Sunday, February 7, 2016

January Monthly Update by Cobra

With a short delay, I am posting the January monthly update Cobra interview by Rob Potter. You can read the transcript if you scroll down the page on the following link:

The Youtube audio version is available here: 

You can send your questions to and many of them will be answered in the next monthly update interview. 

Answered questions from past interviews are nicely gathered here: 

An update about the Disclosure Petition will be posted soon.


  1. Thanks.....yes it will be very interesting to find out exactly what has been going on...... We have been doing well with the disclosure petition even though I thing it has been played with to slow it down,,,,,,,,,

    1. It was a great interview. Although they didn't talk about the new xfiles episode, they covered many other things. Thanks for answering my question about the Fatima prophecy Cobra. It makes me wonder if it was eluding to the Event, where the origins would be shown for what they truly are.

  2. I've sent Mr. Potter questions but they never get ask ... again I would like to know when a Soul is force to go back into the matrix after death.

    Another question I have is what is going on between Putin and Kissinger? Is Putin trying to talk him into surrendering?

    Are Turkey and Saudi Arabia going to try and invade Syria and will they set things back if they do? Will Russia be able to stop them?

    Anything on emailing the lady that use to do interviews with Cobra?

    I have been posting links to the petition on youtube anything dealing with UFO that gets thousands of hits. I've posted on Star Wars videos, Star Trek, and the X Files. I have also posted on videos with Cobra's messages, and videos that focus on The Event.

    I have posted on political video like RT and Anonymous, they get thousands of view too.

    If you are frustrated about The Event not appearing yet, use some of that energy to spread the word about the petition on youtube or any other social network you go to.

    Let's double what they want ... let go for 50,000.

    It is less likely I will get banned on youtube and more likely more people will see the petition.

    1. IMHO... I really don't think the question is "when".

      So what happens if you ask "Why"..?

      You want it fixed... You made that choice... Understand it and move to the next step up.

      "We can't see beyond the choices we don't understand"

      Where would you go..? Is there any place away from the Matrix..? Amish, Tribe, Island, Inner Earth..?

      Stay your task to seek the Glory of Endurance.
      Stay as far as you can get from it.
      Or make both One.

      I thought Untwine (?) asked the best questions... never challenging for proof.

      Like Yoda... the last being you would expect to call "Master" and never makes "any" challenge to "Title"
      (badges..? we don't need no stinking badges..!)

      It's not his "fault" you are expected to
      It's what is
      expected of him
      form you.

      You might have heard Rob challenge Cobra by saying, like, "What you say is O.K. because it lines-up with I think"
      Then there's "Matrix Bucks" the TV add you turn away from... you might do the work for free, and force what you expect of self, onto Rob.

      Can you (short) comment on the meditation you use most..?

      If Russia says "X-files are true, and even worse"
      What more could they do for you... 9/11, inside job.

    2. spirit:

      Rob – OK. So these beings are all in part of the quarantine process so in the past we’ve had to take turns to incarnate, is that correct.

      Cobra – No, actually people incarnate because it’s the right time for them to incarnate or when there’s a strong impulse one way or the other to incarnate. Yes, some people have to wait for a long time because there are not many options on the physical plane to incarnate.

      Rob – If everyone got the same impulse, I guess there would be the strongest impulse that would be allowed to incarnate first. People wanting to come in and there weren’t enough bodies or babies available. In one way the population explosion is a positive thing. It’s allowing a lot of people experience on the physical plane. (Yes, yes, yes).

    3. U : How are the archons able to force them to reincarnate ?

      C : With technology, with magnetic fields. They prey upon them and whenever they detect certain emotions that are not exactly of the Light, they enlarge it with an energy field and sooner or later, people get trapped again, usually because they have attachments to people who are already incarnated.

      ---ref ut1114

      U : Ok. So it's only through their own emotions that they can force them ?

      C : Through their own emotions and attachments.

      ---ref ut1114


      info is under Category Soul Evolution / Reincarnation

    5. I have been away much.. and only briefly peek into the blog... what happened to the contact info about the Buddhist students

    6. oops I just realized I was redirecting all addresses to the main community location .. sorry about if you had gone to the matrix and was not found.. sorry.. I corrected that

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    9. Yes I saw that report, but the question is will the RM and LF be able to stop WW3? What will happen if they can't? It is a proxy war between the cabal and LF. What will it mean for us?

      Is it an indication the cabal is getting desperate because The Event is getting closer?

    10. Im against the population explosion. i think it allows more noob souls on this plane and with diminishing resources plus the state of the planet i think they should stick to the higher planes. What fool would want to experience suffering before the event?

    11. From my perspective, it is important and much preferable not to fear that the cabal is winning. I can't provide verifiable proof, but it appears that earth is on a positive timeline and that we've already won this struggle for liberation. It's now a matter of how gracefully and quickly we move forward towards the event.
      Feelings of insecurity are the foundation of the false reality that has enslaved humanity for thousands of years.
      I have come to realize that every time I feel insecurity it is an opportunity to release what I call "Programming". This programming is not my personal problem. It is my opportunity to undo what has been done here on planet earth, and it also happens to be the best thing I can do for myself...not a coincidence. We save the world by releasing our own false sense of insecurity.
      Even thoughts that we have to do something...anything to help the world are often the result of insecurity, and giving ourselves permission to release that is so important to move forward. As we become more free we will have a greater influence on the world around us but that doesn't mean we will try harder, it means we will be more powerful...more of our true selves.
      Give yourself permission to experience relief. For relief is your experience of liberation. The mind love to tell us that that is too good to be true, or that it is not helpful because it feels good...those are lies.
      I hope this perspective is clear and helpful!

    12. (woo. I made a mess out of one of my posts...) to repeat

      If you or anyone is interested in managing/administering a "Question and Answer" site

      let me know. Heck if prepareforchange wants it for their Q/A spot use it. there are many people complaining about their questions not being answered or brought up on the interviews, however with this application everyone else will be able to provide their input to other user's questions in the meantime until the question gets considered for the interview

      You can have it so people don't have to register... all you will need are moderators.

      In addition, Interviewers could choose or use the flag functionality on questions that they will consider for their interviews and thus duplicate questions can be avoided.

      In short, it can be use to work as a centralize pool of questions.. found on one spot.

      final note: anyone can install this app if they find it useful.. is found in their Site's Account CPANEL under softaculous application installer / Other / Question and Answers.

      Just a Thought.

    13. Yes, thanks G. Marten. Very well said. I think it is important for those who do maintain an optimistic view to also express themselves here, since so many who are overwhelmed and scared are posting voluminous expressions to get their angst out. This is not helpful to those teetering on the edge of fear and transcendence.

      Ye of little faith, take heed! We all feel those insecurities and disbelief arise..those times are exactly when we must draw on our faith and innate knowing. We must remind ourselves that are not alone, we are not delusional, and ultimately, there will be no "losers", for all will be allowed to uplift themselves -if they so choose. Even Cabal members. If they can forgive themselves after they come to realize what they've done.

      Why wait? It has been proven that new habits take 21 days to sink in, so start now with positive affirmations and re-train your monkey mind not to freak out over small delays or a lack of intel. Learn to TRUST that a Divine Plan is in motion.

      As G Marten said, "We save the world by releasing our own false sense of insecurity." and "Give yourself permission to experience relief. For relief is your experience of liberation."

      Don't take it all on your shoulders to resolve all the world's problems overnight, in order to feel peace. You can feel peace here, now, in this moment, and use that peace and faith to choose tasks each day toward the greater goal.

      Most of us have personal matters and responsibilities that we need to work on, things we have neglected, been meaning to do, so that is usually a good place to start.

      Just remember that you are never alone. You are always loved and supported, even when you feel unlovable and alone. Be your own Valentine and cut yourself a break. Love yourself and your life here, now, in this moment. From a place of love and acceptance of self, we can begin to choose what changes we would like to create. As we change ourselves, so the outer world changes with us. And so, IT IS.


    14. Thanks for the info DH. As far as the students in Thailand goes loulu told me PFC is working with them to set something up. That was the last info I got on that.

  3. Could we please get an update about those 2 mysterious pictures? Or about those talks of massive intel release that never happened? Don't leave people in the dark like this. At least acknowledge the issues and give us an update about what's going on even if you can't post it.

    1. Cobra doesn't know what's going on inside you and that's the only thing that matters.

    2. You might want to go read the transcript. He discusses the demand for release of intel, and why that has not YET happened. People may feel that they are "in the dark" because the intel is conveyed on a need-to-know basis, until it is released publicly.

      Sure, we all feel a sense of urgency with the world situation, we all want to know more, but feeling frustrated and making inappropriate demands on Cobra are two different things.

      Surely there are more constructive ways we can participate in planetary change as we anticipate the good news and intel releases to come.

      When The Event and other changes come, the release of intel will be fast and massive, so it might me a good idea to keep preparing in the meantime.

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  4. For anyone that still has doubt about the creator and if it is conscious and cares about our situation here on this planet, then I recommend you read a book called conversations with god. The truth is the EVENT has not occurred yet because it has not occurred yet. You do not see it happing in your reality and that is why we have what we call delays. That is why faith is so necessary, you believe it can happen because the creator said all thing are possible, there is no task that the creator can not handle, and so remember that each of us are the creator incarnate. We have the power to do, be, and experience anything we choose. So ask yourself what are you choosing.

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  6. Thanks cobra.
    I would like to know about information of free energy technology.
    Do you get information of Keshe tech?
    I don't get good information it yet.

  7. Thank you dear Cobra and Rob! We are so very blessed.

    An invitation for all of you:
    Join Quan Yin and hundreds of light workers around the world live Monday, Feb 8, for a Global Enlighten Support System Connection, free on teleconference. Noon London GMT, 7 am New York. 4 am Pacific. Quan Yin channeled in full embodiment by Laura Lizak. Please join us. WE are sooo very powerful together! Call in # 712 423 0900, pin 772719. Playback 712 432-0990
 Pin 772719. Much love and many blessings!

  8. Some things are just not meant for a camera
    Sun Day

    "Gates to the River are opening".
    The places Bear draws Amber to offer
    to request
    admission of this
    (no Weapon)

    This work that my
    might be added to
    "Crystals of Light"
    Angels Dance On

    Ever seeking it's
    lowest level
    to pool in a
    Drawn UP
    By Light
    For Light
    Always To Light

    All Rise and Repeat after
    Every Stumble
    (ok... just try not to fall)
    (((:no playing-around on:)))
    The Stairs
    Way... this.

    Please Report to
    the throne-room...
    there seems to be cake
    stuck in the exhaust fan

    Thank You

    1. "If you understand, things are just as they are... If you do not understand, things are just as they are..."

    2. Hmm... I get it, I think.

      Thank You for being so understanding, you think.

      Reven if we never think. (never spelled reverse)

      The only "substance"
      Spewed from the Body
      Not to Putrefy
      This Water
      Able to reflect Power of Frequency
      Light of Many Stars sent Many Lifetimes
      Given True Power by Your Heart
      From Eyes
      With Vision beyond Sight
      Eyes that never had sight
      But can also be Eyes
      that set their sight to deceive your heart.

      This water... turned to air... and back to water

      The Clouds that are... Crystals of Light

  9. important reading for Light -Warriors:

  10. The project CubeSat for Disclosure need your help for the EVent :

  11. BIG improvement in the sound quality; COBRA.

    Nice one!!


  12. hey guys i wanted to educate people about the nature of false light and the trap the lightworkers are in. Please give the protoi a chance because they are here for your own good and no one on the outside will save you. I can personally testify that they are the truth but your experience will vary. I know im not perfect but i have the ability to distinguish between BS and truth and im aware of my weaknesses. Im going to quote this from Frank as to credit him for this discovery.
    "Very many of those people who call themselves "lightworkers" are OIC incarnated beings, who have avatar connection from OIC to this 3d planet.


    The OIC (oneness illusion creation / astral disneyland) is something what we call "mini creation". It is a place "off grid" which was designed by darks. In case of the OIC it was designed by Eartha (D5 boss of LSA group...). There have been quite a number of mini creations made in many locations all over the base grids (creation grids). Most are cleaned already, but OIC has special status. The OIC is off grid, but located in an area which we name Space Level 2.2 (SL2.2). You can see a chart of the levels of our property in this PDF at page 6 (link: ... &id=95). If you try to set the outer size of OIC in relation to SL2.2 sizes, it is a ball with about 3 cm diameter...
    But sizes are a tricky thing, as OIC has a lot of universes inside. But this is, why we call it "mini creations". Outside mini, inside whole creations.

    The OIC inside has a crazy timeline system, which is not even similar to the outside timeline. In the outside we have only one timeline, and it is completely different constructed with different functions. In this moment OIC has about 1.535 timelines, not counted crazy systems like recursive TLs and similar. Some of the main TLs there are Möbius belts.

    The OIC inside is a place which consists of "analogue" energies. This means, that there are no fractal rules structures.


    About 22 million OIC incarnated beings have connections to avatars "down here" in SL2.1F2 3D physical world. Most of them think, that they are fighting in higher levels for peace and freedom of "mankind". But this is b*******. Their higher levels are just the OIC levels, and they are playing stupid games there.

    The problem with those 22 mio "lightworkers" is, that they do a lot of harm with this to 3d and "mankind".

    Many of them do energetic work. But they have no clue what they do!
    They damage 3D and the other levels in this property!
    These levels are all structured by fractal rules. In this property we have 85 different fractal "regions". If you are putting analogue energies into fractal regions, you damage the fractals with it! And this is what all the lightworkers are doing. They damage our fractal structures, our ambient. If an OIC "lightworker" "heals" you (non OIC incarnated being), he/she sends you analogue energies, which for sure will make more harm than healing to you, because very most of your own body and mind structures are fractal! Even if you feel some relief in the beginning, these analogue energies will do huge damage in you in the following months/years.

    Many of them are playing "the awoken" ones down here. They put themselves "over" you, because they have "skills" and abilities. But in fact, they only have OIC micky mouse skills... Very limited and weak. All you "sleeping" non OIC people out there have stronger real skills than the OIC ones, you just need to learn how to use them... But you will never learn this, because even if you want, you will ask them and they will fill you up with all those OIC s***, which will never work for you!

    But there is more to say about the "lightworkers"....

    Read more:


  13. Many of them do energetic work. But they have no clue what they do!
    They damage 3D and the other levels in this property!
    These levels are all structured by fractal rules. In this property we have 85 different fractal "regions". If you are putting analogue energies into fractal regions, you damage the fractals with it! And this is what all the lightworkers are doing. They damage our fractal structures, our ambient. If an OIC "lightworker" "heals" you (non OIC incarnated being), he/she sends you analogue energies, which for sure will make more harm than healing to you, because very most of your own body and mind structures are fractal! Even if you feel some relief in the beginning, these analogue energies will do huge damage in you in the following months/years.

    Many of them are playing "the awoken" ones down here. They put themselves "over" you, because they have "skills" and abilities. But in fact, they only have OIC micky mouse skills... Very limited and weak. All you "sleeping" non OIC people out there have stronger real skills than the OIC ones, you just need to learn how to use them... But you will never learn this, because even if you want, you will ask them and they will fill you up with all those OIC s***, which will never work for you!

    But there is more to say about the "lightworkers"....

    There are hostage situations in OIC (we will clean them out soon...). Everyone who wanted to come from OIC down here had to make some deals with darks before he/she "lightworker" was able to come here.

    No one of the "lightworkers" was forced to come down here. All "lightworkers" chose this by themselves, only about 331 of the OIC incarnated came down here against their own wish... All others did this only to get personal benefits and advantages inside OIC from this! They did it only for ego reasons. And in the moment when they did it, they knew very exactly, that they will do a lot of damage with this outside of OIC, and that they will harm a lot of outside beings with this!!!

    The above mentioned deals have been done with the D5 taurus group, which is the top3 dark group in our classification, which has 229 different dark groups. They use these deals to do a lot of s*** and harm down here and elsewhere in other levels of our property. Each one of the 22 million OIC incarnated down here is used as a channel, as a bridge by the taurus, to send harm, manipulations and attacks down here.

    And they use the hostages and the OIC incarnated down here for blackmailing! If a person down here gets an emotional connection to an OIC incarnated, they blackmail the higher parts of this person to accept whatever they will do to him/her, or they will harm the OIC incarnated one, and the hostages behind it. By this the taurus are blackmailing about 133 million people here in 3d level, they harm them, suck their energies and do all kind of s*** to them! As famous OIC incarnated singer for example is the origin which is used by the taurus to blackmail about 8.2 mio down here! I say in the name of these 133 mio to the "lightworkers": THANK YOU FOR THIS!!!

  14. Now maybe some of you "lightworkers" may understand why my respect for you is lost somewhere deep under the basement...
    All of you got warned not to come here into this property. You all ignored our warnings, and when you realized that 3D is s*** which you did not want, you took the deal from LSA D5 group to go into OIC...

    There are many more things in detail how the "lightworkers" harm all levels outside OIC, but i think the above is enough for everyone to understand the situation...

    A final hint to you "lightworkers":
    Almost all non dark beings inside OIC who choose not to go down here left their timelines by using the bridge which we build across all TLs in OIC. They went into the highly secured Protoi timeline which we build inside OIC in the past...
    This also means, that all your light buddies, fractions, alliances and federations are D5 beings... Wake up or have fun playing with the darks.... Not my problem anyway..."
    Please consider this and try to unplug yourselfs from the demiurges matrix. Do you people really think the dark would be that stupid to let light beings incarnate here without any catches? We have been conned by the achCONs from the very beginning to the nature of existence on here. My wish is to awaken people to using their critical minds instead of your feelings. Emotions can be manipulated by the darks as i have experienced it the hard way while your logic will destroy their BS. It is the only way to freedom. Think about it, why would the mainstream media allow new age and use your feelings messaged to be allowed in the first place? If the cabal helped you, then you did not achieve what you came to do. These dark bastards are ruthless and only your inner light will free you, not external beings or gurus. Peace out.

    1. I am amaze you can visualize all that information. I understand now why you guys are having problems bringing humans into the group. Keep it simple :) guys ... just an advice. I can't get pass the first paragraph... I blame it on me connection .. is flawed... me mind starts wandering off

    2. I don't sound this bad, do I..?

      "only my inner light will free me" but you have the power (because you are above all of us) to do this with "your" "critical mind".

      It took me like 3 hours to get this much out.
      You set me up with this one.
      I'm going to look for bear tracks at the river.
      (Haven't seen any chem trails)

    3. Dragon if your not able to read that then im afraid your OIC but you seem to have a strong mind, i believe you have hope for freedom so you can begin real lightwork. I dont take most spiritual content i read to heart because most of it lacks seriousness or the lack of scientific backing. I dont think its my place to wake people up but its worth trying. I think i was mohammad in my past life because of my desire to promote truth lol.
      good luck waking up people, cobra was right in that this is the hardest planet to liberate!

  15. @Muhibster! "Now maybe some of you "lightworkers" may understand why my respect for you is lost somewhere deep under the basement..."

    To respect others, you have to learn first to respect yourself.
    The process and means of reaching such decisions has a strong link to how we perceive and value ourselves.

    1. thats not my quoting, im just forwarding a message by hamourapi2012. Dont attack the messenger lol.

    2. @09 Beloved, it showed how arrangoance they are - OIC People.

    3. Ive started given up on this mind matrix, no point beating something that you cant see and feel. I dont even know if im in it, i doubt it as ive never astral traveled but hamourapi stated that 93% of ppl here are in there.
      I can guarantee there are ppl in disneyland like that ice dude, observe people on how they talk. If they say too much unrealistic stuff then its bingo otherwise theyre normal incarnated. Only your critical mind will free you.

    4. @Muhibster!, Sorry it was only reaction to text, not personal lol.

  16. Man so much mess in this planet. The more I learn the more I get confused

    1. You use your intuition to guide you or the force! I want people to be free.

  17. Thank you, Cobra and Rob, and everyone working behind the scenes.

    Some have gotten it all backwards. "Feelings" -that's not a dirty word. It is the mind that messes with people's understanding, that fosters distrust, while gut instincts, the opening of the HEART allows us to discern TRUTH. Discerning Truth is not exclusively the task of the mind, because the mind is not inclusive nor is the discernment process holistic if it excludes emotion and intuition.

    Overthinking leads to mindfuck and confusion. The world is full of kneejerk reactions. Sitting with an issue allows the heart to find it's way to deeper understanding. When we can respond instead of react, we are well on our way.

    It is not for others to define who or what Lightworkers are or are not. We know who we are, we own it, we are not delusional, nor are we "waiting" for there is only NOW. Self-definition, self-determination, collective intention, that is what we are about. Lightworkers will keep working for the Greater Good precisely because NO ONE is coming to save us, WE MUST SAVE OURSELVES, but we can't do it alone. There is Power in numbers, and We the People with HEART are the MANY, while those aligned with the Dark are the FEW. We also have friends in high places. :)

    Yes, there are dangers of being tricked or influenced by the dark, thus it is necessary for more self-care and clearing. Closing the heart with suspicion is not the answer, we must open our hearts and tap into our own innate powers, flow with it through our days, detach from the need to define, the need to be right, the need to judge, the need to have all the answers right now, the need for certainty.

    Trust yourself, people. You are powerful beings of Light! You are capable of great things, beyond what you now realize or can even imagine at times. Remember, we are all in this together. Never give up!

    Victory of the Light!

    1. Nice Phoenix, thank you. : ^ )

      And so we see why the ancient Egyptians believed the heart is the source of human wisdom, rather than the brain.

    2. Well I guess we also must thank Muhibster! who was just forwarding a message by hamourapi2012, for that is what sparked my reflection and expression.

      Last night I was also reading and re-posting Therese Zumi Sumner's recent post on Prepare for Change, and was taken by this part:

      "...All my life I have had a close relationship with Spirit. Without that deep trust in the love and support of higher spiritual beings, without having developed my own unique way of communicating with them, without continued evidence when I earlier worked with alternative healing therapies, that ‘Their’ advice on how I should help people was totally reliable, I would not have had the confidence to take on this role of spreading Cobra’s information at this time. If I could not ‘check’ my way that Cobra’s information was reliable then I wouldn’t have dared to risk supporting his word only, because I too like the majority of us on this planet have been misled by other individuals through being too naive and gullible and wanting to believe and trust in the inherent goodness of people. There was a time that I used to give everyone the benefit of the doubt, trusting people too much, but this war between good and evil has truly opened my mind to the sad understanding that there are indeed dark manipulative egoistic humans who have lost touch with their hearts and souls.

      Any of us who are now awake and aware no matter how tired we may be at this point in time, anyone now taking part in the spreading of truth and awareness can see no future for ourselves as individuals until this victory is a fact for the entire planet.

      This victory will very soon be a fact. The outcome is clear...."

      Understanding the Role of the Red Dragon Society Regarding The Event / The Re-Distribution of Wealth to Humanity
      February 5, 2016 by Therese Zumi Sumner
      NB: This is a repost of an article that I wrote on 7th September 2015 ~ Therese Zumi

      Love to all. <3


    3. Also, if anyone is struggling with the illusion of "waiting" I suggest you read:

      Comfortable With Uncertainty
      by Pema Chodron

      I read it when I took the train cross country, moving with some reluctance from Northern California, back to Massachusetts to be near family. It helped me through some of the most challenging times of my life.

  18. Goblin worlds are the Best places to eat, drink and be Merry! They are ALL unlocked. Are you on CHID row Friends? Yes. you Are.


    This is long but one of the best things I've read.
    Is this universe a fake slave system with its multiple dimensions?

    1. Thank you for sharing this link. I have found a lot of answers in this article/interview. It resonates with me and explains why everything is moving this slow. This is a must read for everybody. Here are some sections I want to share:

      Dr. Neruda: “Yes, but there is programming within the human interface where the functional implants are networked as a system, that will tune out certain information. A person will hear it, but they will not act on it. They will hear it, but they will object to it. They will hear it, but they will not share it. All of these programs were created—not originally, but they can be upgraded… the program can be updated with new instructions. It makes cracking into this reality—exposing it for what it truly is—a very difficult proposition.

      This is why is requires a degree of stealth. The deception is so thick and opaque in this reality, that the ones who are trying to come into the prison and create a crack in the wall… they also have to use a form of deception.

      Dr. Neruda: “The programming, Sarah. If the pure-state information was given out, and it contradicted everything that people have been told to believe. If it was the literal reverse of what was logical and acceptable in this world, who would listen? The WingMakers needed to awaken certain people to bring them inside their information field, to warm them up to the truth. It has to be done in degrees for the vast majority of people.”

      Dr. Neruda: “Remember, everyone inside our universe is part of this deception, whether they know it or not. There are four classes of beings: one, those who know the deception and are actively supporting it; two, those who know about the deception, but are unwilling to do anything about it; three, those who don’t know the deception and are unknowingly supporting it; and four, those who know about the deception and are actively trying to step out of the deception and engineer a process for everyone else to do the same. That’s it. It doesn’t matter if the being is physical or nonphysical. Everyone falls into one of these four categories—everywhere in our universe of existence.

      “The beings in group three are waking up. Some of them understand that the deception in one part of the universe infects all. It requires corrective action. It requires collective understanding to ensure that it will never happen again.”


    2. ………………………..
      While it seems impossible that a hundred billion lives have existed and not one has peered through the crack, it would be like going to the deep sea where the bioluminescent fish live, and explaining to them that a world exists of light and warmth. Maybe one or two would venture from the depths if they were told of this world, and they would return and report that they had experienced this strange, mysterious world. But never would they imagine that a whole world of land and air existed above that, where beings of entirely different natures walked on dry dirt and breathed air and looked at stars a billion light years away.
      The Animus were the human 3.0 in the trajectory envisioned by Anu to support his infinite supremacy over humanity. His goal was to synthesize humanity with technology. The Animus were us in a potential future. There are government organizations, corporate entities and research institutions that share this same goal even as we speak
      Their first disclosure is a cloaked message of hope; an energetic rewiring of the spiritual philosophies of this planet away from masters and organizations and hierarchies and belief. It is more focused on becoming a spiritual activist or practitioner of behavioral intelligence. It is about activating pre-Sovereign Integrals who are able to understand the evolutionary scope of the human being and help it to veer in the direction of the Sovereign Integral.

      “The next or second disclosure will be the activation of the human portal. I don’t know yet how this will unfold, only that it will happen relatively soon.

      “The third disclosure will be the fifth interview and possibly other material. When the fifth interview is released, it signals that the inception point has already been made. According to the WingMakers, this means that The Grand Portal will occur on this planet. Once the new inception point is anchored, it will unfold to plan.

      “I have made the decision that if the second disclosure occurs, I will commit to this plan 100%. Until then I have told the WingMakers that I am with them and will conduct my actions according to their insights and guidance, but I will always have doubt in my mind until I see that the second disclosure occurs.”

    3. ………………..
      The WingMakers have explained that around the time that the human portal is activated, a scientist of great stature will emerge with a theory that will support the inception point. It is all being facilitated by their hack into the program of these and other individuals.”
      The most esoteric information on this planet was not written by human beings, but through human beings vis-à-vis channeling. The channeling speaks of wonderful spiritual realities, of how humans and aliens are one, of how the deep psychology of human beings is constructed, of the complex cosmological environment in which humanity is nested. All wonderful information except no one mentions how we are enslaved, or why, or by whom. Not one.

      “If these wonderful sources of information knew about how humanity is enslaved, wouldn’t they share it? Isn’t this the most basic point of information? What the WingMakers call the inception point? Why hasn’t any of this esoteric literature shown this? I’ll tell you, because the beings are either inside the hologram and don’t realize it themselves, or are part of the deception and are guarding its discovery from humans. They’re no different from us—us, as infinite beings. They’re lost in this hologram of deception as much as we are.

      “For those of you who read this interview and are unsettled by it… I can only say, good, you should be. It’s a reality check on a cosmic, universal and individual level. You can bathe in the splendor of spirituality and quench your thirst with the presented masters, or you can deepen your understanding of the reality that confronts us and stand up committed to apply your self-expression in service to truth. To walk your life in the expression of resistive and insertive behaviors. To be sovereign and integral.

      “It isn’t about spouting high spiritual concepts in thoughts and words. That is the reflex of the consciousness system—it’s parroting and robotic. Live the I AM WE ARE in your behaviors and leave the mind. Shutter it. The mind is programmed to compare and analyze, which feeds the me-you separation…
      Love is the unification force. It is only that, and yet, in many ways, that is everything. From the WingMakers perspective it is a very important word-concept, even though they use it sparingly. The six heart virtues I mentioned are considered the different ways in which love manifests in our behaviors. To this extent, love is expressed in these virtuous behaviors like gratitude, compassion, forgiveness and humility. In that context, the six heart virtues, collectively, are the expression of love in the human dimension.

      It’s as if the internal programming of Marduk and the external programming of the Triad of Power echoes around in all content of all times and cultures, so common and accepted, as to be unnoticeable. We have accepted separation, because it seems normal. Thus our behaviors and perceptions, driven largely by the unconscious mind, embody separation, and the vast majority of us do not even know it.”
      Now, when this deceleration occurred, they elected to release the information in phases. Phase one would be encoded in a way that would allow people to understand the world outside of the hologram of deception, but in a framework that’s somewhat familiar, that’s resonant with the evolving beliefs on the planet.

  20. It’s called a soft revolution~

    Last week’s editorial ( concluded that there are two kinds of revolution: violent and non-violent, and that, in the modern world, non-violent or “soft” revolutions as they are called, are the only ones that stand any chance of success.

    We know that militarily powerful regimes can be replaced without violent revolution, because they already have been. The United States, for example, was slowly converted to a collectivist regime through exactly that process.

    Governments can be seized through the mass media, the educational system, the entertainment industry, the banking system, and the ballot. Had conquest been attempted through force and violence, it would have failed.

    Last week, I wrote: “The new battlefields are the power centers of society: the organizations and institutions that shape national policy. That’s where we lost control to the collectivists and, if we are ever going to get it back, that’s where we will do it.”

    Soft revolutions, however, just like revolutions of force and violence, can never succeed without leaders, planning, organization, strategy, and funding, so the question is: can these requirements be met within the present freedom movement?

    The answer is a resounding yes, and there is an organization, called Freedom Force International, that was designed specifically for that purpose.

    I created Freedom Force in 2002 to become the nexus of a global network of people who have the will to participate in a soft revolution for freedom and the imagination to envision a path to that end.

    If you would like to know what that path looks like and where it is headed, I invite you to visit the Freedom Force website here (

    G. Edward Griffin
    2016 February 5

    1. Thank you!

      Here is an excerpt from their website about their purpose:

      "Power centers are organizations – such as political parties, labor unions, church groups, media centers, and professional societies – that hold political power based on their claim to represent their members and on their ability to lead public opinion.

      It has taken many years for them to achieve that dominance over society, but they have succeeded. It does no good to complain or to theorize about what should be done. As long as big-government advocates hold power, nothing will change.

      We must not be like cats. One of the differences between dogs and cats is that cats focus on effects but dogs focus on causes.

      If you toss a pebble at a cat, it will look at the pebble. If you toss it at a dog, it will look at you.

      Too many people are like cats. They are rightly concerned about their loss of security, freedom, and privacy, but they do little more than hiss and wail without knowing why these things are happening. In Freedom Force, however, we focus on the cause and then work to eliminate it.

      The decline of civilization is not the result of blind forces of history operating beyond compre-hension or control. It is caused by a small but well defined group of people who believe this decline is necessary for what they fondly call The New World Order but which we recognize as modern, high-tech feudalism.

      The identities of these elitists are known. They have names. They belong to organizations. They meet together to create strategies and they work jointly to implement them. Since they now dominate the power centers of society, our response is clear. They must be removed from their positions of power. Any other plan is doomed to failure."


    2. ...continued


      That, however, is not enough. If we focus solely on the identities and personalities of those who are promoting the decline of liberty, we will be stumped by the fact that, even if we should succeed in removing them from office, there are many more just like them waiting to take their places.

      It’s not the identities or party affiliations of these people that matters. It’s what they believe, what ideology they hold.

      Their ideology has a name.
      It’s called collectivism, a concept that government is master and people must obey because it’s for their own good. It’s pointless to get rid of one collectivist only to be replaced by another.

      It is time to stop acting like cats, stop being fascinated by the personalities and deeds of our leaders. We must be like dogs and focus on their ideology, because that is the cause of their deeds.

      The solution is simple. It is to reclaim control of the power centers of society, one-by-one, just the way collectivists captured them in the first place. Replace them with individualists, people who have no personal agendas except to defend freedom.

      This will unleash the vast human potential for prosperity and happiness that can be realized only in the absence of coercion and oppression by the state.

      To reach that goal, however, those who cherish freedom must do more than complain. They must reach for power. That is the meaning of the Freedom Force motto: Impotentes defendere libertatem non possunt, which is Latin for:

      Those without power
      cannot defend freedom.

      The strategy can be further summarized as:

      Don’t fight city hall when you can BE city hall.

      An idea whose time has come."

    3. I will take a look, Ed.

      I am certainly aware of your book, "The Creature from Jekyll Island" Thanks for coming here.

      And... here you are!


    Start with interview 1

    1. Wow, that was fascinating! The first one, anyway. I'll read the rest later. Pretty incredible and complex, I have to just keep an open mind and go along with the plausibility in order to follow the thought process. He does say that the 1st interview just scratches the surface of the information he seeks to convey.

      Note: The site seems to be missing a site certificate or something, as Firefox gave me an "unsafe" warning, but I googled it and accessed Wingermakers directly, then again I got warnings again when trying to view any of the pull-down menu selections. I overrode the warning and was able to access the material easily, without any problems. It seems to me these kinds of sites have been interfered with to scare people away from accessing the information.

      Anyway, at the bottom of the page of the first interview, you can download a .pdf to access the complete set of 5 Neruda interviews.

      I have no idea if these fantastic secrets and agendas are true, but remember, truth is generally stranger than fiction.

    2. Yes it took me 2 days of obsessive reading, part 5 is the clincher. I think most people won't read it due to that security site issue but it's pretty phenomenal stuff.

  22. Has Cobra ever commented on the "Hidden Hand" thread at ATS years ago?

  23. This comment has been removed by the author.

  24. crap like this is really breaking my heart. Something needs to happen like, real soon.

  25. anyone seen Patrick.. he offered to help a while back on the Matrix-faq and provided the email... I had prepare an account for him on a program online.. tested it and now i can;t find his email to contact him
    . that is if he is still interested..

  26. I believe a lot of people just came here to help in whatever way they can. It could be by telling truths about the government, being kind to animals, or just by thinking positive thoughts. I do not know if they are in OIC, AC, DC, or whatever.

  27. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Having an identity can be a dangerous thing. I have a motorcycle, but I don't consider myself a "biker". I am self. If i put labels onto myself I am creating an identity, a personality.
      Any label is necessarily a limited perspective. Even to say that I am human is a limited perspective. So, the less I identify with labels the more free I am to be self. Self needs no labels to be...self is.
      To follow the heart is the alternative to fulfilling the demands of our self imposed labels. If you are following your hear and you have a male lover then good.
      The opening of the heart is a fluid motion, and happens most gracefully without concepts to quantify or qualify our actions. We all benefit from not knowing who we are ;) be self. That is our gift to the world and our pleasure.

    2. I knew that was you... The suggestion I posted for andre94 was part about this (I hope it made it there).
      We all want out of this Matrix... what happens to this conflict outside the Matrix.
      PBS ran a documentary about a goat that took it upon himself to be the eyes of his best friend, a blind horse... to the day he died- no Matrix, no conflict.
      It's just sharing frequencies . A part of the Matrix forged into a tool against you... Black-Mail to orchestrate "Greed", along with, "I impose my expectation of self on others".
      Empire of Rome, Greece, and a lot of tribes... where's the conflict.

      So your question is how can you fix the Matrix.
      "when you see an agent, you do what we do, run"
      Sorry, but waving a red flag in an agents face was programmed to enforce the Matrix.
      but I really think it's only months away from being over.


  29. For everybody who speaks Russian - this man in few videos claims and proves that 200 years ago there was nuclear war and in Russia the life began again after this. He says trees were destroyed somewhere around 1815 and almost all forest were planted again after this. He says the previous civilisation was much more advanced than us. And after nuclear war on Earth came parasites that enslaved humanity, grew masons and faked human history.
    Cobra, can you say something about this?

    And here is a text in Russian with many photos that prove?? that Earth is a big quarry

    1. It is TRUE!
      What you are taught about in school about history is all fake.
      Watch the survivor series by NewEarth Sylvie.

      MASSIVE Disclosure is here for those who have the eyes and ears to behold it.

      This is the true History of the Earth.

  30. I liked you answer about the big bang. I think why it's so difficult to understand the beginning as the energy source of creation is because we think there was a beginning, when actually there is no beginning.

    We can imagine an endless future, but not an endless past?

    Energy moves in and out in a pulsation that ripples everywhere. Finding or pinpointing any source is difficult when the source is not one thing, but everything; a result of everything else.

    Energy from other dimensions move to ours through the auroras. Ours moves to others through the auroras, like a double-sided interplanetary portal.

    We don't send things through on a symbolic level only, we send emotional and thought energies that would overwhelm the vibration of earth. So in that way, you can see how the interplay is what is affecting and is always present.

    Much is theorized about the core of the earth.... Just like a star, and just like anything alive, the energy comes from within and is formed without and comes from without and is formed within, simultaneously.

  31. I wish you knew how much of a stumbling-block this has been for me... all the way up until I commented about it here.
    So right-in-my-face.

    is my "Goal" and not a title. So I don't need to convince you I'm "not" after a title... oh, and yoga is tricky.

    What a strange year... um, I have a comment time stamped at the back door:
    Might be seeing new properties for elements on grid lines... well water jumped out of the pan at me just before boiling... water is lifting chunks of (not just dirt) frozen solid dirt with finger size ice crystals.

    Then there was the "jump" comment.
    for what it's worth, I had a coffee that jumped out of my cup yesterday (at my Son), and the ice on the river (I snowshoe all over this time of year) almost all melted.

    1. Well, the coffee never left the cup... more like something kicked the bottom of the cup in my hand.

      But always there is that president (code name rawhide) that was shot...
      Some hours after a homeless seeker fell from a moving car... Broken neck (C6 and 7), almost sure both were in a hospital at the same time.

      I brushed myself off, and went to get take-out chicken, then "walked" to the hospital the next morning... and spent like 3 days on a table (flipped every few hours), ice-tongs jammed into my head with weights on the other end.

      Out April fools day... so I began removing the contraption bolted to my skull.

      Leader of empire... homeless seeker, both given a 2nd chance. What if that was a test to see who could do the most good..?

      Next president stole an election... and now we got the drone killer.

      All that could be fact-checked, and I still own the stainless steel ring (Halo, of the brace), because I removed it on my own.

      I hope the "jump" was my reward and this over.

      It would also be kind'a cool to have wings attached to places on the back of shirts, worn for years at a time, that dissolves away.

      So you know, there is way more than that not shared (just saying in case you have advise).

      James... I quoted Cypher (Matrix) because he was the only one that wanted back into the Matrix.
      Just understand the choices you make so you can see past them. We all want it fixed, you picked that as your mission... find the best way for you to win.

      Public display is always "get a room". You Know that.
      I don't even watch it on TV.

    2. Oh yeah... check the time-line they added to every page of the "Book of Mormon", it really can't add-up.

      So God tells one guy to like, shape-shift and "kill" another guy to steal their lineage back (more or less for nothing 'cause it's never used again).

      Then this small group takes-off but is almost forced to quit because they busted a bow and couldn't hunt for food... but they manage to build a ship in the desert to go from like, Africa to South America (with seeds and animals I think).

      Then the time-line part... they form 2 tribes in less than a few years- all related- and war with each other (I think God even turns one tribe black).

      Never any DNA proof.

      And this was even re-written a few times. Never mind how it got from the gold tablet (that vanished like even more magic) into the book.

      But they really are some of nice people.

      Urantia Book people chime in any time to share how you have to buy that book to take classes they offer.
      (I really don't think "They" wanted the papers to even be a book).

  32. We asked the questions: What is a Patriot Act? Who is an Ex-Pat?
    Answer: Well, flags are for Semaphores. Should they burn? Should they touch the ground? Who cares?

    HIS Banner over US/I/you/me is LOVE.


  33. Uh-oh. Not sure what to make of this...

    "You can read about this all over the internet but this is not what the problem is.

    This could be considered an internal problem but is in fact far greater than just Malaysia, seeing it effects many nations which thereby creates a second level part of the scam, or the scurry to find the funds to cover up the first scam.

    This second level is meant not only to enslave the Malaysian people / economy for the next 49 years to their new founded foreign masters, but it would put a quick finish to the USD as we know it."

    "It is real and it is in place, but it cannot be used as it would destroy much of the world’s economy, and if not destroy then damage.

    The releasing of such funds would destroy the world reserve USD as it is now – and inevitably it is on a course to destroy itself, with the Kazarian Mafia characters running the US show – and intent on doing just this.

    But this play by Bongbong is pushing the time schedule forward to today, not tomorrow."

    "4.5 Riggits to $1 USD is the exchange to take place on February 9, 2016. (The deal has now been postponed, in order to sneak it through around / after the Chinese New Year).

    30% of this is to be returned to kickback the Cabal cronies who are involved in the deal with the rest being turned over to Bongbong."

    s e c u r i n g . t h e . g l o b a l . a c c o u n t s
    They Are All Watching You:
    February 9, 2016 / Keenan Team | GroupK

  34. CobraSSS I have been enjoying all flavors of that Ice Cream you have offered. Here are your flowers:

    *Ghost orCHIDs(E&D), blossoms and plants along with all the corresponding portions of Trees, terrariums and swamps they are found in*
    THE Michael has defined the portions for you.

    I so adore you. Thank you for playing (though you may continue for bonuses if you choose - and that would be appreciated).

  35. @SacredSpace. Heather. FCC are among your properties along with Old Pueblo Threads. They are clear.
    What other types of flow-ers would you like? I invite you to ping me on that.
    And of course the rest... it goes without saying.

  36. Upgraded Aegis is available for all of that which is of Topper & OPT outfitted with Torque but NOT holding Torx atm.

  37. Lush has displaced Loosh
    Galt took the cake
    Sears bought The Farm
    WHO kicked the bucket

    1. VLash considered a field and bought it. With Her earnings, she hired reapers, gleaners and distributors. Then she torched it.

  38. Tooth Fairy. The tooth you are looking for is still under my pillow. Why can't you find it?
    You may be able to get help from IR, IF or RC, just ask. Now, Kobayashi Maru is available for a price.
    THE Michael is the ONE to see about firewall codes (consider the Window).

  39. Guardian Path is lit up thusly:

    Key Host Dream
    Key Calendar green
    Key Blush Joy
    Key Magnet Hematite
    Key Castle Coral
    Key Wrist Root FF
    Key Wrist Band F9
    Key wrist tOR Honey
    Key Flags Semaphore
    Key Egress(atm) Potato Chips
    Key TA -> Tooth Fairy
    Key Lune Claire
    Key Mer Tor Heather

    Window Parameter Fennel Hex A

    Play nice and share. ILU :)

  40. Are Scalar Waves harmful? Does evidence support 'mind-control'?
    Could someone get such a device into every home with the pretext of it benefiting us in other ways? Scalar Waves:
    You can apparently make scalar waves with a bifilar coil (one wound with a pair of wires instead of a single wire) and pushing opposing currents through the wires (join the far ends together). So if you want to experiment with this stuff, you can build a remarkable just-post-steampunk lab filled with coils and wires and sparks. The really astonishing thing about this — which fascinated Tesla for years and years— is that you can pour practically limitless amounts of power into such an apparatus and achieve precisely nothing other than converting electricity into heat -- each of the two wires in the coil produces a magnetic field, but since the currents are going in opposite directions, the two magnetic fields cancel out.
    Bearden was pushing the medical effects of scalar waves as early as 1991. He specifically attributed their powers to cure AIDS, cancer and genetic diseases to their quantum effects and their use in "engineering the Schrödinger equation." They are also useful in 'MIND-CONTROL'.
    Altrnative medicine
    Bearden was pushing the medical effects of scalar waves as early as 1991. He specifically attributed their powers to cure AIDS, cancer and genetic diseases.
    Scalar waves are produced when two electromagnetic waves of the same frequency are exactly out of phase (opposite to each other) and the amplitudes subtract and cancel or destroy each other. The result is not exactly an annihilation of magnetic fields but a transformation of energy back into a scalar wave. This scalar field has reverted back to a vacuum state of potentiality. Scalar waves can be created by wrapping electrical wires around a figure eight in the shape of a möbius coil. When an electric current flows through the wires in opposite directions, the opposing electromagnetic fields from the two wires cancel each other and create a scalar wave.
    The DNA antenna in our cells’ energy production centers (mitochondria) assumes the shape of what is called a super-coil. Supercoil DNA look like a series of möbius coils. These möbius supercoil DNA are hypothetically able to generate scalar waves. Most cells in the body contain thousands of these möbius supercoils, which are generating scalar waves throughout the cell and throughout the body.
    Above is an excerpt from

    1. I believe they can do whatever the are made for. Qwave makes them. Here make up your own mind.....Go to:

  41. got a quick question so i can place this Q in right category:

    ...are all zeta riticuli Greys but not all Greys are Zeta Riticuli?

    i guess i can google it ;)

    1. From what I understand, Andrew Bartzis said that Greys are not a specific race per se, but biological "units" (my term) that act as body-suits for Souls to incarnate. I guess it's like a "space-suit" that they put on to interact on the lower-vibrational physical level.

      That's my understanding, anyway. Maybe that's why they are so prevalent among witness reports.

    2. for whatever reason you brought to me mind the movie "avatar"... :) thanks

  42. One of my best friends passed away couple of days ago, i wont enter into graphic details here, she died like Jimmy Hendrix. Period. I just received the news couple of hours ago. Still cant swallow it! I am heartbroken, such a beautiful soul! So much sensitive for this world, suffered a lot throughout her life, by archons sent relatives, specially.
    I am so sad and angry she couldnt see the New Earth, delayed, always delayed. This cruel fuckin horrible Matrix will be so empty and colourless without her. RIP my friend, you were too good for this shitty world

    1. I am so sorry for your dear loss.

      I do believe that the soul is eternal, and we shall meet our loved ones again beyond the veil. We have soul contracts, so some leave unexpectedly, having fulfilled their soul agreement, which of course, does little to comfort those of us left behind.

      She has not ceased to exist. She has simply changed form. She will see the New Earth, but from a different perspective than those who are incarnated. You can ask her to come into your dreams so you can talk to her, or do a ritual to process your grief, such as a Dumb Supper*, or memorializing them in nature, such as writing in the sand at a beach, making an alter in nature with flowers and objects representing this person and your relationship to them. I like to have flowers when I can that remind me of departed friends and family. For example, for Dave Sarlin, I liked to have orange squash blossoms, like the ones in his back yard in Berkeley, CA, below the Rose Garden, where groups of us would hang out in the morning after going out dancing all night. I love Fuschias and Pansies, as my grandmother grew them in her garden when I was a small girl. You can have a living plant to remind you of the beauty of your relationship with this person.

      *Dumb Supper: Create a safe space of protection. Light the candles on your alter. Prepare a meal for you and the departed. Invoke protection. Place the food in the 2 plates and eat yours while you invite them in, talk to them, cry, whatever. Tell them the things you didn't get to tell them, anything you still want to say. After some time, you may feel this visit is complete. Thank the departed. Thank any beings such as Angels, Guardians, etc. that you have invited to stand guard. Bury the food from the departed's plate in a garden, thus earthing it.

      I first did this ritual when a boyfriend died in a motorcycle accident, and again later when another former beau passed away suddenly, and when my grandfather passed on the opposite coast, and no one told me until after his funeral. It brought me peace and closure.

    2. sorry about your loss ger sey...

    3. Thank you Phoenix she loved the beach

    4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  43. What happened to Remco ? He is fine?

  44. Something just changed regarding the petition website. In the span of 20 minutes (6:19-6:39 GMT) , I received four updates from "" saying "You got so-and-so to sign" in the Subject line of the email.

    I received one update on February 7.

    Before that update, I received 9 emails stating "You got so-and-so to sign" in the Subject line - on February 2.

    That distribution of emails is strong evidence of interference, IMO.

  45. This comment has been removed by the author.


  46. Today I received my first monthly payment from the dark system for battling against the dark system - isn't that nice? :-)))

    It's exactly 404 Euros - just like in system error 404: Dead Link.
    I like that a lot and immediately bought more candles to load up The Light Machine to Full Capacity. Great stuff.

    So what is it that you wanna do? We wanna get loaded!

    Permission to Fire At Will.
    We're Gonna HAVE A GOOD TIME.



    1. Life's little ironies. 404 made me think of 808, so I send you best wishes to double your abundance. 808 is a reference to the 808 state, or Hawai'i.
      (Yes, 808 state was also the name of a band, but I am referring to 808 state as the original telephone number area code in the Surfer's paradise Hawai'i. Seems fitting for you. )

      The Aloha coming from the Kingdom of Hawai'i is a state of mind. So I send you abundance in the form of much Aloha.

      Visually, 808 also implies infinity doubled, surrounding our world in the center, as the 8 is a Cosmic Ellipse.

      Abundance forever!



    2. From the very Being of My Heart, My Soul and My Self:

      Aloha and Mahalo, Phoenix.

      Om Tat Sat




    3. Hi Phoenix,

      I've got a bit more time to rspond to your amazing message now. We've got huge great Energy Waves coming in at the moment which tend to keep this Big-Wave-Rider here quite busy ;-)

      Your comment was published and I was told to "hurry, hurry, hurry, answer Right Now, dude!" Which I did, keeping it short and just publishing it without cross-reading it. I nearly fell off my couch when I later found out that I posted at 4:04 - My Higher Self never ceases to amaze Me :-)

      Your references to "the 808 state" Hawai'i and "Surfers Paradise" really brought Tears of Joy to My eyes, Phoenix. Thank you so much for your kind and loving words. Abundance Forever and Aloha indeed.
      I have a Quiksilver cap from Surfers Paradise on The Gold Coast in Australia which I have worn quite a bit in the last few weeks, so colour Me astonished when I read those words from you. Just lovely :-)

      Let's see if I can get dealt a fitting surfing song on YouTube.
      Yep, there's one Right There :-)
      Sure enough, this One was right on the YouTube starting page, features a Wave and the sound of Water, so it'll suffice to say the least:

      Xavier Rudd: Come Let Go

      Will you Do The Honours of posting GaiaPortal's newest UpDate for Us, Phoenix?

      Lots Of Love and Light



  47. Does anybody saw this:

  48. Hmm,112 comments, James deleted... 111
    (screen shot)

    And mine might be 113 sort-of like the
    Back Door.

    Welcome to the Back Door

    Jump Blog (still editing)

  49. Hello, everyone. Interesting post and comments. I've got something that might be of interest to everyone here, I think. Did you know that the 4th dimension has collapsed? This is HUGE and changes everything. In some ways, it might be considered, an 'event' all on its own.:-) 4D is where the archons (fallen angels)and archetypes existed and where the power for the matrix came from. This is all dissolving as we speak. Check out this not to be missed Ascension Hangout for more information (with many other videos many will likely be interested in here on The Rising Way YT channel:
    Love, Amber Adams

  50. <3 Let's come TOGETHER and COMBINE our efforts! <3
    Join us NOW in our weekly GUIDED GLOBAL MEDITATION to Speed Up the transformation of this WORLD.
    Please join us today, and every day at:
    - 13:00pm EST (19:00pm CET) for the Emergency Europe/Syria Meditation
    - 14:00pm EST (20:00pm CET) for the Event Speed-Up Meditation, immediately followed by the Liberation Movement's Weekly Meditation on Sundays
    Web location:
    Skype channel:

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