Friday, September 18, 2015


There has been a recent development in Europe that needs our urgent attention. The refugee crisis in Europe has escalated:

Therefore it has been requested by the Light forces that as many people as possible support the people in Europe with our meditation. This is time-sensitive and needs to go viral! We need to reach masses of people, so that the critical mass of people actually doing it is attained. It is time for us to unite in purpose so that Light will be victorious. Please post this on your websites and blogs. If you know an alternative media outlet, you can send it to them. You can share it with your iphone. You can create a Facebook group for your local group of people doing this in your part of the world. You can create a video about this and post it on Youtube. 

Scientific studies have confirmed positive effects of mass meditations on human society, so each of you that will participate in this meditation can actually save human lives in Europe and worldwide:

We will be doing this meditation on Sunday, September 20
th at 7:00 pm Central European Summer Time (CEST). This equals 7:00 pm EET in Cairo, 6:00 pm BST in London, 1:00 pm EDT in New York, 12:00 pm (noon) CDT in Chicago, 11:00 am MDT in Denver and 10:00 am PDT in Los Angeles.

You can check the time of the meditation for your time zone here:

1. Use your own technique to bring you to a relaxed state of consciousness
2. State your intent to bring peace and healing to the situation in Europe

3. Visualize a beam of Light emanating from your Soul Star chakra (8 inches / 20 centimeters above your head) into the Soul Star chakras of everybody meditating


4. Visualize the now collective beam of Light expanding into the Earth energy grid and reaching Europe, connecting with Soul Star chakras of everyone involved in the situation in there, harmonizing them and inspiring them to find a peaceful solution. Visualize all refugees receiving food, water, shelter, medical assistance and humane treatment. Visualize all refugees and policemen that might turn violent calming down and choosing peaceful solutions. Visualize all members of the dark forces who are trying to infiltrate into Europe posing as refugees, to be recognized as such and detained by law enforcement. Visualize Europe keeping peace and stability that she has achieved in the last 70 years.

It is very important for people involved in situation in Europe to be aware that we will be supporting them with this meditation so that the energy of Light we send will be received
and will be able to heal the situation. Therefore it has been requested by the Light forces that you inform your contacts in Europe that we will be helping them with this meditation, using email, Facebook, Twitter and other means of communication. It has also been requested that people in Europe distribute this information within their networks.

Youtube video has already been created for this meditation in English:





















Translations into other languages are needed as soon as possible. Please send your translations to and they will be made into Youtube videos and posted here.

Updates about Meditation for Europe:


  1. I'm from Croatia so you can bet I'm in....

    1. Olá bênçãos e muita Luz p vocês. Sou do Brasil. Estou enviando mensagens p meus amigos e conhecidos. " Ofereço o meu melhor para vocês " Para ser um, em alegria
      Sílvia. /\ :))

  2. Got the message out as quickly as possible. Europe will have peace.


      Read this comment below:
      Adam1111September 19, 2015 at 12:48 PM

      I know we are all frustrated here - but don't you think those ET races above the Earth right now are frustrated? They may have a clearer view of the big picture, but remember - those who are trying to help are being tormented, too.

      Seriously, there are hostages from other races being held simply to prevent the liberation of our planet. It pains me to think that a critical mass of humans cannot come together at critical moments like these to simply do a meditation...while others are being held (and likely tortured) as a result of our inability to unite and fully use our power to throw off those who enslave us.

      On an individual level, we are all suffering. The only way out of our individual suffering is to come together as one giant family and declare our independence from spiritual darkness. Fighting each other and blaming the messenger is not productive.

      Instead of questioning the efficacy of the mass meditations, why don't we take a bit of a leap of faith and actually give participation a try? Moreover, for those of you who are still you realize HOW CLOSE we were to a Nuclear WWIII in 2013 over Syria? What stopped it was mass meditations. Look back on Cobra's blog archive and read posts from May-August'll see the urgency in those writings.

      I am a very left-brained person, so I can understand those who are skeptical about mass meditations. I used to be of that mindset. But the power is long as the numbers are there. We really need to get the numbers!

      To all who read this on Sunday before the scheduled time...please put aside your doubt for at least an hour of the day when the meditation is supposed to take place. Take a leap of faith that something which does not make logical sense can actually make a huge difference in world events. Believe in the power of your minds and hearts.

      Don't give in to your own doubt and the myriad haters out there. Do this not just for Europe or Syria - but for our whole planet. Do this for our future so we cannot just survive but thrive.

    2. Beautifully said and worthy of being posted every time we call for any mass meditations. Thank you, and of course, thanks endlessly to Cobra.

  3. This is a very sad situation! I will do my very best!

  4. Count me in! For The Victory of Light.

  5. This information may interest you, Cobra...

    "GoldFish Report No 13, 9/18/15" on YouTube

  6. Count me in! FOR THE VICTORY OF LIGHT.


  7. Radio Free Europe

    "Ich rufe alle Superhelden, alle großen Meister
    Alle Highlander, alle Krieger, alle guten Geister
    Alle Superfreaks und Auserwählten zu mir ins Hier
    Ich hab' Millionen Legionen hinter mir"



    1. Und heute rufst Du alle Superhelden, alle Großen Meister
      Alle Highlander LichtKrieger, alle guten Geister
      Alle Superfreaks und Auserwählten, und MICH ins Hier
      DU hast Millionen Legionen hinter DIR

      Große Umarmung und Küsschen, Gaia.

      "Darf ich Dich noch mal in den Arm nehmen?"
      "NATÜRLICH :-))) "
      Danke. Ich liebe Dich


  8. I sent it out to Facebook! Even if I and others just pray, it will still help. Peace to all.

  9. I started early sat in sun felt my forehead between eyes start rolling pressure right away ...Then felt tiny bit strange pressure on crown my head kinda teared up while meditating ...<3 ....

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  11. An other interessting development is rising ...
    At this moment we are in extensive negotiations to to clean the moon from foreign and outside influences. Deadline is the end of this year .. they have to leave ... !!!
    And complete disclosure of their work!
    It goes on ...

  12. Count me in 💝 FOR THE VICTORY OF LIGHT 💜💜💗

  13. There are many ways to help and provide relief initiate event sequence and protocol.

    1. Matty Waxy:

      Yes, there are many ways to provide relief.

      THIS TIME we are all going to meditate because many of us are on the other side of the world from Europe.

      Suggest you join the party and join the meditation!

      Meditating is a great energy boost and you will be contributing to world-wide peace and your own peace and prosperity... !!

      A big wave of love is coming your way.. Ready or not, here it comes!

    2. Matty Waxy:

      Yes, there are many ways.


      Suggest you join the party. Smaly 7 made an awesome video.
      Look Listen and Do.

  14. I am praying for them every single day. And I'll be definitely, joining my sisters and brothers for the meditation.
    It's a sad, sad situation. My heart aches for these poor, hopless people. Anger and helplesness, turns my blood into a water....

    My question is this:
    How loooong will it take to our "advanced", "pure", "enlightened", "all knowing and all seeing", "LOVING" ET "allies", (i no longer should call them FAMILY), to understand a VERY SIMPLE thing - WE, the people of Earth - are not capable getting rid of the foxy and CLEVER dark forces?!!!! They just don't get it!!! And that's because of the LACK OF THE MARVELOUS HUMAN FEELINGS and EMOTIONS that we possess!!
    Why can't the ones up there, do anything... something... to stop or to evaporate the remaining menace of the cosmos, for once and all?

    I won't, and i just cant't hear any more exuses and "scientific" explanations. It won't work with me...
    I am so disappointed with the "heavenly forces"!!!!!!
    This is what i call "The Divine Comedy"!!. No, this is a tragedy called the "A divne experiment of endurance on powereless people"!!

    Who knows? May be, we've always been.... Today, looking on global situation, that's all i can say.

    On Sunday, let us for once again, DO OUR BEST!!!

    May patience and HOPE BE with us all!

    1. Remember If some folks weren't so easily worked over in sept 2001 this tragedy along with many many others would have never ever materialized but we all know how that worked out. The fact that on sept 18 2015 we are all still being forced to experience and bear witness to such tragedies is disgusting and condemable. But we should all rest assured because the ancient families who most likely never worked a day or ever worked for anything in any of their lives past present and future are pleased with the work progress and speed of these human light forces. someone should ask the refugees if they feel the same as these "royals" aboit the progress of these proceedings.

  15. I'll be there and spreading the word...................

  16. Meditation for Europe video

  17. Problem with living beings is this. They only think their perspective is the right one. So the average guy doesn't know anything, then the awakened one's and their consciousness is higher and cobra is even higher then his contacts then the beings above them. This is why this world is a mad house. Instead of them 'superior' beings adjusting to make a difference within this matrix farcical surface we live on we are told to meditate. Not one picture or shred of evidence has been produced of any alien, it's not a big deal to me as I have gleaned lots of information from this site but you have not created a movement, only hope.

    The only country that has done something is Hungary. Their country is not controlled by alien just human, the rest of Europe it's open boarders and you have said reptilian Arab clones are coming in. Again I don't rise emotionally to all this I have accepted, I don't care but I stand for justice. I think and I say so humbly e.t.s are limited in their analysing of lower dimensions, I feel there is a certain arrogance, oh it doesn't matter in the grand scheme of things....such as squatting a bug, a lack of empathy. Didn't 250,000 people die a few months back. Does the human race have a hero, is there a rich person fighting advertising with massive ads to wake people up? No, enough said.

  18. Translated to Slovak and Czech. Thanks Cobra, been waiting for this :)

  19. Together my brothers and sister's.

  20. We from Malaysia will do our best

  21. All In.. I am in Northern California.. I am traveling to Europe on the 23rd. with plans to be in Croatia on the 26th 27th 28th...

  22. Just land your Damn light ships and get rid of these pieces of shit that have murdered, Raped and destroyed our Planet. We are sick of it and we can`t get rid of them with out the higher powers help. We are killed for exposing them and poisoned from the air,water & food everyday. We need help now!!! Not months from now when more of us have been killed or have cancer. If the light has all knowing power & knowledge then let`s stop this madness now and let`s clean up this Planet now and get rid of the last of the evil scum!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Beginning to think they can't or won't. Not sure which, but if the roles where reversed, I doubt any of them would do anywhere near as well as us on the ground. And ya know what? Hostages or not I would've done landed my damn starship and started guns blazing. Fucking casualty happen. But I guess ONE of you enlightened races hostages is more fucking important than all of humanity right? I've seen some of your ships in the sky, so i know you exist, but i'm very disappointed in you all. My lady says I'm always bitching and going on in my sleep, and i suspect I'm bitching at you offworlders, but I'm not privy to remember when I awake. I'm doing everything in my power, but you offworlders arnt. Either grow some proverbial balls, and accept those who'll be lost in this WAR and yes its a fucking war down here. or GTFO. Guess we'll see your choice soon enough [or not.] I'm tired of being tired, and me personally? I'd settle for non-existance at this point.

    2. I understand & can relate personally to your frustrations dearest Truthblaster. I know it can be VERY hard, but I think we must be very careful not to deem these cabal people "pieces of shit" or "evil scum", as that is simply falling into their (purposefully built) trap of lowering our own vibrations & sinking down to their level.

      As tough as it is to say, they too are beautiful divine (although misguided) souls -- no less special or divine than we are. Also, much of the human cabal members are themselves enslaved & trapped, held hostages by the Reptilians & Archons above them.

      As for those beings? I pray they will turn to the Light, but I'm unsure if they are worthy of ANY of our energies yet (either Loving OR negative ones), until such time that they are removed from power -- free from harming & manipulating humanity ever again. Of course at that point, they too will also be worthy of our unconditional Love & Forgiveness :-)

      In Love & Light,

    3. And don't forget that these reptilians are very sore losers. They would just assume to blow up this planet than just leave or be captured. That is why it has taken so long. It is very frustrating, I agree, and I'm looking so forward to a new way of life. We all need to keep love in our hearts and forgive. It's been very hard for me to do, but what other choice do we have? To complain and bitch? Done that also. Doesn't help. So try and focus for the good of all, and we do not know what is nessessary for all these events to complete😇

    4. Also, I'm sure the Light Forces are doing their best, so we shouldn't necessarily assume they're doing nothing, just because we don't see them or aren't privy to their operations :-)

      In fact, they've saved this planet from nuclear disaster & WWIII countless times already. I agree that the current situation is frustrating, but looking at if from a glass "half-full" perspective, we can observe that:

      - WWIII hasn't happened
      - None of the fear-mongering Martial Law/Fema camp stuff has happened.
      - The Cabal still doesn't have their NWO, which they expected to have years ago, shortly after 9/11
      - Their false flags are failing harder & faster than ever before. Case in point the Ebola fiasco.

      Remember all those red headlines "Ebola in America"? The public refused to buy that story, & it fizzled out faster than we could blink. The same will be the case with Jade Helm or any other last-ditch efforts.

      But most of all, try to hang in there & stay in as positive/higher vibratory state as possible. Things obviously are still less than ideal, but things could be FAR worse than they are now. Everything will work out in the not-to-distant future, likely before 2017 is over. :-)

    5. The fact that you can not see or feel it, don't mean that nothing happens.

      There are huge battles running for days now with the darks in and about 3d. And esp. in no matter 3d layers like quantum layer...

      And they are getting bigger... So be patient...

    6. Adam, I've flagged this specific comment in something I where I'm "going viral". I just realized that it is unclear whether I am criticizing this comment or promoting it.

      In all seriousness, your comment "Wins The Comment Section" for this post. You've hit all the key points here. Only 4-5 years ago, I never would have believed in "help from beyond"...but you definitely nailed why I've come around. Humanity and most species of flora/fauna would be extinct without the Light Forces (i.e. Pro-Liberation Factions above, on, and below the Earth's surface). If you really look at how bad things COULD becomes obvious there is an unseen influence of assistance.

      We owe it to them to assist by helping ourselves. A mass meditation is by far the easiest way for any one person to participate in asserting their own freedom.

  23. Im in....special poignant times people were here !!!!!

  24. Yes, help is needed. I am from Serbia. On surface - refugees...and they are people, too! All of you do for others, do it yourself. Much suffering, misery now in this region. In the depths of a whirlwind of rough, heavy energies. And in the same time, the opening of the portal. Thank you all. Thank you Cosmos.

  25. translation in french:

  26. It's a sad situation. But I'm sure the Light forces would be able to trigger the event, should things get out of hand.

    In regards to spreading this type of information -- are you folks familiar with the Twitter app TwitLonger?

    It let's you post tweets much longer than the 140 character limit, meaning you can literally go "Hash tag" bananas, posting literally as many as you want. I even like to drop a few of the "trending worldwide" hashtags in there, when sharing Cobra's meditation/activation events, just in case the info tickles the fancy of any unsuspecting onlookers. XD

    Personally, I've found my "friendless" Twitter account a good means of spreading information; much better than bombarding my Facebook friends' newsfeed with info that, unfortunately, most of them are just not ready to hear & take seriously yet :)

  27. Share via FB
    So It Is!

  28. I am in, and have organized a meditation-evening from 5.30-08.00pm CEST for free on this theme Cobra introduced here. If there are dutch people or anyone in this area interested to join me, please be welcome! Tea available.
    Location: Almelo, Netherlands.Reservations: (+31) 06-50287421. It will be given in my place, but if a lot of people will turn up i might organize it in a bigger (sports)hall.
    No experience needed. Just your honest intent, your true devotion and positive attitude. I have also announced this on my Facebook (Simone Volgers), on my Twitteraccount (siminthesky) and Google+ ( as a trial.
    I am looking forward on this and be good and let's make it happen! Victory of the Light!

    in Dutch:
    Ik geef morgen een open huis meditatieavond van 2 uur. Het thema dit weekend is voor de vluchtelingen, zie video hieronder. Je bent welkom vanaf half 6. Om 6 uur doen
    we eerst een korte intromeditatie om erin te komen, om 7uur 's avonds sluiten we ons wereldwijd aan bij de groep. Na deze meditatie drinken we wat thee en kan
    je je ervaringen delen, mocht daar behoefte aan zijn. Deze avond is gratis en vraagt geen ervaring, enkel toewijding en oprechte positieve deelname. Wees welkom.
    Reserveren svp : 06-50287421. Victory of the Light! Simone.

  29. Cobra: Muchos Trabajadores de la Luz y Guerreros de la Luz haremos esta meditación. Duele el corazón, duele el alma ver tantos inocentes que mueren tratando de sobrevivir al escapar de la guerra. También duele ver el hambre que hay en muchos paises. Duele ver cómo mueren por hambre o por enfermedades, por el aire, comida, agua, y tierra envenenada. Cada niño Cristal que muere es un CRISTO que muere. La Diosa quiere Paz, la Diosa tendrá Paz. Pero para esto necesitamos el EVENTO YA! LOS ARRESTOS YA! La divulgación en todos los medios de comunicación con los nombres de los arrestados, así los humanos que aun no han despertado en su conciencia lo harán sin ser perjudicados en su Mental. Las energías estan aumentando y se sienten, hay más amor y también más caos en la superficie, pero no alcanza. Ya no podemos esperar "otro retrazo " NO. El Cielo ha Decretado la liberación de la Tierra. Queremos vivir el AHORA en PAZ, en AMOR, en LIBERTAD.
    Gracias Cobra por su trabajo!!
    La Victoria de la LUZ ....AHORA!!

  30. The Light forces cannot just swoop in and take care of this situation because there are strangelet and toplet bombs all over the place. They are even inside some of the bodies of the very people following this blog! If the Light forces could openly help, I’m sure they would immediately fly in and help. As it is, they have to operate from behind the scenes and they need our assistance with this-- they need the POSITIVE energy of our consciousness during the group meditation to help solve this humanitarian crisis. If they didn’t care about humanity, they wouldn’t ask for this kind of help from us.

    1. I agree as well! :-) I'm sure they're doing all that they can. I'm willing to bet that some of the Confederation groups would have triggered the Event already, if it were up to them -- but I believe Cobra mentioned the initial signal to start the Event *must* come from SOURCE itself.

      In Love & Light,

    2. @Mitchel Tr. James
      Thanks brother, i know about the things you're talking about.

      Yet, like i said, i no longer care what is there out of Earth or around Earth. I don't care if there are some strangelet bombs put inside of me and made my SACRED TEMPLE a "temple of horrors"!!

      The biggest questions i ALWAYS had were, and STILL are, these:
      # 1- WHY? Why the Light forces, (i mean aaaall of them), and especially the source, DID let things go this deep, to these extreme on Earth -FIRST OF ALL?!!
      Way back, 600 million earthly years ago, (or so), when the darks were celebrating their triumphs throughout this universe, the Light forces should NOT ONLY start defeating them, but the "LOVING AND CARING" source/one, should give a protocol to severily punish the criminals, and NOT have a situation like that anymore and anywhere in the whole universe.

      Yet, BECAUSE THAT kind of measurements weren't taken, things got worse and worse, and worse.... More solar systems were blown away. More planets were turned into prison and horror planets, because..... Guess what? The darks knew they WOULD NOT BE PUNISHED! In fact, seeing how they are being "taken care of", i think they are loved more than WE are....

      So, THIS IS the situation today. Still, the darks are the ones who can keep everybody, including the Light forces, in FEAR of taking drasting measurements!!!

      # 2- And why anybody, who teaches US, the humans, that LOVE is all that is; there is no BETTER POWER than Love; Love conquers ALL - will NOT PRACTICE the LOVE FOR the humans of Earth, who are the most tortured and enslaved EXAMPLES left in our universe?

      "IF they didn't care about humanity, they wouldn't ask for this kind of help from us".
      What an honorable "HELP". How toughtfull of them!!!!
      They RELY on us for everything! (Excuse me? With these tortured, programmed, raped and bombarded brains with this and that maicrowaves, and with NO any kind of self defence technology?!)

      I shall say no more....
      Thank you heavenly "sisters and brothers" for asking for our help!

    3. @Hye Angel, I think you should care about strangelet and toplet bombs because they could not only destroy Earth but also the entire universe. And these types of bombs don’t just destroy the physical body of beings and then the soul lives on; these types of bombs utterly destroy the physical, light, mental, and emotional bodies of beings. In other words, they rip apart souls and no being is left. They are very serious and a serious impediment to the progress of the Light forces.

      I think you should read this book that Cobra linked to near the beginning of this blog:

      It explains all about how Darkness arose in this universe, how it spread, and how it will be defeated. It explained a lot of things for me.

      But, the condensed version is that Source did not “allow” darkness to arise and spread, it was very much an accident. Primary Anomaly is a substance, like plasma, that came about at the creation of the universe. It is anomalous (different) because it is the only substance in the universe disconnected from Source. By itself, it is not dangerous and no threat to anyone or anything. However, some very powerful light beings, Archangels, were curious to know what it would be like to be disconnected from Source so they built some electromagnetic chambers, with Primary Anomaly as the fuel, and disconnected themselves from Source. But they could not reverse the process and forever remained disconnected from Source. As a result, they became insane, twisted, and evil, very much like Gollum from Lord of the Rings. They are the Archons. They are responsible for the spread of darkness in our universe, not Source.

      But, the good news, it that it ends here and now, on this little blue planet. We just have to be patient a little longer and stay positive.

    4. Thanx Mitchel!
      Your presence here on this blog is so important!
      And the "complainers" are equally important.
      I personally love both.

  31. Our past meditations did not quite work, actually it got worse on every turn. Look at syria, and the shape that it is in now.
    So i do not see the point in this.
    Having a dedicated time to think positively is nonsense, if we are not with every breath in healing and upflowing energy, than 10 mins wont change much.

    And to COBRA and the "resistance"; your messages are getting more and more disconnected with this collective reality bubble. Not one tangible thing for quite some time. It seems only what you do lately is justify the lack of manifestations of the change you promote.
    Jumping from "we have contained negative entities on a narrow area above and below surface of earth" to "now we have hostages on jupiter and entire solar system" is insane contradiction.

    Instead of "upping" the level of understanding of those that follow this blog. It looks more like dust in the eye.

    Hostages ? Seriously ? if someone would tell me right now that if i die and the entire planet would be free to chose and free from evil. I would frikin do it in an instant.
    So either give proper context for why is the "hostages" situation relevant, or dont share the half-baked informations like that in the first place. You told us nothing about them, not "if we can help them", not "they are in distress, and we have to have understanding" nothing, just out of the blue "we have a hostage crisis here". Ridiculous.

    And anyone with reasonable mind would get the notion that as we clear the solar system more and more, there is less and less negative ones and more and more positive ones. So that means By the law of logic, that the progress must be speeding up exponentially, but, we do not see that. What's more we do not see not those negative ones or those positive ones.
    Its like the portal201blog became a self-containing and self-justifying reality in its whole. No tangible string of thoughts to connect the words here to our collective reality.

    And i am not trying to spread negativity if anyone got that notion, but honesty is needed on every step of the way. If i can be honest with my self, and with my "challenges", than you can bet that i expect the same from those that have influence on billions of souls.

    1. It is only your perception that it is worse. It does no one any good to complain and think things are getting worse. Who are we to second guess our creator?

    2. @11thboris i'am with you 100% of what your saying here and about being honest it needed so badly to the point that it stopping us form going forward and if the people ware told that could fight for freedom and would win they would in a sec but the people are only think of sleep that cant do anything and they think that because that what there told that there are sleep that cant do anything when that not true

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. Agreed "Goddess of Humanity" is correct. It is only your perception that things are bad right now.

      The Syrian war has been going on for 4 long years. Why haven't people noticed before now? People in mass are waking up but things are actually getting better over there. The war is winding down. Between 2003-2011 over 1,000,000+ people died in Iraq but nobody cared. Things comparatively are calmer now. Remember how bad things were on 9/11 and the days that followed. The cabal is rapidly losing its grip on the planet. This scheme to send refugees into Europe to cause some type of conflict is proof of their desperation. They feed on conflict but if this is the best they can do we should laugh in their faces.

      The greatest fear of the cabal is not that they will be caught and hung nor WW3. Their greatest fear is that world peace suddenly will break out. Without conflict to feed on then they will disappear from existence. The energy of the planet will not support them anymore and the cabal will simply vanish from reality without that negative energy.

      Do not be fooled by their propaganda on the Tell-a-lie vision. The last 2 years have been the most peaceful in human history. So raise your spirits and meditate for a better future. Victory is close at hand.

  32. If the light forces are so interested, why don't they off ISIS? Don't tell me they didn't see this coming. It's been building since Syria went off the rails a fews years back. Even I saw what was happening, and I'm no military genius. Do the light forces know what's coming next? I do. But why bother you with my humble opinions when you are in touch with the masters of the universe. Surely no one is putting one over on them.

  33. Shadow Manifest is ShaTao. it has been claimed and Established by Michael.

  34. Ion Lace. "... To the last ion, the z ion.

  35. Let Love lead. Let Grace follow.

  36. Homer's edit: Apollo supports ShaTao.

  37. A Nova will require more than sunglasses, more than Shade. It will require The Shadow Path. Let's ask the question: How fast can we hold hands? And answer it.

    Every knee He said. HE meant it. It's a prayer thing. Level of intent. Some rules can be bent and others broken. But not that one.

  38. Let us now be mindful and heart full of Him. ShaTao.

  39. FROM what I understand, the higher densities (6th and up), including our higher selves, agreed to the law of free will to come down here for a certain number of thousand of years. Higher. densities experience evil only as lack of understanding and are literally incapable of battle as they only see all as one. THE problem is they don't understand suffering and don't seem to get that we can't access our higher self because of these implants. THEY are kind of cut off. I do believe they promised nothing this bad will ever happen again.

    1. Heh. Well I could gladly explain plenty they could do. Like I mentioned earlier; I go on and on in my sleep " No motherfucker; do it like this!" No No No, wrong! this is the correct way to do that!" Ect ect. Tell ya though, if I lost my soul mate, I know I'd go straight for a high powered rifle and start taking care of these suckers at top my damn self. I am a warrior in every human and off worlder sense.

      On a side note; I had a dream awhile ago, and debated if i would share it with everyone here. Dreamed that I was a blue colored light, and was taken away and stripped of all color [grey]. Eventually said FUCK IT in the dream, some how or another I'd learned during that imprisonment to change color and use all the spectrum's and reigned as "The Rainbow King". Was an interesting dream to say the least.

  40. We can MAKE IT HAPPEN!
    We, THE PEOPLE, are 99%, what an enormous power!!


    Suggest we spread this one around. Truly inspiring.
    (See Smaly7's comment above and here's the link again)

  42. so we have one more opportunity to participate in creating the new world, one of Peace? To take our destiny in our hands? And one more opportunity for the Universe to measure how many are awake and wiling to act? What are we waiting for? Let's do it, after all, keep in mind:
    1. The Principle of Mentalism
    "THE ALL IS MIND; The Universe is Mental."--The Kybalion.

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  44. In the last month there seems to be something coming between my connection with the light-it is just not as strong as before. I no longer astral travel or dream, or at least I have extensive amnesia about what is occurring; only a vague sense that there are some very serious meetings, maybe about the liberation situation. Despite "knowing" that something is indeed happening, I just can't help but feel that being awakened is a curse- I am weary, exhausted and done. Everyone around me has a low level of tension/anxiety. I am tired of hearing that "the event will be triggered if (insert whatever horrible thing you want) was tried by the dark". Then just do it because I think we are there. Sorry to hear about hostages on the asteroid implant station, but there are billions of hostages here on earth. Every time I think things are close to happening, then another location of stranglet bombs appears- now they are in lightworkers!! Come On. I will meditate on Sunday, but Cobra, please tell the RM we need something substantial to really show us that any of this is real. How can we be expected to blindly believe for years when there has been no tangible proof of anything. I don't know what the answer is, but we can't keep moving forward into worse and worse situations. Our home is being destroyed and the pain and suffering is at an all time high!!!!

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Right there with you. Being awake is a curse. Not sure I even believe it'll get better anymore, as there are very few of us sis. And being a introvert AND a empath is a triple whammy to the tiredness. Perhaps us awakened ones need to become yin yang forreal and use dark and light to win this. Cause we don't have numbers on our side.

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  46. Oh please spare us your condescending "I am enlightened, you are not" attitude. I know so many of you self purported enlightened souls. What you are really doing is ignoring uncomfortable situations. You are not enlightened, you are play acting. If you can't feel the level of energy that is here, than you are not awakened at all and you are certainly not helping to clear it all. Please share with us how you have managed to escape the Cabal mind control. What you fail to understand is that people are venting because they are in distress, try a bit of compassion.

  47. 11thboris

    Thank you brother. You comment is best comment here.

    1. Indeed. You both sound like contactpoint. Full of negativity.

    2. not to argue at all, but don't ya thing that claiming someones else negativity without knowing its message is the exact trait of isolation and down-pulling energy. go figure!

      I do not care of COBRA's or resistance message in an absolute manner, what did they do deserve such trust, cant you ask your self ?
      What i know is the outcome of all of this regardless of this blog or what ever.
      Outcome will be ascension sooner or latter.

      I follow this blog outlet because i feel inclined to, for what ever reason. But that does not mean that i can't be reasonable about it. After all this is not some Cult of secret Control and worshiping, isn't it ?

      Saying the sentence "i speak truth" does not make it more truthful. Even if you believe with all of ur being that it is. You need to have an In-Spirit involvement for to have bigger picture.
      And my in-spirit sense gives me Itch and urge to feel somewhat "what is this, nonsense now ?" kind of feeling. It is my right by existence, isn't it, to feel and share, right ?

      And this blog is trying for good amount of time now, to grow the culture of state of "i'm waiting". To what end i do not know, nor do i wish to speculate.
      Millions of excuses to justify the "waiting game".
      Only 2 photos of some genuine In-Spirit impact, rest of it is contradictory gibberish.

      And that is fine with me. I did not expect to get an vision into deep from this kind of source anyways. But it is good to be extremely careful of where you put your trust in.


  48. Morning All, Wake-Up Call :-)

    "Der Schläfer Erwacht"
    "The Sleeper Awakens"
    "Harmonie bringt Die Kraft."
    "Harmony brings The Power."
    "Der Zauber wirkt, Du Wachst Auf. Und Weisst Es. WEISST ES"
    "The Magic works, You Wake Up. And Know It. KNOW IT"

    PI - PI 2222, PI - DN 1111, IZ - AZ 111

    Peace & Love


  49. Cobra stated at his conference that such emergency meditations are also a test of the Light workers ability to organize in a short period of time and testing the resonance of the meditation’s frequency on the planet. So this is very important that as many as possible participate.

  50. Remember, the Power of our Light is what the dark forces fear the most for a very good reason as we can "move mountains" if we aspire to in a group effort....ONWARD WE MARCH!!

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  52. Rights of passage in the end, only will unite humanity that much more. Can't you see?

  53. I'm already on the case and started meditating on Friday. Will continue through to Sunday. Let there be peace.

  54. I can resonate with both points of view here :D On one hand Brown Eyed Girl is absolutely correct in that the people venting their frustrations here are indeed distressed, tired souls who have had enough -- so our compassion for them is greatly needed.

    However, I agree with anami's assessment on not taking a duality "us vs them" perspective. Lowering our vibrations & sinking down to the cabal's level with insults towards them, such as "evil scum", "pieces of sh_t", etc -- along with the constant "demanding" of the Event to happen right here & now; is not conducive to the situation at hand here.

    I know it's tough, but staying positive & keeping our vibrations high is what will help usher in this Event. Getting angry at the Light forces isn't really helpful either, as I'm sure they are doing all that they can to help us.

    I believe Cobra said it is SOURCE who decides when to trigger the Event, so I guess the best we can do is to accept there are matters beyond our 3D mind's comprehension that have to take place in due order, and that there is a perfect & Divine timing as to when such events will occur. :-)

    All my Love & Light to you all! <3
    May we have a successful Meditation tommorow! :D

  55. Some people say most of these refugees are economic refugees, jsut take a look at them and I believe it, look, they all well dress, look in good shape, not poor and clean clothes, and how did they manage to travel all the way through europe anyway eh ? nobody is asking the right questions... you're gonna tell me they put all their savings to travel, in an "all in" bet to hope to live better here ? I doubt that, plus there is the timing, why now ? the war has been going for forever, why now is there a peak ?

    it's really sad the situation over here.. there is no logistic to feed and all that the citizens, yet those damn terrorist they get food water and all that in good supply i bet, who funds them ! and how do they get constant supply of ammo also.. one just doesn't run a war on a couple thousands stolen ammo boxes..

    and many people live like crap in europe too i mean, look all the homeless, the people who can barely pay bills... and they say they will give 70k social appartments to refugees in france, well you know what, in the comment section of the article people were saying how it's been 5 years or 2 years that they been waiting for a damn social appartment HLM, see what I mean ? its so unfair, sure I have a heart and I want to save people, but there is a limit !! we could house and feed them and protect them in their own country if we wanted to, why bring the whole freaking middle east here lol.

    it's like USA spending trillions on defense and wars while the number of homeless keep growing, people without job.. people with shit standard of livings

    different topic .. check this awesome corbett report video about 9/11

    1. Saudi Arabia has 100K air conditioned tents that can gold up to 3 million people w/facilities and kitchens. Currently they let pilgrams use it for 3-5 days during Haji.

    2. Unknown: this is excellent information. thanks for posting.

  56. I was thinking the same thing. I have been seeking and making Breakfast for over 30 years. I have read tons of books, watched many video`s, prayed, meditated and spread the truth and love to everyone I can. We are just sick of the waiting while our loved ones die and get sick from all the crap put into our Food, Water & Air. Then we have some of these supposed enlightened ones telling us if we only would change the world ourselves. Give me a break...there are thousands of us doing this everyday at a risk to our lives. We are asking for help because time is running out and doesn`t the light want us to ask for help before they can intervene? Yes well we are asking...come on down and finish off this evil.

  57. Agreed with Brown Eyed Girl. I'm awake as any of you "enlightened ones" And ya know what? I'm not avoiding the dark. I fight them fire with fire when required. And ya know what else? They mostly leave me alone out of fear of me letting my crazy out. I'm tired of being tired, and eventually I expect to be left to a small group of friends and family, and no one else; Cause my tiredness stems from the rest of humanity; Maybe those breakaway civilizations feel the same as I. Can't blame them personally.

  58. We will succed. Light always wins.

  59. I've posted blog post everywhere... as my contribution to todays event... and so it happened...

  60. Max Igan an Australian journalist/filmakers claims that the Light movement is fucking up the planet. We are all waiting for the event and salvation while we are being killed through chemicals and wars. He says no one is coming to save us we have to save ourselves and stop waiting for these beings of light to do it for us.

    Personally I know it is a dream. When I go into deep sleep it all disappears.

  61. To the Resistance and light Forces:

    Time is up! Either you do the Job right now or you get out of here and leave us alone... I'm sure there are other worlds where you can tell your empty promises..
    It seems you are just incompetent to do the Job and you cannot relate to our experience and suffering...

    You cannot even give us a sign like for example a picture or a word inside our head.. and you ask us to trust in a process that we have no proof whatsoever?? Really??

    I'm starting to loosing all my hope about a change in this world and I refuse to take part in this mass-meditations and stuff like that because I have a Life to live and this Life recuires my focus so that I will not go completely insane down here...

    I have spoken

  62. Shared in my blog, facebook, and shared with friends. A lot of us will be there with you.

    Victory of the Light!

  63. I propose this. I'll wait and try to hold onto what little sanity and light I have left till the end of the year; if we don't have massive overhaul, I say we start building tesla planet crackers and set em off globe over. I'd rather not exist than suffer a year longer. And if earth is no longer here as a planet, then there's nowhere to trap us in. (I beam+ hammer+timer= low tech planet cracker.)

    On the brightside of even attemptin such suicidal actions is the final leap of faith, you'll be forced to stop those who build them, or just let the planet end.

  64. I am trying to wrap my brain around the part where the high densities tell us this is all an illusion. If this is true, does that mean there are really no suffering beings in the world out there? There are no reasons for social movements? IT is all a dream in each persons head? They sure look like they are suffering. We are awake in a sense but apparently not awake enough to understand this. I know I am not.

    1. I may lend a hand if I can Maureen. This is an illusion in the sense that there is no seperation. We choose to fragment ourselves out basically to even fit in the our local multiverse bubble, so we know in essense we are still with source, only choosing to experience this reality for what is in essence no time at all. This suffering you speak of is called your perspective and your choosing of focus, vibration and attitude. In essense there is no suffering only what is an illusion of seperation. If we shift our focus to the beauty and love that will manifest. Yurn off your tv's, there is no need to EVER watch the news. If you want to change the world focus on your reality. Stay grounded balanced and centered in the eternal ever present now. I hope this helps in short. Remember all the knowledge is within. Peace, Love and the event!! 🙏Namaste

  65. Come on! Let's all hand in hand in this purpose. We are all ONE! We can make this happen!

  66. We have a rebellion in the ranks, mutiny haha.

  67. Dear non-believers,

    This global meditation is a way for people to use the Internet in a constructive way, so as to magnify its power, in a way that it was meant to be used. Many of us feel compassion for the refugees, who aren't as fortunate as we are. By sharing our loving and healing energies with them, we have the opportunity to help them without expending physical resources. We can do that too, if we like, and the meditation will inspire many to become more involved in the solution, but the combined effect of our focused energy alone will be powerful and effective.

    It is as easy to create peace as it is to create a war; the only real difference between the two is the conscious desire of the people involved to carry out one action or the other. By taking this action of meditating for the well-being of the refugees in Europe, we will be joining in solidarity to sustain and support them.

  68. If you cannot distinguish and experience the difference of being positively helped right now and those who carry on their negative agendas, it has no use to help any soul on Earth. This meditation (which is in 1,5 hour) is a good practice for those who still have not mastered their mindshatter and can try to become quiet. And when you connect with positive open intent to this global meditation to change the energies for any fugutive in this world into a lifechanging and positive outcome, you might innerly find out that we all are one, and are those fugitives ourselves too, if not focesed and centered and balanced in harmony within. All in all a nice meditation to take part in anyway, however you think or say, don't you feel so?! Enjoy it.. Love to you all. :)


  69. The Set-Up is Perfect.
    The SUN Shines and produces dozens of Rainbows via my Rainbow Crystal.
    It wonderfully Reflects off The Big Gold Belt (World Heavyweight Wrestling Championship belt, engraved with Mankind) and, thus, produces Rainbows at the Back of the room as well.
    And Rainbows shining directly back at The SUN.

    We Will Make This HAPPEN :-)

    Peace & Love


  70. I Facebooked it, (twice because the second time I could post the video) and I announced it at the 8:30 church service this morning. (The pastor mentioned the football game started at the same time as the peace meditation!! Good grief -- if he can announce an NFL game, I can announce the peace meditation).

    Anyway, I stood up at the end of the other announcements and told everyone in the church: "Before the game begins -- stop for a few minutes -- sit -- visualize the refugees in Europe -- they have a situation over there that we can help -- send them love, send them kindness. This is all taking place around the globe at the same time -- all over this morning --- in an hour and a half -- we can do this and make a difference. "

    I probably said a few other things too but anyway, all eyes were on me, standing there, as I said this. NODS -- YES !! -- OF COURSE!! All around the church.

    If they forgot to do the meditation just when their football game began, well, at least they are now aware of worldwide peace meditations that are going on.

    I think we did it folks. We felt gigantic energy and I had very clear visualizations of peace, love, help, assistance.

  71. Guys. We have been part of lots of uncaring behaviour toward others and even ourselves throughout our lifetimes... let it not be said thru history that our present collective gave up on our fellow humans... let it be known that we have greater love for humanity than it has ever been expressed by our ancestors.

    Lets take that responsibility we owe to each other no matter the odds nor our shortcomings....

    If meditation is what it takes at this moment to add our own unique signature of love and light than be it... set aside the current dissapointments and blaming routine. Leave it for another day. For today you will form part of humanity's light force... as you have done before even if unrecognized by you or others.

  72. MariaSeptember 19, 2015 at 5:37 PM

    I don't think you even understand word "Negativity". I would rather be dead than be 'positive' like some of you here.

  73. Take a leap of faith that something which does not make logical sense can actually make a huge difference in world events. Believe in the power of your minds and hearts.

  74. The event is near!!!! Hope you're ready!!!

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  76. fine to call someone out, but probably not worth it, since knee-jerk reactions are punitive and this is about unity, insight and group effort to transmute our wrold..