Thursday, February 6, 2014

BXL0beta clear, BXL0alpha in decryption


  1. Absolutely fantastic!Thank you so much Cobra and RM, truly wonderful to know we're making progress. With utmost gratitude.

  2. Great progress, thank you Cobra and RM!!
    Victory of Light is near!!!
    LOVE you,

    PS. B. Fulford and Joni see huge changes coming in February:

  3. Beloved Cobra & RM
    Well that sounds good! Lets hope that the major event (not the main EVENT) you mentioned in your interview will manifest between the 7th-11th of this month.
    Love, Light, Victory Now!! Liberation Now!!

  4. Porra, estou cansado..

  5. I love throwing out hypothesis for some of cobras cryptic messages but here goes.
    I believe the BXL(O) are scalar grid calculations. im guessing this might be part of Cobras group trying to take down The oppresive grid matrix that suppresses some of our dna activations or the accension process.

  6. Proof of a new system



    The Ah Ha moment when the Event will happen is not as Disneyland!! When the workers of light wish for the least of them, too share the moment of realization as much as the entitled pay for the "Answer to Ascension", then IT will occur.

    The last shall be first and the first will be last.

    In the twinkling of an eye the light shall shine within all. Then the truth will be revealed. The answer to the problems of this planet is up to those who think they hold the key to enlightenment in all and open to ALL.

    A description of the moment is:

    Closing your eyes and looking inside to see oneself sitting wheels within wheels. Eternity in the Quantum is and always has been.
    The light of duality will travel in a flash and then the moment is breathtaking and there are no words. This life of materialism fades and only wishing for the whole human race to have this flash of epiphany will matter. Money does not matter, status does not matter, the answers to ALL questions seem irrelevant as everyone has the ability to shine.

    The coalitions will form and those who claim to be Gurus', will have to make a choice. Either fade from your platforms of special status, OR CO-CREATE FOR THAT WHICH YOU WISH FOR. Continuance for a higher authority is a caveat of self aggrandizing ego. When the moment happens the "Event", all of the self anointed can change the error of the egotistic dualistic paradigm. One could look at a humorous fellow who is spiritual, humbled and suffered great pain with his children. He has been given much, suffered personal illness. Too such people, Mr. Wayne Dyer. He has been through much. We think he could take the hit and understand the simplicity of children, life and pain. Of course men do suffer. In other words, he could take the sense of humor!

    Are you looking to judge? When the event happens. everyone on the planet will awaken. You want us to cure radiation???? Humanity's greatest threat. Cancer??????? Big possibility. I think before everyone cons themselves in any circle. The world must come together for cheap distribution of radiation products world wide. All of you lightworkers don't understand, until you give a shit about the children the mothers' and the widows. All of you are lost.

    How can it happen?

    That's for a free world, free of charge. In every language spread to the least of them and given love food and water. Not exploited. Anyone that wants to check out the show. It's Vegas. Get out of the Matrix around you.

  8. The light shines through a smile. Making your local zip code relevant in harmony or war. Those in the circle of metaphysics may fight among themselves first. No one knows the hour. Be at peace and understand the errors of your ways. Charging money for what has been given is also a problem. What do you do for free? Have you lived with the homeless? Have you given until you bleed, or are you special and sanitized. What about the mothers and babies who are scraping to eat. Do you give. Do you forgive and ask for forgiveness when you are wrong?

    Do you try to be part of the solution or the problem by being more special than you are. Remember, We watch you and know your platforms. Theories which sell books and promote tours where only the people with money can listen to you espouse promise and where your ignorance and ego shine. How much time have each of you in your special circles spent with a bum on a park bench caring? How bout the gangsters in the street that wish for hope but are locked in the Matrix crying from pain. How about food. How many of you have missed a meal so that someone else might eat? Are you special? Of course each and every last being on the planet shares the same spark as you. Why do you boast of your special powers? Why do you think you need donations for your projects, conferences and special meetings. Why do you separate yourselves? DUALITY.

    Forgive and you will easier forgive yourself. One can only achieve the answer if the correct questions are asked.

    Only when one has experienced the light of ascension can one lower themselves to suffer with the race of mankind.

    Eating a meal of potato soup with friends and laughter can be joyful. Eating a steak in a glass house is lonely.

    All of you who wish for contact have it. The vibrations of these beings are so sensitive. The reason for the breeding program. If we do not learn these simple principles then contact will take longer. The vibrations are so strong for all of these races it is like watching a baby grow and only when you learn to overcome fear then contact will happen. It has happened. Are you fully telepathic? Have you suffered for that which you wish for? Full telepathy takes time. Interpreting these races is delicate. For the proper information must come and words. The human language is archaic. Symbols are easier. 3D is dense.

    The childish ways of Adults has been the pyramid of power like a two year old child who has become a self propelling machine. Charming, irritating and irresistible, and yes there is evil. Always the pyramid of power. All of you in the movement have it. Do not fool yourselves. You also are a part of dissension and controversy. You all want the ticket to the magic carpet ride. Once the Event happens all will see a mirror of your works. All will see error in the ways which have been propagated by the Cabal and the wicked acts against opening portals which are sacred. Those that are waiting may not like what they see. Ignorance is bliss.

    Remember "AS ABOVE SO BELOW"


    1. Indeed the world is overflowing with energy as it has always been. Let´s wait and see.