's were first ridiculed by his peers and 'naturally' neglected by the media, also followed by fanatic opposition from the ones who preferred science never progress. Some, who were initially afraid of anything new, may come around when scientific findings and theories can't be discarded as delusional fiction any longer.
    The exact same thought process has been prevalent since the times of Copernicus, Bruno and Galileo. The great awakening which began during Renaissance, has ever since been squashed on, with an insane and unnatural resistance to change, by the Vatican.

    Anyways, I read this article which is someone's (Isaac) excellent first hand account from a time when he was working on a certain project we usually hear nothing about, reverse engineering of ET technology. Already 30 years ago "they" worked with holograms, anti-matter and anti-gravity, so today, I wouldn't put anything past me, especially the meddling with Large Hadron Colliders, that some crazy people like to call "god-particle" generators. (Btw, do a Bing search on neutrino detectors and hadron colliders, there's some cool images.)
    The story is really fascinating:

    So when I saw this video, a 14 min interview segment of Dr Steven Greer, I thought it a real nice gem to end with.

    He states the two main reasons against the full Disclosure. The #2 is "theological reasons" and the #1 reason is --- free energy technologies. Implications of which would change every aspect of life as we know it. I assume enough of a motive to keep this knowledge suppressed, one way or another. Yet, we do have these super high tech space craft already but only accessible to the elite, instead of us everyday people, who funded these projects. I think it's very,very unfair and hope this changes soon.

    ps. If you believe that you are a multi-dimensional being, it also means that you have been, as have I been, a part of creating this mess here, and finally are now waking up to realize that fact, and take part in correcting it successfully.

  34. Guys, you have accessed and read the last link that Cobra posted?? Comments, please!
    Finally, one right direction...

    1. I think it is an excellent article and I am glad Cobra linked to it. This article doesn't state that one should give up spiritual pursuits or the quest for enlightenment/ascension. All it states is that we should not give our individual sovereignty over to anyone else, even if they are supposedly "of the light" or whatever. So, no gurus- Cobra, St. Germain, Archangel Michael, Buddha, etc. are not the answer to our prayers. Love and light doesn't come from outside of us, it comes from inside of us. Also, any soul contracts agreeing to experience harsh conditions in this lifetime are null and void because they are illegal contracts. Those contracts contradict universal law. The most important possession we all have is Free Will- and that should never be taken away.

      So, ultimately this is just a semantic issue, but it is best not to think of oneself as a "Lightworker", because that makes one a "worker" with someone else as your "boss". I think it is best to think of ourselves as "LightBEINGS".

  35. Dear light workers and dear I=You ! You must understand that the battle between dark and light is since from the begin... Therefor dark can not exist without light and light without dark... One of the biggest mistakes of the light forces was and maybe is that in their eager to do good they loose their selfs and they don't see the light enymore. The article is not wrong, it's the next step of our people and light workers. You are a soul and you must move forward and don't try to forget about who you really are and YOU are NOW a Sovereign person/soul and that's what everybody on the planet has to be (not a light worker, not a light warrior which is worst and not anything else). IN CONCLUSION: first step is to wake up, next is to be a light workers (to help people to wake up) and the final step is to be SOVEREIGN PERSON and from this year i will be NEXT :) PEACE AND LOVE !

  36. wise to review these two ( 2 ) links published a while back specifically as-to 'why' they're expecting something, but it's not quite what The Club Of Rome consultant Dr. Paul A. LaViolette wants 'us all to believe' when you review, the following:

    AND ( a 'must read'! ),

  37. Vatican Observatory Intelligence introduces you to 'what' is coming and from 'where', at:

    AND ( a 'must review'! ) the following ( below ) will inform you about 'why' everything is being done through CERN and 'why' thete'z a global push ongoing for 'transhumanism' with the "Russia 2045 Plan" ( see YouTube.Com 7-min. 23-sec. video clip ) after reviewing the following ( below ):

  38. I wrote to the Planetary Liberation NOW! petition website and asked them why my signature had been removed from the petition and why I cannot sign it again. This is the response I received:

    Hi James!

    Ah, yes. That means that the owner of this petition, for whatever reason, did decide to delete your signature. It may have been that they were only looking for signers within their region, or maybe just wanted to start over. Unfortunately, once a signature has been deleted, there is no way to sign again. We do this to prevent abusive comments from getting through multiple times.

    Thank you so much for your dedication, though, and please let me know if you need anything else!



    So, it looks like the Cabal hacked the owner's account and started deleting signatures like mad.

  39. I am confused about the last link...... does it mean all this light-dark-battle stuff is all an now....... if we take this article quite serious we should give up fighting for the light because if we fight for the light we have choosen one side of the we should quit this cage and not trying to be "good ones" anymore...just being our true Godlike self and defending if our free will is hurt by any also would like to read more comments about that...thank you all

    1. The article is not 100% correct, use your own discernment, as always


    The purpose of this work is to bring awareness to the sleeping mass about the truth existance of the star beings. With the preview look of these races, I hope they will not be so afraid when the real first contact take place.

    Meet the star beings here :-

    May the LOVE be with you always.
    Piperon - The Spiritual Flute Composer.

    Official Website : www.piperon
    Youtube :
    Music :

  41. Cobra, in an interview with Alexandra Meadors on 8/27/13, an article written by Cameron Day entitled 'Why I Am No Longer A Light Worker' was referenced, and you said: "I do not agree with that article or anything written in that article."
    At the very end of this last post you provided a link to part 2 of the same article, referencing it as "very informative."
    My question is; at this time do you consider the Archangels to be aligned with the liberation efforts of the RM, or are they false light archons aiming to perpetuate the dualistic matrix of the demiurge?
    Perhaps it is not so simply one way or the other?
    Thank you for your consideration & response, as well as for all of the work that you are doing on behalf of humanity & Mother Earth.
    God bless.

    1. Archangels and Ascended masters belong to the true and real Light forces

    2. In my opinion, Cameron Day goes a bit too far in his first article and makes it appear that ALL light beings (angels, archangels, ascended masters, etc) are All a part of the designed Matrix. I don't think this was his intention; he just didn't explain himself very clearly in the first article (this is a very complex issue after all). In the second article he makes it more clear that he is talking about "false light" beings as opposed to "true light" beings. He writes, "This realm is nicely decorated with simulations of nature, lovely views and a staff of "guardian angels" who make sure those beings go back to earth when their time comes. Of course, those "guardians" are actually parasitic sheep-herders tending to their flock..." He makes it more clear in the second article that the Archons use deception and illusion in order to trick good people and lightworkers.

    3. Well put James, I was taken back that Cameron didn't take the time to explain more fully the true light paradigm and that Ascended Masters, Arch Angels, etc. are real light beings that do exist and are helping humanity, so I can see where Cobra was coming from initially. However, the point Cameron is making which he does more clearly in the second article, is that much of the time people are dealing with False Light beings particularly around channeling and definitely during the incarnation process. Cobra wrote an article about the Lords of Karma at one point and how they were essentially false light beings controlling the incarnation process.

    4. Thanks again Cobra, for your clear and timely response.

      Mitchell Tr. James & riseabove, I really appreciate your thoughtful perspectives, as well as those of all other posters on the subject.

      It was unusual for me to publicly voice my initial confusion upon reading the articles because I know that it is best to seek clarity and answers within one's self, via a silent mind, creating awareness of a resonant connection to the Divine Consciousness of Prime Creator; God.

      Therefore I posed the question with the intention of being generally helpful to others who follow these posts, however seeing Cobra's reply made me realize his affirmation did indeed mean a great deal to me.

      Upon further meditation & rereading the articles, what I found, at the risk of redundancy, is that any being whom is able to dwell with you in the Central Sun of your own personal sovereignty is definitely not taking or depleting your energy in any way.

      All impostors; vampiric, parasitic archons of any kind, even the wolf in shepherd's clothing types, will flee from, or be reforged in the Light of the Central Sun of Prime Creator.

      Since the Universe is holographic, God presents infinite Central Suns in the form of Divine, toroidal, flower of life, black whole 'technology' (Thank you Nassim Haramein), including the one within every incarnated soul.

      We are made in the image of God; all Central Sun toroids are paradoxically One.

      This knowledge in the hands of an empowered humanity is what the archons fear above all.

      Using a personalized adaptation of the protocol presented by Cameron Day, aligned with your higher self connection, seems to be an effective way for a person to know who the true Light Workers are on any plane. (Thank you Cameron Day).

      The best way to help free humanity starts with reclaiming your personal sovereignty in alignment with God.

      Thanks for reading,

      Vaya con Dios.

  42. please can anyone tell me when we are going to stop paying bills? and quick my job ,I'm tired of being slave

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    1. Very good, Cameron!
      I liked the word you created, toks. :-)))

  45. Thank you Cobra and RM, this is some excellent and most interesting info.
    Victory of the light!

  46. Cobra, can you explain why channelings don't tell us about archons? And is the council that you meet after you die a total fiction?

  47. Considering the last link: never read so much disinfo before. How could you share an article whose goal is to spread separatism and hatred, when the world is in need of positive thoughts and actions? And by the way, isn´t it the purpose of our meditations? To provide good energy in order to help this planet to accept the changes to come? In my humble opinion, nothing will change if we don´t change ourselves. And that is why I meditate everyday, so that I can know myself better, and also send my positive thoughts to the universe, wishing it will help other people around the globe to do the same. Only then we will be ready for real changes, I think.
    I´m starting to believe that the Event won´t happen until the population start to wake up and live for the good of humanity. Enough of hatred, enough separatism, enough of negativity, enough of debauchery; that´s what the 'dark side' wants us to keep doing anyway. Let´s make the difference.

    Much love and light to you all

    1. COBRA is the guy that brings de message not the message in it self. So, don't kill the messenger, he is only doing he's duty.

      And yes, the real revolution began when the TRUE starts to reign. The Ascended Masters, the Angels and Archangels, well... the good people out there, and here, inside of the Planet, and more near, the anonimous guy next to you, they are ruled by the true, because the true is the real path that will take us back home - recognize the essence - Be with The Creator.

      Cobra don't instigate any kind of hatred. He only update to the inferior level the contents happened on the high levels. And he's doing truly is job. If was the inverse, he doesn't could be here.

      Have attention, because there are many eyes watching now.

      Victory of the Light is in charge!

  48. I don't think that last article is 100% correct. I tried reading it with an open mind, but somethings may not be true since Cameron wrote it in an opinionated experience and trying to give out what seems like "true information." I don't completely agree with her but I can see where she's coming from on certain angles. It's true that you do have to be careful who you contact. You never know if they can be manipulative, however, you are your own judgement to whatever happens to you and who you contact. I don't think "Lightworker" is a negative or deceiving connotation as she puts it. Everyone doesn't "have to" be a "lightworker" or working for some force. It's their choice. It's her choice to opt of lightworking because maybe she didn't find herself right in it, and that's ok. She's finding her truth. Everyone is finding their own truth in their own journey. So I don't 100% agree with her because I don't think some of things she said is true, but that's just on her. We make our own judgements. I don't think lightworkers are delusional hence I am one, but that's not to say that I'm making all this stuff up in my head. I know a lot of what I experience is true and happening for real. All this "new age" stuff people talk bad about and saying that it's manipulative, I don't quite understand most of it. Maybe there are half-truths and half-lies. You just gotta know where to look at and know what information to take in. We may never know what the "truth" really is until we get there and really see for ourselves. So take care all of you, whether you are a "Lightworker" or not, we are all souls after all. <3

    1. In a way I agree with you. I think the general idea of the article is right, but there are some things that I do not agree according to my experiences, intuition and knowledge. By the way, i think we cannot perceive a 100% truth exactly due to our conditions of confinement in this world. The dark forces are infiltrated in our bodies in a so strong way that a complete lucid think is something very difficult to achieve.

      Just to register, somethings I think are not exactly as he says is the life after death (I think things can be far more complex than what he describes, despite I could agree the tunnel is a deployed illusion); the almost "no possibility" of communication with light beings, since they make efforts to communicate with us too; and perhaps other few things. In a word, yes, we are hostages of negative forces, but the extension of the blocking to the contact with high level beings, in this and in other planes is perhaps not so definitive (even with a significative interference in most of times) as he says, mainly if we are seeking consciously this contact. And I do not think the dark forces control all processes of life since birth untill and after death and a new birth (however I agree they control the karma mechanism), some important ones are under control of guides, otherwise our world would have ceased to exist!

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    6. Exactly Cytherean! I totally agree with you….."you can never heal your fears and you can never heal your pain if you don't face them." I personally was able to recover from a lifetime spent in a powerful Illuminati mind control cult, but it took me many years to do so and I had to go through a process of recovery.

      Healing from a cult (mind control) experience must be done in stages. The Matrix that is the fabric of the various levels of "reality" we have all experienced on Earth is just a larger version of a single cult group. I can speak from personal experience that none of these stages can be skipped for full healing to take place. It is obvious that many who are spiritually inclined deem it too painful of a truth to face (the depths and darkest corners of the Matrix) - but face it we must to HEAL and TRANSCEND these experiences.

      The stages to healing are as follows:

      DENIAL -- This can't be true, I couldn't possible have bought into such a lie!
      ANGER/HOSTILITY - How dare they do this to me! (manipulate/dishonor/deceive me) - you can rightly feel anger at this stage without becoming vindictive
      SELF-PITY/DEPRESSION - Why me? I can’t possibly recover from this ordeal and be whole. (grieving is a necessary part of the healing process)
      FEAR/BARGAINING - Maybe that group isn’t so bad after all - I need a group to relate to so if I just play along maybe they’ll still accept me.
      ACCEPTANCE/RECOVERY - Yes, it was awful what happened to me but I am stronger and wiser because of this experience and I can and will reclaim my sovereignty and take charge of my own life, my own mind and my own soul!

    7. Sorry, I don't know if Cameron is a he or a she so excuse my errored pronoun reference. The article is confusing and contradicting. He/she claims to not be for the "new age" and "light and love" but talks about Higher Self and Galactic Light. He/she seems to go back and forth and all over the place, it's hard to understand the information. I respect him/her having the courage to write that as I'm sure many will be against him/her as well as others will agree, but I would take it with in grain of salt instead.

    8. @TheLightWarrior I was also confused at first and thought Cameron Day was female as it sounded like a female name, but he is actually male. Here is his bio page (very interesting):

      Personally, I think his insights are amazing and I don't know how he knows what he knows! Now, his writing style is a bit confusing, but if you read a lot of his articles you will catch on to his style.

    9. This comment has been removed by the author.

    10. @Cytherean Rayne
      I didn't say that he "couldn't" support global change. He can do whatever he wishes. I never said that I was better than anyone. I am NOT a part of any "new age" movement or part of any group. I am just a lone warrior. You have sadly mistaken the meaning behind my message. I am NOT separating myself from anyone nor am I separating others from me. For me, I don't take "lightworker" just as some random label but a symbolism to help remind me that we all helping each other heal humanity and the earth. If you're sorry for your harsh words, you wouldn't have meant to write them. I am aware that almost everything in our lives have been infiltrated by the dark cabal and they can manipulate and deceive us any way they can. I know I am human, but we are also souls. There's nothing wrong with considering yourself as a "lightworker" or "lighted-being" to help bring "light and love"/positivity to others because as you said.."So work together as one." See? It doesn't matter if you are a lightworker, lighted-being, positive ET, human, etc. We are all ONE when we fight together for the new earth. I consider myself a lightworker/light warrior BUT that doesn't mean that I'm delusional. I am very aware of what's around me. Whether if something feels warm and positive or if something doesn't feel right. I don't feel insulted. I'm just questioning the article and not taking every word for it.

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  49. Gracias Cobra por la informacion, incluyendo los links,me ha ayudado mucho,muchas gracias!!!

  50. Hum, hum…
    About the controversial link, there is a adage here in Brazil similar to this: where there's smoke, fire has…

    The theory that there is a totally "sick" Demiurgo controlling everything in this universe is not new. Personally, I think it is quite doable.

    1. Ari, this is what the gnostics wrote about and tried to warn people about. The Christian Fathers proceeded with their plan to extinguish the mystery schools and the goddess cults in order to form their Babylonian empire, so this knowledge was a danger to them. Lord have mercy when the Christians find this information out, talk about pandora's box ! This information about karma is just another way to rattle the cages of people's belief systems, mine included. Interesting times ahead !

  51. We All Hold the Magic

  52. Cobra, what's that close to the sun? A ball of energy? A planet? A mega archon? Or just fake? Tolec said it is an intelligent life force from Centaurus constellation! Do you have any information about it?

  53. The Event or "the high transformation of Love", as Ashtar Commandant said in their last comment channeled by Phillipe. Well, the event is not important cause what is important is YOU.

    Please don't stay waiting the event to come.
    Live for the love of your essence revealed through all the moment you have in life - and this is the Event more significant in YOU.

    Start to decodify the levels of Love. Learn to listening the sound in your heart, and feel how sweet and precious are the connection between You and the Creator as ONE.

    The victory of the Light is in charge, and now is for real!

  54. (PART 1)
    I would like to add my perspective to Cameron Day's article. I suspect one of the reasons this article became inflammatory to some is simply because a "label" was referred to -- "lightworker."
    If you identify with that "label" you feel the need to "protect" that label and because you react so strongly emotionally, you are no longer able to extract the real message being relayed. Believe it or not, group labels have been one of the primary tools used by the Archon network to separate and divide human beings. Once you buy into a "label" or particular group (especially within this complex Matrix and all of its deceptive layers), you can then more easily be manipulated by those beings who are indeed very clever and cunning. Even the most astute people can be fooled by them.
    Let's look at it from their point of view -- if you were Darth Vader and clearly worked for the dark side, why would you NOT attempt to infiltrate and then hijack all groups working for the light? Better yet, if you could even pose as their "leaders" such as Ascended Masters and Archangels and then relay messages directly to this group that serves your interests and agenda (when they are in their most vulnerable "trusting" state of mind) - you would be even more effective!
    I can personally vouch for the fact that this is EXACTLY what has been happening on our planet. I was born into a very powerful Illuminati mind controlled religious cult. It took me 36 years to break free from the grip they had on my mind. When I broke free I promised myself that I would NEVER be duped by them again. So I purposely avoided any religious groups. But I was almost deceived several times after that, until I realized how deeply they had infiltrated any group that was pursuing Light and Truth.
    After becoming involved in several New Age circles, it was clearly evident to me that the dark beings had most definitely hijacked many of these groups and were using the same exact mind control tactics they used in the cult I had been in all my life -- one of which is “don’t question anything the group tells you, especially if the information is coming from a higher divine being.” This is the first sign that something is very wrong! What if someone in that group were masquerading as a particular being? We should always use our inner discernment when processing information, no matter what the proclaimed source may be.

  55. (PART 2)
    I took a hiatus from all groups for awhile. A pattern was beginning to emerge on the Earth Plane - once you leave one "control group" the dark side is there waiting in the wings to herd you into another group that they also control. This was portrayed in the movie "The Matrix." Even Zion turned out to be another matrix "program" created by the Architect of the Matrix to keep humans under their control, by letting them believe they were free when they were still trapped within the Matrix!
    After my hiatus, I noticed another group emerging, the "Lightworkers." Sounded good and I am sure most of these individuals did have our planet's best interests at heart and were earnestly working for the light. But once the Archons saw where the spiritually inclined were moving, they made their counter move to hijack this new group. 
    Quite suddenly, many of these "lightworkers" started channeling Ascended Masters and Archangels - there was an explosion of channeled messages. I also noticed many of the channelings were almost identical in wording and didn't have alot of substance behind them.
    As Cobra has repeatedly stated, it has been extremely difficult to connect directly with these high vibrational beings for a long time because of the quarantine membrane surrounding our planet AND the etheric planes which had become infested with dark beings. That being the case, Cameron Day is simply stating that by no longer accepting this "label" which has been hijacked and proclaiming your sovereignty, you let the dark ones know you're onto them! They will then be forced to back off.
    Cobra has also stated the the Law of Karma has been grossly misused by the Archon network, so Cameron Day was not the first to point this out. I personally was elated to hear Cobra state this some time ago, because I knew it in the very depths of my being, but it was so nice to hear it confirmed by someone I consider to be a reliable source! 

    Therefore, until our planet is truly liberated and this dark matrix completely dissolved, why don't we just dispense with the "Labels" and rely instead on our inner guidance and work hard to connect with our Higher Self? This will create a direct link to Source Creator and real Truth. The Force is always with us -- it lives inside of us and always has!

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Hi to both of you...Cytherean Rayne there is a BIG phrase regarding parents:
      "Parents pave the child road to hell with best intentions..."

      Osho always promotes in his books to connect with yourself...No guru, master etc...The only "religion" he promotes is Zen...Zen don't need something outside...It's always about the inner...The world is so corrupted right now and people from VERY big fear and poverty go with cults and religion..I personally atended Hemi-SynC Gateway residential programme and Awaking the iluminated heart..Both course didn't have the advertised results but learn very much from them about myself..My only religion is my inner self...
      Also thx to becca for telling her life story because now i realized that Roscrucianum are Iluminati guys...Roscrucianum organize free courses in my city and try to hire people...I was always smelled something fishy about them..When i request details their informations are very general and vague...Now i know what's behind...

  56. Thank you for such amazing information in this post.....Holy Moley, as the Pope might say....... Suggestion:: Perhaps after the Event, the rest of us can enjoy Italy's beautiful parts, such as its countryside, coastlines, museums and food....and the elites' villas and palaces can be made available to the rest of us for vacationing and general enjoyment of life....??.... Question:: About the infrasound that suppresses human vibrational frequency: I don't understand it. Can one of you who is in-the-know please explain what this means? Does it mean this humming thing drops our chi or kundalini? Or what exactly does this do to us by dropping our vibrational frequency? If this humming thing goes away, then how will we be functioning? I've probably been hummed-at for too long, but I can't figure out what/how I will improve and what I will be able to experience. Will my brain work better, for example? That, in any case, would certainly be a plus!!...
    Suggestion:: Regarding the article about lightworkers....I don't think we need to worry about whether the article is useful or not. We all have to own our own power, not be manipulated, tune into ourselves and figure out what is true and right and what just doesn't feel right. The more we meditate and get to know ourselves, which we sort of have to do anyway, the more we'll be our own sovereign selves and not let ourselves get ripped off by anybody, whether they be in physical form or not.... Thanks.

  57. Informative and clear. Victory of light to the mass !

  58. I woke up after batteling a darkness the second time in a week. I was not afraid of the battle I was more glad to be able to be there so I could fight it so to speak. As I woke up my whole body was vibrating and I could feel every inch of my body. Love was everywere inside of me, every breath I took was a breath with love and compasion and I could feel this with my whole heart and body litterally. I felt really good for about 10 whole min. I'm wondering if I just got a taste of what I truly am.. After being on my own "quest" the last year, many insightfull things have happend to me. And I would like to say thank you Cobra for your work for it has helped me a whole lot. Thank you. I would also like to thank everybody who has helped guided me thru my journey so far. Whoever you are whatever you are called, thank you. I know I need more work to be fully me, and when I am I will let everyone know who I truly am in order to help others to become who they truly are.

    In Swedish media the other day a headline sad: The 1997 alledge ufo video solved. A man was filming an aircraft as he saw two white dots flying around in the sky and thought it might was a ufo. Now in 2014 they sad, we have solved it! It was just two birds flying around. Hahaha.. so funny. But clevarly, if thats a word? I big debate poped up because of the footage of the ufo.

    Keep your heads up!

  59. So I had a realization you guys.

    The responsibility we are about to have helping everyone sort out what the Event really means is staggering.

    We are not just a minority.

    In order to accurately measure how few of us there are, based on the survey posted here, the total number of us who are enlightened, have found Cobra and the Resistance movement, and have voted make up

    Get this

    3.30 x 10 to the negative 6th power

    You have to use SCIENTIFIC NOTATION to measure how few of us there are.

    We're gonna be working really hard when the Event happens guys. All of us have to be strong when it comes.

    1. I wouldn't say were "Enlightened". May be more aware than the average "Joe" ;)
      Love & Light

  60. Thank you so much, Cobra and Light Forces!Love and blessings.Victory now!

  61. Complete Translation in French / Traduction complète en Français
    of the Cameron Day very informative article
    is offered here

    Love and Light,

  62. Any regime that has wielded power and influence for many thousands of years will not die quietly. Light, however, will always conquer darkness. Billions of people the world over are awakening to the realisation that all the major wars, illnesses, poverty, misery and suffering has been orchestrated by a handful of wicked quasi-human forces.
    I wish love and light to everybody working for peace, kindness and freedom. The struggle has been a long one. Pray God victory is imminent - never has change been so desperately needed!

  63. Let's talk about these families. Message me.