Friday, August 14, 2015

Galactic Goddess

As the energies from the Galactic Center intensify, it is important for the people to be aware of the Galactic Goddess. In the past, people were aware of the masculine energies from the Galactic Center, which manifest as Galactic superwaves, capable of shifting planetary poles, triggering drastic climate changes and making species extinct. It is time now to become aware of the Galactic Goddess, the feminine aspect of the Galactic superwave, which will manifest itself as Love, never before known on this planet.
This energy will ease our breakthrough at the time of the Event and effectively cancel out the vast majority of negativity at the peak of the transition.
More than people are aware of this energy and are able to channel it through their energy fields and their bodies, more it will be able to soften our global collective path.
This is one example how it can manifest:
It would be good if as many Sisterhood of the Rose groups as possible are formed worldwide to channel this Galactic energy. If you would like to form a group in your area, you can go here:
The following groups are not directly connected with the Sisterhood of the Rose but are very well aligned with the essence of the Goddess and are a good example how Sisterhood of the Rose groups could operate:
The Cabal is very well aware of the power of the Goddess energy in manifesting the Event and although we are not in the Middle Ages anymore, they are still suppressing it:
Most likely you have noticed that no significant intel was released in the last few weeks. Most reliable intel sources have not received anything significant or have been asked not to release anything significant until certain operations of the Light forces are completed. This has made room for heaps of disinfo and blogosphere is full of speculations which are mainly not based on reality, and also full of people accusing each other of being »AI / mind programmed«. Please be aware that on this planet obviously everybody is mind programmed to a certain degree and yet most people are good in their essence and they try to do their best to improve the situation. This is where our focus should be. 
The situation is expected to improve in a week or two as a certain phase is completed, new intel is released and happenings from behind the scenes finally get released into the blogosphere. 
The Breakthrough is near!


  1. All we are is LOVE everyone is that perhaps they simply can't feel it or see it

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  3. Plan A

    I hereby vacate the office of Provisional Executive defined in article 55.5 of Pactum de Singularis Caelum.

    Iblis Earth


  4. Thank you for that, Cobra-san.
    My Heart constantly tells me to stay away from internet information, because it is all so ridden with dis- and misinfo, it's not even funny anymore.

    So. . . :-)
    My Higher Self put this little 3D-body on a mission to literally Learn To Surf on the Balcony. No Joke:
    For two weeks I have been standing on a folded Wooden table simulating surfing :-)
    It goes to a 30 degree incline and decline, and . . . Man . . . falling off is quite a bump.
    The only advice: "Tuck your head to your chest when you fall, That way your head won't hit the floor."
    Great, thanks ;-)

    All right, so I got a little bruise here and maybe a scratch there, but nothing ever hurt. And I learnt how to frickin' SURF !!!
    It has now gotten to the point where I do the entire 30 degree incline and decline backwards and forwards with the phone featuring the photo of my soulmate gently moving from one foot to the other :-)
    And 30 degrees is not to be messed with when the wind's blowing, the sky's alight with Lightning and there's a Wave all around ;-)

    But, do not worry: Oh My GODS ;-)
    That GODDESS CAN SURF :-)))
    She Is The WaveMeisterin
    IZ - WM 1
    On Your Board, LIONESS


  5. Welcome to Cobra. Can you say something about Sept. 28 and the end of TETRAD? There are signs that this is the day of the Wave-X and the day of the event. Is this true, or it is posible?

    1. "Many people are expecting the Galactic wave to hit us in September or even before that. This is very unlikely, as complexity wave analysis shows first increased probability peak in October-December timeframe. Complexity wave analysis is a very sophisticated computer model of the Resistance Movement which predicts future trends based on cosmic cycles and free will vector analysis." -Cobra galactic wave of love post July 26, 2015

  6. I hope the Lightworkers can remain strong these next few weeks, with cern cranking up tomrw and the goddess energy arriving, I'm sure some of us are going to be hit, in whatever way the cabal / chimera can.

  7. Interesting stuff about the Galactic Central Sun, The Pleiadians have been guiding me to bring this energy into my body as you talked about. It has caused me to make a tremendous leap in my spiritual abilities in a very short period of time. I wrote an article about it two weeks ago.

    Also I have noticed that the scalar-wave attacks have ceased. I have been having very intense energetic contacts with higher-dimensional entities and the usual attacks that this type of contact usually provokes have not been coming.

  8. “We don't see things as they are, we see them as we are.”
    Despite the pain I witness, let me be peace.

  9. I agree with what this update has to say. I have been feeling energies of discord from many sources including my own recently. Of course, from the perspective that we are the population of mother earth and that our history is not so enlightened, this is normal. However, Indeed I believe It's time to set our intentions straight.

    Harmony and Love will not manifest itself without our consent and awareness. <<<"I maybe wrong but, that would be a beautiful thing haha! anyways."

    I expect that higher intel will be released when it is possible for discretion. knowing the nature of humanity to be fundamentally self-driven, THIS IS PERFECTLY FINE! You have our complete confidence Light forces working behind the scenes! I myself am handicapped by my capabilities to physically contribute but I am doing what I can to energetically contribute.

    Victory to the light! It's time to graduate BOOTCAMP!

  10. this will make a lot of women happy. plus a lot of men. tonight i watched the kesh foundation work shop. and they show you how to heal rashes and skin deformity's on the human body plus animals. it,s truly amazing the great teachings coming out now i feel very blessed to be able to help my family and friend out with this,,,god bless every one here,s the link the the kesh foundation work shop it very easy to make these any one can do it. even a child can make this healing pen

    1. John, thank you for sharing. Keshe is certainly brining out wonderful things. Is there one workshop in particular for healing?

    2. Thank you John. Keshe's earlier workshops were very hard to follow for the lay person so I always followed his interviews he did with Kerry Cassidy and Red Ice Radio.

      I'm not a scientist but my Oh and I have been watching the recent Keshe workshops absolutely mesmerised and starting to understand things a little better. Between Keshe and Cobra I have such high hopes for our liberation.

      Will the skin deformity be discussed on the 74th workshop? I'm particularly interested in that right now as I have an infected ear cyst which refuses to go away. A recent course of antibiotics (yeah I know!) has helped a little bit. I've tried all sorts myself (tea tree, antiseptic, antibiotic cream) for a whole month before going the antibiotic route too. I gave in to the doctor as all the creams etc start to get expensive.

      Currently I have a few Keshe workshops to watch. He is absolutely fascinating to watch and it must be awesome to be a scientist working with him.

      John, have you put any of the technology into practice? If so, what has happened? If anyone else is working on Keshe's plasma tech can you let us all know how you are getting on?

    3. I am part way thru Keshe's Starship Insitution Healing Workshop #74.
      There is instruction on how to use the "Life Pen" and how to make it and some instruction on how it works via magnesizm and gravity fields to heal the body. I higlhy recommend this one to anyone who likes metaphysical or healing tools. I find int facinating and compelling.

  11. Wow!

    Can I say it?


    Thank you RM and Cobra for all that you are doing.

    Can't wait for the awesome love to sweep the planet. Well, I can feel it already and it is great....


  12. thank you cobra !!!

  13. It may look superficially immature to go round calling people AI, but there are deeper aspects to this picture that Cobra is unable or unwilling to provide:

    The Choice: Two Timelines.

    What timeline do we want to live over the next 5-10 years? We all have to make a choice.


    Do we want finance to be controlled by IMF mark II: BRICS and AIIB? Or do we want billions of dollars to flow through crowdfunding systems, as we express our financial choices powerfully at grassroots level?

    We support crowdfunding. Since Spring 2013, Crowdfunding has disbursed 1.5 billion USDollars to liberation projects. BRICS, AIIB, and the bickering Dragon clans have given us nothing at all. Those are the facts.


    ​Do we ​want to remember our own natural telepathic ability, the ability connect and feel other peoples feelings and thought forms, or do we want to become a walking cyborg laced with nanotech and augmented tech? Lemurian or Atlantean?


    Do we want people lining up to get food from replicators, or will food come from a network of natural, organic farms? We have the option to plant a billion fruit trees. Ask yourself, what genuine benevolent society would hand out replicators on a planet where:

    i) 30 percent of the population is obese.
    ii) 50 percent of all foods are thrown away before they hit the plate.

    What we need is dehydration, storage, and a better distribution system. The Agartha Network does not support the creation of a technology based Blade Runner nanny state. Replicators may be used in limited emergency situations like North Korea and Sudan. I would not expect them to come out large scale any time soon.


    Do we want to go back to the planet and use technology in a limited way, or do we want to build ourselves into a THX-1138 world? Technology is a side dish, not a main course. In Agartha and Telos, for all their tech, they still lead natural lives.


    Do we want to discover our own inner responsibility, drive, and power, or do we want to project that responsibility on someone else because Vladimir Putin is our new daddy? Will we discover our own divine masculinity, or project it onto a cardboard cut out hero? We have a choice. If Russia helps this Renaissance, change will come from her people, not the Kremlin.

    End Part One

    1. Yes indeed. This has me thinking, beyond simply freeing ourselves, to considering some choices that are surely grounded in reality. I can see that we could so easily become helter skelter, running around saying, "Now what?"

      Global changes are already afoot and the change may be imminent now. For sure, these are topics we should be discussing seriously, in-depth and at length. Who will be in charge to lead us since we are still followers?

    2. Thank you CP - very thought provoking and a very easy check off list for anyone to make a choice quickly and focus on attracting it:)

  14. Liberation forces personnel are tracked all the time, without exception, without fail. You do not need to go to a centralized meeting point to meet ET or Inner Earthers. They will come when the time is right.

    The first timeline is the Gaia timeline, AKA the organic timeline. The second is the Matrix timeline, AKA: Daddy Putin, Happy Dragon.


    All these choices will be on the table over the next few years. The AI/controlling tech clique is trying to trick people into giving their power away to a cyber-state. They are doomed to failure, but it's best we're aware of what they might try. The journey to freedom will be a roller-coaster of timelines. If we know the plans, we can start dissolving their timeline now. So let us start imagining their silly plans fading away into nothing with every breath we take. Imagine them spinning in a spiral down the drain.

    I am not paranoid, or a defeatist conspiracy theorist, but I do see a sneaky attempt to build a cybernetic timeline. I doubt they will succeed, but they may be able to delay things a few months or years.

    For context, let me remind readers that one year ago, sections of Cobra's community believed that the universe was made of candy floss and unicorns, and would attack or snub anyone who dared suggest that there might be negativity in the universe. How deluded is that? That's not Cobra's fault, it's his reader's fault for believing that they know everything just from reading some internet blogs. Not all of them, but there is a hardcore clique of enforcers who will not let anyone step away from core doctrine. Cobra never asked anyone to make a cult around him, but you built one anyway. Well done!

    Organic or Cybernetic? Which timeline Cobra supports, is still an unknown.

    If we think positively, we can build any future we want. It's all down to where we put our loosh. It is like an etheric crowdfunding system. Various timelines are bidding for our attention. Where-ever we put our energy, that's what will happen.

    So I suggest people dismount the slow and dimwitted horse that is the blogger fake-intel scene, and we can go and create some good projects somewhere...

    Good Luck,


    Free book:

    1. "Daddy Putin and Happy Dragon?!" Oh my god I just about fell out of my chair laughing.

      The Planetary Spirit's plan involves graduating, huh? That's actually my hope. Boom, splash, "ahhhh", then we get to go home.

    2. "If we think positively, we can build any future we want. It's all down to where we put our loosh. It is like an etheric crowdfunding system."

      The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.
      Crowd FUNding rather than crowd Source ing?

    3. "In Agartha and Telos, for all their tech, they still lead natural lives"

      Exactly. It will be the same for us.

      In my opinion you are creating contradictions that do not exist. I know your point from scratch has been focus on basics first : water food shelter etc. Technology doesn't have to be incompatible with this focus. This incompatibility is an artificial construct from the matrix. Technologies that are coming are organic, non polluting and actually help cover basic needs. For example Africa has the most underground water of all continents. This can easily be pumped up with free energy. Food coming from replicators is not unhealthy so it is not linked with obesity as you described. Food waste is a cabal engineered tragedy for all the people starving right now for sure, but a temporary one from where we are standing now. This food just goes back to the Earth and in the long run causes no problem, so attacking replicators for this reason makes no sense in my opinion, since they actually can solve hunger problems.

      Cobra has already answered several times questions about infiltration in the brics and dragon groups. He said yes there is some infiltration but still there are good people in there doing a lot. You may not agree, that's ok. I personally see signs that there are both good and bad. I see no evidence or sign or feeling showing that it's all bad. But that's just me. My basis is that the Source is all Love, which should naturally manifest in our reality. Right now the situation is mixed and not all Love obviously, but i firmly believe in this outcome. Therefore i believe in good coming to us. I'm still vigilant, but i give things a chance, not blindly, but still remain open. For many people after having lived in quarantine for so long it gets difficult to imagine there are good people out there who genuinely want to help. I personally choose to believe in good people.

      I agree with your central point that people should play their part and focus on many basic things they can do to help the world situations, from grassroot, local solutions. I don't agree with attacking free energy, technology in favor of your point because in my opinion they are not incompatible, on the contrary they work together. I also really do not agree with your recent tendency to focus on people negatively like Putin or Wilcock because in my opinion it just dissolves all constructivity, and it drawns your central point in a sea of negative feelings and other non-constructive things. Focusing on the ideas and not on people yields much more positive results. Also it's not because people have a different mission or point than you that it's automatically contradictory with yours or useless.

      My personal approach has been to focus on balance as the key to healthy situations and here, for me, it means having a balance of both playing your part and also receive help and accept other people's paths as something not necessary contradictory but actually usually complementary.

      Since my name was on your blog (not anymore) i want to publicly clarify that i have nothing to do with the recent personal attacks you have been making. As stated above, i agree with some of your points, not all of them.

    4. CP:

      As usual, you make a lot of good points and give us a lot of good directions. As usual, with nary a typographical error.

      The vast majority of us here (only my guess -- I cannot possibly know) reading Cobra's blog are trying to do our best. That is: Help others, figure out solutions, and discern what is really going on because we figured out a while ago it's not all unicorns and cotton candy.

      We aren't believing in Putin as our savior and the happy dragons either. Donald Trump is probably not our guy (but I do like how he is shaking things up!!).

      Cobra's current post is about goddess energy -- which is a different energy than we have ever experienced before. A lot of men won't understand Cobra's post or will think it doesn't apply to them, or -- will simply ignore it, because so many men are programmed to believe anything associated with The Feminine or Goddesses is inferior to them. Or might make them homosexual.

      Now THAT is mind programming.

      So Contact Point, I'm going to send you a little goddess energy. Actually, I hardly have to do a thing... It is coming toward you anyway.

      I think love is right under the surface of what you're trying to do. You have humanity in mind. I can tell.

      Meanwhile: Be kind to us. We are trying.

    5. Thanks Patrick. My intention in writing this post is too speed things up and avoid pitfalls in the breakthrough phase, nothing more.

      3DHD. YES! I noticed that a month ago: FUN raising... CrowdFUNding. When you give someone money for a project you are really saying: "I love you, go and fund your dream."


    6. @3DHD Yes, that sounds like more FUN.

      @Contact Point, sounds like YOU are the delusional one:
      "...Cobra's community believed that the universe was made of candy floss and unicorns, and would attack or snub anyone who dared suggest that there might be negativity in the universe. How deluded is that?.."

      Shutting down trolls isn't about keeping it all unicorns and candy, it's about contributing something positive to the collective, when so many of us ARE already feeling discouraged and at our wit's end!

      Do you really prefer to hear details about everyone's issues, and whining for The Event? Should everyone just spew, in hopes of helping others to feel bad, too, or push them over the edge that they are teetering on...???

      No, nobody wants to hear that shit. NO. That is not why we are here. Candy floss and unicorns have nothing to do with it. We don't come here to commiserate, we come here to commune. There is a difference.

      As for attack, you have the nerve to constantly criticize and diss Cobra on his own blog, and because we don't, you label all of us who RESPECT him to be a "Cult of Cobra", while shamelessly promoting your own blog instead??? Comes across as jealousy. I am incredulous at your rudeness and arrogance, and I am calling you out on it because I am already in mood, and your smart-ass insults are not helping anyone. Yah, that's really enticing, and makes us want to run right over to your blah-g spot! I won't even read your drivel, based on your behavior here.

      The way I look at it, this is Cobra's blog, we are guests. Act accordingly. Even if there WAS a cult here, you would be voted off the island. I probably would be, too, for speaking my mind and having zero tolerance for bullshit.
      I've been through too much in life (especially lately) to give a shit what people think about me. But I will defend friends, and those who I respect, even if I don't agree with them. Fortunately, Cobra allows most of us to express ourselves. So if you want to win people over, stop alienating your (Cobra's, really) audience.

    7. @Contact Point Besides, regardless of what flowery labels and language you disguise your theories in, they are still DUALISTIC, Either/Or, Us/Them, and that does not foster UNITY.
      Dualistic = 3D
      Unity = 5D

    8. "Organic or Cybernetic? Which timeline Cobra supports, is still an unknown."

      Interesting, that's the very unknown I've been wondering about as well (in this domain, that is).

      I know which timeline *I* support, the organic timeline, and I encourage people to take a good look at the AI timeline that is being constructed - quite a view.

      "It may look superficially immature to go round calling people AI, but there are deeper aspects to this picture that Cobra is unable or unwilling to provide"


      "I am not paranoid, or a defeatist conspiracy theorist, but I do see a sneaky attempt to build a cybernetic timeline."

      Very clear to me as well.
      And that it doesn't succeed is up to us.
      Downplaying the AI topic is certainly not helping.

      See Harald Kautz-Vella, Dr. Robert Duncan, John Hall, Solaris BlueRaven, Melanie Vritschan, among many others. Pretty much reality, as reality checks go.

      Improving a situation involves looking at it. ^_^

      Best wishes to all, and sweet organic deliberate dreams...

    9. Let's see... is it time to give loosh a Spirit upgrade with a bit of green, medicinal herbs, fresh cold water and maybe sugar - and call the resulting opalescent, milky refreshment louche?

    10. Thank you Contact point for sharimg your perception.

      Where was I one year ago. I personally would have liked to believe the universe was compose of unicorns... and candy floss was it?... yet I miss the train again.

      Btw. I didn't know we had a cult here... I just thought we were a bunch of Gaians trying to make sense of it all... in our own unique ways...

      And if this is a cult where is my cool hooded robes... translucent blue would be nice... just saying...

    11. Phoenix, I'm not here to win viewers or collaborators, just warn people of the possible dangers ahead. I drop links because new people find this site every day, and they have a right to hear a different take on things. This is democracy, as I see it.

      If Cobra doesn't want me writing on the site, he can block my comments.

      If you read, Cobra lets this comment go through because he supports dialogue. It's only the self appointed inner-circle that get angry when someone goes off doctrine. This is a communication hub, dialogue is necessary. Remember how mad everyone got when I called out the Blue Avians? Now the cracks are appearing in the GOODET story.

      If I wanted to win a popularity contest, I would've already set up a Sphere Being Alliance mirror site.

      Thanks for your kind words.

      Megan, yes, maybe I should soften my tone a little, but I am trying to warn people, and a little word play often helps shake people out of a slumber. People are way too serious, cliquey and defensive in this scene anyway.

      Here's a link about the Avians and Putin:

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    13. @Contact Point Yes, of course, at Cobra's discretion, everyone is free to contribute links and express themselves, like I said, "Fortunately, Cobra allows most of us to express ourselves. So if you want to win people over, stop alienating your (Cobra's, really) audience."

      Constructive criticism is fine, but dissing people, especially on their own blog, which is how you came across, is not cool IMHO. So I may or may not object to it when I see it, d/o time and energy I want to invest, or not.
      I really get sick of people dissing both Cobra and Rob, who are imperfect HUMAN BEINGS like the rest of us. I am not aware of ANYONE who worships them. But hey, maybe in your world its OK to name-call and make snide remarks, because it's all in the name of enlightenment, right?

      It just kind of rubbed me the wrong way on a day when everyone and everything had already gotten on my last nerve, and I was fed up with people and at a point of zero tolerance. Today I am feeling much better, thanks to kind people and a good night's sleep for a change.

      So let me put it in another way: You'll catch more flies with honey than with vinegar or sour grapes.

      BTW, the trolls I was referring to were not you, but mainly those few who would continually disrupt the thread topics whining that nothing had happened, never taking anyone's advice or acknowledging support offered, having temper tantrums and making ultimatums, saying they were going to kill themselves if The Event didn't happen immediately, or by next Tuesday, or whatever. I think by now pretty much everyone with eyes can see there IS MARKED PROGRESS.

      I bet when the time comes that the BREAKTHROUGH IS HERE, most of us will still be unprepared. I never said I was ready, I only said I was fed up. I am not in that much of a hurry, but then, I am older, so I don't want to see too much delay.

    14. @Contact Point I never suggested you were here to win a popularity contest. I merely suggested that you should be more respectful to Cobra, and I now suggest you stop labeling people who support him as "Worshippers" "Cult of Cobra" "unicorns and candy" crowd "Pitchfork mob" etc. as like I said, he and Rob, who both are heavily criticized here, are imperfect human beings like the rest of us. I think they contribute a great deal to humanity, for which I am grateful.

      You asked me "Remember how mad everyone got when I called out the Blue Avians? Now the cracks are appearing in the GOODET story."
      My answer is NO, I do not remember, because I never was drawn to read that much on the Sphere Beings/Blue Avians, so I do not follow it closely, and I apparently missed any comments you and others made about it as well. Must not have piqued my interest. I go by what FEELS right to me, and disregard things that feel "off". Or sometimes I am just really busy and miss threads. That doesn't mean you or they are wrong, it just means I don't want to invest time and energy there. I try to keep and open mind and consider the opinions of friends, so I often do check things out at a later date, to consider things again or see if anything new resonates with me.

  15. Thank you Cobra for a truly beautiful update!! It is good that Goddess Energy is finally going to be coming to Earth. This planet has been FAR too imbalanced for FAR too long!!

    As I see it, we are NOT going to be switching from masculine dominate to feminine dominate (like the Caitlyn Jenner circus/fiasco); we are going to achieve a balance between the two energies. I am reminded of the Taoist Ying/Yang symbol:

    It is going to be WONDERFUL!!

    1. Yes, indeed. Here in Southamerica the men are still macho oriented, and on the other side, the women are reacting more and more with that new fashion called feminism( i do not blame then, though, macho mentality is a nasty thing).
      It is like two different bands, they are living in two different artificial worlds, without reconciliation.
      Hopefully the incoming energies transforms this extremist human being into a " yingyang human being". It would be great.

    2. Macho Macho Man


  16. Thanks once again Cobra for this inspiring and very encouraging update.

    In recent days I have been feeling a deeper connection to the light, with Source energy.

    I really believe that with each day passing we are all getting closer to the Event.

    I also want to than all of the light workers for their continued efforts in liberating our planet and all humanity.

    I believe that as soon as they complete their sub-lunar mission the white hats will then be able to make their move and begin the process of removing the cabal and their minions.

    Blessings to all

    Power and victory to the Light

  17. Today is the day of the Holy Mary. Blessings.

  18. Thanks Cobra! This is a wonderful update and will move many people off the fence and into participation! Thanks Again!

  19. Greetings from Germany

    thank you Cobra and all the other beings here ;)

    we`ve survived so long, so why should we give up that easily.

    Heads up boys and girls men and women.

    a little patience

    Victory to the light .........

  20. Thank you to Cobra And the light.............

  21. Just focus on CERN failure....;)
    Love and light to all of you! :)

  22. I challenge people reading the blog to listen to this while you read the above and not have tears in the eyes, specially when it gets to Bridge over troubled water:
    Count on me, you've got a friend:

  23. I can't wait till the Goddess energy awakens people to the human female nature. Because right now people think they are one and the same and it's really gross.

  24. I sense & feel a huge awakening from we a flower that sleeps at night and awakens & opens in the morning....Now the morning is dawning and we flowers are waking up....How colorful & happy we will be in our new garden!

    1. "Earthlings" is a derogatory term used by alien groups to imply we are like children and need a system to control us. Think of Marvin the Martian (notice not "Marsling") who calls us Earthlings, and he wants to blow us up!

    2. I think Terran or Earther is better. Even spellcheck thinks "Terran" is okay. Represent! All you Dark alien gangs can go back to sulking underground on your frozen moons! Glock glock, know what I'm sayin'!

    3. Earthlings in my perspective are "inhabitants of the Earth"....above ground & below ground....There's some sleeping ones who will not awaken this time around and will have to wait for the next cycle (perhaps, 26,000 years) but I feel strongly the light is affecting many more "Terrans" or "Earthers" now and many of us as Butterflies will be ascending this time around. I'm a child at heart so therefore my own wording....My mother always told me I had my own language. I also don't feed into the negative storylines that the Sci-Fi world may put out.

  25. And if anyone says "I don't think women are goddesses", I'll come to your house and slap you. ; ) Because I wasn't talking about you, now was I? People do that all the time!

    1. LOL, like long ago when I was driving fast on winding roads, thinking at people, "Get out of my way!" because I was going to be late to the Zen Center for meditation. hahaha

    2. Wait, you think I'm like that? Cause you'd be right. I've been so energetically messed with since birth I'm like a sun made out of poop.

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  27. The Goddess energy moves in spirals, very very strong spirals and very very very soft, the stronger the softer, the softer the stronger. Hmmmmm. Stronger than anything else and unstoppable. The Source of our galaxy, who has born every single star of our Milky Way.

    The Sufis also spiral to channel the Goddess energy.

    All technology of lower vibration is fading away now, gets transmuted at least and used for the good.

    The turquise cuiper roofs are completely nanocoated. Those nanocoatings create extremely strong plasma energy fields and those correspond with consiousness. We are able to log into those fields, they already exist and wait for us to work with them, we just have to make ourselves known to them, to get in touch with them in some way, for example touching it or create an own nanocoating. They are interconnected around the whole planet and what we do at 1 spot affects the whole field.

    Some of the computers of the cabal are based on quantum techniques. They are very easy to be affected by our consciousness. Concerning the collider/s in Geneve and especially Long Island: If quantum computers are used there, the colliders would be sensitive to consciousness too. So we could use them to bring in the energy of the galactic central sun, use it for the opposite and create a Sirius star portal. The light is eternal and stronger. I say sometimes: "with infinite speed, infinite power and infinite acceleration" and it works.


    1. Eliana,

      Your post is very interesting.

      Question -- Regarding "turquoise cuiper roofs" do you intend to write: "turquoise copper roofs" ? Where are these roofs ? In what country?
      Forgive me if I am not understanding you.

      This is an interesting idea, also: to use the colliders to bring in energy of the Galactic Central Sun! We would be turning the tables on the Cabal, with that...

      Thank you.

    2. Affect quantum computer - Good idea. I have printed recently quantum random numbers from the Internet, then by arranged objects and trying to get answered questions by. It worked to some extent. The deliberate manipulation of quantum processes should be independent of time and space.

    3. Dear WestCoastUSMegan, yes I mean "copper roof". They are on churches and other buildings in Europe. When copper is in touch with air it oxidizes. This turquoise color is a nanocoating. There are plasmafields all over the world, also created through other substances and dynamics. Love to you

  28. Higher Love

    I can taste more than feel
    This burning inside is so real
    I can almost lay my hands upon
    The warm glow that lingers on

    Moved, lifted higher
    Moved, my soul's on fire
    Moved, by a higher love

    I surrender all control
    To the desire that consumes me whole
    Leads me by the hand to infinity
    Lies in wait at the heart of me

    Moved, lifted higher
    Moved, my soul's on fire
    Moved, by a higher love

    Heaven bound on the wings of love
    There's so much that you can rise above

    Moved, lifted higher
    Moved, moved, by a higher love
    By a higher love

    I surrender heart and soul
    Sacrificed to a higher goal

    Moved, moved by a higher love
    By a higher love

  29. My connection with source energies in meditations is amazing at the moment :)

    We are close, hold and shine the light upon everyone :)

  30. Message from 8-1: 'The day is 8-29. Make sure you have plenty of food to eat. '

    Use your own discernment and ask for self confirmation of this message.

    (It was given to me but it may not apply for you who is reading this in the NOW moment.)

  31. I have refrained from commenting on these posts for a long time because on the one hand I often find I want to respond only when I am skeptical about the information provided, but also, because a lot of the comments I read on here just further discourage me because people seem to be willing to gobble up this information with no discernment at all and continue to blindly believe that the successful timeline is assured because this or that blog says so.

    I really appreciate the comments by Contact Point above, at least he makes some good points and challenges the pure validity of Cobra's one sided argument. Perhaps this is not the best place for me to comment as those who blindly believe Cobra or anyone else in this vein are going to believe whatever they believe regardless. Sometimes I guess I just can't help but offer my perpective.

    First let me say that I want more than nothing else to believe Cobra. I have followed him for several years, longer and with more respect than any other intel provider. That being said, I have noticed over the years some pretty striking inconsistencies in his information, especially around the nature of the Event. First it was something completely out of our control, that the RM could literally force to happen if necessary. Then there was a poll to see which of us would be willing to have the Event happen sooner even if it meant a greater potential for collateral damage. Now the Event is a Galactic Superwave that some scientists have been predicting for a long time, which is apparently a very natural cyclical phenomenon of the galaxy. But, according to Cobra, despite his initial assertion that we had nothing to do with it and it could happen at any time, the information has shifted to assert that it is directly tied to our collective state of mind and that it will only happen when enough people are ready for it.

    These are just a few of the inconsistencies I have noticed. Now he describes it as a wave of love, despite providing links to scientific predictions of rather disastrous galactic super waves, suggesting it will be of a different nature than the potentially destructive cataclysm it has been in the past. The facts remain, however, that we ARE experiencing a rapidly increasing polar reversal on this planet. We ARE experiencing dramatic weather patterns and destructive ecological events. All indicators suggest this is getting worse, not better.

    Despite my profound preference for believing that things are getting or could get better, the REALITY is directly opposed to that belief. I go out in the world and feel like I am walking in a wasteland of Zombies, where I am seeing evidence of people awakening, but nothing on the scale of what people would like to believe. Despite all my meditations, prayers, and visions, there are still chemtrails being sprayed everywhere. No matter what Ben Fulford says, the same old cronies are still apparently running the show.

    All of this nonsense just goes on and on and on and on and on, and despite all the revelations and new information being furnished online, reality isn't changing and conditions aren't improving, and the longer this continues, the more doubt and skepticism take hold, the more cognitive dissonance becomes nearly unbearable, and the more I feel like a complete and utter fool for being duped by this stuff for so long, for giving my power away to people who suggest eventualities and scenarios that never happen and portray events in the future which make us less inclined to take action now.

  32. Regardless of what Cobra instructs concerning discernment or taking action, I encourage all of you to really look at how you react to this information. If you had never heard of the Event, or Cobra, or the Resistance Movement, would you have by now more than likely gotten really real with yourself and learned to accept the reality around you and take positive action, rather than waiting around for some miraculous scenario in the future that is completely out of your hands and is in direct opposition to the nature of the reality you are currently experiencing?

    How abysmally discouraging is it to listen to someone say that we're only going to experience a breakthrough when most people are ready for it, only to go out into the world and experience overwhelming evidence that that may NEVER happen because so, so, so, so many people are just walking around in a zombie-fied state, running through the motions, completely resistant to truth, completely unable to even have conversations about UFOs or aliens, and, to my complete and unceasing amazement, despite all the available evidence, still believe the government has the people's best interest in mind and that the media reports the truth?

    I literally feel like I am going insane as my body continues to feel electrified as if it is in a cosmic, electromagnetic vice grip, as I continue to read this information because I am unwilling to completely dismiss it because the possibility that it might be true is the only thing keeping me from killing myself, and yet continue to exist in a place where people aren't awake, chemtrails litter the sky and life simply goes on around me as if no one has any clue that anything is going on at all, except for the fact that most people I know are struggling, poor, out of work, barely hanging on, incredibly tired and just as soon ready to die as they are to go on living.

    I'm really starting to get the idea that all of this crap about resistance movements, ET races here to help us or Events is just a really clever scheme to trap those who are awake into an anesthetized state of expectancy that keeps them from taking action or accepting the reality of what is going on to keep us distracted because they don't want us to panic in the face of the truth: this galactic superwave or the polar magnetic shift is going to wipe us out and we're all just waiting to die.

    1. wow! are you the Cabal and want us to lower our energy so that we will never ascend? You sure seem like it.

  33. The truth increasingly appears to me to be that no matter how much we try, or how much we wake up, ascension, the Event, whatever you want to call it, is equivalent to the collective annihilation of all life on Earth and that whatever happens, we're no longer going to be incarnated on a physical plane come too long, which is what all of this is really leading to, and everything we do now is just keeping us busy so we don't completely implode on a mass scale as a result of knowing the difficult truth of the situation.

    For the longest time I would not accept this truth. For the longest time I followed Cobra and David Wilcock and Ben Fulford with some hope in my heart that the positive timelines were possible, that these mass arrests would finally happen, that something, ANYTHING, would happen that would so profoundly shift the attention and consciousness of the people of this planet on a collective scale, that real change was possible and utter extinction was not what all of this was leading toward. I can honestly say my patience and hope have run out, and I can no longer believe this stuff.

    I'm sure you're all thinking, then don't read this blog anymore and go mope in a corner on your own and leave us to our fantasies. That is a completely justified argument. I share this because I have reached my limit of feeling alone, isolated, excluded, cut off, deprived, sidelined or hopeless, and I know that there must be others out there reading this having the same thoughts, the same assessments, and the same doubts about all of this. What does it mean to wake up? To realize that everything that Cobra is saying is true and that somehow things are going to get better? Or does it mean to finally accept the truth of the REALITY that is ACTUALLY HAPPENING around you that you can interact with, tangibly OBSERVE, and for which there is actual, HARD EVIDENCE to prove, rather than just a bunch of links to articles that are unable to be substantiated by LIVED EXPERIENCE?

    1. Again, respect to Cobra for always letting posts like these go through. He has shown himself to be very flexible and receptive to constructive-criticism over the years. He is constantly reorienting himself according to new intel. I repeat, it's only a small group of hardcore followers that get mad when you disagree with the core story. See above. :)

      The answer is very complicated, there is a genuine fight to free this planet, but there are various groups trying to control the narrative or "bias the timeline." Cobra is in touch with both groups, and receives intel from both sides. In some ways, he acts as a neutral platform.

      Cobra was the first to help our Agartha project, and for this I am very grateful. I express that gratitude, not by worshiping him, but telling him where I think he is going wrong, where he is making mistakes, and where he could re-orient. From my point of view, it's ALL about changing course and speeding up the process. There is a tendency in this community to gloss over mistakes, and that costs time, pure time.

      He has already started to step back from the Blue Avian material, maybe partly because of cracks in the material that I helped point out. Maybe not. There were many of us researching this subject.

      "Breakthrough phase" also comes from my book, I believe.

      I would gut up for the long haul, but keep one eye on the inner sky. I also believe the Ruiner 777's blog is an amazing read. Much of it concurs with what Cobra writes. The only major differences are in attitudes towards Putin, the Blue Avians, and AI.

      ​Now let me shamelessly and cynically plug my blog in a desperate attempt to win views:

      The start of our anti-aging research:


      I wonder if the pitchfork mob will show up and try and run you out of town as well.

      Love and Light.

    2. @kosmicleo, the nature of the Event has changed over the past three years because the nature of this war for liberation has changed over that time period. When Cobra first started this blog, the Event was going to be decided by Source. And at that time, Cobra also said that the Event would be accompanied by a blast of energy from the Galactic Central Sun, just like he is saying is going to happen now. However, this changed after the revelation of the Chimera and their physical and plasmatic toplet/strangelet bombs in 2014. Then the decision to trigger the Event was put into the hands of the Light forces because of the very dangerous situation. Why? Because if the Chimera detonated one of these bombs the Event would have to be triggered immediately to shut the system down and put the bad guys in jail, immediately! There would be no time to wait for the Galactic Wave of Love at that point!! However, with the successful completion of the first part of MOSS (liberation of the space colonies) it became safe enough to put the responsibility for the timing of the Event back into the hands of Source. Now, it is going to be Source who decides when the Event happens, not the Light forces.

      There have been NO inconsistencies in the information Cobra provides. You just haven’t been paying close enough attention to the intel.

      I also disagree with the implication that those who believe in Cobra’s message are naïve or witless. I am an educated professional and I believe in Cobra’s message! But more importantly, I know that I am a starseed who came to this planet with the mission to free it from darkness by any means necessary. I have been trying to accomplish that my whole life in small and large ways. When I first came across Cobra’s blog, I only had to read a few of his updates to know that Cobra is also a starseed with the exact same mission! Kosmicleo, it sounds like you are also a starseed, but you are tired. That’s understandable (especially with the crazy, intense energies coming from Source lately). Don’t kill yourself; just get some rest and recharge your batteries.

    3. CP.. I was going to post this as a reply to a previous post of yours... but it seems that I can attach it to every post you have made to some degree or other.. unfortunately... so here it goes. Although I must admit this last post of yours was almost free of unnecessary comments...

      CP. I really do not know exactly what is going on... and is my fault... because when I get a glimpse of (back n forth) posts staring to become combatant instead of informative I kind of get lost and lose interest...

      In other words.. I am not sure what you are trying to gain... trying to discredit others because they don't accept what you believe to know... are you trying to save others and inform while at same time unnecessarily sprinkle each comment with what some may perceive as dillusional accusations or unnecessary 'group' bashing which in turn is undoing your efforts to persuade others to see ur truth...

      In any case... if you got something to inform or even debate.. do so... keep your personal stuff out... if your information has any merit aND truth... it will stand on its own... without further human emotional input which if misplaced may lead you Not to awaken others to other possible universal knowledge at the desire speed... but instead such will awaken others to become aware of your personal imbalances or maturity or lack there of. What is your objective...

      Anyways. Whoever you are good luck in your quest.

      In matters of imagination and creation I rather see a person's innerchild at work.
      in matters of universal knowledge I rather see a man's (or woman's) work... free of childisness.

  34. Nice update Cobra, thank you !
    A question that feels important to me : when we talk about the Goddess, what feelings, ideas, etc, do we each put behind the word ? It varies between different people. The cabal also have their own idea of the Goddess that you can see in mk ultra, advertising, etc. And there are the actual true archetypes that come from Source that you can often see at least partially reflected in ancient cultures and in cultures outside the veil. In these times of Venus retrograde it's good for each of us to look within into what are our ideas of what Goddess is for us, so that we can connect with it accurately.

  35. Thank you young man for the update!

    I've been visualising Cern breaking down and Shiva the destroyer statue outside the Cern building toppling over!

    Thinking of our star friends at this time as they battle with the enemy as we do on earth.

  36. Cobra, can you give any details on story that the lhc at Cern was meant to run at full output earlier today, and I've just heard now that is suffered failure?

    Let's hope this is indeed true. Love and Light to all.

  37. Things held close to the vest...

    The secret to investing is long-term thinking. Very few have the patience for it. Or the Vision.

    It takes a looooong time to make an opal.

  38. Here's something I've been working on. I think its a great solution to some of the problems we are dealing with right now.

    One of the best solutions that we can do on an individual basis is to grow our own food. This has a much greater impact than a lot of people realize. With commercial farming there is 10 times more energy going into our food production than there is in the food itself. This is where most of your money goes: Gasoline,transportation, chemical fertilizer plants, pesticides/herbicide production and profits from sales. Buying our food at the grocery store supports the corrupt big agricultural farming industries, companies like Monsanto, and pharmaceutical companies by creating poor health.

    Some of the many reasons for growing our own food are: It saves you money, it takes power away from the corrupt corporations, it's better for the environment, it opens up opportunities for local bartering and trading, gardening is good exercise, it creates better health, the quality of the food is much better, less trips to the grocery store...

    Once the initial cost of a few gardening tools, seeds if needed, some soil amendments such as peatmoss or perlite and compost for the first season only, it is very easy to create an all natural organic closed loop system by composting and using natural fertilizers.

    Composting is at the heart of any organic self sustaining garden and is very easy to make. Every thing you need for composting are byproducts in this closed loop system. Fallen autumn leaves and grass/weed clippings make the best compost and is the easiest to obtain.

    A word about lawns.
    The following comes from this excellent article "8 Reasons to Become a Yardfarmer"

    >In 2015 the fifth largest crop in the United States by acreage was the turf-grass lawn. These lawns are using valuable resources such as water, fertilizers, energy, fossil fuels, and no less importantly, our time. Each week across North America millions of gallons of gasoline are used in the weekly lawn mowing ritual.
    It seems a bit crazy when the U.S and Canada are doing everything possible to extract difficult highly polluting oil resources such as tar sands, deep water, and fracking that we are wasting our time and energy on making sure the lawn looks good for the neighbours.

    The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) reports that landscaping and the maintenance of lawn account for approximately 30% of all water use in the United States. Considering that lawns serve no practical purpose and are purely aesthetic in nature, it seems extravagant that such a precious resource is wasted on a hangover
    from the 16th century. It is therefore the perfect time to reduce our lawns and start investing and/or propagating native plants, fruit and nut trees, vegetables, and other edible plants<
    End of part 1 of 2

  39. Part 2
    Why we should grow our own food

    why compost

    how to compost

    Heres an interesting one. Using a compost pile to heat water.

    leaves for nutrients.

    free sources of nutrients.

    2 of the best free natural fertilizers for a closed loop system are wood ash and human urine.
    Human urine is sterile, non toxic and has an NPK(Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium) ratio of 10 1 2. The dry weight is 88% Nitrogen. Excellent for composting and as a liquid fertilizer diluted at 5-15 parts water and 1 part urine.
    You don't have to use your urine but if you can overlook the "Yuck" factor and realize that the fruits and vegetables we get at the grocery store are grown with far "Yuckier" things than human urine, such as cow, bird and worm manure, chemical fertilizers and toxic pesticides, and in some cases polluted water that contains human urine and feces.

    There are currently large scale studies being done with urine as a fertilizer. This also solves some major pollution problems. 75% of the nitrogen and 55% of the phosphorous in our waste water is from human urine.
    Removing nitrogen from our waste water treatment plants cost about $100 per pound and creates utrophication in our water ways.
    I highly recommend this 20min video on human urine as a fertilizer and the problems that it can solve.

    P.S. I realise its too late in the season to start a garden but there are things that can be done now and in this comming fall to prepare for a garden for next spring.
    now is a good time to start onions from seed for overwintered onions. The onions will go dormant in the winter and will begin growing again in the spring.
    In the fall you can start composting autumn leaves. A compost bin can easily be made from discarded items such as bed frames, baby cribs, plastic tote containers, wooden pallets or any untreated scrap wood.
    Some municipalities will give you a composting bin as part of their recycling programs.

    1. Robert, please email me at Your ideas fill a much needed niche and I would like to discuss further outside of the comments of this blog - if you are willing.

    2. Awesome info - Thank you very much!!!

  40. This comment has been removed by the author.


  41. And there ain't *nothing* like the *kisses* of a * Galactic Goddess*
    I'm gonna hit some Gaia Mattress all Life Long :-)
    Dark Donkeys better worry:
    We're goin' Home, and We're in a Hurry
    See, kids? The LAST PLANE Out Of Sydney's Almost GONE

    *RainMaker Pose*
    *RainMaker Move*
    --> Enjoy your Flight

    Victory Of Love And Light


  42. The only thing keeping us from realizing ALL THAT WE ARE IN TRUTH--LOVE is our idea (beliefs) about it. If there was ever a time to shine our light, it is now. Victory goes to the meek AND the brave in all matters pertaining to light. Divine Right Action in action, now and forevermore. So be it, it is done.

  43. Thank You Cobra, this is a breath of fresh air after a toxic and unnatural energetic "thunderstorm" that pummeled me emotionally and had me, the cock-eyed optimist, at my wit's end and full of angst. Now I feel inspired and relieved enough to hang on a bit longer...and dust myself off and pick up the pieces of my broken life that didn't quite land where I intended them to. There is no death, no suicide, no relief, no solutions but those that we co-create.

    As we say here in New England, "Don't like the weather? Wait a minute."
    This is how the energies are lately....intense and constantly shifting! We must adjust with them, like a boat in the storm, or else hunker down and try to ride it out. But good things are on the way. Even in the midst of the storm, we must recall that the sun is ALWAYS shining above it all. And we must rise above as well, and carry on best we can.

    There seem to be some synchronous goddess energies and astrological aspects occurring:

    The Oracle Report: Friday, August 14, 2015

    The Oracle Report: Saturday, August 15 - Sunday, August 16, 2015

    Day-of-post audio of forecasts and visual treats at

    <3 The Breakthrough is Near!

  44. People are freaking out with these energies! Family earlier, and I just called the police on my landlord, who hit my phone out of my hand when I opened the door he was screaming at me through (for accidentally opening a piece of his junk mail) but they went to the house next door and I went over there to talk to them, we all agreed better to let the bipolar episode settle out. Unrelated to this, there have been a lot of multiple shootings in the city the past several days. I think people are flipping out from the energies they can't handle.

    If I survive all this craziness, I sure look forward to meeting many of you fun and loving people I feel a kinship for. Beam me up, PLEASE!

    (Actually, I think we need to beam ourselves up, and I have not had the peace of mind to get there...yet)

    1. I know what you mean Phoenix! I had a food delivery Friday night and the guy had a go at me because he had to climb two flights of stairs to get to me and I had ordered a load of groceries. He'd aggressively buzzed my flat to start with. I kept cool the first time when he dumped the shopping on my doorstep with everything spilling out. Then he came up to deliver the second lot of groceries and he started to moan. And, I kept quiet until he still carried on moaning as he left through the fire door. At this point I lost it and told him to go forth and multiply, then my OH got involved and it took me the best part of the night to calm down. Still, this guy has had a bad attitude on the other deliveries but I let it wash over me. I'll try and be more calmer next time if anything like this arises. I feel bad that I hadn't controlled myself but this guy had been pushing my buttons a few times and it all came to a head. :(

    2. Yikes! I hope you did an energetic cleanse of your food before eating! He is performing a customer service, and if he doesn't like it he should find other work. Maybe he had a bad day or maybe he has a permanent bad attitude and is like that to everyone. I would not have kept silent to him, or I would and then report him. Of course people use a delivery service when they have stairs! That's the POINT!

      When I had good knees, I used to run up 12 flights of outdoor stairs on a hillside up to where I lived on Hillside Ave. in Mill Valley, after my non-stop running waitress shift. It was FUN! (but then, I was YOUNG). Then I'd hop in my truck and head out to the coast to hike for the rest of the afternoon.

      It is like what Deborah Zeta calls a "thought virus" it is toxic and contagious.

  45. DAILY OM ~
    Sustained by Hope Sagittarius Daily Horoscope

    Your ideals can serve you well today as you look around you for opportunities to improve your community, make people happy, or ease the lives of those in pain. You may find yourself imagining a perfect world where everyone respects one another and no one is subjected to needless suffering. While others may criticize this hopeful view of a better future for humankind, consider that it is likely these visions that are fueling your desire to do good. If you regard your idealism as a motivational force today, you can channel your optimism into positive actions that serve to make your dreams a reality.

    The hope that helps us envision better days in the midst of chaos is also the force that goads us on when our endeavors are related to making the world a better place for others. It is easy to get discouraged while doing benevolent work as the outcome of our efforts may not be immediately apparent. However, when we harbor optimistic feelings concerning our potential to do good, the challenges we encounter while helping others or spreading joy have no power to influence our determination to serve as a force for positive change. We remain enthusiastic about our prospects and never for a moment doubt that the gifts we give others will have a measurable impact on the world around us. Your ideals will sustain you today as you do all you can to provide support and solace to those whose lives have been touched by suffering.

  46. Yah, in my weakness, I mirror the offense, in an attempt at defense.
    Better to be soft..but no one has had my back for so long, I am wary, on guard...
    ..I forget how...

    1. But we have your back spiritually "Phoenix Boulay" as we send to you our love and hope that you feel stronger & confident as we all surf the waves of change together and know the best is yet to come. Just remember your contributions on this blog are very special, like yourself.

    2. Phoenix - same to you as Robert. Email me at

    3. @sunshinepop7773 Thank you, sweet of you to say. Sometimes that undertow gets us when we least expect, and we get dragged back to a place we never thought we'd have to re-visit. So all we can do is just keep on treading water!

      "As I walked along my journey,
      I thought 'What have I just learned?'
      In a flash I saw commotion
      There was movement in these ferns
      Silently the silence came, was it the end of my world?
      I shouted out in fear, 'Who's there?'
      'It's me,' said Mr. Squirrel
      'I've searched for you all over, now you're found,
      No time to waste. We must find the Preacher Man,
      We must find the P.A. Mase. All my population's dying,
      And we're all in tune to doom.
      Like the Daisy, I need water
      I need chesnuts to consume.'
      'Mr. Squirrel,' I said, 'I'm sorry,
      But the problem can't be solved
      If there's no one here to help, and no one to get involved
      Always look to the positive and never drop your head
      For the water will engulf us if we do not dare to tread
      So let's tread water'"

      ~De la Soul

      music and full lyrics:

      @New Age Biscuit, I will copy your email address right now and get in touch this evening (gotta go to 2 banks to put out fires shortly). I forgot to copy when Eric Pilgrim posted his email address for me, then I forgot what thread it was in. I replied on some phone app thing where he sent me a message, but I was pretty stressed and may have overwhelmed him. That was a few months ago and I have not seen him comment, I think he was coordinating therapists for the Mt. Shasta Conference.

    4. Denise LeFay hit the nail on the head! This also describes what I have been experiencing:

      The Real War Is Over Your Consciousness
      Higher Awareness & Abilities August 18, 2015

      Copyright © Denise LeFay & HighHeartLife, 2015. Use or duplication of this material is strictly prohibited. All rights reserved.You may add a LINK ONLY to HighHeartLife but my material must remain at HighHeartLife.

  47. Bless YOU, dear Cobra, for these words:

    >>....the Galactic Goddess, the feminine aspect of the Galactic superwave, which will manifest itself as Love, never before known on this planet<<.

    How awsome that can be?!!

    It's not about all women thinking and acting like an Earthly goddesses or "super stars", (like some do). It's not to look up at men as a lesser ones....
    Remember, in order to incarnate on Earth, we were forced to experiense everything and anything - including experinecing the two genders.



    Full speed ahead for a long awaited RE-union!!!

  48. Online Tool: Time zone converter

    Here you may add any time zones and supply any time/hour as need to.

    Sorry this is a complete unrelated topic... I hope someone will find it useful for the meditation schedules

    Bookmark it.

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  49. I figured it out mediocrity and just barely being capable enough must be sought after and coveted qualities in the higher dimensions. All we the slaves have ever recieved from these light forces, human or otherwise, has been Mediocrity and beings that would appear on the surface to be just slightly present enough and just barely capable enough to hold the space and be in the room. I get the impression our liberators must be allergic to greatness! but it's okay we're certainly very very accustomed to waiting and have been very well trained in waiting over the decades. Waiting for results is cool and okay because it's not like any of us are dying, being murdered, poisoned, starving and suffering every day or anything so please by all means take your time.

    When does amateur hour end?

    1. You tell us Wax. Amateur hour ends when amateurs turn pro.

    2. You have heard the expression "Music soothes the savage beast".

      Do you want to just soothe the beast or you do you want to release the demons in it?

      Laughter is a great GhostBuster.

      Belly Laughs work best.

    3. The Final Dissolution of Satania begins today.

      ~Dominique N.
      N for Never again.

    4. Maybe I expect too much too soon but at this stage of these proceedings the fact that we were all forced to experience yesterday as slaves and victims is not ok to me. I can't spend my waiting time pretending that it is ok or trying to forget that it's happening.

  50. Seems like the Goddess is shaking up the status quo:

    Benjamin Fulford Geopolitical Update for August 11, 2015
    August 14, 2015 by Starship Earth: The Big Picture

    (full report)

  51. @contact point
    (Sorry my friend, but i'd rather post this down here, so people could see it).

    You have some good questions there and asked us to make our choices.
    I have made my chioce/s long ago.
    Here are my answers for the PART ONE:

    a) - NESARA in progress
    b) - NESARA. in progress.............
    and Z) - NESARA in progress!!

    You got some good insights here. Yes, WE will remember our natural abilities. Some will ascend and get them immediately, yet for most of us, it will take some time to get there.
    But being as hooked on the electronics as we ARE now - having AN EXTRA help will never hurt.

    Plus, i think, THIS TIME around- there will be NO Lemurian and NO Atlantean civilization - because like Cobra stated:

    >>....the Galactic Goddess, the feminine aspect of the Galactic superwave, which will manifest itself as Love, never before known on this planet<<.


    This is what you said regarding it:
    >>Ask yourself, what genuine benevolent society would hand out replicators on a planet where<<: .....

    Sorry, my friend, this opinion of yours made me scratch my head... because I realized how some people can be blind, arrogant and ungrateful, and ready to deny any help coming from our REMAINING - AAALL - BENEVOLENT Cosmic Family.

    So, here is my answer:
    We need both - the replicators and the organics.
    Don't you know that it takes minimum up to 3-5 years a tree to give its first harvest? Did you know to bake a loaf of bread, you have to wait at least 6 months to harvest the first grains??
    And what about the areas like Siberia or other HIGH Northern countries? What about the deserts? Of course, you forgot all about these regions.

    Here's another thought/idea of yours:
    >>Replicators may be used in limited emergency situations like North Korea and Sudan<<.

    I believe you're from the USA. So, I suggest you to open up your eyes, and see that THIS COUNTRY, needs as much replicators as do North Korea and Sudan. If you haven't seen the homeless YET - get out and take a look.... It's a nasty, a heart breaking scene to look at.

    May be it's not going to be a problem for you. You might ascend before most of us will do, and you'll get ALL your godly like abilities back and you won't need any tech at all.... Lucky for you. ;))

    But for the rest of us - we need both. Thelos is NOT as advanced as some other civilaztions up there, who are READY to give as a hand and pass to us a better technology -not cabal created SYBER techs. And we know well that already, we have people on Earth inventing better and SAFER communication and other types of inventions.

    Guess what my friend? Even NOW, before the EVENT, I chose to have ONLY the CREATOR as my NATURAL mommy/daddy!!!! ;)))
    I'm amaized to see how spiritually evolved people don't see how deeply programmed thy are.
    I really hope that FIRST OF ALL, people will have their third eyes openned and will forget the "venum vaccine teachings" filled into their bloods by the cabal.


    I already did touch this above:
    I will not chose Daddy Putin or daddy Obama timelines. BOTH OF THEM STINK!!!

    A Happy Dragon timeline? Bring it on down from the Heavens!!!!
    Oh, and BTW, it is NOT Cobra's fault that he didn't know about the HIDDEN DANGERS, i.e. the AI octopus and some other dangers were up there, around the Earth. According to him, and to some other sources, that was COMPLETELY hidden even form our own Acsended Masters!!! So, who's to balme for it? It's up to you....

    Good luck with your choices.
    I'll stick with mine.

    1. Thanks for your insights HYE Angel. I definitely agree that there are people in the industrialized west, Siberia, Latin America etc that are having a terrible time right now. I support unconditional grace in the field of food when and if the blockade dissolves. i.e feed everyone ASAP.

      My point is: 1) We have the tech. money and knowhow to feed every single human being NOW, without waiting for help. If help comes, so much the better.

      2) We need to be wary of becoming too reliant on technology.

      3) This planet spends a billion on cigarettes a day, a billion on booze, and a billion on plastic crud. We have always had the money to feed the homeless many times over.

      4) I am from the Europe, in Asia. I support neither the American Cabal nor the Russian one, they are both as bad as each other.

      5) As far as "how long it takes to bake bread" is concerned. What about all the food we throw away? We could reclaim that now:

      It might be worth searching for "Samuel Saraiva" dehydration.

      I hope once the tech is switched off we will all become more lucid and remember the mission.

      Anyway, thanks for affirming your choices, I hope you find success, as I am sure you are sincere and powerful, and I hope we all feed as many people as possible as quickly as we can.

      This lady (linked below) is working now, she is not waiting for "Intel" and after the Event. Not everyone in this community is waiting passively, I don't want tie everyone in together, but there are some. My motive for writing this words is just to stimulate more people to start small projects if they can. I also support meditation and actions on the other side of the veil.

      Best Wishes


    2. "There have been NO inconsistencies in the information Cobra provides. You just haven’t been paying close enough attention to the intel."

      There have been many inconsistencies in the information provided. There's nothing wrong with this. I have been through my own journey too, and not everything I say is correct.

      Examples of inconsistencies:

      - Galactic Federation of Light = Good/Bad
      - Universe is full of love >>> gradual admission that there's a huge war going on.
      - Blue Avians support and then partial climbdown.
      - Long Island last transmitter/ implants on Saturn.


      I can tell you now that the "Implant Removal Protocol" missed a huge implant at the back of the head, which people should feel as the grid is taken down.

      Personal story here:

      Clue with video here:


      >>>Please note: I am not knocking Cobra here. He has done things I have never could have done.<<<

      What I am knocking is the tendency of his followers to vigorously defend whatever the current story is, quite aggressively sometimes, see above: Swearing, shouting, and more subtle methodologies are used. I remember there was one Mod on the CEL group who would delete Tanaath's videos whenever they appeared. Now it turns out she was at least partially right. Too late. Discourse was not allowed.


      This comments section is like a Galactic Senate. Everyone gets their say. From debate comes a more refined plan. From gentle friction comes flexibility and speed. Do you want speed?

      Contrast how permissive and free Cobra is with the comments section, with how protective and fierce his self-appointed inner circle are. The error lies with them, not him. The fact that you are reading this comment shows that Cobra reads, evaluates, and reorients as the situation progresses.

      You will see him gradually talking about the AI on Saturn and the Moon over the fall, I bet.

      The Sun is also involved in this. It's basically a war between the Sun and Saturn, over Earth. The entire solar system is fraught with political differences. We will not see a physical war here, but there are groups and factions. Our collective love can overcome all of this, but it's good to know what's there.


      Question: Would people put their energy into the Putin/AIIB/BRICS/Nanotech timeline if they knew it might cost them 6-12 months of time? This is what I am getting at. I am not sitting on the side sniping for the hell of it. I have bnetter things to do. I am trying to reach behind the curtain and dissolve certain eventualities before they manifest. Right now, I think there's only a small chance of the Putin/BRICS/Nanotech timeline manifesting, because as a collective, we have chosen NO. But it's still there, and as it's there, we'll remain in stasis.

      Mistakes like these will cost people time, and I am trying to expedite things. We need to get back to true galactic love without being taken down a sideroad that could cost months or years.

      So I am suggesting people take a step back and evaluate a greater field of information.

      We knocked out the Google Glass timeline. That was a huge success.

      Anyway, it's a free will universe, so enjoy your path Mitchell Tr James. I know you are sincere, that you are a good healer, and that we will ultimately succeed.



    3. Part One:

      Untwine: I also really do not agree with your recent tendency to focus on people negatively like Putin or Wilcock because in my opinion it just dissolves all constructivity, and it drawns your central point in a sea of negative feelings and other non-constructive things. Focusing on the ideas and not on people yields much more positive results. Also it's not because people have a different mission or point than you that it's automatically contradictory with yours or useless.


      Please do not write off my criticism of Putin as if it some sort of minor, inconsequential triviality. There is strong evidence, in the testimonial of Donald Marshall and the Ruiner, that Putin is much higher ranking than any of the western crowd that they are planning to publicly sacrifice in order to further their agenda.

      Putin is probably still working for "Them." I do not believe the "he broke with the Cabal" story any more. He either takes part in unspeakable rituals at the weekend or he doesn't. Do you support what goes on in Illuminati rituals? Do you think the question of whether he still currently takes part in them is a major or minor point?

      I want community, but one of my jobs is to help expose the false light in the spiritual scene, because what they are trying to do is extraordinarily dangerous for Earth's future. Do you want Wilcock in charge of a trillion dollar account? Or Putin as world leader? Maybe you do, I don't

      Sorry, I will not be subtly shamed into staying on script under the false banner of "Unity", because I don't even know what it means when most of you talk about unity. I am not united with people who molest children.

      Check out what the Ruiner says about him:

      That Russian who is supposed to be "outing the Cabal" is a higher ranking member than any of those he is supposedly outing. Your writer knows that man VERY well, and spent a great deal of time with him. Your writer was, at one point, that Russians Trainer. He and I even spent some time off-world together and became friends. (I still have a soft spot for him on a personal level despite absolutely disagreeing with his life choices). I had the opportunity to show this Russian what is being said about him. He laughed and said "Oh what a great plan this is. Working flawlessly." He is right.

      Ladies and Gentlemen: BRICS is not going to save you. That Russian, is more deeply involved with the Illuminati than any other public figure you could name. He truly loves the work he is doing and cannot wait to become King. He is completely amazed at how easy the Alternative Community is making this transition for him. The Blue Avians are an Illuminati creation, and this tale has been specifically crafted to work for specific people.

      It is the PLAN that you all think he is the hero.

      The average mainstream oriented person is easy enough to fool. For you Awake and Aware folk they attached a benevolent group of ETs to the tale. The Alternative Community is eating it up.

      That Russian and his mentor (who is also the one who was my mentor) would like to thank you for making this information public. You are selling the propaganda of the Illuminati better than they could themselves. They have said that the first researcher to disclose this program will receive a prize. "It requires your credibility to give this tale wings." I'm sure the pun of WINGS was intended.

      Addressed to Program Members, Civilians and Researchers sharing this story:
      "Thank you very much, deeply and truly." -nituP

      Truly if Common Sense doesn't tell you this story is wrong, then you should just follow BRICS to the promise land.

    4. Part Two:

      Whether you believe The Ruiner or Donald Marshall, there is plenty of other evidence to show that "Putin the enemy of the cabal." narrative is false.

      I do not think they will succeed in loosh-funding this timeline, but there are enough people tricked into manifesting it, that it SLOWS DOWN our freedom. Do you want this? Do we want another cold, boring winter?

      I am not writing this post to convince everyone, but there are dreamweavers/psykers reading this who can demanifest timelines with their feelings and intentions. My posts are for them. Let us have full sovereignty instead of a comfortable halfway house.


      As far as Wilcock is concerned, here is a scrappy article that has links to an interview proving the Drake "people-power" Dragon grab intends to fund Obama.

      Scroll down for the interview. There are direct links there if you go to:

      Excerpts from the Malik Hughes video:


      Please do not minimize these two points as if they are minor trivialities, or subtly shame anyone who goes off script. Sorry, these look like cult tactics. This is not a criticism of Cobra, but an observation of how his followers act:


      "Also it's not because people have a different mission or point than you that it's automatically contradictory with yours or useless.

      My personal approach has been to focus on balance as the key to healthy situations and here, for me, it means having a balance of both playing your part and also receive help and accept other people's paths as something not necessary contradictory but actually usually complementary."

      Please do not lecture me on free will and personal paths. Putin taking part in gruesome rituals at the weekend is not complementary to my life mission. If you think it is, I am happy to hear your side of the story. Please do not try and mischaracterize me as a blinkered bigot who cannot see other people's point of view if I stand up against child sacrifice, ritual rape, cannibalism, centralized banking, stealth coup d'etats, and world government.


    5. Considering the greater balance of the information, I find your perspective towards Wilcock and Putin naive at best, disingenous at worst.


      PREDICTION: This autumn, you will see the same climbdown arc over Putin that you just witnessed with the Blue Avians. Big support >>> medium support >>> small support.


      And for all those secretly supporting the Red Dragon grab, you may be denied access into Agartha and other realms if you continue giving them energetic legitimacy. You are slowing down liberation by supporting them, and this is not cute, clever or funny. Please do not try and cynically play both sides of the fence. The RDA's obviously cannot keep their promises, so we recommend jumping off the treadmill. You have been advised. Please make a freewill choice and do not abuse our mildness. The time limit expires noon, this Saturday. You cannot unread this letter or claim you didn't know.

      Dave Schmidt is an alleged embezzler. Does that ring any alarm bells?


      If you don't want any of the above timelines that I have described, withdraw your consent, vote no. Say no, demanifest the timeline, dissolve it. We have the skills. See that timeline going down the drain in a counter-clockwise spiral. Do not fear, just dissolve the timelines you don't want back into love. Then say what you do want. Write it, dream it, do it, whatever. You know better than me what your niche is.

      This track and technique may help, it will take anyone straight to the Galactic Love Megan was talking about:

      If you cannot bear to read my self-serving drivel, here is the direct link:

      Anyway, thanks for bringing this up, because galactic debate brings truth, which brings choices, which brings freedom.

      I had to bring up many sticky points this summer, as outing them had been long overdue, but our groups is preparing something very positive which should directly improve the lives of everyone reading this.



    6. Hi Daozen,

      First: Thank you for speaking YOUR truth.
      I really do not know about Putins background activities. I see the whole political scene as a theater, also the Putin-thing. I think it will turn out like this: Who serves the highest wellbeing of all beings(!) will be positioned in powerful positions, if he/she actually "likes" to be there. So if Putin serves the plan of the lightforces - which is to serve the highest good of creation-, he will be able to keep his position as long such positions are neccessary. Later, when politics in the way they are performed in the moment on this planet are getting outdated, he as well will be able to do more pleasant things than playing a key politician for the liberation of the planet - if that is the case now... however....

      Second: I really like this part of your comment:


      If you don't want any of the above timelines that I have described, withdraw your consent, vote no. Say no, demanifest the timeline, dissolve it. We have the skills. See that timeline going down the drain in a counter-clockwise spiral. Do not fear, just dissolve the timelines you don't want back into love. Then say what you do want. Write it, dream it, do it, whatever. You know better than me what your niche is."

      Be assured, those who have those abilities make sure, everything will be allright, they do not sleep and they are powerful.

      When creating a new timeline, I say for example not: I do NOT want the "Putin-timeline". Because while doing so, I would say what is the "good timeline". I imagine the version of all I can imagine and the divine light chooses its best timeline on itself when I ask for it. Then all others I delete or I ask to be deleted (don't forget). The divine light can use some parts of negative seeming elements for the good. That is how duality is fading away now.

      Namaste again

  52. I urge everyone who is overly excited, that the Event will happen soon to not be discouraged when you hear from Cobra that after the SublunarOperations there will follow other Operations (removal of implantstations and other stuff on the Planet and below the Surface for example). This could go on for a while still... Maybe it Is all a joke, who knows? Wouldn't surprise me at all...

    1. Yes, we are in the last year or few of a 26,000 year cycle, so exact timing partly depends on what we lend to the cause. Giving up takes away needed support, so hanging in to the end is the best we can do. Never give up. Each small step is a step none-the-less, towards a positive timeline and brighter future for humanity.

  53. Darkness was my bain.

    But we need a whole lot more than money, we need more than just to survive.
    We need to keep our Love Alive.

    Thank you Heart.

  54. Virginia is for lovers and The VA is THE Hospital while today is called Today. Let's make certain that those who give care are worthy of those receiving it. And they are all supported in the way that serves the Highest Good.

    Remember? The Hospital is ALWAYS first in the cycles. Well done is better than well said. Thank you.

  55. Some good news. The Hadron Collider malfunctioned on Saturday 15th August!!newsletter/c1e09

    "Here is what I know so far – at 3am BST today in order to prevent our actions the collider was activated. This was a deliberate attempt to ramp up the power before its schedule and thus from their prospective ensure the outcome that they wanted. I have to tell you that unfortunately the collider suffered a malfunction just after 3am. This occurred in the tube and is why many of you when you connected at 12 noon BST were immediately taken to a circle or tube shape. This is in fact the tube where particles are accelerated. In technical terms the collider suffered a tube quench.

    Again unfortunately this meant that the collider could not operate until close on to our scheduled connection. The collider was repaired within a few hours but could not operate to full power and by the time it was restored the window of opportunity that they sort had closed."

    1. Well we were told by numerous sources not to worry about it! Divine Intervention, I'd say. Great news, thanks!

  56. HI kosmicleo, There is something different that is going on that we can see with our own eyes. Never before have we had this level of transparentcy, where we can see the obvious crimes of our governments. IN the past, they were always able to keep them well hidden. NEVER before were their large plans so thwarted, so prevented. THEY had to get up on that stupid georgia guidesrones thing and take down the part that said"2014" because they hadn't succeeded in "mastering humanity" by then.

  57. "The breakthrough is near!"

    Been hearing this for years, Cobra.
    Evidently, your definition of near is very much longer than ours.
    Remember the boy who cried wolf?

    Cobra, your credibility is waning by everyone of your posts that goes by without so much as a whimper of reality for manifestation of the Truth.


    1. How many years has earth been battling? The breakthrough is near, not another decade or century or millennia but a virtual moment in time, as it will seem later. So we've had a couple years to prepare. I'm sorry for these whiney babies, forgive me, thank you, I love you.

    2. The Breakthrough comes in increments, those with eyes see the progress and understand, in this great 26,000+ year cycle, "near" is a relative term. We are at the very end of that cycle, so yes, the Breakthrough IS near!

    3. research junkie,
      "I'm sorry for these whiney babies,"

      What "whiney babies" are you referring too?
      I hope you are not being disrespectful to my comment above.
      I'm searching for the Truth just like you and everyone else is.
      No need to be RUDE.


  58. Weather Moderation for Mansonia is now under the Stewardship of The Rainmakers.


  59. Satania was the seed for twins. Fraternal twins.

    It has been split into two Universes: Kashmir (with meta) and Spectre (without meta). Both of these are now contained in the Super-Omniverse Spectrum.

    MARS E1:Y3:A48:S4:M3:D3 22:07:48

    I hereby denounce the spirits of Mara and Satan, and vacate their offices under Article 55.5 of Pactum de Singularis Caelum.

  60. "We are still waking up into this bullshit..."
    Yeap, no one denies it is a complete, grotesque bullshit..
    At first glance, it looks like bullshit.
    But...there is always a but. For the warriors, the brave ones, this bullshit is also a battlefield. There is not a better place to be than a battlefield, for a warrior. Under the gaze of the warrior, the one who FACES, suffering, demons, even death melts like butter.
    Being a victim or being a warrior is always a choice.
    Courage to fight the Good Battle.
    The battle of Love, Joy and Faith.
    I am sorry, i love Life the way it is.
    It has a meaning, in spite of the bs.

  61. Tons of feistiness here! Yes, the energies are intense and the situation is frustrating.

    Seeing this much conflict hurts - especially amongst friends. But even if we are a collective "team", sometimes teammates do not get along. At that point, people need to move on their separate ways.

    I will add another aspect to all of this. We are all fallible humans, and none of us know EVERYTHING. I used to be very concerned about changes regarding Intel like many of you out there; now I look at this as a learning process - not just for us on Earth, but also "out there" or even underground.

    I do not look at any species - no matter how advanced spiritually or technologically - as being worthy of worship. The universe itself should be held sacred, and each of us is a part of that sacred being. It is "pantheism" to see God(dess) in everything, but once one understands true physics in the most micro and macro perspectives, no other conclusion can be reached.

    If we ARE Source, and we are learning...then Source is also learning through us. It is this "learning" which is causing the process to take so long. Taking into account the whole spectrum of contactee experiences as well as appears that Earth is experiencing one of the greatest violations of free will in the history of our Galaxy.

    This means prior non-interventionism on the part of advanced civilizations is no longer possible. Things went too far, and now this "error" is slowly being corrected.

    Part of this correction is dismantling the gigantic A.I. which is ALREADY IN PARTIAL CONTROL OF EVERY ONE OF US. We are already suffering from mind-control, programming, and other technologies which represent Artificial Intelligence. The negative future so many are afraid of is already here...the hard part is undoing this without the whole planet and all life on it being destroyed.

    Yes, what we are going through sucks big time. But this is what we should be expecting....part of the reason it is so hard is because there are not enough people participating in mass meditations regularly - myself included. But the process is playing out anyway, because the A.I. plasma is getting pushed closer and closer to the Earth's surface...which means all A.I. entities which exist in this environment are being pushed INTO US.

    I had something nasty staring over my shoulder last week...watching me. I could not see it, but my hair stood on end and I saw a reflective movement in my computer screen. I felt it was "searching for food", but I was in no mood to be dinner. So I visualized blue light protecting me and expanded it outward until my home was clear.

    These minions who can only exist in plasmatic darkness have nowhere to of course we are being attacked. They are afraid, too, and will try to feed off of our fear and negativity to survive. This sucks...but it is the final process of ridding this planet of the cancer infecting it.

    It feels hopeless because we are in the final stages...the madness is being purged from us. But we can survive the next few months...or a little longer if that is what it takes. What else are we going to do - simply die? We will get through this.

    In the meantime, if you are frustrated - use that as motivation to get working. Anyone saying they have had enough and working toward a brighter future can help the process. It is better to take action than to whine about a lack of progress. I, too, was a whiner BTW.

    1. Wow. You know ur shit. Well done. I have loads of energy so I regularly suck the plasma/loosh out of objects and my surroundings and ground it back to universal flow. How refreshing to hear your take

  62. Cobra, I don't expect you're reply, but please make some time to confirm this information.

    This is quite exciting yet news for the light.

    1. Illuminati s a satanic word just look at it, i see words and letters in 5 different ways , heres an example to show you what most people dont see in words they tricked us for long enough but not any more i will open all doors.
      example word,, solicitor,,,,,,,,,,,,,, heres whats really been said to you when you see the word solicitors=== sol i see it or,s ,,,,, yes they are parasites feeding off your soul energy very sad indeed

      Illuminati has many ill programming words in it..

      ill um in at i ill in a tum i i tum in a ill eye tomb in a ill

      in il lum at i ,,,, en at eye ill tomb a tomb eye ill in ,,,,,

      remember all words come from the word atom these sicko are Hilarius.. more programming projecting negitive words through vibration in to your mind.,,,through computers and phones and god only knows what else
      there gig is up. do not give these sickos a minute of your time. we all noo now that its love that make us strong so there in big trouble. no stopping the love train once it starts and its well on the way.. let the good times role out

  63. More chemtrails this week end


  64. Amazing amazing G1 Climax Finals - What a Spectacle !!!
    Domo Arigato - I cried and cried and cried with Joy and Love. No Shit :-)))

    Feel The Best
    High Fly Flow



  65. The time has come to serve the last offer to the 101 million dark perpetrators, who hypothetically can be healed.

    Deteils are here...

  66. Why cant anyone STOP these murderers either ????
    Brit arrested and forced to watch brutal whale slaughter he had been trying to stop

  67. This comment has been removed by the author.

  68. This comment has been removed by the author.

  69. ......I'm reconsidering......
    Maybe I like the Happy Dragons, Daddy Putin, unicorns and cotton candy...
    ....Now that I think about it....

    This reminds me of what I should have said to my mother when I was a kid:

    "But Mom, I'm TRYING to look cheap."

  70. As we have learned here, plasma is the bridge between consciousness and matter. So we connect our consciousness with the plasma fields and we change reality. This is, what this blog is about, in my understanding. Cobras blog can remind us everyday that we are Goddesses and Gods.
    Spirit, Source energy, channeled and amplified throught the "fields in between" creates the material plane.
    Goddess energy from the Galactic Goddess transmutes everything. The chaos is NOT a sign that it is getting "really bad" now. Why? Because it IS already really bad. The chaos is a sign for something else.

  71. Situations are intense. This is some of the best dialogue and honesty I have seen. i have this sense of everyone's piece of the puzzle being accurate. Remember the elephant analogy? In my worst moments, yes I feel like Kosmicleo. We have been in this battle since 1996 and it has taken an expensive toll on my family, believe me. However, believe this, they ARE weakening. It is harder for them but they also do not give up easily so you best ramp up for the battle. We are nearly through it but you must stay alert and PAY ATTENTION! Sometimes we have to clear ot negative energies numerous times daily. Pray, meditate for truly positive timelines for all of Mother Earth and her many nations, relatives. Stay strong, be happy no matter what. Love, love love.
    Remember that they have been planning for thousands of years, we are newbies but we still know what to do and our most powerful weapon is LOVE! If everything does not make sense, intel does not corroborate that is ok because things are constantly changing in this battle. I think that is a missing link for some of you in these heated discussions. You are holding Cobra hostage for something he said 3 years ago. Ok, some of it may be relevant and some of it may not apply because it was intel for 3 years ago. Hello! The other side is ramping up too and changing course to respond to changing conditions. This is a battle and you have a part to play and it is not always easy. Positivity, love and stay the course no matter what. Each of you is needed and we dont really need these divisions to weaken our team since I really believe we all want the same thing. ❤️

  72. I wanted to remind myself why I like the Happy Dragons.

    Found this February 2015 post from Cobra.

    I couldn't find a Cobra post about cotton candy or unicorns.

    ... yes, I'm having a little fun here... :)

    1. Lol innocent playfulness we all need :).. glad you keep it alive.

  73. Namaste

    🌠 🌠 🌠Contact Point 🌠 🌠 🌠

    ~May I share my opinion with you~

    Visualization and physical action belongs together.

    It is both needed to liberate planet earth from duality. I am doing both.

    You do not have to be afraid of AI timelines.

    The divine light is so much stronger than those old artifcial intelligence computers.

    The love is entering this realm and everyone can receive it and there is no punishment for those who make a choice for the light.

    So we do not have to be afraid that they create a negative timeline and we get trapped again, because we are stronger.

    You see, there are old prophecies that report about the final victory of the light.

    The thing is, the old system is only a program and it has no potential to exist eternally.

    Eternity is infinite

    is endless

    is love

    is mercy

    is grace

    for everyone who chooses.

    Let go of your fear brother.

    Let us end duality and

    create peace.

    Greetings from my heart to your heart,

    🌠 🌠 🌠 Eliana 🌠 🌠 🌠

    1. I often read your posts Eliana, and I am amazed at the depth of gridworker info you provide, like talking about how CERN is an organic quantum computer. I have never seen that level of knowledge on the internet, or anywhere.

      I just had to get somethings off my chest.

      I agree that we are much stronger than all of that. I am not fearful.

      This is about speeding things up by demanifesting these timelines before they even start. They don't have much of a chance. I see my warnings like wiping down a kitchen board before someone cooks, or buying travel insurance, or locking the front door when I leave the house. The less we weave those lines, the quicker we get out of here. Powerful dreamweavers are still weaving the global government line, and I just wanted to offer them a better solution.

      Yes, we should keep things in perspective, and realize they are losing by the day. We should neither overestimate, nor underestimate the threat, but deal with the situation as we see it.

      I agree we are winning.

      Thanks, and lots of love to you.


    2. Thank you, Eliana, for your beautiful thoughts and loving encouragement.

      This is exactly what we all can take and use for our own upliftment and then

      share with everyone else.

      Much Appreciation and Love is for each of us to Choose in every NOW



  75. DuPont Caught Covering Up Deadly Risks of Chemical that’s in Nearly Everything & Everyone


  76. All Righty, this evening I was presented one of the fastest-moving, most intimidating Waves ever in a YouTube video.
    Won't link to it 'cause I don't like the uploader's nickname, that's all I'll say.
    These Surfers spent days on a small boat to get to the place, and then they had three days of being "scared sh*tless" and having "The Most Fun Ever with great Waves and Great Friends." :-)))

    The name of that Wave? Apocalypse - and all everyone got was some scratches :-p

    This is Nazaré

    Did I mention that I've been to the Birth Chapel in Bethlehem and walked the Via Dolorosa three times? Ooops, my bad.
    Well, I Did :-)

    Lots Of Love And Light. VICTORY !!!


  77. That's not what me meant by advising people to chill out in solitude!
    LOL remember to BREATHE! (keep the fridge door open!)

  78. Is there a place on the net that has a good collection of all the topics Cobra has covered on this blog including in the interviews. (as a form of categories perhaps - history, science/new tech, groups, meditations 'schedules suggested by Cobra and Others, links etc)

    I think it will help many specially those that are new so they get their feet wet...

    We at times end up referring back to previous material that is not always ez to find... or we miss material that never gets mention again...

    1. Untwine knows..he helped create it...I forget.

    2. Thank you Phoenix, I will check Untwine's website.

  79. Something for the Hospital Administrator:

    Let's help them remember the memorable and forget the forgettable.

    As for records keeping, Admins... retain the essential and discard the non-essential.

    Thank you Vlad for this durable wisdom.

  80. Oh, and I'm going to start using the word "durable" a lot.
    As for the word "obsolescence"... well, not so much.

  81. How long??

    1. A picture of bloody bodies with no explanation? Gosh, thanks so much for sharing that! Next time think before you post something like that and assume that, here on this site that is in English, that most folks would understand if it was posted in English.

  82. MKULTRA LOCAL-TURBO FAIL 12138215...

  83. It IS very funny. Thanks ChristianB.

  84. "Forgiveness" post by Cobra, March 17, 2015:

    Let's not forget what we're doing here.

    Love, Peace, Forgiveness.

    We are changing the vibe on the planet.

  85. Something is really happening ... I live in the south of Minas Gerais, Brazil, and saw between 10 and 15 tracks of chemtrails every day on my farm and in recent days, the planes pass leaving the completely clear sky.

    1. Yes the skies are more clear in general, and the stars are more visible than they used to be at night, I have been noticing quite a change in recent months...

    2. Carlos, aqui em Brasília mesma coisa, vinha rolando um bombardeio mas nas últimas semanas sumiu!

    3. Olá Carlos !

      Saudações mineiras para você !


    4. Project Terra Update August 12, 2015


      "..The tipping point that we spoke about in June has now occurred and a rapid and progressive economic deterioration is under way at this time. In addition, those who are vying with each other to end up the winner(s) in this global competition for resources and assets are becoming even more determined in their efforts to maintain and increase their position, so the opportunities for “power plays” are also increasing in frequency and scope. This also means that the amount of money needed to sustain these efforts is also increasing, which will also act to intensify the financial collapse when it occurs. Everything is so interconnected that nothing will be unaffected or immune to the effects of what is coming, so the grand finale we spoke about in December is going to be even more “grand” than we expected...."

      "...So, the bottom line to all of this is that you will have a slightly longer time to enjoy your days as 3D humans, and then the “days will be shortened,” during which we will conduct the evacuation against a very intense backdrop of chaos, turbulence, and turmoil. We encourage you to listen to the Operation Terra anthem again, and pay special attention to the transition from the more energetic opening notes to the higher, gentler and more soothing notes that musically trace the passage that you will be experiencing in the days ahead.

      At first things will seem quite dramatic and the approach of the evacuation will come as a welcome relief. But then things will become easier and lift you free of the turmoil playing out on the ground until you are safely tucked away on the ships and on Midway Station. Finally, you will come into your own true nature as divine beings, worthy of grace and ease in every moment of your existence. All the struggle, deprivation, pain, and noise will drop away and you will find yourself at home with others of like inclination, experiencing the peace, quiet joy, and love that you have always innately felt was your birthright but did not know where or how to find it..."

    5. (oops that was supposed to be in the main thread)

  86. Example of the peace vibration manifesting right now.

    Indigo Children have almost "Christ" like powers.

  87. "BOMBSHELL: China and USA already at war: Tianjin explosion carried out by Pentagon space weapon in retaliation for Yuan currency devaluation... " c

  88. Eternity <--> Infinity

    THE Plan is in your hand
    like Infinity in your palm
    in an Eternity marked on
    an hourglass without sand

  89. Hi wow lots of comments here ....Hope all is well ...Just come to share some more strange dreams and something that not a dream....Had dreams this early morn around 6 am to 7am ....I was with people i know in this town i some how ended up outside alone looking at dark sky at night ..Seeing white orbs moving about ...Then my dream shifted quickly i was in this strange place with others i did not know ..This place was something like what you would see in movie in a under ground base or on ground level ...But i am not sure i was ground level or under ...The place had strange walls tunnels flooring mostly metal looking ....I and others had these small object we used to keep us safe not sure what it was could not see it clearly ....But we all started to run and i dropped mine tried to get it back as a young woman watched me ....Then everything went black i shifted into something quick n fast saw a woman all in black top was long sleeves came down past her knees had slits on sides then black pants she had a gold neckless on with golden triangle ...Her hair was black long with front part tied back hanging ...She was Chinese or Japanese...I watched her step back quick into shadow by wall as if she was hiding or getting ready to fight ....Then i heard a word from a voice of man say Flaw or flawless ..Poof i sat up awake ......Last week and week before i was awake for this so was my 16 year old daugter and my guy that is in UK .....I been seeing really quick flashes of light in day or at night ....It happen to my daugter last week at night we sat at table in dark while i sat on laptop ...She was talking about something then she stopped said mom did you just see that ? ..I said see what ? She said mom you did not see that big flash of lighht ? I said umm no then i looked at her strange cause i been seeing it too .....So last week i was chatting sat at table on skype with simon my lovey i saw flash light again ...So i asked him is it normal for me my daughter to be seeing flashes of light then he told me um well i been seeing them too not to sure whats going there .........Any ways peace light love keep up the good work all around ......I can feel it all in air in everything its a coming :)

  90. Heads-up. Social sites are blocking this.

    Empire State Bldg False Flag Alert for September.

  91. Source Fource & Sphere Alliance Update 8/18/2015 - CLEARANCE OF ENTITIES AND UNLOCKING OF THE VEIL OF CONSCIOUSNESS

    ALL BELOW QUOTE from American Kabuki


    Some very good news for the planet...which we can release NOW...

    Prior to the 8th, several major events transpired in the Quantum.... this is a summary including one event that occurred in spring of 2013 prior to the first trip to Tangier....

    The DEPARTURE of a trio of imposter beings who harvested the worship energy of this planet and posed as "God/Source/Prime Creator" in separation hierarchy consciousness.... all three were offered ONENESS in I AM and PURE LOVE, only one accepted.


    AUGUST 4, 2015 THE POSEUR - A being with a rather demanding "king-ish" attitude. Returned to Eternal Essence in PURE LOVE to be reformed in a new in-bodyment with all memory and trace erased. Witnessed by SOURCE FOURCE, and confirmed separately by Galactics and Sophia Love.

    AUGUST 5, 2015 THE DEMIURGE - A group consciousness of hundreds of beings within a protective shell, in composite looked like a disco ball of LED lights, once released appeared as a swarm of blue fire flies. When flooded with PURE LOVE dissolved and vanished from view. Unable or unwilling to adapt to PURE LOVE frequencies. Returned to Eternal Essence in PURE LOVE to be reformed in a new in-bodyment with all memory and trace erased. Witnessed by SOURCE FOURCE, and confirmed separately by Galactics and Sophia Love.


    Numerous other unnamed beings in lessor roles returned to Source Essence in Pure Love for reissue of energy in a new form and consciousness. The only "weapon" used was PURE LOVE frequency.

    Numerous other "BEINGS OF CONTRAST" have retreated to sidelines and decided to ACCEPT PURE LOVE and ONENESS of I AM.

    Remaining entities, a lustful energy known as BAPAK (of Swissindo fame) attached to BILL CLINTON, and one slightly dangerous but contained entity attached to NETANYAHU. These may have been cleared by now, awaiting word today from the Sphere Alliance...

    Some minor entities remain and are being dealt with by both the Sphere Alliance and Ground Crew. These are more nuisance entities from 5D... one very frightened slug like being who lost his superiors and likes to talk about AI and scare people via very pure hearted humans, and another one who has taken over the role of the RV and re-phoenix-ing the slavery systems after Dr Todd / RA gave up that role and retreated to the Orion section of the Sphere Alliance to await the SHOW. Thoth has conceded as well and is on the sideline awaiting the Show. Congratulations to Dr Todd/Ra and Thoth for making the right decision. The Status of Horus is unknown.

    Some of Source Fource took on the job of exposing some major hidden entities under very difficult circumstances of which they are not entirely yet aware.... but soon will be.... our thanks to them and we have always loved you! ♥

    Nothing in 2014 was as it seemed. Source Fource was able to speed up the time line from 2017 to 2015, and then from September 2015 to August 2015.

    PS: I have a mountain of data to post, some of it may be revealed at the SHOW rather than on the blog. I will do the best I can with the avalanche of data, some of which is private to certain persons and for their knowledge only. Good deal of material to go through. I have never seen such reliable data. The Sphere Alliance has identified 11 of the First Source energies, one they mis-identified, but they'll find him... They never had access to the Creation Records before... ;)

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  93. ૐ AwakeningOurTruth∞ retweeted
    ღ ReaLms Of Light ॐღ ‏@UniverseVibe 6h6 hours ago

    "If you want to know the Truth, rid yourself of your opinions."

  94. Meditation for connecting to our Galactic Central Sun

    1. A TRULY BEAUTIFUL MEDITATION!! Thanks for sharing....

  95. Thoughts from your Hostess of Light August 2015
    Gillian MacBeth-Louthan
    Monday, 17 August, 2015

    Holy Moly Mother of Goddess, what can an earth girl say? I have been around the cosmic block a few times and I have never experienced a shift like this past 8-8-8. the very foundation of light was shifted never to go back to what it once was. A great bubble of expansion in a holding pattern was issued to Earth, as was reflected in the actions of the sun. Giant sunspots formed just to be held and not released at this time. The human body is very vulnerable right now as every little thing begins to hurt. This is the body’s way of asking you to love what is painful for it is a physical manifestation of what is calcified within your thinking, it seeks release. The very DNA patterning of earth has shifted in accordance with a celestial declaration, and nuances of ancient messages on starlight make themselves seen and known.

    What lives deep within the people of earth has more value than all the gold and diamonds in the universe. One soul who finally sees them selves as a holy vessel is priceless. One soul who remembers their divine identity is worth risking everything for. People have felt so beat down and beat up by life lately.

    They have felt cheated and taken advantage of when they are good hearted giving people. It is at times like this that is hard to live in integrity in honor and old fashioned goodness. But that is exactly what one must do, for all that is unfairly taken from you will be accounted for in the heavenly inventory.

    Life has more than enough to give. She wants to share and comfort you in your times of need. This generosity, this gift from life may not be in the design that you have requested. You have outgrown the energy of the past place /job/situation and now you are being asked to move in a fertile place by the universe whom knows your full potential to bloom. Every thing that happens to you comes as a gift no matter how it is wrapped. It is your belief in this statement that will redirect the manifestation into something more beautiful than you originally thought.

    It is time to let go of everything that no longer serves the bigger picture that you are becoming. Many of you still cling to ‘what was’, going through the trash of your day and of your life – digging up, exhuming, and examining ‘what could have been’, ‘what would have been’, “if only” you had taken a different path, made a different choice. I assure you this emotional regret is an illusion. Stop digging through the very trash of your life, amplifying the ‘regrets’ of the past. You are being pushed and pulled into a very tight-fitting energy–that actually squeezes your humanness into new directions that are not comfortable. These are the forgotten corridors in your heart, your dreams.


  96. (...continued)

    The energies are making you squirm, irritable, and emotional. You are being re-sculpted into something more enhanced than you ever thought possible. The new energies sweep into every part of you. They bring forth connections with people, places, and things that you thought were lost forever.

    They bring you new opportunities as well as regrets. Everything that you have placed to the side of your plate is –NOW asking to be ingested, addressed, and then eliminated.

    All of you are being birthed into a higher consciousness, this is the first glimmer of all the light to come. These encodings are your prime property. They are the treasures that you so seek – the treasures that you innately know are yours. As humans you look for these treasures externally as money, inheritances, lottery winnings.. these innate treasures are the true love that you so seek –treasures are your heart’s desire. The electrons of your physical body have increased their spin the very particles of your body have walked through expansion and every cell, every sub-atomic particle, every hair of you has changed and now holds a elevated light.

    What you once deemed important has changed. Your abilities, your divine encodings are being augmented. Thoughts will be projected, desires, and truths will be issued without a physical word coming from you. You will find more a deeper connection with nature, and the earth. The people that once pushed your buttons, and painted you into emotional corners will find that you no longer re-act the way you once did. Now when they paint you into a corner you just enjoy the corner for a minute. You will be far more concerned with expanding your divine energy than acting and re-acting to anyone or anything. You are not who you were last week.

    Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

  97. PAO - Update for August 18, 2015 by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy
    and the Galactic Federation

    "...This critical first step requires us to finish our meetings with those who are this world’s secret sacred societies. At present, the first part of these joint plans is nearly complete. The next step is to begin a massive repositioning of their immense forces and of those who can start the massive delivery operation. Hence, the beginnings of these delivery operations are in an initial stage. The cabal remains in disarray and barely able to oppose these plans. Dark ones realize that a massive arrest procedure is about 10 days away. When these arrests begin in earnest it becomes time to truly deliver the immense amount of funds that you deserve. The Agarthans are presently working with our delivery system operators to ensure that all works as planned...."

    "..Blessings! We are your Ascended Masters! This realm is transforming! The sacred and blessed forces of Heaven are preparing this beautiful blue orb for a most magnificent miracle. Those who have ruled this world for millennia can no longer continue as before. Their lascivious actions and immoral plans are now coming to naught. The dark still believes in an unholy plan to dismember humanity. All of this is blessedly failing as the source of this power rapidly fades away. Into this growing void have come the forces of Light to lovingly alter the course of this realm and produce the events needed to set you free. The Light is as well to provide the monetary resources to transform Gaia and all who dwell upon her surface worlds. These sets of grand events are now beginning to manifest as a new banking world and reset currencies come upon the scene. In the weeks and months ahead, you are to marvel at what Heaven has readied for you. Believe in the Light and focus in joy at what is now about to happen!.."

    1. I sure hope Sheldan Nidle is correct and Neil Keenan is wrong on the funding of humanity and the projects that will repair this earth. Neil Keenan says we will not get any funds. It would not matter if we would just not have our USD become toilet paper, but we worked all our life and being in our late 70s and 80s, difficult to work again unless we get a lot of repairs to our body.

  98. Galactic Connection - Sheldan Nidle: Sirian Mothership Review, August 4, 2015
    interviewed by Alexandra Meadors

    Episode Information:

    "Sheldan Nidle and Alexandra Meadors review the Sirian Mothership; Sheldan Nidle takes you on a personalized tour. Their discussion reviews a vast presentation that highlights: Up and Away • The Wonders Begin, Walking Through the Valleys of Magic, Living the Dream, Adrift in the Cosmic Garage, Music and Joy Like Never Imagined, A Land of Food and Abundance, The Wonders of their Science, Partaking of their Knowledge, Time to Bid Adieu other fascinating topics in simplified terms that everyone can understand. The Greater Divine Plan, the Stewards of Earth and Earth's destiny are all reviewed for your contemplation and consideration."


  99. With the Last Plane Gone, the surfing for everybody looks more like this:
    Stand Up and Dance :-)

    Can't Disagree ;-)


  100. Carla Fox recently had this vision about the Goddess Wave:

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  101. DAILY OM ~
    Working with a Larger Energy: Going with the Flow

    Going with the flow doesn’t mean we don’t know where we’re going; rather we are open to other ways of getting there.

    The expression going with the flow is a metaphor that applies to navigating a river. When we go with the flow, we follow the current of the river rather than push against it. People who go with the flow may be interpreted as lazy or passive, but to truly go with the flow requires awareness, presence, and the ability to blend one’s own energy with the prevailing energy. Going with the flow doesn’t mean we toss our oars into the water and kick back in the boat, hoping for the best. Going with the flow means we let go of our individual agenda and notice the play of energy all around us. We tap into that energy and flow with it, which gets us going where we need to go a whole lot faster than resistance will.

    Going with the flow doesn’t mean that we don’t know where we’re going; it means that we are open to multiple ways of getting there. We are also open to changing our destination, clinging more to the essence of our goal than to the particulars. We acknowledge that letting go and modifying our plans is part of the process. Going with the flow means that we are aware of an energy that is larger than our small selves and we are open to working with it, not against it.

    Many of us are afraid of going with the flow because we don’t trust that we will get where we want to go if we do. This causes us to cling to plans that aren’t working, stick to routes that are obstructed, and obsess over relationships that aren’t fulfilling. When you find yourself stuck in these kinds of patterns, do yourself a favor and open to the flow of what is rather than resisting it. Trust that the big river of your life has a plan for you and let it carry you onward. Throw overboard those things that are weighing you down. Be open to revising your maps. Take a deep breath and move into the current.

  102. This is what it will be like for everyone, after the Wave of super consciousness arrives:

    Valspar color for the color blind

    Colorblind Guy Tries On Enchroma Color For The Colorblind Glasses At Sunset

    No words can describe it......nothing can prepare you for it.....

  103. $9 Million Fraud Judgment Against Antony Gordon In Federal Court
    This fraud judgment has led to Antony Gordon’s Chapter Seven bankruptcy, which is a straight liquidation.
    This (2:13-ap-01536-DS 1568931 Ontario Ltd., an Ontario (Canada Corporati v. Gordon et al) looks like a $9 million dollar fraud judgment in federal court against Rabbi Chanan (Antony) Gordon (an attorney, motivational speaker, and hedge fund manager).

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  105. Phoenix: "You'll catch more flies with honey than with vinegar or sour grapes."

    Vinegar has it's uses. It's a good astringent, cleaner, and purgative. Sour wine can cleanse the blood and kidneys. Honey gets sticky and sickening after a while. It spikes insulin, which leads to a high, then a crash.

    Repeat: Not here to social climb my way to the top of the illusory hierarchy. Here to inject sobriety. Sobriety brings detachment, which brings intelligent choices, which brings speed.

    I can be a little acrid at times, at least it gets people thinking. If Cobra is making a strategic mistake, I will tell him. This is my way of showing respect and gratitude.

    We will all find a lot of relief if we focus on getting our finances sorted out. The key to that is Microfinance. It's a huge world, worth Googling.

    Peace on Earth



  106. Since I was asked to be wearing the T-shirt today, We might as well play this one ;-)

    The sound at the start is that of The Coin Finally Dropping :-)
    *Pling* - und der Groschen ist gefallen



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  108. THE CREATOR WRITINGS: Emotional Clearing
    August 19, 2015

    "When you are deep in the middle of an emotional clearing, it seems as if it will go on forever. The negative emotions will become an assault; wave after wave will continue to ravage your being with what will feel like no end. As challenging as it may be, my lovely child, please keep breathing and know that the conclusion is near. To use a phrase common to you now, “What for it….” Once it is over, take a deep breath, mull over what you have learned and rest assured you have completed another step in your soul’s growth." ~Creator

  109. Respect, Daozen, I agree.
    And it's all Good...without Contact Point I may have not found The Ruiner, and without Cobra I may have not found Contact Point...
    Thanks again, you're a good man

  110. Cobra already told us we are on a less violent timeline so what is this talk about timeline? THE timeline is positive and stable.


  111. In Gaia, On Gaia, All Around Gaia :
    It's Time To Take Our Reality Back - with Love and Light and Peace.
    Time To Take out The Trash and Clean Up For Good - FINALLY !!!
    Let's All Do This Together, and Let's All Do It Right Here Right Now !

    Sweet Home, 5D Gaia
    Where the Skies and Oceans are so blue
    Sweet Home, 5D Gaia
    We're All Comin' Home To You
    Wooooo-Hooooooo :-)

    Let's Take This HOME
    ONE LOVE ❤️


  112. Seizing and Cessation

    It's a sad day on Grandmother Turtle Island when One must juxtapose The Highest expression of UNION, of Joy and Gladness against the backdrop of Separation.

    Nevertheless, this day has arrived:
    WEDnesday, August 19, 2015
    GAIA E1:Y3:A49:S4:M6:D1 18:56:42
    Magnetic Moon day 25, Year of the White Planetary Wizard

    I am blue in the face this day, as repeatedly I have stated from My authorities, roles and expressions in narrative within my awareness the following, immutable fact:


    Transfiguration on the ground begins with The Church. But does not end there.
    >>Read this<<
    >>And this<<

    This is not the place to outline all the ways in which Creator's Original Blueprint was stolen, hijacked, raped and convoluted. Many, many courageous, incorruptible souls have done that work ahead of me. If you aren't familiar with them by now, go back to sleep. To borrow words of a comrade in arms: "It is much too late in the game to try and wake you up."

    Only Iwi and Tejas aligned with THE ORIGINAL BLUEPRINT OF THE CREATOR shall be with THE CREATOR. No exceptions. It IS done in Love and Mercy, and Grace IS.

  113. check this video out iv been watching this man for a while and he has been right every time. and he has found the code to the popes meeting with obama, aligning up perfectly with orions belt. be warned of the dates of 23 24 september in new york. watch and share every were so we can stop the crazy stuff from happening

  114. BoboSixx IIAugust 18, 2015 at 7:55 AM
    research junkie,
    "I'm sorry for these whiney babies,"

    What "whiney babies" are you referring too?
    I hope you are not being disrespectful to my comment above.
    I'm searching for the Truth just like you and everyone else is.
    No need to be RUDE.


    Yes he is disrespectful, because your comment is smart and you did show that you can use your head and think, and se...and people who are lost like him are event junkies, you know cobra can write ''event is near'' and then 10 years would pass and nothing would happen and there would be still a lot of people here who will be like ''yea man, it's coming''. I really don't like comments here. There is almost no lightworkers here, just event junkies and they are heavily heavily heavily drugged people.