Monday, April 6, 2015

A Short Planetary Situation Update

The Eastern Alliance is making good progress, especially on the financial front, as the major global powers except the US join the new Chinese-led Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB):
AIIB will support infrastructure projects of global importance:
The Eastern Alliance will also unleash some much needed capital for a soft disclosure of advanced technologies:
The Eastern Alliance has set a target date of January 1st, 2016 as the day of the financial Reset:
That proposed date may or may not be the real date of the Reset.
You might also notice that the basic composition of the new financial system (especially scenario 3) here

is extremely close to what I have leaked 3 years ago here:
In the past, I have also mentioned a secret positive group operating in Latin America. One of their main purposes is to keep Chimera-controlled US military bases off the continent:
Although there is much progress, much works still needs to be done.

First, there is still a lot of Cabal infiltration in the government structures of the leading BRICS countries, especially China and Brazil:
Second, right now there are more human slaves on the planet than at any point in human history:
Especially in India:

As we get closer to the Event, a true balance needs to be reached between the East and the West, keeping the best of both worlds and discarding the rest:
When the Event happens, the following resources may become handy:

The Breakthrough is near!


  1. Cobra, 2016. You can't tell you didn't expect this to be bone-chilling bad news.

    1. Just between the lines.
      This could or could NOT be the exact time of the Event.

      In Love and Light

    2. We must have some degree of patience. Also, the date of 1/1/2016 appears to be a deadline of sorts...maybe that things will happen beforehand?

      Regardless, given the news from Fulford today, there is still a lot of work to do regarding negotiations. Perhaps this revelation will result in greater purging of the Cabal's influence in China.

      If you do not like this news, please participate in the weekly meditations if possible, and if you have the ability, find your deepest passion and use it as a means to connect with others at the time of the EVENT.

      For example, if you are a video game player (or in my case, know several), utilize social media to spread your knowledge via any online groups you may be part of.

      There is always a way to reach people if you approach the matter creatively.

    3. It's not really surprising. Doesn't feel like we're there quite yet. On the bright side, this aligns with what others have said about the 2016-2017 time period. David Wilcock said (last time he was on Coast to Coast) that he estimates the final cabal takedown will happen in that timeframe. David Icke has mentioned 2016, Bashar had some predictions for 2016 as a time of great change & potential. It's not that far away, so hang in there! :-)

      If nothing happens by 2020 at the latest, then I'll start getting concerned as to what's going on. Can't remember the exact year, but in one of Cobra's interviews with Rob, I think he said the event MUST happen by 2020-2025 at latest.

    4. But . . . but . . . the breakthrough is near?
      Always near, just never here.

    5. mmm not sure, just because JC is saying the SDR could be effectuated Jan 2016.. it doesn't mean that a Reset can happen before.

    6. Perhaps even the light started to play us. I mean, it's so vague I almost hope it is meant to provoke some "constructive" anger. Mine will become self destructive, can't wait. Spare your lectures. Won't read them.

    7. Not a problem with me except that the Cabal has a lot of really horrible plans going on this September, 2015???? Hope the event comes before the Cabal destroys us. Or makes us take the chip.

    8. Are you kidding... I'd be happy even if breakthrough wasn't til 2020... Being happy enjoying life with spiritual values is a part of the ascension path

    9. Unknown... I agree. What a bunch of BABIES!!!! Sorry... just getting so fed up with people.

      CLICK on Cobra's links and you'll see why he said he "heard" January 1, 2016...! EVENT can still happen any time. And stop WAITING for rescue. This is so messed up, people.

    10. ....peterpan, I actually jumped like up in joy after the first "sigh" thinking: "what??? 2016??? I do not know how to go through the next 7 nanoseconds!! " :D :D and then.............I thought.......... did Cobra ever give some dates? no he never ever gave......does it actually mean they have already lost? maybe?........think twice......or think a hundred times.....however.....

    11. I was talking to Cobra alone. I'll send a private message next time. If I wanted to open a can of worms filled with crappy opinions, I'd address you.

  2. One more year?
    I am an advocate of patience, however, our patience has a limit!
    To those ets sitting on their ships and enjoying high joy, that say: " oh, dear ones, be patient, we love you"
    I say:
    " Hey, guys, would you like to come down here, to see how it feels? Have you ever been through this awful condition, so much suffering and death? So...hurry up!"
    I am sorry, but this cannot wait so much longer!
    I am sorry Cobra, but we are ALL slaves, in one degree or another. Slavery has been globalized..

  3. Thank you, Cobra, for this very informative post!

    Before people start to freak out over that January 1st date, they should realize that it is just a “target” date in case nothing else happens sooner. In all likelihood, something else will happen sooner.

  4. Before the usual doom and gloom comments, I just wanna remind everyone that the financial reset is the most insignificant part of this process.

    Clearing the chimera out is what will make the Event happen, Cobra told us over and over again that the resistance can crash the economy and bring the reset with a push of a button. This is of course not what the light forces are concerned about.

    The progress in the solar system is going so fast that I can't see it lasting all the way to 2016, and THAT'S the only thing holding the event back.

    Also, Cobra will never give or hint at any dates, so it's silly to bet on it. If the cabal knew that something massive was going to happen at X date, they would do everything to prepare for it, so I think that the real time of the event will remain undisclosed up to the last minute.

    Like I said before, as we grow spiritually, we can't leave our minds behind.

    1. I appreciate your positivity. Well put!

    2. The biggest event would be to remove our implants and get rid of the controlled media so that others may wake up.

    3. @ NEEKIAN

      My friend, I wish I could hug YOU!!
      We are on the SAME page.
      However, I'm asking you to post THIS ONE as many times as you can -even under the upcoming intels -so people would REMEMBER......

      And this is my "edited" version of your wise words:
      "As we grow spiritually, we can't leave OUR PROGRAMMED and CONTROLLED 3D minds behind. It's not easy. For that is one of the fields where the Divine, cosmic HEALING HAND, (chambers) is needed ".

  5. In the region of Patagonia in Argentina, China will build a military base. This was approved by the president Cristina Fernandez of Kirchner.
    What does it mean for the region? Will this base have good or bad purposes?

    1. Wow
      i knew before that israel wanted to buy the whole patagonia... and turn it into another israeli " state"
      But now the chinese in there...who knows...

  6. thank my friend, come on in France! you are a star here ;) and we have most members (PFC France) in the world!

  7. Ok this needs to be said people have kept faith in these posts it brought hope and happiness it felt like the changes could happen tomorrow but now we are talking about 2016 seriously to me a lot of the info that has been Givin out shouldn't of been really at this time I think the updates do more bad then good I feel we are in a time of if it is not tangible and cannot be seen as benefiting humanity to where there is no mistaken it is happening it doesn't matter I repeat to keep talking these stories with no real proof or being able to see that it is happening is a bad idea right now I think a lot of people did not want to hear anything about 2016 2 hats to say in 2016 it will 2017 and so on as people have had high hopes of change and it's always another excuse that's what they have become at this point excuses if you are as smart as I think you think you are this should make a bunch sense I'm really interested to see the thought on this blog to me it's all bad news considering what is happening on this planet right now especially the Chemtrails I'm being as nice as I can possibly be at this point huge disappointment

  8. Thanks for sharing Cobra.

  9. You know what else is just as near as this Event... the sun going dark. Yea it's billions of years away, but it seems the Sun going dark may happen before this Event happens.

    Come on already!!! At least stop with the "Breakthrough is near" is a years long broken record a lot of us are tired of.

    1. I will not deny that we have all here been wishing for this from the moment we knew liberation was possible. How long ago did you or I become aware of that?

      We, as a Collective, are moving forward by leaps and bounds, faster now than we have in the last several thousand years because the battle is reaching a climax, it's fiercest moment, as we humans are waking up faster, everywhere.

      Let's practice, "One step in front of the other...staying focused on the Goal."

      We can do our part too: Let's give our Friends in High Places a hand and use EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) to Tap away the contracts we made in Atlantis, why not?

  10. 2016 really? .. We're never as close as you make it out to be, it's sad. So we're in the last window of opportunity and the complexity wave analysis shows that the time-frame between mid-march and the end of may is one of the times in human history with the most potential, maybe even enough potential for the event to be initiated? Yet their target goal for the reset, one one of the biggest things holding us back, is for next year?? I know we have very different perspectives Cobra (you have a better overview of the entire situation), I don't know if dates likes these are to confuse the enemy but it just seems too far off. A few years ago, perhaps 2012, I bet we can both agree that situation regarding our planet was a LOT worse than it is now and yet you seemed confident that the event would soon transpire. I know there's a lot of factors that go into deciding the final timeline and activation of the event, (I know it's all in divine order). It just seems like we were closer back then than we are now and I'm sure other people can agree. I'm not complaining, I just want to know what you have to say Cobra. It's hard because I know there's a lot of info that you're not releasing (for good reasons) I just really want to know more, though I guess I can wait. Thank you for everything Cobra, namaste.

  11. Well... at least there is time to prepare. .. :-\

  12. It is interesting to know that David Wilcock mentioned in his February 2015 interview on Coast to Coast AM something to the likes of "The cabal knowing it only has about a year and a half left." Do the math and that puts approximate deadlines around the time of Autumn 2016. It may be interesting to note that this timing falls right around and just before the next US presidential election.

  13. Yes the time line appears very bad.
    I think this will be very hard to tolerate.
    I would like to see the positive military arrest some of the cabal this year if this time line is accurate

  14. I am so tired of reading intel. Because when it comes to Cobra and the talks of this ''Event'' that is to happen concurrently with the revaluation just doesn't sit with me. Because one thing that I have been constantly reading is that the galactics want this to be a smooth less obvious transition into a type 1 civilization. As Matthew Ward has been saying also about how there is no major demarcation point between densities. Because this event can also play into the rapture which is more of a negative faction of ET's. Because here was the plan for that... In the near future, as the tribulations that are happening on earth increase, as the wars increase, as the diseases and natural disasters increase, the extra-terrestrial races are going to appear in the skies over the world in order to perform their rapture. Many people have already been conditioned to expect such an event, especially Christians, but also many other people of different religions as well as those without religions.

    Many of those people who expect to be lifted up to heaven when the troubles on earth increase, will indeed be lifted up into spaceships and taken to the paradises prepared for them. There they will live an ideal life, with no more wars, no starvation, no pain or suffering. It will seem like heaven to them when they first arrive there.

    Unfortunately, the 'honeymoon' period in their new 'paradises' will not last for long. Soon, the extra-terrestrial will begin their true mission, which is to milk them for their genetic material. This will continue for the rest of the coming 1,000 years, because they need it to prolong their physical existence. Their bodies are weak, having been made from bodies that were themselves weak (the bodies of the light races). Hence they desperately need a constant renewal of genetic material to replenish their depleted gene pool. That short lived TV show (V) explains this what I am telling you very well. It's the same premise. Now this could be the former plan as it might have changed since so many have woken up. But this event will initially be joyous for all but it won't benefit all as there are races on this planet that can't even trace their genetics or dna back to the original humans. They said 85% of the people on this planet have neanderthal dna. That is not a good thing.

  15. They believe that as long as they have a constant source of genes, they can prolong their existence forever.
    That's the real reason for the so-called rapture/event, which has been in planning and preparation for over 2,000 years. The big secret about UFO Disclosure is that those so called extraterrestrials were made on earth by occult Scientist/White Masons long ago. They wanted to make an advanced race of beings and play God like the ones who made them, the Elohim. Anyway the reason why do don't hear of any so called black people being abducted by aliens is because we don't share their genetic make up of the aliens that abduct caucasians. These aliens were designed after the ''light races'' which would be your Asians, Whites, Hispanics, Middle Easterns, and other animals and plants which is why you see cattle mutilation as some aliens or designed after such animals. Cobra is not telling people the whole truth as this event is much more than exotic technology, green energy, and natural food. I'm telling you now people will go crazy when disclosure happens, it will get extremely uncomfortable for a lot of people.

    They started about 4,000 years ago, to genetically produce new races. They combined their own procreative genes with the hardy and more enduring genes of certain insects, reptiles, and mammals to engineer new races out of themselves. Many of their genetic experiments were unsuccessful, and the leftover products, those that survived, became abnormal monsters and beasts, some of which still exist to this day think Montauk/Philadelphia Experiment. But with the help of the Elohim, they finally became successful and created three basic new types of races. These new races were highly intelligent. They soon gained their independence from their genetic engineers, and were helped by the Elohim to leave the earth. They settled in different parts of our galaxy and became what are called extraterrestrials we hear of today.

  16. oh No ,I hope it happens before that 2016 ,I am already too sick and tired of this slavery system ,their bankers ,their lawyers ,their tax people , their debt collectors and the list goes on ,when one is awake it is extremely hard to deal with this army of ignorance greedy and blindness .why they set the day so far out there is a lot of homeless people and hungry people that need help right way .I am tired of working with no personal time for growing and to do the things I like to do (sorry guys here in the so great USA have to work your ass off to pay the dam bills or you are in the street to break this chains I'll have to go to live in the wild somewhere in the jungle that is crossing my mind lately .thank you COBRA and team

  17. Thanks Cobra. A possible date for the resset of Jan 1st 2016 is good news to me. Thats only 8 more months. The sooner the better but at least its not 2 - 3 more years.

  18. Interesting that communist china, a country that murders it's own people to keep them in line and produce fear and obedience is the country that will control the distribution of money in a good way??? And now we are looking at least January 2016. So January 2016 will there be another reason to extend the event? In the meantime you can buy this and that to help you while you wait! Hope you have a lot of money! Reminds me of the military; hurry up and wait. In the meantime keep slaving away for the system or you will find yourself out on the street. They keep getting richer while we slave away.

    1. You have my concerns exactly. I would have rather it be Russia, at least Putin has built cities to help his people and their income and living conditions has increased significantly. China has the worst living conditions and income for its people and the smog is horrible there.

  19. It will happen earlier than 2016 because I heard First Contact is supposed to happen this year in 2015 by hook or crook.

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  21. A truly sad news that we are about to once again hear the postponement of event after the hype of saying the liberation or breakthrough is near.....

  22. To say 2016 as a probability with no guarantees for the event/reset is breaking my heart. Time maybe moving fast but not fast enough to say its a short while and if we have to account wilcocks latest post about another probability of the event happening on 2017-2018 that would be even worse. Its too way to long.

    I know that the prepare for change meant well to constantly remind us the needed preparations but the consecutive postponement of the main event can be wearisome for those who do prepare for it. Its beginning to sound like the boy who cried wolf although less the intention to deceive but its really getting tiresome.

    Its like those economist and websites that focuses on economy who kept on explaining how the financial world will collapse since 2008 month by month, year by year. Not that reason are wrong but how they project the imminency of the situation and nothing happens can be mind numbing.

  23. Become reset to your self ,,,your feeling,,,your vision,,your Intentions fro the Nova Earth.
    Have integrity with your self,,,honor , respect your feeling,,Choose to FEEL Good,,happy,,,Abundant,,feel abundant,,choose empowering words you can feel,,,,bring the vision into the feelings of I Iike me ,I am Capable ,,Feel Joy,,,remeber big brothers words we Must be like little childern to enter the kingdom of heaven,,,get excited ,,come to know love and appreciate your inner majikal child,,,have fun,,,,,stay grounded,,,work with the rose tool,,,find the center of your head,,,,choose too feel on purpose,,,wwwmasteringalchemycom free audio archive section,,,ten fundamental tools,,learn them,,be proactive,,,this about us individually disengaging from fear,,the ego,,the wounded us ,,,,,forgive yourself,,,,,learn to master your mind and emotions,,,,create a vision of that which you want to see as opposed to focusing on misery,,dream big,,,get some orgone,,pusor s to protect self from emf fields ,,,learn tools to awaken,,tai chi qi gong,,,,,,,,,patrica cota robals work can help,,,,anrita melchezidek can help,,do all the meditaions Cobra has shared ,,they help,,,be at peace,,say nice things ,,think nice things of others,,,have fun.

    1. All these wonderful and magical things you're suggesting, will they free a person from prison? will they cause a diabetics missing legs to grow back? Will they feed the starving people in africa that have to dig through horse shit for undigested grains of genetically modified oats? Will they bring back the the dead babies to the grieving mothers that had their children taken away from them and given to satanic murdering pedifile rulers of this shit hole planet? Will they pay my bills and remove the poisons from my food? People who retort with this kind of bull shit are delusional and i find it beyond insulting.

    2. Yes, lots of clearing and transforming to do, have we!

      Cobra's message rocked my soul, "Stay positive." So, back to shining, loving and trusting.

      Keep those lamps burning bright, family!

    3. @"First me" and "Robert": I think you are both right. Fact is, Robert, it is senseless to give up, as we know, what this would mean. Maybe we are in that place because it is dangerous for the cabal to send us to Africa. It may sound arrogant but maybe it is just the truth. Maybe we would be more dangerous on the astral planes - if it is as Cobra has said some time ago. So we are more dangerous when we are dead. Imagine, they fear us dead anyway and they fear us alive as well now. They so hoped we would not awaken. So it is their wish, we give up through our failure to deal with this reality any longer. There exists a special term for what they are doing right now through their actions and showing it in the media: "wearing down". Our tears about the suffering in the world are useless. So we stop watching the media and we will succeed. Now we have at least awakened so far, to have found this platform and it is their deepest wish we stop to meet here. If it is true, that the system will scrumble down, when a certain mass of people is snitching the truth about our true power into the faces of the lying machine which tells us that we are victims, if it is true, that we can liberate the planet through participating with the liberation meditation, we have only one choice: to go on with it until the last nanosecond, until the final victory of the light, until the last breath of their dying dark system. They will be successless with it anyway. We go on. Until the victory of the light is reality, physical reality. Namaste

  24. Guys, remember that Pandora and MOSS operations first have to complete...

    1. not sure what those operations are and would love to find out how long they think they would take?

    2. I think they need the US Military to wake up and do their job and this is the major item that needs to take place before any event can even start to happen.

  25. Stringing along- Jan 2016? Really? This is BS- starting to think the whole thing is NWO

  26. ,,, Bankers greatest deception of mankind, osovati BRICS group - the same people manage, the IMF and the BRICS ,,,

    1. And your comment is based on ???? what facts???

  27. Thank you, Cobra, RM and Everyone...

    I am starting to grasp the enormity of the task at hand. I respect and admire your perseverance. People ARE waking up, even those of us who thought we already were awake. There are signs. It unfolds in layers, endless layers...

    In the meantime, I am picking up the pieces of my life as best I can, and carrying on, moving forward, undaunted, despite the insanity I see out there in the world, and even when some of it is thrown my way. While I'm not afraid to go beyond my comfort zones, I pray for graceful transitions. <3

    We do realize that the Event is tied in with the Reset, (and hopefully Disclosure, and the release of more advanced technologies) but I was not expecting an advance announcement about the Reset, and since The Event will NOT be announced in advance, I am somewhat confused by this January 1st goal date they have set.

    Sending lots of love,

    1. Yeah, this thing does unfold in layers…seemingly endless layers. To me I think that Cobra tries to provide us ALL with ALL the intelligence he possibly can!!!! Some of that intelligence is 3D….. like Financial Reset, BRICS, Putin, Obama, SDR, Ukraine, Crimea, Russia, China, Atomic Weapons, etc.

      And some that that intelligence from Cobra is really “woo woo” 4D, 5D, 6D intelligence…. Like Galactic Confederation, Sphere Beings, Resistance Movement, Planet X, Agartha Network, Secret Space Program, Plasma Strangelet/Toplet Bombs, Tunnels of Set, etc.

      Those who think Cobra should only be ONE way or the OTHER way with his updates miss his point!! He wants us to see, understand, and INCORPORATE all dimensional perspectives: 3D, 4D, 5D, and 6D!!

      At least that is how I see it. Just my opinion.

    2. Yes, a lot of the revelations have pushed us beyond our comfort zone, but then, life is NOT static, nor is it linear (it just appears to be, in 3D). It is actually a never-ending spiral of flowing events, multidimensional layers that we can tap into for better understanding. I think many of us find it challenging to have to function in 3D unreality, when much of our consciousness is not anchored there, but is spiraling and exploring higher realms, even when we are not conscious that we are "there" in the New Realities.

      Cobra is Cobra, and although he is an enlightened Starseed in a unique position to disseminate information, he does so with care and caution, never recklessly. My sense is that all target dates are fluid, and influenced not only by the status of the Resistance Movement's control of the Chimera and Cabal, but influenced to a great extent by each of us, and our intention to co-create a better world. So if we want to see change sooner, we need to get on board and ACT rather than REACT to every little seeming setback. I made another comment I am not seeing posted yet that ties in with this perspective.

      The changes we want to see manifest are up to each of us.



    (google translate)

    Dear Cobra!

    1977 was not now. At that time I was 4 years old. I am now 43 years old. Since then, a lot of water under the bridges. But we have not guessed, I guessed, and of course I would have guessed what was going on, and that is what this is all about. Now I found out a lot of information about it, and I think that a lot is yet to come, what would you like to tell us. Some are very excited to have one or two years remaining in the event, then you since 1977 many many years I had to live, this knowledge, finally come to light to fall on the victory.

    Therefore, the endurance is what you do, I can only congratulate you.

    I wish you success in your work longer, you do the final rise of humanity.

    Greetings from Europe, Hungary, where the land is located in the heart chakra.

    (Also related to other frequency or Hungary would have, I heart fall to hear or read)

    Thank you for your attention

  29. If the light forces are waiting for humanity as a whole to change (slavery in India), then we are in for a long road. Just go to a Walmart and tell me how aware the average person is.

  30. (google translate)

    The world's chakra points:

    Root Chakra: Jerusalem

    Sex Chakra: Andes

    Solar Plexus Chakra: Australia

    Heart Chakra: Hungary Dobogókő (beating stone)

    Throat Chakra: India

    Third eye (brow) chakra: Bermuda Triangle

    Crown Chakra: Tibet

    (right mouse button - translated into English)

    1. @kispista - hat ez valoban erdekes. Meg soha se hallotam errol a korol. Ha arra jarok a kozeljovoben majd bisztos meglatogatom a helyet.
      Koszi szepen

  31. to the moderator- I've posted 2 rather ordinary 'comments' over the past month and neither was posted on the site- am I doing something wrong? I was authenticated using my GMail account.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Did you get the message 'your comment will be visible after approval' ??

    3. If you see that you are making comments which are not appearing, try this...

      After writing the comment, click the Preview button *(not Publish)* FIRST.
      Then, after the Preview appears, click Publish.

  32. This is all beginning to feel like a joke that people are confusing people and making or asking for money I hope this craziness ends soon the best thing cobra can say is I don't know when anything will happen just try to keep faith in me til it does and the choice is ours and at least there is no time line and in return does not hurt people's hope

  33. Dobogókő

  34. It could be worse.....we could all be suffering under extremely tight mind control never to be saved at all, with no hope whatsoever. I'll wait 2 more years if need be. I have faith that things will get better very soon.

  35. We don't need to wait for 2016 to be in our power friends. We all want the event to happen ASAP, but look at what the RM are up against. Without major assistance we(humans) would be much worse off. It is very likely that our allies have prevented nuclear war, and natural disasters that could have wiped us out.

    Let's step back and find a broader perspective. less than 9 months for financial, how amazing that we are even alive right now to experience this. Our great grandparents most likely never got the chance to experience liberation in their lifetimes. As short as our lives are it is an honor to be alive right now. To get to not only experience the event, but to contribute to it. So, instead of being in despair for having to wait less than a year let's use our valuable time wisely and help our fellow humans wake up a little more so this thing can go smoothly and happen quickly.

    What I find to be of most value right now is to hold a feeling/vibration of gratitude. IMO this is one of the most powerful ways to break up the old program that is causing us to be in despair. Gratitude can dissolve the heaviest energy very quickly if we are only willing to hold that space for a little while. Remember, it is our internal world that is primary here. The program says otherwise, and this is a big source of our dis-empowerment.

    Will you allow yourself to hold a vibration of gratitude even when your mind is finding all the reasons in the world to be offended or upset? This is the work of a light-warrior brothers and sisters!

    1. Very nicely put, G. Martin! Gratitude (even in the smallest things) creates light & harmony!

    2. You are so right on, G Martin! Thank you for reminding us to participate (ACT) rather than fall into victimhood (REACT). My actual first response was a disappointed sigh...but upon further reflection, I made the comment above, thanking Cobra, etc. as this news is simply an indication that things actually ARE in motion towards the greater goal.

      Yes, as darkness surfaces for release, it comes more into our conscious awareness. Don't take it at face value, see it as a phase of the transition into the light. Yes, let's take the broader perspective, with an attitude of gratitude!

      Your last 2 paragraphs are the coup de grace! Can't say it better than that, G Martin! THANKS!

    3. "Don't dwell on who let you down, cherish those who hold you up." - Unknown

    4. Thank you Sunshinepop and Phoenix!
      It is an honor to have such wise and powerful people as you and many others on these comment boards. We help anchor the strength in each other to do what our ego is screaming for us not to in our power :)
      Thanks for holding the light!

    5. <3 <3 <3 °°°°°°°°° <3 well <3 put <3 thank <3 you <3 all <3 °°°°°°°°°<3 <3 <3

  36. Ferenczy-szikla (Ferenczy Rock, which is believed to be the Heart Chakra of Earth)

  37. Well... I will wait another 1-2 years and then either I'il be above all suffering or I will have to really consider ending my life here, because I can't live any longer on this planet, it destroys me...
    Maybe before I came here I thougt that I am strong and could thake it, but I think I was very naive in thinking this way... that pressure is just to much... endless wait... no proof.. ppppffffffffff.... come on Light Forces is that all you've got??

  38. (Ferenczy Rock, which is believed to be the Heart Chakra of Earth)

  39. This comment has been removed by the author.

  40. JUST TO CLARIFY for those who are upsett and frustraeted rest assured that The Event will happen this year.Which exact month and day it will happen the existence will choose that. know it will happen before 2016!

  41. Chinese bid to take over the world fails despite support for Chinese development bank

    1. Cobra already posted the link above:

      "As we get closer to the Event, a true balance needs to be reached between the East and the West, keeping the best of both worlds and discarding the rest: ..."

    2. ((
      ) )
      ( (
      -/ \-----/ \
      ( *) ( *)
      \m\ @/m/

    3. I hate when that happens, but only when I'm the one doing it, LOL!

  42. Reset or no reset.I am busy with ny own reset - how I think , talk and walk the truth. So I will be ready whenever the reset my happens!

  43. Perhaps - You should STOP WAITING! for the Event and go make your own people! Seriously - I already resigned myself to dying in this body and Reincarnating in a "Post Event" Earth- Not saying you should commit suicide, mind you - just saying it's going to be spread out over like 25 years - with Different Earths at different Vibrations in my opinion.

    Go Make your own Event - these ET's & this Illusion is far greater than anything you've ever known. You think it can be turned off with a switch? The Event is like replacing the Air on planet Earth - imagine the undertaking. And these luminous beings have you bitching w/ your arms folded on a website (still plugged into the many programs of the Matrix by choice) saying "Just do it already!".

    You kids crack me up...

    remember kids - a Watched Pot Never Boils

    1. This is why you are stuck in a 3d matrix mind set. Believing something so obviously false. Go fill up a pot with water, turn your stove on, place the pot of water on the burner and watch it. It WILL boil!


    If you are waiting for THE EVENT to happen, then THE EVENT is waiting TOO.
    Here is great info which corrolates with the intel from COBRA which this individual which is called IBRAHIM HASSAN also as COBRA does, do not channel this info.

    THE EVENT will not save you as if you live by this hope you still live in the illusion of separation within you oneself.

    Ibrahim talks about THE EVENt, THE ARCHONS, THE TIME BEFORE THE EVENT and THE ASCENSION process after THE EVENT, which for me the ascension = the organic evolution expansion of consciousness, whic ibrahim talks about related to entering into 4D when the energetic galactic pulse from the galactic central sun ( center ) happens and the further process of this entering and the further process to the next level of 5D and what it implicates., which also means that the implants will be totaly shut off when the pulse is hitting and bening triggred.

    Be more focused on the inner work rasing consciouness to become an intergrated knowing than all this 4-5-7-8-9D or what ever else Dimension you might believe you are within. Because all dimension is all within you and if you are in the state of looking for the savier modell to be save by others, Cobra or what ever else, you still are stuck in the illusion of separation.

    But as he state as Cobra has stated.If we want THE EVENT ( the pulse ) to be triggered, we have to raise our consciousness as a true integrated knowing as this is the same as higher vibration.

    The many reaction here on this update reveals that many still does not get it and still waiting for the saviour in COBRA, IN THE FINANCIAL RESET or what ever else.

    It's all about raising the consciousness!!

    IBRAHIM HASSAN Part 1 : The implants, the event, 4th D, Activate the DNA

    The ascension process and the entry into the 4th & 5th dimensions part 2

    A moment of enlightenment with the Enlightened MasterIbrahim Hassan part 4
    Contact with other civilizations & acsended masters ( and THE EVENT )

    A moment of enlightenment with the Enlightened MasterIbrahim Hassan part 5
    Before THE EVENT and the first 15 minutes after THE EVENT

    The Truth... written by The Enlightened Master on April 6th,2015
    "The History Of The Creation - The Matrix - The liberation Of The Planet"

    The truth is stranger than fiction and you have to unlearn what you have learned. The conscious level of the truth reveal in this article is very high and complext, so there will be those of you that do not understand this, and that is okey.

    IT requires an extensive background of
    spiritual knowledge to absorb it..

    The truth is not easy...Realizing the truth needs a long spiritual journey...
    In order to deal with the truth, you should exceed the Spiritual Mental Plane

    This article covers issues as follows:

    Part (1) The emergence of the Universes:
    Part (2) THE Matrix
    Part (3) The chips [The Implants]
    What will happen to you after removing the implants??

    Part (4) The last part: the penetration.[ Breakthrough ].

    1. An entity calling itself "Enlightened Master" without having the ability to properly spell the English language is probably not the source where you will find "the truth" in this planet.

    2. Deino, please, dont be square!
      Language is language, a creation of humans, it is not a reference for spiritual levels!

  46. More clarification about the current situation related to the plasma Plane and the current situation realted to the anomaly:

    Q/BF: People need to know more details about the current situation of the Cosmic Anomaly & the Chimera Group...Specially; after the last update of Cobra and your last update. as people understand from Cobra’s update that the cosmic anomaly is not healed yet, and you mentioned in your last update that the cosmic anomaly is completely healed…can you explain that?

    A/E.M: Cobra mentioned an amazing information about the history of the anomaly in general, of all its kinds, but not the current situation of the cosmic anomaly, he mentioned the current situation of the network of plasma implants ,, that’s why people were confused, because they didn’t pay attention to what he said..

  47. Ibrahim also answer you the same as COBRA does, when it comes to WHEN THE EVENT will happen, which is anytime, even if Cobra has now mention that we are in the breakthrougth phaze for THE EVENT to happen, which is the same as we are in the period of preparation for THE EVENT to happen.

    When Consciousness is prepaired and ready THE EVENT is ready and prepaird and THE EVENt and the galactic PULSE will be triggered. To be prepaired is to really understand conscious as an integrated deep understanding and not as something you read about and wait for to happend.

  48. People, while Cobra's news has been sobering, we must resolve to continue to embody more love and light and move forward with our lives, a best we can. This means we are NOT actually WAITING for something outside ourselves to occur in order to "be happy". We are cultivating the seeds of change within ourselves, which will have greater impact on the outside world, sooner. So in a sense, it is not that WE are waiting for something, it is that the UNIVERSE is waiting for US! We must take the attitude (or even fake the attitude) that ALL IS WELL. This is part of how we effect change, we must ENVISION the conditions we want to experience. So plant your inner seeds, and NEVER GIVE UP.

    <3 Much love to everyone, may we transcend our own suffering enough to experience JOY in the NOW, no matter what has or has not transpired yet.

    Excellent observations about the shifts we are experiencing due to anchoring in more light, and how to cope with the changing interpersonal dynamics:

    Soulstice Rising ~ Ascension Notes by Kara Shallock: Integrating the Eclipse Cycle - 4/6/2015

  49. What about the dangerous effects / disastrous possible scenarios of CERN in that timeframe ? Who can us ordinary citizens contact to help shut this highly insidious 'project' down or effectively expose it's true nature to the public immediately? This needs to be a fair fight.

    1. Cobra has previously stated that CERN is not a threat as they cannot access enough power to re-create the Big Bang. (I think this was stated in the March interview by Rob Potter). It was a relief to hear that!

  50. MOSS OPERATION FOR END TO BE SUCCESSFUL.....COBRA. AS SAID BEFORE MAY .... BE AFTER THE EVENT...... WITH resert ........OR...... WITHOUT resert...... COBRA CAN NOT CONTINUE PLAYING WITH OUR FEELINGS....... GIVING MORE DATES AND DATES..... NOT WANT MONEY ………The WANT PEACE, LOVE, LIBERTAED........Breakthrough is near!...... Breakthrough is near!...... Breakthrough is near!...... Breakthrough is near!...... STOP, COBRA..... RIGHT NOW...TRAD.GOOGLE

    1. @ Maria Faria,

      Let me make this clear to you and to everyone that is always put at the proof the work of Cobra.

      Cobra never played with the emotions or feelings from the people. Understand that you make questions already answered. Pay attention to the interventions of Cobra, in the posts he publish or the interviews. If Cobra doesn't say more about certain subjects, is because he don't know yet or, in the majority of cases, he can't give that answer on that moment for many reasons, one of that, is to not compromise the Light Forces operations. From our part, the right thing to do is respect and be patient.

      Guys, this is real and very serious. You can't have the perspective of the all, and I understand it very well. But, have faith. Put the right knowledge that has been given to you on action. This blog is not only to keep you aware of the secret movements on the back of the main stage. Cobra has given many aspect that in needed to work individually: if you really want the change your life or turn the process of transition in fast mode, is very necessary awaken the essence that is sleeping on you - the key is LOVE - but understand that is not an ordinary love, but a sacred love: not outside of you but inside of you, this has nothing to do with being selfish.

      This is not bullshit talking. I keep saying this to you, this is very serious. Understand that your heart is a portal of light. A point that is very powerful, but with the rest, the other points in your body. If you treat your body has a temple, a temple of love, stopping all the aggression that is been made on you by external factors or even by yourself, if your nourish and let the level on you grow, You'll see very positive differences.

      The Energy of the Goddess must rebirth. Only you can make this possible, and the key is sensibility to make you feel how the Goddess moves through you, not a weak personality, that was the program given by those who hate and suppress the Goddess energy to better control the human race.

      The Human Race is a very powerful. I sure to you that this is true. Many others authors have affirmed the same, one of them, and known by many of you, Alex Collier. He say that the Humans are the "royalty". The proof is how many of different beings came around this solar system assist in the process. They are doing this with so much love...

      It's more that time to put the things on move now. I always said that, if you expect the "event" turn on the life style you always wanted, forget! Do it for your self, and do it now! I'm not saying that the event is fake, I'm saying that the event is only a part of the process, because the rest must be made by the collective, in case - the human terrestrial race - with their own development and intelligence.

      I'm not different of everybody, cause I'm so human like others. I'm not feeling any kind special, I'm just putting the thing on the right place and give discernment needed to help. I hope you consider my advice in the best way possible.

      Cobra is a serious guy. He has passing for many difficulties in life to get here. I'm not writing this because I know Cobra, and I think that he doesn't know about me, but it doesn't matter. We recognize wherever we go.

  51. What can ordinary people do to help speed projects up on the surface? If the resistance is real, why haven't they given the populace an EFFECTIVE wake up call yet? People need an alternative to consider - we have no real intel to speak of.... It's being censored.

    People see no real justice or inspiration. Because of this, there is virtually no evidence or practical application of the true divine masculine aspect on this planet. Leadership has been misplaced or misused among other things, because there is no clear alternative to offer or understand. Many born leaders and wayshowers of the surface population are, at this point, in a state of perpetual confusion, hopelessness,, and depression after suffering so much defeat and betrayal. Many are buried in substance abuse and isolation, or dead. Visionaries consciousness or concept of higher self minus well be devolving to the state of a mental patient or a brain damaged baby it's so unbalanced and hopelessly inert. So, who is the ahole that has the key to this prison? And don't say I am because that fluffy stuff only feels good for about half an hour to a person only potent in higher aspirations . Cobra, you yourself said the nature of darkness is absence of meaning (or meaningful pursuits).

    1. Very well said you have articulated what i was feeling in a way that i could not.

  52. Meanwhile,
    let's read aloud our

    Declaration of Sovereignty:

    By the power of my Free Will
    By the Divine Authority of my Free Will
    I now void all contracts from all timelines and dimensions
    that any and all aspects of me ever made
    at any given moment or space
    with any and all aspects or manifestations of evil and/or negativity.

    By the power of my Free Will
    By the Divine Authority of my Free Will
    I now agree to invite and give permission to and accept assistance
    from Source of Sources and its Full militia of Light Positive Entities
    to now liberate Planet Earth/Gaia and all surface Human population
    in all timelines and dimensions
    from any and all manifestations or aspects of negativity and/or evil.

    By the power of my Free Will
    By the Divine Authority of my Free Will
    I now agree to invite and give permission to and accept assistance
    from Source of Sources and its Full militia of Light Positive Entities
    to assist Planet Earth/Gaia and surface Human population
    in the process of exiting 3D existence and
    in the process of achieving radiant bodies and ascension
    for the Highest Good of all Creation,
    those civilizations before us and those civilizations after us,
    for all time and space.

    By the power of my Free Will
    By the Divine Authority of my Free Will
    I open my heart and mind and all bodies--physical and energetic--
    as receptacles of Radiant and Positive Divine Light
    with the capacity to contain all
    of the Liberated Universe.

    By reading this Declaration of Sovereignty out loud,
    I, All and every aspect of me, in the Fullness of my Being,
    through all time and space, in the Oneness of my Being,
    agree to all I just stated.

    So Be It and So It Is.

    You can do this with or without the tapping techniques, but it does have a positive impact.

    If you wish to share this, please freely do so.

  53. All of Cobra's comments in this latest post refutes the FACT that hundreds of thousands of people around the world have already exchanged their Iraqi Dinar and Vietnamese Dong currencies.
    This started around Oct. of 2013 and went on into the spring of 2014 then it stopped and then started up again in Oct. of 2014 and then slowed down to a crawl where it currently stands.
    Yes, most of those people were VIP's like bankers, lawyers, politicians and their families and their friends but some of us peons were also included to exchange their currencies as well. Perhaps just to quell Dinarland observers who were getting pissed off watching those events happen without including the rest of us.

    For the past 3 weeks Iraq has had a "partial" revalued currency in their country where outlying areas have a 3.91 Dinar rate and places in the central areas like Bagdad still operate with the old .1166 rate which is little better then 1/10th of a cent.

    How can a country have two extremely different currencies operating at the same time in the same country for the past 3 weeks? That's a great question the rest of Dinarland would like to know as well.

    Iraq has nothing to gain and everything to lose if this currency rate problem isn't solved very soon because the Iraqi people won't stand for it for much longer.

    Last we heard this Iraqi currency revaluation was in the hands of the IMF and the BIS who hold the codes to allow our central banks to give them to commercial and regional banks the go ahead to which they are all and have been waiting for, for the past 3 weeks.

    So why aren't the IMF and BIS passing along those code numbers to our central banks to pass along?

    The answer is probably, power. They stand to lose that power if they release those codes and the rest of the world and the rest of the world stands to gain from the release of those codes.

    Anyone who has been paying close attention to what's been going on in Iraq knows we have been at an impass, we have been in limbo for the past 3 weeks as far as the Iraqi revaluation is concerned.

    And no one knows how much longer it will remain like this but 2016 is far away from what is currently happening now in Iraq and it can't maintain itself for much longer.

    The "EVENT" Cobra speaks of is most likely a series of smaller events closely packed together strung along a short period of time. The Iraqi Dinar being one of them but no one can deny that hundreds of thousands of people already have exchanged their currencies and have very fat accounts filled with their new found wealth.

    It's not a full revaluation like it's supposed to be but this is how the cabal takes care of their own and leaves the rest of us commoners in the dust waiting for the rest of the revaluation to be officially completed.

    The problem with proving these people have exchanged their currencies are the NDA's (Non Disclosure Agreements) they have signed. Who is going to risk having their new found wealth confiscated by the authorities if they breech their contract, right?
    That's how they keep a lid on it all, while the rest of us wait and watch to see what happens next.

  54. so tired of the unbeatable cabal...

  55. Guys,
    If Cobra Is Giving A Date...
    It is A Good Sign
    I Am Not Expecting Us To Go Clear Until
    Guys, The Creator Is Going To Witness All
    Kinds Of Things..As We Go Though This
    Remember Your Creator...
    And Trust In Your Creator
    Tara Grace

  56. Ariel,
    Of Course There Will Be
    Hard Times A Head..
    Look At Humanity..(Do Not Look AT Cobra)
    He Is Simply Giving Out Intel
    We Have Forgotten Our Creator...
    Look At The Big Picture Of What Is Happening
    I Would Not Assume That The First Rapture Is The Real One
    Listen To Your Heart...Angel
    Tara Grace

  57. To The Person,
    Who Said They Will Commit Suicide
    If The Event Does Not Happen...(IN The Next Two Years)
    (Umm God Is Not Supposed To Commit Suicide..)
    Spend Your Days Remembering Your Creator
    And Trust In Your Creator...
    Live In The Present Moment Of Now..
    Tara Grace

  58. Having read all the above i must ask how do we know that 2016 is a realistic timeframe? It could just as likely be 2026, when you look at the physical world and see the crimes of the bad guys and the ever increasing wealth of the 1%

    We need to see something real and tangible, instead we see the US military running Jade Helm, which is pure and simple a dry run for red list extraction of pre-identified individuals based on NSA surveillance.

  59. Well, i see two different parties here:
    1) Those shouting for the Event to happen asap
    2) Those stating that the Event should be personal, that we have to do our own Event, Reset, etc
    I see, both are right and wrong in their views.
    First group sometimes forget that the spiritual part, is an individual task. Salvation means self- elevation. I have been stating this since years ago, being convinced about the bs of spiritual saviours.
    Then, we have the second group. Sadly they forget the down to earth part of the Change we wish: Cure for diseases, free energy , financial reset. So what? Do your inner reset? Raise your vibes?
    See reallity: most of people struggling to pay their bills, thousands of people suffering from horrible diseases, starvation in third world countries, paying this, paying that for one more day in this stupid caroussel. I am a seeker, a spiritual person, but everyday i crash my head against the wall of reallity, struggling to pay my bills, like the majority of us.
    So we can change the material part of this System? Of course not. We lack the ability, technology and power to fight this. In this sense, we DO need the intervention of skilled Forces to rid us from those bloodsuckers.
    Can you tell a dying cancer patient or a starving african child to meditate and raise vibrations? This needs a drastic, urgent outer intervention! First, basic needs have to be satisfied, then we can talk about spirituality, ufo rides, higher dimensions, unicorns, Mickey Mouse, etc. Being a spiritual seeker, i defend this position. And yes, for this, we need the heroes. ( not saviours!)
    Then humanity, with full belly, healed body, clean environment, free of the burden of having to work like a horse to survive, can be given the chance to evolute spiritually in a more free way.

    1. Well I guess someone up there should read this...

    2. I am one of those who say that you need to create your own event sort of. What I really mean is you need to focus on yourself. This is how I look at it, in a boiling pot of water the average temperature is one hundred degrees, however each molecule is not at the exact one hundred degrees, some more some less, and some even so high that they escape as steam.

      What I am trying to say is that each of us needs to be at the highest vibration possible to bring the average vibration of humanity up, we can bring others up with us!!!!!!! I think this is the same idea as critical mass. Eventually maybe we will reach boiling point but even if we don't we still bring others up. Right now I believe that is the most important thing we can do,

      To do this we need to stop focusing on the external events, giving them our energy, stop imagining and feeling all the suffering, instead see healing and see positive things, as we move toward the event what we imagine and focus on is what manifests more often.

      There are already cures for cancer and diseases without advanced technology, if you want to you can learn about those and spread the word. and start a collection to give food to hungry people or something like that. Good stuff, but I feel that being your highest vibration is also extrememly important, so ya, I believe that being happy and joyful is our mission LOL

      Do not underestimate the power of love, it is not just rainbows unicorns and lollipops it is the most powerful force ever, maybe even the only force.

      Love you!!!!

    3. Ger sey, probably everyone here can relate to your statement:

      "I am a seeker, a spiritual person, but everyday i crash my head against the wall of reallity, struggling to pay my bills, like the majority of us."

      I know I can. You have no idea what mundane BS I deal with on a daily basis, in my home, in my business, in my family etc. is very real and very down to earth and it is NOT fun, but I refuse to let any of that eclipse my dreams for a better quality of life (which I am working towards in practical ways, such as interviewing for more work) and a better world. I am not so young, so to me sooner is better, but as someone stated in this thread, what is a few more months or years in the context of a 26,000 year cycle? Co-Creation is participatory, it requires us to be proactive within ourselves.

      You seem to be viewing things from the 3D duality view, but no one is suggesting that a dying patient or a starving child learn to meditate and their suffering will magically be alleviated. Of COURSE we need outside help, no one is denying that.

      Those of us urging an "inner reset" are simply realizing we need to embody the energies shifting us to 5D so we can see from that multidimensional perspective, WHERE ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE, including the ability to manifest outside help, whether that is boots on the ground or Divine Intervention. It isn't escapism or as some call it, wishful thinking. That desire to take a broader view of the big picture doesn't make us ungrounded space cadets who are not down to earth.

      The big picture is no longer linear, flat, static; it is a multi-faceted image in motion, continuously morphing along with the ever-fluctuating collective consciousness.

      THAT is why we are urging everyone to work on their inner stuff and reset ourselves from within, which can't help but impact the outer collective in a more grounded and practical fashion.

      Here's an analogy: I had a job interview and they would like me to work with them. They are not pressuring me for a decision. The feeling of working in that place is profound peace and support. However, the commute is a challenge and the pay as an employee is far lower than I am used to as a contractor. I would have to work harder to make the same money, but there is plenty of work/clients and I would be busy and can pretty much make my own schedule. My inner work in this case is to look at the practical aspects, pros/cons, and sit with it, go inside and see if this feels like the right move for me at this time. If I had a car it would be a lot easier, and that may be an option in the future if I handle this with grace, whether i take the job or pass on it. In the past I have jumped at opportunities that sounded great but there was not peace and support when I got to work. It was very tense and autocratic management style, which I do not do well with. So taking time to reflect and assess is a good idea here, as it is for all of us when we consider the immense task before us to shift this paradigm for the better. I've said it before, and I'll say it again, even though I am one who resists sitting still in meditation:

      The rEvolution is within.

      I wake up and even though I don't feel rested, and despite the state of humanity, I am happy to be alive. Now if only I could get enough sleep, I'd really be able to dream big, and contribute more.

  60. Wow I am so sick of waiting. We all sit here being sprayed from the Sky`s with unbelievable poisons from these Chem Trails. One thing that bothered me from Cobra was at one piont he down played Chem Trail Spraying...saying that most of the trails we were seeing were not chem Trails. I know with out a doubt these Chem Trails are real and they are doing it more than ever and nothing is being done about it. We need help light forces!!! Where are you???????

  61. Thanks for the reply, Cobra. It helped a lot. Sometimes I think you're a KGB or CIA agent and that’s all a big scam. I have some difficulty in accepting the "Heaven on Earth" because many atrocities were committed in the name of it. Furthermore, COBRA means snake and it reminds me the reptilians. However, I usually think you are telling the truth, as far as possible, because many things that you said happened, your suggestions are good and the Event is infinitely better than the Cabal’s NWO. Well, COBRA is more than a name, a person or an organization. COBRA is an idea. It is part of a Big Project. Imagine you coordinating billions of beings, millions of ships, thousands of civilizations, hundreds of countries, dozens of dimensions and a Galactic Central Sun. And all have to walk step by step just right in a few years after 26,000 years of slavery, darkness and madness. Do you think it is an easy task? And I think that it is hard to prepare for the Event! WTF!

  62. excerpt, from a Prepper article, on the meaning and importance of Independence:

    "...."We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.–That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, –That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness. Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shewn, that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security."

    Our government has crossed the line and become tyrannical. Through insidious acts of terror inflicted upon their own people, they’ve enacted terrifying, sweeping legislations that give them almost unlimited power…the NDAA (indefinite detention) and the ironically named “Patriot Act”, to name two. Law enforcement is just a gang with badges, serving the government and not the people.

    The “authorities” are running amok, blowing up babies in their cribs and killing homeless people and family pets because they know they’ll get away with it. They are nothing but revenue generators, looking for the smallest infraction for which to fine you.

    We can’t afford to help the hundreds of thousands of Americans in Detroit who have lost their running water, but we can invite hundreds of thousands of immigrants to just walk on in, and we can afford to house them, feed them, give them medical care, and transport them throughout our country.

    And it isn’t just enormous things like Obamacare, immigration, gun control, and indefinite detention.

    It’s every day things that allow us to be self-sufficient and independent from “the system” that are becoming outlawed. What on earth has our nation come to, when growing your own food is an act of revolution? When being armed in order to defend yourself and your family is considered some kind of subversive act? When the public schools, which used to teach useful things like Home Economics and Auto Shop, and used to have extracurricular sports like marksmanship, now suspend children for pointing their fingers and saying “bang”? When collecting a bounty of rainwater for dry times is against the law?

    How is it acceptable that the government can attempt to force people to inject toxins (in the form of mandatory vaccines) into our bodies and our children’s bodies? How is it acceptable that they can attempt to force us to send our children to approved schools to learn approved curriculums? That they force us to pay each year in order to drive our cars and live in our paid-for homes?

    I’m pretty sure this is what our forefathers meant when they said “But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.”

    The 13th Amendment to the Constitution abolished slavery. This means that if you are a slave today, it’s either illegal, or you have voluntarily accepted your servitude..."

  63. Thank You Cobra..

    Wow... Now Yahoo Finance is reporting this. Even people in the US might see it... which would be a miracle. (Please excuse my sarcasm...:) )

    More reading: The sphere beings, the secret space program, the blue avians, "Service to Others.".. Read here...

  64. Closed Capturing brought to you by B. of A.


    1. Does the A in your abbreviation stand for Avatara? Does the B have something to do with the Blue Dark Merkaba? Just trying to make sense of some of these sort of mysterious messages that get posted. Any other messages you'd like to shed some light on I know I would appreciate it.
      Some people seem to feel rather deflated about Cobra's last post. Your comments continue to be more upbeat with the positive stuff happening with regards to Moss and the like. Have these clamps of timeloops as you put it in an earlier post collapsed significantly more since first mentioning them. Is there a percentage that could be mentioned? Making and knowing the kind of progress desired helps me I know and I get the feeling a lot of others reading these comments feel likewise. Thanks for sharing. I enjoy your very positive comments even if I don't always fully comprehend them. As always Infinite Light Blessings to All.

    2. Thank you NewLife for your wishes of Infinite Light and Blessings. This is a lovely greeting. Many of my postings here on Cobra have multi-dimensional purposes, causes and effects. I am willing at this point to share in a limited way insights into some of my missions which are unclassified to the right individual, or small group of individuals - one on on via skype. If you would like to be considered for this you may email me at for more information.

    3. 3dhd, fleethawk777, lars B, are always talking in encoded messages to those who know what they mean ;)

  65. Cobra

    "First, there is still a lot of Cabal infiltration in the government structures of the leading BRICS countries, especially China and Brazil"

    I'm from Brazil and how i recognize these cabal crap's ???

    They're have a extreme conservative behavior in the congress?

    1. look for the Draconian policies (intolerant, fascist, keep people poor and afraid of each other; corral the most vulnerable into prison, not treatment/support), follow the money for those politicians- that money comes from the Satanists and Crime Cabal of the Illuminati/Reptilian/Satanic families -the reason they can buy out anybody and create monopolies and corrupt poor countries into allowing US military bases is because those are the people at the top of the pyramid (the capstone cut off from all below it, which it controls with fear/greed to steer how people think)- they alone have access to the fountain of fiat money as it spills out that cash they get it before the inflation affects the bottom of the pyramid.

  66. reading these comments, most of you people arn't even half as "awake" as you're claiming to be or think you are, the event is going to take a long time to manifest, and continue to take longer if this is how our "awakened" community behaves. I mean, Just read the comments on just 3 of Cobra's posts and tell me i'm wrong. Just cause you think you know a little bit of information that you get from the alternative media websites, as well as the information you get from Cobra, that means that you are "awake". The hard truth is, is thats far from the truth. Now this does not go for everyone on this blog site, just the vast majority of you. And nor am I claiming to be more "awoken" than any of the rest of you, just awake enough to understand that nothing you guys are saying is leading me to believe you're more "awoken" than any of the mainstream media brainwashed sheep, after reading these comments for more than 6th months. You want the Event? You want Joy, Love, Peace, Happyness, and Prosperity? It starts with yourself, The changes you make to yourself, then the changes you can make in your family, then your community. Have patience, be in love, and joy, and peace. You don't need the event to bring you any of that, you only need yourself.

    1. Well you have to admit, the general tone of the threads has become much more uplifting, as of late.

      As for your final 2 sentences, I think you are echoing a lot of what many of us have also stated, especially above in this thread, implying the need to take action, to take personal responsibility, to go within, to keep the faith, about the Event not being something out there that will save us from ourselves, about our role in co-creation and ability to trigger The Event, not by whining and demanding it, but by changing ourselves and our own lives, so that will have a ripple effect outward.

      I don't recall anyone here claiming to be enlightened. If there's one thing these threads prove, it is just how very human and imperfect we all are! So while we get your point, in many ways you are also preaching to the choir. But we're no angels. Not yet, anyway.

      That being said, some of us do remind me of Rudolph's Island of Misfit Toys, LOL. Sad and waiting to be rescued, until we eventually realize we are perfect in our imperfection. Then we see that only in loving ourselves, our uniqueness, do we find the key to effect change in the outer world. And by "we" I mean "me", too, because I tend to share my own revelations and any references that serve as catalyst for the insights gleaned.

      I am really happy to see so many of us on the same book and page.

    2. Well said. I'm fairly unimpressed with all the whining and talk of suicide as well. These people probably have all their hands and limbs, are in fairly good health and have roofs over their heads, obviously have access to the internet (which most of the planet's population don't have the privilege of mind you) yet still whining and moaning like a bunch of entitled children. Not to mention that if you do kill yourself you will not experience any kind of relief from it - just recycled back to earth or be stuck in the overcrowded 4th dimension until this blows over. I'm am in an awakening process and know I'm still light years from being fully realized. You know what I started doing after I got tired of waiting for the Event? I decided to create a better, more enjoyable life for myself and help those around me how I can, when I can. Nay sayers need to realize we are making tremendous progress. The fact that a mainstream source can even give an official economic reset date is HUGE whether that date is concrete or not, it's not just rumors in the underground community anymore. We're going to look back on this and see it as a very fast process, even if it's over the span of several decades. Yes, the system sucks and works against most of us as well as it just not a natural way of being for us either, but you can work parallel with the system with out being subject to it. I know this because I had to make this realization and within months I went from angry, beaten down, struggling financially and feeling victimized to abundant, free and working my way towards offering my gifts more effectively to the world. I had to make sacrifices, I had to own and honor certain things about myself and it wasn't a comfortable threshold to go through by any means, but life is much more enjoyable for me now and I know it can be for anyone having a hard time with this right now.

    3. Dead on and absolutely correct! The fact you pointed that out and realized that, actually does mean you are pretty well ahead of the pack good sir/madam in my opinion! ;) I agree with you 100%. How "awoken" a person is is NOT judged by how much spiritual info they know or how much they talk about it. What you are referring to is what I like to call the "spiritual ego" phase. People learn all this cool 5th dimensional info from the internet and then think they have transcended their ego when all they have done is moved into the spiritual ego phase. They think because they read cobras blog they are apart of an elite spiritual group and are the best of the best. WRONG! The ego is good at disguising itself in many forms and this is a phase nearly everyone will go through, and its a damn hard one to realize too once you have slipped into it. I've gone through this phase many times, so i'm definitely being hypocritical, but I'm just trying to share some REAL knowledge here guys n gals of planet earth just like good ol Light spirit here ;) The most conscious people I have ever met are very realistic and blunt and aren't afraid to rattle some cages such as you, Light Spirit. You are still being VERY conscious and loving by exposing the truth, even if this message will offend some folks. The truth hurts, and apart of being conscious in my opinion means truly looking at yourself and how YOU can change for the better. We are still in duality folks!! The vibes are changing for the better, that is definitely for certain, and this planet will be liberated. We are making progress, and thats all that matters. Just sit back, enjoy your life, and things will work out perfectly when the time is right :)

      P.S. -The irony here is that there is gonna be folks typing 6 page essays in the comments here trying to debunk and counter your claims, and those are the very folks you are talking about that will be exposing themselves. Gonna be funny to read some of the responses to this :)

    4. Spare us the Holier-than-thou lectures ....please?

    5. This comment has been removed by the author.

    6. Thank you Barda, and to you Domet and Phoenix for your kind words! As for Barda, I like your term "spiritual ego", is it okay if I use that? lol :) It fits so well into what I was trying to explain and wish I had thought of it!

      And yes Phoenix, I do have to agree, the comments overall have been fairly more uplifting, But I also see way to often, to much negativity, as well as to many posts suggesting ones ego, and how much people assume they are just entitled to this event that is always referred to, with out so much as doing anything to help ones self, or another. That's the kind of thought process that goes against everything that the light forces, as well as a lot of us are working for, and are trying to abolish. The selfishness, and the want it need it now, what gives, kind of mentality. As well as the negativity, and in some cases just outright foolish behavior, I see in to many of the posts.

      I appreciate everyone's opinion, as everyone has the right to have one. I'm simply just trying to shed light on an issue I have noticed within a majority of the community, bring awareness to this issue, with a hope to help change that more negative mindset, into something more positive and constructive. That was my goal with the post I had made, and if it offends some people than so be it. But if my post can change the mindset of even just one person posting negatively on this "supposed to be positive and uplifting blog site", than I have accomplished what I had set out to achieve.

      Thank you again everyone, and I appreciate all of you!
      Peace and Love
      And Victory to the Light, I am sure the breakthrough is near! I can feel it!

    7. Indeed! I think the OP was extremely self sanctimonious

    8. Hah be my guest for using any terms i put forth. The more people using them the merrier :D

  67. I love this man, and his deep and gentle way of expressing his monthly energy forecasts. He begins by talking about how our heart and 3rd eye will be opening very strongly this month. How we are integrating energies and may need to slow down. The importance of working without suffering. A calmer month with more synchronicities, and making space for ourselves. Experiencing vulnerability. Stepping into Power. About certain groups with a dark control agenda who can use us to co-create a negative reality, and how instead we can choose what WE want to create. At the end, he explains the importance of balance.

    April 2015 Energy Forecast -April Awakenings -Stepping Into Power and Peace | Lee Harris Energy
    (Transcribed and edited from Lee's live video message.18:30)

    some excerpts:

    "...It is an amazing planet, and so many forces on this planet would like us to think it isn’t.

    They would like us to continue to believe in the idea of control and slavery and suffering. And the point is, if we agree to those impulses—if we agree to allow the media to tell us that everything is going to hell in a handbasket, to use an American saying—then we will manifest that. You see, the power of your ability to help create things on this planet is very potent. And so if a certain group wants you to be scared about the oncoming event that they want to create, they will get all of us to focus on it and be scared of it. And then we will help create it through visioning it.

    So this is why as an energy master of yourself, you have to learn to reclaim your inner self and link up with the Universe. Link up with the part of you that came here as a divine being, as a soul with your own blueprint that is highly readable. It's set out in front of you. Try and let go of all of the aspects that you perhaps swallowed over the years but aren’t really going to help you on your personal journey toward bringing your strength and your love to this planet...."

    "..It's good. It's a good time to be alive in terms of all of the changes, and I say that with a high awareness that there is going to be some controversy around that statement. Because there are as many people who want to jump on that statement negatively as there are who actually see the really strong changes taking place.

    It's incredible to see the innovations that are now beginning to take place. And if we keep focusing on a balance of seeing the innovation and positive change as much as we hold in our awareness the areas where there is suffering and that really need our help, then we are living a balanced life. I suggest finding your place in the middle as much as is possible on this ever-changing planet every single day..."

    1. I can honestly relate to the energy forecast which you referred to, I have felt this tingling sensation in my head more towards the front of the crown of my head, as well as a more sporadic heartbeat, especially when I'm meditating, or going to sleep. I have also just felt more peaceful and loving, and finding it more easy to forgive others as of late. Thank you for your post, its funny how you brought up syncronicity to, as I was just thinking about this just before I read it, and now things make more sense!

      Good things are coming!

  68. Thank you Cobra for the update! Guys and girls, here is some new intel to cheer you all up! This is from Simon Parkes' newsletter.

    Welcome to the April edition of my newsletter. The last 6 weeks have seen some of the greatest activities on this planet perhaps not seen for the last 20 years.

    In March it may be remembered that President Putin disappeared for some ten days and I can now reveal what he did. Apart from meeting Chinese officials and formerly signing the BRICS agreement, the elite American government personnel along with their allies in UK rerouted sensitive encrypted information along the VPN line in the Ukraine. This information contained, amongst others, reports from the atomic energy commission and Britain’s spy centre known as GCHQ. This information was fabricated and it was hoped that the Russian secret service would intercept these transmissions. Encoded in this information was the false report that Britain’s nuclear submarine fleet had targeted their missiles on Russia, I am left with no other conclusion than to believe that this was an attempt to start a 3rd world war. Thank god President Putin realised the trick and did not respond militarily, however this was the final act that convinced him to sign the BRICS agreement - for up until now he had not formally signed. This is why he nationalized the main bank in Russia, because he required a state run bank to trade in the new currency which of course will be gold backed. Within his inner circle he formed a special committee of between 3 and 5 people who now are very much involved in rolling out of the alternative gold backed system. I understand President Putin had a recent addition to his family and I congratulate him.

    On a far more sinister note an arm of the Zionist regime sent a hit squad in an attempt to assassinate President Putin, this was thwarted and at the same time a hit squad was despatched to take out President Obama. That is why some 10 members of the senate were recently arrested - because this plot also failed. So now we begin to see why America at its highest levels is fearful of the new gold backed currency. With China, Switzerland, India, Brazil, potentially Hungary, Iceland and even the United Kingdom wishing to join, America is being isolated economically.

    1. Thank you! This makes sense with what I have heard about Putin and Obama. I'd like to learn more about Putin releasing 9/11 info, and per Gordon Duff of Veteran's Today, the NY Times was supposed to do a big expose on that, when suddenly in a 72-hour period 4 NYT journalists died of various "causes". When the official stories feel "off" we are probably on to something...

    2. You're welcome Phoenix. Yes I remember those journalists being bumped off. Did the NY Times follow up on it?

  69. One of the major reasons for the CIA instigating revolution in Ukraine was a pay back to certain Zionist factions. When America came off the gold standard the Rothschild’s were asked to value America, as of January this year America has exceeded its debt by 22 times which means its 22 times overspent compared to its value. This has a devastating impact on imported goods where one country who imports does not have gold backed currency while the other country that exports has. We can all see the cliff edge that America now balances on, it is for this reason that I feel, barring dramatic intervention, the period of July to October could be crucial.

    In relation to the CERN device after 2 years of developmental work and non operation the final part of the 26 mile extension was being put into place when damage occurred to the tubing. This has put back the operation of the device yet again and we await with interest to see the development. Many people are making predictions about the Planet X, I certainly am of the opinion that a large foreign body will come close to the earth in the very near future although it will not strike the earth. The CERN device could be used against such an object. In short let us imagine a bank and the bank manager goes on holiday leaving the bank employees to usurp their position then the bank manager returns to take charge of the bank and the employees try to stop him. This is a rather a light hearted analogy of the situation on planet earth at the present time.

    There have over the recent years been so many aeroplane crashes and these are terribly tragic, the most recent was the German aeroplane, I wonder what message was being sent to the German government.

    This is the time now to congratulate Fran on the creation of the facebook page. I’m utterly delighted that so many have started sorting themselves into starseed families, but let us not forget that we are all equal and no one race is more superior than another. Thank you Fran from all of us.

    On another note I am looking to form a small dedicated group which will not meet on facebook, if anyone feels that they wish to take an ACTIVE roll in helping humanity then please email and in the subject line please title the email with ‘Group’, failure to follow this will result in the email being lost. There are many people who I’ve met who have astounded me with their kindness compassion and truthfulness and their determination to do something positive for the benefit of others. This group that I would like to establish will have that as its overriding goal.

    Much strength, much hope, much love

  70. A Global Financial Reset Is Coming: ‘A Deal Is Being Made Between All The Central Banks’

  71. Egypt, a great center of learning and the birthplace of many arts and sciences, furnished an ideal environment for transcendental experimentation. Here the black magicians of Atlantis continued to exercise their superhuman powers until they had completely undermined and corrupted the morals of the primitive Mysteries. By establishing a sacerdotal caste they usurped the position formerly occupied by the initiates, and seized the reins of spiritual government. Thus black magic dictated the state religion and paralyzed the intellectual and spiritual activities of the individual by demanding his complete and unhesitating acquiescence in the dogma formulated by the priestcraft. The Pharaoh became a puppet in the hands of the Scarlet Council--a committee of arch-sorcerers elevated to power by the priesthood- Manly P. Hall
    I thought I would share this interesting quote.

  72. COBRA....It is TRUTH..... WHAT HE SAY ....SHELDAN NIDLE...! When the time comes, you are to be moved quickly to your Agarthan homes

    1. Cuidado con Sheldan Nidle. Lo leo hace años y sus mensajes son siempre lo mismo y muchas veces pronosticó el reseteo de la economía y la entrega del dinero que jamás sucedió. El año pasado iba a ser en julio y la última vez que lo dijo fue alrededor de febrero.

  73. Húsvéti Közös Munkánk eredményének beszámolója - Lendvay Katalin április 4.- 7.

    Visszacsatolódtunk az Őserő Őstudatához

  74. Alien Base for Giants Discovered in the Bucegi Mountains

  75. I agree! Put down the computer and go live your life. The universe will take care of things. Go focus your attention on the outcome and helping others instead of giving all your power to ego attention seekers like Rob Potter. And many others! Cobra is just a person giving updates! Not the next messiah! But by far he does more good than most. In the end happiness comes from inside. Not a website!

    1. Great advice. Timely advice. Good on you, John. Whoever or whatever trolls came in to jam up this community... mission accomplished - it's a big old mess. Or... maybe we're just seeing the true depth (shallowness) of this "awakened": crowd. READ Cobra's updates, IGNORE comments :) my advice to me from now on.

    2. Your welcome! Now go find something to do angry one and let the adults talk!!!!

  76. Cobra thank you for the updates. I can appreciate and understand the comments of those who are frustrated and tired of waiting. Me included... I am grateful for those who have reminded us to stay focused on our mission, to do the meditations, educate when we can and be loving and forgiving. May this be the year.

  77. Okay, now this one really frosts me!

    Why are the Sphere Beings trying to “negotiate” and “conference” with participants in a CLEARLY illegal program!?? Any government that builds these types of ships and colonies without the consent of the population PAYING for them is doing a highly illegal act! There is no reason to “negotiate” with criminals! Just pluck them out of their little spaceships and put their butts back on Earth where they belong!

    1. You might read this and then feel withi, which will give you a little more deeper intel how complext this is, than many do understand by their level of consciousness. Not to effend anyone, but people still do have a hang up in the outer and the illusion, reading and following the news and hoping for a saviour, when the situation is much much more deep and complex, whic is understood by knowing when reach that level of consciosness.

      It's all related to the source of all creation there is, which is all contains of consciousness, which goes far beyond what the dream within the dream within the matrix showing you as a projection.

      This article is corrolating with Cobras article related to the Chimera Group / Archons ( DARKNESS ) and how this anomaly gave bith to these dark entities, which further when borned, hijacked the matrix and turned it to something negative, which then trapped humanity within this matrix.

      We are in the breakthough phaze for this anomaly to be complete nullified.

      So this is much more then just monetary system, governments and so on.
      It's about consciousness.

    2. @lifeisbeautiful, I am quite aware of how complex this situation is. However, I am also aware of how pointless it is trying to negotiate with bad guys and criminals. It is a COMPLETE waste of time! The RM spent a LONG TIME, months and months, negotiating with the Cabal to get them to surrender, and you know what came of it all?? Nothing! They also spent a long time negotiating with the Dragon Families to get them to cooperate in the global reset, and you know what came of it? Nothing! After all that time, the RM finally realized that they would just have to work with a few White Hats, good guys, and get the job done themselves. That is what they should have realized two years ago! Here is a funny video that demonstrates how pointless it is to negotiate with bad guys in this current environment:

      And while I agree with a lot of what Enlightened Master Ibrahim Hassan has to say, he also believes that the Earth is flat and that the sky is an artificial hologram. So I take EVERYTHING he says with a BIG grain of salt! If you want to know about the history of darkness in the universe, I think this is a much better source of information (recommended by Cobra):

  78. I know a lot of you folks are tired, I am mysel, but "Hold On" and listen to this song by TRIUMPH:
    "Music holds the secret To know it can make you whole
    It's not just a game of notes It's the sounds inside your soul
    Magic of the melody Runs through you like a stream
    The notes that play flow through your head
    Like a dream, like a dream
    I sing this song for the common man For the people in despair
    I bring my song into the world And I sing it everywhere
    The simple truth lies waitin' here For everyone to share
    So hold on, and I will take you there
    Daily routine takes your soul Lost without a trace
    It hold you down and turns you 'round And puts you in your place
    Another day, another dollar Another pretty face
    Another chance to lose yourself In the endless race
    Hold on, hold on to your dreams
    Everyone around you has their little schemes
    Listen to your heart and hold on to your dreams
    Can't you feel the magic? Feel it everywhere
    Can't you hear the music? There's something in the air
    There's a celebration Deep within a song
    Celebrate this feeling You know it can't be wrong
    Hold on, hold on to your dreams Hold on, even though it seems
    Everyone around you has their little schemes
    Listen to your heart and hold on to your dreams
    Hold on, hold on Hold on, hold on
    Caught up in routine, you got to break it
    Time won't wait for us, we got to make it
    Fate gives you the chance, you've got to take it, take it
    Hold on, hold on!"

  79. Thank you KIKO beautiful words to your song. It is helpful to me when you all mention a positive thought or action, a web site or You Tube. I listen and go to the sites. So thank you to all who share. Cobra has also stated beside the weekly meditation and prayers there are other things we can do as well : connect with nature. This is my number one way to relieve stress and be in the present moment. It is helpful to me to journal. I know many despise writing but there is something about the act of writing at least for me. It helps to get my thoughts on paper whether angry fearful thoughts or loving joy filled thoughts. It feels like emptying my soul so God can fill it back up. Exercising the body a good sweat does wonders for the mind. Creating a Vision Board can do the same thing. Cobra says to visualize the Event and life after the Event. I visualize from a place that it has already happened. The good military and Resistance Movement have quietly, quickly and peacefully arrested the Cabal and those working for them world wide esp the Chinese implanted in the new financial system... I see them isolated from society as they contemplate their future. I see the all plasma strangelet and toplet bombs as dissolved. The Chimera are removed from this planet and are way our there in another Universe made just for them never to bother anyone ever again. The Veil is gone. People are waking up as those assigned are speaking to the masses. Visualize and hear what they say. Money has been distributed so quickly and a jubilee freedom from all debt. New technology has cleaned up the environment, healing technologies, free energy has been given to each household. Wow this has happened so quickly because we now have the time and means to help each other. No more wars or borders needed because everyone understands how we have been lied to. We are truly free. First contact is happening. We meet our star families and welcome them with open arms. It is time to party! Are you ready? I know I am. This does not have to be fantasy but reality if we all visualize a positive outcome.

  80. Remember the Berlin Wall? How quickly and effortlessly that wall came down and Berlin was transformed. The same quick smooth process can happen to transform Earth! Believe and have faith. Try to not despair! Make everyday a good day for yourself and those around you and find things to be happy about!


  81. It sends the wrong signal to The Multiverse if you stock up on food and water supplies or assemble a "survival kit" for when "The Event" happens. The ones "in the know" about our situation here are very few, the Majority of the population doesn't have time to prepare.
    Please do not be afraid of what is about to happen, it will not be a survival excercise but a Celebration, Everybody will be taken good care of. We don't start this until it's SAFE for Every Single One of Us TO JOURNEY BACK.

    This Time We're Doing It Righ for ALL Of Ust.
    Hence there is no need to prepare in 3D life.
    It's not like this thing happening hasn't been planned out ;-)

    Don't Worry,
    Be Happy


    1. I've felt the same way, but I still have a desire to put together a stash of food and cash for friends and neighbors who are going to be completely unprepared. Cobra's mentioned that cash vouchers (That would need to be paid back) will be handed out in the first days after the event, Presumably this would be by local police and military. He's given a link to practical preparations in this very update which suggests the same thing. It's a little confusing but I think the idea is that in the first few days after the event things will be rather chaotic and it may be a struggle to keep infrastructure going.


    2. I reject that possible reality abd Substitute My Own


    3. People are unprepared for lack of resources to put much of a stash aside, not for lack of knowing, ignorance or apathy. I'll take a gamble and accept vouchers for services, or donate services and/or trade. People will chill for a few days, then they will be seeking resources and/or something to do to feel purposeful.

      If you're a Prepper, don't forget the dark chocolate, pet food and extra batteries and candles. And MATCHES. But water and a good filter are probably the most urgent, unless water supply and power are not interrupted.

      However, I think there is a difference between consciously preparing for change, and scrambling to gather and accumulate, out of fear. I see no harm in doing whatever preparation one can muster, knowing that it may not even be necessary. If the event happens soon, and I am not prepared, I can live off my slight winter weight gain, if the duration is not too long :D

  82. 2001 = financial crisis

    2008 = financial crisis

    2015 = financial collapse = start of the event

    forget about worrying about all 2016 dates mentionned above!

    it's only logic, it happens this year

    keep on smiling, one live

    we are knocking at the door

  83. 2001 = financial crisis

    2008 = financial crisis

    2015 = financial collapse

    the best things come in threes

    any questions? no

    thank you

    one love

  84. Hey Mr Suizo
    Thank you your post made me smile

  85. This comment has been removed by the author.

  86. Star Wars VII is titled "The Force Awakens".
    Just a coincidence? :)

  87. While things are shaping up for the event. One might think about clearing, and cleansing the negative energy you have accumulated through Karma. Anger, fear, sadness, bitterness, jealousy, any negative needs to be recycle for peace, and trust to transcend. There are many now here ready to help to clear energy to balance energy. Just send out in truth that you are in need of guidance to help you into a place of light.
    Your negative energy will create pain in your body. Wash your body before you put clean clothes on. Clear the old energy so the new energy can emerge. Peace Ms. Forest

  88. as i said, i keep my word, and step out of life here on earth, IF, nothing/event, happened this year summer.

    With this new delay...i know it for 100 percent sure....ITS ENOUGH!

    Event 2015.....then it is 2016.....then.......2017.....then 2018, and so on...and finally we are in 2030....and still nothing happened i think.

    Every grain of hope, we, and i have, that the event will happen very soon, is getting killed, with all the endless delays.

    Me, and everybody, is totally running out of patience now.

    I wait for 3 months at most now, for the event to happen....if NOT things happen then.....i take medicines, to peacefully end my life here, and i am not the only one, with that idea, when still no event happens this year soon.


    1. "I wait for 3 months at most now, for the event to happen."

      Stop waiting and start doing. You are the only one that can make yourself happy and turn things around for yourself. The worst thing you can do is do nothing.

    2. waiting and delay is they're strategy
      keep us in the state of our power away.while they make the cage bigger

    3. if we all focused are loving energy towards the moon..this thing would be over fast..dismantle that satellite and the web of control is over

    4. we are far to valuable to let go
      they will try everything to lour us
      evan create a synthetic overlay and call it the event..trap you from an organic shift

    5. Remco, the event will not happen if we the people on our amazing planet keep thinking everyone else will do things for us.

      Is there really nothing you can do but wait?

      If you take your life you might miss the chance to become an infinite universal light creator. And the next time you get the chance it might be even worse than it is now.

      Don't give up when we're so close, its just a couple of more years, or months!

      I almost gave up and was 1 meter from dying because I couldn't take staying is this reality. But I am here and I am depressed and struggle almost every day to feel happy.

      I endure. Because I know freedom is just around the corner. I endured from 2007 to now, so I can endure a couple of more years, or hopefully it will only be months!

      So Remco, start living here and now! Find something that makes you happy and put your focus on that. And stop waiting and start being here and now with what you have in front of you.

      There is always someone that has it worse, think about the kids that are molested, or the poor Africans being slaughtered. Or the homeless that don't know if they will be fed. People endure in all kinds of situations.


      It will be worth it, even if it takes 5 years.

      The world has reached a stage where a change is inevitable, and the event will happen soon!

      So endure my dear friend!! :)

    6. I think that life is really good every morning as I step out of bed and know that I am on this side of the bed, without pain. I am a cancer survivor. They said I would never breath on my own after the radiation poisoning that I had to endure. I have breathing problems and have to grasp for breath every few minutes but I am on this side of the grass. Thank you GOD for saving me.

  89. The Eastern Alliance has set a target date of January 1st, 2016 as the day of the financial Reset: 1+1+2+0+1+6 = 11 you want this day really ?

  90. I can't understand how "resetting the financial system" from dollar-based to a different set of money will be beneficial to the world. China doesn't appear to be a model of good governance and ethical actions. Not when its government is taking a stronger grip of its citizens and restricting personal freedom more and more. And its wanton bullying of its neighbor countries plus its unhampered thievery of other nations territories is appalling. Is this what Cobra and his Light workers are backing up? And I thought the Light workers are working for the good of mankind. I strongly believe that "financial reset" is nothing but a changing of controllers. Financial reset or not, money is still money and is a means to control people. If China becomes the financial leader, what's to stop it from controlling Africa and Asia for its vast resources. We should remember that China is pouring billions of money on infrastructures and humanitarian projects in Africa and Central Asia. If the reset happens, will China give away those investments expecting nothing in return? I highly doubt that. It is not in Chinese culture to be that generous.