Monday, June 12, 2017

Vacuum Metastability Event

Clearing of the Chimera group continues. The Light forces have completed „certain operations“ and are now intensively dissolving the head of the Yaldabaoth entity.

The head is positioned within the plasma anomaly accretion vortex close to the surface of planet Earth with its outer edge about 3 Earth radii from the planetary center, as it is described here in detail:

Mainstream science has „discovered“ that outer edge a few years ago:

Now NASA has openly admitted that man-made low frequency radio waves are forming that outer edge, efficiently creating the outermost barrier of the Veil:

If you change „VLF transmitters for submarine communication“ in the above article to „ELF transmitters of the HAARP and similar programs“ you will get a clear picture how the outermost barrier of the Veil is generated.

Anomalous plasma filaments of the Yaldabaoth head together with toplet bombs are coupled with the black stone, a top quark-antiquark condensate. Black stone is a big hadron made of top/antitop quarks that were created by the Chimera millions of years ago in huge particle accelerators (Dyson rings) that were able to produce temperatures above the critical temperature of 2 trillion Kelvin, needed for black stone creation.

For about 7 million years, the black stone was located on a planet orbiting Rigel star system (which was the center of the cosmic anomaly during that time) and was then brought to Earth from Rigel through the Taurus cloud plasma filament in 1996:

It is now located in the Chimera underground facility near RHIC collider on Long Island.

Interaction of anomalous plasma with the black stone creates a huge negative plasma vortex about 1000 miles in diameter with its center on Long Island:


This vortex is the purification station for remaining primary anomaly on the surface of the planet. Top members of the Cabal and many members of the Chimera are using the anomaly of this vortex as a shield against the Light and this is why the East Coast has the highest concentration of the Cabal on the planet.

Positioning Cintamani stones in a flower of life pattern inside this vortex will serve as a vectoring grid for the energies of Sirius and will accelerate the transmutation of this anomaly. It is also beneficial to flood that vortex with the Violet flame:

It is interesting to note there are Atlantean underwater pyramids built by the Pleiadians located not far away from Long Island:

These pyramids serve as the positive anchor point that counteracts the negative effects of the Long Island plasma vortex.

The Light forces are now working directly to disable the black stone and remove the remaining toplet bombs and the progress is going according to the plan.

The removal of the black stone will tip the cosmic equilibrium and the current metastable state of false vacuum will cease to exist:

False vacuum we are currently experiencing is a metastable sector of the universe where the interaction between the Source and the primary anomaly creates conditions that are pro-entropy and anti-life and are the underlying reason why quarantine Earth status and the existence of evil is even possible.

Removal of the black stone will create the vacuum metastability event that will allow the penetration of bubble nucleation front across the Veil boundary towards the surface of the planet and will effectively trigger the Event. The Event is the moment of instating true quantum vacuum conditions inside the Veil and thus the removal of the part of the primary anomaly that is directly responsible for the existence of evil. The underlying force that was allowing the existence of the Cabal and suffering will cease to exist.

Meanwhile, Operation PrisonBreak continues with soft Disclosure about extraterrestrial life:

And with public space program initiatives that will put humanity beyond the Veil:

Victory of the Light!


  1. Abraca dabra, yaldabaoth head is dissolved, black stone is removed and toplet bombs removed.... Hahaha THE EVENT started. Thank you COBRA for the amazing and encouraging update. :)


    1. the Vacuum Metastability Event...

    2. Im not sure why youre saying that. He said after the black stone is removed then it will start.

  2. Spanish version of this article


  3. Fascinating Timing.

    This UpDate was published in the *exact* same minute that I finished doing "something" here.
    Well Done, everybody.
    And Thank You.

    And to applaud that I was asked to send You All THIS - a song I had never ever heard before until it showed up just now.
    Funny how these things work, isn't it? ;-)

    You got the Touch!
    You got the Power!

    After all is said and done, you've never walked, you've never run
    You're a Winner!
    Got the moves, you know the street. Break the rules, take the heat!
    You're nobody's fool!
    You're at your best, when the going gets rough!
    You've been put to the test, but it's never enough!

    You got the Touch, you got the Power!
    When all hell's breakin' loose, you'll be right in the eye of the storm!
    You got the heart, you got the motion!
    You know that when things get too tough, you got the Touch!

    You never bend, you never break! You seem to know just what it takes
    You're a Fighter!
    It's in the blood, it's in the will! It's in the mighty hands of steel
    When you're standin' your ground!
    And you never get hit, when your back's to the wall!
    Gonna fight to the end, and you're takin' it all!

    You got the Touch, you got the Power!
    When all hell's breakin' loose, you'll be right in the eye of the storm!
    You got the Heart, you got the Motion!


    You've Got THE TOUCH

    Keep up the awesome work, everybody. We will do this.
    As C.bra said: Things are going according To Plan.
    And I agree.


  4. Great update, lot of useful and new informations, but I hope this wasn't that mid June update, because we can't judge the process progress base on this article.

    1. i felt exactly the same way. let's keep our hope! together we are stronger!


    2. In your agreement again, Arpad!

      but may we consider now a status in which we can ask more specific in order to judge the process progress base on this article...

      May we also consider "The Light forces are now working directly to disable the black stone and remove the remaining toplet bombs and the progress is going according to the plan."

  5. AWESOME!!! The one consolation for having to live through this nightmare is having front row seats to see it end.

  6. Thanks Cobra, this is much needed positive info and in my opinion it serves as a milestone marker, hopefully because it actually showed some of the last remaining steps.... Cobra, are any of the Resistance Members from the group called the W56...Akri...or also known as the wise ones detailed in the Italian Friendship Case... I never heard them mentioned by you or Rob Potter, but yet they were as prolific in their influence as many other contacts.... Thanks and Blessings

  7. <3 <3 <3 Thank you Cobra <3 <3 <3

  8. Thanks Cobes!

    It all sounds quite positive... and I'm going to have to read it again... maybe a few more times. Some of this stuff is rather, uh, esoteric.

    Thank you to the RM for all your hard work !! Sending you a little LOVE.

    The Northeast has always felt heavy to me. My heart goes out to those of you in this 500-mile area who have to deal with this heaviness.

    And we bid farewell to that creepy squid Yaldo, who needs a beheading (soon!) and quick passage to the central sun.

    1. There is a positive vortex at the perimeter in Waynesboro, Virginia, created by a tachyon healing chamber. The angel of place is in active mode there. Many have experienced it and can vouch for its effectiveness!

    2. Yay!! Thanks for your tachyon healing chamber in Virginia !!! <3 :)

  9. great update, must admit my first reaction was to book a ticket to long island with a baseball bat and go visit the RHIC -
    After a bit of common sense kicked in and i decided to send a whole lot of violet flame that way instead and will continue to hammer it with violet flame non stop!!!

  10. This is good news. thank you

    Victory of the light!

  11. Happy to hear this update, especially when the cabala is trying to start a WW III. Thank you Cobra!!!!
    Victory of the light

  12. If I still live on the east coast I would ask for all the lightworkers to come together with cintamati stones and plant a flower of life grid in DC. I think the best place might be around the washington memorial obelisk. It makes sense that might be and transmitter or antennae since there is one at the Vatican and the city of London.

    1. There is a tachyon healing chamber South and West of DC in Waynesboro, VA that has created a positive vortex at the perimeter of the LI vortex. Setting up a seed/flower-of-life pattern with Cintamanis around the positive vortex would work beautifully in tandem with the the pyramids off-shore.

  13. In an earlier update, COBRA told us to watch for 3 deaths, Bush 41, Kissinger and Rumsfeld "in that order". I find it interesting that Bush 41 and his wife have only minor health issues. I also find it interesting that after they have the health issues, they travel to their 2nd home in Kennebunkport, Maine, which is well within the 500 mile radius of the negative plasma vortex. I wonder if they go there to get charged with negative energy the way we do with energy from the Central Sun. Interesting thought.

  14. thank you Cobra for this good news! Peace and protection to Cobra, all Lightworkers, and Lightwarriors. thank you to all involved and may The Event happen soon.

  15. Polish translation of the article:

  16. Great update. I Am grateful for your services. Step by step, victory is of the LIGHT!

  17. I used to have a saying: "Evil is an Educational Toy that got out of control." I've come full circle back to wondering if there might be some truth to the statement.

  18. To the first commenter....where are you getting the EVENT has started?!?!

    Cobra, provided a very up to date progress report that unfortunately added another element to the mix (albeit par for the course)....but the EVENT is/has not yet been started, not in the least....


    1. What we can expect roughly at this time.

      1 A tinny layer of anomaly around the surface tied through portals to the plasma filaments of darkness remnant in the Orion arm of the Galaxy, which may make unhandleable the surface population,

      2 The lack of completion of Cintamani grid and the necessity to inset stones in the depth abroad the ocean and in the depth of caverns, and/or in some certain geometric patterns on large areas,

      3 The lack of angelic beings grounded around the world,

      4 The human factor of the vast majority of population which is unable to cooperate, and is unpredictable of an estimation by the LF,

      5 Now, the dismantling of black stone,

      6 Other much more strange and unexpected facts...

      The more we understand and put into discussion, the more we anticipate, the more our involvement, the more we help LF in prevention and overcoming what may be unexpected...


  19. A new concern into discussion is "Removal of the black stone".

    1. black stone is not new subject... newer update on it yes.



  20. Violet Flame over Long Island – New Global Daily Meditation at 2PM UTC:


  21. Now, and 'Radio' may come in with a new section: the percentage of the black stone removal... :-)

    1. Good idea! I feel hope from the postings there. I miss the updates on Yaldabaoth. I think they stopped because of comments here. They are of service to the light. I thank them for that.

    2. And one more as well! % of trolls removal... how does it sound? :-D

    3. Stage 1 69% removed, light celebrates blah blah blah, FEED ME MORE LIES!

    4. ngobas why ur so negative? if you do not want to know or read or anything you wish why you keep trolling? I really do not get you, r u a real LW? and if yes what is the meaning you give to it? are u grey inside maybe? Love and Peace dude

    5. ngobas ... straighten up ! ... I can say this. I am older than you. :)

    6. Do i really have to explain this to you zero? Fine, just for you sweetie.

      I'm trying to make a joke out of everything to get me out of my deppression. If you'd like a tip: never take my words seriously. Actually, never take anyones words seriously. I'm "trolling" because i did some very serious energetic work that almost killed me, that currently only Arbre knows about, and because it was THAT bad, i still have loads of negativity and the only way i can get it out of my system is to let it out on other people who don't have this kind of energy, and because of it, they can clear it, but i can't do that myself because i would die from it.

      Regarding my allegiance, i am more to the light, though not too much because that would be a block to my individuality and spiritual progress, so i try to be as neutral to everything as possible. Or as you might call it: "gray". Because both light and dark is very valuable to spiritual progress and lessons, so i don't pick a side. Though i have good relations with the order of the star, that's about it. Don't be mad at me cause i am dying and i am out of ideas for what can i do to stop it. I had a very dark history in my past, again, that only Arbre knows about, and that ammount of negativity cannot be cleared by one person, so i really don't have a choice. I hope you understand, i am not trying to hurt or discourage anyone, but i might accidentaly do that because i still cannot feel proper, positive, human emotions, and i am trying to fix it. Anything else you want to know about me?

      And Megan, the belief that an older person is instantly wiser than a young one is as stupid as the chimera trying to hold this planet as a prison. Physical age never matters for wisdom.

  22. Cobra, thank you very detailed and comprehensive update. Though I dont understand it as you and others do, the 500 mile diameter negative vortex / shield is going down once black stone is removed. Can it be teleported to a place that could repurpose it? Exciting and encouraging update, Love and Light to All on and off this planet. We appreciate all the help liberating Gaia!

  23. Excellent article. Glad the proverbial light is at the end of the tunnel. For God and Earth.

  24. "Forever free to be the real me.
    Never bound again for eternity.

    Forever, forever free.
    Forever's... now."

  25. Needing timely intel. Planetary Event campaign,full speed. Keep vigor


  26. Cobra, are we now entitled to consider that the Light Forces have taken control of the plasma plane around Earth, of dissolving the head of octopod, and of accelerating the dismantling of all toplets and of the black stone as well??...


  27. Cobra, is the vacuum metastability event rather a circumstance, an instance, than an event?

    In this case, can we consider that more instances of few (penetration of bubble nucleation front across the Veil boundary towards the surface of the planet) will lead to a greater instance of more (the Event)?

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  29. Fantastic Info....Hopefully the Event soon

  30. Deepest gratitude to the Light forces for the assistance you have freely given. Thank You for your Love & Light given unconditionally. We are almost there. Let the Violet flame rain down like a monsoon and dissolve the cause of our captivity and sorrow. Love Love Love Love Love & lots of Light to All :-)

  31. Long iland,The cabal last stand.

  32. Cobra wrote:

    Sunday, July 5, 2015
    Planetary Situation Update

    Clearing of the Chimera group continues. The main problem remains the plasma accretion vortex around planet Earth, full of strangelet and toplet bombs. This vortex looks like an octopus with its plasma tentacles extending into the interplanetary space, strangelet bombs being cancer cells in its body. This vortex is not a dead plasma field, it is actually a living entity of a negative nature. One of the main purposes of MOSS is to dissolve that entity, take it into the Galactic Central Sun and transform it there into a pure positive plasma elemental essence.

  33. They buildt a collider the size of a DYSON RING?!! Slowly i begin to recognize what we are up against...
    Thank every friend who is helping us.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Your comment helped me to realize the same thing. Wow. Thanks.

    3. The Chimera group made these Dyson rings 'millions of years ago,' Cobra writes... (I couldn't find much about "rings," but I didn't search very long)

      I was able to find information about Dyson spheres -- they -- the spheres -- are as big as the biggest planets... good grief....

      Makes me wonder about the spheres that are out in the solar system "hanging out" now evidently stepping down the energies (according to Corey).....

      These are also giant spheres.

      I wonder if these giant spheres hanging out there now are also made from Dyson spheres -- only they are made using positive love energy, rather than the negative junk...

      just guessing here.

  34. Good things come to those who wait.

  35. Excellent Update...
    Thank you Cobra - sending much Light and Love to All for the remaining parts to all fall into place

    Gratitude and Positive
    We can do this

  36. Amazing News! Thank you so much Cobra and everyone for doing their part! Golden and Violet Blessings!

  37. cobra could you please clarify the following:
    in one paragraph it states long island as center of hue negative plasma anomaly vortex . next it is stated as a purification vortex . what element makes these statement reconcilable ?

    1. Underwater Atlantean pyramids built by the pleadians in the ocean near Long Island serve as the countering purification vortex

    2. "It is interesting to note there are Atlantean underwater pyramids built by the Pleiadians located not far away from Long Island:
      These pyramids serve as the positive anchor point that counteracts the negative effects of the Long Island plasma vortex."

    3. I'm fairly certain that what was meant there by "purify" was that the negative montaulk vortex is literally maintaining a dark vigil by keeping the "remaining" primary anomaly pure and clean of pesky light. It's the primary reconditioning center for the primary anomaly that is here. or more hopefully, that is left.

  38. I think about "The energies of Sirius"

    Look at the below:

    Cobra wrote:

    Sunday, April 19, 2015
    The Ganymede Portal

    "It is the strongest energetic pathway in our Solar system which leads to the Galactic Central Sun. Sirius is a midway station between the Galactic Center and the Ganymede Portal, stepping down the vibrational frequency of the Central Sun energy to the degree that our Sol system can absorb."

  39. Wow this is amazing stuff! Thanks Cobra. I love the photo of the pyramids under the ocean off Long Island.

    When Cobra gives specific info like this about the quantum mechanics of how the Veil works, Yaldobaoth,the black stone,I get the feeling it's because the LF are close to disabling it.

    I live in NYC and today when I was walking near the Empire State Building, the air looked "clearer" to me, like a smoke filled room that got all the smoke sucked out. It was so startling that I took my sunglasses off, thinking maybe it was my sunglasses... but no, the air looked and FELT "thin" and "clear", think of the difference between juice and water.

    It made me wonder if something has changed in terms of the energetic field around the city.

    I kept taking my sunglasses on and off trying to figure it out, but it really felt lighter.

    1. it stands to reason, given this is a complex and relatively peaceful military exercise that nothing would be put up that was sensitive information that could tip off the "enemy".
      I have lived in South Australia for over 20 years and NEVER in winter do we have beautiful sunny days with clear blue skies and rarely have we experienced the season of autumn, but this year it is all happening. the bleakness has lifted except for when there is rain coming in. winter is usually so depressing here and lasts from april to october without much sunshine at all. now the nights are cold but the days are bright, sunny and allow us to sit outside in the sunshine until around 3/4 o'clock in the afternoon. still cold of a night and that is OK because it is winter. my point is there has been a change here also that is very noticeable.


  40. Cobra, hopely are you not preparing us for an endless and 'smooth' transition to the supposed new world, with no sudden event, but with a long term process instead...

    Hopely, should you not proceed like a grandfather who is preparing his grandchildren to learn that Santa Claus do not exists!!

    Cobra, you are to much describing the nowadays preparation for the Event, with aspects that were in 2012 described as post-Event facts...


  41. Are we somehow entitled to suppose (to suspect, in fact) that there may be a long term (but hopely, not endless) transition, in which ‘the Event’ may be only a public spectacle of announcement, which will happen at a certain time on this way of progressive transition…

    What is this to believe so, is that there is nowadays (compared to 2012) a need for too much clearance to be done before ‘the Event’.
    (We are learned now that a full clearance needs to be done in order the Event to happen)

    And in this case, if this clearance is done at a certain time, there is no longer so much need for a sudden event to happen.
    The cabals will be ‘a bunch of old and powerless men’ (as Cobra told us once).
    There will be no longer obstacles that will impose a sudden event in order to be removed…

    It will be, merely, and probably, a spectacle for only the unawakened population (at that time) to get acknowledgment about the stage of progress.

  42. So as i understand it, we need to flood the vortex with the violet flame to best assist and speed up the process. If everyone done this daily starting from today it would be greatly appreciated.


  44. Let's do a daily meditation of dissolving the huge negative vortex whose center lies in Long Island as Cobra suggests, "It is also beneficial to flood that vortex with the Violet flame", at 11am or 4pm GMT!

  45. Thank you and so wanting to be free as others are to. Sending violet flame everyday and hoping this helps the heavy energy that I see extends up to and beyond Northern Vermont where i reside. Victory of the light!

  46. It is time to take action. It is time to wake up as a collective. It is time to claim back our sovereignty. It is time to align our planet with the light. Listen to this important message of the Pleiadian Chief Halisarius.

  47. This black stone, it can be the famous apple of Adam blocked in its throat?

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  49. I grew up on Long Island and work in NYC and can say there are a lot of jerks in both places - now I know why!

  50. Changes of things are accelerating faster than expected! This update was released earlier as expected, as Cobra wrote this update would be after Mid June!

  51. i've found something out about my own energy bodies. i've renew my energy bodies by the divine light of energies creation. this words. but then we need to seal it off. this can be done by divine light colors energies of creation. if someone can make a meditations for the planet this will will renew all energies of creation of earth. we need to do is all colors of rainbow. can someone help with this? this will be faster renewed energies then the plasma won't be positioned. everything will be renewed once this done faster rather then strengthen the grid. all we have to do renew the grid energies. purify cleanse strengthen energies then everything will be fine. well what do u think?

  52. 'The Light forces are now working directly to disable the black stone and remove the remaining toplet bombs and the progress is going according to the plan.'
    ------thank you thank you, so grateful!! thank you Cobra all Lightforces!!

  53. Cobra -
    Thanks for this update in the real truth.
    I am now going to send violet light DAILY to
    Long Island.
    I have to share something hilarious! There's someone who said you intercepted a conference call and you are a woman. It was such childish nonsense. It just made me come unglued with laughter. 😆
    The author of that post must be from Long Island. I went there once and it's a weird place!!! Thanks for all you do and look forward to seeing you the next time you do a live event in the desert!

  54. This comment has been removed by the author.

  55. I think about the energies of Sirius.
    Cintamani has the energies of Sirius.
    The reason is written below.

    Cobra wrote:
    Monday, June 8, 2015

    "Cintamani is a sacred stone which came from Sirius star system. Millions of years ago, during a Galactic superwave, a planet orbiting Sirius A exploded. Its fragments traveled in all directions, some of them reaching Earth after long journey through interstellar space."

  56. Wow! We are almost there!
    "...Removal of the black stone will create the vacuum metastability event that will allow the penetration of bubble nucleation front across the Veil boundary towards the surface of the planet

    -->>and will effectively trigger the Event.<<--

    The Event is the moment of instating true quantum vacuum conditions inside the Veil and thus the removal of the part of the primary anomaly that is directly responsible for the existence of evil. The underlying force that was allowing the existence of the Cabal and suffering will cease to exist...."

    Victory of the Light!

    1. Sometimes in our haste and excitement, we forget to give thanks...

      Thank You Cobra, RM, Galactic family, Angels and Archangels, and all sentient beings who serve the Light!

      Here is a special thanks re: my new Cintamani

      Deep gratitude

    2. Now I am understanding better why the Universe conspired to have me return to the East Coast when my heart is still in the California wilderness.

  57. Thank You Cobra ♡ Victory of the LIGHT ♡

  58. I have a serious question which might appear stupid stupid to some. But I have to ask, will we be able to play 'violent' video games post-event/disclosure? I don't want to live in a world where the only games available are family-friendly titles.

    1. Hahah, good question. But when event happen don't think evil/good gonna be fun anymore, you know duality. Like kill "bad" people in game or help "good" people it will not be more interesting. But if you play just for fun to kill etc, its ok, since is just a game.

    2. Maybe you won't like participating in violence after the Event. Have you thought of that?

    3. I think you underestimate the proportions of the event.. you probably won't be interested in playing video games after the event ;)

    4. You can play what u want after the event lol

    5. I assume there will be a phasing out of certain desires: of love of money (as well as of money itself), sex (addiction, abnormal fetishes and pornography) and violence.

    6. @Robinson Amaral & @Farouk Saleh I really hope you guys are right, lol. It'd be sad to see competitive esports go away because they're considered too 'violent.'

      @WestCoastUSMegan I don't want to participate in violence, I want to be able to play 'violent' video games. Two different things.

    7. @Beck Jack The main reason I'm looking forward to the event is so that I can play video games and have sex all day, lol. I never experienced either of these things properly due to my physical disability. So I don't care about spiritual development or enlightenment atm.

    8. If DOOM gets banned i'm out of this planet instantly, i'll create myself a universe where it isn't and enjoy it there.

      I would imagine minecraft getting banned because of the zombie stuff... that would suck, where would i be building male genitalia?

      But in actuallity, as cobra said, there won't be computers and A.I. after the event. Because that messes up your consceusness. Atleast that what cobra beleves, don't you cobra? Will there still be computers or nah? People will be mad if what they worked on for years gets removed because some aliens think it is bad for them.

    9. what a nice surprise to see this question here! :D

      imagine the best things of video games, sex, or even drugs ... then removing the bad things about it ...

      that would be:

      * to keep:
      - video games: healthy competition (measurement of strength, like athletes), challenge, teamplay, movement, a sense of expansion, and ultimately more physical interaction (imagine a holographic experience together with other people, like in star trek)
      - sex: intimacy, ecstasy, boundlessness, tantric connection, physical connection, energy exchange, etc
      - drugs: relaxation, higher connection (meditation), ecstasy/euphoria/emotional high, trance/higher dimensional meditation experiences, etc

      * to remove:
      - video games: violence, gore, ranking, money buys advantages, ping/latency, etc
      - sex: non-consenting experiences, submission without awareness, interaction without awareness, general lack of openness or gentleness or awareness, use of force without agreement, etc
      - drugs: side-effects, losing consciousness, hostile take-over from entities, losing oneself in emotions (anger, apathy, etc), etc

      anyway, you will see :)
      i've been working on many visions for some years now on what video games from the future would look like since i've been developing video games since an early age :D

      there have already been a few games that are created with the option for no excessive violence or gore etc but that still include the competition or intensity elements that make up the foundation of a great game

      let the tools that are available to you be an instrument towards improving your human experience on the long term, which you can call spiritual development

    10. @ Teasy Love Wow, you actually replied seriously. Thank you. I know it's a little late. But I want to make a few points and seek clarification on certain things that you mention. If any part of what follows seems rude or harsh, it is because I feel strongly about it in general. Please don't take it personally.

      What one person considers violent, another may not. Some may even consider relatively inoffensive games such as Smash and Hearthstone to be violent. If I were to take this to the extreme, I could argue chess is very violent despite being a board game. It puts you in the shoes of a cold, calculating killer and provides a ruthlessly sanitized representation of war.

      So my question is where do you draw the line and who gets to decide where the line gets drawn? How are you going to cater to people who think Hearthstone is too violent? Simple answer, you can't. In short, I think trying to remove 'violence' from video games is a misguided goal. The focus should instead be on creative freedom without censorship imo.

      Also, why should ranking systems be removed? The entire point of playing a game competitively is to be the best at it. Ranking systems provide you with a concrete goal. Of course, a player can ignore rankings and focus on himself. But I think the option of being 'Number 1' at something should always remain.

    11. (Continued)

      As far as sex is concerned, I am STRONGLY against defining what is acceptable and what is not. This may be an unpopular opinion, But I think people should be allowed to experience what they want without restrictions. It is important that all parties involved take responsibility for their decisons and actions. Speaking for myself, the entire appeal of sex is the fulfilment of a biological need. So my main goal is pleasure, which tantra looks down upon, as far as I know. The last thing I want is to have such belief systems forced down my throat as soon as I'm free.

      The problem with tantra is that it views sex as a tool for spiritual development only. If possible, I want to live in a hedonistic society where the pursuit of pleasure in all of its forms is not scorned, but embraced as a natural way of life.

      Spiritual development is secondary to me, not because I lack the tools to pursue it, But because the accepted notion of what it entails (asceticism) conflicts with my fundamental nature, which is essentially hedonistic.

    12. thank you, Ryuga, for your response and your wonderful preface.
      i greatly enjoy reading your messages, because i strongly recognize the energy that you embody or are expressing :)

      i agree with the essence of what you said about violence, since in the way you mean it is based on interpretation and personal experience.
      just for clarity, the way i think most people (or the dictionary) interpret violence is a reflection of (usually) physical violence, so in a videogame this would be the depiction of physical violence; inflicting harm on another living and breathing being in the physical universe.

      from what i have seen in the world around me, is that when we start imposing limits on people (you can't do this, but you can do this), the shit hits the fan and everything turns to shit.
      so what i was talking about was not so much putting limits on things, but more like a future prediction or perhaps wish, which is ofcourse totally subjective.

      the ranking system is a tough cookie to talk about, since it is a deeply (emotionally) rooted reptilian agenda, that has been around since the end times of Atlantis, and has been used by the Cabal very effectively to keep us separated.
      it may be shocking to hear that the Cabal have spent extraordinary amounts of time and energy on suppressing and exterminating large groups of the human population in the last 13,000 years with the constant threat of violence (pain) or death, if the survivors did not go along with their insane demands of adopting certain rules that are still very much in effect today.
      and the people that remain on the planet today are the successors of the survivors from all the suffering that has taken place in the past, so this gives us a challenging cleaning up job.

      the way i am describing a ranking system is perhaps not interpreted by you in the same way, Ryuga.
      there is ofcourse nothing wrong with scoring points or seeing how high you can jump to measure skills and abilities.
      in my interpretation ranking systems are used and abused for the use of "power over" (e.g. military), "status" (ego-inflation), and "money systems" (e.g. economy, which consists of pyramid schemes).
      so when the change-over happens, these ranking systems will no longer be used for these same purposes, and will fall further in the background because the sheer joy of playing a game or interacting with each other will be much more fulfilling than any kind of over-exaggerated measurements.
      yet, while in the physical world. measurements will always remain very practical and effective for many reasons and purposes, especially when learning more about and advancing in interaction with the physical world.

      i also agree with not judging what is acceptable or not.
      as i see the world around me right now, i see groups forming of people that are like-minded and like-hearted, where each individual group has their own set of "acceptable" and "not acceptable", which is necessary because every person has preferences.

      the Cabal have tried to force the same set of rules down every single earthling's throat, which obviously hasn't worked out exactly how they wanted it.
      so due to their extreme efforts, they have created a lot of separation, where everyone was forced to adopt the same ruleset.
      now that people are setting themselves free more and more, we are finding other people that have freed themselves to different degrees and ofcourse have different tastes.
      so now we are at a stage where we get to create groups that have the same taste, in this way expand our experiencing of freedom in physicality.

      and with this freedom in experience, i rejoice foreseeing the opportunity to experience our greatest dreams in physicality, which i encourage you and everyone else to keep envisioning to further build the energy structure for this dream world to manifest!


    13. (continued)

      to specifically mention sex, yes, there are tantric (or other) groups out there that are somewhat strict, and there are groups that are more "animalistic".
      the beauty i would love to see is a balance between the 2, where we can embody both the more raw sexual energy, as well as the higher Divine essence at the same time, which i have found is what Tantra really refers to.
      to give an example of the miracle that this brings is that in this way, sex, can become a portal to transformation of pain and trauma and serve as a beautiful healing practice, sometimes referred to as "sexual healing".

      indeed, there are many people out there, myself included, who would enjoy the opportunity to experience many flavors and tastes in many things, including of a sexual nature, and i strongly feel that this is a world that we are moving into.
      the only difference that i see between an old fashioned purely physically oriented world and the world that we're heading into, is that this new world, as i see it, is based on the foundation of Love and Light, where everyone is respected and considered equal, not to mention having the opportunity for all needs to be fulfilled.
      i feel that this new world could be described as having the opportunity to have any physical experience that one desires, no matter how crazy, yet with the ability to learn something.
      i mean, why live life if there is nothing new to explore or experience?

      i also notice that you seek to choose a specific "side" if you will.
      why not stay in the middle and accept your needs as they are, without labeling them?
      there are a lot of people in this world being pulled (by Archon influence) to a specific side, like "i'm for this" or "i'm against this", rather than just honoring oneself and not needing to judge it at all.
      in other words feeling free to be as you are, just as you are <3

    14. @ Teasy Love Ah, now I have a greater understanding of where you are coming from with regard to violence, and I can also tell that it'd probably be for the best. But I can't help feeling we'd be losing out on what the medium could offer in the future if violence was removed. Then again, I have to agree with Robinson Amarel. 'Violent' titles will no longer be culturally relevant post disclosure. On a more personal level though, I'm disappointed that I'll never be able to experience what gaming is like in the current world. I hope that, at the very least, games of today are preserved somewhere instead of being destroyed for having too much violence.

      As for ranking systems, we are in total agreement, I was only referring to stat-tracking mechanisms in games. With all that said, competitive gaming will be awesome in a world where your quality of life doesn't depend on your performance . People can focus on being the best without having to worry about their financial situation. I just hope fighting games will be around.

      Sexual healing is the exact reason I lean more towards hedonism. You see, I can't feel lust without experiencing Intense self-loathing. Of course, this is not to say that the emotional or energy exchange aspects are unimportant. But I am more focused on the ‘animalistic’ part of myself for now. I guess what I'm trying to say is that balance in any sphere of life is something that an individual finds for himself . I think it's when a person feels completely at peace with everything around him. This may or may not involve finding the middle ground between two extremes.

      I don't know what exactly you're referring to when you say I'm taking sides. But it is true that I have strong opinions on certain things, which I see nothing wrong with. No one around me shares my opinions on anything . So for the longest time , I kept my thoughts to myself. This has led to people trying to impose their way of life on me. I have only begun voicing my opinions recently. Obviously, I had to defend them several times. As a result, they have hardened over time. The problem, as I see it, isn’t that people choose to take sides, but that they try to force their opinions on others. Of course, I have caught myself doing this as well, and it is something I need to work on. One thing I refuse to do, however, is blame the archons or whoever for my shortcomings.

      Even though we may disagree on a great many things, I have a feeling that we agree on the most important stuff. I’m glad I got to have this conversation, thank you.

  59. Wellsir ... I'm in the negative plasma vortex area ... just near the border of it in Ohio, sigh ... story of my life.

    I have relative in MD ... they are closer to the center.
    Since they are asleep at the wheel I don't think they would notice the effect or realize the source.

    I've got a cintamani stone buried on the property so I hope it's enough to offset the effects.

    Some of the intel was a bit over my head ... didn't understand it at all, but I'm sure I will understand eventually. :)

    1. This isn't a curse, it's opportunity. To fight and bring light to the final bottle :) Maybe I'll move there if I get the opportunity. You can never know

  60. This is our new daily facebook meditation
    starting June 14 at 2pm utc <3
    Please join share and invite <3
    Violet Flame for Long Island and Yaldabaoth

  61. The pyramid complex looks like a star map of the Pleiades, like many ancient sites. Care to comment Cobra?

  62. Good, very good, we must find the True Vaccum, which resides outside the bubble of this False Vaccum construct we reside in. Subatomic interactions, such as entanglement between Quarks and Leptons, being gradually rendered Macrocausmic, gains an Extra Degree of Freedom within Physics, as we rise in Frequency teach day; we can utilize the Quantom Variables to deal with the situation (?)

    I don't know how I can help you, but I do support you, Victory of the Light!
    - Fates

  63. Asked this question on PFC, but Cobra this is important. Cobra are you aware of Wayne Herschel's work at He has made many discoveries that ancient megalithic sites are star maps of the Pleiades. Is this so and especially could you comment if Cydonia on Mars, the pyramids at Abusir, Tikal, etc. are star maps of the Pleiades? Also do you know if the leg of the bull symbol of Egypt and other societies is a symbol of the Pleiades and if the center symbol of the dendera zodiac is indeed the Pleaides.

  64. " produce temperatures above the critical temperature of 2 trillion Kelvin, needed for black stone creation."

    2 trillion kelvin! Wow! The temperature of the beginning of the big bang.

  65. Mankind on this Earth are not ready to get out of the quarantine. If the quarantine wich was set inplace by our forefathers is dissolved before we as a collective are smarter and ready then our ways (wars, racism, ignorance etc) will spread to other civilizations around us wich our forefathers are tying to prevent. Especially to the higher realms. Ancients people are tall blacks not tall whites. Tall whites are the decivers of mankind only projecting themselfes to be tall whites with advanced tech, however they look nothing like humans. A long time ago people with dark complexion ruled the world, for example Ancient kemet or as nowadays it's called, Egypt. If you will compress the light you will "limit" it. This is the job of an compressor. Wordplay here is very obvious. Do not open the quarantine untill mankind is ready and that wont be in a few years from now as it looks. The ancient has the power to make guns klick instead of making a boom. However our free will is the most respected faction of human life. And the lesson that needs to be learned will not be learned if the starnation will do it for us. The mission is to understand what ever happend before should not happen again. And right now we are not ready. For example, Palestine people are an oppressed people, but black Palestine people are double oppressed. I hope you see what this is going back to. Quarantine is in place for the rest of the species that exist elsewhere. Whom ever tries to bring it down before the collective is ready, want only to spread lies, wars, racism, destruction and controll to other civilizations and higher realms wich would be extremly destructive for all of us here and in the real of dreams and death. Do not compress the light, the light must flow natural. Do not open quarantine and do not wish this so you who do not have bombs raining down in your comunities can live better than starving ppl in yemen for example, or opressed people in palenstine. Or the opressed blacks and browns ALL over the world. We as an COLLECTIVE are not and a repeat, we are NOT ready for this what so ever. Just look and observate the world and if you have any intellect you cannot conclude this to be otherwise. Lightworkers and Warriors, if this is the name you want to be called then let it be known. Do not limit the light. Do not open the quarantine. Open yourself and help others open themselfs cus we are a collective, a unity, a life force that has been lied to in evry facet of life for too long. For so long we wish to be free but we dont want to work to get free. We want someone to set us free and this needs to be change from within.

    1. good Lord!.. have you read anything about the event.. post event and so on. please do so... before you wish longer/prolong damnation on humanity

    2. Every thing is balanced, there is no need to worry. We as a group are diversified so it's obvious that there are divergence among us. We need to focus on our inner self. Truth comes from within.

    3. Let me guess, you watched "Prometheus" didn't you?

  66. Come back to the west coast, Phoenix ! :)

  67. "Many scientific models of the universe have included the possibility that it exists as a long-lived, but not completely stable, sector of space, which could potentially at some time be destroyed upon 'toppling' into a more stable vacuum state."

    Toplet bombs... to prevent toppling into a true vacuum... maybe.

  68. Let's use the awesome energies of the Summer Solstice to bring the light to the planet and bring the Event even faster. Let's act NOW !

  69. Unification and Separation, a personal story

    i still feel that uniting people in the community of light forces "on the ground" is key in the last phase until the initial stages of The Event
    we unite groups by focusing on our similarities rather than our differences and find things that we can do together that have the same goal
    i also find that many light groups do not yet interact with each other, so i feel that creating more connections in the light community (especially between leaders) is also key

    it's interesting to notice that in the last few months there have been a lot of attempts by the dark forces to stop unification between the light forces
    i have also experienced several situations where this happened with several of our own groups, both online and offline

    it's interesting to notice that i now also find myself in a situation of a more personal nature, where the energies are trying to create a separation between our most needed mutual collaborations
    so i am writing this here in an attempt to both twist this situation towards the light as well as thwart these attempts of the dark forces to (re)create separation

    i want to live in a world where we all share everything freely with each other and there is no more need for "giving credit" (or "earning money") since all stems from the One Divine Source
    yet in practical terms it can sometimes greatly help to know who exactly created what so that when one finds something that they like, they can find the origin to get more of what they like


    1. (continued)

      my most recent story in this realm, on which my own trauma is based, starts at the end of the last Atlantis era, where i was responsible for an electric grid node on the planet, which was also connected to "the second moon of Atlantis"
      after a devious move from the dark forces, they were "authorized" (through democrazy) to invade also this space that i was responsible for, where i experienced total shock for not comprehending how they were able to enter this sacred space, on which most of the trauma i experience today is based

      after this invasion, myself as well as others that were responsible for the power grid were forced to watch (on a large screen) the destruction of many civilizations and large groups of people around the planet that didn't surrender to the dark forces' rule
      i didn't take this experience very well, and felt responsible for this act of extreme violence, especially because the technology that was used to create the destruction with was powered by the energy grid that i was responsible for

      so, this experience and my emotional response to it, served as an anchor point for my own dis-empowerment through-out the last 13,000 years, where i often allowed others to take advantage of what i felt responsible for, including my own creations
      it was only in the last 16 years or so that i have started regaining my own empowerment and encouraged others to do the same, where i used all of my emotions, including anger, to power a win-win situation

      the trigger that i am experiencing now, that i would like to share here, is that some of my recent creations were copied (in this Cobra/PFC community) and distributed, and either without credit, or credit to others was given
      now, i feel grateful that my work is being shared and i do not require credit for my work, and i would love to see more people sharing freely and out of a feeling of generosity
      yet i also notice some mixed feelings in myself, a bittersweet feeling, which i'm sure is part of the transition phase

      any of my attempts to correct the situation has either led to no response or a removal of my work entirely, due to fear of being scrutinized i imagine
      i would love to see more people in this community standing their ground and being open and transparent about their own feelings, so that, when for example feeling afraid of something, that we can easily offer consolation or instill safety by sharing our intentions, which are often completely identical

      i feel extremely fortunate to have loving physical angels in my physical life that can offer me support and nurturing when needed in situations like these, where deeply rooted feelings come to the surface and just need a place to go
      when allowing these feelings from a space of awareness, these can be then directed in a constructive manner, so that everyone can see it for what it is, and no negative effects are experienced (no chaos is created)

      thank you for reading :)
      and much love to you on your journey to full reconnection with your Divine Essence; One illuminating with Love, Grace, Mercy, Appreciation, Gentleness, Patience, and Humility

  70. This is the way of choosing. Thru out history there was a series of puzzles that demanded attention because of results that changed (in worst, most cases) the perception of reality, of life as we see it. We as participants in this all around show that we call life, are challenged to take a stance and make a CHOICE, utterly based, in principle, to our convictions, our desires.

  71. We are here because we choose so, therefore we must assume our choice. Remember that all is made in love. Truth is at hand now.