Tuesday, June 28, 2016

June Monthly Update Interview by Cobra

Here is the June monthly update Cobra interview by Prepare for Change. The audio version and the transcript are available here:


You can submit your questions to http://prepareforchange.net/cobra-questions/ and many of them will be answered in the next monthly update interview. 

Answered questions from past interviews are nicely gathered here:

Victory of the Light!


  1. Are you know Bashar and his prediction ? YouTube? 2016...?

    1. We´ll have to wait and see. There´s a forum that has a list with all his predictions. Some happended in some way, others didn´t happen. Maybe someone here can explain us more.

    2. I having such a knowing! Are you??

  2. Awesome interview as always! I guess the Brexit even caught YOU off guard eh C?? ;)

    I was thinking the same thing as I went to bed that night. Woke up to see some much needed ground shaking to begin on this planet. Now, 34 more countries are planning IN/OUT referendums. Could this be the trigger for the financial collapse and systematic dismantling of the Cabal?.. Let the dominos fall


    1. Curveballs like this are happening more often. Thinking it will only become more active more slippery and more leaning towards good ends for all of us.

    2. yes, guess it came as a surprise!

    3. I am afraid that at the moment the only thing that is shaking the ground in Britain is a wave of xenophobic attacks and racial verbal abuse hurled at non British subject. Give a good opportunity and ignorant people and see what happens!

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    1. Oh, I see only now, someone else posted in comments before similar things, something about understanding and knowing and it is so true, it is like it must be in the cosmic free space travel joyous harmony hugging laughing loving sphere. So much is happening, I still have not read the other 2 interviews and now I really must sleep. Honestly, okay, this is very private, but well: my paper mountain is waiting (being covered somewhere) since 4 years but it needs to be worked through right now, the thing is, besides that it is really unimportant things, just sorting it out, it is in its basis, additionally unimportant, thats why I have a real blocḱage to do it and there are so many other things that ARE important to do and focus on. I WILL concentrate now on it, because my inner voice tells me, if I am not doing it the Event never comes. Lol. I think, we must create the Event energy in our lives and then we attract the Event, according to our own energy field.
      Now as I am finished with writing I have listened to the music, I enjoy it very much.

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    3. Yes, nice music. Eliana, I find the things I resist haunt me when I am need of rest, so little by little I try to tackle them. We all have something lurking in our past... and so much time-consuming red tape and beaurocracy to accomplish anything. Seems more like DEVOLUTION when we look at the fine mess we've made of our society.

      The problem with these old, tedious matters left hanging is they suck life force energy from us. I juggle things, try to be responsible and go on a wing and a prayer for now. Things always seem to work out in the nick of time, and better if I make my best effort without feeling like I have to live as an ascetic to satisfy the powers that be. It is not about being perfect, it is about setting our intention, and doing our best without sacrificing who we are.

      We just have to keep on keeping on, keep the faith, so keep your head to the sky...

      Earth Wind and Fire - Keep Your Head to the Sky

      "Keep Your Head To The Sky"

      Master told me one day
      I'd find peace in every way,
      but in search for the clue
      wrong things I was bound to do

      Keep my head to the sky
      for the clouds to tell me why
      As I grew with strength
      Master kept me as I repent

      Keep your head to the sky
      Keep your head to the sky

      Gave me the will to be free
      purpose to live is reality
      Found myself never alone
      changes come to make me strong

      Step right up, be a man
      You need faith to understand
      so we're saying for you to hear
      Keep your head in faith's atmosphere...

      Keep your head to the sky
      Keep your head to the sky


      Victory of the Light!

  4. Ready or not:
    Since its inception in 2000, the Foundation for the Law of Time (FLT) has been actively engaged in educating the public about the biosphere-noosphere transition, the stage in Earth’s evolution in which the sphere of mind “noosphere” becomes conscious – one integrated whole planetary consciousness.

    To prepare for this shift the FLT has published many educational materials as well as 13 Moon calendars to cultivate and promote the experience and exploration of synchronicity as a function of a higher galactic consciousness operating in our daily lives.

    The FLT has generated countless synchronized meditations and global ceremonies to further explore what a planetary consciousness experience might be.

    Now the FLT is launching a new platform in the vision of making it as easy as possible for the largest numbers of people to participate in the noosphere through globally synchronized meditations on a regular basis through development of a Global Synchronized Meditation App.

    While there are other daily meditation apps, our vision is to utilize our experience in the Law of Time and synchronicity to create an interactive, evolving collective laboratory where we can explore and experiment together as a cooperative whole.

    We envision a community platform that gives the user a feeling of being connected with all the other participants, much like Facebook or Twitter only amplified because we are consciously generating noospheric consciousness through unified focused themes, projects and research.

    By unifying on specific topics, such as planetary crises healing or frequency acceleration we envision to glean the Collective Higher Voice in the feedback and data of all the participants.

    For instance let us all focus on the molecular structure of toxic waste to see if we can collectively intuit a method of purifying it. With millions of participants then sending in narratives, imagery or sound bytes of their experiences we are likely to find consistent themes as well as outlying radicals in the data.

    Our questions are: How does the Noosphere (planet mind) experience reality? What Solutions to our Collective Problems might we discover with group intention to find answers? How can we experience a Higher Reality and ground it in daily experience? How can we utilize it as tool to cultivate global goodwill and compassion for one another – realizing our interconnectedness and unity as one humanity?

    Furthermore our vision for the app is to utilize the codes of the Law of Time to create a systematic protocol for deploying the meditations and experiments. For instance a 20-day cycle of meditations will allow us to organize the entire planet into 20 distinct regions wherein we can focus on each region (and its attendant socio-environmental issues) thus expanding awareness of other cultures to all participants on a regular basis, and ideally generating collectively intuited solutions to said issues.


    1. Dedicated to The Angels of Light Shadow

    2. Each will choose his/her next step. But keep in mind that the plane of Mind is still a dualistic plane and still serves to trap the individual seeker, turning them back eventually. So, one cannot use mind to out-think mind (unless one is a great yogi). Contemplation should be used (along with study tools and inner guides, such as those found in Eckankar and Rashad Soami) to find the true Self, Soul, which naturally exists in all planes. This study leads one to the Fifth Plane, Sat Lok, where one is free of duality. This work is not for most, but it required to gain personal freedom from the Primary Anomaly.

    3. Prayer of the Seven Galactic Directions

      From the East, House of Light,
      May wisdom dawn in us
      So we may see all things in clarity.

      From the North, House of Night,
      May wisdom ripen in us
      So we may know all from within.

      From the West, House of Transformation,
      May wisdom be transformed into right action
      So we may do what must be done.

      From the South, House of the Eternal Sun,
      May right action reap the harvest
      So we may enjoy the fruits of planetary being.

      From Above, House of Heaven,
      Where Star People and ancestors gather,
      May their blessings come to us now.

      From Below, House of Earth,
      May the heartbeat of her crystal core
      Bless us with harmonies to end all war.

      From the Center, Galactic Source,
      Which is everywhere at once,
      May everything be known
      As the light of mutual love.

      Ah Yum Hunab K’u Evam Maya E Ma Ho!
      Ah Yum Hunab K’u Evam Maya E Ma Ho!
      Ah Yum Hunab K’u! Evam Maya E Ma Ho!

      (All hail the harmony of mind and nature!)


  5. We must be close, COBRA didn't even think Brexit would happen! :)

    1. "Lynn – Do you have an opinion on this Cobra? Do you think they (Britain) will vote for the removal from the EU or do you think they will they stick with it?

      COBRA – Again I would say that most likely people will vote for removal from EU and this vote will not be respected."

    2. yes, we need to do the july interview as soon as possible and ask: now what?

    3. He said it would happen but would be resisted in its successful outcome

    4. This is Cobra's comment on Brexit: "Again I would say that most likely people will vote for removal from EU and this vote will not be respected."

    5. I am quite surprised it hasnt had a larger impact in these more spiritual subcultures. I think it was a big change in humans understanding of the reality compared to many other things.

    6. This is probably because it felt like yet another massive orchestration. But I might be wrong.

    7. Cobra said BREXIT vote would be to leave, but that the Cabal wouldn't honor it.

    8. That was obvious from the start, but the cabal would have got a message anyway if people would not be so ignorant and stupid to vote out for all the wrong reasons. Now the Cabal is having a great laugh at us. Britain is divided forever.

  6. Light shadow Angels:

    Arcturus Remembered: A Crystal Earth Network Projection
    . . .
    Finally, after exhaustive analysis including surveillance of both V.24.4 and V.24.3, now known respectively as the red and blue planets, it was determined that in humble respect to everything that had ever been good or decent in the Martian Experiment, the blue planet should be much more cautiously and intelligently supervised. For there, unlike on Mars, a great variety of life forms had been developing naturally over several billion years. Through their intuitive receptors, the more advanced entities of the blue planet had received the Martian-Elysian-Atlantis-Antares memory implants, and, for better or worse, these implants were now crystal-bonded into the total recollection system of the blue planet. For this reason alone, all later development of the blue planet deserved continuous surveillance from the Arcturian Missions.

    Furthermore, it was determined in the highest Arcturian councils that experiments as grossly manipulative as implanting entire life forms on an unsuspecting planet, as had been done on Mars, should be discontinued in favor of more subtle, synchronously receptive means of monitoring. This much was learned from the Antares Experiment, which focused purely on means of communication. The chief means for effecting this more subtle light-system of communication would be through the focusing, amplification, and intelligently directed seventh ray, the violet emanation. In other words, this ray would be singled out for transmission of periodic communications to the blue planet. In turn, those who got this ray could reciprocate communication in like or suitable manner.

    Most significantly, it was foreseen that there would be karmic consequence of the Martian Experiment manifesting at some future, undetermined point in the evolution of the blue planet—a kind of “repeat performance.” All of Arcturian understanding was to become concentrated on this future point, so that when the conditions ripened for the repeat performance, the Arcturian agents this time would not be asleep, but standing ready, as it were, at their Violet Command Crystal Way-Stations.

    This in brief is a summation of information known as Arcturus Remembered. It is called a Crystal Earth Network Projection because it is the result of a memory release of the initial meditation implant projected as a crystalline thought form from the red planet to the blue planet, transmitted so many lifetimes ago.

    Read it, dear Earthling, and ponder the rising tide of events around you. It is not too late for further wakefulness and recollection.

    Arcturus Remembered.
    Transmission complete.
    6.13.84. Full Moon. 38 AH.
    Filed by Pan Agent 24.

    1. why would first contact with e.t.'s be so important if we have already been receiving these in-depth communications from them? if one is to believe these channeled messages (that have been intercepted by the archons), then e.t. is already telling us everything we need to know about pretty much everything there is to know.

      i'll be candid here. this so-called message from arcturus is sheer nonsense. just say no to all implants!

      please, once again, consider that we as a race of humans on this planet have been sorely abused by the dark forces over far too many incarnations. we have had only minor contact with the higher dimensional worlds because of this situation. therefore, as a race, we have little experience within our frames of reference of a true connection with the higher realms.

      can you say stockholm syndrome?

      freedom can be found in the pursuit of spiritual practices. they are designed to connect us to our higher Self. this is our conduit to the greater worlds of Love. this is real contact.

    2. like your comments takecake and astral traveler
      the ultimate truth can not be put in words, right?
      when you are ready its not neccessary to be ready anymore, it just IS:IS ;) :D...... what does it mean, ready.... if it means "open"..... well, according to the form/nature/sound/vibration of a being, when it opens up, the light enters along the shape, vibrates at the vibration of the chalice, so the question if you're ready could mean "are you open"..... and if THAt was the case with that question, the only th8ing left would be: Where are you, which sort of light surrounds you? Cause if you're open, the universe MUST fill up the open space given.... are you a flower in the ghetto or are you a flower in an indian Shiva temple.... or do you MAKE of ANY thing a sacred Shiva temple, because you ARE the Shiva temple?

  7. I am up way too late (morning birds are chirping) so I will have to listen when I wake up (if there is time before work) or tomorrow night...but the handwriting is on the wall more and more!

    Please enjoy this very different update from Sheldan Nidle:

    Update for June. 28, 2016 by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

  8. Since Cobra can not answer the question about 3 waves...I guess it is classified...and true! :)

  9. Ready or not, release the Kraken! We might not be 100% ready, but we sure are tired of this old paradigm!

  10. Thank you guys and Cobra for that amazing interview. For the past few weeks I have been visualising that "octopus " being removed from mother Earth, and I will strongly continue doing so.

  11. If nothing is ever motionless
    And Heat is the Power to move all things
    Love the Power to move beyond motion

    What is Tia Chi..?

    1. And with twin time-stamps above, is the pair below

      but only for the
      Seekers of this Void

      What are the odds, and could they be
      forever be in your favor


      "Load and Lock"...
      gather all the questions, and fire away..?

      There must be a story of uncovering each truth that might slow the assault on you
      For True Sharing...
      work with less effort, but double the reward


      I should have known the "Maker of Maps" would have the Conference Note offerings, well before I would have time to search for them
      (still in 2015 seeking this info.)

  12. <3 Let's come TOGETHER and COMBINE our efforts! <3
    Join us NOW in our weekly GUIDED GLOBAL MEDITATION to Speed Up the transformation of this WORLD.
    Please join us today, and every day at:
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  13. For LIVE interactive conversations with fellow beings of light that are geared towards the aspirations of the Prepare For Change Network, we welcome you to join our Skype group: https://join.skype.com/Hqx5ZIQL8MM6

  14. Avoid large crowds if you live in the U.S.


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  16. Cobra there are 2 questions:

    Please answer who is "The Lady in Stasis"? and what are the chambers?

    1. It was answered a few times already, and in this interview again.

      Lynn – Cobra, you have written on the http://2012portal.blogspot.com blog about these Asian goddesses, Xi Wangmu and Dou Mu. You have said Dou Mu is here on earth now, somewhere in Asia. You had written she is in her light body, but is this a physical form?

      COBRA – Yes.

      Lynn – Can we talk or telepathically connect with these goddesses or communicate with them in any way?

      COBRA – If you have pure intention you can connect telepathically with them of course.


      Lynn – A scientist in the USA back in the 1940s and 1950s named Royal Rife invented a frequency machine (called a “Rife machine”) that basically figured out the frequency of every disease — cancers, multiple sclerosis, and many illnesses caused by viruses, bacteria and parasites.

      Dr. Rife was able to kill these diseases with his frequency machine, which only eliminated the bad cells. He basically was able to simply eliminate the bad cells. The machine seemed to work with the whole electrical field and plasma level of the body. Do you think this type of machine — a frequency machine like Dr. Rife’s — is a precursor to what will be available after the Event?

      COBRA – Yes of course, exactly. This is what is going to happen.

      Lynn – Does this treatment effect the plasma and the etheric levels of the body?

      COBRA – Yes.

      Lynn – Are there other treatments, currently in use, that are more effective than the Rife treatment?

      COBRA – Tachyon chambers are quite effective and have produced excellent results.

  17. Lynn – I have been using the COBRA Protection protocol (Mirror Shield & Soul Star Chakra Vortex) daily for several months. I described it to a shaman that I trust who said mirror shields are great, but they require a lot of energy to maintain. Is this true and does take a lot of energy?

    COBRA – This technique was given to me by the Dragon forces and has been proven many times to be quite effective.

    LYNN - Thank you.


    If the PFC interviewers were to pay a little more attention to the questions they're reading out - when COBRA gives a brief or unsatisfactory answer; a couple of follow-up questions can be asked to probe for more insight.

    Even when COBRA gives an answer relevant to the question, I reckon an interviewing approach similar to, say; that of Jimmy Church's radio show would allow for questions to be answered more completely.


    1. Some years ago I also used those bubbles or eggs around me but I also felt that it was taking energy from me.

  18. Today I am worried.

    I had an agent from the government come to
    my house today and tell me I was apart of a list targeted by ISIS. 1 of 4,000 people in the U.S.

    1. Well they should know.. what with ISIS being a Cabal creation. Haha.

  19. There is so much significance in Yoda's current Meme and we all need to meditate about it. Inside ourselves, with brutal, cold honestity. Are we REALLY PREPARED?

    1. All "Yoda" is saying here is that he knows so much more than you and you should put your trust in him and do what he says. Might be a good idea but might also not be. You can never know if you are ready for something you have never done or seen before. I dont like that "quote". It is camouflaging as wise but at the same time infecting the mind and making you weak.

    2. I know nothing and care about nothing= freedom.))))

  20. Waiting for the Event doesnt mean we are ready for it ! Quite the opposite. !!
    Waiting is weighting, and we need to be mentally fit for the Event. Balanced, centered, and equanimous, when the Big Moment finally arrives. Like Death...the death of the old,

  21. This does have its serious side b/c lives ( mind controlled monions of the Khazarian Mafia) were lost. However, this is humorous, for those who may need a laugh', who knew, cross dressers saved the day! see article from Maine Republic newsletter online for July 29th. British SAS dressed in BURKAS surprised and opened fire in unsuspecting Khazarian Minions.


  22. Today's GaiaPortal UpDate feels so Good and so Right it brought Tears Of Joy to My Eyes:

    "Portals of recognition form along all Gaia grids.

    Higher connections manifest rapidly.

    Specialties of Hue-Beings are accepted and requested.

    Storms of dissonance are quelled."

    I believe, and I believe 'cause I can see Our Future Days
    Days of You and Me - And that means All of Us


    ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

    Lots Of Love And Light And Peace


  23. Imagination is the beginning of creation.


  24. I'm getting concerned for Tory Smith. Please check out his 5 minute video:


    If we can't send healing what else can we do?

    1. Keep on sending healing, protection and good will.

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    4. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=9DLtzc9KLiw

      Love all aspects.

  25. Here is a history of world corruption:

  26. Dear Yoda, admit I must, my favorite sentences of this interview are those: "Richard – Cobra, we came from one… We are one… Everyone is loved… It’s never too late to turn to the light, right? (Yes) So, isn’t it that the Dark Ones need our love the most right now? To show and share our love with them, so they can feel it, turn to the light and with their power and knowledge be a great asset to us all? And won’t their power and knowledge be a great asset to us all.

    COBRA – I do not believe this. I don’t agree with this. What the dark forces need is firm boundaries at this moment. They need to be told “No”. They need to be stopped." ;)
    The main problem is, the dark forces have control over the justice system and even if the light has won in the justice systems, they still go on with what they are doing. So, my personal solution is to work on other levels, for not getting sucked into their anomaly reality. An example would be this: Do I really need to cut my ID card (I did that in 2008 when I heard of that Baphomet head on the backside, lol) or is it better to visualize DEXIT? I choose the second one. Its getting really interesting, thank you for all, all lightwarriors. A lightwarrior is someone who loves the Divine Law of sacred geometry, who is able to perceive it without neccessarily understanding it (with the 3d mind....okay, thats a paradox anyway, but any of you may know what I mean without understanding it). I love it.
    Victory of the Light!

    1. Cabal will laugh at love, as they laugh at our hate. Both are useless.(in this case)
      We need action, warrior attitude in this case. Not emotions. The same cold attitude the city council has when catching stray, rabid dogs

  27. i'm sorry..but she had to be the worst interviewer ever. it was like listening to a Feminist mother hen or an overzealous grandmother. Turned it off after 1/4 through the interview.

    1. That's why I never listen, only read (+you need to listen for an hour, while you can read it all in 20 minutes approx. I realized that woman is still way too deep in her ego, and probably has no clear undestanding about what's being talked about after her question: "Lynn: Without identifying my human name right now, I want to know if I am the living embodiment of the Goddess that you wanted to awaken by jump-starting the Sisterhood of the Rose? Cobra: The answer is no."

    2. I only read the transcript. Usually Cobras voice can be difficult to understand anyway.

  28. Wolverine: Are you a freak or some kind of monster?
    Phoenix: Monsters do what monsters do and freaks... well, use your imagination.

  29. Thanks very much for such an interesting interview. I know these interviews are time consuming to put together and I appreciate the effort to "pack so many questions and answers" into one hour.

    I don't know why anyone would criticize anything about the interview..... The Prepare for Change people are performing an essential service and to most of you, most of us, it is free.

    If you don't like the questions asked, then submit some of your own, with suggestions about how your question can be followed up.

    There are trolls who post weird, false and nasty comments on this blog (fewer trolls than a year or two ago however... which is very good).

    I suggest we all develop *discernment* so that we can stay on track to manifest the Event and positive outcomes all over the planet for everyone.

    Which timeline do you want for yourself? A positive one? Or a negative one. We are each creating our own reality.....

  30. Cobra can answer almost every question but he is "not a nutritionst" when we ask about food ?... nothing about flesh effects at least ?...

  31. Can anyone help me find the audio version of this?

    It says "To Listen via MP3format click below" but, I don't see the link below at all.

  32. http://www.epochtimes.de/politik/europa/fuehrer-anderer-planeten-beobachten-uns-juncker-spricht-im-eu-parlament-von-ausserirdischen-a1341029.html