Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Plasma and the Planetary Situation Update

Clearing of the Chimera group continues. Their Long Island fortress can not be removed so easily because it is tied to the plasma scalar network which forms the backbone of the Veil, extending to the altitude of up to 8.6 miles above the surface. This is precisely the point where the Chimera and the Archons are joining forces to defend their quarantine Earth. 

To really explain what is going on, we will have to deal with very deep occult knowledge that might be beyond science fiction for some people. 
Physicists would describe plasma as ionized gas, whereas a skilled occultist would describe plasma as a hidden plane / dimension between the gaseous and the fourth etheric plane: 

Plasmatic plane between the physical and etheric is the hidden location where the Archons have concealed most of their darkness and it was their utmost secret.  Plasmatic plane was created as a result of torsion forces between the physical and etheric as a direct consequence of cosmic anomaly when the universe was created and is also called the Abyss. It can be accessed  (not recommended!) through hidden portals that can be found inside sephira daath on the kabalistic tree of life:
There are quantum singularity wormholes within the plasmatic plane and in the occult terminology they are called the Tunnels of Set. Those wormholes contain strangelet and toplet bombs and they are tied to the physical Black Stone in the Long Island location. This is the main reason why clearing of the plasma scalar network and the Veil is taking so long.
The Light forces are dealing with this situation and there has been significant progress regarding removal of the plasma strangelet bombs, whereas plasma toplet bombs still remain a challenge. 

There is another plane similar to plasma, but on a much higher octave, between the higher mental (manasic) and the buddhic plane. That plane is called the buddhi-manas membrane and separates realms of Oneness from realms of duality. This membrane was created as a result of torsion forces between the mental and buddhic (intuitional) plane as a direct consequence of cosmic anomaly when the universe was created. This membrane is the first thing that separated us from the Source when we descended into Creation as sparks of conscoiouness long time ago in galactic history.  The density of this membrane will be greatly reduced after the Event when the cosmic anomaly of darkness will be finally cleared. 
As Chimera are slowly losing their power, interesting intel leaks are occurring:

Promising new technologies are introduced:
The Eastern Alliance is making significant progress on the financial front to break the dominance of the petrodollar system:
As you probably know, the Ebola scare does not have an impact that the Cabal was hoping for and all their attempts to create a global war are also falling apart.
The Islamic State, a Jesuit creation, is having a lot of attention in the mass media. One purpose of the Archons and their Jesuit puppets in their occult war against the people is to associate the name of Goddess Isis with their dark creation in the minds of the masses. Therefore I would suggest all alternative media stop using the name ISIS for the Islamic State, but rater use ISIL or Islamic State instead. You can also sign this petition:
I have been contacted by a group of writers that have had contact with the Indonesian and other eastern Asian Agarthan networks from 2009-2013. That group has suggested that people do not wait passively for the Event and have given many grassroots ideas what can be done:

Another beautiful idea that may make people rethink how to solve their housing situations has appeared:
Victory of the Light is near!


  1. Thank You Cobra, RM, Light Forces and Ground Crew !

    We Are One !


  2. Where do the Scalar waves that are directed at the planet and population come from....Do they have machines or satellites that produce them and direct them for whatever there purposes are. And if so where are they at?

    1. Hey dude I think Cobra mentioned that these are etheric weapons...I could be wrong. I guess if that is the case we 3d trapped people would be unaware of them.

    2. This situation needs to be dealt with 'energetically'. Energy Healers will know how to find a way to 'neutralize' the weapons. Send a lot of light, divine rays, violet rays to 'lighten up' the energy there. Anyone can do this. Namaste

    3. or maybe they can create a energy shield around long island's base to block possible explosions

    4. can't we mass meditate (with the aliens also) to deactivate the bombs?

  3. Wow, this update blows my mind! And it isn't because I don't believe this information, it is because I do believe it! This means that the light forces are not just liberating this planet, they are changing the very nature of reality. Amazing. I wonder if this situation has occurred before. Does the darkness arise during each expansion of the universe or is this the first time?

    1. If my conjecture about this can have any sense of correctness:

      The anomaly that formed has been brought up at least three times by Cobra as "a development that occured on chance alone".

      So, putting that in mind with your question, I would assume...
      No. It does not.

    2. Hello Eclipse Prizmat, thank you for your conjecture to my question. I knew it was a very deep question but I wanted to ask it anyway. I had little expectation that Cobra would answer as it isn't very important, just speculative. I agree with your conjecture that this is the first time EVER this situation has happened. The specialness of this moment in time really blows my mind, but I think I need to get over that. I just want to focus on ending the current suffering.

    3. The light forces cannot and do not change the nature of reality, it is you that accomplishes that, for your will is your own and the sacred laws do not interfere with this.

  4. I had been thinking along the lines that this battle wasn't purely physical in its most dense form. I look at it more this way... that the battlefront deals with constructs of beliefs or mind programming. To me, what cobra calls a strange let would be in my definition a construct of a belief put in place to keep the mind from accessing intuition or more of a connection with source. Not an actual physical bomb. The symbol of a strangelet is in itself such a construct. Believing that there is some harm in directing your conscioussness to a certain place for fear of trauma is In Itself the purpose of the strange let.

    I do love diagrams. Transpose this one over your body and you have a good idea of how the chakras function. Physicists lack proof of this model so therefore isn't incorporated into their equations thus keeping their ideas at a purely physical level. They look from the outside to explain what's inside, not from the inside out(which is also incorrect because everything is inside), basically they don't factor in consciousness even though its been shown how the observer effects any experiment. I mean, who couldn't ramble for days about this weird science?

    But, to keep this short and to the point, cobra I love when you share occult ideas in this big picture, it shifts the playing field in just the right way to get some to use their inner senses, to remind one that the world is not only an object. To bad its all got to be a secret! Hahahaha

    1. The equation which includes these levels of vibratory energy it is very easy: It is just the Max Planck´s energy equation modified, where his "constant"=0.66252 is replaced by the scalar variation of the trigonometrical functions, where these change from 0 to 1.


    2. This post says something very similar


    3. I could tell that this virus is related to Stranglet fortified with emotions , from the moment in which being enters his vibrato heart can no longer be affected by


  5. Speaking of intel leaks take a look at this article exposing some of the pure evil coming out of Long Island.

    It is little wonder Chimera choose this place as their last holdout. Suffolk county and the Montuak area is one of the most wicked places on Earth.
    Some key evils being exposed:
    - A bio-weapon that mass culls sea life (active since 1985)
    - Plum Island Animal Disease Center (animal torture, bio-weapons, and Lyme disease)
    - Towns burying toxic waste on public parks and under soccer fields
    - Towns burying toxic waste under people's homes and poisoning the water supply

    This all happened decades ago but is only just coming into light now. It is no longer able to be hidden due to increasing levels of light. Chimera will surely be driven out of there soon. Send your love and light to long island to speed up the healing process. Envision the defeat of chimera and the fall of the archons.

    Victory to the Light.

  6. Mind over matter.



    1. Thank you, loved it!!!!! Very inspirational, it gets my chi moving just watching it:)

    2. It makes no difference to blood, it's all kung fu in the mud, when we're high on love!

    3. @JOKO311 I believe there are many different roads to be taken. Martial arts makes a difference to some of us. Nevertheless, your rhyming is interesting:)

    4. Domo Arigato from this Gaijin :-)
      I know that that is not Chinese, so sue Me ;-)

      At a distinct energy point in my Light Macine there is this little colour-changing lamp, it is really beautiful And it can only be switched on by shaking it, then it will stay on for one minute.

      With a little concentration I can turn ThisLittle Light Of Mine on with the clap of a hand. Or with just FEELing the right thing at The Right Time. My Heart can be quite The Light Engineer, who woulda thunk That?! ;-)


      "Here We GO!!!"

      Every Day! Every Night!

    5. Spirit Bear...I wasn't knocking martial arts, I am a believer in it. The words I posted are lyrics from song, posted below. The full context of the song will make the words above beautiful.


    6. Thank you, I have never heard this one. Very nice!

    7. I am SO looking forward to getting my black belt in MARITAL ARTS (not necessarily martial).


  7. Thank you Cobra for the awesome update!

    I know we are close!


    Victory to the Light!

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    1. Dude the thing that worried me most about your post is the alcohol. From my personal experience alcohol cuts us off from the sunlight of the spirit. It is a depressant, and a very powerful one at that. Lifestyle may be a factor in your current awareness. Look at your diet, your activity level and your inner life. Are you making changes to heal yourself? Meditation is beneficial to your inner life, your psychic health. Even if you don't believe it will affect world peace it will affect your personal peace. Then maybe some of the answers to your questions will be revealed to you. Gods voice is subtle, and it best heard in moments of personal peace. I intend your wellness, will you join me?

    2. "So I came here as a starseed to help & gradually became most useless being on the planet. They shut me down. nothing more but a robot now, cool story."

      Cool story indeed. That is pretty much what happens to all the starseeds. Your mere presence is enough to be a thorn in the dark ones' side. Keep your spirits high, we ARE winning here.

      Watch this movie: it might make you feel better.

    3. Soluk Siyah, I send you the greatest Love and Compassion and Strength there is within me. I just kicked a 6-year opiate addiction because NOW is the time for releasing the darkness that is held within.
      I pray our community here will send you enough Light and Love to begin managing and overcoming your darkness.
      It is not easy but it is what must be done.

      Also, being optimistic does not mean that one does not consider all possibilities....it only means, in my instance, that I have made my ''calculations'' and determined said positivity to be the right course.

      Love and Light.

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    5. You are the creator of what you feel, what you see, what you live, you WRITE your story!! I see some people who dont know what to do except the meditations... Stop waiting for the light and BE IT!! Be it for everyone for they are you and you are them!! I know, it is a hard time to live right now, but soon, it WILL be over!! The most important fact isnt the situation, it is the reaction, this is what you have to do, this IS your mission!! React to evrything/everyone with love, joy, hope, kindness, with light!! REACT WITH LIGHT, CREATE LIGHT, GIVE LIGHT, BE LIGHT!!! It is with love that we'll liberate us, not fear, nor depression, nor anything related!! Create everything in the world YOU live in with light, be a shining star in others people lives so they'll remember you as an exemple of what they want to be!!!

      Again, thank you Cobra, RM, ETs, Source, every one who does keep the light, we will make it, WE WILL BE LIGHT!! <3

    6. Perservarate man. We are together in this shit. Meanwhile while i recommend you all guys is Meditation. The one that i recommend you is the one that i tried and will never leave. It has given me so much ! It is called Vipassana. It is the pure tecnique of insight discover by the Buddha, which made him free. Believe me, its real, powerful, deep stuff! it is taught even in prisons! Please give it a try. The courses are 100% free. Take ten days of your life only and after that i can assure you you will thank me a lot! For more info go to www.dhamma.org
      goood luck!

    7. @Soluk Siyah:

      Repost, for you.....and let us know how you are please.....




      To release emotions:

      To connect with the higher dimensions.

      To transmute completely low vibration:


    8. @Soluk, I really liked your post. I agree with practically everything you write. As Cobra said in the recent interview with Rob Potter, if you feel yourself being attacked or overwhelmed by negativity you need to protect yourself. If find that doing the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram morning and evening works wonders (google it). Also, don't be afraid to call on your angels to protect you. Gabriel isn't on a vacation! LOL! But you must say OUTLOUD, "Angels please protect me." They aren't always mind readers.

      And as others have commented, drinking that much alcohol per day for anxiety is really going to make your anxiety much worse. But I completely understand- you are using the alcohol as a medicine. Instead, I would recommend you take 1,000 mg of L-Tryptophan every night before sleep. It will raise your serotonin and help with the anxiety. Maybe you can then slow down a little bit on the booze (but don't stop cold turkey as that is dangerous also!).

    9. Your energy is in a state of low vibration. The world reflects this vibration for you, that is what the world does. When your energy is low you don't have access to higher perspectives. Everything looks threatening when we are depressed. The answer for all those who despair is to find ways to raise the vibration. This is an internal process...luckily ;)
      Alcohol definitely helps keep you in a low state. No one said this human thing would be easy. Positive people may seem annoying to those who are feeling low, but It takes a lot of dedication to remain positive. I don't apologize to anyone at any time for having a positive outlook, or for not getting carried away with fear every time we learn something new that the cabal is doing.
      I encourage and support you doing what needs to be done to feel better. Listen to your real self, relax, breath, take a walk...that last one is amazing medicine for me...There aren't many so called "problems" that a long walk can't shift...You just have to take the steps. The mind will tell you that you will feel better when the world changes, but that is backwards thinking...feel better and the world will change. The inner world is the real one, and you have more control over that than you might think.
      Sending you support brother/sister We all benefit from your relief

    10. @Mitchell

      Thought I saw that ritual here :

      Summoning Spirits: The Art of Magical Evocation by Konstantinos

      Overview: Konstantinos is a recognized expert on occult, new age, and paranormal topics. He has a bachelor's degree in journalism and technical writing from New York Polytechnic Institute. Now you can learn how to evoke and communicate with 50 spirit entities and make use of their abilities, when you get Summoning Spirits by Konstantinos. Evoking spirits is one of the most powerful magical techniques you can use-but, until now, most of the
      material available on evocation has been virtually unusable because it was written by those with little practical evocation experience. Summoning Spirits was written by a practicing magician who has successfully performed many evocations. With his guidance and clear directions, performing evocations will
      be easy and safe for anyone.
      -Learn to safely evoke powerful spirits to aid you with any task
      -Create sigils charged with the energy of spirits to magnify the effects of your evocations
      -Make an etheric egregore, a manufactured spirit that will perform the task of your choice
      -Perform easy exercises to train your magical abilities and to develop clairvoyance and clairaudience
      -Construct, prepare, and use special magical tools to aid your evocations
      Summoning Spirits is a complete manual for evoking entities to effect positive changes in your life. Learn how the spirits that dwell on the other planes can be evoked to the astral and physical planes to help you obtain mystical abilities, locate hidden "treasure," and even command a spirit "army" to protect your home while you're away. Summoning Spirits describes the specific attributes and abilities of 50 entities that you can evoke to uncover valuable knowledge, and who will help you succeed in nearly any task, magical or mundane.
      Genre: Non Fiction, Occult

    11. My brother,
      We chose to come down to help because up there-WE knew it was the only right thing to do. Yet WE all ended up being enslaved, left without any power and totally, decieved by everybody -light or dark...
      This IS the hell. And it is getting worse.

      But.... right NOW, you're doing exactly what the dark ones wanted you to be at!! You are giving ALL your remaining power to them!!

      WE are almost there! Please, fight a little more. Tolerate and suffer a little more, (like we ALL do), because:
      The darkest is before the dawn, and the victory of the Final Battle is ours!!
      WE LOVE YOU, my dear!

      BTW, taking long strolls/walks and being in the nature, especially near to a body of water, does miracles to your brain and lungs.

    12. Dear one it's time for you to get ugly and ruin things for the dark ones. I too was cattle laying around being fed upon. Get ugly. Meditation is protection and they hate it when you surround yourself in a bubble of white light, hence I luv it. White light burns these dark entities and they run. Thats why pleadians cant appear they would burn you in their natural state. When they say drink tell them haha did you think I still fall for that one. Salt shrinks them and repels them. O and god told me to stop making bad decisions. Raise your vibe but if you have to get naughty with these beings especially your inner archon implant do it. Negative thought forms need to cleansed from time to time they give you that restlessness and depression. If you were fully cleared I bet money you are gifted in some form. Fight back. As you clear you will raise your vibe and groovy things start to happen. But if you expect to clear years and years layers upon layers your kidding yourself. It is a process. Start making good decisions. god is abundance and luv. Remember always You are the winner. Luv it.

    13. @time missionary, how could you see that ritual in that text? It isn't even mentioned once. Don't you know how to use Google? Bear with me, I lose my patience with those who STILL can't figure out how to use the web; but I will try to help you. Type in the address bar Google Search. Then type in Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram. Hit enter key and then read ALL of the available links that appeal to you (I didn't give ONE link because this ritual is complex. You need to research and completely understand what you are doing in order to do it properly.)

      If you do the research you will find that the LBRP is the most important ritual an occultist can do. An occultist is someone who realizes that this world is much, much, much, more than what we can see, hear, taste, or smell on an everyday basis. There is an invisible world. First and foremost, I am a Buddhist, but I also realize that I must navigate the invisible world in order to practice Buddhism effectively. The Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram allows me to do that, as it clears away the negative energies instantly. That "magic" ritual isn't about getting money or power (black magic) it is about clearing away negative energies. I HIGHLY recommend everyone learn it and practice it everyday until this planet is liberated. As Cobra recommends, we should all protect ourselves.

    14. @Soluk,
      Thank you for reaching out and sharing your story. This is the first step to healing. All of the responses to your story are beautiful and appreciated by all. I would imagine most of us on this site would consider ourselves star seeds that is why we are drawn to Cobra's blog. We are all here for the loving support of each other and our mission. And you do have a purpose and mission. I know many including myself are or have suffered from depression. Our serotonin and dopamine levels depleted from attacks on our spirit. One of the readers I believe within the past year shared a prayer of spiritual protection. I said this prayer out loud and it really helped. Tried to find it here and couldn't. But sure it is here somewhere. Anyone know where?

      I have seen the effects of alcohol on a person's mind and body. I do understand how it controls your anxiety. You are not alone. I have an ex-husband who is married to an alcoholic. My three boys have suffered for years with her anger. It has affected their mind and spirit and I have worked very hard to correct the damage. I am not trying to project guilt on you. But even if you are not reacting in a negative way it still affects those you love. If you are truly addicted and contemplating suicide please get medical help. It is very dangerous to try to stop on your own without medical intervention. There are many centers around the world that are on a pay scale. Sometimes the best and fastest route to getting help is the medical pharma establishment. And yes I m a RN who treats with energetic healing as well natural minerals and herbs. I have found in acute situations as in thoughts of suicide it is of the utmost importance to get help now in a traditional medical setting. I am sure there are many who would say I am advocating replacing one drug with another but the simple fact is these medications can be monitored and are effective in an acute situation. Here are some other suggestions: Go get a dog or cat or both. I have a female black lab and two kittens. They give me unconditional love and make me laugh every day, humor is the best medicine watching something funny will raise your vibration, connect with nature, spend time with a toddler or preschooler there is no way not to laugh your head off with their cuteness.
      Some one mentioned Vipassana meditation. There is a book I read 10 years ago called "Mindfulness In Plain English" by Henepola Gunaratana. It was life changing for me.

      Good luck to you. Sending you prayers, light and love.

    15. The prayer was posted by Pheonix


      The prayer for healing:

      The Gift of Life Prayer VII
      Prayer Of Complete Personal Healing
      Infinite Light In Heaven, I Am Your Child, Your Humble Child
      I Give You My Love And I Thank You For Your Constant Love And Blessings
      I Ask Infinite Light, Please, That You Lead Me, Guide Me, And Direct Me Into Your Life, Into Your
      Light, And Into Your Love
      I Ask Infinite Light, Please, That Your Perfection Become My Perfection
      That Your Love Become My Love
      That Your Life Become My Life
      And That Your Light Become My Light
      .Mentally, Physically, Emotionally, Spiritually
      And In All Ways Completely
      I Thank You Infinite Light For These Blessings
      Thank You Infinite Light For Your Love
      I Ask Infinite Light, Please, That You Join Me To Your Earth, To Your Heavens, To You, To All
      Creation, And To Myself, Mind To Feelings To Body In Peace, Life, Light, Love, And Perfection
      I Ask Infinite Light Please That Your Perfection Become My Perfection
      That Your Love Become My Love
      That Your Life Become My Life
      And That Your Light Become My Light
      Mentally, Physically, Emotionally, Spiritually
      And In All Ways Completely
      I Thank You Infinite Light For This Freedom
      Thank You Infinite Light For Your Love
      Thank You Infinite Light For My Healing

    16. E thanks for reposting. I am saving now. Phoenix thank you for the original post. I feel such beauty and gratitude when I read this prayer. Amen.

    17. @Mitchell

      I opened that text yesterday and found the LBRP in it along with the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Hexagram, which the author recommends to be performed along with the LBRP "to ensure a complete banishment of unwanted influences". What's the matter with that text ? Isn't it reliable ?

      The author also recommends that magic be used for spiritual purposes, but taking into account the pathetic financial situation on this planet, he has given the rituals for money also.

    18. What a lovely prayer! I will say that every night now before bed and when I awake :)

    19. Prayers and incantations .
      do the banishment of the pentagram and promulgate the mantra Klim Krishnaya govindaya .
      Every time you call Gabriel he is listening to you , but this is problematic in communication being generated by internal chaos so you become incapable of a connection , although many militias have gone in his favor , I know that will never happen , not underestimate its light .

      The problem with alcohol is physiological but if you offset the blackness with technology you will have more strength to fight psychic dependence

      see it:



    20. @time missionary, oh sorry, I misunderstood you. I didn't know you were referring to the book itself, I thought you were just referring to that book description. Yes, it is very possible that the LBRP is in that book as well as other banishing rituals. Sorry, I would need to read the book to know for sure. The LBRP is a cornerstone of occult practice so it can be found in several books and all over the Internet. It is very powerful.

      As far as using magic to obtain money, success, love, etc., that is a very tricky matter. The thing is that most people need to realize that MAGIC WORKS! and there are consequences. You don't want to interfere with the free will of other people. If you don't interfere with the free will of other people then it is white magic; but if you do interfere with the free will of others then it is black magic. Probably the best way to determine if the magic about to be done is white or black is to do a Tarot card reading. Then you can get some idea. I don't know if this book suggests this or not. If not, I don't recommend this book.

  9. @Cobra

    Is there anything to prevent the fully developed technology (to deal with all this) from being brought from the future ? There is only one timeline now ! Let's get this over with ! This is beginning to sound like Scheherazade's 1001 blog posts.

    1. If there is only *one* timeline, then that means that all the shenanigans that come with time travel have also been thrown out the window. So, no. Nothing from the future can come backwards. We can only move forward to it, in and on the vascular systems kindred to Water.

      Personally, I believe that there isn't *just one* timeline, but that there can only be one as the main focus of Time's (capitalized for anthropomorphous reasons) travel.

      -0- Time as an intelligent entity will only travel *one* path at any given moment. That is the "timeline". Depending on certain reasons, this path can be very suddenly altered, as long as there is a sufficient power to do so.

      -1- Time as an intelligent entity can not be cheated. If *it* says that something is going to happen, it is going to happen. This is why it takes a sufficient power to make a sudden and extreme shift in Time's perception of what WILL happen no matter what.

      -2- Time as an intelligent entity will always tie closed any points that do not make apparent sense. Measurement of when the fulfillment happens never matters, only that the paradoxes are sealed. The solution is the problem from the very start.

      -3- Any entity that is incarnate in physical space is a thrall of Time. We belong to it if we do not remember that we were never meant to be part of its realm. In other words, Time is God here. Not that Time is the Source, but Time is the regulator of the physical/mortal Space. Those without the power to fight back who do not obey it will find themselves the subject of Paradox.

    2. @Eclipse Prizmat

      Surely, a solid object hurtling through Time from the future and materializing here and now Terminator style ... could be dangerous ... with all that advanced ET technology in place ? To give the benefit of doubt, let's agree that it is ... dangerous. But what about visions from the future ? There is no bar on the power of the mind ... supposedly. A simple blueprint from the future could be fed into those Replicators floating just miles above our head ... and voila ... you get a futuristic toplet/ stranglet bomb buster. But instead of doing this, Cobra has reported that the technology to deal with this is "being developed" in the now. Source has been taken by surprise aeons ago. Time for Source to get it's own back.

    3. @timeline: you're right. unfortunately, Cobra's posts somehow are lacking the *real* details (hence, credibility, obviously for the more critical type of people). it is just very unfortunate fact/truth/reality..

      @Eclipse: if you are really someone who knows the *real* Truth, would you still use the word "personally" ? no I don't think so. you have to state the FACTS & details, not just some "personal" theory/wishful-thinking/imagination/fantasy/'hope' . because *anyone* can also do that.

    4. @Niki ....ha. Ha-ha! Hahahahaha! Wow, you're too quick to shoot down observation without trying to see it for yourself! I say personal for the cause that it is something I HAVE seen.
      You seriously underestimate what's out there. You seriously underestimate what's within you, at that. Magic is real, and you won't bring yourself to the observation that words are also magjc in action. How inflammatory do you think your comments aren't? Yea is not even your wishful desire for truth is acutely hindering your actual seeking? Look with more than eyes. Don't trust them.

      Facts are a constant, which I agree on. But you wish to quibble with it in a way that the present censoring community of academia does. Don't do that. You deny rather than test for yourself. Of course, having that kind of fervent denial is equally a self-fulfilling obstacle to what you really want to witness; you will percieve and see nothing but the Cabal's truth, if you continue to deny the other pictures. Stop letting your skepticism rule you for them. There is a difference between that and discernment. Learn it quickly.

    5. Niki,
      Your comments always challenge us and bring us a different perspective :) Are you saying just because @eclipse uses his or her own perception of an idea or uses the word "personally" it is invalid and needs sources given and quoted? What do you define as real Truth? "Truth is in the eye of the beholder" (eye of the beholder = perception) I believe stated in the Bible. Oops not a direct quote with sources so does that make it untruthful or invalid? I have yet to see any comments by you that state anything helpful or enlightened except whining about your being a victim of your situation. You seem to enjoy the negative view and enjoy attacking others. It must be exhausting especially for Cobra ,who is gracious enough to include your challenging comments, and who shares his knowledge, who is in grave physical danger if exposed. Cobra does not need me to defend him or her but have you looked at the info on the charts on this last entry. How can you say the info is not helpful or informative? Maybe you don't understand the info? There is nothing wrong with this. So try asking questions and make comments in a kind manner instead of being a critical type of person(your words) unhelpful. The most humble and enlightened person comes from the point of admitting they do not understand or know. Then there is room for knowledge and revelation. Compassion is the hallmark of evolution. Step back before you respond to a comment next time. Place the words in your heart and let the Truth of that person's spirit flow through you. I believe you will see things in a different way. My comments to you are not an attack on you but attempt to help you to see differently. We are all students and teachers. And Niki you have taught me more about myself. So thank you.

    6. Hi Niki,

      I am not going to "shoot the messenger" for lack of intel. But I hope all this works out soon for all of us. I understand your fundamental problem : our faith in this blog on the shakiest of premises. I get what you mean by "wishful thinking", but your insistence on "objectivity" has a fundamental flaw. You see, it is impossible for an ordinary human to be perfectly "objective". Hundreds of years ago, people were sure that the earth was flat and that the heavens revolved around us. "Objective" observation "proved" that the earth did not move and yes, we could only see the sun and moon and stars move. Q.E.D.

      So you see "objectivity" has a lot of "subjectivity" built into it. Use "objectivity" wisely. It is a double edged sword. "Objectivity" may not be used to judge this blog for only time will tell whether it is "really real". But you can use "objectivity" in the following way : If you have a big doubt about leaving it all and following Cobra, by all means hang on to your job and ignore his recommendations.

  10. Cobra,
    Thanks for the amazing update. I don't know how to disable a toplet bomb, but I am doing my best to live in positivity and power thanks in large part to your hopeful message. I can feel, and see that many others feel, a hopefulness that wasn't accessible just a year or so ago, this is my proof of the impeding victory of the light.
    Keep the good news coming brother!

  11. Hello starry beings,

    Keep faith. We are close. And listen to this beautiful music to relax:

  12. Thanks Cobra for the detailed & informative update! I wanted to share this video & soundtrack which expresses the energy I've been experiencing lately. ~peace to all

  13. Thank you Cobra and the yours.
    A few days ago I saw an article that mentioned Nag Hamadi. I've had it for 20 years but did not understand a word. I started reading yesterday and what I read all made sense. Incredible. So now both Cobra's news and Nag Hamadi are getting together.
    With love, Maria

  14. Thank you Cobra for this Amazing update and thank you for all the Great work that you are doing to assist Humanity.

    Thank you RM and all the Light Workers and the Ground Crew for all that you are doing as well.

    We are All very Grateful.

    Victory is now Very, Very close.

    Victory to the Light.

  15. Thanks Cobra for the news "deep occult knowledge", but:

    I just would like you, RM's, the Galactics, the "Source" or someone (whatever) told us HOW to handle this situation while the event does not happen. Debts are increasing, there is practically no jobs, and (of course) there is no money. Honestly, for me this is the mais urgent problem: the financial situation. I see the moment that people will start to give up ... If not already given up …

    We need help and support and objective endure not do meditations.
    In my opinion this is NOT solving …

    Is it still was not obvious that alone will not get ???
    Come on "universe", please! Help us…


    1. Did you check out the links from the Agarthan contactee writers? There are many businesses that are fairly simple and inexpensive to set up. Nascent Iodine and Liposomal Vitamin C are probably the quickest to start. It's not easy for any of us...

    2. "business, business, business" ... so in the end, everything still revolves & comes back to/around : Money

      sad but true... Nothing changes... "business as usual" ...

    3. Business is only a word. As is service. How these words are wielded forms the message to convey. Just because a service is called a business does not mean that it requires money. Exchage, maybe, but not always money.

      Also, you're looking at it incorrectly. These are things tthat require skills that not everyone has. Some might make these things better than other people. Or some might be able to provide the ingredients of these kind of things, even if they can't make it themselves.

      Ever seen pictures of horrid (but funny) baking disasters? Yeah, not everyone has talent for everything.

    4. @Niki..... Dear God lighten up you need a sense of humor. I am in a difficult situation like many. But not a day goes by that I don't find something to laugh about. Life is really funny it really is. Maybe we should all be realistic and honest. Lets all blog blog about our about our business business business, money, pain,problems and disappointments? Wouldn't this be a great place to be. Nope I would rather not. I would rather hear or tell a joke and hear my own laughter.

  16. Well this is depressing and sad. Because it means that you still have to wait. The people were disheartened and give up their faith begins to disappear. I used to have almost completely lost my faith in this. :(

    1. Vik, there is no waiting. There are no spectators. We're all on the pitch, playing... There are a million things to do. This is taking a long time because ground crew are too passive.

    2. Sometimes it's the journey that teaches you a lot about your destination.

    3. everybody finally realized that we have to do something

    4. Ground crew is barely surviving and most energy goes into eking out another day, unfortunately.

    5. @Frod : don't be naive. the "ground crew" are too passive because some (or many) of them simply didn't see enough hard, physical real proofs that can convince them that they are fighting the "winning" battle.

      the harsh reality (& truth/fact) now is:
      1) either Nothing changes. Everything really still stays the same, even now!
      2) things just seems to change for worse around the world/planet, so we are not "winning", but it's more like the 'Cabal' (whatever that is.. and if it really does exist for real) is the one who is "winning"!

      there, I've said things that perhaps 99% people here can't say because of their naive, gullible, fake-optimism, & ignorant / irrational mind.

      - from Indonesia -

    6. @Vik: you are not alone, my friend.. glad at least one person here is still being very *honest* saying it as it is. instead of sugary-coat false/fake optimism & ignorance so many have here.

      - from Indonesia -

    7. @Niki. Just how many people's labors are you going to poison before you realize you're not helping, either? Why are you going to insist on hurting the chances of positive change, rather than pointing out the resources that provide that potential of "winning" that you say is "sugar-coated naivete"?

      What if the real reason that people aren't doing these things is because they aren't seeing the stuff that Frodonomics is even talking about? Now, if that was something that everyone worth seeing it saw, and was like "that's neat, how do I start this with as little cost in the present world as possible?", then the tune turns into a mix of personal and collective brainstorming, and even a push of these ideas into manifestation, with or without the permission of the wigged pigs in charge--as if they needed that permission to begin with!

      Stop defeating the wrong people, Niki. You're becoming part of the problem.

    8. There is no such thing as false / fake optimism. It's called Faith and Hope which leaves the space for the manifestation of Miracles to occur.

  17. Cobra this update again is filled with great wisdom. Thank you.

    You also mentioned the central sun as a portal into the higher dimensions and the place where souls emerge from. As we work together with the central sun in our meditation to decrease negative energy of the planet, I guess we can also ask her to work on those planes you mentioned in this post.There might be a difference, if I am going to such a portal or if I ask the central sun to clear those levels of existence. I hope I am correct with that assumption, as I appreciate your warning and take it seriously.

    I also had experiences while clearing and meditating, that where frightening and I had the feeling, to have got somewhere where I should not be and was not allowed, somehow as if I had interferred and they had not expected that. I have not done that again in that way, as I really had to go through a multidimensional panic attack that day.

  18. Thank you for the briefing and explanation, Cobra. Will be working on it energetically. Namaste - 007BlueRay

  19. Easy ways to share the Petition:

    Thousands of Women and Girls Named Isis (after the Goddess), Please Sign Petition to Media to Stop Calling the Terrorists by Our Name

    Thousands of Women and Girls Named Isis (after the Goddess), Please Sign the Petition to Media to Stop Calling the Terrorists by Our Name

    1. Yes! thanks for sharing! Liberating the feminine benefits all, men and women, and our beautiful planet

  20. Guess sympathetic magic would work, trying to connect one´s attention to that sensorial field and acting as Vodoo magic does. Burning them down!

  21. As referring to your: "Promising new technologies are introduced": Fission can be achieved on spent fuel through this method I accidentally found back in 1963: http://www.giurfa.com/mass.html
    Which can be summarized as follows:
    " When energy is applied on an object in a pinpointed and regularly distributed way, and in the necessary amount and the required wave length, it creates stresses that make distance among atoms shorter, therefore increasing the density of the object without changing its relative dimensions.This could be understood geometrically, by saying that what happens is that we have hot points surrounded by cold spaces or high energy spots surrounded by low energy spaces and as heat causes expansion and cold shrinkage the total effect of hot points and surrounded cold spaces results in an homogeneous shrinkage."

  22. There is no answer to the question, that we do not know. Strip yourselves of habits, comforts that aid in weighing down your vessel. Eat to take one more step on the path, not for your greedy tastebuds!

    What was everybody doing before they read this blog? Did you believe/think/sense a destruction of the world in place by the "cabal?" Who is the cabal? Who is the RM? Who are the light forces? What is light? What is dark? If there are answers to these questions, does an internet post allow that answer to be true? What is true? How long has the world been at war? Was there ever a break in it around this sphere?

    Think clearly and concentrate almost as if you are trying to remember your existence and growth in your birth mothers womb. Remembering who YOU were before your eyes met this electronic code of expression from which you cannot read vibrational tone of voice or body language. Your energy and focus may have been hijacked, not by Cobra, but by whomever or whatever may be able to hijack your energetic flow. Does such thing exist? How do you know? Who is the authority on the unexplained or the over hopeful?

    Point that is trying to be made is.....Who is telling you what to do, and why are you doing it? Your freewill is the answer. Who is in control of your freewill? Good news on that is, only you can be in control. Ancient people, holy or not, have already found the path to illumination/enlightenment/bliss/nirvana/never ending peace, inside. Whatever you may call it, but no one has ever brought those individual accomplishments to the masses...because it is an individual choice and journey. Unless an Enlightened dictator comes about....individual basis is where it may stay.

    A window is a window until a defect is pointed out by another being or when the defect is noticed by the being who owns the window. Then the window becomes a liability or a potential break in the chain, based upon, material judgement causing internal strife based upon outside material objects of the maya/illusion. The window will do it's job until it breaks, and when it does it can be replaced, left out, or design a new house to where there is no wear and tear but an infinite structure to house yourself. Hmmm....sound familiar soul/vessel.

    The Inuit tribe, did not believe in a benevolent God be it masculine or feminine. So, the "suffering" of the internal never existed because, there was never a surrendering to a "higher" power. Therefore, there lives were lived by intuition in purest form, and intuition that was organically theirs, until a holographic projection of religion was forced upon them, through and individual crusades for more land, and more power.

    If you are depressed, realize depression didn't rain down on you from the clouds. It was made inside of you, some through outside energy, some through energy within. Know with both influences you are still in control. You can accept or reject what goes into your body. Reject the piece of cake, reject a negative energy.

    No, having a positive attitude does not bring a positive attitude towards another automatically sending a reaction throughout the world, instantly. But rising above outside influences does allow to see the "board game" being played. And begin to realize that there are rules to be played by, and some are breaking them, because they are the banker.

    Different suffering happens around the world. Different suffering happens outside our individual doors, in our individual neighborhoods, that we can individually change. Try and change/create with your heart, as to what you see as suffering. Stepping out into the world in your physical form with spirit awake inside, is many more times powerful, than not.

    Coded messages are coded, what is inside of you is not.

    1. @Yoko: Wow, great. When I was a child I always received the sentence in my mind: " On earth a battle gets outplayed which takes place on higher levels." I always was sure of the existence of good and evil as I could experience it everyday through my observation and experience. I always felt that there has to be a certain mission why I am here. So I do not "believe" those things only because someone is writing a blog. We all know each other from outer space existence and we choosed to meet here. Welcome brother. I love you.

      Cobra also knows a lot more than he reveals and who knows on which levels he is working. He said he wants to inspire us and he expects us to go beyond of what he is saying. If this happens it is a good thing and I am not saying this is the case with me. Everybody has to decide on their own, how far they go. Not everybody may be at the point to do so. Let's rock it. It's getting great now. I am free. I am without fear. I am a cosmic warrior. They are finished now. IT WILL BE OVER SOON.

    2. you speak of windows. thats one of the many ways they get in. what do you suppose they do in there? tell you the truth?

    3. You are absolutely right! G.I.Gurdjieff taught that a preparation for the "second shock" for our internal evolution was not to express, internally or externally, any negative emotions, as really the superior emotional center has no polarity at all.

    4. @Merny....a truly metaphorical representation...but I see your sight on this. My "window" is open always, fortunately, breeze and sunshine comes through. From a cosmic perspective dark and light work together. Wisdom is the absence of foolishness, it comes with each experience.

      @Adolfo Awesome link! Thank you for sharing.

      All other beings....I LOVE YOU!

    5. dark and light don`t work together the way you say on this whole creation. maybe eons ago that would have been true, and of course some have switched. but no. not so. not now. no cosmic perspective helps at all in the battles for this planet.

  23. Is this true???
    US State department is requesting bids in a hurry, for 160,000 Hazmat Suits. Why Hazmat if EBOLI is not an air-borne threat?

  24. merci cobra, vous êtes un grand homme. Vous faites un grand travail avec la résistance, nous vous soutenons en France !


    1. @Tracey: United Nations are not Satan. You might have heard that originally it was created by positive forces and got influenced later.
      But you know what? The right person is already placed there, a brilliant superintelligent malaysian woman who is charged there for outer space affairs. When the Pleiadians will show up at the United Nations main building at New York she will coordinate things with those leaders of every country who are willing to colaborate and those who are not will be replaced. :)

    2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lya26pKeKZg#t=27


    3. And For The Record
      Please Do Not Assume That
      The People Who Read Cobra's Post's
      Are Not On A Very Real Path,
      I Have Been On A Very Real Path
      For Over 17 Years Now..
      Cobra Only Helps To Highlight
      Those Things Which I Have Intuited For Years..
      I Only Found Cobra IN 2013 ..When He Came On
      Coast , To Coast..So Do Not Assume
      We Are All Sleeping At The Wheel
      Tara Grace

    4. Messages like these are not solutions. They are reinforcing a vibration of fear, and insecurity. I believe that you think you are helping by sharing these types of messages, but I would ask you to take a few steps back and see it from a broader perspective.

      The answer to our planets difficulties is for people to step into their power. Being in your power feels good, it feels supportive. Messages like this make people feel either more afraid or angry which are both draining(dis-empowering) emotions. I am not saying that their is no place in this process for anger, but the anger needs to be channeled and then transcended.
      I would ask that you leave the fear based info to Alex Jones, and only share info that is empowering in some way.

      Please take into consideration the feedback that people on this board share. Many of these people are amazing humans, and don't share criticism lightly, or to stir up drama.

      I see that you are a strong woman, and have a tendency to be a leader. Leaders have a responsibility to be very discerning in what they spread around and what effect it actually has on others.

    5. @Tracey: And this may not be very respectful what I say now, but your Facebook profile shows shocking pictures. I adopt, it is your profile, as you are in the Cobra Group and use the same profile picture like here.

      If those pictures would awaken people, people who daily watch the ugly pictures in the news and movies would be very awake. As this is actually not the case, using those pictures does indeed have the opposite effect, like I already told you without getting a response of course. Traumatized people do not wake up through new trauma, it gets worse. They should the opposite get to know, they should be told, NOT to watch those pictures and movies, as our mind has creative energy. All we look at, we create. Additionally, it is important, to look at the ugly truth, yes, but the crucial point is, what gets triggered during looking at the truth: Traumaand fear or understanding and insight. This is a huge difference! The one enslaves, the other is setting free. So I am asking you for which agenda do you want to work for?

  26. Always great to read this blog and all the comments as well, thank you all! Interesting to read on that hermetic link (http://hermetic.com/caduceus/qabalah/046_kab.html) when in 1909 Aleister Crowley decided to "cross the Abyss":
    "As soon as I had destroyed my personality, as soon as I had expelled my ego, the universe to which it was indeed a frightful and fatal force, fraught with every form of fear, was only so in relation to the idea `I'; so long as `I am I' all else must seem hostile. Now that there was no longer any `I' to suffer, all these ideas which had inflicted suffering became innocent. I could praise the perfection of every part; I could wonder and worship the whole."
    Interesting the expose of all these planes, and how the intuitonal is beyong the ego, which is part of the mental plane. As a musician, I have learned that to be in the "ego" mind blocks the intuition from coming through. Isn't the attachment to ego the cause of suffering? Doesn't fear come from the ego, which is the mortal part of our being? So evil thrives as long as there's ego? But we have to peel off the layers of it like in an onion, like all the layers the Light forces are going through in this liberation process, who knows what will be the next obstacle?
    Yes, I know it's hard hanging on and being patient, but it sure is nice to take an active role instead of just passively waiting for the Event, so let's get down to business, Light workers, there's a lot of work to be done and there probably will be a lot more after the Event, til we get this train rolling on the right track! For now, let's keep spreading the truth through social media, meditating sure helps (look at the mental, budic plane, etc) since the battle is happening on a more subttle plane! If you think nothing's happening, you should look around carefully, I can see signs of Babylon going down all around me, and since it's going down slow and easy, guess I don't mind it going down smooth. On the other hand, I can feel more energy of Love in the air, but to feel it is to take the ego out of the way and conect to our Higher Self/spirit. Magic is in the air, and evil only has power on us as long as we are in the ego mode, that's what my intuiton has been telling me for years now, so maybe you guys might like to watch scenes of Star Wars with the music Ego Empire and meditate on it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BCz1N0e1nEY

  27. are there reptilians in the plasma plane?

    1. Probably playing peek-a-boo with the Light forces on that plane too ...

  28. I love Cobra's finishing comment 'VICTORY OF THE LIGHT IS NEAR' :))

  29. We need to create a petition for cobra to stop calling them "the archons". They are not our rulers.

  30. We need to do something, can't stand still.
    cobra, can't you pay someone to develop a website for the global meditations?

    1. How about this beautiful website, created by starry angel Dotti....<3 <3 <3

      Please send your suggestions to the e-mail adress on the website!


  31. Interview with Datuk Dr. Mazlan Othmann, Director of the United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs (UNOOSA) and Deputy Director-General of the UN office in Vienna:

    short statement:


    long version:


    <3 <3 <3

  32. Thank you once again Cobra for your new update and continued support. Also, many thanks to all the RM, ground crew and light workers for their tireless and ongoing efforts to liberate planet Earth and all of it's inhabitants.

    This is a very interesting article that just came out:

    Blood Moon October 8th – Pleiades High Council ~

    "Spectacular event of magnetic proportions awaits mankind’s entrance through the gateway of creation once more. Thorough the gateway of creation of the flower of life and the eternal essence of being".....


    Let us all continue to send our love and light out to all those who are working so diligently on our behalf.


  33. Has anyone else been having trouble sleeping recently? Wondering if this is connected to raising vibration? How long until the event do people think? Surely if we are just waiting for long island to be cleared it can't be much longer?

    1. Hi Stuart, yes, I have been having a lot of trouble sleeping lately. The Archons can't affect the physical world much anymore, so they are messing with the dream world like crazy!! I think you shouldn't trust your dreams lately unless your heart tells you they are correct.

      Here you have asked the million dollar question: How much longer to the Event? I don't know why, but this question has occupied my thoughts lately. It is almost like an obsession because I think the negative and the positive forces are asking this same question. And, no one knows! No one really knows the future. No one knows when this thing will end because there are many unknown factors.

      But I can tell you, and it is not wishful thinking, that we must incredibly close to the end of this thing and the beginning of the golden age. How do I know? Well, I have followed this blog for 1.5/close to two years. This is the first time I have ever seen Cobra not have a conference planned nor an energetic portal planned for opening. There is always something happening with this blog!! Now- nothing. So the Event must be happening pretty soon. But they are not quite sure how long. Everything is in limbo right now because the light forces are busy defusing bombs. I don't envy their position.

      I think the best we could do right now is to support world peace and do the weekly meditations to support the human population. I for one don't like the suggestion in this update that I am "passively waiting for the Event." I am not freaking "passive" about anything!! But I also don't waste my energy on nonsense/rat holes!! Just decide for yourself the best action to take. Don't be pressured or bullied into a "correct" choice. We WILL WIN this thing.

  34. Joko 311
    We Who Are Not Concious Cannot Make
    Concious Choices..
    Those Who Are Asleep Have Not Any Free Will
    Its is Not Cobra Who Has HiJacked Anything
    It is Our True Self Which Has Been Hijacked By Illusion
    Tara Grace

    1. To know someone or yourself as Not Conscious...there is a consciousness to make that determination. We are all conscious in my opinion, Free will, always exists, even down to the bare last resort of taking your own life, or down to walking away, or just choosing to do nothing and wait for a savior from above.

      I stated Cobra is not Hijacking anything...then again, are you sure? Some people definitely look up hands cupped and raised upward asking for their cup to be filled with "hidden Knowledge" that can always be linked, on the internet. In the age of information, ignorance is a choice. People have asked Cobra who they should vote for, people have asked what they should do in their own lives....this is surrender of there free will to another. And I commend Cobra for not misguiding these souls that need to guide themselves.

      I believe that there is an illusion, but it really can just be called, greedy humans who bullied and were more aggressive and are now in control of the world. It is paralleled everywhere. One asshole can control a mass of people by holding the fear as power. The aggressor get's the meal. The one who shows teeth first has control of the invisible energies...if they even exist.

      It is a persons prior curiosities, education, experiences that conjure up, the idea inside of, this is happening from some other level. But in fact at the bare bones, it's all in our minds. Whether it be made up by us, or forced by some outside entity, it comes through our mind....our window. Let the sunshine in. Please understand, I talk about only internal strife and conflict...a murderer or a rapist coming after someone is not made all up in our minds...no this is another human going after another human...this can be seen!!

      Tara Grace, I try my best not to pass judgement, for I know nothing but what I go through. Thank you for the flow of conversation. I wish you love, joy, wisdom.....may your journey be long!

    2. Yoko, may I add, Cobra does not put some fearful information on his blog to gain power or to control us. He just gives us insight about the technology that is working on this planet. To imagine, those toplet bombs are existing in wormholes can cause fear. But he did not create them. He wants to spread awareness about this, because awareness is the key to solve it. I also was not very happy that we should not access those levels, as it makes me feel helpless. I do not want to feel helpless. A few minutes ago outside in the park on a bench, I did actually call the central sun for dissolving those levels and I am very glad that I could arrive at home again and my heart is still beating and my knees are still like pudding. I should have listened to him, but somehow I have the feeling, we also have to work this out. Now I will work on my fear that was triggered by the technology. Anyway, it is good to know about this, to finally understand what is going on here.

  35. Cobra, launching of QEG hasn't been very successful? ?

  36. Can I be real honest here? (hopefully 'raw' & 'critical' honesty is still allowed here in this blog/forum) :

    Why is it that whenever there are some (or rather, FEW) people who are being really *real & honest* saying what OBJECTIVELY they are really feeling/thinking (or even experiencing!) the 'harsh' everyday's reality , that unfortunately still hasn't really matched well with what Cobra & everyone else kept saying/spouting here , why is it that 90% majority of you here are being so HARSH and even 'NEGATIVE' yourself , by too QUICKLY (& frantically, irrationally, angrily, & immaturely) JUDGED these few real honest & realistic people as just a simplistic & irresponsible notion of 'NEGATIVE' ?? ... (such a pitiful irony here..! )

    and since when the *real Truths* is only about being "POSITIVE", but not including the "NEGATIVE" as well ?? ...

    I have one simple question for all of you here :
    is pain not real ? if you said so, then let's be real / realistic now : if someone hits you with the car , will you not feel the pain ? can you still *honestly* say that no the pain is not REAL ?? ... Be honest please !

    bottom-line, I will leave this quote for many of you here to deeply think & ponder :

    "Some people seem to mistake objectivity for negativity, and wishful-thinking for positivity."

    (PS: hopefully Cobra, Rob, & all the administrators of this blog here are still wise , to allow my *honest* & *realistic* post here , in order to BALANCE the majority of posts & comments here that I honestly feel/think are simply just way 'too-optimistic' yet many times very 'in the cloud/unrealistic' . thank you very much).

    - an honest, & realistic "truthseeker" from Indonesia -

    1. Your honesty and realism is relative. Im sorry your viewing the world this way but not everyone is; apologies you are trapped in this filter of reality. That is my real and honest answer (no optimism intended), namaste :)

    2. http://www.shiftfrequency.com/veronica-lessons-can-be-learned-without-all-the-suffering/#more-61336

    3. Niki, if you look at the Agartha links and essays, you'll find a ton of practical projects that could be started now for hardly any money. I lived in Indonesia so I know water filtration is a big problem in some areas. Check Wikipedia for statistics. Mothers spend a lot of money on gas cylinders to boil water for their families. iIRC, they spend about 11 dollars a month on gas cylinders.....that has to hurt in an average household income of 1-2 million Rupiahs. A few years ago, Proctor and Gamble released a water purification sachet that can purify litres of water for three point five cents per liter. You read that right, 3.5 cents. That means anyone who has 3.5 cents spare can become a galactic hero for one family... Human life is precious, just do what you can...I dare ANYONE on this blog to tell me they don't have 3.5 cents spare.... Jakarta is crying out for someone to come along and open a solution supermarket. You could start one with as little as 50 US dollars capital. Indonesians are always telling me how broke they are, then I point out to them, very nicely, that Indonesia collectively spends tens of millions of dollars a day on ciggies, booze and other non essentials.... They get very, very angry when you show them the cold hard facts.

      That's raw, that's real.

      I challenge you to make 5 photocopies, share 5 links, or purify a few litres of water this week. Challenge set.

      You want to know why it's taking so long? Now you know.

      Your move.

    4. Hi Niki... actually, i'm not 100% sure that pain IS "real". I've been able to block pain with a combo of music and relaxation, and I believe that there are Buddhist monks who can endure extremes of temp and pain without "suffering". I think suffering is a choice somehow. My husband always finds traffic jams, his email often stops working, schedules get messed up, people difficult...I always see double numbers and traffic jams dissolve if I want them to, things go easy and when they don't, I contrate on finding the solution i "know" exists...and eventually, i do find it. Is it because I renounced all hidden contracts I could? or my attitude? or chance?! I don't think it's that third one. love you Niki!

    5. Maybe it's because most of the people on this board are more aware of the problems in the world than most people. I can say that this is true for myself at least. I see the pain and suffering all around. I've gotten to the point where I understand pretty clearly how the cabal keep people in pain and drama, and I don't need to be reminded every time I get online of all the horrors in the world.

      I know life is hard, but at this point i am much less interested in problems than I am in solutions. If I want a dose of fear mongering I'll skip over to Alex Jones Youtube channel and get my fill over there. I see Portal 2012 as a haven for new information and solutions. As a light in the dark world of media. I love that Cobra is not playing on peoples emotions to get views. He is focused on the solution, and I see that a lot of people on this board get that. I appreciate that very much. Thank all of you who strive for relief in this crazy world! Your effort and focus benefits all of us.

      I would also like to say that I encourage people to reach out for help if they need encouragement to feel better, but there is a big difference between that and spreading negativity. I do hold people accountable for the energy that they share with others, even if they aren't fully aware of it themselves, and I hope I never hesitate to shine the light of awareness on someone when they are spreading negativity around.

      If we share something that is unpleasant, Let's share it in a way that points towards a solution. Find a way to go deeper Niki, and you will find that all this drama is only on the surface, and life as we know it isn't as it appears to be. I support you in feeling better about the world you create in every moment. It is reflecting your vibration, and you have the ability to raise that vibration. You know you want to ;)

    6. Dear Niki,

      Here is one logical explanation for this negativity / positivity - issue.

      So simple: people who can be (myself included !!!!) positive and don't want to "lower their vibrations" or in other words don't want to take away their eyepatches, have just enough money and are getting it a way that doesn't completely exhaust them. As I said, I have noticed the same. It makes you blind immediately and soon, you wouldn't give a shit.

      I used to write about "spiritual" issues a lot, trying to figure out their connection to my health problems. Over time I realized that only thing that REALLY made a difference, was money issues. It affects my, and propably everyone's, circulation, toxin removal, pulse etc = which all tell from irritated nervous system. Scarcity, general lack like lack of food and self-expression and of course, bad mood that comes along with these, exhaust and kill us slowly.

      Food multiplying machines, free energy, help of galactics etc. would greatly help us. But hey, before we get there, let's say that we are creators of our own life, or what? Never mind that you have 3 different options from which to choose: 1) you can do something you even hate for money 2) you can sell useless advice about health/financial issues or in other words, steal from others 3) or you can win a lottery.

    7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  37. Victory of divine intelligence

    Victory of divine positivity

    Victory of divine harmony

    Victory of divine beauty

    Victory of divine joy

    Victory of divine play

    Victory of divine dance

    Victory of divine creativity

    Victory of divine bliss

    Victory of divine grace

    Victory of divine truth

    Victory of divine love

    Victory of divine light!

  38. This comment has been removed by the author.

  39. Reality @ honesty huh my version of this would be...

    Who wants to hang out on a prison planet with a billion sheeples and psychos. Even if this planet was liberated it would be sometime before the sheeple to get it n become people. Reality huh if people knew reality they would be wanting the first ride outa here. I for one don't want to wait through that either. Beam me up Cobra.....or send me to agartha please fercrissakes.


    2. As I board to get the hell outa 3d world I'd say to the Nicki types "see ya wouldn't want to be ya" and do the Obe Wan thingy "these are not the aliens your looking for"

  40. I know the ET's, Light Beings and Ascended Masters are up to the top of their spiritual heads with this Brookhaven Lab Chimera Archon situation. But being here in Dallas on the front line of the Ebola situation, I would like to pray for help from the higher dimensions to send physical light beings with technology to help eradicate this. The MSM has taken full advantage of the situation to spread more fear. Yesterday I was waiting for an oil change at a Toyota dealership. I was sitting next to an older man who was taking on the phone. I overheard him state he was the attorney for the family of the Ebola victim. He was speaking to the doctor of the patient who was at THR hospital and just passed. He was telling the doctor that Jesse Jackson flew in the night before and contacted him. No one from the family or others he knew of had contacted him. Wonder if he is in with the Cabal? The wife was flown in. She was suppose to be in quarantine. Only to be out of quarantine to hospital and back to quarantine house. Instead attorney said she was walking around with out protection potentially exposing people. Now one of the Sheriff deputies whom I read was not gloved masked and gowned and involved in moving the friends of the victim out of the apt. has contracted Ebola. He knows he has had direct contact of the premises and second hand contact with exposed people. He has symptoms of disease. What does he do he walks into a Care Now(doc in a box) and exposes everyone there. As a nurse this is upsetting because this man was aware of what he was doing. This behavior is very arrogant and must stop. The man should have called 911 and gave them his information so they could taken adequate precautions. Anyone who is from West Africa please stay put. Sitting next to a man who had unprotected contact with the friends I know logically I am fine but there is a little twinkling of fear there. Can we all include a pray on Sunday for the victims and eradication of this disease? Thank you.

    1. sure Lori, you're in my prayers now and so is everyone elese that has been exposed to this danger, hold on and keep the faith, blessings to all of you!

    2. Hi @Lori Coens, myself and my family are already doing it since it started. It is obvious to many that this is most likely last ditch attempt for the dark - you don't have to be even a health professional to realize that they are making extra effort to get it spread.
      Dallas, you are in our prayers!

    3. Thank you sooooo much Kiko and Spirit Bear (oh I love that name) for your love and prayers. I am feeling blogging happy today after reading Cobra's post! :) :) :)

    4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  41. @all who are still responding to Niki Wonoto:
    Are you not aware that you can do ANY thing you could imagine to help him and that he rejects your gifts? He does not want them! And he does not care about any response! He does not want any love, help or understanding. Are you not aware, that he is kicking all those wellmeant proposals with his feet? H o w l o n g do we have to watch this nightmare? Could you please wake up? You really do not have to be a supermastermind to recognize, that he does not comment, because he wants to communicate with us.

    1. Thank you, Eliana.
      "Man braucht eben Gute Leute. Gute Leute." :-)

      Somebody had to say it, and I personally don't want to react to "the opposite of Positivity" anymore, as that is irrelevant in My Reality. I actively and consciously ignore those comments, hence why I only responded once ages ago.

      Responses on my part would be a complete waste of time and energy, as they are for everybody else. I'm not having My Energies leeched off anymore, thank you very much!

      So once again, thank you, Eliana

    2. Hey RahJah, welcome, I feel the same I have ignored it consequently since a certain point in happenings, but this time I really had the feeling, it has to be said finally. His comments itself are not the problem anymore, but the fact that there are still people, who believe, he is just a naive and stubborn person. No he is not. He is mean by intent. And I have certainly ENOUGH from intended hostility. It is just disgusting. And this group, blog is a virtual and emotional home for certain starseeds with this special task we share and the energy of those starseeds should not longer be wasted to any troll. So, those who do not feel called to do this task, shall actually leave the blog and group asap.

    3. @Eliana,
      I agree.... This is the first post that I have commented to Niki. I have observed his comments since he started posting thinking over the course of these several years I would see a change. Not. I thought long and hard about what I could say to help him see the world differently. I believe we all want Niki on board and want to help. There are many Niki's out there. Being skeptical is a good thing. But there comes a time when and if this site is not resinating with who you are and where you are then probably time to stop posting or it's time for us to stop responding to his posts. There are those who would rather suffer and wallow in fear and mistrust. I want to say to him your thoughts create your world. That is why we are positive why we pray and meditate together. Thought is a powerful force it can change the world not over time but NOW. But in the end it is his choice. No we don't have to be super master minds to get it. We all know responding to him will only get a negative reaction but darn it we can help ourselves. We keep thinking something we say will change his mind. Is it fruitless? maybe. An old saying comes to mind in regard to Niki...." can't see the forest for the trees". This is an awesome group of people who I appreciate all your love and wisdom. Just so ya'll know :)

    4. Every time that I've seen Niki post, I have felt an inflammation within my soul. It is recognizable anger. I'm not sure who it comes from between the sides, but I am certain I feel the mood in the words. Someone who for the most part feels like they're trying to cause trouble.

      After seeing what you say, Eliana, I have that much hindsight to agree: Niki isn't worth the trouble. You could even try spoon-feeding them all the proof we have, and it is just spit back up in clear rejection. Niki doesn't even try to respond to those that do know better. Only concurring with the ones that are either losing faith, or are questioning things in the same way as Niki does.

      It might be a waste of time, but it isn't as much of a waste of my breath, because others can see these words. Others can think about them.

      Being skeptical is a good thing, when it is controlled. Throwing out overt denial of possibility, however, is skepticism going overboard from rocking the boat too much. Even if I believe many things here, I admit I have a tenuous fiber of doubt in my mind, my parallels in resonance or dissonance among the contents of this blog are only due to my experiences.

      I hardly need to concur that Niki's are different. I guess my wish is that Niki actually tries to shelf absolute denial and attempt to discern the nature of...well...Nature.

    5. This is a negative response to perceived negative comments. He shares what is in his heart. I have certainly felt these emotions, as well as positive ones. If we are to have victory of the Light...I would think this means to hold all in Love, wherever they are and offer healing, and that is all. If it is received, so be it...if it is not...so be it. No judgement. When I feel what I feel, it is so helpful to be able to share it without fear of it being judged as right, wrong, positive, negative...it is just where I am, and what I am feeling at the time. Sometimes, we just need to say what that is, where we are...and sometimes where we are feels really bad and we are really afraid. None of us can know, what one of us may be going through, feeling. Honesty in expressing where you are seems more appropriate to being in the truth of your own center than pretending to be where others would have you be. It is a human...being. I would think that those that follow this link would certainly be looking inward at where we each are judging, and blocking the Light. There is something here that brings Nikki, so let us all extend the love and invite and welcome honesty of where we each are...which is as individual as each of us, with no judgement. As I hear many say, if it does not resonate, let it go by. That applies to us all, in all things, in all ways. I hear you Nikki. It is hard not to get frustrated, impatient, and sometimes hopeless. We are living amidst insanity trying to stay sane. Hang in there...you are not alone. Blessings to you and much love!

    6. @enchantedgardener: Now lets wait for him to be thankful for your friendly understanding and lets wait for his new insights and enlightening. Cheers, *plop*!

    7. If we are all one, and love is all there is, that includes Niki, Eliana, Rajah, me, all... Respond helpfully if you have info, as it may help others as well. Love others as much as you can. But don't let anything ANYONE says "get to you". Why should it? YOU know what you know, and nothing can change it or take it away. (here's an odd thought: maybe ol' Niki is a test to see how high our vibs are, how we react to having our chain pulled...? anyway a good measure of how zen we are :-)). I made a pyramid yesterday out of sticks (bamboo) and clay, and sitting in it is an interesting experience...amazing what you can do with so little.

    8. @Hahnmaniac... thank you. Great insight.

    9. @Hahnemaniac:

      ~ I am tired of all leveled brainwashing, as this is a technique used by the dark to keep us quiet, not to think clear and not to resist~

      ~I still hope for every being that they choose to return to the divine light~

      ~being aware that we are all one and that there is only love does not mean I should not shed light into darkness- and darkness means being unconscious of what is happening~

    10. Look: This is the perfect example of what Free Will is all about.
      Of course you can choose to read not-positive comments and let tthem get to you emotionally. That inevitably always happens.
      I Myself have chosen to avoid such non-positive influences by using an amazing invention: The Wheel!
      That being the wheel on my computer mouse, so I can just gently, smoothly *scroll by* the comments which don't feel right. Proactively ignoring non-Light influences can be quite easy, it's really just a scroll away ;-)

      Not so easy was ignoring this song, as Nine Years and Ten Months ago I was in a hotel in Adelaide, SA and switched off my radio - and it stayed on.
      It did not have a battery compartment, the switch was set to Off and I unplugged the electricity cable from the wall.
      Radio kept playing.
      Pretty solid evidence for Me that something was goin' on ;-)

      This is one of the songs played during those Three hours until the radio finally decided to call it a night and switch itself off:


      Enjoy, all of You Shooting Stars and All-Stars :-)

      Love and Light and Victory


  42. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Dear Maria. Death is just a path, if they explode our planet humanity will start over anyway. They know that if they use these bombs they will be recicled in the central sun, and in the end, humanity will win anyway.
      The only wise option they have now is surrender. They will receive healing, they will receive forgiveness.

      This is not the battle for the universe anymore, it's only one planet, they have already lost the war.



    You guys should stop complaining with him. Most of the things he says are right, we have NO PROOF of those UFO things. Of course we feel inside it's all truth (and he also does, otherwise he wouldn't be here), but we have no TANGIBLE PROOF.

    His perspective is very important because it balances the situation. It's not wise to believe everything, I myself started trully believing cobra some months ago. Before I believed, but not completly.

    There are plenty of evidence about the things cobra says, but no tangible proof, and all he says is that people won't believe unless these tangible proofs are shown. He is not inpolite, he is not rude, he is not impatient and he is NOT negative, he is only realistic and he wants the truth.

    And you wanna know more? He is quite right when he say people won't wake up and won't help without tangible proof. That is the sad truth guys...

    Please, stop complaining with Niki and if you want to help, show him some evidence that streghtem cobra's word.

    1. @spiritofjustice: Most people of Planet Earth will awaken only after the Event, when they can see some physical proof. If you would have listened carefully, you would have understood, why this proof can not be provided in this moment. So this blog is not meant for people, who are not awake and that need that kind of proof you are talking about. This blog is meant for those, who have ears to listen, eyes to see and a mind to think.
      And someone who is constantly writing such comments over more than 2 years is not asleep in the way the rest is asleep. Someone who is asleep would never find this blog and certainly never write constantly on it. And as I said, it is not only about those comments. If you would have observed carefully, you would have seen, that he is not interested in any advice and he does not care. I do not need proof, because I know. If he would have chosen, to liberate the planet, he would do everything he can, to raise the frequency of Planet Earth in every way he could find. At least, if he really would be in despair, he would be thankful for receiving any help. I do not judge him, but I say "no" to giving this blog such a bitter taste deliberately.

    2. Hmmm....I believed as a child but then in adolescence I doubted. We have all been there and back. Remember Job? If you want proof ask and you shall receive. I asked and received 3D proof the good guys exist.

    3. So your an atheist who doesnt believe in god or spirits cause you can't see them..or aliens I just really want to understand where you are coming from. Secondly everyone is welcome to share but in a polite society in your so called real world people don't come to a pleadian website as a guest and start accusations regarding the existence of pleadians. Not very bright and just plain rude. What are u twelve. But not to worry I will get the low down from the other side and show Niki a thing or to. Get back to u on that one.

    4. So, why is it that we don't have any proof about anything that's going on?

      We have already been told why. The proof is often taken away and possibly destroyed before it even has a chance to make it to us.

      As for believing everything, that's a trait of sheep and faithless waffles who can't cling to what they have discovered of their own truth.
      Also not to mention--*le gasp*--metaphysical facts, most of which don't appear to have a physical proof to back themselves up with.

      "How were these facts discovered, then?" By personal (not just mine, but many others--I hazard to guess--considering how many resources there are out there) observations which, thanks to the Internet, were falling less into the Department of Coincidence, and turning into an actual pattern.

      A pattern that has the Cabal frightened, because they've tried to censor it for a good few thousand years: We know what they are doing, and how they're doing it.

      We can play that game too, but in the opposite direction. Not to harm anyone or anything, but to help those that need it.

      Aside of our experiences with our own power, what more tangible proof can we provide? We cannot. That proof was always kept a secret, albeit very poorly.

      However....we don't need people to know about those that are not of Earth. We can get their interest to help and their cooperation without that kind of stimulus. When they are ready to know about those beyond this world, they will be told. That's all there is to it.

      Ultimately, why do we need to prove to everyone that they're being hoodwinked? Somewhere deep down, they already know.

      Why do we need to prove to everyone that there are other beings out there in the rest of the universe? The belief in at least the chance of it has been fostered among many.

      Why do we need to prove to everyone that they care about us and what we are doing? Remember the LHC in Europe? A 70% chance of making strangelets. "Strange" how we haven't been turned into a neutron star yet. That's because the proof is in what HASN'T happened. We have been told, either in Cobra's interviews, or on this blog's older posts, that these other races have the technology to diffuse strangelets before they can cause any lasting damage.

      Why do we need to prove to everyone these things? We don't. They can look when they are open to look. They will know when they need to know.

      But, in the meantime, we can garner their cooperation in fixing the mess that Earth is in. We have ways to do it. We don't need outside help for that.

    5. I agree with you completely.
      Many of us have been in this field for more than a decade ( myself from Alex Collier to Tolec and now with Cobra ). On the one side I must say that I have been savagely attacked since I was one-year old and no healer has been able to heal me during my whole life ( and I am 58 years old ). I have on myself proof of most of the alleged astral&etheric wweaponry that the Cabal is directing to us.We have been waiting and doing whatever we could do and have resisted the attacks, the personal economic ruin, the social marginalisation, and the constant derision from our friends and relatives. Based on my history ( and in the human history too ) I see clearly that if we finally become free would be mainly because of a massive and overwhelming intervention of "space brothers". Many of ous are at or beyond the limits of physical resistance and the only thing we ask for is an uncontroversial sign that shows us ( both "believers" and most of the rest of the world population ) that this intervention is real and now.
      We do not intend to "attack" other starseeds with "negative" comments. We do not need good "words" from them . We direct our claim directly to Cobra ( or whomever relates directly tho the space brothers ) that he asks them for an uncontroversial event that they are here, and that happening being visible in this plane, in this reality.

    6. LISTEN

      We should stop attacking each other and start attacking the cabal. I KNOW that tangible proof can't be provided because it would endanger humanity, but it doens't matter anyway. People woudn't want to know. To believe this all, they must have proof. PERIOD.

      I'm more or less like Niki, I know something weird is going on in the world, but I don't believe everything and everyone. I know there is a lot of counter-information out there.

      I only started trully believing cobra some months ago, even though I was
      already awaken and 100% sure that something was going on. The "proof" for me was seen due observation. If we observe well the world, we can see the proofs (thats my hint to niki).

      Being analytical is not a problem, it's a problem when you are inpolite and rude. THOSE comments are blocked by cobra.

    7. I fully agree. Niki's posts are just as valuable as the others. Society needs both critical/objective thinkers and wishful/positive thinkers. Try walking on one leg...

    8. Conversation is evolution, it is growth. We are all brothers and sisters. We are all one. We have all come from the same place at the very beginning. In the end of infinity all are welcome back. Hear and see these words, they jumped at me while reading earlier. As so much synchronicity that happens, it happens for a whole, not this single. It is for all. With love, curiosity and service.

      "Let those who do not know fill space with outcries and supplications for help. Those who have reached understanding can assist events.
      Do we trouble the long awaited visitor with personal wishes? We hasten to open gates so that the desired one may come in."

      "At present you encounter four types of people:
      The first is fighting under Our Shield;
      The second fights without protection yet already is terminating the stream of karma;
      The third raves wildly, blinded by the dark veil of its fate;
      The fourth comprises the enemies of light.
      The first will understand your call.
      The second will quiver with expectancy.
      The third will stupidly turn the head away.
      The fouth will answer you arrow for arrow.
      Therefore, do not reiterate the Teaching.
      Each word falls on due ground,
      And the destined will be received.
      Likewise, do not reject or deny."

      "They will ask thee how to traverse life.

      Answer: Like crossing an abyss upon a taut string-Beautifully, carefully, and fleetly."
      ---Leaves of Morya's Garden

      ONE LOVE!!

    9. @spiritofjustice and rb:

      reality huh.....please go on with it.....huh........as you wish......


  44. I am hoping some good change comes soon :( think i am sinking in a hole about to lose my 18 year old daughter to stranger in another state due to GOV programs pushing her to get a job in this tiny border town we live in..She really can't do to much in job wise with learning disability ....SO the Social service office wants her to find job and she has to work 30 hours or more and is not aloud to quit it they said she not aloud to ask for less hours....They want her to work so they can take some assistance they are giving me for housing for kids and food and want her to pay for what they take away ....They are also sending me job letters for my 15 year old hounding her to work also so is the high school ...So stressed we all are ...:( Feel like some times i am going to lose all i have and that is my lovies my babies to the System ...Peace Light Love ...

    1. Hi Judith,
      Have a look at the website: www.losethename.com to see how to release oneself from the Crown Corporation system and no longer be bound by their regulations.

  45. http://prepareforchange.net/archives/event-reference-page-0-a-plan-to-maintain-the-safety-and-well-being-of-the-populace-during-the-financial-reset

    I am not waiting for the Event to happen; I am preparing to keep the peace when it does. If humanity shows that it is ready...Source will help the Light Forces with Compression Breakthrough.

    Don't wait biting your fingernails...get ready, have calling lists, print copies of key documents like the Community Leaders Brief, be prepared to talk to your neighbors about what is going on, help people to get through the Financial Reset.

    Look, it will be tough for many people to digest...especially given that we will have an extended period without electronic banking. Ideas for sharing, trading and bartering, getting stores to stay open...all of these are critical functions. People need food and toiletries as much as possible. Can you contact your city councilperson quickly? Can you help people understand that this is the OPPOSITE of martial law?

    There are thousands of tiny actions people can take. For those who believe meditation is useless, why not look over the link and try some smaller scale ideas. Be a living 'Public Service Announcement' when the Event happens...the Light Forces will be grateful for your assistance.

    If you have ideas, get them out to others as well - maybe you cannot do it, but someone else could be inspired.

    1. @New Age Biscuit: Absolutely! Yesterday I wanted to write the same but other things came in between, thank you so much, this is so true! The most important is we get prepared, also in the way you provide!

      Be assured Cobra does not think you are passively waiting, he may have his reasons for certain things he puts in his link ;) .



    2. Cobra actually reviewed an earlier draft of the article in the PFC link above and asked me to put it on that website. I added significantly to it in order to generalize enough that other people could adapt it to their own skill set, personal/professional networks, and other miscellaneous circumstances.

      I just wish I had more time and energy. My personal life and corporate job are squeezing PFC to the margins to such a degree that I can only conclude that archonic influence is manipulating the thoughts and priorities of those around me. It is frustrating, but I persevere as best as I can.

    3. Rest assured the Event could happen at any time. We don't truly know the full scope of our Brother's and Sister's progress in operations and how soon or far the Event truly may be. I can think of many reasons for each polarity of soon or later.
      I can say I've had an easier time 'feeling my way' through every day and noticing the shifts within myself. and as far as I can tell it's continuously happening right Now.

    4. @New Age Biscuit: You could write down a call for help into the facebook groups. I think there could be some people who want to help you.

  46. Very weird, twice now i've had a dream i was in a prison trying to escape. I was thinking about the event before going to sleep both times. Could it be that this is connected to the event? Our current reality is like a prison and the event will release us! Anyone else had this?

    1. Hi.I used to have the same dreams over and over. in one of my many dreams in jail I was able to escape since that day every sometime I dream in a jail I can get out as I please. But always come back inside the cell to show the others how to get out. Don't get me wrong in the beginning of my dreams on jail was scared and difficult to be there and get out and always ended up as a nightmare but not anymore. I have control and for some reason I can get in and out anytime I want.
      Thanks so much for sharing this. I thought that I was the only one.
      Victory of light!!!!

    2. I've had this type of dream numerous times, and posted here about it before. I think it is because the cabal are terrified of being arrested and going to jail. If you think about the Event, you are going to be psychically connected to the arrests, jail, trials. Some people think the Event is mainly a spiritual ascension; no, the Event is a mass arrest event. Spiritual ascension comes much later.

  47. @Cobra

    Any souls trapped in the Abyss ( hate to ask this !) ?

    1. Ashtar, invade that foul place and bring the SWORD OF LIGHT to those a**holes as soon as possible. I would love to be fighting at your side!

    2. I heard of an abyss as well. But I understood it as a place that if a spirit was tossed in you don't come back. Could this be the same or different.

    3. Those trapped in the Abyss would not happen to be suicides, would they be? I apologize if it hits close to home for anyone; I am asking a difficult question.

    4. Interesting given the whole catholic doctrine of purgatory and limbo

    5. @New Age Biscuit, I don't think souls become trapped in the Abyss because of suicide; those souls would just be recycled. I think souls would become trapped in the Abyss because of ceremonial/occult magic gone wrong. In ceremonial magic, one tries to work up The Tree of Life from the bottom, Malkuth (Earth), to the top (Source). This is called Pathworking. To go from the lower realms to the higher realms, one has to "cross the Abyss". If this isn't done properly and with the right angelic protection, the soul can become trapped in the Abyss. On Earth then the body would die.

  48. Hemp Bound: Dispatches from the Front Lines of the Next Agricultural Revolution by Doug Fine

    Overview: The stat sheet on hemp sounds almost too good to be true: its fibers are among the planet s strongest, its seed oil the most nutritious, and its potential as an energy source vast and untapped. Its one downside? For nearly a century, it s been illegal to grow industrial cannabis in the United States even though Betsy Ross wove the nation s first flag out of hemp fabric, Thomas Jefferson composed the Declaration of Independence on it, and colonists could pay their taxes with it. But as the prohibition on
    hemp s psychoactive cousin winds down, one of humanity s longest-utilized plants is about to be reincorporated into the American economy. Get ready for the newest billion-dollar industry.

    In Hemp Bound: Dispatches from the Front Lines of the Next Agricultural Revolution, bestselling author Doug Fine embarks on a humorous yet rigorous journey to meet the men and women who are testing, researching, and pioneering hemp s applications for the twenty-first century. From Denver, where Fine hitches a ride in a hemp-powered limo; to Asheville, North Carolina, where carbon-negative hempcrete-insulated houses are sparking a mini housing boom; to Manitoba where he raps his knuckles on the hood
    of a hemp tractor; and finally to the fields of east Colorado, where practical farmers are looking toward hemp to restore their agricultural economy Fine learns how eminently possible it is for this misunderstood plant to help us end dependence on fossil fuels, heal farm soils damaged after a century of growing monocultures, and bring even more taxable revenue into the economy than its smokable relative. Fine s journey will not only leave you wondering why we ever stopped cultivating this miracle crop, it will fire you up to sow a field of it for yourself, for the nation s economy, and for the planet."

    Genre: Non Fiction, Science

    1. Hemps potential as an energy source?
      I know that hemp/canabis is an amazing plant, but using any plant as a fuel ie ethonol, biodiesel( biomass) is extreemly wasteful.
      Solar panel are currently about 15-18% effecient, yet acre for acre they create 50 times more energy than biomass.
      You can argue about the energy that goes into processing the panels and the biomass but solar panels will still come out on top.
      Using biofuels is actual promoted by governments and oil companies so that should throw up some red flags.
      Using plants as fuels is not practical.

  49. There will be no financial reset it,s all lie,s. iv been hearing this lie for years. start reading veterans today all this is just to pull the wool over your eyes.i agree with the meditation for people but look this Sheldan Nidle Update at http://hipknowsys.blogspot.ie/ is all lie,s. remember they have people putting these lies out that get paid for it. and as for cobra i like a,lot of he,s stuff but we have been giving no proof what so every just more info every few days.i,m not here to say all this stuff is lies. but seriously wake up and really start doing your own research. there will be no reset. just yesterday they released a new note in to the Irish money system. All we can do is be the best we can, peace to all. and again please start reading
    http://veteranstoday.com/ you will get a.lot of truth there. and don,t believe every thing you read, do your own research please. and above all stand for the truth no matter how hard it is. don,t put your trust on what you read on line. please look at at least 3 different sources.it easy enough. read your news then go read Russian news
    then read England news and so on. you will see whats going on. and you can come to your own conclusion. remember these trolls are masters at language.
    news = n north e east w west s south. peace to all and stand together it really is up to us the people to make the changes. not any one else.
    here,s my web site if you want to learn some truths www.beautifulguitarchords.com
    just click on the tab that says need to know scroll down and you will see videos of great teachers. have a great day

    1. Thanks for your refreshing point of view John…I didn't wake up until 3 years ago when I saw my first UFO - but after seeing that, everything changed and ANYTHING became possible…

      The New Age movement got people dizzy with channelers and other fringe gurus across the board, beats me no one ever seems upset at those sources, and why they come here crying and bitching at Cobra. For what? You don't need to be here, live your own life…but they don't want to, there's NOTHING else out there that compares, and why there's so many closet-case readers of 2012portal, weirdos without a backbone to stand for what they believe in, who gain self-importance by trashing Cobra. Small-minded people who haven't done their homework, that commence at home as a child..years of observing, listening to your elders, digging deep and learning, studying everything, reading everything, paying attention to everything, collecting first-hand experiences, talking to people of all colors and cultures… and THEN one day you wake up, and everything finally starts making sense.

      New age propaganda is designed to ultimately keep the "awakened masses" in the dark about secrets, it's the "denial movement" about the true horrors in the world..or if you figured it out, it keeps you feeling helpless, leaving you hoping and praying for your personal "prosperity package" and ascended masters who will save everyone and hurl the planet into 5D, or something….Or how about when the satan incarnate, archon Francis became the pope and so many jumped the hopium bandwagon, refusing to acknowledge his disgusting past in Argentina, only to satisfy 'their need' for a new dear leader.

      This speech is by Charlie Chaplin from The Great Dictator (1940)

      Anonymous - A Message to Humanity :


    2. You fool. The cabals to this on purpose, to keep people like you in depression,without hope and inside the veil.
      Don't get fool again amigo we are weeks away of be freed. Victory of light is near

    3. There are a great many people in here who do more detailed research than you, respectfully.

      It is one kind of 'research' to gather information through another person's version of events.
      Many of the people here are getting their answers from within.

      Fickle minds for callous hearts, Brother. Open your eyes, of course.
      Open your heart and ask it the Truth. <3

  50. Huge changes already started in "3D".

    Some info about it is here.

    I'm sorry that all the OIC incarnated lightworkers (about 22 million / about 63% of the Cobra followers) are only partially touched by this, but we Protoi don't act in OIC.

    1. Which is easy to do BTW guys and gals. Simply will it out loud. "I remove myself from OIC" Would benefit anyone affected.

  51. It's pretty weird that Garcinia Cola has literally crashed Instagram accounts lately?


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    1. maria ponte a leer los anteriores documentos de cobra. antes de dar una opinion tan vaga como esta. se nota que no sabes nada todavia. y por eso esta perdida. lees y escuchas cobra anteriores interview y post. y la luz llegara a ti.

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  54. Google has been throwing in very interesting concepts into their augmented reality games. At first it was Resistance vs Enlightened in "Ingress". Now it's about secrets and 12 ancient bloodlines. The game's site name is peculiar too, heh.

  55. Here are links related to healing and combating Ebola the natural way--the way that traditional healers have been doing it for decades in Africa. These can be photocopied and distributed and/or shared on all social media outlets. Some information is in Spanish but if you can use an on-line translator if you have access to the internet.

    Youtube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=czBaB_XE72c






  56. Aloha....

    I finally have a few minutes to enter a comment re. the October 7 post, above.

    Thank you Cobra for the information and good suggestions for what we can do. Thank you to all the light beings for moving us along. When I think of plasma I think of jello in the sky and it sounds like there are some unappealing pieces of junk caught in the jello... (You are right, I am not an occultist or a physicist and it shows.)

    Our very smart friends are working on it, so thank you, smart friends.

    Two items here:

    I don't want to invest a lot of energy in this, but there is a good article on the Thrivemovement website about "trolls." Trolls post disruptive, negative, tricky and repetitive comments on blogs like Cobra's. Trolls aren't interested in solutions or helping others. Link here is How to identify trolls, plus a cartoon of a troll, waiting under the bridge to attack!


    Cobra has posted links to information from the astrophysicist Paul Laviolette, especially regarding the G2 cloud (a giant swirling dustbunny, which circled around the galactic center and I believe now left the area, without causing much disturbance).

    Read recent information from Dr. Laviolette about the Bosnian pyramids. This is new and fascinating information I believe. The Bosnian pyramids were only determined to be pyramids less than 10 years ago. Take a look.



    1. Great stuff, thanks for posting this Megan
      I love that there are so many wise souls here!

  57. Does anyone feel this ,the so call expression we are loosing money or I am here to make money ,I'd like to make so and so much money ,man this is for me a big awakening ,I am feel repugnant of hearing this word saying so many time ,I am ready to go to 5D or at least a world with no need of money .peace to all

  58. Hi Cobra,

    I don't understand why meditation can help this process. Now the obstacle is the toplet bomb. So is it that meditation can make light forces more clever to develop the technology?

    1. I see why so many people think meditation is more or less a waste of time when it comes to liberating the planet. It is because we've been programed to believe that the world is just a bunch of solid objects interacting with each other.

      The reality of reality is much more fluid than that. Learning this is a major step in taking our power back. We are creative beings, and we effect all around us in a vibrational way. Group meditation is a very powerful way to influence the state of the planet. All that needs to happen here is a higher vibration and the cabal will be powerless to continue manipulating the population because we will be in a state that doesn't allow easy manipulation.

      The only reason we have been so heavily manipulated is because our level of awareness fell to a very low state where we didn't know any better. The lies of the cabal seems truthful to those who don't have enough awareness to see clearly. We are in the process of reclaiming that lost awareness :) mediation is a powerful tool to accomplish that. It is in many ways more important and effective in the liberation process than physically resisting/engaging the cabal. Lucky for us!

  59. These people who think just cause we read a blog one day we suddenly changed our whole belief system crack me up personally. As if. Livin in this world for a while your bound to come across something unusual. Hell I just came across Cobra,Ben fulford ,Neil Keenan etc three months ago but I have known about most of these things through years hanging with metaphysical folks. On some issues I think I know more than Cobra. I was surprised these blogs been around a while. But finding Cobra's page was pretty cool not many people really for Real know stuff much less print it. I've always had readers predict major changes for 2015 saying people will just be going along with their lives then pow and that was four years ago. Then about a year ago another reader told me looks like things are going to speed up towards some major shift they all call it different ascension, pole shifts, planetary changes, something only God knows. Big daddy I call him. I believe more in alien and spiritual intervention then I do prosperity packages and any human related issues from a bunch of so called ex materialistic bunch like the dragon family or the yakusa or even the whole world that has forever worshiped money. I rather believe the aliens did finally expose themselves to certain people and only now are they acting like people. But Cobra hangs with the Pleadians. I'm so jealous...... Also I read something today that said the inner earth people still want to keep to themselves rather than to let everyone know they have been here all along and that when they do have some disclosure the aliens are just going to be from outer space. What a bummer to read that.

  60. There’s light at the end of the tunnel. The problem is that tunnel is in the back of your mind. And if you don’t go to the back side of your mind you will never see the light at the end of the tunnel. And once you see it, then the task becomes to empower it in yourself and other people. Spread it as a reality. God did not retire to the seventh heaven, God is some kind of lost continent IN the human mind.
    — Terrence Mckenna

    What's wrong with the world? "I am"

    We are all gods. We are all God. And we have the power that goes along with being divine. Realising this, we now are.

  61. Alcyon Pleiades 22-2 - The last desperate actions of the Elite: Wars, terrorism, crisis...