Monday, April 14, 2014


Easter 2014
04-20-2014 / 04-21-2014

It is time to take action again! It is time to take the destiny of our world in our own hands! Therefore we will meet in groups large and small, as individuals and couples, at the time of the cardinal Grand Cross on April 20th / 21st, 2014. Many of us will gather and anchor the energies of the Goddess Vortex and will be thus creating a clear and harmonious channel of manifestation for the final liberation of the planet.

Our visualization will support the plan for planetary liberation, so that it manifests as soon as possible, as non-violently and smoothly as possible. We can do it! It needs to go viral! We need to reach many people, so that the critical mass of people actually doing it is attained. Please post it on your websites and blogs. If you know an alternative media outlet, you can send it to them. You can create a Facebook group for your local group of people dong this in your part of the world. You can create a video about this and post it on Youtube.

Scientific studies have confirmed positive effects of mass meditations on human society, so what we are doing really does have an influence:

IS:IS portal activation will happen at the exact moment of the geocentric cardinal Grand Cross astrological configuration on April 20th (or April 21st, depending on your time zone). At the moment of the activation, transiting Moon will conjunct Pluto, thus activating the Grand Cross configuration. The Grand Cross will consist of Pluto, Uranus, Jupiter and Mars, all four planets squaring each other. That will create an immense tension and compression towards the surface of the planet, but as we go through the activation, that pressure will greatly enhance and empower the spark of our free will and unleash our creative potential. Therefore the moment of the activation is not only a moment of extreme pressure, but also a moment of enormous potential at the same time:

At the moment of the activation of the portal, the Great Attractor will send a pulse of energy towards our local cluster of galaxies for the very first time in known history. The Great Attractor, positioned at 14 degrees Sagittarius, will make strong aspects with all four main planets of the Cardinal Cross at the time of the activation.

The Great Attractor is a supermassive gravitational anomaly which shapes the structure of space-time continuum in our sector of the Universe:

The energy pulse from the Great Attractor will greatly increase our connection with the Source:


That energy pulse will send ripples of Light through our local cluster of galaxies and will especially affect our sector of the Galaxy, including planet Earth. On a quantum level, all subatomic particles in this sector of the Galaxy will pass through a hyperdimensional wormhole and the structure of quantum fluctuations around those particles will become much more aligned with the Source, thus effectively decreasing the primary anomaly. Energetically speaking, we will be passing through the eye of the vortex, through the conversion / inversion zone of the Antarion Conversion.

This activation will trigger vast changes in our sector of the Galaxy. It will cause further unification of all future timelines, bringing them in even greater alignment with the One.

Goddess Isis, working from the Sirius star system which will be in conjunction with Jupiter at the time of the activation, will help transmit those energies towards the surface of our planet and will step them down in frequency so that we can receive them and anchor them through our bodies.

We will all be doing this activation at the same time, at the exact moment of the cardinal Grand Cross, which comes on April 21st  at 2 hours 31 minutes am Cairo time / Central European summer time. This equals 1:31 am BST in London, 8:31 pm EDT on April 20th in New York, 7:31 pm CDT in Chicago, 6:31 pm MDT in Denver and 5:31 pm PDT in LA.
You can view the exact time of the activation for many places here:
1. Lift your hands above your head and begin to rotate your body clockwise
2. While doing that, sing mantra iiii (pronounced ee-ee) so that it vibrates throughout your body and visualize your body morphing into a brilliant pillar of Light, with millions of rainbow colored stars scattered within that pillar of Light
3. Keep singing the mantra and rotating. After a few minutes, drop your hands close to your body and continue rotating clockwise
4. While doing that, start singing mantra eeeaaa (eee is pronounced as e in America and NOT as e in Venus)  so that it vibrates through your body and visualize a rainbow vortex of Light expanding from your heart outwards throughout the whole planet. Call upon the presence of your spiritual guides, Ascended masters, Pleiadians, angels, twin souls, soulmates, soul families and other beings of Light.
5. Keep singing the mantra and rotating and stay in the presence of all those beings of Light for a while.

You also have instructions for the Goddess Vortex in this video after 5:21 minute mark:

Due to the enormity of this activation, we will only be doing Part 1 of IS:IS portal activation at this time. There will be Part 2 and maybe even Part 3 needed and they may be activated before or after the Event.

Because of potential volatility of the planetary situation at the time of the activation, we will not be organizing a public activation event at this time. We will be doing this activation from our home locations throughout the world.

After the opening of the IS:IS portal, there will be further events and activations within 2014 Window of Opportunity:

On May 17th, we will activate the Pleiadian Alignment portal. That activation will be our first step towards the First Contact. We will be implementing Pleiadian contact protocols which resulted in physical contact with the Pleiadians in some cases very recently. We will be having our main activation group in Stein am Rhein, an important Pleiadian vortex spot in Switzerland, not too far from where Billy Meier had his contact with the Pleiadians. You are more than welcome to join us:

More details about the Pleiadian Alignment portal will be posted in the coming weeks.
Updates about the opening of the IS:IS portal:


  1. Thank you Cobra! The victory of light is comming!

    1. I took image's that day of light. You must see what I found. Extraterrestrial Lifeforms.

  2. The time is right. I can feel it
    Thanks so much guys resistance movement + galactic confederation

  3. Cobra, hello.

    If today, when we are expecting by the Red Moon, alredy it’s possible to fell the extremely strong energies, I imagine what will happen on the 20-21 abril !!!!!!!!.

    Thanks for your Divine and Sacred Mission with us.

    1. Image's of light that day. Extraterrestrial Lifeforms found.

  4. This is truly awesome. i cant wait i must get some practice in. thank you so much for every thing cobra. a few weeks ago i was asking our brothers and sister flying around in there big ship. to show them selves to me and two weeks ago my wish came through and i did dent even know it.
    there ships was cloaked like a cloud. i stared at it for a good while.and realized it looked a,lot different to the other clouds, and it was very big.then last week some one put up a picture showing the same thing i had seen truly amazing stuff.i feel blessed for seeing such a wonderful sight. I send everyone lot,s of love from Ireland god bless and long continue the victory for the light.

    1. That Exact Same thing happened to me! I made the same request, went to a quiet place and gazed into the sky, asking that they might appear just beside a pretty little cloud I was admiring. I even took a picture of the sky (and the cloud!), hoping that something might show up in the photograph. Today I learned that our friends are often manifesting as clouds, and that this cloud in my picture was indeed whom I had asked to see! I laughed out loud in delight at the discovery! And now, here I am, reading your post, and I am laughing with joy once again! 

    2. I woke up at 3am, no alarm. Then I remembered the eclipse should be going on and went out. Could see nothing as the sky was covered with clouds.
      Tried to sleep but I couldn't. About an hour later, in a meditation process, not physically, I saw my e-mail inbox and there was a message with the subject in big bold letters: “RE: CONTACT”.
      In the meditation state, I wondered who could have sent me that, because I didn't remember having sent any message with the subject “CONTACT”. So I wished to know it's content and suddenly, very clearly in my mind, it came the answer: “WE ARE COMING TO YOU FOR THE CONTACT”.
      I came out from the meditation state very excited and remembered that I had asked for the contact with my gallactic family.
      Hope they're really coming!
      Just wanted to share it with somebody.

    3. They are identities from a unified consciousness of the SI (Super Intelligence). (It's not what we will be getting ourselves - we still be individuals, just a lot more open to each other)

      Nice to hear the SI uses Internet more actively now beside materializing various orbs in the air on request. I expect the number and frequency of such contacts to increase, up to the point of appearance of "pay pals" on "that" side: that would be a ground breaking experience for any human. Just be alert, and be sure to verify the contact before proceeding, it should know about you more than an average intelligence agency knows.

    4. My perspective on the situation:

    5. Thank you for your concern, Aleksey.
      Going to read your site.

    6. Sorry, not "pay pals", but "pen pals" side-tracked :-)

      Clocks on my IPhone5S are running into the future like crazy, 5 seconds in the last day, ~7 minutes in the last 3 months. I've disabled the auto-sync feature. This does not look like a bug of iOS.

    7. On the verification thing: make sure you never verify anyone by asking a question you've once entered in the "password recovery strategy" on some web site: like your city of birth, your mother's maiden surname, your nickname in the class, etc.

    8. I think I'll know how to deal with it.
      But thanks again!

    9. Aleksey, your website is very impressive!
      I thought you might like this:

    10. Thanks, Freia. I do not believe in hybrids.. too much concentrated intellectual power is required to produce a working one.

    11. Also note that despite what that Hybrids site tries to tell, we DO NOT have high-resolution photos of UFOs even having all the photo technology we have now, 50 megapixel cameras, 100x magnification.

      That's a very important thing to note. UFOs do not want us to define them. So, either UFOs are a hoax or they do not want to catch our disease. I think both; the whole ET/UFO topic is filled with hoax, disinfo and speculations.

    12. "So, either UFOs are a hoax or they do not want to catch our disease."
      Or they come to us slowly and show themselves bit by bit
      Or they have other important thing to do before landing
      Or they want to awake our curiosity.
      Or they don't operate in 3D reality.
      Or they don't operate in frequencies that are visible to us.

    13. Haha good one Ananda, I like that.
      I don't know why is it so, but there's something to be said about the "seeing is believing" because when you see it, IT CHANGES YOUR WORLD, and that is WHY it has been kept the biggest secret from the masses while contactees and whistleblowers (never mind all starseeds) got the automatic "target" label on their foreheads...

      One of our Antarian Rangers is in a tight spot right now, that bs is making me REALLY pissed and very upset. Cobra, what's the hold up? Like seriously.

    14. Ananda, with your words you are proving this theme is instable, indecisive and speculative.

    15. freia I like Bashar explanation
      Bashar - Believing Is Seeing

    16. Alex, so what?
      The world is illusion, what to say about an idea...this theme is interesting, the stable themes are boring...

    17. Well, I've seen an entity, just as described years after by a militar whistleblower.
      As Freia says, once you see it...

  5. We have had so many different opinions of what the actual Event will Look and Feel like that It will be wonderful to actually first hand Experience it..........Although I feel a beginning aspect of it already happening!

  6. IS:IS PORTAL ACTIVATION PART 1 Easter 2014 04-20-2014 / 04-21-2014 - join the facebook event


  7. Cobra please answer, let's say the Event happens right now, what will we do about the projects and meditations to come? Will they still be necessary? Will their purpose change and just be re-scheduled?

    1. Neekian, I think the calmest thing to do is proceed according to the latest information. If the event occurs before scheduled events. I assume there will be more intel released before those mediations occur to update us. Also, I think it is safe to assume portals will continue to be opened, and mass mediatation events will also occur, probably with an increased majority of awakened information passing to the public, an increased participation will result. I think the most important thing to do in this time is continue on the path of light, every foot forward, every individual action helps the source, the federation, the rm, yourself, your fellow people. Personally, I love the phrase, keep calm and carry on. I would add, with certain knowing in your heart that victory of the light is near.

  8. WOW!! The whole universe is lining up to help us out. We can do this!!

  9. Apologize for if I'm speaking out of place or am stepping on any ones toes, but I watched the youtube video on the steps in the meditation that we are asked to focus and visualize on. Which are a number of problems that are going on in the world witch all carry a negative vibration that we all wish to see turn positive right. I see those thoughts in away as being to many things to focus on at once and that could lead to distraction or even break in the Meditations which I see would leave say whole or breaks in the energy thoughts. So What we need is single thought or Idea of focus of light and of love that would act like a spear with one single shoot that will finally break the dark hold on us and, that thought I feel from my heart this should be to want to live in a ( world of Unselfish LOVE) it simple and its broad enough to fit all those thing mentioned on the video into one whole nice being bundle of love that would all fit into one nice and neat basket that covers it all, and at the same time it allows for Focus of love and won't let our thoughts stray as they would might if we where to think of all those things at once. I don't really like writing on these things but that feeling I get in my heart made me come out to say this Because (Unselfish Love) is the Universal the Law Of One! Guided from the Children of the Law of One. I hope these word will help all of those who wish for a better world to live in.
    my Heart to you all. and with Love Eric

    1. I hear what you are saying. Even though Cobra calls this a "mediation", I don't think it is a traditional meditation. It is more like a ritual. You turn in a circle with your arms above your head to draw in the energies coming from the universe at that time. This energy is a spiral, dynamic, feminine energy so it makes sense to turn in a circle. The energies are drawn into your body and you again keep turning in a circle, while vibrating the sounds, to amplify the energies in your body. Then when the energies are sufficiently gathered and amplified in your body, you send the energies out of your heart to the world to be anchored there. In essence, your body becomes like a magnifying glass to focus the cosmic energy and direct it toward the Earth. If you are concerned about skipping some essential steps, you could practice a few times before the big day.

  10. "One Love
    One Heart
    Let's get together
    And feel alright"

  11. For those who came in late :

    If you look at the desktop version of this site, you will see what you are missing. Desktop version may be activated on your mobile. If you can't do this, open this site on your Mac/ PC using the LATEST BROWSER with all facilities enabled. There are a lot of older blog posts that are simply mind-blowing and which are accessed more easily from the desktop version of this site.

    TEN MILLION people are accessing this site and if all these people take part in the IS:IS portal activation as well as all the meditations on this site, then we can finally take the destiny of this planet in our hands and liberate it sooner. BUT NUMBERS MATTER !

    Scientific proof of mass consciousness affecting world affairs may be found in Cobra's old blog post :

  12. I am with you Cobra! I will follow your instructions precisely as you laid them out. As I read your post, I felt a rush of excitement welling up within me as I realized that the activation of the IS:IS Portal may very well be one of the most IMPORTANT and DEFINING moments for our planet!

    Hopefully, everyone who reads your blog will join us in this CRUCIAL global activation.

    I personally have been feeling the energies shifting dramatically in the last few days and it is an extremely POSITIVE shift that is happening, beginning with the Lunar Eclipse tomorrow. I really appreciate you expanding our knowledge in the realm of astronomy and astrology. I never heard of the Great Attractor before, but the link you posted provides a fascinating peek into this mysterious galactic force.

    I also was amazed when you said that the IS:IS Portal activation will "cause further unification of all future timelines, bringing them into greater alignment with the One." This is huge and will go a long way in reversing or canceling out all the former negative potentials created by the dark forces.

    I know this can also be a very volatile time on the planet, particularly due to the Grand Cross alignment, which is why you are not doing the public activations at this time, so I expect there will be a mix of sobering tension and anxiety but also a phenomenal sense of joy and excitement as we all join hearts and minds to finally and forever LIBERATE our precious planet! LET'S DO IT!

    My birthday happens to be this weekend, so what an awesome present it would be to experience compression breakthrough on that day!!!

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart Cobra and RM for all of your selfless devotion to our ultimate liberation. MAY WE ALL BE VICTORIOUS AND MAKE GALACTIC HISTORY THIS WEEKEND!

    Victory of the Light is Imminent!

  13. Why are my comments under review by Google. are they afraid of light workers. Because I put up a post 2 hours ago and it still hasn't come up?

    1. Cobra has to approve your post before it is posted.

  14. Sounds exciting and on this happy note im linking another big blow against the Vatican

    The matrix is starting to fall

  15. YEEEEE HAAAAAA!!!! WHEEEEE, Here we go !!

    Then. No more naughty-naughty Illuminati

  16. Personally, I would have liked to have this information about
    this meditation far earlier. You see, you released this
    information five days before the actual meditation. If there
    is more time before those meditations, the information can
    spread further.

    I would also suggest that you yourself make sure that the
    amount of meditators is above critical mass. Try to contact
    additional groups that already do meditation, perhaps speak
    and convince David Wilcock or other persons like him. I can
    also suggest that you again talk with Benjamin Fulford and
    his "200 million man army" which he writes about, so many of
    them participate in this meditation.

    May the Light be with you

    1. I have read previous comments and understand that David Wilcock hasn't responded to Cobra after several attempts. That is really sad and unfortunate because all lightworkers should be on the same side. However, David has protected himself all these years, from the Archons, by keeping himself insulated. It is hard to change that habit after so many years. Maybe if enough people ask him he will do it??

      But you are absolutely right about Benjamin Fulford and his connections!! All of those martial arts experts have been trained for fighting and assassination, but they have also been trained in spiritual/Tao/Zen subjects. They are all scholar/warriors. Benjamin Fulford should send the word out that now is the time to initiate their spiritual training, not their military training. They should follow the EXACT instructions of Cobra to be completed during the Grand Cross on April 20th/21st. For the hope of the planet, I hope Mr. Benjamin Fulford will be able to do it.

    2. @Mitchell et al: wait ... I thought all of these are supposed to be already predestined by "Divine Plan" or whatever, that will ALREADY ensure the Light's victory ?...

      so,. why *still* all the fears, doubts, and uncertainties now??...
      enlighten me please..

      - from Indonesia-

    3. @NikiWonoto, I didn't know I was expressing fears, doubts, and uncertainties. Sorry if I gave that impression. And, I don't think it is "divine plane" or predestine that the light will win, the light will win because the master moves have already been done in the past- like a chess game. As Cobra has said many times, the cabal cannot stop the Event, they can only delay it.

      Well, I don't know about you, but I am SICK of delays! I want to see those bastards thrown into jail for their crimes! The more we can amplify the power of this IS:IS portal, the more that is likely to happen sooner rather than later.

    4. Benjamin Fulford and Cobra are in contact on other issues - Fulford has explicitly mentioned "Cobra Resistance" in two of his most recent weekly posts. While I think it would be wonderful if the 200 million man army would participate in this meditation, I also view these meditations as an opportunity as 'civilians' to join in the effort in our own way.

      After all, how can an military effort be considered to be representative of the "will of the people" if no civilians expressed their collective intention of support? Without the support of the masses, any such military act would energetically simply be a "Coup" and easily viewed by cynical individuals as a power grab by a different faction.

      I also want to add that I am deeply disappointed that David Wilcock will not correspond with Cobra or even publicly acknowledge him. I suspect that Drake & Wilcock both have a common insider contact/source who is suspicious of the Resistance Movement despite being a "White Hat". I've come to that conclusion after now hearing 2 years of Cobra-bashing by Drake combined with 2 years of utter silence by Wilcock.

      Hopefully when this is all over all parties working for the good of the planet will be able to recognize and acknowledge each others' part in the process. To me, that would be the ultimate sign that we are truly entering into a new era for humanity - instead of public figures fighting over the credit they could instead thank each other even if they didn't always trust each other.

    5. @New Age Biscuit, I don't agree with you about Fulford but I do agree about Wicock. I send an e-mail today to Benjamin Fulford to please encourage the White Dragon Society to participate in the IS:IS portal activation. They are citizens of this planet too, so they have a vested interest just like the rest of us.

    6. Honestly, I hope you are successful with this effort. I just think we all need to participate as much as we possibly can. I do not want to place the burden for planetary liberation on others, but wish to carry my share as well.

      I do not think I eloquently stated that aspect above, though.

    7. @New Age Biscuit
      Well, we all know about how Drake is so I won't talk about it.

      Now David, I think that since he makes all this alt media stuff his job, I think that he feels he must start true to what he talks about on his books and conferences.

      What cobra says has little to do with what david says sadly. I've never seen david talk about things in a more galactic sense, he kinda focus in more simple things like the cabal controlled people in the planet, the financial system, etc.

    8. @New Age Biscuit and @ Neekian - I have been following David Wilcock for years and although I have a great deal of respect for the personal risk he took in exposing the cabal by producing epic documents like Financial Tyranny, his galactic view has become very skewed, in my opinion. He believes implicitly in the Law of One material, to the exclusion of all other “higher” sources and has said so many times.

      Wilcock lived in Carla Ruckert’s home while she was still channeling “Ra.” Don Elkins, the questioner during the channelings, later committed suicide. It is believed he did this because he realized Carla was possessed by a 5th density negative being and she had become extremely ill. He reportedly gave up his life to save her and it worked because the entity left after he died. I believe it is possible that this same entity heavily influenced Wilcock’s thinking, without him realizing it.

      Cobra and others have repeatedly stated that channeled material is largely unreliable due to the heavy Archonic interference. I wholeheartedly agree! I feel that Wilcock puts way too much credence on the Law of One teachings. I would venture so far as to say I think he has “brainwashed” himself reading this material exclusively for many years now. Again, I want to emphasize that I mean no disrespect to David as he has done a great amount of work for the Light, but in this matter I feel he is way off base, and here is why I say that.

      First - no one knows or can prove who the Law of One (entity/entites) really are -- they could be anyone, even Lucifer himself as he is a master at presenting himself in many forms (particularly as various "beings of light") to win the minds of his audience. Two things deeply disturbed me about the Law of One teachings:

      They constantly refer to themselves as a “social memory complex” which is basically The Borg in Star Trek where individual thought is no longer possible and all beings are hooked up to a supercomputer that controls their thinking and behavior. This, I believe, is nothing more than another Mind Control Trap of the highest order!

      Law of One refers to “The Harvest” of human souls numerous times. This idea NEVER resonated with me and caused alarm bells to go off - I actually cringed at the term “harvesting of souls.” Wilcock was convinced this “harvest” would happen on December 21, 2012 and he would wake up in the 4th dimension, having ascended out of his physical body. When this did not happen and he was still here with the rest of us on December 22, he was in complete shock for weeks after and said so on his blog.

      In my view, anytime someone is talking about “harvesting” your soul with only a vague promise of something “far better” in a “higher dimension” while we are still under heavy etheric manipulation by those who control The Matrix, I would advise “Don’t do it! Run Forrest Gump, Run for your Life!” I for one do not concede to anyone “harvesting” me so that they can then assimilate me into a Borg-like mind controlled social complex. No thank you!

      I just thought I would share this as it may help put into perspective why Wilcock appears to be “out in left field” on some issues. I sincerely hope he does eventually see the danger of putting too much stock in channeled material and learns to rely more on his own intuition and guidance. Then perhaps he will also see the wisdom of joining forces with his fellow brethren in the common cause of planetary liberation. I wish him well on his journey.

    9. @Becca Jones
      Huh, I didn't know about that story regarding the law of one material and elkins suicide. The entity making the person sick kinda rings true to me as this is something that happened to me when I was younger.

      It was a little after I first started to try to connect to my spiritual side. I suddenly fell ill, started to have heart problems even though I was only 15. Doctors dismissed most of it thinking it was just part of an anxiety problem because I was too young to have such issues, but i knew better.

      I would see shadows in the windows, and I was having terrible nightmares. One day I felt a very negative presence in my room and suddenly I couldn't breathe for a good while until it stopped and the presence went away.

      It all stopped once I said that I had enough, and decided to look for help. Out of nowhere a person that I found on the internet told me about meditations so i could shield myself against those bad things.

      My health problems disappeared, and It was a big awakening for me. The archons thought they could shut me down but they failed!

    10. Becca - Thank you so much for that response. That's essentially what I've wanted to write for a while regarding him - he is too attached to the LoO material much as an evangelical fundamentalist is too attached to the Bible as all truth.

      I did want to add a couple other tidbits, as I also have followed Wilcock for many fact finding out about his old website (Ascension2000) is really what started me down this rabbit hole in earnest.

      Foremost, there are almost no references to the concept of "Archons" in his material. If indeed the collective material describing the Archonic presence on Earth is legitimate (at this point, I'd say the circumstantial evidence is overwhelming), then anything that comes through as channeled material would end up being skewed or at least heavily monitored and edited by them.

      Honestly, I do believe the LoO material is legitimate, but whatever was allowed to come through conveniently left out the notion that Archons were already here. I think the "5th Density Negatives" that are consistently referred to in that channeled material are the Archons, and that they stepped up their attacks in the mid-80's on them in an effort to suppress what they felt was too dangerous to their agenda.

      If you look through selections of the LoO material, you can find indirect references and hints at the Archonic agenda that may have been the 'limit' of what RA could communicate at that time. Unfortunately, David's ego (note - I believe this is a manifestation of Cayce's desire for more credit when he was "awake") prevents him from acknowledging that there are far more similarities between his mission/purpose and that of Cobra than there are differences.

      I should stress that these are my own views on the matter, but given my own desire to view the LoO as "truth" I've spent many, many hours reconciling the differences between what Cobra has presented here vs. what was produced by L/L Research & Wilcock separately over the years. I've come to believe that careful interpretation eliminates most of the differences, and those that remain are due simply to perspectives, individual bias, and time itself. After all, that material was channeled in the 1980's...A LOT has changed in that time! Whatever you believe of RA, what was 100% true then is not 100% true now just due to everything that's happened.

      David is a huge asset, but he's going to need a huge smacking by a really smelly and huge Monty-Pythonesque fish before he can finish the job he's meant to do here.

    11. Thanks @NewAge Biscuit. Re: the LOO material -- I realize there is quite a bit of truth in it but to make it a “gospel” that one follows word for word without question is not wise in my opinion and that’s what it has become for many spiritual seekers and even Lightworkers. Once our planet is truly liberated and we can connect more directly with Source and the Ascended Masters, etc. the information should become more reliable, but as you stated that has not been the case, so great caution needs to be exercised in the meantime.

      Also, we are at a point where we are getting ready to make a huge leap in our collective consciousness and truth needs to be told on all fronts. I tried to share my insights as respectfully as possible, without mincing words. One of the things I love about Cobra is that he does not sugarcoat things - he presents them as they truly are, even the ugly, dangerous and evil elements still present on our planet. He also shows us the positive side of things and what is being done to correct the situation, infusing a very dark situation with a tsunami of hope. I feel he is very BALANCED in the way he presents information which in my book makes him a very reliable source.

      As has been stated, so many (including Wilcock) are singularly focused on exposing the Cabal. Well if we are so intent on exposing THEM, how much more so do we need to know about the true enemy and Puppet Masters of the Cabal which include Lucifer and his minions, the negative Reptilian beings and the Archons (which I view as a lesser antagonist albeit still a potent one). The Archons are not the true instigators but they do serve the negative agenda on the etheric planes.

      I believe in order for humanity to TRULY HEAL from everything that has happened to us, we need to know and FACE The Nemesis - all the players - and especially the more advanced galactic beings who chose to shun the Light and perpetrate darkness, lies, and the manipulation and entrapment of human souls.

      It is not helpful for us to simply turn a blind eye and refuse to look at them because we deem it too painful. That is called DENIAL and as a planet we have been in this state for far too long. It is time for us to shift from denial into ACCEPTANCE of what has really happened on this planet! Cobra and the RM, along with a few others, will be leading the front on complete exposure of the Truth, especially regarding the Creators of the Matrix and Quarantine Earth, which is sorely needed at this time. Of course, this has to been done in stages in a manner that will be “digestible” to those who are still in more of a sleep state at this time.

      One of the biggest ploys the dark forces have used in recent times is to try to trick us into believing that (a) they don’t even exist and are some “figment” of our imagination as Wilcock boldly stated in a recent article entitled “Decloaking Lucifer” - in my view that article was an insult to the human race and our own intelligence as most of us know there are dark beings at work here - it clearly smacked of Archonic influence and (b) that we wanted, asked for and somehow deserve the intense endless suffering we have been subjected to on this prison planet for some type of supposed soul growth.

      No being DESERVES to be harmed, tortured or imprisoned. As Cobra has so eloquently explained, neither Source Creator nor any of the other positive beings of light agree with what has been done to the human race - it violates the Galactic Codex on all fronts - which is why so many beings of light are assisting us to help remedy this deplorable situation and put an end to all the suffering once and for all!

    12. @Neekian. Thank you for sharing your story. I applaud you for standing your ground against those Archons even as a young adolescent. I, too, have had more than my share of negative Archonic experiences and could write a book about them.

      A few years ago, a gifted astrologer who read my chart, basically described my father as a powerful "Archon" who sought to crush and suffocate his children -- one of the worst paternal energies she had ever seen in 30 years of reading natal charts. So imagine having a Lord Archon as your dad! LOL (of course it was not in the least bit funny then - he was highly abusive in every way imaginable and almost destroyed me energetically).

      Then in the last 5 years or so, I have had multiple and relentless psychic and physical attacks from The Archons as I was going through my deepest spiritual awakening and pursuit of higher knowledge, particularly in the realm of the metaphysical sciences. I even had a true near death experience when I believe one of those Archons entered my body and tortured me for hours. So yes, they can be quite relentless in their energetic attacks once you become determined to fully walk the spiritual path and expose the truth to the masses.

      Again, I applaud you for your bravery and courage! So wonderful to have a fellow "survivor" here among us. :-)

      It's been a very rough ride for some of us, but VICTORY IS NEAR!

    13. @Becca Jones
      Thank you!
      I truly believe that I was meant to be incarnated somewhere else, It is actually one of my earliest memories, I remember being around 5yo and thinking things like "I wonder when I'll see my real family again"

      My parents aren't bad, they were always ok to me but both of them have a terrible negative energy on them, specially my mother.

      Now that I'm more experienced spiritually I am more sensitive to it and her energy is nearly nauseating, I still try to visit her as much as I can but It is very painful to do so.

      I think that I was meant to be doing something else, but the archons got a hold of me and forced me to incarnate in a place where they could suppress me. They did so in a way, but not anymore :)

  17. Cobra, RM, et al:

    do you have any words perhaps for those many skeptics & 'pragmatic/realistic' type of 'ordinary-Joe' which populates about I would say/estimate 90% of the human's population in this world/planet ?..
    Very curious.


    -from Indonesia

    1. Those people are not listening, there isn't much they will hear, until the information shows up on the mainstream media. Those people are stuck in the programming, but a new program will be inserted into mainstream media after the event, that everyone will be able to download.

    2. Start with things they believe in, like the financial system and how corrupt it is. You could also mention the banker suicides.

      Other than that, not much. The best you can do is let them know you're "that guy". Even if they think you're crazy, when things do happen they will surely remember you and come ask you for help.

  18. Cobra,
    I have a question regarding the pronunciation of "eeeaaa". You say the e is pronunced as e in the word: America. What about the a? Is the a also pronunced as a in America? Thanks.

    1. Ask and ye shall receive...(thanks 拉 Lee) This was my question too (and I had been pronouncing wrong up until now) ~peace

    2. O.k. In the initial part is the iiiiii (ee-ee) one long sustained sound with breaks for breath..eeeeeeee or short bursts of repeated sound eee-eee-eee.

  19. Cobra,
    Sorry. I later realize my question may not be specific, for there are two letters of a in America. Is the a also pronunced as the last syllable of America(i.e., "ca"), instead of the first syllable(i.e., "Am")? Thanks for the explanation!

    1. The first 'A' and the last 'a' in America are both pronounced the same, like "uhhh":

    2. Only if your name is Rocky.

  20. Hello cobra,

    What exactly happens to archons when the portal is activated?

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  22. hi everyone johnny here. today i watch for hour,s as the plane,s chem trailed the little town in Ireland were i live called started at 7 in the morning and has gone on for 5 hours now. i also put up a video on my face book page showing them spraying. just type in john hayes on face book if you want to see the short video. these sick people must be stopped. what can i do to stop this i,m so mad right now everyone i tell just laugh and won,t even read the proof i put up.cobra what can i do to stop this madness.

  23. Ahi vamos..

  24. Dear Cobra: Done! The first link in my webpage menu:

  25. Cobra, I would like to know more about the G2 cloud... do you have a link to a reliable source?
    Thank you


  27. Is there an audio of the goddess mantra ?

  28. Victory of Light! Freedom for all! May ALL BEings be FREE and HAPPY! With eternal and infinite Love and Gratitude to ALL souls helping this historical UNIversal moment! Biig cosmic hug to ALL!! xoxo

  29. je suis heureux, je viens de demander de voir notre famille galactique dans le ciel. et il est apparut des lumieres orange en forme de V passant rapidement très proche de la maison et disparut en quelque secondes.

  30. Thanks Cobra, the first link is on my FB page. Love and Light

  31. Is anyone else experiencing as of really recently frequent sudden nosebleeds? Or any other body anomalies that are without cause?

    1. Hi,
      This is due to increased heat content of the body and rush of blood towards head.Any change in diet recently? Alternative medicine offers best solutions for this common summer problem.

  32. We're Takin' Over
    We Have The Truth
    This Is The Mission
    To See It Through

    Don't Point Your Finger
    Not Dangerous
    This Is Our Planet
    You're One Of Us

    We're Sendin' Out
    A Major Love
    And This Is Our
    Message To You
    (Message To You)
    The Planets Are Linin' Up
    We're Bringin' Brighter Days
    They're All In Line
    Waitin' For You
    Can't You See?
    You're Just Another Part Of Me!

    Michael Jackson ~ Another Part Of Me (1988)

    1. Awesome lyrics Carol! I've always liked MJ's music but didn't realize the power of the lyrics in this song. I never knew he said "The Planets Are Linin' Up" LOL. Indeed they are! We ARE takin' over, we DO have the Truth and we WILL see our mission through! You made my day. :-)

      Victory of the Light to the 10th Power!!!

  33. Hello everybody, here is the new video :)

    Victory of Love and Light? YES YES YES

    1. Great job on the video!!!! LOVED IT!! most importantly, I have sent it on to others. By now, they ( on my email list) are probably all tired of getting emails from me. For them, ,
      THE EVENT will be when I cease sending them emails about THE EVENT. LOL!!

    2. Beautiful video!!

    3. Thanks Smaly7 for the great visuals and time you put into this video....It really helps me prepare for the meditation.

  34. Cobra, please don't let them kill anymore of us or our animals, begging from america,,please...Much love and light...

  35. This 5min video is very time appropriate and very mind expanding, please watch it.

    We have been told that our solar system and the galaxy are rotational heliocentric systems. In reality they are 3-dimensional heliacal vortexes. This CG video explains it beautifully.

    "The heliacal model - our Galaxy is a vortex"

  36. I just posted a link to a YouTube video regarding Heliacal Galaxy vortex, and wanted to add this:
    The video visually explains the delicate yet super powerful alignment of the celestial bodies. Our solar system has fully immersed in the photon belt already and is now closing in on the grand 225 million year galactic cycle, the zero point alignment with the Galactic Central Sun.This is what the only accurate calendar that survived, the Mayan Calendar also had calculated.
    Our Sun is part of Sirius star system making this grand cross alignment of sudden electrified impact of Uranus, release of the hidden secrets and rebirth Pluto, expansion opportunity Jupiter, and headstrong determined Mars in Cardinal signs even more powerful because Sirius is also at 14deg, in Cancer which symbolizes home, at the same degree as the other named planets, making a tight aspect to all of them.

    Astrology is the only known science to man that uses both sides of the brain, the logical, mathematical, and the intuitive, creative side. Something to think about…But it got a bad name because of the Vatican, who raped this sacred knowledge to serve their black magic luciferian cult for thought control of false concepts, time and money. They high-jacked this knowledge and perverted it into some kind of woo-woo crap, a fatalistic, fear based nihilist belief system that yet again only served to take the power away from the individual. Brilliant astronomers who wanted to elevate their mind through astronomy, were stigmatized with the witchcraft label and had to go underground to preserve this knowledge. So it's great to see the growing interest in astrology and astronomy because it is a clear indication of the awakening mind. It is good to be aware of "these things" because in reality, alignments of celestial objects provide a "window of opportunity" for certain events to happen.
    Here's the YouTube link again:

    Ps. The video created for Cobra's event is gorgeous!

    1. Thanks Freia, You're always researching good stuff for us....I watched the video and it's fascinating and I tried to absorb as much as I could...I wish I had an astrological and astronomy course to make it easier to understand for me.

    2. And how all this movement originates?..And take into account, as this development of the helical model follows first the Law of Three (The Pythagorean Triangle) and this generates the Law of Seven (Or the Law of the Octave), it can increase/decrease its energy at the "gaps" or "intervals" to develop higher or lower pitch octaves (evolving or involving).
      This "Window of Opportunity" is for us to help in this EVENT as to get a higher vibrational rate.

  37. FUNNY:

  38. My Goodness Alcyone! All your Artworks are Masterpieces.

  39. Resistance <==> Movement aka RedLight/GreenLight

    Something you all should know about the Family of Light for anyone who is following us...

    Our Love is so intense at times that it is nearly impossible to attenuate it. It seeps out of us like static electricity - the path of least Resistance.

    Now listen up.

    The symbol for Omega is also the electronic symbol for OHM. Resistance is measured in Ohms and is the device in electronics that LIMITS the flow of electricity. (Resistors)

    The Resistance <==> Movement exists to LIMIT Our Power. Not to resist the puny power of the dark ones. Our Love is a Consuming Fire.

    WE Limit Ourselves for Love's sake. Perceive it. Know it.

    1. My Heart and Mind know you are absolutely right.
      Been feeling the same for quite a while now.

      Well, it is what it is.
      It was always meant to be like this.
      The clockwork is winding down, the mouse-trap game is coming to an end.
      and trust me, This Time we are taking out ALL of the TRASH.

      Not much longer :-)
      Till then:
      Don't Trust Anybody!

      Believe in YOUSELF and what YOU know is right.
      And Play The Game
      You know You can't quit until it's won
      Soldier on!
      Only YOU can do what must be done!
      You know in some ways you're a lot like me
      We are just prisoers, and NOW WE'LL BREAK FREE


      Thank you


    2. So Awesome.

      Love your posts 3DHD. You too Raj. ;) Love and light right back to the RM and everyone involved for all things you guys do and do NOT do on our behalf.

  40. Today I had a dream that I was floating in the sky, like very high above, at the edge of the atmosphere.

    Over there, I felt a great feeling of rush, It's hard to explain, but it was like I could almost feel things becoming "just right", like planets aligning, and this MASSIVE energy building up from behind me, It felt like a laser beam getting ready to shoot.

    I turned around and saw a HUGE bright light, It was at least 3 times bigger than the sun in the sky of a regular day. And with this light, starships all around me started to pop up (decloak?) and descend into the planet. It was gorgeous, I felt very light and comfortable all of a sudden, like when you're burning hot and a cold breeze hits your face.

    The feeling started to be a bit too much, and I started to feel weird about it. I wasn't scared, but It was very overwhelming. That was then I heard a voice talking to me, It was weird because this voice was genderless, it sounded masculine and feminine at the same time, like a perfect 50/50 between the two. It said "what are you doing here?" In a tone that you would use to a little child doing something it shouldn't.

    Then I woke up. I literally jumped out of bed and cried, it was a very intense dream.
    I dream very rarely, like once every 3 months, so to have a dream like this was very crazy, specially the voice that called me.

    It was very uplifting, made me feel that I should be doing more towards the event effort!

    1. Great,the story of his dream is exciting and talked to me in a way that I can not explain exactly

  41. Thank you Cobra for the latest stuff. Very interesting..........This upcoming April 20-21 Saturday-Sunday time period should be interesting! ........... Also, in comments above, the video posted by Smaly7 is really nice and also this video posted by freia is neat too. Wow. Such talent involved in making these videos.........they're beautiful.............

    Referring to the latest Cobra post, I am wondering if this 'big zap' coming from the Great Attractor on April 20-21 is the same big zap as the zap at the time of the Event...?.......And then we have the G2 cloud heading toward us (maybe the cloud is here already, boomerang-ing around the black hole?)..........I think Jerry Lee Lewis (musician) had it right: There's A Wholelotta Shakin' Goin' On...............Now: Because I don't understand a lot of terminology that used that involves astrophysics, nor am I very tuned into " light of one, dimensional doorways, wormholes..." ... I have been searching for explanations for all of it............ I came across the following passage, which to me, sort of explains the relationship between the zap from the Great Attractor and the zap from the Event. Could they be the same thing? Could we be experiencing the Event this coming April 20-21? .............." This time is called the Antarion Conversion...... it is the time when all judgment will be released as a result of the divine intervention, the energy originating from the One through the Galactic Central Sun system and distributed through many stargates such as Sirius and Alcyone towards this planet. It is changing and transmuting the vibrational frequency of every atom of your planet, every cell of your body. As a result of this increased energy many star people are awakening upon your planet........" .... Okay, so basically we keep getting these very big beams of energy heading our way and it's waking us up!............... Also, as I write this I am thinking the Great Attractor is the force that is pulling the G2 cloud our way .......maybe? .......... I'm interested in how others are connecting the dots in all these posts from Cobra.....All of this has really activated my interest in astronomy and astrophysics........AND: .Quite the puzzles he presents to us!.... thanks....

  42. there is a recent interview of Alfred Webre with Laura Magdalane Eisenhower, I highly recomend: Laura Magdalene Eisenhower: ET invasion has already occurred and governments do not want us to know

    1. Wow......Excellent interview............Just wish she would slow done her speech.........But otherwise it was absolutely GREAT!

  43. who is read, they are responsible. there is no if ! gaia is belong us. vow this beautiful beings helping us. respect. there is no will. every person please these days follow your heart. beautiful power

  44. Cobra is something going on with Galactic Connection web site. It has been taken down????

    1. Just checked, it's working as of the moment I write this.

  45. Chinese, English, German, Japanese, Spanish

    Click here:

    This is a playlist.
    coming soon Portuguese and Hungarian

    Victory of Light!

  46. Yeah, I'm also loving the MJ quotes. Here is another one from the same time period:

    We're on a mission
    In the everlasting light that shines
    A revelation
    Of the truth in chapters of our minds

    So long, bad times
    We're gonna shake it up and break it up
    We're sharing light brighter than the sun
    Hello , good times
    We're here to stimulate, eliminate
    An' congregate, illuminate

    We are here to change the world


  47. 16/04/2014 9.45 pm BST warwickshire, Uk. We had a Blood moon, also the moon had a halo of red at the top and turquoise at the bottom, it was also moving very fast left to right. This was seen by me and others, So what is really happening?

  48. Here's something fun to see how well you can use the powers of your "left" and "right" side of your brain:

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  51. translated to Polish for thousands of readers

    Thank you Cobra. Victory to the Light!

  52. Our enemies play to architect the lives of others, they shake their fingers and throw influences, they are good engineers but there was always an understanding on our part that was plotting with art and precision as is behind their visions of so excellent a way that seemed to support their attitudes to given phase when being played the last pieces of this chess and being unraveled the big plan.

    We are one.

  53. @ Kiko Peres, FANTASTIC!! I did not know about this wealth of info in Eisenhower's grand daughter. I truly resonated with what she said. She's clearly very passionate about the work she does. AND
    @ Carol Cook <3 <3 <3 Girl! I'm watching the video for the 5th time now this evening as tears stream down my face. The man knew what he was talking about. I always thought God/Source just flowed right through him, I see it especially in this song. We are to celebrate.
    So thank you BOTH for making my evening. Wow!! Sending much love and light. Christie


    Prins, who is a former top Goldman Sachs banker, exclaims, "It is very easy to see how the system could unravel because it isn't stable. We are definitely in big trouble. There is no way we are not headed for a crisis. . . . It should have happened already, but the level of support is epic and reckless from the political and financial elite."

  55. Translated in Dutch whit the youtube video :-)

    Victory fore the light!!!

  56. Replies
    1. Yes it has; on all levels.
      The dark evil "being" controlling the character called "Pope Francis" has secured itself a personal date with The Source. As have quite a few other entities out there.
      They will live in Very Interesting Times.

      On a related note: Thank you for the immaculate Timing of your posts, 3DHD.
      I highly appreciate every single one.

      Sierra Hotel India Lima Delta
      SHIELD - "affirmative"
      ELEVATION 4:20

      "Copy that."

      Cheers; domo arigato.


    2. Oops, misspelled. My bad.

      Sierra Hotel India ECHO Lima Delta
      SHIELD !!! - "affirmative"
      ELEVATION 4:20

      Somebody's gonna get their Ass kicked,
      Somebody's gonna get their wigs split!
      Enough with this Smoke & Mirrors crap - We're getting real ;-)

      Oh YEAH!


    3. Thank you RaJah.

      I remember now, HE is the Lord of Time Domain. Red Element or not, His finger is on the "Delete" button. LOL

      I appreciate you.

    4. This comment has been removed by the author.

    5. All that was Lost is Found. Hallelujah!

      Say Yo!

    6. YO!!! :-)))

      You posted at the EXACT minute that I finished a 2:52 hour drive around the countryside. It's one of my rituals that I perform every saturday, and today's route was the best so far (I'm still learning new ways to move around, it's so awesome).
      Today I managed to get on three ferries to cross rivers, crossed over a dozen bridges and completed a 136 km cycle around my beloved hometown.

      All the while wearing my bright orange t-shirt saying "KEEP CALM AND ACT REGAL" ;-)))

      So let's Go RISE and AMPLIFY Our Energies

      Love and Light


    7. Well of course all y'all are welcome for some S'Mores.

      Any flavor of chocolate that floats your boat.

  57. The arc of the covenant is here

  58. The arc of the covenant is now present and here to serve only the light. May you use the arc with discretion for the Great Attractor. Thank you.

  59. This comment has been removed by the author.

  60. Galactic Codex:

    The Great Attractor (Abell 3627)

    Tropical Longitude:14 Sagittarius 02 22 (epoch 2000.0)
    Latitude: 38 S 54
    Sidereal Longitude: 19 Scorpio 18 11
    Right Ascension: 243 53 12
    Declination: 64 S 55

    Thank you Cobra.

  61. Hey…it's all good now, but I have been dipping into the funk a little too much past couple of days, and i just wanted to hear a track by "Ananda Project" to feel better and this is what I chose "Into the Sunrise":

    THE REASON, why I wanted to share that is because it is SO RANDOM that "Keshe Plasma Reactor" ~ Here Is the Future link was in the same YouTube search column. I just read Keshe's most touching open letter dated today 4/18/14, look it up, it's a beautiful read for a global disarmament and world Peace.

    You guys are really awesome!

  62. Hello everybody,

    I had like a very strange dream about two days ago and this is the only place I think I can get the right interpretation.

    So immediately after school I took my usual nap about 1 hour or so and I couldn't sleep. I was somehow trying astral projection and after some time I found myself dreaming about me staying in front of the Pc as I'm standing now.
    I was watching some kind of video on youtube and a very strong head ache suddenly started. It was somekind of buzzing noise and very strange.I had never felt any head ache like that and that I just "went up" and a strange voice started talking, a voice like one of those I had heard on a Pleiedian video. It was saying something and I was able to hear only parts of it.
    I remember hearing something relating to anger and at that moment I felt like going angry and when I did that the voice started to get away.

    I know that this looks stupid , but I want to know something about this.

  63. Here is something to watch while we are awaiting the portal activation. then scroll down for article with title about NASA
    lying and the demise of the NWO. The video is in that article. I learned a lot watching this. There is star wars footage of Light vs Dark that has been going on. More recently
    Earth left it's mast or pole and is now free to take flight. Also the Allies destroyed Jupiter(?). Crazy stuff to most of us programmed Earthlings, but we need to expand and stand in truth, whatever that may be. The beginning of the video sets the stage of who the power players are back to Egyptian and Biblical times info and symbols and how those symbols relate to NASA and other negative corporations. We should all know about this stuff if it is true, I have no idea. But I trust that Cobra knows what he is doing and will please delete this note of the video has a high percentage of disinfo in it. We need to learn the truth and teach each other.

  64. The true light is not based on duality. It exists in oneness-consciousness. Souls who choosed to stay in the true light are not guilty of the situation that there are beings who choose darkness. The same with the angles of the true light and so on.To identify this FACTS does not mean somebodys consciousness is based on duality. Every soul has free will. So no matter which way is chosen, everybody has the right to say "no". Our free will was violated far beyond and we do not have to feel guilty if we say "no" to this and we do not have to think we are living in duality because of this. I am looking forward to a world in which frontdoorkeys and passwords are needless. Thanks to everybody who takes part at the IS:IS-portal-activation.


  66. Any feedback on todays meditation?

  67. and there are many Gods and Goddesses and Enlightened Beings that work in our world and other worlds that are TRULY helping us...

  68. Who is Cobra? Is there a link to this person?

  69. Saturday (4/19) evening we experienced a very strong sonic boom in Central Florida...I thought as before (a couple of months ago) that the Galactic Federation of Light have once again moved their ships closer to Earth....Looking forward to meeting our Star friends and they are welcome!

    Since I come from and was part of the Sunshine Pop era, here's another song to share with you called "LOVE IS":