Wednesday, November 9, 2016

The Blue and the Event

Now that the circus of the US elections is over, we can finally focus again on real intel.

The emergence of the Goddess DouMu to the surface of the planet a few years ago is the first sign of the return of the Light forces after their 26,000 years long exile. This was the first step towards the return of Agartha to the surface. Now the Blue are preparing the portals on the surface so that the Agarthans can contact the surface population again first energetically and then also physically after the Event.

For this purpose, many caves and cave entrances on the surface are prepared in a certain way that will be fully revealed at the Event.

Many of the caves worldwide were sacred places for various Light groups on the surface and many of them contain Goddess vortexes which will be activated at the Event:

For this purpose, we are actively searching for people who are guardians of such caves or know their location, to contact me at

In Chinese Taoist tradition, caves that serve as portals into Agartha are called grotto heavens:

The Blue are the guardians of those portals. Now lost to the outside world but still in the possession of the Blue, is the Chart of the True Forms of the Five Sacred Mountains, also called The Luminous Precious Scripture of the Five Talismans, a map of access points to the Agartha network that is 5000 years old. This chart resurfaced again 3000 years later and was then given to Blue guardians. 


Many of the grotto heavens are located in Taoist sacred mountains in China. There are two overlapping energy grids that connect these sacred mountains, with corresponding system of underground tunnels and cities of Agartha.

The first energy grid is based on five sacred mountains, one for each of four directions of the sky and one for the center:

The second energy grid is based on four sacred mountains:

Both energy grids have the main vortex intersection point near Chengdu, where the mysterious Sanxingdui civilization was located:

Chengdu is one of the 12 major energy vortexes of the Earth icosahedron grid:


Sanxingdui civilization was the main anchor point of an extraterrestrial faction from Thuban (alpha Draconis), the most prominent faction of the positive Draconians. They are one of the founding sources of Chinese culture and one of the main reasons why dragon as a symbol has positive connotations for Chinese. Thuban was a polar star 5000 years ago when Thuban Draconians descended on Earth, using Chendgu vortex as the entry point.

Sanxingdui means three stars mound in Chinese and the three stars are Thuban, Antares and Aldebaran. These three stars form a very strong energy triangle, Antares and Aldebaran being on one of the main galactic plasma Light filaments that allow interstellar travel through portals in this sector of the Galaxy.

Not far away from Thuban, on the Antares-Aldebaran galactic highway, is the star Dubhe, home of Goddess DouMu which belongs to an ancient humanoid positive civilization living on planets orbiting that star:

Goddess DouMu is now engaged in more active work with the portals on the surface of the planet in the new phase of preparations for the Compression Breakthrough which have begun in July.

Dragon sources have communicated that Jetsun Pema, the queen of Bhutan, is one of the main public embodiments of DouMu archetype on the surface of the planet:

Dragon sources have also said that DouMu is searching for more active contact with the surface population.

All this is part of the larger plan to reconnect the Agartha Network with the surface population after the Event.

Victory of the Light!


  1. Dragon sources have also said that DouMu is searching for more active contact with the surface population

    How do we do this Cobra ? Could you please release the protocols, mantra, sadhana, .... ?

    1. Protocols? Lol. True,and clean soul....thats the secret...Not the protocols. Dou Mu searching the contact,not the "contact" searching Dou Mu.

    2. Bunkum. A true parent does not discriminate. After the Event, the true colours of the Goddesses and Ascended Masters will be revealed. They are our parents. The only reason they can't connect with everyone now is Prime Anomaly and the extensive Archon programming of the surface population. Notions of purity are just a load of Archon bull. There is no spiritual path on the planet's surface free of the Archon-J Suit bull.

      Cobra knows the protocols. Oh yes he does. Knowing the inner way to get to the Goddess is just opening the door for your parent and not like standing in the queue for a blooming appointment with the Poop.

      There is only One. That's why there is no restrictions on Divine Aid except for Prime Anomaly gumming up the works. The Ascended Masters movements on this planet have been restricted by the dark. Otherwise they will pick up every single soul here and nurture us like parents even if we don't want them.

    3. Dou Mu searching the contact,not the "contact" searching Dou Mu.

      Pure Archon-J Suit programming. No spiritual path is totally free from it. They are our parents. We don't need an appointment to see them. If Prime Anomaly is taken care of, they would be available to all. The dark has restricted their movements on the surface of this planet. But with the right protocols anyone can contact them. Notions of purity is a load of bunkum spread by the Archons. There is only One and Archons are the only divisive force and it is not because we are not pure enough or undeserving enough.

    4. You ask Cobra: Release the protocols....etc...etc....Why ask to Cobra? Look intő your soul, and search the words is bunkum? you wish. Your opinion is : I'm a Archon spy őr something you wish....Sry for my english. Maybe one day you understand what i tell you. Drop your arrogance....and good luck.

    5. I didn't say you are an Archon spy (though you could be ;)

      I meant 99% of the population is subject to Archon programming which includes feelings of not being worthy, taking the long way out by not seeking help from people like Cobra, etc. These are extra ordinary times. Who can go within even after knowing the protocols when all Light workers are under attack? An SOS mantra (which includes Dou Mu's secret name) may be the best option. At the least we can connect with her energetically. Cobra is either shy of sounding like a messiah or his word processor is wired to toplet bombs so as to restrict his intel by word count. Either way I hope he is able to give us the intel we want sooner or later.

      Asking Cobra is my free will. Why interfere with that? And anyway I am not asking him for a beer (which would be a misuse of my free will).

      Aggression gets your point across (not advised as it seems to ruffle feathers and sounds arrogant).

      Feeling sorry for your English is your free will though I wouldn't be if I were in your place. English and other current languages do not get your point across effectively. Yet another Archon creation to dumb down the population by stunting spiritual growth. The ancient languages where each word is a mantra and there is no ambiguity in communications are not in popular use.

      The day we switch over to the ancient languages will be the day we understand each other perfectly.


  2. Unless there are clouds obstructing the view the Big Dipper (or Big Bear as we call it in Germany) constellation is ALWAYS visible from my Balcony and shining its Lights into my living room, a.k.a. The LightMachine :-)

    I have always felt drawn to The Big Bear constellation and always wave and make hand signals whenever I'm on the Balcony underneath the stars, so I am really thrilled to see it mentioned as the "home" of Dou Mu and positive Humanity.
    Makes a whole lot of sense for the little brain of this old Taoist here.

    Thanks, 'bra.


    1. Actually, we call it either - Big Dipper, Great Bear, Ursa Major. Mythology says Callisto was turned into a Bear, and placed in a constellation.


    2. Happy carnival season - Alaaf!

      Oh look, for the first time this week it's a cloudless sky and, thus, a starry night with a clear view of the Big Bear constellation directly from my place on the couch - nice :-)
      Greetings, you Little Beauties ♥ ♥ ♥

      And surprisingly (well, maybe not) something positive has already happened: The criminals at the EU comission have officially stopped negotiations with the US over that free-trade atrocity called TTIP because of Trump being elected and are crying their corrupt little capitalist eyes out.
      That actually is really good news as TTIP is / was a big cornerstone of the cabal's plan for the "new world order."
      First "Brexit" and now this - the cracks are widening and their dark devious system is crumbling right before their very eyes :-)

      The front page of the newest edition of Germany's oldest news magazine "Der Spiegel", which was founded in 1949 by the British MI6 and is still firmly and exclusively in cabal control, actually reads
      "Das Ende der Welt (wie wir sie kennen)"

      The End Of The World As We Know It - only played that song abaout a million times on here, didn't I? ;-)
      Here's another version, this one live from Cologne:

      And for obvious reasons here's some Leonard Cohen.

      First We take Manhattan, then We take Berlin

      Love, Light, Unity, Peace and Freedom for All


  3. cobra,tell something about the they fit into this?

    1. i remember...They Dance...Dance...and Dance...
      to ja~chinka~...tam...

  4. in my country Romania its over 12000 of caves but I don't know which of them go in agartha.but I will mention 10 of the biggest.Pestera Huda lui Papara,Pestera Muierii this cave have healing properties,Pestera Ghetarul de la Focul Viu,Pestera Ursilor,Pestera Scarisoara,Pestera Cetatile Ponorului,Pestera Ialomicioarei,Pestera Meziad,Pestera Vantului,Pestera Limanu.hope it hepls

  5. what about the sufi? how they fit into this?

    1. The sufi are of the hermetic lineage going back to the high point of Egypt and through that back to atlantis. THoth, hermes trismegistus, hermetics, emerald tablets of thoth are all things you could enter into google ☺.. I wouldn't know directly how they are connected to current events but they are of a very positive lineage. Hope this helps!

  6. Replies
    1. Google the event or search ot here on this site.

  7. Thank you for the interesting new information! It is uplifting and a relief to read this.

    I believe you said in a recent interview that we can connect with DouMu... my guess is that we can simply visualize her during meditation and ask her to come to us and then talk to her.

    I have "talked" to Quan Yin like this in the past and felt like she heard me.

    Aloha and ho'oponopono.

  8. I have a feeling the EVENT is upon us now. So much LOVE to you ALL!

    1. Sorry to burst your bubble, but there is no evidence of this. COBRA hasn't even said the bombs on the etheric plane are nearly finished being removed.

      If anyone doesn't know what The Event involves, you can read up on the specifics here:


  9. I'm only gonna' say that i hope that all this is true... i'm tired of this stupid game!!

  10. Very Interesting... relay this website

  11. Thanks for the update Cobra, keep it up!

  12. Thank-you that's really encouraging...with love.

  13. Dear Cobra, thank you for your new post. The last thing you said about the star lady Dou Mu, clarified some things for me. Are there any entrances in Postojna cave, Slovenia (or other nearby famous caves entrances)?

    Victory of the Light!!!

  14. Are all Agarthans friendly to friendly humans? We all know there are billions of humans that are probably not ready for this & then there's our military. How will this play out?

    1. There is the dilemma of humanity, we are "sharing the prison" with billions pf people who are below the animal level, so this is a complicated situation

  15. Cobra, what is the protocol to make the energetic contact in front of/within the cave if I find one of them.

  16. Another great article. I'm from china, those terms and names are all so making sense and familiar. (a side note, there are a lot of Chinese fictions that are based on tao-ism and their ancient teachings. Story usually happens at the five sacred mountains where the main character study for tao-sim practice, special abilities, and ascension.)
    I didn't know the real meaning of "dong tian" (grotto heavens) till today. This is my "aha" moment of the day.
    I think dou mu is looking for someone that could stream situation, and anchor her vibration on the surface.

  17. "Real Intel" - I love it!

    Here is one way we can take advantage of the energetic momentum (note that Cobra's update was quite upbeat) and further make cracks in the veil:

    Participate, please, in EVERY organized mass meditation possible going forward which is focused on accelerating the EVENT.

    Details of these will be published in the usual locations. Feel free to ask for details to others in comments here or elsewhere.

    1. Thanks Biscuit.
      1) This coming Sunday as usual
      2) This coming Monday according to Biscuit's instructions, above.

    2. and why not right now at the 11:11 Gateway, a sweeping wave of intention on 11/11 at 11:11 local time...most auspicious! :)

  18. RE: CAVES

    Mantak Chia, grande Tao Master based in Changmai, Thailand searched through many caves in China to find his Master. Most masters were out of their bodies and found one that just returned after nine caves.

  19. When I was doing THE STAR RACES and I make the Reptilian as one race and Draconian as another. And yet someone told me I was disinformed that the two races are actually the same species. But now they are confirmed to be two difference species (with good and bad factions of both) by Asthar Command and Cobra now. Thanks a lot!


    Remember to subscribe to my channel for more races.
    May the LOVE be with you always!

    1. Beloved brother Piperon.

      I'm a draconian and yes, you can call us reptilians if you want to. After all, we are also reptiles.

      Some people as cobra prefer to call us directly as draconians, and I believe it is not to create confusion. And it's also ok.

      Another good way not to create confusion, it's to call us "draconian reptilians".

      So, either way you choose is ok.

      See you, brother.

    2. Thanks beloved brother spiritofjstc2,

      Yes, it can be very confusing when I was doing The Star Races, especially the Grey and the BIG NOSE Grey from Bellatrix, only their nose is difference and they actually evolved from a difference ancestory line. So, they look alike but they are actually difference species.

      Thanks you so much for your clarification.

      May the LOVE be with you always!

  20. thanks for lifting us out of 3D election attention. Gratitude to you brother.

  21. Chengdu is where all the pandas are! I hope we can get this energy network up and running soon. Thanks for the intel Cobra.

    1. Thanks! I'll need to know this stuff when I get the guardian position.

  22. We don't live on a planet in the big dipper. We don't live in caves with magical portals.
    Agarthans don't pay our Bills and taxes. This is not "real intel". It's a cop-out.

    1. Well... She hasn't come here all the way from the Big Dipper for a picnic.

    2. Robert, I kind of agree with you... I am a little disappointed at the lack of useful insight into the current progress of Earth's liberation.


    3. Either this or none. Damn if he provides some or any info damn if he doesnt.

      Unless one or all of you are in charge or closely affiliated with an organization that is functioning as a critical piece in the liberation of the planet and needs upto the moment details that cant be gathered in other means.... then your demands and complains would be understandable... Otherwise i guess we All will have to cope with what we get cause i can assure you no important info is going to flow in this direction just to please us for the sake of pleading us.

      Understand that the more information is release publicly it gives the opportunity for the bad guys to use it for their benefit or plan or replan... Even if we think the info is insignificant...

      Even our reactions or mood flow in the blog gets considered in planning their disinfo misinfo apparatus if an objective is to destroy moral... Trust etc.

      Thus the trolls that come from time to time dress in sheeps clothing... They are not always aggressive in creating obvious disruptions...

      They will study you/us to be able to press the right buttons and it will be done in different ways... Some will do it by bashing or trying to ridicule but in what seems like harmless jokes... Others would seem more serious and devoted... in a very compelling manner they will provide proof or what seems like proof of irregularities in some of the posts etc... However the problem with their statements is that it will have gaps... And those missing pieces are missing deliberately...(now granted that due to the level of our frustration we all or some will bash and point fingers and errors from time to time... But our motives differ)
      The purpose of tgese invisible ones is to create an illusion and to sell it... For those that have not followed the flow of all the posts the plead of the troll could be very convincing... Although at times the perpetrator can get lucky though because unfortunately we are dealing with a situation where there are many unknowns and much happens in the background and thus at times their arguments cant be debated propertly... But nontheless it makes it no less an attack to deviate or destroy.

      Last but not least ... I dont understand how is this post not considered an update.. Perhaps not an update on the bombs... Still is an update. He is even engaging or reaching out to those that have pieces of the puzzle to come onboard to share some secret location.. Which honestly that part sounds risky to me... But i believe such info will not be disclose so readily via email.. Cause is obvious that correspondence would help the bad guys too if they get to see it.

  23. 利用外国人的无知来粉饰道教, 道家和道教是两个门派 道家来自和天狼星接触的亚特兰蒂斯文明,庄子里面白种人射山神人就是证据,道教就是天龙人劫持了道家.欺负外国人没看过封神演义
    内经里面人根本没有十条经络 是经过天龙人基因修改以后才有今天的十条经络 心包经 就是宦官这条经络在亚特莱迪斯是没有的,心包经就是小我,就是天龙人和执政官弄的

    1. and this is from someone who believes that China is a "slave country", that the country is about to be destroyed and its people become extinct, that only America and its "sphere of influence" will emerge to be the "free people", ofcourse this is completely contrary to reality, either you are extremely disconnected from "reality" or you are just another brainwashed victim.

      get yourself some reality and common sense before venturing into understanding the deeper spiritual aspects of whats going on in the world.

  24. Thank the Source the presidential reality show is over. After hearing the RM giving Clinton a 65% chance of stealing the election made me wonder if they would be able to pull it off. I'm guessing the white hats in the FBI who got the investigation open again even though the corrupt Comely sold out again, cut Clinton's chance to steal it.

    I'm sure once the honeymoon is over it will be business as usual. There are reports that there may be an attempt to assassinate him, but I am sure the RM is watching over him if they do.

    Great news about Dou Mu. If meditation is the only way to reach her I guess I will have to wait until after The Event. I was never any good at meditating. During Sunday's meditations I just watch the videos and do the best I can at visualizing. Perhaps while walking through the woods I may accidentally connect briefly, but that is it.

    Always nice to find an update when checking in .... Victory of the Light. :)

    1. Spirit made Flesh for this strange Time
      With blood on my fingers, I reach for the Light
      (download complete, designation number FN-2187)
      "The Force Awakens" (and it's all real)

    2. Hmm...
      Blue Lunar Hand
      Moon Day 25

      I Polarise in order to Know
      Stabilising Healing
      I seal the Store of Accomplishment
      With the Lunar tone of Challenge
      I am guided by the power of Self-Generation

  25. Wow! Thank You, Cobra!

    You said it, Ernerson! Woo~hoo!

  26. Thanks Cobra very interesting always wondered when we would start hearing more of Dou Mu.

  27. I guess (and I hope) that the Event will happen because of Trump and not because of Resistance Movement. So that a man of the Planet EARTH would accoumplish this.

    1. In me heart i wish there was as a Moses that could compell the masses to do the impossible (not for him to do it for us).... But i fear there is no Moses among us.

      We are all tainted by a great degree of ignorance even more so those 'fighting' for lead.

      So there is only one recourse after elections is over... And is to hope for the best... Imho.

    2. so since there are no pure ones among prisoners one would hope that at least one of them would step up to the plate and become a hero for one... To be what legends are all about regardless of orgin or shortcomings... Thats what humanity need... So far all we been getting are bad players ready to perform cheap magic tricks.

      Time will tell what Mr. Trump will be all about.
      Do wish him luck.

  28. WOW for Trump 119

    HE said: "I have a DREAM!"
    They said: "Let's make it REAL!"
    so we did.

    TY staRBuck. That little Tree has become quite a forRest.

    UAE has become UE - Undiscovered Endings or HISHE - How It Should Have Ended.
    Spoiler alert: it doesn't.

    Here's a piece of advise - or two for Trump Tower:
    Let the power go to your Heart not your head and your ALMA will be honored. Then you will likely know instantly when to say this: "That's not my job man, because it was NEVER my Father's business. Wisdom attends The Father - always. And I'm about IT."

    Then have a slice of American Pi d'Vie


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  31. Will the monthly interview still be on at prepare for change?

    1. Yesyesyes... give him a break man... blogs, interviews... still on as usual... sometimes he needs to get away from it all by teleporting himself to the Pleiades...

  32. In the Bucegi Mountain.
    In the near of Cirlibaba/Suceava in Romania in the Mountain OMu.

    1. Thanks!

      Cobra I'd like to apply to be the guardian of that spot. And can I bring all my own food?

  33. Any news about Pleiadian Situation (new Tachyon membrane and regaining of territory)?

  34. I live in a geographic location where the lines intersect ( Petrozavodsk )

    So it begins-Full Disclosure Now Global Day of Action 11/11

    Is this a faction of RM, or just civic movement?

  36. I used to hear Bashar, channeled by Daryl Anka. He says that he´s an ET from the future, something like that.

    He predicted that there was a high probability that a woman would be president.
    He also predicted that before the US elections, "everything will change"

    Two fails in a day.

    These fails makes stronger my support for COBRA and this information.

    1. lately, I've been questioning Bashar new info. too....

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. There was a high probablity that clinton could make it. Probably due to plans for election rigging. Even Cobra's simulation indicated a 65% chance that she does. 65 is not 100, and the 35% managed to grow to a 100. Both Bashar and Cobra are genuine. It's far from accurate to take one statement and jump to conclusions. cheers for now.

    4. Mike Quinsey's Higher Self message said that likely Donald Trump likely to resign after a few months and Paul Ryan will be the new interim President. Let us what will happen.

      Read the full message at :-

    5. I am on the fence about Bashar. There was only a brief period in my life where I listened to his thoughts - but I stopped, because I found he was too aggressive.. and that made me uncomfortable.

      There are certain things about Daryl that are questionable. How can his higher self be talking to us from hundreds of years in the future, if the future isn't even decided yet? We shape our futures with the decisions we make in the perpetual 'now' that we exist in. I guess Corey Goode says he ~was~ age regressed back 20 years... I don't know. It still doesn't make logical sense to me...

      Does anyone else find Daryl/Bashar a questionable character??


    6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  37. “Accept what is instead of reacting or fighting it. Reacting to fear with fear will create more of it. Reacting to fear with love will transform it into love.”

    ---to that, I would add, we are not victims, we have the co-creative power to transform this reality for the better, regardless of who we perceive to be in power. The people have the power, like Dorothy, we always have. We just didn't know it. ~PB

    Message from the Andromedans – All is in perfect Divine Order by Vera Ingeborg | The Wake Up Experience
    | Nov 9, 2016

    1. @Phoenix Boulay,...
      You are so a sweetheart...

      Kiss for you...


  38. Navigating Life in Clarity
    Message from the Council of Radiant Light
    by Ailia Mira | Expect Wonderful

  39. I received this 17 min. YouTube video today which resonates deeply with the truth of the US presidential election of Donald Trump and his divine role for America and the New Age. I invite everyone to listen with an open mind and heart.

    "The Mother, Saint Germain, André, Donald Trump’s Battle, Perception and Forgiveness"

    Published: October 10, 2016

    by Christine Preston

    (who publishes "readings" of Archangel Michael, Archangel Gabriel, and others)

    Video and transcript can be found at the following website:

    Galactic Federation of Light

    YouTube video can be found at:

    1. I believe what Cobra said about Trump being a Jesuit agent. By March it will be business as usual. There is absolutely nothing divine about Trump. If he commits war crimes before The Event ... and most likely it will happen, he will have to be held accountable like the others.

    2. spirittoo and others; I invite you to view the my referenced posted video above. Trump is a man of Light. Beyond what the cabal controlled media slashed him out to be. View YouTube videos of his talks, interviews, and documentaries and you may confirm this yourself. Better than that, watch his actions now, and after his inauguration.

      I believe Cobra is in great error about Trump. Just because Cobra is right about some things doesn't make him right about ALL things. The article Cobra referenced said Trump was ordered to "take a dive." That did not happen, nor did the 65% probability for Clinton pan out.

      Also, did anyone else notice: the very first sentence by Cobra referring to the election as a "circus" and implying that HIS post was "real intel" is actually quite an arrogant statement? It supposes that information about the election is not important, which is Cobra's OPINION, and not necessarily factual, as in the possible current election of TRUMP, who "may" be designated by God to help bring in the New Age - which includes The Event.

      Wake up people and please think for yourself. There are MANY considerations, points of view, to every issue - not just Cobra's intel and point of view.

    3. who "may" be designated by God

      The may in quotes is the weak link. Do you know for sure? Cobra hardly uses a "may" because he has confidence. Why don't you have the same confidence when making your statements?

    4. Riiight.. a man of light that is friends with psychopath Hillary.

      Perhaps the probability was 65%, but Hillary's chances of becoming President fell as she was recorded on camera having various seizures and falls - and was revealed as a criminal, whose friend and campaign manager is a Satanist.


    5. It must be my lack of being a religious person... But the minute i read you mixing this type of politics and God i get convultions... I wish i was kidding... And it happens every single time i read your reliopolitical devotion...
      Again i must say the problem is coming from me... Is not you.. I'm still perplexed as to why such reaction.

    6. Please explain to me how a man who brags about sexually assaulting women (grab them by the (private parts): his words) could possibly be "of the light" or chosen by god? I want to understand your viewpoint.

    7. Not trying to stir up a political argument because there are more important things, but would like your help to think more positive about the situation if I can.

    8. Sorry Divine, I don't think Cobra made an error at all. I looked over your link and saw nothing that impressed me to believe Trump isn't part of the cabal.

      I have looked at videos with Trump that confirms what Cobra stated ...


      He plans to continue to support the killing in Gaza ... a person of Light would not.

      Trump was selected by the cabal years ago, just as they did the other past president puppets. Alfred Labremont Webre stated during a joint interview with Red Dragon Ambassador, and Cobra back in May...

      "So the next pre-identified, we have Bush one selected Clinton, Bush two, Obama whose real name is Barry Sorbarka and he is the son of an Indonesian Cult leader . And this next president coming up is called Donald J. Trump, and they briefed him in nineteen seventy one, like it or not its Donald J. Trump."

      Secret Service Agent “Trump Has Already Been Chosen Two Years Ago

      You think the presidential reality show was not a circus? Really? I find that very surprising.

      I didn't perceive that circus statement as being arrogant at all. Cobra makes it clear it will not matter one bit who is in office as long as the cabal is in power. Early next year you will see that is a true statement.

      IMHO Trump is "probably" not been designated by the Source to bring in The Event. From my research about him I don't see it.

      I don't recall anything Cobra stated about Trump taking a dive. I've heard it somewhere, but not from Cobra.

      65% doesn't mean a guarantee win. There could be a 65% chance of rain and no one gets a drop. The Energies obviously changed since the RM made that statement. The further evidence showing crime and corruption by the Clintons via the emails that were found on Huma's laptop may have drop that %.

      I consider the different points of view to the issues and time will tell (in a few months) who is correct about Trump.

    9. Spiritoo,
      Thank you for your input and contribution. Your effort in clarifying the confusion that arose from the 65% is appreciated. Another factor that flipped the coin of probablity towards Trump is that election rigging at a large scale was somehow avoided, probably due to the mounting energies against the 'establishment'. I do understand why some confused trump as being of the light energy. Your statement about Gaza is spot on! I am not completely discrediting him at all fronts. He could actually believe that he could make things better for Americans.
      I do understand the passionate pro Trump feelings as well. The disgust with Clinton and what and who she stands for and the way he stood up against her fed into his popularity as a genuine saviour. That's why it is important to shed light on this matter the way you did. When passions smear down and the fog lifts then the Trump die hearts will reconsider.
      Overall, taking down the mainstream media and the Clinton faction of the cabal is a positive sign that people lost trust and are waking up. A step in the right direction I think. Now we have to take down the jesuits themselves and the bloodlines they serve.



  42. Many thanks for this uplifting update. I live in a highly energetic area in the Far North of New Zealand. When we moved here we were guided to this place right from the beginning. From our property we can see the mystic Taratara mountain. Many rather mysterious things happened there over the time. I'm dragged toward it and it must be climbed with respect and care otherwise rather strange accidents happen. There are many caves in it and I always did wonder if here is a portal to Agartha. I'm pretty sure there is.

    Right in town is also a pyramid shaped mountain which always attrackted me. It is outstanding and doesn't look natural to me at all. I also think that here could be a portal.

    One day I will find out and I start meditating about it.

    Love and victory of the light.

  43. Thank you for this news. I'm Chinese/Vietnamese and I've read lots of materials regarding higher beings interacting and jump starting different human civilizations. All the materials I found have been about western and middle eastern civilizations or from their perspectives. I have not been able to find anything regarding ET and their relationships with asian/sino people and as to why we revere the Chinese dragons greatly. Thank you again as this new data is quite profound for me.

    1. archaeological evidences suggest later Chinese "dragons" in the early dynastic(Shang) period are directly descended from "Pig dragons" found in the "Hongshan culture", the original form of the 'pig dragon was basically a "serpent", and "serpent cult" is an ancient "world-wide phenomenon" found not just in ancient China.

      one particular form of jade ritual object from that culture is called "xuan ji", its shape is composed of two aspects, a "Bi" (which represents the "Heaven"), and three protruded parts along the round edge of the "Bi" in a "rotating" motion, (like that of a swastika perhaps), and these protruded parts are often depicted as "dragons".

      if you look at the shape of our galaxy as well as all the galaxies out there in the Universe, they actually shaped like coiled serpents, and all doing "rotation, rotation", which is called "torsion" according to Richard Hoagland.

      prior to the rise of "dragon/serpent" cult in human cultures worldwide, "spirals" carved in stones were found all over the world instead, and according to Giorgio Tsoukalos what these ancient spirals carved in stones by early humans represent was the "galaxy".
      the use of the serpents as cultural motiff was probably a continuation of the ancient "spiral" tradition.

      Also found in Hongshan culture(not to mention this is the culture the signs of "Taoism" first emerged) were jade figurines depicting half-human and half-serpent beings which in Chinese tradition are associated with "the spirtual, divine and the creator beings".
      Graham Hancock's "Ayahuasca experience" in South America shows that "serpents" and half-serpent and half human "spirits" are often present during the shamanistic hallucinogen induced state, which strongly suggests the serpentine beings from Hongshan culture were the result of similar "hallucinatory experience"/shamanistic practice by ancient Chinese Shamans as well,

      and like the ancient "spirals" in stones and the "serpents", "Shamanism" was also a "world-wide phenomenon".

      interestingly, the double helix can also be viewed as result of the "torsion", which could explain why ancient Chinese depictions of "Nuwa" and "Fuxi", "the creators of mankind", not only as half-serpent and half-human beings, but the serpentine part of their bodies were entwined together in such a fashion that it looked exactly like the shape of human DNA.

      so my suspicion is that what the "dragons/serpents" really represent, culturally speaking, is the "Cosmic force of creation", this force is responsible not only for our creation, but also our galaxy and other galaxies.

    2. Beloved Duong Tran,

      There are many ET encounters during the ancient and modern times. They are just not recorded due to the closed cultural manner. One of the most famous encounter in the border between China and Tibet was the Dropa stones and the people who said to be from another star systems. Like the Dogon tribe who met the Sirians too and taught them about agriculture, cosmology, etc.

      May the LOVE be with you always!

  44. Well, I'm going to need some answers because I think this stuff has something to do with me, and I don't know why...
    PS: I've dreamed about a meeting with Cobra. It felt so damn real, that when a little girl hitted me in the back with something, I kinda felt it 0.o weird stuff...

  45. Thank you very much! Although I don't understand everything you conveyed, I sincerely appreciate the information and all your efforts to inform and educate us!

  46. the blue are preparing the portals ? Cobra who are these blue ,the blue Avians ? after the election circus I hope we can hear some real announcement or we have to wait for the EVENT ? love and peace

    1. look at:

      Monday, September 26, 2016
      Dragon Portal Initiation

    2. There are the Blue Dragons.
      There is a label, and there is intel in earlier posts.

      The Blue Avians 'belongs' to Corey.

  47. Thank you the Updates.
    WE are living in very interesting exciting times. Break free from system of control and domination. Be a Master of your Own Destiny and Use the Vibration of Love to do this .......

  48. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. I think they should be aware of that as is not new news. I assume the initial contact is done this way. I doubt the actual information or later correspondence would be insecured but then again i have no idea nor i think he is ng to advertise specifics... Again i dont know.

  49. Galactic Federation of Light

    by Christine Preston

    "Archangel Michael - We Are 100% Sure"

    (regarding Trump victory and divine destiny as president for transformation to the New Age)

    Published: November-03-2016 (Prior to Nov 8 election):

  50. Continued from above...

    "Archangel Gabriel: Donald Trump Will Win Battle On Voting Day, Dark Side Artificial Intelligence Being Dismantled"

    by Christine Preston

    Published: Sunday, October 30, 2016 15:47

    O my constant loving I Am Presence whose radiance forms a circle of fire that lights my way, I am faithfully calling to Thee to keep your great pillar of Light intact through every passing moment, and I do now draw the Solar Ring around my forcefield for the manifestation of the Cosmic Christ in the Earth. I see its twinned shafts of light descending as the twin pillars of Alpha and Omega, of the mighty Elohim and Archangels, and of my own celestial twin flame. Into the electric circle of divinely charged energy of my Tube of Light, direct a swift upsurge of the violet fire of Freedom’s forgiving transmuting flame. Do cause the ever expanding energy of this flame projected downward into the forcefield of my human energies to completely change every negative condition into the positive polarity of my own divine Self! Let its magic purify my world until all discord, cause, effect, record and memory is forever changed into the Victory of Light and the peace of the Ascended Jesus Christ. I am now accepting the full manifestation of my prayer and calling for a sacred release of assistance from your divine Heart to amplify it until all are God-free in the light that never fails. In the name of Jesus Christ I seal myself in the flame of God Harmony and I call for the protection of the legions of the First Ray around this Tube of Light and that Solar Ring, and in gratitude, I accept this done in full power.

    End of sequential string of posts by Christine Preston.

  51. Jet Streaming
    Rays of Sun


    If you didn't view the circus from inside the u.s...
    you may have missed the best part
    Donald Trump didn't win the election...
    "Make america Great again" did...
    the World was made to turn against Trump at every twist
    (by the turning of the words)
    (media spin, quick as you can)
    as every turn was reversed
    even before "most" eyes shut tight
    (and the media made fools for all to see)
    (as they still cling to over-spun lies, they fed on)

    Great= My Power X Yours... America X The World


    The final statement from
    the rose garden
    "I want to make sure that hand-off is well-executed as we’re all on the same team".

  52. This comment has been removed by the author.

  53. Cosmic Disclosure: Guiding Humanity to Ascension.

  54. Trump Victory Due to FBI Stopping False Flag Alien Invasion

  55. Remember an older post from Cobra, about Eastern Agartha, Dragons, DouMu, disintegration of the veil and Breakthrough is near!

  56. Cobra, you told to us so:

    "At the IS:IS Portal activation, a cosmic Goddess named Dou Mu has left her home star system, teleported into the Eastern Agartha network and then arrived on the surface of the planet."

    And also: "Dou Mu is not ascended, but is coming from the liberated universe"

    How does fit together that she is a Goddess but she is not ascended?

    1. I don't know about Dou Mou but a certain class of beings in the hierarchy are not allowed to ascend. They are blesed with god like powers and control the elements, planets, etc. Those who know magic summon them for aid in supernatural matters.

      Though the top most hierarchy can be considered as gods and goddesses in their own right, they actually exist without ascending to serve a purpose.

  57. Alfred Webre: Evidence DARPA-CIA time travel pre-identified Trump as future U.S. President


  58. The Ascension Hypothesis (napisy PL) - Alfred Webre

  59. kinESIOLOGY for Veterans

    I've been asked if I'm a Veteran. Yes. just ask me about my shoulder - the Galactic one. I have a rotator cuff injury from holding a Shield with my left arm. It's persistent, but I'm quite confident that in due time, it will fully recover. It will only require one fine Copper day.

    Those of us wearing full armor ( ) are still breathing, but we are all and I mean ALL wounded. Most of our wounds are the result of being pressed into service by the Corporate militaries or by having and losing family members situated so.

    In my Father's house are many mansions. Some are white houses and some are Hospitals. If those in white houses will FIRST fund the Hospitals, the lame will walk, the blind shall see and the dead will Spring into life. May it be so, starting with me.

  60. Kent Dunn Underwater Bases near Yemen and near Georgia, Russia under attack this morning!

  61. I would like to comment on those that chooses to believe that when someone states the number 65% probability of something happening 30 days prior to an event is equivalent as if saying 100% for sure it will happen.

    Perhaps is worth highlighting the term "probability" which should speak for itself. Are we to believe that the 65% was to grow higher and be unreachable by the opposition on an environment of politics??? Especially with all the daily back and forth political attacks allegation from both sides of the court.

    Have we not noticed that we are in a constant state of change and many things could happen unexpedtedly. Politics is like the present weather... It could change by the minute let along within 30 days.

    This is not about defending Cobra and what he disclosed as an information from a time period as it stood... 30 days prior to an event.

    It is a sad view... Seein people holding on to old information which is not even a number or statement written in stone and uses it to their convenience to explain or support their own illusion or delusion.

    People if you choose to try to discredit someone at least do it right... Lets keep our trigger happy fingers in check.. Is the least we can do for one another me thinks.

    I fear what would happen if someone makes a statement that there is a 65% probability the event will happen on January? Like we havent had enough practice to realized that if we dont get to hear the word 100% then little to no weight or interest should be spent on such consideration... At least that is me thinking. Unless we live in a non cabalic influenced environment, The minimum such % should be viewed as a marking that we are heading in the right direction... NOT that we are already there.

    Just saying.

    1. Correction... Only if i hear there is 100% probability the Event is happening tomorrow or right now! Thennn.. I would finally iron my shirt for the very first time in years ... Or pack...whichever is appropriate :)

  62. I can't wait until Cobra gives us more intel, instead of just obscure mythology that does not really help anyone. Sure, it's kinda interesting

    Can't really blame him. He is just the messenger.

    And, the last cheerful intel release was like...

    "Pleiadians blow it and hastily evacuate solar system with tail between their legs to give up all the ground they had. Andromedans, Sirians were fine and stayed back quietly chuckling at the Pleiadians...."

    -In other news -

    "The Sirians decided to "plead the 5th" and say they can't intervene on our "free will", so sit in their ships eating popcorn, sipping on space beer, watching us like reality TV shows, and continue to channel messages to Sheldan Nidle, how again it is really soon to get all our blessings,... until next week, when everything will change again soon, ....until next week, when everything will change, until next week..."

    -Breaking RM Fox News Alert (ding!)-

    "Isidic Security Breach on the RM!! Deflected, but code Yellow!"
    [again? sheesh guys you can't stop like the 100th one already?]

    -In summary-

    "Pandora in progress, Toplet bombs are still a thing, XYZ is stable, Bleep is Blorp, at M=8.372, C3P0, R2D2"

    "Coming up next week... I will tell you about more plasma invisble Winglet bombs, and then Dinglet bombs after those. They are like REALLY scarier ones Your yoga pants have implants in them! and they are connected to Antares filament..."

    Forgive me RM and Light Forces. I am actually a light worker who is a bit frazzled here. Cynical humor helps me mitigate the frustration down here. We appreciate all you might be doing behind the scenes, (even though you are sure taking your sweet time! :)

    1. "...Your yoga pants have implants"... Gosh.. You made me really laugh full heartly lol :-)

    2. Stop abusing the popcorn eaters in the spaceships you implanted , burn out light worker !
      Pandora is in progress !

    3. Holy Moly!! Did I call it or what?? :)

      Not a day later than I made that funny post, Cobra posts 2 Isidic Security breach messages. LOL!!!

      Hey 504 RM, can't you guys install like Norton Anti-Isidic-Virus Breach software??

      504, you guys need to hire some new security staff. These current guys are fail-sauce!!!

    4. Maybe you are actually on to something here :)

    5. My case is the worst: my implants have implants.

  63. Anyone else starting to see MORE stuff in the corner of their eye more this past week? This has happened to many so much the past two days. I was also talking earlier today and it sounded like my voice was echoing like a robot voice. I couldn't figure out what it was.


  64. We built this City on Rock'n'Roll.
    As wel as this wonderful little planet called Gaia.
    And this Sol System.
    And this cute entire Universe well ;-)

    So ReLoad THAT please! You're still the Same



    1. Ach du ahnst es nicht! :-)

      Way back in the early 90's I asked my Mom for a certain CD for Christmas because I had read rave reviews about it. Unfortunately she couldn't find it anywhere, so no deal back then.

      It was obviously not time for that yet.
      I had totally forgotten about my request, never thought about buying the album myself, and never ever was any of the band's videos offered on YouTube.
      Until now.
      There is a Right Time for Everything, which is why just NOW I was presented a song from the band I requested over 20 years ago and for the very first time in my life listened to one of their songs.

      Here it is - a present for Me from My Mother. She definitely hasn't forgotten about me. ♥
      Christmas does indeed come early this year - just like it was promised :-)

      It goes like this:
      The Stone Roses
      I Am The Resurrection

      Danke, Mama. Ich hab Dich lieb.
      Frohe Weihnachten alle miteinander ♥ ♥ ♥

      Cheers to The Resurrection of ALL



    2. Although we've had our differences in the past I made my dad very happy by sending him happy birthday wishes last month. He was *so* happy, I told him that although he may not understand what I am doing here, I am doing this for All Of Us, including *him* of course, but that I cannot be distracted in my work.

      A few days ago my dad drove to my place, walked up the 3 x 3 x 3 = 27 steps to my appartment and left an envelope with some support money on the doormat in front of the door. No distractions, no questions asked, just some heart-felt support.
      Danke, Papa. Ich hab Dich lieb.

      As I promised him in an email, and I promise this to each and every single one of you:


      Love, Light, Unity, Peace and Freedom for All of Us on, in, and around Gaia

      Your Friend

      Lars B.

  65. RM, Light Forces,

    We are so sick of waiting for your bumbling attempts at helping us, and vacuum of no real information, that we hired DONALD TRUMP to help us instead!!

    Love this song:

    Don't judge us... this is our pissed off energy manifested, so you can only blame yourselves really!!!

    "YER FIRED!!"

    We got this ourselves. And, you're not invited to the after party!



    1. Video link above was removed. Here is an alternate.

      Donald Trump - Never Come Down

  66. Check this out. The sky :-) Inside and outside our solar system.

  67. Initiation of the Paradise Cave

    Imagine yourself in a cave with a waterfall flowing in front of it. This cave is the sacred womb of our Mother. Mother Earth. Relax as you sit and watch the beautiful water which seems to infinitely pour down in front of you. When you feel it is time, step through the waterfall, stepping out of the cave and into the world outside. Allow the sacred water to completely purify you. Forgive yourself and all others. You have been reborn. This is a fresh start. A new beginning.

  68. The Event
    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    This article is about the 2010 television series. For the unrelated 2003 film, see The Event (2003 film). For the unrelated 2015 film, see The Event (2015 film).
    The Event
    The Event 2010 Intertitle.svg
    Serial drama
    Science fiction
    Created by Nick Wauters
    Jason Ritter
    Sarah Roemer
    Laura Innes
    Ian Anthony Dale
    Scott Patterson
    Taylor Cole
    Lisa Vidal
    Bill Smitrovich
    Clifton Collins, Jr.
    Željko Ivanek
    Blair Underwood
    Composer(s) Scott Starrett
    Country of origin United States
    Original language(s) English
    No. of seasons 1
    No. of episodes 22 (list of episodes)
    Executive producer(s)
    Evan Katz
    Steve Stark
    Jeffrey Reiner
    Running time 43 minutes
    Production company(s)
    Universal Media Studios
    Steve Stark Productions
    Open 4 Business Productions
    Distributor NBCUniversal Television Distribution
    Original network NBC
    Original release September 20, 2010 – May 23, 2011
    External links
    The Event (typographically stylized THE EVƎNT) is an American television series containing elements of science fiction, action/adventure and political allegory. The show was created by Nick Wauters and premiered on NBC on September 20, 2010. The plot centers on a group of extraterrestrials, some of whom have been detained by the United States government for sixty-six years since their ship crashed in Alaska, while others have secretly assimilated among the general populace. The series was picked up for a full first season of 22 episodes on October 18, 2010.[1] NBC canceled the series on May 13, 2011.[2]

    Contents [hide]
    1 Synopsis
    1.1 Overview
    1.1.1 Narrative technique
    2 Cast
    2.1 Main cast
    2.2 Recurring cast
    3 Development and production
    4 Reception
    4.1 Reviews
    4.2 Ratings
    5 Episodes
    6 Home media release
    7 Broadcast
    8 Possible series continuation
    9 References
    10 External links
    Near the end of World War II, a craft of undetermined origin crashed in the Brooks Range of northern Alaska. It carried passengers who appeared outwardly human, but were eventually determined to be of extraterrestrial origin. Their DNA is slightly less than one percent different from humans, and they age at a much slower rate. Since ninety-seven captured survivors refused to disclose information to the US, they were held in a nearby government facility, located on fictional Mount Inostranka. The remaining survivors, also known as the Sleepers, were able to escape the crash scene, as they, unlike those who were captured, sustained only minor injuries. Those who escaped ended up hiding among the regular populace.

    In the present day, President Martinez learns of the facility's existence shortly after his inauguration and decides, after meeting the leader of the detainees, to release them and disclose their existence to the world, despite the objections of the intelligence agencies. His plans are put on hold when an assassination attempt on him is foiled by means beyond human technology. The CIA realizes there are other extraterrestrials and secretly plans to find and detain them. Unknown to the agency, the agent chosen to head the effort is himself one of those extraterrestrials. The escaped extraterrestrials, upon learning of the CIA's plans, have mixed reactions: some want to try to salvage attempts to peacefully assimilate, while others want to fight against the populace.

    Caught in the middle of these events is Sean Walker, whose plans to propose to his girlfriend Leila on a Caribbean cruise are cut short when she mysteriously disappears from the ship. His investigation eventually leads him to uncover the assassination plot.

    Narrative technique[edit]
    The show's pilot episode is told almost entirely in retroversions to three different time frames. According to Nick Wauters, the show's creator, develop the c

  69. I really like this post, very interesting, insightful and easy to understand. Very exciting as well. I can confirm that many extraordinary things have been happening during the last few years.