Sunday, September 4, 2016

August Monthly Update Interview by Cobra

Here is the August monthly update Cobra interview by Prepare for Change. The transcript and the audio version are available here: 


You can submit your questions to and many of them will be answered in the next monthly update interview. 

Answered questions from past interviews are nicely gathered here:
Victory of the Light!


  1. We need a history on Reptilians and origin of galactic history. There seems to be distortion of truths. Maybe on the next update, most internet Intel has a misconception. 🐍

    1. Prepare for Change has some info regarding them ...
      The link to FAQ Cobra provided will give some info too.

    2. Honestly, there are so many things that need clarifying or need to be explained in full detail... you would not believe the number of questions that have come up that I've wished I could converse with COBRA about! Lately I've even thought about making a list; as I've yet to submit a single question to COBRA using this website.

      I often wish that a large segment of the show could be allotted to the discussion of one particular subject - which would give COBRA the chance to just talk for a while like David Icke would. This would provide the time for the level of explanation necessary for some of these bigger, more confusing subjects; such as Karma.. or the Archon Grid/Matrix, for example!


    3. Dulce reptilian history before phil schneider

    4. Phil schneider
      Mark richards ( still in prison wrongfully )
      Lots of reptilian history inclueding a lot of other species from mark richards wife

    5. Resistance Movement earthly activities on earth underground explosions in east coast not an earth quake

      Florida rocket blown up on launch pad carrying Rockefeller pay load

      Victory to the Light

  2. What is the situation in Australia? Can you please say if there has been any significant progress there. Where does the balance of power currently lie and are there any significant operations you can talk about that have previously gone on in the Australian region?

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    1. Do you ~have~ to keep doing that, mate..? Is it like, OCD.. or Tourette's Syndrome that you've got?.. Which perhaps is causing you to repeatedly submit posts, and then promptly delete them??


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    3. You're not missing anything. Nothing worth reading anyway.

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    1. "I am, You are, We are Australian" ;-)

      I lived in Australia for over two years, and I love it as well. My Awakening started in 2004 while I was in Nimbin, then Adelaide and finally Surfers Paradise where I had the letters G O D tattooed to the back of my neck.
      I stll know the Australian National Anthem by heart and sing it every once in a while - no, I don't mean Waltzing Mathilda :-)

      So here's one for the Love of Oz - Great Southern Land

      Lots Of Love And Light. And Peace Forever.



    2. In addition, I have nine photos from Down Under prominently featured in The LightMachine 'cause I really love that place.

      So here goes:
      It's Raining on The Rock
      What an Almighty Sight to see
      And I'm wishing and I'm dreaming
      That you were here with me

      And since I heard the Telstra ad on the radio so many times I actualy bought the CD single 13 years ago:
      We are ONE, but we are many
      And from all the lands on Earth we come
      We share a Dream, and sing with ONE VOICE:
      I am, You are, We are Australian

      Lots Of Love And Light


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    4. That is quite the amazing Timing, ~JustBe~ :-)
      Apart from a few breaks I lived in the Paradise Inn motel in Surfers from October 2004 to September 2005, my "Quiksilver Boardriders Club Surfers Paradise" cap is still one of my favourite pieces of clothing - even though I can't surf on water ;-)

      And you were absolutely right: This Game called Life definitely *is* the Best Game Ever!

      Here's Uncle Rolf with some Wobble-Board action for all of us - I bought the vinyl single via mail-order way back in 1987 :-)

      Surf's Up Tonight!


    5. @RaJah: The Untersberg has a counterpart on the other side of the Earth I have heard, could be the Uluru.

    6. @–JustBe~ dear sister, unfortunately I have missed all your comments that are deleted right now. :)


    7. Interesting. Uluru is an incredibly powerful place, believe me.
      Most people visiting stay for two or three days. I stayed for a week; walked around it twice, drove around it a few times, witnessed the SunRise in the morning and the SunSet in the evening. The rest of the time I'd just spend near The Rock sitting in or on my car and reading while watching Uluru and feeling its Love and Power.

      I was sure I wouldn't climb it, but then I informed myself about everything in the tourist information center and found out that the only reason the Aboriginals don't want you to climb it is because it saddens them if you fall off and injure yourself and / or die. I had always thought it was because the entire Rock is sacred, but it is "only" select sections that you're not supposed to photograph or look at - which I respected and adhered to on my walks.

      So I did the walk up to the top, and it served a few purposes:
      - I supplied hundreds of flies in the desert with much-needed water as the clung to my sweat-drenched shirt
      - I picked up every piece of rubbish areless visitors had dropped I could find and took it off The Rock
      - I got a first glimpse of Kata Tjuta, The Olgas, in the distance and KNEW I had to go there as well - which I did. What a stunning experience the bushwalk there was...

      Long story short: Uluru is one of if not THE most Magical Place I have ever been to.
      Can't wait to go back and show it to Dini :-)

      Xavier Rudd:
      Spirit Bird

      Follow The Sun

      Love And Light. And Peace Forever.


    8. I had a friend who lived in Aus for two years or so... he mentioned Nimbin to me; and I took a look on Google Maps. It looks interesting!

      If you don't mind my asking - how did you go about planning your trip? I know that Aus is strict on immigration and the necessary Visas... did you have to get yourself a job lined up beforehand? Or did you visit on a tourist Visa; and secure a job when you arrived?

      It may not matter soon anway.. what with The Event probably a year or two away! After that, we can visit where we please! ~___^



    9. Well, the only "plan" was to fly into Sydney, buy a car and travel until I'd find a job somewhere I'd like it. Got the car, a map and a Lonely Planet travel guide, and off I went on my merry way. Four months and 25.000km later I found Nimbin, only 'cause other backpackers took me there. Found it, loved it and stayed :-)

      Yeah, divinasion, Nimbin is an absolutely unique village in The Rainbow Region of NSW. Very hard to describe if you haven't been there, but there's three National Parks within 30 km driving distance and just lush, green hills all around. I lived there for over 14 months, working part-time at the hostel I stayed at, living first in a tent and then a small caravan. I used to call Nimbin "a tiny bubble of un-reality in a cruel, cruel world" because nothing there matters except The Moment of Now when you're there. There is a world outside Nimbin? Ah, who cares. Skin one up and pass it around - sharing is caring :-)
      "What time is it?" - "Nimbin Time - time of your life. Hope you're having it."

      I wanted to show you a picture of my favourite place there, a rock formation called The Pinnacle which is quite hard to access, but I went there half a dozen times. Standing at the end of it feels like flying.

      Turns out that three months ago somebody made a video of The Pinnacle, I cannot believe it!!!
      But it's real, oh Yes, it's Real.

      Ladies And Gentlemen: The Pinnacle!

      As for the immigration stuff: I worked the system ;-)
      Came in on a work-and-holiday visa for a year, then went to New Zealand for three days where I got a tourist visa. Had that one prolonged, and when it expired I went back to the Kiwis to get a new one. Worked very well until I got a big "No Further Travel" stamp in my passport - and by then I had run out of money and it was time to leave anyway ;-)

      Two years later back in Germany I met my SoulMate and the Love Of My Life. It's quite the story, let me tell you :-)

      The Pinnacle is another place I'll definitely have to show My Girl.
      Your Love Keeps Liftiing My Higher:

      Lots Of Love And Light. And Peace Forever.



    10. I forgot to mention that to get to The Pinnacle you have to drive to the LookOut, walk to the platform and then step over the railing - which is highly verboten of course ;-)
      It then takes a steep climb down of about three meters and a 45 minute walk to get to the very end of the ledge overlooking the valley with Wollumbin / Mt. Warning in the middle. It's quite the hike, especially the way back up.

      This is a bit off-topic, but I don't care. Back in the 70's the Australian population was asked to choose their national anthem - with a surprising result which the government and the British empire overseeing them didn't like. So the government made "Advance Australia Fair" the official anthem. Which is a beautiful song, by the way.

      Now then. This one is the song that the Australian population wanted:

      I always change the lyrics to suit Me better ;-)

      There ain't nothing like the kisses
      From my little Dini Princess
      I'm gonna hit some Gaia mattress All Life Long
      And it's not really got me worried
      I'm goin' Home and I'm In A Hurry
      You know the Last Plane out of Sydney's almost Gone

      Thank you very much, you're a beautiful audience!

      Love, Light, Unity, Peace And Freedom Forever.
      We'll be back in ten minutes ;-)


    11. Over it. Now I should distinguish that when I say "you're not missing anything" I mean literally, not figuratively, cuz nothing is there!

      Besides,JustBe has since said the people who were meant to see the posts do see them. (Sometimes I do see them before they are deleted, and sometimes they are already gone....often.

      So the rest of us are left with the footprints of ghosts...wait, do ghosts even have feet? :)

  10. Currently it is hard to get a true feel for the real state of progress, so much conflicting information, some of the messages say the RV money thing is done and happening, anyone follow hollow earth network? they post other people's stuff as well and seem to be saying that it is going ahead but very quietly, I don't pretend to understand it!! just want humanity to be free and flipping soon, why is life so dam complex on this planet, I used to think or believe it was just one race of humans who used to be stone age and now were new age...(ha ha that is ajoke)

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    1. What's with you Phoenix Boulay? not everything is about 'you', this was actually addressed to me..don't be a hater of those different from you, stop flooding the threads with unnecessary sarcasm and self-righteousness…without wit, so little authentic to say. how many times have you copied in your comments to others "this is Cobra's Intel Hub for dot dot dot!", yet don't seem to grasp what you preach and even judge others for something you have no idea what it even is.
      Be grateful. Everyday. In Silence. First emptying your mind of ALL chatter and thought stay in the void as long as possible with the power of your mind, complete nothingness, so you can make room for truth, don't keep the glass "half full" but, when the salt-shaker is empty and your mind is calm and at peace and ready to be refilled with…,so much.
      Yet you already have so much as per your own writings here in comment posts, you are healthy, you have a home, you have the support and basic safety-net, food/water/warmth, you have your parents, a new-agey trade craft to make a living, access to the internet, the beach and nearby Atlantic ocean…

      I ask you to "Live and Let Live", because we are not "all one" (in 3D) <-created to cause confusion amongst those who are just awakening and do not yet understand the term as etheric energy attachment, or how it even works, but Individuals with extremely different life experiences starting from birth that simply can't be aired out in the open so easily, for multiple reasons, besides, what's the point of yelling at trees and sticking your neck out if no one's at the receiving end because it makes them sense "something" uncomfortable…. and most of the time real life is way too complex for most to believe anyways…just because that's the way it is. On the flip-side, fantastical, simplistic story lines in a sleek re-production repackage (limited hangouts at best) are easy to follow but create even more questions and always keeps you unsure of your own convictions. It would be a gift if you didn't reply to this or expect me to further entertain this bickering over nonsense that really doesn't matter on "Intel Hub For Light" when there's very little time.
      Peace In.


      @JustBe, copy that.
      You're very bold :)

      In regards to the your article link in your comment..interesting, I read it, major change-up in the zodiac. changed my Natal Moon and Sun signs too haha and of course, affects anything near cusps and everyone's natal charts that are calculated by using the most common house systems.
      Ok swapping stories further, I was almost a miscarriage. My Mama was rushed to a hospital during their family vacation road-trip to West Berlin, where I was told to have patience and stay put in mommy's tummy another 5 mos. So there, and here I am, somehow still alive :)

      Anyways…sorry, your connect was bad, try again, and gimme little time, thanks.
      Peace Sis


    2. @freia & ~JustBe~

      I was very excited when I read about the updated Zodiac and immediately bookmarked the website. Just didn't respond 'cause the message was for you, Freia.
      But now that you've shared your story I feel free to comment.

      I was always meant to be as a Lion or Leo, and I would have if not for the fact that I turned my body around in my mother's womb and also wrapped the umbilical cord around my neck, resulting in a one-week-delayed birth by C-section on September 1 as a Virgo.

      My Girlfriend did the oppposite and was born two months earlier than expected, desperately trying to come out as a Leo. Just like me she missed it by a few days and was born on August 31 as a Virgo as well.

      Neither of us fit the typical characteristics pinned to our star-sign. From Day One everything has always been different :-)

      The "new" zodiac just feels correct to me, and 13 signs make a whole lot more sense than 12, by the way.
      Trying to keep my ego in check here, but finally I am a Lion and Dini is a Lioness. Now it finally feels right. Thank You both.

      Just wanted to share this with the two of you.

      Lots Of Love And Light.

      DK ( Die Katze )

    3. Thanks RaJah

      I hope all your wishes come true and more

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    6. @freia

      "What's with you Phoenix Boulay?"
      --Oh,there is a lot going on. You think you have me all figured out? it's all relative I guess... I'll spare you THAT stuff, but the answer is, it seems like a waste of Cobras' time, and when things get posted and then deleted, many people seem to get excluded from the gist of the conversations. I also was feeling like maybe someone has something to hide, if they must constantly delete their comments. Or maybe it is an attention-getting thing? (It worked!) Or maybe they were just playing a game, and the joke's on us. I'm just guessing. It puzzled me. I am far from the only person to object to this game we were excluded from yet subjected to. Sometimes I do see them, and later see they were deleted. What if every person on this blog commented and deleted most of their comments? I guess that would be called "art". That was my point. I didn't make personal attacks on her as you have on me. It wasn't the big deal you made it out to be.

      "not everything is about 'you',"
      --Well that's obvious, so why are you making it about me? Many others also objected. When I tell my stories that seem to annoy you, it is not because I think everything is about me, it could be a lot of things, maybe erroneously thinking I have something relevant to say that can help in some way, or maybe like TONS of other people here just venting a bit from time to time. Should I lighten up? Of course! We should lighten up when so inspired. I was not feeling inspired. And first I am going to get very heavy with you.

      "this was actually addressed to me.."
      --So how could I possibly know that if it was deleted before I read it???? How would anyone possibly know that??? Deleted comments are cryptic. How can we know what we are missing and IF it has any relevance??? We can't, nor would we have known it is actually all about YOU, as it turns out. Maybe this would help:
      The Intelligence Hub for the Victory of Light
      and @JustBe and @Freia's cryptic messages."
      :) haha I am being a brat

    7. "don't be a hater of those different from you,"
      --I never said I hated anyone, I don't hate people, even if I don't like their behavior or feel it is disruptive to the thread. Stop making WRONG (hateful?) ASSUMPTIONS about me and my motivations. I was never hateful with @JustBe just mildly annoyed for a while, as were others I am far less annoyed by her comments/ missing comments than by @SpiritToo telling everyone they just don't care enough about participating in the meditation, as she has NEVER missed a meditation. She was VERY aggressive, sarcastic, self-righteous and judgmental towards many of us, but I don't see you calling her out! So what's your real agenda, @Freia? To unleash some old resentments you've been harboring towards me? Not the first time, though it's been awhile.

      "stop flooding the threads with unnecessary sarcasm and self-righteousness…without wit, so little authentic to say."
      --Wow, I think you should take that up with Cobra. Like MANY here, I do vent, but that is hardly the majority of time. Most of what I "flood the threads with" are links to inspiring things that help me, that I enjoy, and want to share, for others to enjoy; or sometimes geopolitical news, though occasionally I do make personal remarks +/-. Maybe my wit was too dry for your perception, and not just because I was feeling annoyed. On rare occasions I actually might even say something wise (but don't hold your breath. I'm not Buddha.) So you are now calling me out and trying to shame me? trying to tell me in a roundabout way to shut up? because I have "nothing authentic to say."??? Really??? But you're not judgmental like me, right?

      No, if anything I am TOO authentic. I speak my mind. When I summon my inner warrior bitch, as I am now, it is just as authentic as when I come from my higher self. We are all individually and collectively going through a lot of release, assimilation and integration. Its a bumpy ride. We are not always at our best. People should not be afraid to look at their dark side. Won't it be great to move beyond duality into multidimensional consciousness, and be able to stay in that exalted state? Yes! Bring on the fluffy kittens and rainbows!

      We're not there yet. But I do cherish those moments when I AM there. Re-entry to 3D is a bit hard to take, though. I would describe it as literally feeling sucked down to the mundane world. Doesn't feel good, doesn't feel like "home".

    8. This comment has been removed by the author.

    9. (oops,lost track!)

      "how many times have you copied in your comments to others "this is Cobra's Intel Hub for dot dot dot!""
      --I dunno, Zero? What number did you come up with? I don't think I have ever done that, copied or used that phrase. Yes, I have mentioned that it IS Cobra's blog, after all. What is your point? Should I be ashamed for reminding people of that? No. If I reference that it is Cobra's blog, it is not because I am the Thought Police, it is because I am -->> deferring to his choice <<-- to post whatever he wants, regardless of who it offends, or who likes it, including me. That is my point in mentioning it when I do. This doesn't mean I won't express my response to them! But it's not my call. Nor is it the call of the person I was addressing, nor is it yours, yet you have the audacity to tell me how I should think, feel, be, and what I should do. Talk about self-righteous!

      As for dot dot dot, those of you old enough from the SF Bay Area might actually appreciate my constant homage/shout out to the late Herb Cain...
      ...if you catch my drift. (Oh, lookie, now I am being cryptic! tee-hee!)

      "yet don't seem to grasp what you preach and even judge others for something you have no idea what it even is."
      --Well I guess you told me! Just what is it that YOU are preaching? Are you not (mis)judging me and others? I recall when you would make disparaging remarks about David Wilcock and Corey Goode. Often! And get on other people's cases who liked their articles. I am glad to see you have had a change of heart (not sure when that happened), now that you have learned to listen to them. Perhaps some day you'll give me a pass as well. (We humans sure can dish it out, but we can't take it!)

      "Be grateful. Everyday. In Silence. First emptying your mind of ALL chatter and thought stay in the void as long as possible with the power of your mind, complete nothingness, so you can make room for truth, don't keep the glass "half full" but, when the salt-shaker is empty and your mind is calm and at peace and ready to be refilled with…,so much."
      --Now you are telling me how to be. Cute. If you think I am not grateful, you clearly have NO idea who I am or what I am about. Venting or calling people out doesn't mean I am out of touch with my blessings. I actually do experience what you described, every day. And more. Again, you are making wrong, uninformed assumptions about me. Which reflects on you...


    10. "Yet you already have so much as per your own writings here in comment posts, you are healthy, you have a home, you have the support and basic safety-net, food/water/warmth, you have your parents, a new-agey trade craft to make a living, access to the internet, the beach and nearby Atlantic ocean…"
      --I am going to set aside the fact that you sound jealous, for some bizarre reason. My life is far from glamorous, nor is it a bowl of cherries, I have PLENTY of challenges (like anybody) but believe, me, YES, I count my blessings every day. I don't take things for granted. I know vulnerability.

      For example, even when my mother pushes all my buttons, jumps on my last nerve, breaks all my boundaries and exasperates me to tears and anger, I still thank God for her presence in my life. I still tell her I love her. (maybe not in that moment, but...) I try to connect with the loving, kind, generous thoughtful person she also is. I know many, like you, miss their parents, and I am also willing to bet your/their relationship with their absent parent was never EVER as complexly frustrating as mine.

      Don't judge me for being blessed, or for being hypersensitive, or for living near the ocean for God's sake. As for my "new-agey trade craft to make a living", you have no idea what you are talking about. In this field, there are no guaranteed hours, clients, income, vacation, sick days, etc. I had to go to school all over again for moving to a new state. I am swimming in student loan and other debt. I no longer have a car. All for the opportunity to experience that gentle, meditative, Zen bliss of doing what I love, right? which is usually more like sweating and beating my hands and body to do that deep Deep Tissue bodywork. (and I absolutely love it, seeing how it transforms people). And doing tons of laundry! and a bit of paperwork, cleaning, etc. those "unpaid" hours. I live with extreme financial uncertainty. I feel limited in life by a series of choices that have backed me into a corner. I used to struggle with debilitating depression and anxiety at times. I have come close to being homeless (and technically was last year, but had a kind friend to help me out/put me up for a month). Now I am trying to piece my own business back together after months of neglect due to working elsewhere, and all the changes there that left me no better off than when I started almost a year ago. Bonus: my partner is leaving to find another 2nd income that is more stable, (on top of her full time office job), so I am under even MORE pressure. I have no safety net. I am not in free-fall, but its do or die time. Why don't I do something else? Because I love this, it's the only thing I've even been really good at, and I don't know what else to do, anyway. Does all this make you feel better? Is that "authentic" enough for you?

      Despite all that, I am aware of my blessings, and I am well aware that my empathic (Neptune in Pisces, Pisces Ascendant) hypersensitive (Moon in Virgo), idealistic (Venus and Kyron in Aquarius) fire-y (Sagittarius Sun) nature can make me a royal pain in the ass! (Mars in Scorpio, 8th house!) So don't take it personally, it's not about you, @Freia.

      "I ask you to "Live and Let Live",
      --Is this what you are doing here? Sure doesn't feel like it!...


    11. This comment has been removed by the author.

    12. (oops!)

      "because we are not "all one" (in 3D)" <-created to cause confusion amongst those who are just awakening and do not yet understand the term as etheric energy attachment, or how it even works, but Individuals with extremely different life experiences starting from birth that simply can't be aired out in the open so easily, for multiple reasons,"
      --Yeah, well I don't care. I was beaten physically growing up (sister) and beaten down emotionally by all of them, they nearly extinguished my light, my spirit, that's why I have so much fire! I will not be silenced. Unless I choose to be quiet, and I am already quiet most of the day.

      "besides, what's the point of yelling at trees and sticking your neck out if no one's at the receiving end because it makes them sense "something" uncomfortable…."
      --We constantly BOUNCE from 3D to 5D and back, because anyone that can anchor in 5D constantly would pretty much be gone already. So why bring it all up? Are you blaming me because some choose to remain silent? Yes, most people are much more reserved, but another way to look at it is that those who dare to speak up and be open, flaws and all, actually make it SAFER and EASIER for others to say something. They can see that we are NOT perfect, so they don't need to be perfect either. (Just civil, perhaps). And if you follow my comments in this case, you might have fathomed that I came full circle and saw that @JustBe is just-being herself by undauntedly deleting her own comments. Even though you didn't get that I was also playing. I think she got it, though. I think I was being more facetious than sarcastic.(However, I should not have said STFU just because I felt quite irritated in that moment by her games, and I immediately apologized for it.) I let it get the best of me. Imperfect I am, you are so right about that!

      When I said "You didn't miss anything." it was because there truly IS nothing there to miss! That was the joke. Didn't @JustBe say that those who were meant to see it, did, before it was deleted? The rest of us only see the ghosts of the comments. Volumes of ghosts! Like a spook-house! (Boo~!) :)

      "and most of the time real life is way too complex for most to believe anyways…just because that's the way it is."
      --Yes, I agree, reality is constantly shifting because it is co-creative. Kind of like a roller-coaster these days for many. Just breathe...

      "On the flip-side, fantastical, simplistic story lines in a sleek re-production repackage (limited hangouts at best) are easy to follow but create even more questions and always keeps you unsure of your own convictions."
      --I think I understand what you are saying, aside from you don't like how I express myself, or share anecdotes, that a lot of comments don't necessarily lead to discussion (nor are they all meant to.) However, I am not unsure of my convictions. If I was, I wouldn't have bothered to respond to you.


    13. "It would be a gift if you didn't reply to this"
      --Well, that's a nice fantasy, in which you get to hit and run, no repercussions...sounds like maybe it was your intent to shut me up and put me in my place, without any accountability. Although I am generous with my time and energy, I have no such gift for you.

      Just like @JustBe, I will continue to speak my mind (when/if I choose to.)

      "or expect me to further entertain this bickering over nonsense that really doesn't matter on "Intel Hub For Light" when there's very little time."
      --I certainly have NO expectations of you, and I never have. I value many of your comments, some I don't. Those usually are the ones I ignore, but since you addressed me by name, directly, and got personal, you are getting a thoughtful response, at length. (During my football game, even!) Yes, the time is short, but you took the time to attack me, and now you say it doesn't matter?

      If I do disappear, don't think it it because you tried to bully and shame me into silence. I just have a lot on my plate at the moment...

      "Peace In."
      --Peace Out!


      "@JustBe, copy that.
      You're very bold :) .."
      --Yes, she is, and I have come to respect that. She is Just Being. I made my peace with that. Now I even find her deletions amusing!

      However, I am not amused by you, @Freia. Let me be clear, because you seem confused. Your hostility and character assassination of me was thinly veiled behind your pseudo-compassionate psycho-babble analysis. Yet I also see brighter side to you, @Freia that reflect better on you.

      As a multi-faceted being who moves and is at home in both light and shadow, I can certainly relate. Thank you for this opportunity to reflect on human nature and self-expression.

      Eliana brings out my brighter side, my conversations with her are so different. Sure, they're in private, but I feel challenged in a good way, she lifts me up. When we exchange, I don't need to defend myself or feel the sting of darts, nor do I need to draw my bow to return the favor. There is a true space of unconditional love. She pretty much lives there. Like you, I only visit that place. Easy to get to when not engaging, but interacting with people is more of a challenge, isn't it?

      I have faith that we'll eventually get there, too.

  15. There arent any questions cobra always says the even will remove all dark negative from earth and unseen but connected dimensions. End of all questions . Some karma has to play out some planets have to align some bombs need to be dismantled everything will be as it is until the event. Every interveiw is the same " it will change at the time of the event" there should be no further questions.

  16. No if cloning does exist they should clone 144,000 cobras
    And get this party started

  17. Sigh...please copy and share is not in mainstream media...


    VIDEO: Dakota Access Pipeline Company Attacks Native American Protesters with Dogs and Pepper Spray


    Construction has temporarily stopped and it is in the courts...

  18. Notes and Commentary from Mount Shasta SSP 2016.
    Here are some highlights:
    The SSPs used advanced prediction software to predict a possible window of 2018 to 2023 for when the "solar sneeze" would take place. This would involve some kind of three days of darkness event.
    Those races who want to assist humanity at this time cannot do so due to the Mohammad Accords, but these are going to be renegotiated at some point. Most notably the inner-Earth Anshar would like to offer help to humanity before the solar event takes place.

    1. You gotta love them predictions..

    2. COBRA…Monday, March 7, 2016 The Ascension Plan This time window has its basis in the scientific fact that solstice Sun is completely aligned with the Galactic equator within the 1975-2021 timeframe, and this alignment is perfect within the 1980-2016 timeframe: Between 1998 and 2016,

    3. I sure hope they have some fantastic de-aging technology if we have to wait that long! I really want it to happen while my parents are still here for the experience.

  19. Cobra what will the effect be of putting my Cintamani stone on my magrav? Keshe says the CO2 caries the intention and spirit of it's creator, me. It spreads down the line making your house a more active "intention manifester" as I understand. You explain the Cintamani stones are all connected in a powerful way. Will my magrav cause my intention to spread to all the other Cintamani stones? And since I'm probably the only one with a Cintamani and multiple magravs, will I be able to take over the world?

    By the way, what is silver was regular copper wire for 6 weeks! It's clearly a plasma coating. If you put your hand within 2 inches of the black spikes from the capacitors it will zap a little hole in your energy body. Nothing that won't heal right away, but it's powerful. It can be felt 2 feet away. When I first made my gans reactor (spinning glass balls) I couldn't believe it was real and stuck my hands in there constantly with a type of gans that's not the best for health devices. It definitely fried my whole arms for a couple days. It's just an elemental force, like if you stayed in water or wind too long.

    1. Hi Patrick. I have 2 Q6s and a Q24 device. I have already linked my cintamani stone with all the other stones, but you can do this too. Might make an even stronger connection!

      If you haven't yet heard of the Q devices here is the youtube channel:

      I think these are better as you do not need to mess with gans which is chemicals. We use ash/olive oil for the nano coating. Much safer and just as effective.

      I keep my cintamani stone next to one of the devices by my bed. You can feel the energy fields around the devices, the Q24 is more powerful than the Q6.

    2. Kate, my evil nemesis. My cintamani/magrav will defeat your cintamani/qube and my desire alone will reign supreme in this part of the galaxy, with the reptilians leaving and all that. Also good work, I deserve a worthy opponent.

    3. Ask this kid

  20. In those pictures, the way the black coating on the capacitors is a little crumbling and uneven, you can see grey underneath. When It's running full power, in person the whole thing is jet black and shinny. But when you turn the power off it looks like the picture. People are right it's like a living being that can be felt in the room. It's like a cyborg cactus animal I say. Sometimes when a pet is sleeping very deeply when you first walk into a room it almost looks like they're dead and it's eerie. That happens sometimes. The room is empty for once and I run over to make sure nothing is wrong. But if you poke at them or give them power they wake up.

  21. Thank you, Cobra. Always enjoy Yoda's message..he looks like he is not to be messed with..he is a Defender of Light, on the verge of Victory!

    1. Finally someone who seems to understand and appreciate this!

  22. This comment has been removed by the author.

  23. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Why is ~JustBe~ removing all his comments?

    2. ...BORING!

      ..because JustBe can't let it JustBe!
      (..but still wants attention)

    3. People are free to go back on their words if they so choose. That doesn't mean they weren't said or heard. The Universe knows.

      However, a good thing to say when you really do want to retract a statement (not just delete it) is:

      "I didn't mean that, I take that out of the Law of Cause and Effect. Please forgive me, I meant no harm."

      Sometimes we are just blowing off steam. (But even steam can run a powerful engine!)

      JustBe as you please.

      Meanwhile, I am rising to the occasion. :D

    4. I asked once politely and "Just Be" pounced on my ask carefully!

    5. JustBe removes the comments since ancient times... Initially i found it to be a strange tactic however overtime it has grown to be viewed almost like a trademark... For the lack of words...

      I dont think she does it to annoy. Her desire to take extra steps to be cautious or keep the mystery or anonymosity is well... A harmless choice.

      We dont know what perils or path she is on.. this is a way she feels her point is going accross regardless if the rest of us understand it or not.

      Some of her messages are inspiring, some defiant and others seem to need a decoder :) but nothing new on this blog cause there are some others here that speak alike.

      Although i have missed many of her comments still seeing even if only the nick still counts positively... Well thats how i view it. Message or no message she still makes an impact...


    6. As I've said many times before: My posts are not for everybody, especially the code in the text, the music or the video-link URLs.

      ~JustBe~'s comments are meant for those who show up just-in-time to read them, and they may get something out of them.
      And No, I don't get them all either, and I don't agree with all of them - and I don't have to. But these last ones were pretty awesome, if only for Me personally 'cause I got quite a bit out of what lay beyond the surface of the words.

      So please cut her some slack, she's just doing things her own special way. My way is quite unique as well, and I caught *so much* shit for daring to post music on here for over a year and writing in code.
      And now there's music videos all over this comments section, which is great.

      We're All In This Together, and we are all doing things a bit differently - and as long as it works We should All be Fine with how we as individuals do our business to liberate Gaia, Mankind and Ourselves.
      Just My Two Cents.

      This place My Home
      From Sky To Ground
      See The Universe Connected
      From The Inside Out

      Love, Light, Unity, Peace And Freedom For All And Forever

      I AM RaJah

    7. Just Be can be called out for his/her honesty, because honesty let's be out in the open.
      For it is not the idea that is the value, but the one sharing it. No amount of contrast can diminish your actual value, that is your attachment to the "ego" you hold.

      The unconditional just be, because conditions do not apply, especially when attempting to save ego face. Be honest and there will be no reason to censor yourself, because it is not about being ideally perfect but out in the open so self can see and openly assist itself.

      So not take counters personal. Understand and appreciate your core value. Contemplate and anticipate be honest and share you. Allow yourself to be open to contrast so you can better measure what aligns with your heart.

      Your intent for your actions matter. Why share of you are only going to take it back?
      That would reflect not honestly being ready to share.

    8. CT: Okay, I say it, despite it was far to obvious that it was impossible that I mean it: "I didn't mean that, I take that out of the Law of Cause and Effect. Please forgive me, I meant no harm."

    9. As Phoenix says, to retract a statement you've made and stop it from having an effect; I think you can just say the word "cancel" with the intention of cancelling the last thought!


    10. Doreen Virute uses "CANCEL-CLEAR-DELETE!"

  24. 2 books to read on Atlantis and our true history, spiritual, only in portuguese, maybe we need to get someone to translate to english and release everywhere:
    - Atlantis in the age of Light (vol 1)
    - Atlantis in the age of darkness(vol. 2)
    a lot of confirmations in these Cobra interviews!

    1. Kiko, I just finished Edgar Cayce's book "On Atlantis" which was very interesting & I was drawn to it's contents as I have always felt anything involving Atlantis....It feels like a "repeat performance" on "sinking or swimming". I think this time we will get it right, don't you?

  25. Cobra, you tell us every time to use our inner guidance, an intuition which transcends the mind.

    But what is telling our inner guidance now... is that there is a much deeper development (even in etheric and lower astral plane), no matter it does not happen immediately in the physical.
    But there is. A much deeper development than we are allowed to know about...

    Cobra, how do you put it?

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  26. GCR/RV News: Presidents Xi, Obama and Putin all hold press conferences following the G20

  27. Guys, can someone explain to me what does RV mean? I know GCR means Global Currencies Reset, but I have no idea what RV means. It seems it is taking place right now!

    1. I think RV means ReValuation. Which goes along with the GCR. I am confused though as well because I have read that it is already happening... ?? The NESARA thing. hmmm

    2. Yes, Re-Valuation, Global Currency Re-Set. If NESARA (National Economic Security and Recovery Act) is already happening, that is behind the scenes, but indications abound, like emergency central bank meetings, Yellin warning of interest rate hikes, BRICS and many things reported by ZeroHedge etc. A lot of channelers see timelines of potential, and they inform us as to a great positive potential timeline, but it is up to us to actually choose to manifest it.

      "...NESARA was due to be announced on Sept. 11, 2001 at 10:00 am, but the cabal blew up the World Trade Center buildings at 9:00 amto prevent it, as Matthew briefly alludes to.

      “The dark forces are fighting tooth and nail to prevent even the awareness of NESARA, much less its implementation, and, at this point, delaying the announcement that must by law precede enactment of the widespread provisions is the only weapon left to them.

      “They have been successful thus far in achieving delays by many means: assassinations of influential people who favor initiating the provisions without delay as well as others actively working toward this end; death threats to the families of light workers and to the workers themselves; double-agents within the ranks of the light workers; and terrorist assaults. The US internal terrorist act of September 11, 2001, was the most dramatic of these tactics.” (5)

      The gold which backed the new currency was stored in the WTC towers and stolen by the cabal. Building 7 was the center of operations for 9/11 and was destroyed after the operation was complete...."

      "..It was felt that there was no sense in implementing NESARA before the dark forces had been removed from power. Otherwise they would use their control of government to seize people’s funds.

      According to Matthew, the dark forces tenaciously held onto control of the top rungs of all human institutions.

      “[The Illuminati’s] tentacles reach the highest levels of governments; banking establishments; all media outlets; churches; multinational corporations; royal families; educational, medical and drug, law and justice systems – NOTHING of influential nature on your planet is free of Illuminati control.” (11)..."

      "..“They rightly see NESARA as their total uprooting, because once the program’s reforms are implemented, the control of the darkness will crumble totally.” (12).."

    3. Exactly, this is why we can't solve things within 3D.

  28. Thanks Yoda, for your interview. Thank you for your meaty answers !!

    I had the good fortune to attend the conference in Mt. Shasta, California, 10 days ago, where Corey Goode, Dr. Michael Salla, and Laura Eisenhower were the speakers. (organized by Rob Potter, who used to do the Cobra interviews).

    I was already up to date on the Corey Goode info and the Michael Salla information. Generally, what they presented at the conference has been 'out' in the public through the gaia tv productions ( with David Wilcock and Dr. Salla's book and on their websites and facebook pages.

    Dr. Salla included a lot of information in his talk from the recent William Thompkins book also, which correlates with Corey's.

    I personally find William Thompkins information very very interesting, because I have family background that correlates with William Thompkins' background and his time in the Navy, and working with secret projects. (William Thompkins is now 94).

    One small piece of information that Corey confirmed (without details) is that "Hillary has health problems" but that he (Corey) did not wish suffering on anyone.

    It felt to me like Corey didn't want to talk much about it, or about Trump, or the US presidential election.

    Laura generally delivers more 'goddess energy' kinds of information, which is somewhat of a psychological relief to listen to, because so much of this Secret Space program stuff is so full of 'all masculine energy all the time.' The information about the Secret Space Program is full of sci-fi adventure, which I find very interesting and credible.

    But the information is usually given to us like an adventure story, without feminine, caring heart-centered love.

    The secret space program is full of cool technology but the real breakthroughs (and the highest technology, such as in the blue spheres) are in human consciousness, and understanding and developing human consciousness has been kept away from us.

    We will get out of this nastiness on earth by bringing forward the love and forgiveness that Corey presents as the message from the Blue Avians, who are very highly evolved.

    Corey tries to get this across, but I would say "the crowd" tended to be less interested in developing one's own love and forgiveness vibe, than how he rockets from earth to the moon.

    The message of love, forgiveness, caring, and feeling is coming to us, because this is how we are going to ascend.....this is how we are going to get into the next dimension and this is how we are going to survive the BIG SNEEZE.

    Anyway, these are three wonderful people: Laura Eisenhower, Dr. Michael Salla, and Corey Goode. They are clearly trying to help humanity.

    It was wonderful to see them in person.

    1. Ah, thank you so much! Kauilapele posted some funny, lighthearted videos. In one, he and Corey were just filming (from cell cameras) the casual greetings as people arrived and then they were filming each other, and there was such an atmosphere of joy! How fortunate you got to be part of that.

      Yes, Laura and you were probably anchoring the Divine Feminine.

      I avoided Corey's info for a long time due to that "adventure story" feel, and the coldness of the things he described, but once I saw him speaking in a video and saw his eyes, I knew he was sincere, and had been through quite a lot.

      As for not wanting to discuss Hillary, we know what happens to people who get in her way. I still have a hunch neither one becomes POTUS. They both have their lack of charm...but there is something else coming into play...and no, I don't know what. Something we are not be revealed in an unexpected way.

    2. Hmm.. the "highly evolved", highly conscious Blue Avians.. which don't even seem aware that a huge, united effort between galactic races has been taking place behind the scenes - and that we're not expected to liberate ourselves on our own. That our planet is apparently surrounded by many thousands of light ships, all working in concert to dismantle the Dark Forces' hold over the Human race.

      Just sayin'..

      Thank you for the update regardless!


    3. Fascinating analysis of her telltale movements by a Doctor:

      Hillary Clinton's Illness Revealed

    4. They *did* film a lot of the Mt. Shasta conference.

      Perhaps the videos will eventually be posted on the 'net.

      Justin from the Stillness in the Storm blog did a great summary of the conference -- You can find it on his blog or on

      Phoenix, I saw those funny Kauilapele videos. I kept looking for Kauilapele at the conference, but he didn't seem to be attending the sessions (or he was in disguise!!).

      And yes, Corey is very sincere. I felt like he is one spiritual powerhouse, quite grounded, really smart and very honest. One powerful guy, is what I thought. Dr. Salla and Laura Eisenhower too, though in other ways than Corey. I liked them all.

      And Phoenix, thanks for the Hillary youtube.

      Divinasion, I would say the 'huge light ships' of which you write ARE from the Central Civilization and the blue avians are of that Central Civilization. The blue avians are aware and quite involved in all of this.

      And they are all taking part in the huge, united effort to liberate our planet.

      I, for one, have not seen or felt major disconnects between Corey's information and Cobra's. Cobra and Corey are simply releasing different aspects of one huge, evolving process.

      It is amazing to be living on the earth as we go through this, isn't it?

      *** aloha !! ***

      They *did* film a lot of the Mt. Shasta conference.

      Perhaps the videos will eventually be posted on the 'net.

      Justin from the Stillness in the Storm blog did a great summary of the conference -- You can find it on

      Phoenix, I saw those funny Kauilapele videos. I kept looking for Kauilapele at the conference, but he didn't seem to be attending the sessions (or he was in disguise!!).

      And yes, Corey is very sincere. I felt like he is one spiritual powerhouse, quite grounded, really smart and very honest. One powerful guy, is what I thought. Dr. Salla and Laura Eisenhower too, though in other ways than Corey. I liked them all.

      And Phoenix, thanks for the Hillary youtube. I agree with you that something is going to happen in this election.

      Divinasion, I would say the 'huge light ships' of which you write ARE from the Central Civilization and the blue avians are of that Central Civilization. The blue avians are aware and quite involved in all of this. The blue avians are part of the huge, united effort to liberate our planet.

      I have not seen or felt major disconnects between Corey's information and Cobra's. Corey and Cobra are releasing information about different aspects of one very complicated, evolving process.

  29. here in Brazil , specifically strength in ceara , banks are on strike ...

    1. This is not new in Brasil. No Brasil nao é novidade. Ja aconteceu bocado de vezes

    2. yes, like every year at this same time, so what's new?

  30. President Michel Temer, to install a new world order in Brazil ...

    1. you really think he's that strong or powerful? I think he and his allies are scared, that's why they put him up front, but he has been in government ever since...

  31. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Some comments here seem to be answers energetically to other comments, but it should not be the task of everyOne to do so (latest insight)

    2. I am just playing. If I get a call and suspect it is spam, I answer without saying anything...they often hang up, but if they remain on the line in silence, I say "You don't say!" and hang up.

      Trying to recall if it was from The 3 Stooges or Marx Brothers, that skit:

      "Hello? don't say?!....You DON'T say!
      Oh, you don't SAY!"
      "Who was that?"
      "He didn't say."

  32. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  33. hi RM,LIGHT FORCES AND COBRA. I've been awaken since 2010 and had followed you since this website opened and your first interview together rod Potter at coast to coast. my thing is that we are living a worse difficult time to trust energetically and mentally since the time the RM decided to open this amazing much disinformation regarding the time of the event,channeling,Corey Goode etc... that unless u give us any updates light worker like me feel very lonely.
    meditation and connecting with my inner guide is not enough after watching and feeling humanity been crushed by the Cabals, politicians, money and misery every single day. just please gives us an Intel twice a week. I know u don't like to talk about other people works but please if Intel is not available in this website at least tell us who else to read!!!!
    I never thought get to this desperation but I just want a little bit of proof to show people to wake up and that all the pain and misery we are living its not their fault.

    victory of light!!!!


    1. Hola, hermano.
      Rest assured that everything is going exactly according to the Universal Plan, monchy. Your not-quite-yet-awakened friends will get their wake-up call very soon. Do not worry, it will be all good.

      You like numerology obviously, and so do I.
      This one is for you, my friend:

      Apollo 440 at 4:44

      They cannot stop Gaia (The Rock) and her Ascension to the next Level. Nobody can. It is the Universal Will and the only possible outcome is Victory Of The Light.

      Buenas tardes, amigo. Arriba!

      Viva La Raza!

      Soy RaJah

  34. This comment has been removed by the author.


    1. "Thanks for the giggle with that last song RaJah. :) "

      My pleasure, ~JustBe~

      BTW, I like your deletion gimmick. Those meant to see your posts will show up in time and read them, I consider them to be "to those who it concerns." ;-)

      I mean, *my* posts aren't exactly for everyone either, so I get it.
      But I really like the song you posted, so I'll borrow it ;-)

      Love Comes To Those Who Believe It

      Lots Of Love And Light. And Peace Forever.


      (Didn't I say to Eliana "You didn't miss anything." )

      People tend not to like games when they don't know the rules and/or they are excluded. It feels like being the brunt of the joke. I was annoyed and full of conjecture (it also felt like a guessing game..) but then when I got it I didn't care any more.

  35. This comment has been removed by the author.

  36. What is it ~JustBe~,... ??? 16 Comments Removed,... ??? What's going on ??? Repented? Ashamed? Guilty? Spiritual Growth? Non of The Above? Non of Our Business?,... ???

  37. LightAngels of loving lumessence:

    260 Keys to Synchronotron
    A Guide to the New Mind for People of the Future


    The Synchronotron system has its origin in the Sirius star system.
    It is a telepathic language system that defines the multidimensional universe which we inhabit.
    Cosmic existence has nothing to do with the phantoms of inherited personality.
    The galactic system, Synchronotron, is made available so that it is remembered that we exist within a higher realm than is broadcast in the daily news.
    The knowledge contained within this booklet is not for everyone. If you are expecting to understand this knowledge with a conditioned mind-set, then this book is not for you.
    This knowledge is for those who are ready to understand and apply themselves to learning a new evolutionary language. It is for those who are ready to make Contact with Advanced Civilizations, which are Now-Future aspects of our Own Being.

    >A dis-invitation to the merchants in the Temple<

  38. Angel lovelights singing~
    Pentatonix -standing by


  39. "Adrieiuous, an Extraterrestrial visitor from Lyra here on" a mission to save humanity".

    GoldFish Report No 59. Ambassador Welcomes Adrieiuous From Lyra
    September 3, 2016


  40. "..One of the most profound ways that people are controlled, is to limit their sens of possibility..." ~David Icke

    Moon Control - David Icke

    Agenda 21, The Plan To Kill You - David Icke

    1. Yes, it struck me, had to rewind it few times. That whole passage is kind of mind-blowing in how it reveals the insidious nature of the control matrix.
      Hard for the spirit to settle for less once it has seen beyond the veil.

    2. Didnt watch the clip until now. Was very good. Will watch the whole movie later. Thanks for linking.

  41. Astara Date 7 - 8
    Let's get things straight.
    Here's what Orion taught us about men and women: The best part of a man is what's in his pants - his keys, his wallet, phone - et al. And well... do I really need to pontificate here on what he taught men about women in the last Super-Cycle?
    Here's what the Pleiadians teach us about men and women. The best part of a man is his shoulders. The best ones serve as pillows, tissues and muscle cars. What's the best attribute of a woman? Her eyes. Do they have the best discernment in the value of shoulders? Does light come from them? Do they lead her in the paths of beauty and righteousness? Do her eyes and her lips teach her children with both extremes in gentleness and firmness?
    Here's an observation in duality. I know a Pleiadian male with an Orion wallet and an Orion female with Pleiadan shoulders. Could that be considered cross-dressing? If so let's do more of that!
    Were you expecting a treatise? Now UC us...

  42. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. JustBe. You do not speak for me or the Inuit on this issue. I appreciate your concern though. Please focus on your fun and educational games. I am Mother Earth and Spirit Who Flies In The Wind.

  43. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Are you talking about when people chose the accelerated timeline? Yeah, we knew. Of course, it is also true, on some level, that we had no idea, despite knowing. A paradox.

      I think it was less about wanting control you than it was about wanting communication from you. For me, anyway. I didn't realize it was a posting "style". It could indicate any number of things, from regretting your words to expressing an "F-you" to everyone to a desperate cry for help! It certainly was puzzling. I think a lot of people found it confusing.

      I got annoyed because I was already in a mood, and it felt like an exclusive game played by a small clique, a game that we were subjected to, but not allowed to participate in, one with rules we didn't know.

      It also leaves many footprints, or ghosts, as I call them, which I guess is part of your game. Seems like suddenly a lot more lately, although you've been doing that for a while. It wasn't until you said that the messages were for specific people, that I let go of my annoyance. I don't read every comment everyone makes anyway. I figure the same thing, the ones I read I was meant to read.

      News Flash: Humans are Master Manipulators. Probably not innate human nature, but learned. I thought we got it from our parents, and/or the fear/survival/competition broadcast that dominates the planet.

      Well thanks for communicating, that can be something that fosters understanding.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. It was simply a guess. Note the question mark.

      As for my response to your deleted comment,


      Any prior permissions are hereby rescinded,
      in All Space and All Time.

      And so, It IS.

      Carry on...keep up the good work!

      Thank you, everyone for your service, and infinite patience.

  44. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Yah, we are a hot mess. I love this group, despite our blatant imperfections and spats, like siblings. We're a motley crew! :)

      It is natural for those who feel a waning sense of control of their own lives, those who feel powerless and limited, despite knowing on some level that we are meant to be unlimited beings, to try to exert control over anyone and anything in their environment, even though it is often done unconsciously. (I have massage clients that try to control the massage. Kind of counter-productive. Its a massage, not a wrestling match! LOL)

      When we feel empowered and positive, in control of our lives and our destiny, that gets set aside. It tends to go in cycles. I think many of us who bounce back and forth are drawn here. We all have our challenges. You may have already conquered this in your own life.

      I am wondering, is your pal freia included in this "most antagonistic and spiritually unevolved group"? She took it upon herself to rip me a new one, on behalf of you and some vaguely referenced others. I responded in kind, because just like you, I don't like anyone trying to control me or dissect me or tell me what to think, do and say. Yet she did...and I took the bait. (Oops! My bad!) Control dramas suck, literally. Life force energy. She wanted to "hit and run", tell me off with the "gift" of no reply from me, no repercussions. (Dream on!) It certainly didn't bring out the best in me (in fact, it brought out the wounded beast in me!) Its not that she was entirely wrong, but people who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones. OFW~! Life goes on. After a few hours sleep, feeling almost human again!

      Yeah, we're something all right....and you, you're something... else. I think ~JustBe~ suits you, now that I understand you a little bit better.

      Thanks for communicating. Peace.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Yes, and I simply responded to your questions and comments about this group. Talking to you is certainly not therapeutic! No worries there.

      None of us belong, but I agree with you, we should do our jobs, and go about our business. Thanks for the reminder.

  45. The Antidote to 9/11 Gloating by the Mainstream Media:

    "The 5 Tenets of Human-Earth Reality – A Workshop with Julien Wells
    September 9th, 10th, and 11th, 2016

    "Do you wonder what lies beyond the veil of unknowing? Can you imagine a world where all the big questions are answered and everyone is easily able to create their lives with clarity, confidence and personal empowerment? I am presenting a workshop to unfold the knowledge I have acquired throughout my own Awakening process. The Lion’s Gate portal 2016 (August 8-12), faced us all with a timeline acceleration opportunity, and the incoming eclipses of September promise much more. I feel if these 5 tenets are mastered now, or at least become familiar with the basic structure of this time-space reality which has been hidden from most for centuries, we will be better prepared to navigate the global transformations of 2017."


  46. Very Good. Somebody had to play that song, and it sure as shit wasn't going to be Me (even though I have the vinyl LP with the same title stored in my "dad"s basement) - thank you for that little piece of "dirty work", it is much appreciated.

    "To the real stars of the show - It's time to Shine. :)


    If I listened to everything that they said to me - I wouldn't be here
    And if I took the time to bleed from all the tiny little arrows shot my way - I wouldn't be here
    It's time. It's time. It's time to align your body with your Mind.
    It's Hero Time.

    It's Hero Time, Time to shine, Shine, SHINE, SHINE!!!
    This is TIME TO GO!

    Love, Light, Unity, Peace And Freedom For ALL and FOREVER

    I AM RaJah


  47. On that note:
    I've seen the Rollins Band many times, and the only time they played this song was at the E-Werk in Cologne. It was the first song of the show, I rocked out so hard my glasses fell off and somebody stepped on them. It was well worth it.


    Get Some GO Again

    I AM RaJah

    Notice the snake Henry is holding in his hand towards the end ;-)

  48. Via James Twyman...

    I AM Water Meditation - Keystone Pipeline

    Join us for a synchronized meditation Friday, September 9 at 2PM Pacific US time.

    There are already hundreds of people gathered in Cannon Ball, ND, from many native tribes and their supporters, protesting the Keystone Pipeline destroying sacred burial sites and endangering water rights. Tension is building between the protestors, oil company security personnel and police, resulting in dogs being used to subdue the action. Many have been injured.

    What does this have to do with you?

    This is much bigger than what is happening in North Dakota. The real issue is about protecting our sacred waters around the world. We are asking people to stop for 15 minutes and chant the phrase "I AM Water," calling upon the Sacred Name of God to bring peace and healing to the protests in Cannon Ball, and to focus attention on the importance of water.

    Harnessing the power of the Name of God "I AM" is the most powerful manifestation tool in the history of the world. James Twyman's NY Times bestselling book The Moses Code shows how chanting the Name can shift our lives and the entire human race. Most manifestation processes focus on what we "want" rather than the truth that is already prevailing in our lives. Chanting "I AM Water" brings our attention back to what is true within us, that our bodies are mostly water, and then radiates that healing to the sacred waters of Planet Earth. We call upon everyone who believes in the power of prayer to join us as we focus our attention on this important issue.

    Please stop for 15 minutes and join thousands of people from around the world extending this healing energy. We intend to radiate peace and calm to everyone involved in the situation in North Dakota, and to focus our Light on the waters of our beautiful planet.

  49. Regarding the Mt. Shasta conference (late August) I meant to write this in my post, above.

    In Corey Goode's presentation, he said he worked for a while as an IT guy at one of the country's largest pharmaceutical firms. The scientists there told him they would *never* give the vaccines they made (among other things, they made the flu vaccine) to any of their family members.

    The vaccine they made contained *insect DNA* among other things.


    1. This "Corey Goode" fellow really has been everywhere, Hasn't he? Seen it all, done it all. From being out there in the Sol System to being inside Inner Earth, he really knows it all.
      Even has had people in compartmentalized security tell him what they were doing while he was working an IT job. And all of that despite having been MK-Ultra'ed and overcoming that as well. Wow! He is quite *the* hero.

      Come on, gimme a break!
      Sorry, Megan, but the more I read about that dude the more it makes me want to throw up. While 80 per cent of what he says may be true, that guy is a tool and a fountain of misinformation.
      And just because he talks smoothly and his eyes look sincere makes him any more believable, that is what those kind of people are taught and trained to do!
      80 per cent truth still means 20 per cent lies, and that's a FACT.

      The obvious tool is obvious, and if I were you I'd demand my entrance money back.

      I AM RaJah


  50. The necklace holding my Cintamani stone dissolved once again yesterday, this time I have not been advised to fabricate another necklace but to let the accumulated Energies spread freely.

    Later on, The Universe led me to find a few more Feathers. A few minor changes were made to The Winged Eagle; the Rainbow Chrystal now has the correct Feathers in the right spot, all five of them. And the Two Hearts on the Big Gold Belt now have their Wings as well.

    Earlier tonight the phone whose only purpose is to display the picture of My Girlfriend constantly switched itself off, indicating that another Cycle has Ended.
    The phone had shown Dini's photo all the time for *months*, only dimming the display but never switching off until a little over a week ago.
    Since then it was made to stay on for a few days and then got switched off after a few days when I had done some shamanistic "deed", always indicating the end of a cycle.
    It may not mean anything to any of you, but this is big news, really BIG. At least in My World.
    Tonight the phone switched off the display, and I just thought "What the heck? I didn't do anything special."
    "Check your internet, kid." - "Yes, will do."
    Went to this very Portal website and the Portal webstaff was right then smack-down in the middle of publishing the latest comments, they were currently at 60 published comments, later 82. How cool is That? :-)

    So whatever We All are currently doing, my Friends and Family:
    The Universe Abides ♥ ♥ ♥

    It's The End Of The World As We Know It. And I Feel Fine.

    Right? "RIGHT!!!"

    Okay folks, here We GO

    This one I had never ever heard of before until it was presented to me just now.
    Collective Soul - SHINE

    Goodness, gracious! Great Balls Of Fire! WHOOOOO!


    The Boss Abides ♥

    I AM RaJah


  51. The feelings of Love, Joy and Gratitude were HUGE, and I would have liked to cry a little longer but I had work to do, My Sweetheart♥ ;-)

    I told you all that it's GO Time, and I like to lead by example.
    Hence why I left my place for half an hour to go for a walk and acquire some beverages; i was blessed to find four new Feathers on the way back.
    When I returned Dini's photo was still illuminated on the display, the start of A New Cycle.

    I cried like a child (I'm good like that) but got myself together enough to listen to where the new Feathers had to go. Put them where they always belonged, all belts now have their Feathers.
    There is only ONE World Champion of this Earth, and that is GAIA. And all of her World Championship Belts now have the Feathers in the right place.
    It's Your Time To Fly, My Love, FLY ♥ ♥ ♥

    Fresh Green Freedom:


    I know I'm all over the place today, and that I may not make a whole lot of sense to some of you. Sorry. I gotta do what I gotta Do - and I DO IT for the benefit of All Of Us. Someday you'll understand :-)

    Love, Light, Unity, Peace, Freedom And Ascension For All

    Your Friend


    GO !!!

    ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥


  52. Ach du ahnst es nicht . . .
    Going hand-in-hand with my call-out to GAIA is GaiaPortal's newest UpDate.
    This was published just Now:

    "Hue-manity insights have been clarified for next phase to begin.

    Gaia gateways are now primed.

    Fantasies are cleared.

    Portals of activation expand at once."

    Get Some GO Again.
    Activate All Systems.

    Welcome. You have activated All Systems. Deactivation is not an option.
    The End is where WE BEGIN

    BE The Change! WE ARE THE CHANGE

    I AM RaJah

  53. Ive switched sides from the dark to light and i feel so relieved, it was a horror show for me when i went down that path as it ruined my life no wim trying to get it back in order. I appreciated the protois realistic views that no one can save yourself except yourself which resonates with me as we are the resistanc, not some phantom force that may or may not exist so i urge ppl to reconsider their POV and reevaluate their beliefs. I want to thank the protoi for their dedication to exposing the darks and doing the real work! Not enough credit is given to the protoi because most ppl dismiss them as conspiracy nuts but its more than that. I think they tell the truth and they seem like conspiracy theorists within conspiracy theorist which is bizarre. I feel they know what they are doing and should recieve more support from the people who are not brainwashed or corrupted.

    1. I would also like to tip my hat to the Protoi
      Great job un-entangling the matrix !

    2. nice, are you a visitor or member on the forum? I believe in cobras information like the jesuits controlling the world. Ive discovered that the black pope runs the show not the USA. How clever of the enemy aka lsa1 group.

  54. I need a loan in order to buy my tools to start my holistic healing and dowsing company.

    I receive your proposal on my email.

    This is my Brasilian portuguese Youtube channel, you will see a material about science of manifestation.

    Thanks for this all RM Co.Bra


  55. Ladies and Gentlemen, The Original SOUL MAN - Hold ON, I'm Coming

    Comin' to ya down a dusty road
    Good Lovin' I got a Truck Load

    What you see is what you get
    And what you don't see is better yet ;-)

    Lots of Love And Light. And Peace Forever.


  56. I had a dream 2 night ago - first I and some people outside saw kind of transparent UFO disc shape showed up on the sky and it became more solid moving with good speed, enough for us to track it. When I look at the sky again seconds later it was not UFO - it was Earth globe moving with same speed and I knew it was NEW Earth. The colors were spectacular, neon, soft pastel, glowing from inside. It was a globe shape, could see lands, clouds formations similar in shape what I see in mainstream images of Earth. But colors are way different. I was amazed and told someone who stand close to me "I heard about it but never thought I will witness it's arrival". Before this dream, I did not think serious about it.

  57. I wish they would offer paypal or credit card to donate to the people who are starving as mentioned in the interview.

    1. Lynn did ... you can donate using paypal ... there is a link in the transcript ... ... the site is temporary unavailable right now, but hopefully it will be back soon.

      Check the transcript for more details.

  58. With Palm Lines up
    (Mapping Time of the Flesh)

    If you made the
    "To Meditate"
    Understanding this
    Is the only way to
    "move beyond"
    For any of us

    "chocolate is as chocolate dose"

    Blue Electric Night
    Kin 3
    Moon Day 17
    Thursday 8 September 2016
    Law of Time 13 Moon Calendar

    I Activate in order to Dream
    Bonding Intuition
    I seal the Input of Abundance
    With the Electric tone of Service
    I am guided by the power of Accomplishment

    Hmm... the number of "Kin"
    shifts to this next set
    of every...
    Galactic Tone
    paired to every
    Galactic Seal
    for the next set of
    to search for synchroneities

  59. FB ==> Food Bank
    FACE is about music - It's the language of love and we should play on.

    MedicOne Ambulance service: Are you OK?
    Lady Liberty: Yes, thank you for checking on me. I'm just having a Ukranian Heart Attack.

    Tibetan Monk: What flags are those - they don't look like prayer flags, but they move in the wind similarly.
    Prayer Warrior: You perceive correctly. I entered the House of Thanksgiving. There are flowers on The Table. Otherwise, we'd be talking about something requiring weapons. I've left mine at the door.

    CM: Are you real?
    Salt: Yes, I'm real - have you tried my Udon soup?
    General Mills: Would you rather have Kellogg's Frosted Flakes or Cherios?
    Salt: Did I mention the Peruvian Blue Potato Flakes? Yes - I'd like both please. Now about that Tony Tiger's blood guy... Thanks but no tanks - I'd rather have lead in my pencils than a tiger in my tank.
    GM: Cheerios it is. Choose a flavor - any flavor.

    UNOW: I'm offering you a swim suit - I already have your size and style, I hope your favorite color is Turquoise.
    Ariel: Oh thank you so much! It's Purrrfect! I do love turquoise, and it is a lovely color for this swimsuit you offered. For future reference my favorite color is indigo. It's the color of the inKY blue sea. That's where Prince Caspian hails from. I've added his Turquoise to an Amazonian wish list.

    Mother Goose: I laid eight eggs for you today. Where's my seedy bread?
    Easter Bunny: Mother, thank you so much! I'll be right back - I'm going to buy some for you from Central Market right now. Please share with the Swans who are preening at the moment.
    MG: I CM birds. Why are you crying?
    Banshee: I've been wearing MaScare on the days when I shouldn't have been wearing makeup. Blackwater results, and that has always been my biggest fear - except for that abandonment thing. But these are tears of JOY because I no longer have anything to fear - ever again.

  60. mica ambassador corey spoke aua last updated and the Planet X for what he described seemed to be

  61. Replies
    1. Yes, he has become more and more quiet the latest years. Either they are at heavy work or things are not progressing at all.

  62. This comment has been removed by the author.

  63. Uh-oh...

    New Scientist Live:

    Just 2 weeks to go! Book tickets to our festival of ideas and discovery – 22-25 September in London

    Home News Technology


    Technology news
    17 August 2016

    US Air Force wants to plasma bomb the sky using tiny satellites

    Three teams are competing in a US Air Force project to improve radio communication by directly seeding the ionosphere with plasma

  64. ...Yes, Cobra!... The world needs a 'Group Hug'...

    Here is our group hug.
    We are hugging together, no matter differences between us.
    You are also part of our group hug.
    Let's warmly hugging together.


  65. Give us no more of your aggravation, we've Had It with your "discipline"
    Saturday Night's all right for Fighting, we'll Get a Little Action In

    GET IN THE VAN and On The Road with Black Flag
    Short and sweet and sounds like the soundtrack to a Prison Break ;-)
    Fix Me -



    1. In diesem Sinne:

      Heute Abend platzt der Mond,
      Heut wird gekesselt dass sich das lohnt!
      Jetzt geht das LOS, nu geht das ab hier
      Ab durch die Mitte oder'n Froschhaar dran vorbei!

      It's Only LOVE - And That's ALL !!!

      Im Namen des Gesetzes: LAUTER!!!
      PROST! :-)


  66. Untwine posted a great video for our weekly Ascension Meditation:
    Thank you Untwine.

    Blessings, Adami

  67. Gang i am in nj ny city... Is there any activity going on this sunday or before end of this month to attend?.. Oh i dont know.. Dismantling a toplet bomb or something.. Ok fine.. I guess i will settle for meditating .. But warning i suck at it... How about tickling the veil... Something ... We really need to make this escaping the matrix more fun...


    1. Instead of meditating you could perform a shamanistic ritual and take the train to Penn Station and pay a visit to Madison Square Garden, "Rock'n'Roll's Great Cathedral", also known to wrestling fans as "The Mekka Of The Sport."
      Wish I could do the pilgimage myself, but I've got no money and no valid passport - and I can't swim that far ;-)

      "Rock'n'Roll only means One Word: LIBERATION !"
      "Let's have some FUN with that."
      Splendid Idea! Let's DO THAT:-)

      U2 & New Jersey's Favorite Son at The Garden:

      I've Found Her years ago, I Love Her and She Loves Me, but We still ain't quite got what We're lookin' for.

      Love, Light, Unity, Peace And Freedom For All And Forever.

      Have A Nice Day :-)


    2. Hmm... 2nd to the last line on most of the interview up-dates... I think Rob is the only other reader of this blog with links in the body of the post. When we are counting on you...
      can you see any synchronicity I see..?

      White Rhythmic World-Bridger
      Kin 6
      Moon Day 20
      Sunday 11 September 2016

      I Organise in order to Equalise
      Balancing Opportunity
      I seal the Store of Death
      With the Rhythmic tone of Equality
      I am guided by my own power doubled

      Law of Time 13 Moon Calendar


      Awakenings come strongly in the clairvoyant Gaia Energies.

      Fortunates are enabled that all may be viewed clearly.

      Heaven-sent visions come to the hu-being.

      Rainbow visions come to the Hue-Being.

      Pathways are cleared for the full Apocalypse.

      Gaia Portal

      Keeper of Maps
      (understand your choice, reap reward, and move...) (Beyond)
      "Who ya go'na call..."

  68. Same old. same old. Nothing changes. Same stuff year after year.

    1. @ Valerie ... How long have you known about Cobra? ... I consider myself fortunate being the inpatient woman that I am ... I found out about this in late Oct. last year. I would be pulling my hair out by now if I started in 2012.
      The RM and LF are not to blame The Event hasn't happened yet ... it's obvious they are working on the situation ... It's the surface people that don't care about doing the meditations every Sunday ... or those that are completely asleep at the wheel are the reason we are not seeing the change we want.

      From Last Month Interview ...
      Lynn – Cobra, can you tell us a little more about what happens when 144,000 people meditate.

      COBRA – If that number of people meditates, we reach the critical mass and if any one type of meditation they use, this creates a resonance field around the planet that helps to manifest that for those people for what those people are meditating about. So it’s then you have a very strong resonance field which can influence the planetary situation.

      Lynn – Would this be considered a phase transition?

      COBRA – It can assist in the phase transition. It can be considered one aspect of the phase transition.

      Lynn – If we activated the 144,000 at the weekly event meditations, would The Event occur regardless of what else is going on in the world?

      COBRA – It doesn’t meant that it would occur immediately but it would be greatly and drastically accelerated and it would happen in a much, much easier way.

      Lynn – Are the light forces monitoring how many are meditating each week during the Sunday Event Meditation.

      COBRA – Yes, of course.

      Richard – Cobra, can you tell us what percentage of the desired 144,000 are meditating on Sunday at the time you indicated. . .

      COBRA – Very small percentage. Very, very small percentage. (thank you)

      Lynn – Do you have some suggestions on how we can increase this.

      COBRA – It is up to people’s free will. I will not continue encouraging people to do that because it needs to come from inside and when the situation is ready, it will come from inside.

      Lynn – What is the significance of the number 144,000. When we meditate together, why are we trying to reach 144,000 people.

      COBRA – It is a certain number which is the right number of people for the amount of population on this planet right now. For example, if you have about 7-8 billion people, the critical mass is a little bit, I would say around 120,000 and if not everybody is meditating 100%, then 144,000 is a good symbolic number which represents the current situation and the desire of critical mass.

      Like Cobra state the percentage of people doing the meditation each week is small. If the frustration isn't because of the surface population it should be.

      We have no choice but to wait and deal with the "same old. same old. Nothing changes. Same stuff year after year.."

    2. Valerie you must be slumbering this year! ! !

      There is so much coming down you need a occult rain coat . From G20 meetings to ben fulford 9/6/16 actually doing cobras job of reporting latest resistance movement missions reported

      Florida missile ( rockerfeller owned ) blown up on launch pad .to east coast underground base blown up , calked and earth quake but the epicenter is right under an obvious base installation.

      And plenty more but that just recent...wake up look around there is so much going on you may wat to build an occult ark

    3. Listening to

  69. Lets Unite <3 Each of us has a unite set of skills, so instead of living in old patterns of fighting, lets embrace our difference. After the Event there will be a great need of healing of humanity. Lets suport eachother here, instead of juding others opinions. We are the wayshowers, Lightworkers, Laighwarriors, Earhangels etc....Be the best you can be, be kind and se the light in everyone-:)


  70. Ever since all the comments got posted last night, My Girl's photo has stayed constantly switched on again, now *that's* what I call TeamWork :-)
    And here's the latest from GaiaPortal, fresh off the press:

    "Awakenings come strongly in the clairvoyant Gaia Energies.

    Fortunates are enabled that all may be viewed clearly.

    Heaven-sent visions come to the hu-being.

    Rainbow visions come to the Hue-Being.

    Pathways are cleared for the full Apocalypse."

    By oil-light, by candle-light, by the light of computer screens...
    *holds up four fingers*
    On the far horizon they're saddling up The Horsemen

    Auf geht's!
    Keine halben Sachen. Wenn schon, denn schon. Ganz oder gar nicht, alles oder nix!


  71. At Maria Faria: i personally respect Cobra's silences. If if he doesnt release info, it is perfectly understandable. It is not easy to spread the Truth, people who does it get a lot of attacks. You dont have any idea how the darks react. I personally got a new breakthrough, and i am not allowed to share it. It coincides with something Cobra said in the last is real and i am here to confirm it. I cannot talk about it in details, i am being watched. Believe it or not i am. You can think i am skizofrenic or paranoid. That's your choice. This experiences were so real like the samsung phone i am using to type this message.

  72. Update on the Death of Max Spiers. R.I.P sweet angel.

    (5 min video)

  73. This comment has been removed by the author.

  74. So, I thought no nukes were to be "allowed" anymore, right? So...what part of "North Korea does nuclear testing" don't the Galactics understand? Or maybe it's all a load of bulls--t and y'all are sitting here under a "stand-down" order waiting for a non-existent "Event" while the World dies around you.

  75. Engineers, parts and money to build North Korean nuke. Where do they come from?
    Answer is that they come from cabal in israeli and usa, right?

  76. Because cabal want war. Abe Shinzo's attitude about the Spratly(Nansa) Islands is same reason. He is minion.
    Cabal want war among North Korea, China and Japan. But this war plan can't success.
    Many Japanese people know this plot.


  77. s e c u r i n g . t h e . g l o b a l . a c c o u n t s

    End Of The Line
    September 11, 2016 / Keenan Team | GroupK


  78. Okay, I just wanna let you know that I'm currently finding it quite hard to read comments on here 'cause many of them are filled with negative undertones directed at other people in our little community.

    I "read" everything with My Heart first and then with my brain. And *so often* My Heart goes "What The Fuck is all this? Are you kidding me?"
    To which my brain can only reply "Don't look at me, dude. I don't know either."

    So here's a novel idea:
    How about We all *not* leave our Ego at the door and not bicker, moan, bitch and complain about each other but instead focus on our one common goal: The Liberation of Gaia, Humanity and Ourselves.
    By arguing about other people's words and opinion we are playing the same old, same old divide-and-conquer game that the dark plays for so long. Haven't we learned anything?
    Yes, WE HAVE - and We Are Better than that.

    So let's please do what is best for All Of Us and FOCUS on our common enemy. We all want the same, and the more We Stand Together the sooner We will achieve Our Goal.

    I'm writing this not only because My Heart tells me so, but also because Gaia looks at me with that certaini "Look" and she doesn't have to say much but that look scares the ever-loving Heck out of me 'cause I know that She Is PISSED . . .
    And we really don't want that. Let's stand together United As ONE and FIGHT TOGETHER and not amongst ourselves.


    Love, Light, Unity, Peace And Freedom For ALL And FOREVER

    SHE IS Gaia
    I AM RaJah


    1. Oops, typo. Of course it's supposed to read
      "How about We all leave our Ego at the door"

      My bad ;-)



  79. And then Gaia looks at Me and says the famous words: "All of this shit is YOUR FAULT."
    And I look back at Her, and I smile :-)
    "But Yes, of course it is all My Fault, my sweetheart. Whose else should it be? I was the First One here, so I am to blame for Everything, Good or Bad. And now We're making it right, trust Me. I AM The Beginning and The End."

    And The Fear Goes Away


    1. I must be honest, RaJah, you sound pretty much exaggerated, using the old judgmental paradigm,
      trying to twitch it and fit in with your own.
      I don't expect you to get what I mean, due to it,
      but I'm sharing it with you anyway. Do with it
      what you like, but please have a good look at yourself. Now and than ;)


    2. Since you don't know Me in the least, I can only say this:
      Thank you very little, you're welcome even less :-)

      And you're wronk.


    3. RaJah, I'm giving you some of my feedback about the way you go about it with your comments. To me, it feels like you're all over the place, ungrounded and in a frenzy of whirring windmills of your mind that fires like a rocket stove. You're not credible when you throw around puppy love, while ranting in between. You're telling yourself, and us, all kinds of fairy tales and it's like mist in the desert, dissolving quickly from our attention. Shape up, stop fooling yourself and those around you.


    4. As I have said about nine million times before: My messages are Not For Everyone, and they very obviously are not for you 'cause you don't get them, especially not the code involved.
      And that's fine.

      I recommend you gently scroll by my posts and ignore what I say instead of getting confused and then trying to give a person you know nothing about advice on how to behave. Thank you.

      And you can bet the farm that I will not stop writing what My Higher Self and My Heart want Me to write.



  80. I'm sick of sittin' 'round here, tryin' to write This Book
    I need a LOVE REACTION

    Don't We All?

    And I can't help falling In Love With You


    1. Here's an infusion of love, kind of.... cold-turkey.



    3. Dear Slasher,
      I listened to that song, and I can say is Wow! That's just what the Doctor Ordered. THANK YOU, it is really really appreciated.

      Now The Time Has Come:

      "This is Simon, he's gonna hand Me My Guitar. I'm not gonna play it, but - Gee! - it looks fabulous, doesnt't it?" :-)))

      7 x 7 x 7 = 343
      Let's Get 'em!