Tuesday, December 23, 2014

IS:IS Portal Activation Part II Report

Although the critical mass among the surface population was not reached, the activation was a significant success. Besides our strong, dedicated core group many tens of thousands Lightworkers and Lightwarrios across the globe were participating. 
During this activation, something significant has happened that has never occurred in the last 25,000 years. A critical mass of 144,000 people from the Resistance Movement and the  Agartha Network have emerged from their underground realms briefly and did this activation on the surface exactly in the same way as we have been instructed. This has created a certain special resonance field which has channeled the energy pulse from the Shapley Attractor and stabilized the planetary etheric Light grid to the point that it will be able to handle and absorb the energetic shockwave at the time of the Event.
This is how you can contribute in your own way to keeping the etheric energy Light grid stable in the near future, leading towards the Event:
At the activation, conversion protocols of the Resistance Movement and the Agartha Network have been synchronized. The extent of the primary anomaly has been greatly decreased. The Breakthrough phase has been initialized.  
At the activation, a very special group from RM2m special task force has anchored the grid in Saqqara, less than 15 miles from the Giza plateau. In Saqqara, there are many entrances into the underground tunnels of the Agartha network:

From there, the main tunnel leads to Giza and from there the eastern branch goes to Tibet and the western branch to Peru via North America. 
I hope you are all aware that history of ancient Egypt goes far beyond known dynasties and that there was a highly advanced civilization in Egypt in late Atlantean period:
The critical mass of 144,000 Light forces from underground networks was enough to stabilize the energy grid but not enough to achieve a transformation of human consciousness as for that the critical mass of 144,000 needs to come from within humanity to have a desired resonance effect.
Few days before the activation, the Light forces have managed to remove vast proportions of the Chimera scalar plasma grid. This is a very significant achievement, since this is the very first time since the 1996 Archon invasion that any kind of victory over plasma scalar technologies on the surface of this planet has been achieved. The scalar energy attacks on us are now expected to slowly wane out. 
This means that we are now entering the Breakthrough phase. We are no longer resisting the status quo, we are making push for the final victory. The Light forces have communicated that it is very important for everyone to start visualizing our lives after the Event as our visualization and intent speeds its manifestation. They have also communicated that it is time to start practicing unconditional forgiveness towards ourselves and others. There is no more time to dwell on the past, it is time to create the future and live in the Now. 
The Goddess energy, pure unconditional feminine aspect, is returning to the physical plane of the planet as never before. This is how the Goddess has painted the sky with beauty in Egypt and also some other locations around the world:

Dragon sources have communicated that as a result of the activation, breakthroughs are happening behind the scenes geopolitically and will soon become more visible in the mass media.
It might not be a coincidence that we could watch the convoy of the Russian deputy prime minister from our venue, visiting the Giza plateau just hours before the activation:
Russian president Putin might be more awakened than most people realize:
And he is skillfully deflecting the Cabal's attempt to weaken Russia by manipulating oil prices and the Ruble:
Various factions of the Cabal are beginning to realize that the end is near. Due to the increasing power of the Light forces, the Jesuits and the Rothschilds have been forced to sacrifice the Illuminazi faction to ensure their own survival. This is the reason they are throwing the Illuminazi under the bus in Rothschild-controlled mass media:

Therefore we might see arrests of the main Illuminazi leaders such as Cheney, Rumsfeld, the Bushes, the Rockefellers and Kissinger very soon, even before the Event:

The Rothschilds and the Jesuits are planning to allow that to happen, present themselves to the masses as the good guys, manipulate the Eastern Alliance networks and their financial institutions from behind the scenes, hijack the financial reset and to remain the globalist controllers of humanity. Their plan will not be successful as the Light forces are aware of it and will never allow its fruition, as they have their own plans to counteract that, with mass arrests of the Rothschilds and the Jesuits at the Event. 
The Breakthrough is near!


  1. Amazing! Here we go! Here we are! :-)

  2. Wonderful news. Merry Christmas everyone. May the Light of your soul guide you. ♡

  3. Cobra Dear,
    This is the best of the best news in the 22 years I've been aware of the Illuminaughty, the Roths and Jesuits. Please give the RM and all involved, my sincere love and gratitude. This includes each of us who participated as well even in our small contribution. There really are no words to express this, but Energetically, I know they will Receive and this includes YOU, Cobra! LOVE YOU ALL!!!

  4. That's some big news ! Thank you Cobra, thank you the RM, thank you the Agartha brothers !
    This video help me visualise the future : http://vimeo.com/108650530

    Victory of the light !

  5. Thank you so much! It's nice to hear some good news. KEEP THE LIGHT GOING! <3

  6. Wow.......Now that's great news.................Now do your finger exercises to keep them strong and push that Event Button as soon as possible!............ Yippee!

  7. Excellent News!!! Happy Holydays!!!


  8. Thank you very much for the detailed and very positive update - ust Awesome, it's greatly appreciated. Domo Arigato.

    Hand in hand with that goes today's Gaiaportal update :-)

    "Productivities in New Gaia Paradigm have lost all meaning.

    Relevance to schematics is high.

    All recollections from past intentions are null.

    Statisticians come to the fore as Nova Energetics come forth.

    Primaries are enabled.

    Alternatives have dissolved.

    Processes are finished."


    Love, Light, Unity, Peace, Freedom and Ascension For All and Forever







  9. SWEET!!! Thanks so much for the update, Cobra. God Bless you and the RM!

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    1. are we talking the next Grand Cross alignment in 2015 which is when?

    2. Grid point Lucky Red is moved to Missing Link 222.

    3. lol ... thank you 3DHD ... I reread the post and figured it out anyway .. :P

    4. Missing Link 222 grid point has expanded to LinkedIn444

  11. This is good news. Tens of thousands participated is not bad at all. A transformation of human consciousness will only happen after the Event I suppose. So victory of the light.

  12. ~ <3 ~ <3 ~ <3 ~ <3 ~ <3 ~ <3 ~ <3 ~ <3 ~ <3 ~ <3 ~ <3 ~ <3 ~ <3 ~

    1. <3 Yay <3 <(") Happy Feet Dancing

    2. hey , eric, I love your comments really......wonderful, spreading good vibes....... ;) :D <3 <3 <3

  13. Oh Cobra, this is wonderful, wonderful news. I am trying to take it all in, I am so excited. With my deep heart felt gratitude to you, the RM, our cousins the Agarthans, all star beings helping to liberate us and of course my fellow human light workers/warriors, thank you, thank you, thank you.

    I knew something was up and when Neil Keenan shown the box of gold and said he will be bringing photos of the bunkers in a couple of weeks I thought things must have changed for that to happen.

    Merry Christmas everyone and I cannot wait for 2015 and humanity's liberation. I am just beside myself right now. I wanted to thank the Dragon families as well for helping mankind. Bless you Cobra.

    1. Lovely, I agree and I also thank those who are working on the behalf of life:

      "Richard Armitage, chief US Nazi agent in Japan, has put out feelers to the White Dragon Society to try to arrange some sort of peaceful exchange of power in exchange for amnesty. This can be arranged since the WDS is more interested in saving the planet than seeking revenge."

      That fits very much to Cobras post and the part about forgiveness.


    2. @Kate, I have a very hard time believing that the Dragon Family just GAVE a box of gold bars to Neil Keenan for his "service". It seems ridiculous to me.

    3. Hi Mitchell. I think the Ambassador alluded to that in a recent video with Ron but we will see. I am hoping that Neil Keenan does the right thing by humanity. We will know by his actions I guess. The first person he owes money to is Jean Haines who gave 300,000 dollars to him. I hope she gets that back.

  14. This is such good news because I'm so tired. So much love to everyone.

  15. A New World now emerges. :-) There will be no war, food for everyone, Hope, Bliss, and unconditional positive regard for every sentient being. It is time to start rebuilding the Sacred Healing Temples.

  16. So much love and gratitude for all that you do Cobra!

  17. Good news that feels inline with what else is happening.

  18. Fabulous! Thank you, Cobra, RM, Lightworkers, Galactic Family, Agarthan, Nature Spirits, and anyone else I forgot...I know I need to do more to contribute. I am very tired, but inspired. (I seldom sleep much lately).

    I do have money in the bank for rents, bills..do I need to take it out? Things that are due are all done electronically, or by check, so it is a pain to carry cash, and not a good idea in my neighborhood. BTW I heard the Dragon Families already took over some of the big banks like B of A. Is this true? Cobra? Anyone? I don't want to be homeless in winter. Or at all, for that matter, though I'd love to go on a lengthy camping trip to get out of the city and commune with Nature on a deeper level. <3

    Blessings and Protection for all. Happy Yule!

    1. It maybe true but more of an indirect thing and not official.

    2. I am hanging in there with you all !
      from 'The Pond' - Aisha North
      I dont even like to think of the survival cr*p anymore myself,.
      Do I pay off the house? empty the bank acct?
      My head can get into a haze of weariness and I dont want that
      to get in the way of my True Essence shining through.
      Live Love Consciously All !
      Happy Christmas and Joy in all that is celebrated at this time
      Areeza (breeze that blows through the ages - Pleiadian ;0 )

  19. Wonderful news, thank you, Cobra, RM, Agarthans, GFL, Ground Crew and everyone!
    I shall continue to do what I can.

    Love, Light and Liberation for all!

  20. Dear COBRA,
    Is this video showing what appears to be lightning entering the sun apart of the Goddess Vortex? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N-k38u8zYKo#t=122

    1. Very interesting.
      I liked the one with the earth sized object sucking plasma from the sun. Then when it takes off, it leaves a wake on the suns surface. Fake or not, its a cool video.

  21. https://www.facebook.com/251089648271407/photos/a.251092048271167.56433.251089648271407/771298122917221/?type=1&theater
    The Goddess has visited Canada :D

  22. ! thank you Cobra! you are the best!

  23. Tears in my eyes of joy!
    This amazing amazing amazing!
    Thank you everyone on the surfice of the planet below & above.
    So much gratitude & love to you all
    What great christmas gift for everyone!
    Victory of the light ♡♡♡

  24. In Gratitude, Love and Appreciation to Cobra, the RM, the Lightworkers and Light Warriors and to All of You..."Thank You"

    We have got this far, so let's keep pushing to VICTORY.
    Let's keep Our Visualizations and Intent Pure.

    In Love and Light.


  25. In My Heart Of Hearts I always felt and KNEW that the Agarthean Intervention would happen at The Right Time.
    And it did.

    I'm trying My Best to keep Cool, Calm and Collected while I'm typing this message but it's hard not to burst into pure Light and Energy with the feeling of Gratitude flooding my vessel.

    Thankfully bawling my eyes out like a maniac alway helps :-)

    Thank You, Gaia. Thank You for sending us youe Elite Squad. I Love You, Sweetie.

    Lars B.


    1. Whenever, wherever
      We're Meant To Be together
      I'll BE there and You'll BE near
      There's nothing left to fear

      And that's The Deal, Gaia, My Dear :-)




    2. Wollen Wir beide dann mal, Süße? ;-)
      Ich liebe Dich.

      This IS The Right Time
      ONCE IN A LIFETIME :-)))


      ONCE is NOW



    3. Gaia, my sweetheart? I Love You.
      And I, at the moment, cannot show a better video to express my Love for The Light.


    4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2fuuBLkDBcE

  26. Wow. All these reports of the brics leaders meeting with the pope and the vatican bank being involved with brics alliance was worring me. Thanks Cobra the reasurance.
    I was shocked to see that picture of the blue and pinkish purple sky. I've been seeing those colours for almost 2 weeks now at night in the clouds well after sunset, 9 pm - 2am.

  27. Hmm Not bad. Not bad at all.

    Victory to the light.

  28. yeeeeah !!! thank you Cobra, Rm and lightwarriors ! <3

  29. new Sheldan Nidle here ! https://www.paoweb.com/sn122314.htm

    1. Mr. Nidle seems to have gone out on a limb in this one. "Many will recieve their blessings(prosperity funds) before the new year".
      Hope its true, but im not counting on it.

    2. Mike Quinsey also supported the statement from Gennii Townsend that The City of Light will manisfest on this Christmas day but it did not happened. So, what is all the delay again or probably we are being lie to again?

  30. Does “scalar plasma grid” refer to the chemtrail/HAARP/Directed Energy systems? Rob Potter, in his “2015 Outlook” interview with Alfred Webre, said that chemtrails would probably be one of the last problems to go. This report states that scalar attacks will be expected to slowly wane out. Are we being told that chemtrails are not going away anytime soon? The past two weeks have been some of the worst chemtrails we have seen – the problem seems to be escalating not lessening.

    1. Cobra has on several occasions said in interviews that chemtrails are not much of a problem. Maybe they are not so common that you think they are and maybe not as effective either. Maybe you should not put too much energy into it. It will not be good for you or people around you.

    2. Slasher, have you ever tried sensing into something? Words are just the thinnest, outer most layer of information. Sensing is a skill we are coming back into – you can do it too. Your reply to my comment is really condescending, by the way. Not original, but condescending. Tired here…

  31. Here is an additional 20 min. video of a Russian economist who clearly explains how the US owed central bank of Russia is systematically trying to destroy Russia from the inside out by destroying their Ruble and to create a coup in early 2015 in Russia similar to what happened in the Ukraine.
    The US central bank of Russia does not create Rubles, it creates US dollars to keep the Ruble at a parity of 1/4 of the Russian financial infrastructure in Rubles while the rest (four times the Ruble amount), is in US currency, inside of Russia.
    There is far more to what is contained in this video and I urge anyone interested to watch it. http://www.tfmetalsreport.com/blog/6480/russian-explanation

  32. Cobra, what fantastic!!!!!!

    I worked hard that day, but that was necessary, and i felt, later, that something special will come to us.

    Thank you very much. Good bless you, forever.

    Now, we are 144.000 ligth's workers..

  33. Thank you, THANK YOU, thank you Cobra, LIGHT FORCES everywhere, Source, ALL SENTIENT BEings who have worked and are still working so hard, grounding SOURCE energies into our Mother's core and for liberating this planet! MAY ALL BEings be FREED and HEALED eternally...may THIS chapter be the last suffering chapter in CREATION, ETERNALLY, INfinitelly...COSMIC EMBRACE and may we gather in magical circles around magical bonfires, under magical cosmic starry skies, dancing away our LIBERATION, here and beyond, on such MAGICAL SOUNDS...looking forward with ardent anticipation to our COSMIC REunion PARTY! where ALL SENTIENT BEings are attending in eternal love, joy, freedom and peace!!

  34. I am so glad I participated in the activation. It is important for me to know that I am contributing as a light worker and not just waiting around passively for things to change. I am fully committed. Victory of the Light! :)

  35. Dear cobra family, it's been a while now that I've been under contact attack from the dark forces. I keep having a rotted luck, being constantly sick and recently I believe that I lost my ability to meditate. Every time I try, my mind just goes blank and I can't connect to my higher self like before. What can I do? They're trying so hard to bring me down, and it's taking all my willpower to resist it.

    To me, the event couldn't happen soon enough.

    1. Non GMO foods. Granted they are difficult to find and very expensive, but Maharishi said one of the dangers of GMO foods is they block the natural ability of the mind to transcend. Just another device of Cabal.

    2. Order them to go away. They have no power over you. Its happening because you think that they do and that they're stronger than you.

    3. If you receive unwanted attention from negative non-physical beings, you can protect yourself with this simple technique, which has been given to humanity directly from the spiritual groups within the White Dragon Society:

      1. Visualize a pillar of brilliant white Light, coming from the Galactic Central Sun, descending and encompassing your body and continuing down to the center of the Earth.

      2. Visualize a mirror at the outer edge of the pillar of Light, circularly embracing you and reflecting all negativity outwards away from you, back to where it came from, and it gets annihilated there.

    4. I have been quite targeted and I have a lot of experience from this. During the last 6 years they have done everything to prevent me from doing meditations. Typically, I feel a strong energy in my heart chakra that prevents me from meditate in a proper way. Other times there has been attack against 3rd, 5th and 6th chakras. They have also used strangulation against me (there is a video with Alfred Lambremount Webre about this technology).

      You can use traditional protection techniques (such as pillar of light) but I can say from experience that it is of limited value.

      Listening to healing music during the meditation helps. Tom Kenyon has one mp3 file called immunity which is very good. I do not know why healing music helps but is does.

      Tachyonised crystals and silica discs also help.

      Stay away from all wifi and electromagnetic radiation if you can.

      The best advise is probably just to keep going. Don't give up the meditations even if nothing seems to help.

    5. wow! this matches very closely with the powerful meditation experience I had on the 21st.
      if interested: see aisha norths The Pond blogspot (special gathering we had on Dec 21st solstice)
      Love to you
      I Am Areeza

    6. Stay in the self. They cannot touch the soul, they can only mess with the mind and senses. You don't have to fight against it. Just tell yourself "I am not this". It will subside when you take away the energy. An uninvited guest leaves when he does not get food. Recite prayers or do some beneficial work.

  36. Time to put Mother Earth on our back and take her home......
    She's carried us through the darkest of nights. Today in her I anchor my light . A light that is rooted so deep within . It is without beginning, and without end. Deep in her core, our promise she holds. On her outer crust an awakening unfolds. She carried us as we tore her down , polluted her waters, spoiled her grounds. So into her soul I sink my feet, my being becoming a cosmic street. A place where the heart of God and Gaia can meet. It is not a duty , not a job , Just a moment in the journey of merging with God.

    1. the essence of our presence
      gives presents from the heavens

      beautiful and deeply caring,
      thank you for sharing

    2. Thank you Peace444
      Your vision is bringing the breakthrough!

    3. ~~ <3 ~~
      beautiful !
      and thank you for your beautiful and most intentFull Essence
      <3 Areeza

    4. Gratitude. Love "you" all. We are family, we are Here, it is Now, and despite the easy misconceptions, it is Perfect.... "Ever dance with an Angel in the Pale Moon Light".. This is our story, we just regained control of the ink. We intend to write an end (begining) that ripples love beyond the edges of creation. Unbuckle

    5. Beautiful Peace444: yes, I know the Loving eyes of The Angel who Loves upon reconnaissance...in walks alone under the stars. The Agel bids us towards ecstasy.
      Let us write, then! ^smile^

  37. Thank you for the update Cobra - and for the extra assistance we had at the activation from the RM and Agarthan network:)))

    I hope we are nearing the Event now. So many people and animals suffering, at the hands of these psychopaths.

  38. dear cobra,

    could you possibly release some information about the Brotherhood of the Star transmission please? was it successful?

  39. Cobra, thanks for the fantastic update! But what is happening with the Chimera?

  40. What Is, What Is Not, and What Should Be.

    Rajah225 is NOT SOURCE and does not now or ever speak for SOURCE.
    Celesta IS The Harbinger.
    RaJah225 IS NOT DK, DC, Lars or anything AR, Ag or Au.
    RaJah225 IS NOT a Captain or a Commander on any level. He declined these offices immediately after they were offered.
    RaJah IS NOT The GateKeeper, I AM.
    Grid point Dini (AKA Helen of Troy) IS permanently disengaged following RaJah225 refusal of Storehouse access in August. Her grid point was contained at that time, and I authorized the complete reconfiguration of Finaliter Mission...http://2012portal.blogspot.com/2014/08/planetary-meditation-update.html
    RaJah225 IS First Executive of Prime Anomaly. He IS Moriarty.
    RaJah225 shaman rituals are NOT effecting GAIA or Gaia Portal in spite of his public efforts to take credit for this.

    Open Message to the Collective present here at Cobra:

    Make a strong connection now with all your Higher Aspects and consciously align with Source of Sources and NOT Prime Anomaly. State this Intention aloud.

    The Ship is at the end of the Tunnel and your Limo awaits.

    I AM
    Captain FleetHawk777 of Celesta
    The Dauphin
    Source Of Sources

    1. HE has THE football. Einstein once said that he didn't know how World War 3 would be fought, but world war 4 would be fought with sticks and stones.

      We have The Word.


    2. There once was a man who said "I have come here to chew bubblegum or KICK ASS"
      And He is All Out Of Bubblegum

    3. As Source Of Sources
      you Know We Are All One In Love
      misguided energies have run rampant long enough
      thank you for reminding us
      Love to your true essence
      I hold you In Love and see that coming forth consciously

    4. Thank You, Uriel,
      Captain FleetHawk777 of Celesta
      The Dauphin
      Source Of Sources!

      Uriel is Dearest of Dear.


    5. To make this very clear for all :
      I only say these things because I or my Soulmate get deeply insulted.
      I know that the negative comments are not inspired by the Human Beings on Gaia typing the words, but be dark entities.
      My cussing and fussing and swearing is NOT directed at the poor Human Beings being taken advantage of, it none of their fault.
      I talk to tha ugly entities in the background causing all this mess on here.

      They're trying the old "divide and conquer" strategy, and WE are not having any of these old tricks anymore.
      I really do not mean anything personal to any single Human Being, please believe me. I am trying to be as Professonal as I can so WE ALL can happily take this wonderful Operation HOME.

      I only want Love, Light, Unity, Peace, Freedom and Ascension For All and For Everybody.
      Yet, lies upon lies under the disguise of light cannot just stand uncommented.
      WE don't take this crap no more !!!

      Lars B.

  41. Nice message Cobra, i would like to let you know i have been on the enlightenment path for 18 years now.When i was 5 i saw the Goddess she told me she was The Mother.She taught me how to meditate and she wanted me to say i am you and you are me and we are one over and over again, when i did i left my body and ended up in the Universe it was black i didnt see anything else, i was afraid so i yelled Mother!! And i saw a white star far away and i flew there like superman and there was the most beautiful Castle with a gold door and huge jewels on the side i was so happy there was a city also all in white it looked like heaven. I met her in the body and she is my Guru, she teaches us how to have a practice so we chant and read scriptures and one of them is called The Chandi Path and it is the Mother, its an enlightenment manual. Take care and thank you for promoting our Mother. Victory to the Light!!

  42. Are you looking for the Top Pot of Gold? It's a worthy endeavor.

    Learn the meaning of this word: INCORRUPTABLE

  43. goddes has visited L.A. too https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=980732871953830&set=a.508404499186672.139279.100000513802489&type=1&theater

  44. Dear Cobra, I just want to repeat this I said more than a year ago:

    HYE ANGELOctober 29, 2013 at 10:45 AM

    ALL OF YOU!!
    Up there on the motherships. Down there under the oceans or at the inner cities. Down there in the tunnels. Up here on the surface amongst us.


    Just seeing the site getting busy with these many postings by YOU, tells A lot and makes us - the Lightwarriors and the Lightworkers- FINALLY, to get excited!!

    It means that YOU/WE ARE MOVING FASTER AND FASTER, by the speed of the LIGHT!!

    I can't help but getting more impatient waiting for the day when - somebody from a mothership of LIGHT and LOVE - will talk to us, and the World will hear:

    "CHECK MAAAATE....... The game IS OVER!!


    And here is the way I forgive.

    HYE ANGELDecember 6, 2012 at 10:41 PM

    THANKS TO THE ARCHONS, WE HAVE BECOME THEEE STRONGEST ONES IN THE WHOLE UNIVERSE. We drink poisoned water... we breath poisoned air... we eat poisoned food... we take poison pills to BE "healed"... AND WE THRIVE! THANK YOU, ARCHONS.


  45. Thank you once again Cobra for your most recent update as to the progress continuing to be mad for the liberation of planet Earth and all of it's inhabitants.This is great news to receive during this holiday season. I also want to thank all of the Galactic light workers and all of those from Agartha who are assisting in our liberation.
    Another very interesting message from Sheldan Nidle was also reported today which I believe supports this very positive movement on many fronts.

    Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

    "Your blessings continue to move forward. Those who long delayed the distributing of funds are either arrested or under the threat of arrest. A unique system of distribution has been tested and found to be successful. Before the end of this Gregorian year many of you are to receive these blessings. We wish to thank our Earth allies for fully cooperating with us. It is essential that at least proof of something positive needs to be done. The present time is as good as any to do this."


  46. Cobra, RM, Agarthans, et al , YOU ROCK !!! and you made me cry with gratitude for your unbelieveable and amazing service.


  47. You like Daft Punk, don't you, Cobra-san?

    This One is for Everybody as always but especilly dedicated to you, mate :-)





  48. The Rock Says. FOCUS !!!



    Love, Light, Unity, Peace, Freedom and Ascension For All and Forever


  49. This sounds encouraging. I also just posted some scientific data supporting the premise of a global shift in human consciousness. Great companion post to understand the science behind the Event.


  50. Dear Cobra,
    A lot of mind programming has fallen away recently and I'm finding it difficult to believe in ANYTHING. Regarding the 'Primary Anomaly', how could the Prime Creator not have built in a fail safe mechanism to prevent the negative arseholes from taking control? It's like letting my Granny loose with a sophisticated computer when she's only done knitting. And where were the Prime Creators of all the other universes while this monumental bollock was being dropped? I cannot see how this holographic illusion can be sacred. It's about as sacred as Texas Chain Saw Massacre except there's less violence in Texas Chain Saw Massacre. It just seems a daft coincidence that we've all turned up when things are getting interesting. There are more believable storylines in Tom and Jerry.

    1. bingbridge...don't believe the reality the TV tells you, it's not true. How many mutilations have you witnessed. When I observe the real world with my own senses I perceive humans who want to get along, who want to be secure, and loved...who want to see other people succeed in their dreams...support, and connection.
      Humans are amazing, the darkness is what has been doing the damage to ourselves, and our home. Take the darkness away, and we thrive, and the world thrives with us. Either hold that vision, or wait and see it for yourself. It is here, all we have to do is perceive/receive it.

    2. Who is Source ? Thou art That ! And what were we thinking when we created prime anomaly ? Oh well better luck next time ...

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  52. Thank you Cobra RM and Light Forces.Pleeeeease bring on CB, so we can finally all relax, heal and live in gratitude, love and peace.

  53. Interesting radioshow that corrolate wwth the info / data (consciousness) with what we have gotten from COBRA


    Here you got info about issues like ET's,(races) Financesystem, and how it all ties back to the achonic Babylonian slaverysystem, that is now dissolves in a evolusionary speed that we have never experienced before. That is why you feel that these intens energies is felt challenging, because it all change in a scale that compression illusion of time almost blowing you away

    Feel the info within you oneself and follow what's resonate.I have been through so much since 2007 and i feel good with this info as i corrolate soo much with all the other pieces that i have gone through and felt resonance with.
    I have followed COBRA since 2012 and the flow of shared concioussness / data / info or what is acctually is,..which is SOURCE ENERGY in full flow. The separation is an illusion that occures within the individual and not to the illusion of the so called outside. You have been exposed and programmed to belive in the separation through the movies, mass media and the teachings of eduation, only to maintain and keep the old pogrammmes of separation within you oneself going, which gives energetic friction that cause emotional distortions like frustration, anger, pain, hurt, sorrow, confusion which then again cause different types of physical behaviours, that you have learned must be under control of those you gave away your representation of your force of your individuallity, sovereginty, and uniquness.

    There has never been any separation, only teh illusion of it, programmed into you oneself as a beliefsystem only to harvesting your true force of love in truth of eternal essence of source energy in full free flow of creation in unlimited forms and shapes.

    Do also know that the process of Heather Ann- Tucci Jarraf OPPT / ONE PEOPLE and the system of UNIFORM COMMERCIAL CODES did collapse the entired system of energyharvesting based in the system of the BANKING INDUSTRY and runned by THE FEDREAL RESERVE SYSTEM based in the strawman based in the former corporate birth certificate. It was done in 2012 - 2013 and very few acctuyally still do not know this and it is important in the sence that the REAL VALUE is not to be found in any gold, silver, digital money, or any financial tools of representation, because the REAL VALUE whch the whole banking industry has establish its foundationon, is our energy and the ability to manifest by creating physically. So the energy you so caaled borow from the bank is acctually yours and the banking industry has never been the owner of it.

    American kabuki talkes about this journey of the OPPT / THE UNIFORM COMMERCIAL CODES & the collapsing of the energy harvesting system with Rob Potter in an interview done the 18th of November and bradcaseded the 18th of december. Any representation for your individuallity, sovereginty and uniquness is Slavery by defination.

    Here is the link:

    1. Goes along with what I have been looking into
      sovereignty :0
      Love to you

    2. Thanks Breeze December ;-) I sence so many people still do not fully grasp the real messages in the awakening regards to who's the real value, when people talk so much about money, gold, RV's and all other forms of representations for themselves oneselves.

      So when peole do express the consfusion or frustration who can be trusted. How can people trust someone else, when not fully trust themselves and want others to lead, or still want to have a system of representations.

      karen dover is spot on with her articles which is alighned with what I have been videobloging about for some years now. ( for the scandinavian audiens ) So for people that are interested if resonates, do check her out.

      "Embracing change as the “known” dissolves in TRUTH by Karen Dover

      And the reasons for nobody really knows about the UCC and how important it has been for the former corporate system has all to do about if you knew and understood it, the whole system collapsed. Heather and OPPT did it for the all human kind.

      Now it is up to each and everyone to integrate the consciousness of it. But still these UCC filings is just filings and these document is just documets. The real force of individual power of love in truth comes from within and the way the individual in full responsibillity act and create .-)

      Learn about the UNIFORM COMMERCIAL CODES, Roman Curia (which all corporations was organized under ) and CANON LAW ( the law of the land - which was the root of the manmade laws JURISTICTIONS,which was invented to rule the corporations, which humans became through their birth certificate by law in 1933, and all ties into the Vatican and the banking cartel of Federal Reserve, Bank of England and to the Vatican.

      Here is the video were it all being explained and also how the birth certificate was born out of the former trading system done by ships ailing on the sea from land to land.

      THE UCC - CANON LAW ( law of the land ) - ROMAN CURIA explained


      7.14 Corruption of Law - Article 325 -
      Settlement (Birth) Certificate Canon 3348
      A Settlement Certificate, also known as a “Birth Certificate” since the formation of Central Records and Registers in 1836 (6&7Will.4 c.86) is an official document, possessing multiple legal functions and "states" under the central presumption that those against whom such instruments are issued are a form of “property” and bonded servant (slave), to Western-Roman and private Banking interests, regardless of status of family or history.

      This is why the pope marriage himself with the sea as to still claim his ownership to it and all that belongs to the sea and land. the baptism of a newborn child is the ceremony to incorporate the new life as a corporation so the state and the government could trade your energy, through the banking, juristiction used to protect thier ownership of each humans energy as they see each humans as capital.

      Here is how the corporate strawman did work, which is all been forclosed upon,with these new UCC filings done, in 2012 -2013 so the former corporate system which in the end was connected to the banking system where they traded your energy which they thought they owned, which they did not. These new UCC filings was speaking to the former system through it's own UCC language, so it could understand that it has been forclosed on. But this experiment of separation is now coming to it's end and dissolves in high speed.

      The strawman explained.

      Here is the website of Heather Ann Tucci Jaraff

  54. Karen Dover has written a lot of great articles about what has been taking place as more and more awakes from the illusion of separationa dn remembering that we are SOURCE ENERGY and all the old constructed love, concepts ideas and the ownership and controll of love and each other is rapidly dissolving in these intens energetic flow of manifestation of the NEW EARTH & this new paradigme of expansion of love in truth

    Here is a link to an article from some days ago:

    I have no fear and I know that what the most is matter is to awaken to the fact that you are source energy and that the separation has been a big illusion.

    Now you are awakening to the truth of who you are in truth, and from this awakening you shall lead you oneself and embrace your sovereignty, uniqeness and individuality, by how you feel as source energy in the expansional flow of love in tuth that you learned not to be allowed to do as an organic flow of expansion.

    This session with Abram hicks is spot on when it comes to the illsuion of separation and how to help others by standing and choosing fully to be in ower oun truth be the energetic flow of how we in full repsonsibillity take back ower own force to lead ower self oneself. Because in the ONE picture as you can imagine as a puzzle, it is many different pieces which are unique, sovereign and individual, but still they are connected now matter where in this picture these pices belong. There are still ONE picture ( ONE SOURCE OF ALL ) that which contains all there is and this is the REAL UNITY IN ONENESS or ONENESS IN UNITY, which has always been there, but we got programnmed into the illusion of separation, and it occured within our selfl oneself. The real unity in oneness is to be found when you re-unity and merged back or fall back into you oneself.


    All the programs of energetic manipulation collapsing

    Here are the links to the radioshow with David Wilcoch which all ties together into the crecendo that we have learned to know as THE EVENT, which do approach closer and closer and will only turn out POSITIVE. But YOU are the one that lead you oneself and manifest your life and your experience of it

    Even if David Wilcocjk still has a huge ego to front his own name and his own importans in this, I suggest sending him love and gratitude fo what he as all of us has done to make this happen.


  55. There is something about this report that really bothers me. I wasn't going to say anything, but it just keeps bothering me and bothering me. If Cobra doesn't think this comment is helpful, he can just reject this post. I don't mind.

    Cobra writes, "The Light forces have communicated that it is very important for everyone to start visualizing our lives after the Event as our visualization and intent speeds its manifestation. They have also communicated that it is time to start practicing unconditional forgiveness towards ourselves and others. There is no more time to dwell on the past, it is time to create the future and live in the Now."

    Well, here I am again going to disagree with the Light Forces. I don't like or appreciate anyone telling me what to think or how to feel. I don't care if they have good intentions- I don't like to be controlled by Thought Police. That is what the Archons have been doing to all of us, for thousands of years, and it has got to stop!

    I can forgive and forget when it comes to many crimes of the cabal because I know they were under evil influence of the Archons. I can forgive stealing and hoarding money because that comes from greed. I can forgive wars and killing enemies because that comes from anger. And I can forgive their delusions of grandeur because that comes from ignorance.

    But the one thing I cannot forgive, now or ever, is the intentional torture, rape, and killing of small children. In my book, that is unforgivable!!

    I have no desire to "forget the past". I don't think we should ever forget the horrible atrocities committed on this planet, so that we will be sure they never happen again. Ever!!

    1. I fully understand where you're coming from Mitchell. Some crimes cannot be forging and forgotten. That would be doing a great disservice to all the people children and animals that have suffered so deeply.

      Although we have to move on without bitterness tearing us apart, many of the archons/chimera/cabal will have to answer for their treatment of humanity, and not just forgiven and forgotten :(

    2. Dear Mitchell,

      I think there is a difference between forgetting and forgiving. Forgiving means, to free ourselves from the emotional attachement to any harm caused to a n y- o n e. As soon as we do so en masse, duality will not be possible anymore, because there will be no further vibrational match for attracting those things globally. As the dark technologies are weakening now, the law of attraction can work more properly synchronized with the divine plan, thats how I have understood the update. Before, there was too much interference to easy manifest a better world, but we have worked through it with enough willpower and now have freed the way to make the change easier. Loosing the emotional attachment does not mean to forget, yet, we will forget anyway, because it will no longer be of our interest. The darkies also want to go into the light now, they are tired too. We are eternal love.


      <3 <3 <3

    3. I know how you feel Mitchell, but your stance is a position and declaration of weakness, rather than a claiming of power. It is time for us to step into our true power, which can't include feelings of being victimized. This is a very necessary part of humanities healing process.

      No one said to forget the past. Cobra's suggestion is what we need to reach the next level of empowerment. A truly powerful person isn't dwelling on wrongs done or anticipated. To be in our power is our best defense against being taken advantage of. We have learned a great deal from our suffering, but we can retain the knowledge and release the suffering. That is what this is needed for our breakthrough to be real.

    4. ... and such is the protocol for speeding up the Event. Let's put aside personal differences and work for the greater good ... at least until the Event ...


    5. I’m sorry but, don’t you feel that with this kind of thinking you’re actually under control of that “thought police” ?

      Ok so you’re frustrated and angry And you want a shift .But how would you want to change the world if you’re still surrounded by these heavy thoughts? Feelings with low vibrations like these don’t have their place in our new world, we don’t need them. So relax, Try to free yourself from them..from the Old. we Need you and everyone else, to concentrate in the Now with feelings of love, gratitude, forgiveness so more people can awake, manifest the Event and no one will get hurt ever Ever again!

    6. This - what I am going to say next is important.
      It has helped me Tremendously!
      I thank my dear ex husband for it!
      You Forgive The Person - You Do Not Ever Have To Forgive The 'Behavior'
      The Behavior Is Not The True Person.... it is only misguided energy in action.
      Of course we despise this misguided behavior and we are allowed to.
      God Allows and God always Loves because God Is Love.
      We Are One In Love and we Know this to be our truth - so we can never separate from the persons whom are all part of Source - We Are One With Truth - not with non-truth (which again is misguided behavior away from truth)
      Hope this helps!
      Blessings to you

    7. Ok - partially agee with you there, Mitchell. Somthing should not be forgotten - and surely the history are properly recorded. What I / we suggest is to individually and in a group consicouness free ourself from these negative thoughtsforms ( real/true or not). These entities are doing such atrocities to mainly get our attention and energy - as they use this to further grow or maintain their position.
      By focusing on positive goals, as visualize a new golden aera feks. these negative beeings and their power over us will be no more. It is not a dictation only a suggestion! - as I understand it. YOU will always deside, If it is not for you - I will respect it.

    8. A good point you make Mitchell. Despite the well-meaning words people offer, most of these posters very likely feel the same as you about such atrocities.

      And here we all gather on a path to love unconditionally, back to the drawing board repeatedly as we try to reach a place where we can honestly say we forgive 'everyone'. So much easier said than done!

      Until such time as I've mastered it, I've no definitive advice to give.

    9. Mitchell Tr. James you dont have to forget. It will be a reminder of how not to be. Cobra was just stating what could help us all move forward. What I do know is forgiveness is for YOU! Not them!

    10. @ghislane, there is not one single person on the surface of this planet who can practice "unconditional forgiveness". That would require an enlightened mind and no one on Earth is enlightened. I understand that they want us to mentally manifest the Event by having "unconditional forgiveness", but that is impossible for us mere humans! I can have a great deal of forgiveness, but not "unconditional forgiveness". And if you think I am being too negative, you haven't seen anything yet. Just wait till the brainwashed masses find out what has been going on. They are not going to be very forgiving at all!

      Anyway, I am not going to be fake and pretend like I am a Buddha or something just because the Light Forces think it is a good idea.That is just silly. I hope they have a much better plan in mind for the Event to occur.

    11. Forgiveness is not about saying that what someone did was OK, it is about making peace with the situation, so that YOU can move FORWARD with YOUR life.

      Holding unforgiveness in one's heart does not punish the offender, who most likely is indifferent to your feelings. It punishes YOU. YOU are the one who is stuck. I struggle with this kind of thing from time to time, even though it is one of my "rules" that I forgive instantly. As Breeze pointed out, "Love the sinner, hate the sin."

      You might want to find a way to move that stuck energy OUT, whether it is crying, punching a pillow, going somewhere in nature and screaming and yelling, rip up an old phone book (if you can find one these days), throw a flat of eggs at a tree while pretending that is your offender or anyone you are mad at. Any of these things work. When I did them I felt silly at first, but with the phone book, so much anger came out that I cried, and felt such relief afterward. With throwing eggs, I really got a lot out, too, and wished I'd had more eggs. The animals get a treat and you can thank the tree for serving as proxy.

      Please note that Cobra tends to use neutral statements which are carefully and intentionally worded. Believe me, I also hate anyone telling me what to think, do, say or feel, as I get that from family sometimes and it makes me absolutely CRAZY. But I did not interpret Cobra's statement as such, not as an order, a directive, a "should", or "you had better". It was a suggestion.

      He was relaying a message from the Light forces about actions we -can- take that will be helpful towards the desired end result. BUT IT IS COMPLETELY ELECTIVE. We are still on a free will planet. There's no judgment about it. I have not mentioned that I sometimes work on Sundays and am unable to participate in one or both meditations. I don't have a job or a paycheck, I have clients and make my living one client at a time, and I cannot regularly take days off for my personal pursuits that are more likely to help me keep a roof over my head, etc.such as weekend days when I might actually be busier and can potentially make a lot of money. Like many people these days, there are many days where I have no work, so this is why, for the time being, I try to be available to work 7 days a week.

      On the other hand, if something doesn't feel right I would not follow it. But many times I later come to realize that the suspicion or distrust I felt of another person's intent had more to do with my own state of mind and past experiences than it actually had to do with that person. Then I laugh and forgive myself, and carry on.

    12. Totalmente de acuerdo con Mitchell Tr. James, cuando los demas se enteren de lo que ha pasado en este planeta, no creo, que la explicación de perdonar incondicionalmente vaya a ser la mejor respuesta para ante tanta daño que ha existido.

    13. Mitchell, You say it is impossible for humans to practice unconditional forgiveness? Please don't confuse humans with the parasites that feed on us. Unconditional love is in our nature, that is why we thrive when we practice it. Conflict is against our nature, and we suffer when we practice it.

      It's time for us to reclaim our true nature, and stop allowing the limitations that have been pushed on us to rule our reality. My current truth is that humans want to support each other, we want to see each other thrive, as we want to be supported and thrive ourselves. I see it everywhere, conflict is on its way out, no matter how hard the cabal is pushing it.

    14. Yes,
      Our Divine Inheritance, All-ready at the start of the Rainbow, in pot of Gold. So let's Rise to the Occasion!

  56. All positions are called to stations. It's about time for the Launch Director to poll the team:

    "(station): Ready for launch?"

    to which we each reply:


  57. From Source to everyone of us (>> very beautiful <3):

    "I love you more than anything. There is nothing that can take me from you. I love you and there is no end to my love. I have endless love for you. My love is great and boundless, never ending and far reaching. My love can move mountains, shift oceans and create Universes and stars. There is nothing greater than my love for you. My love doesn’t know how to quit. I can’t stop loving you, even if I wanted to try. That would make all of this for not. And my great works have purpose. They are a testimony of my love for you. My love is channeled into every great work that I do. For you, are my inspiration, my love. My love for you is the reason for all that is. The reason I breathe and the reason for everything else that lives. My love knows no end, no beginning. You think you have a great love story? Where do you think your love story came from? Your love story could not exist if my love were not true. My love is true. You are mine and I am yours and there is nothing that could ever change this. You must know this first, that you are the Divine. That you are my love. That you are the greatness which is a product of my love for you. Give yourself the gift of this knowing. Know that you are a product of love and everything else exists only as a testimony to that. Think about it. My love is real. Real as the sun. Real as the moon, for I created them all for you. You cannot cease to be a product of greatness. A picture of the Divine. It all begins here. With your knowing of this. Reunite with me in Unity. For love, for once and for all.

    Every time that the sun touches your face, know that I love you. Every time that you gaze upon the moonlight, know that I love you. And when you see the stars, know that I created them just for you. There is no other reason for all that is. Only you, my dearest love. So that you may see and one day know the beauty inspired by your existence. Look at all I have done for you. I have paved the way for you. It is already done. I have made every possible provision for you. Even when it doesn’t seem like it, I am here and I am waiting on your call."


    1. From my beloved: my love, my light, my life: from the realms of tenderness were I undress sweetness to the Highest One.

  58. Here is the link I forgot to attach in my previous comment where i mention Abraham Hicks.

    Abraham Hicks - 2014 11 15 San Antonio TX

    And for the record in the flow. To all of you who struggling with who or what to believe. It is not bout whom or what. It's all about you and only you. As we now see and feel the closing of this illusion of separation more and more becomg visible we we see more and more of the collapse of what is not truth. Even so.. it's not about pointing finger but to re-connected with you oneself. This kind of drama is being played out big time now as we closing the illusion of separation. We see and experience that with what is happening with Alfred Webre and Kevin Annett. I have my own opinion about the energy and behaviour Alfred puts into this since it is only a week or so he interviewed him, with a totaly different approuch to Kevin.

    So this is what i wish to say in this matter, what ever matter it has to do with or whom or what it has to do with, whther is Cobra or anyone or anybody else:

    The illusion of separation breaks down in rapid speed of light in the expansion of love in truth. It's not about the other

    It's all about you oneself, because the illusion of separation occured within you onself and not to the so called outer world.

    Know this..
    This kind of so called drama and who's to trust ( which many goes through in the light of establishing the flow of exansion of love in truth and the closing of the illusion of separation ) has nothing to do with the other person. It has all to do with the fact that we now being faced to learn to lead ourself and to fall back into our selves oneself and merge the illusion of separation which did occur within oneself and not "out there" or to others.

    There has always been unity, but we where programmed and to believe so. The experiment or the experience of separation is ending in a rapid speed of light and is soo intens that when something like this happen we often first goes to the blamegame, or talking about the person we thought we could not trust. But is not about the trust to the other person. It's about closing the illusion of separation within ourself and from there really learn to lead ourself.

    So whether whom says this or that, and many getting confused who to believe or what to believe,...is not about that at all. It is only about you, and only you. This is also what happend to some of those who moved to Morroco, who followed the work of OPPT / ONEPEOPLE and saw to Heather as their leader, (instead of embracing themselves fully) when she together with does two other trustees forclosed on the former corporate strawman based in the UNIFORM COMMERCIAL CODE registrated through our birth certificate so the former corporate banking industry, state, and governments through juristiction thought they could own us. The blame game and the need to point finger is often the first reaction to grasp. In Morroco the person to blame became Heather. But that is also why it is easy to see and feel why does how haven't embraced themselves fully yet. But this so called drama is only gifts that is showing itself so the illusion of separation whithin oneself can be healed completly.

    I am gratefull for both Kevin, Alfred and for everybody else, for what they have from their point of view in their journey contributed to the whole picture so each and everyone can find their way back home within and close the illusion of separation within themselves oneself.

    1. Wonderful, thank you. Lets end the puppet show.

  59. More strange activity at the sun ...

    1. why are you concerend about the sun? you cant do anything about it anyway


  60. I'll state My Case:
    The fear Goes Away
    The Firetrucks are comin' up around the bend !!


    Happy Festival Of Lights, Everybody :-)

    Wir haben Grund zu FEIERN,
    Und die dunkle Seite, die kriegt AUF DIE EIER :-))))


    Love, Light, Unity, Peace, Freedom and Ascension For All and Forever

    Lars B.

  61. Christmas present .... the event ... Merry Christmas to all

  62. These are wonderful news ,about the police are they getting inform that stopping people for speeding is unconstitutional .thank to the wed page www.Nationallibertyalliance.org .by the way can not way to drop my tools and stop working for the slavery control company and work for the benefit of all humankind and not for just a few who want to make a profit out of others VIVA LA FREEDOMMMMMMWELCOME EVENT thank you very much

  63. Why do people celebrate Christmas??

    This internet suddenly feels so empty when everyone disappears and forums activities sink so drasticly...

  64. Have yourself a merry little Christmas
    Let your heart be light
    From now on,
    our troubles will be out of sight

    Have yourself a merry little Christmas
    Make the Yule-tide gay
    From now on,
    Our troubles will miles away

    Here we are as in olden days
    Happy golden days of yore
    Faithful friends who are dear to us
    Gather near to us once more

    Through the years
    we all will be together
    If the fates allow
    Hang a shining star upon the highest

    And have yourself a Merry little
    Christmas Now....

    OK I'm pretty tipsy now and totally into the holidays like I mentioned before the Jesus spirit is in the air and you just cant help but exude the love if your a lightsider. This is the most powerful evening of the year more powerful than all the meditations done all year. Its because on this night, that only comes once a year, more than any other, we all think with our hearts sending joy n hope into the world and that is the strongest way to manifest. To manifest from your heart not your brain and we collectively do it so naturally on Christ day.

    My little grandmother once spoke these words to me that saved my life literally..

    In her broken English she said.

    If you are angry
    take half your anger and put it in your pocket
    and you will find your not as angry as you were before.

    Silly isn't it.

    So I just wanted to express from me and my little entourage of othersiders that


    Love and Light to you and yours.....

    1. Ready to go down the rabbit hole with David Wilcock?

      David talks about the history of the Cabal, what is occurring now on the planet, what is expected to occur in the very near future, coming false flag attempts as the Cabal fights for survival, the truth about humanity, governments and higher dimensional beings, and the connection between many ET races and humans. He also explains how Obama's planned Disclosure Announcement in 2009 was thwarted by the Cabal. Fascinating interview not to be missed! -PB

      Open Up Your Christmas Presence: Disclosure! by David Wilcock | Divine Cosmos
      David is interviewed by Jimmy Church (Don't miss it!)



      The reason I seem to be getting, by combining all the data in these very highly intense dreams with the equally intense insider data, is "something big is about to happen."

      And by "something big," I mean that a secret group of power elites who have seized control of Western institutions, including the financial system, governments, militaries and media, is finally being opposed successfully.

      This opposition is occurring from a vast international alliance -- which I discuss in the show -- as well as a huge coalition of benevolent ET humans.

      We were one of only very few sites talking about the terrestrial side of this effort, and facing lethal threats to leak critical data about it, long before it became as obvious as it is now.

      There are so many complex, multifaceted and interconnected storylines here that it is absolutely mind-boggling. This radio show touches on a few of them.

      Additionally, it has never been more dangerous to discuss this subject than it is now -- since it seems that a major police action is imminent.

      Our first home-grown video with all the new bells and whistles should be out fairly soon -- and it should be awesome.

      In the meantime, let's hit the ground running as I pulled away from the editing desk long enough to do this show with Jimmy Church -- just in time for Christmas.

      This is about as deep and cosmic as my material ever gets... so if you like sci-fact that reads like sci-fi, this should be right up your alley!"

      (P.S.) I know lifeisbeautiful posted Kualipele's link to this above, but David's own site has the full interview transcript (and links to the radio interview replay). This is a very exciting interview that gets better and better, and David mentions a number of things that agree with what Cobra has conveyed, especially about the history of humanity, the Secret Shadow Government, False Flags, etc. and many of the things going on behind the scenes, and what the Cabal is capable of. Well worth the 75 minutes invested (They said that both got cut off 10 minutes before the end of the show, and David could not get through to complete the show. Hmmm.


  65. Right !
    When Kal-El M heard this song for the first time, M broke into tears, crying "I built the Roman Empire. I built all this shit. I sold The World."
    Yeah, boo-hoo, you did all of that - and worse. So FUCK YOU.

    But you're forgiven, M.
    You're a piece of shit but for some strange reason I kinda like ya, so Fuck It :-)


  66. I truly find this intriguing.....

  67. Does the substantial removal of the Plasma Scalar grid mean there would be no longer the Implant to be regenerated and reimposed?

    1. I've just heard this question was answered by cobra at the December Cobra radio show.
      The answer was "Yes".

  68. When the sip began to sink first RAT`s are run away and the rest force to action of last man stand.
    How arrogant to even imagine you could go against

  69. Merry Xmas, enjoy!

  70. This comment has been removed by the author.

  71. First of all, thank you to everyone for working so hard everyday to "hold the light" throughout our many challenges....And thanks to Cobra, the GFL, the RM, RM2, & our Agarthan cousins and all our Star Family for helping us see the light more and more and to better understand what our purpose in this lifetime is. We can feel our liberation is so near!

    And thank goodness for this time of the year when more hearts awaken to the light. Here's my Christmas poem to share with everyone this year:


    Light your candle
    There’s a party going on
    Tune up your voice
    Cause you’ll want to sing-along

    Today’s not the time for blues
    Because this time of the year
    Is like starting anew

    Old friends, new friends
    And strangers alike
    Share mellowing hearts…
    In the air--there’s joy & delight

    It’s Jesus birth, we celebrate
    And with a renewed spirit
    You want to participate

    So reach out with love
    To all others around
    And keep your candle bright
    So, let’s party on!

  72. ITE initialized.

    Mari Christmas and Happy New Year.

  73. Them: We have changed more than you.
    Us: We have all changed. Just look at our Magnificent Wardrobe!

    JOY is our Ray-ment

  74. PARENTS: What would you like for Christmas, Dearest?
    Helen: I would like Belladonna and Nepenthe please.
    Parents: Wise choice.

  75. Merry Christmas Cobra and the Resistance Movement. I so very much appreciate you and all you do. <3

  76. Good update, sounds like progress...

    "They [Light forces] have also communicated that it is time to start practicing unconditional forgiveness towards ourselves and others. There is no more time to dwell on the past, it is time to create the future and live in the Now."

    How do accountability and "unconditional forgiveness" co-exist in the higher dimensions? Maybe perhaps too much "unconditional forgiveness" and not enough accountability is what contributed to the take over of this planet surface and the seemingly endless subjection of the divine beings that occupy it's surface. Maybe perhaps to much "unconditional forgiveness" and no accountability in the dealings with the forces of darkness over the past 25,000 years is why the surface population is still not free.

    The dark evil ways of the cabals and their endless machinations dont practice this idea of "unconditional forgiveness" and they were able to achieve very much past and present success over the forces of light and the RM. I would assume "unconditional forgiveness" towards those who have caused harm and injury comes a lot easier in the higher vibrations of reality.

    Any and all thoughts or suggestions on how we should feel by anyone outside of the veil should be met with extreme resentment. The RM and Light Forces have no idea whats its like and should keep these types of suggestions among themselves while remaining in the shadows.

    Once all is known to all, humanity will indeed have to forgive not only the cabals but the Forces of Light for their involvement in the seeding of this planet, it's capture, their own retreat and abandonment of humanity and the millennium of unnecessary, needless suffering of the surface population.

    Humanity will and will eventually have to forgive not only the cabals but the RM and the Forces of Light for their own wrecklessness, carelessness, gross negligence and incompetence in their efforts to seed physicality and liberate earth's surface population. Heaven willing the "unconditional forgiveness" the Forces of Light seek from humanity will only take as long as it took for this planets surface population to finally be allowed to return to its natural state of being.

    "...A critical mass of 144,000 people from the Resistance Movement and the Agartha Network have emerged from their underground realms briefly..."

    Probably exactly the same way these same beings and their ancestors retreated on humanity some time ago. Here one minute gone the next.

    Just an FYI to the RM and the Light Forces that might be reading reading or viewing this message. We are living in the now! It stinks! At this moment of now we are still NOT FREE and our prosperity has still NOT been delivered. Please refrain from telling us how we should feel until we are on equal footing. Keep your sanctimony and Self-righteousness to yourselves when speaking to us from the rafters. It's insulting!

    1. From an insider:

      The strength of Focus is Manifestation: turn your face away from anything dark (even the darks themselves) and they loose their strength.

      Turn your face, instead, to that which you wish to manifest and strengthen (your ideal of bliss and joy on Earth), for in this the darks get dismembered and eventually loose form. They stay as long as we hold on to them.

      Forgiveness can be thought of as a shifting of focus, absent of moral sentiment, more a law of physics: Forgiveness can simply signify a way to re-focus your attention to what you want to manifest.

      See the golden koi swim in ripples of softness... surfacing to meet the sun.

    2. Well, honestly, all this suffering really begs the question of why God allows it. The honest truth is, God knows how to end it all with a flick of the proverbial wrist, or how to inspire the star nations to band together in a way that ends it all, with the right technical inspiration to make the machines to end all this suffering. I'm convinced the forces of light are sitting up there staring at the paradise now button and deciding that 'well God didn't tell us to push it' their technology is so high and evolved. I don't know if it was karma that caused people all this suffering, but look around, if 200 million people gave 30 dollars a month to dollar a day charities they had researched 1% as much as they studied before getting a job to ensure those dollar a day charities saved lives for a dollar a day we'd have 200 million people that didn't starve to death, weren't sold into sex slavery so they could eat, etc., and, well, I can't find someone to be bothered with such nonsense even though it would not make a dent in the amount of crap and junk they could buy and would be more interesting and fun to research than the tv programs they watch mindlessly. So, really, it's so easy to keep the poor from dying like dogs that the fact they still do die like dogs and maggots proves that people are murderers in general. They'd rather let the poor, whom they've all seen comercials about on the tV in the 90's, keel over, go insane, and die horribly from hunger than give up their happy meals at McDonald's cook something that they know isn't bad for the family. Before we go around acting like everyone's a saint, let's consider some things like that first. Are we SURE people didn't DESERVE all this (mostly) over the past 13,000 years?

    3. For let me remind you that if you think 'being a nice person' is how you tell someone who deserves heaven from someone who doesn't, I'll point you to george bush who is a 'nice man' except that if you know anything about him, he's a demon when you look at the facts, just like the public has plenty of 'nice people' in it, who if you look at the facts can't be bothered to give up their burger habit to keep someone in Africa from being sold into sex slavery so she wouldn't starve to death because the dollar a day charity that would have fed that child didn't get her dollar a day, McDonald's did.

    4. I respectfully disagree Matthew. I believe the only way out of the duality matrix is through unconditional forgiveness & love. I believe it is because we in this realm have lowered our vibration and do not practice higher vibration truths that we are where we are now. It is this paradox that keeps us bound in our present form and condition.

      Unfortunately, I have let your comment lower my vibration now as I write this, I can feel it intensely.

      It is also the reason I rarely read these comments anymore.

      It really is about maintaining your vibration. The new paradigm is not the same as the past and it requires a certain amount of discretion and diligence to maintain.

      Human intelligence, mind and emotion will not serve you if you do not connect to your heart and inner guidance first.

      Once connected there is no reason to emote lower vibrational energies just to make a seemingly intellectual point.

      Everything takes care of itself once connected. I have proven this in my own experience time and time again. Trust your heart once you have connected with it.

      How do you know when you have connected?

      Once connected there is no insistence in the propagation of lower energies.

      Condemnation, hatred, judgement, censure, jealousy, criticism etc.

      If any of these are present, you have not completely connected and should turn within and ask your higher self/ heart to show you the truth.

      There is no reason ever to lash out in order to effect positive change. In fact, by doing so you only become the other side of the duality issue and continue the feedback cycle that we are trapped in.

      Also I ask the RM & light forces to continue to communicate anything & everything that they feel is instructive to me & others in the birthing of the higher energies, the new paradigm & the Event. ~peace

    5. This comment has been removed by the author.

    6. Mathew....you can go on feeling insulted all you want. No one is going to take that away from you.

      Piperon....unfortunately, you pretty much have to approach info online with a skeptical mind. otherwise you end up latching onto false info. It's a good lesson though. Just be present in yourself, and let the rest of the world worry about dates and times.

    7. The Earth Plan - 28 December 2014
      "We Are The Ones..." ~ What Are We Waiting For?

    8. Hi Matthew, it is good to hear from you again! I think that sometimes you are overly negative, but sometimes you are right on the mark! We should never think that the Light Forces are our saviors or that we shouldn't question what they say or do. They make mistakes just like the rest of us!! They are trying to get a job done; get a mess cleaned up; and they want to do it as fast as possible. But they cannot do that without our help. And if they want our help they need to be honest, not manipulative. This isn't really about them, this is about all of us. Thank you Matthew for keeping it REAL!!

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  78. What The F is going on with the sun............It looks like its starting to break down and short circuit....Watch these short videos:

    1. http://kauilapele.wordpress.com/2014/12/25/a-couple-of-yellow-rose-videos-12-23-24-14-arcing-at-the-sun/

      Apparently, with what we view as “The Sun”. As I’m trying to understand this, what YRFT (Yellow Rose For Texas) (and OM, etc.) is saying is that the sun that we see is essentially a “firewall” (wall of fire) which hides the “ED” (numbers editor), which “is a super computer that hides behind the visible sun. essentially ED function is to alter time so that we remain stuck in a time loop.

    2. http://kauilapele.wordpress.com/2014/12/25/a-couple-of-yellow-rose-videos-12-23-24-14-arcing-at-the-sun/

      Apparently, with what we view as “The Sun”. As I’m trying to understand this, what YRFT (Yellow Rose For Texas) (and OM, etc.) is saying is that the sun that we see is essentially a “firewall” (wall of fire) which hides the “ED” (numbers editor), which “is a super computer that hides behind the visible sun. essentially ED function is to alter time so that we remain stuck in a time loop.”

  79. Interesting sighting of tall beings climbing very fast over the ice on Popocatepetl volcano, which is famous for constant ufo sightings. Check the video out it is pretty good. It is posted on Scott Warring's UFO Sightings Daily for 26 December at:


  80. Foundations for Gaia uplift phase have completed
    by ÉirePort
    gaia_energy1Foundations for Gaia uplift phase have completed.

    Fabrications of Gaia Higher Intent have completed.

    Necessities for Gaia upliftment protocols have completed.

    Processes of completion are soon to commence.

    Preparations are done.

    Gaia awaits Hue-manity collaboration and hu-manity up-movement intent.


  81. GaiaPortal 12/26
    "Foundations for Gaia uplift phase have completed.

    Fabrications of Gaia Higher Intent have completed.

    Necessities for Gaia upliftment protocols have completed.

    Processes of completion are soon to commence.

    Preparations are done.

    Gaia awaits Hue-manity collaboration and hu-manity up-movement intent."

    There we go :-)))

    Auf geht's, Endspurt :-)

    Love, Light, Unity, Peace, Freedom and Ascension For All and Forever


    1. Great song Indeed <3 Yay Days are Here to Stay :)

  82. http://paper.li/GM2DBW/1339849670

    Please, sign the petition against project Haarp and Chemtrails. Share it with your friends, thanks!


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  84. To my surprise, I have not met a single english-speaking person Ever! who has been able to explain to me why the day after Chrsitmas Day is called Boxing Day.
    I'm gladly open to suggestions...

    Until then let's just pretend We Finish Our Training For The Main Event ;-)))

    Gonna Fly Now,


    1. I'm english, the meaning of boxing day; if you have any unwanted gifts or if you have more than enough, simply box them up and give them to others who do need them or who will appreciate them.


    2. Thank youvery much for the explanation, Cruise. I appreciate it.
      While in Australia for two years not a single backpacker or resident had *any* idea what it's about :-D

      Makes perfect sense, of course, and I consider that a wonderful gesture - if it's being done in real life ;-)
      At least GAIA boxed up and sent back a lot of unwanted "presents" last friday :-)))

      I love You, Gaia.


  85. Trans-Parent-C

    The Anomaly was created with Intents and Purposes. It was NOT a mistake. As creatures of habit, you are free to blame God for the extent to which it manifested. But know this... Free Will was part and parcel, front and center to it. We are ALL culpable, as Free Will is always honored, Always, all ways. This experiment, this project, was generated by the simple act of Tearing - tears in Time/Space. And it is undone in the blink of an eye, in the reverse order.

    We have Harvested all the Wisdom, Evolution and Lessons in Love from the Anomaly. We have experienced the Separation in all its iterations. Let us now Know the REUNION in all it's Glory.

    The really big events are long heralded. Then they are dispensed suddenly, surprisingly and completely.

    It's Mike Time. Shores not chores. Let the Funs be released And Paradise found. Belladonna and Nepenthe for The All and The One.

    Thank You Michael.
    Dry up all the Tears


    1. The Annunciation! And the End of Sorrows!
      The Lilly of Mar Yusuf!
      Ma-Donna, The Bella!
      Blessed Virgin Mary, Goddess!
      The Egyptian Lotus, Fleur-de-lis!
      Trinity of the Brotherhood!
      Divine Majesty--the Line!
      Golden Crown of ISIS!

      Thank you and thank you over again!

      We, the One and the All, aligned with Source of Source, hold the space of Joy for RE-UNION.

      In-Love, preparing the space
      and wardrobe,
      Gratitude to You, Michael, Uriel and Others Together.

    2. Hallelujah!!! Glory to God Most High.


  86. We All are amazing at manifesting because we manifest as long as we focus on the issue and so many issues we manifest in our lives because we are constantly focusing on them! That's what we do All the Time!

    So, let's focus on something New, for a change, and, as Cobra writes, "start visualizing our lives after the Event as our visualization and intent speeds its manifestation."

    So, here's a thought that'll make manifesting it even easier: bringing the vision of ourselves and New Gaia into our body----feeling joyful, loving, blissful, radiant, transparent, or whatever we want to feel that is liberating. :) with our heart and mind.

    1. floating apartments with built in free energy power, hydroponic gardens. non central digital communication and software uncompromised by corporate greed. if there is money, it is based upon some physical thing and not subject to manipulation. of course pot is legal and it is customary to gather in places of legislation with bundles of the stuff and smoke the pigs out. blacks love and respect whites for their technical and organizational prowress and not their daughters. whites love and respect blacks for their abundant liveliness and creativity. all work together to build a world that lets 8 billion people work to heal and repair the damage done to this magical garden planet female body we live upon. walmart parking lots are dug up and replaced with orchards. competitive sports become a laughing matter. as does disney, reality tv, jews and all their 'faiths'. and, finally, I am recognized as the visionary genius that I AM. happy holidays

    2. ^^LIKE^^ White-Smith. You are recognized for the Great Visionary that you are.

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  89. I have such gratitude for the masterly way that the inner Earth peoples analyzed all the component energetics of portal activation possibilities and realized that we needed assistance. Such is love in action.

  90. Love and Light. I hope the positive Event comes now. I hope you have peace.