Wednesday, August 2, 2017


It is time to take action again! It is time to take the destiny of our world in our own hands! We all agree that the process of planetary liberation is taking too long. Here is our chance to collectively speed up the process. Therefore we are using the opportunity of the Solar eclipse on August 21st to create a portal through which we will unify our consciousness and enlighten the energy field around the planet.

Make this viral! Share it worldwide! Please post it on your websites and blogs. Invite spiritual groups to join us. If you know an alternative media outlet, you can send it to them. You can create a Facebook group for your local group of people doing this in your part of the world. We also need one main Facebook group for this event. You can create a video about this and post it on Youtube.

Scientific studies have confirmed positive effects of mass meditations on human society, so each of you that will participate in this meditation can actually help bringing the Event and Full Disclosure closer to us:

This meditation helps the Light forces to ground the energy of Light on the surface of the planet to strengthen the Light grid which is needed to speed up the process of Full Disclosure and Ascension. Number of people doing that meditation is the single most influential factor within the power of the surface human population for speeding up the process.

We can reach the critical mass of 144,000 people doing this meditation! This will create a massive healing chain reaction in the energy field worldwide. The focus will be on the United States, where much healing is needed.

Astrological chart for our meditation shows a powerful grand trine between Galactic center / Saturn / Lilith in Sagittarius, Eris / Uranus in Aries and Mars / Lunar Node / Sun / Moon in Leo. The core of this grand trine is exact grand trine of Galactic Center at 28 degrees Sagittarius, Uranus at 28 degrees Aries and Sun / Moon eclipse at 28 degrees Leo. At the eclipse, the energy of electric fire of liberation will flow from the Galactic Center (the Pleroma) throughout the Solar System and will be channeled through Uranus and through the Sun / Moon eclipse, all of them located in fire zodiacal signs. Therefore our meditation at the moment of the eclipse has a potential for a huge breakthrough on the planetary surface, as it is a moment of the most direct connection with the Galactic Center. 


This will be the first eclipse since 1918 with the path of totality going through the continental US. This eclipse is a great opportunity for us to make a decision to create unity. Unity of awakened individuals is the most powerful catalyst for the planetary liberation. For this reason me, Corey Goode and many other people are joining forces to gather the critical mass of at least 144,000 people doing this exact meditation.

A joint Cobra / Corey interview has been recorded especially for this occasion and will be released in a few days. 


The path of totality will touch the ground near Salem, OR at 10:18 am PDT and will exit near Charleston, SC at 2:47 pm EDT. For people in the western part of the US the total phase of the eclipse will be already over when the meditation starts. The meditation will start right before the moment of maximum point of the eclipse and people in the central US will be meditating right through the totality. People in the eastern part of the US will be able to watch the total eclipse after the meditation.

Map of cloud cover shows that people in the western part of the US have the highest probability to actually see the eclipse:

We will be doing this meditation at the moment of the maximum of the Solar eclipse on Monday, August 21th at 11:11 am PDT in Los Angeles. This equals 8:11 pm EET in Cairo, 8:11 pm CEST in Paris, 7:11 pm BST in London, 2:11 pm EDT in New York, 1:11 pm CDT in Chicago, 12:11 pm MDT in Denver and 2:11 am CST on Tuesday, August 22nd in Taipei.

You can check the time of the meditation for your time zone here:


1. Use your own technique to bring you to a relaxed state of consciousness.

2. State your intent to use this meditation as a tool to speed up the process of bringing harmony and unity for planet Earth and its inhabitants.

3. Visualize a pillar of Light emanating from the Galactic Central Sun, then going through all beings of Light inside our Solar System, through the eclipsed Sun and the Moon and then through your body to the center of the Earth. Visualize another pillar of Light rising from the center of the Earth, then up through your body and upwards into the sky towards all beings of Light in our Solar System and our galaxy. You are now sitting in two pillars of Light, the Light flowing both upwards and downwards simultaneously. Keep these pillars of Light active for a few minutes.


4. Now visualize a soft pink healing divine feminine energy, healing all people of the planet of their past traumas, bringing peace, harmony, understanding, abundance and unity. Visualize this soft pink light healing the minds and hearts of all people worldwide. See all Lightworkers, Lightwarriors and Truthers working in unity for the creation of the New Earth. See the people of Earth celebrating and joyfully participating in the creation of our new reality where everyone can obtain what they need and freely choose to live as they desire.

Suggested time for meditation is 15 minutes.

The official video with instructions for Unity Meditation has been posted here in 35 languages: 
Goddess wants unity and unity it will be!

Updates about the Unity Meditation:


  1. 8:11 pm in Paris ! This update makes me so happy ! Thank you, I will post on my groups and will talk to some friends into joining us. We can do it !

  2. Oh,finally the time we do this meditation has come! Great! We will do our best!

    Victory of the Light!

  3. Is there stronger benefit to travel to the eclipse path to meditate? To my logic it sounds like more energy applied in freewill toward the outcome we seek, thus more 'weight' in the act of meditating, so to speak. Would that be correct, or beneficial?

    1. Yeah, sounds like it. I am going to a yoga retreat a friend invited me to where the eclipse will apparently be visible.

    2. I'm going to Jackson Hole Wyoming! :p

  4. Yeah i want unity too but i guess i am not a goddess to wish for things...

  5. Here in Arizona the starting time will be 11:11, such a great synchronicity. Let's get all hands on deck for this one. *Hippie voice* It's gonna be like, epic, man!

  6. Everyone,

    There is nothing left standing in the way for the Event. We do not need these astrological events to expose the dark and shift timelines. While I support this meditation with all my heart, I do not believe it will be necessary. I firmly believe the Event will precede it. I envision watching the solar eclipse as a global community that has just remembered our galactic origins and come together united in world peace. These alignments will keep on coming, even after the Event. Once the Blackstone and remaining bombs on the plasma and etheric planes are removed, the Event will be triggered. That could be any minute according to the latest intel. The highest timelines exists already, and I am on it. It is one without darkness, and the Event able to happen any second. My bags are packed and by the door, and car gased up and ready to go with documents and route all planned out. My higher self has guided me to this in the past few days, after traveling to Brookhaven for special crystal placements. You all may as well hop on board this timeline, because it will be what liberates this planet, and all other timelines will converge into it. Darkness will be completely eradicated from this universe in all timelines and dimensions at that moment.

    You may think we are months or even years away from the Event, but Cobra's posts are meant to address all timelines, and some of you are distressed by some of his intel. Consider the source of the negative dense feelings that enter your mind. They are heavy and send from the dark. They are not light and from the heart. If you pay close attention to how they feel in your mind and body when they arrive, you can begin to tell the difference. Your higher self and guides do not ever push a thought on you – they slip it in and let it unfold naturally as your creation. They do not force you into a timeline, you choose to acts on which thoughts you want to. That is free will. Read between the lines on the information you take in. Everything is positive, you are simply misunderstanding and taking a fearful stance since you do not have all the facts. That is all fears is. In the highest timeline, duality is gone, so do you best to operate from that place. The dark forces plan to prolong the Event, but they cannot see the highest timeline because they do not exist in it, but it is here and they don't want you to know about it.

    Personally, I am in 'debt' by loans and credit cards, but I trust Source and my higher self have everything planned perfectly, as that has how it has gone so far. I get negative thoughts forced in my mind that I need to get a job, but no, when I signed up to come down here and liberate this planet, I did not consent to giving in to make 3D life less stressful when things got tough. I came here to break the bad and save Gaia. We are all going to be fine. Debt is just trapping you in a state of fear. Do not give it weight, it will not matter soon as it will all be forgiven. It is just the darkness trying to trick us and preventing us from living our true potential and highest timeline, the one where they do not exist.

    Cobra has already told us the conditions for the Event to happen, and that time is upon us. Only trust Cobra and your higher self. Do not trust any channelings, like Kyron or the like, and do not get lost in worry from Pleaides 1 Yaldabaoth percentages. Those channelings are not truth and have already been wrong numerous times. When Source gives the thumbs up, it's going to happen, and that time is upon us. Join me in holding the vision for the Event happening any moment – that is where we are right now! Be ready, be prepared.

    Victory of the Light!

    1. Spot-on. The only thing I am honestly worried about at this point is being prepared with enough money and groceries prior to The Event. I am the only one in my family who believes and knows about it. Things are not really ideal for me right now in terms of preparation.

      For one, I have a check for a shift I worked at a pizza place I quit that was supposed to come 2 weeks ago. They apparently didn't send that information to the corporate office until a couple days ago. I feel like an idiot for not calling earlier.

      Then there's also the fact that I need to figure out if we qualify for free groceries online as a low-income family, and my dad hasn't been taking the notion of time seriously.

      I agree with you, for sure, though. All the signs are pointing to what you say. I've been talking with a friend who I met on this blog about The Event lately, and he is in contact with his star family. Everyone here should read your post.


    2. As my right to express my inner divine opinion based upon Galactic codex I demand this post to be published on this site! Cobra!

      You right, we need to remember we dont bring direct Event by this meditation, ITS NOT meditation to bring Compression Breakthrough But to heal, just like Goddess vortex before.
      And it was already stated by Cobra that RM LF took another round of liberation Gaia, since our noncooperation. And THIS MEDITATION DONT DO ANYTHING TO BULLSHIT STONE AND HENTAI TENTACLE with are pointed as main obstacle, so why we dont take them? PErhaps its to not lose Coorey followers that would assist this time.
      For me the miracle of getting 144,000 would not happen again, This is my opinion. And I am not gonna assist with this meditation, because the healing and improving our condition would happen on much Grander scale when Event and after it occurs, Cobra stated it. Also this time perhaps Cabal and Chimera will not easily allow this time and main obstacles will suddenly occur. PErhaps even war in North Korea as Fullford is saying.

    3. Psychedelicpiper, I dont know where do you like, City or suburban or else. I also had time I feared about food and water, but heres my advice check some survival sites about ways of harvesting water and purifing it and also check what edible plants are near your location, like dandelion, Urtica leafs (after preparing), Typha roots (after preparing) ect. Its helped me to let of fear of not making it with family members with enough food knowing that theres plenty of "exotic" food around me and I live in city.

      PS. also clover leafs are very sour taste a bit like those sour jelly beans. But check before what in your location are edible plants

    4. Sword... i understand where you are coming from and u did give good points as far questioning the impact or purpose of this meditation.

      however even if this meditation does not tip the balance to a great degree... why lose the opportunity to be part of an event with other likeworkers.. such event may still bring some changes.... maybe not the ultimate expected one.. or maybe it will... This time as you notice finally some more cooperation among leaders is showing...

      giving 10mins or more or less is not asking to much..

      besides we know meditation does affect mass consciousness.. it affects ongoing events ... so why not participate to include your good will... your fingerprint into it

      even if is to counteract and or stop the shinanigans the bad guys will be pulling on that day.

      take that opportunity to add your 2cents...

    5. @Sword Oh come on now, man, The Event isn't going to be some doomsday apocalyptic thing. In fact, a lot of people are still going to continue to go to work. Businesses will continue running. I just was frustrated my plan to save money isn't exactly going according to plan.

      Also, get your mind out of the gutter, man. "Hentai tentacle". lmfao

      idk Man, I'm going to stay an optimist from now on. Take kratom, and you'll feel Source running through you. I don't care about negativity and doubts and all that b.s. anymore. That friend I've been talking to knows what's up, I trust him after all he's told me, and Apex knows what's up, too.

      Maybe there will be more obstacles, maybe there won't. But I am going to remain manifesting only positive energy from now on. I have been through more negativity in my life than you'd ever be able to handle. Time to finally be the change I want to see.

    6. Apex, I'm with you. I've had a great deal of difficulty pushing through fear and doubt lately but in those moments when I get a clear connection I feel like The Event could happen at any moment.

      I was a little disappointed when I first saw this post, as when Cobra was asked in a previous interview if an Eclipse Meditation was a good idea, he blew me away with the response: "It's not the highest purpose to answer this question." To me that meant that he felt it was highly likely that The Event could happen before the 21st.

      Despite my initial disappointment I'm still holding on to that intent. Even so, if we do see The Event before the Eclipse, I think it would be just as beneficial to do the meditation anyway, as most of the population of the planet will be in a "WTF Just Happened!?" mode and still very fearful.

    7. Facinating viewpoints here. I feel compelled to add my own two cents, if I may... The energies of transformation have been in high gear. Many, such as I, are being triggered unmercifully. I need to feel connected to you. It's personal. Nothing is of greater value as we look forward to creating our utopia. New game for Earthlings who tire of the drama and fear of this time line. I imagine what that utopia might feel like. It is time for a Great Remembering. I expect the Eclipse to trigger a naturally induced an altered state of concienceness that will highten my feelings of connection to Earth and Heaven. Our Earth and Heaven, that we manifest together. We ARE the veil, shake it off with me! I'm having to meditate for hours some days; just to make it through to another tomorrow. Kundali has rung me out like a wet washrag. This is a day of preperation towards that utopia friends. TPTB can't keep us seperated any longer! I hope to feel you there.

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.


    1. We are going to do it again Maria!! How are you? I hear things are pretty bad where you are now. Hang in there!


  9. Spanish version
    Version castellano

    I was in the congo meditation and the energy that day was, AMAZING, now..this time will be AMAZING OVER 9000, time to spread this post, we will reach the critical maas, AGAIN, period :D

    "Etheric Liberation Preliminary Report
    This is just to let you know that the critical mass has been reached. What we have achieved is epic. "

    Victory of light!!

    1. I agree with you. My heart chakra pulsates and my being vibrates when I visualize that day. The image of the pink goddess translates that sentiment. The cosmic energy will be magnificent. Hundreds of thousands of souls will be connected. In addition, August 21 at 11:11 am reflects some historical events:

      - the American Revolution of July 4, 1776, i.e., 7 + 4: 1 + 7 + 7 + 6 = 11:21

      - The American Civil War as the eclipse traces a route dividing / joining the north and south of the USA

      - WTC attack on september 11, 2001, that is, 9 + 1 + 1: 2 + 0 + 0 + 1 = 11:21

      Milky way = Healing way!

  10. We just created a facebook meditation event:
    UNITY Meditation

    Make it viral! Join share and invite!

  11. hmm...
    Can you hit 33,000,000 page views by then..?
    (ya got'a do what ya got'a do)
    Time to Rock L.A...
    This looks like a spot to yell from

    1. The government of the government top pick for
      intuitive empath (IE)- ambassador of earth
      to see the truth in highest beings
      above all on the planet

      I just call him blinky
      "not hurting the SSP- helping it"
      Show me the Show because the truth was a game

    2. If you are able to watch this "C.G." interview
      (with blinky) Don't look at him...
      Keep your eyes on the lady with the "pink hair"
      Top notch reporter... investigator... droyds
      Has Linda Moulton Howe said any more about blinky using her name..? And being told not to
      I would expect a set-up tossed her way soon

    3. Last one (unless called out)
      audio... first chosen name for the C.G. conference
      "eclipse of the light"

      (still working the "oil of eclipse" by the way)
      One big "Tear", right in the center
      refracted light

  12. Let's make Youtube videos about special meditation! Let's send the translations in many languages to Smaly7!

  13. this reminds me of a simple Maharic seal.

  14. Here I am once again ready for the good fight
    Let's rock Baby!

    I'm going to use all my concentration to the maximum. Yessss! /o/ (^_^) /o/ o/

    You can count on me

    GO to the victory!!


    1. Totally awesome song. Arigato, leo :-)

      Set Me Free

      We will Do This!


    2. WOW! Amazing! Thanks Rajah
      Loved it. beautiful song. Really very inspiring.
      Thank you my Brother of the heart.

      '' The goddess wants union then union she will have ''
      Let's Rock baby !!

      Note: I was going to send you this song previously, but I was ashamed (-_-'). Now it's more appropriate (^ o ^)



    3. My pleasure, leo. Glad you liked it.

      So yeah, Let's Rock, Baby!!! :-)

      Brilliant song once again, my friend. Feel free to send me music any time you feel like it, no reason to be "ashamed" or "afraid." I really appreciate it when people want to share positive thoughts, videos or songs with me. The Power of Positivity wants to be shared with others. VAMOS! :-)
      The songs you post come from your Heart, and I've liked all of them so far. Really great stuff that I'd never heard before.

      Now let's see if I'm supposed to send you something in return. I'll open a new YouTube tab and look if there's something there. Hang on a second here . . .

      Goodness me, there's *so* many that I haven't been presented in a long, long time! Goddess wants Unity, and Unity it will be. I AM RaJah.

      My Heart chooses these ones:

      Mountain Sound

      Primal Scream: Come Together

      Join Together


      and this one just because I love it so much and can't post it often enough

      It's The End of The World (And I Feel Fine)

      All righty, leo. Let's Rock, Baby!
      Team Bring It brings it!

      Lots of Love and Light. And UNITY between ALL.


    4. Thank you (ɔ◔‿◔)ɔ ♥ (>‿◠)✌

  15. I"m starting a group in Indianapolis

  16. This is very exciting...All aboard the train for the Victory of the Light! This meditation and our group effort will be the best yet!

  17. Awesome! Let's spread it far and wide ! Victory of the light!

  18. I'm soooo Grateful for this meditation. Thank you Thank you.
    Adami I Am 💜

  19. I'm soooo Grateful for this meditation. Thank you Thank you.
    Adami I Am 💜

  20. If u ever wanted to know what is actually taught in secret societies the world over, here u go:

    It's a playlist of audios that EVERYONE should listen to, and I am currently working on ways to spread this info! Speaks on meditation and mass meditation!

    Thank u, Cobra, LW, SS(Starseeds), our brothers and sisters both on and off planet in whatever dimension and timeline!!!!

    Victory of the Light is Ours!!!

  21. Beloved Community.

    1. "Dr. King’s Beloved Community is a global vision, in which all people can share in the wealth of the earth. In the Beloved Community, poverty, hunger and homelessness will not be tolerated because international standards of human decency will not allow it. Racism and all forms of discrimination, bigotry and prejudice will be replaced by an all-inclusive spirit of sisterhood and brotherhood. In the Beloved Community, international disputes will be resolved by peaceful conflict-resolution and reconciliation of adversaries, instead of military power. Love and trust will triumph over fear and hatred. Peace with justice will prevail over war and military conflict."

  22. Yes I'll be with Corey goode group. Let's do this.

  23. I think we should encourage everyone to make videos on global meditation and supporting Unity in the Community! ALL light workers have to band together right now and focus on unity and freedom for Humanity. The next step is for us to take to the streets and demand the release of hidden technologies in a peaceful way. IMHO. :) Love and Light, Corey Goode

    1. We can do amazing things together.. I believe so!

  24. I'm still seeing have people wasting their energies on something that will not happen and instead of looking for the answers within them? And are you still waiting for a "savior" to set you free? Wake up and stop reading comics, anime ... this is not fiction.

    1. I think everyone here has been encouraged to look for answers within, by Cobra, and by each other. I know that is what I've been told to do. Many people have their guides and inner/higher self confirming this information.

  25. Here come the eclipse!

    Astrology for the Soul August 2, 2017
    While I like to stay positive, I must say, it can be dangerous in the jungle with some ferocious lions on the loose! What I didn't mention in the report was Mercury coming up to station/retrograde opposite Neptune. With this combination of energies there can be some real delusional characters (psychopaths/sociopaths), out for themselves, that wreak havoc on poor unsuspecting souls. While it is a great time for joy and generosity, it is not a time to simply give indiscriminately.

    On December 23, 2014, Saturn- the planet of karma, the ruler of maturity, growth and challenges—left watery Scorpio for fiery Sagittarius, a new cycle that will last until December 19, 2017.

    Saturn Retrograde
    (6 April to 25 August 2017 – Sagittarius)
    Saturn stations direct on 25 August 2017 at 21°10′ Sagittarius. This is the final phase where you put into practice what you have learned.
    Only after feeling very very bad can you feel very very good. This indicates the final healing of the wounds from Saturn retrograde.

  26. Goddess Warrior Video in 432Hz!

  27. I am reposting and expanding on my comment from the previous blog post, so that more people can see it.

    If anyone hasn't tried kratom yet, you should. It's a natural plant from the coffee family, it's legal in most of the U.S., and you don't have to smoke it. You just mix the powder with water, and that's it. It does have a bitter taste, like matcha green tea, so be sure you don't start with more than a teaspoon your first time, and don't take it on an empty stomach, because it can get upset.

    Believe me, you will feel more connected to Source. I feel this warm energy around my heart, mind, and body. I feel looser and far less introverted. It's such a great help from depression and anxiety. It really brings out my true self, I feel. I haven't felt like this in a long time. And I feel my body functions physically better as well. Kratom is a gift from Source, no doubt about it.

    I can't express how much this has helped raise my vibrations and be connected to my heart. I hope someone else here can have the same experience I've had. I believe anything that can help raise our vibrations, connect to the true aspects of our selves, and does not cause any damage to our health, is a good thing.

    1. Wow never tried this before.
      I had a nice experience with Calamus in the past, i guess it works in a similar way

    2. @ger sey I tried blue lotus before, but it made things a bit too real and made me feel even more existential than I was already feeling.

      Never tried calamus, but I can tell you, kratom is for sure the real deal. I just can't believe how more connected to my heart and Source I feel. I am not struggling with negative thoughts, and I feel so balanced and hopeful and optimistic of the future. I definitely feel I was guided towards it. Everything just feels purple and groovy. haha

      Curious to know if anyone else here gets that vibe from it.


  28. "At the eclipse, the energy of electric fire of liberation will flow from the Galactic Center (the Pleroma) throughout the Solar System and will be channeled through Uranus and through the Sun / Moon eclipse, all of them located in fire zodiacal signs.
    Therefore our meditation at the moment of the eclipse has a potential for a huge breakthrough on the planetary surface, as it is a moment of the most direct connection with the Galactic Center."

  29. not sure who this conhressman is but.. anyways these are points that he raises in Congress that perhaps it will make those unaware of the political shinanigans to say hmmm.

  30. This is the website of indian spiritual leader Matha Amrithanandamai devi (Amma)


  31. COREY and COBRA joint meditation on August 21, 2017, Solar ECLIPSE

  32. Thank you Cobra and all the light forces. We will do our best to invite many persons for this huge meditation that we expected. It's so important and weare so excited. We want this new world full of hapiness, kindless, love and light. The event will come soon. Thank you so much. (Marie-Hélène and vincent from Belgium)

  33. This is a very good time for me so I will certainly participate but I do wish that the focus was sharper. The only meditation that has been a success so far was the Congo meditation and that had a very specific goal and good timing. Hopefullly the joint effort here and the interview can focus the peoples intention better.

  34. This comment has been removed by the author.

  35. Thanks Cobra, we will get it done! Let's spread the word.

  36. Thank you! You can count me in! I already feel the tingling in my high heart for this most loving of energies. May we all expand out into infinity, our love desires, to be joined together as one, and really tear this 3d duality maze up!! Love will abide~

  37. Yo COBRA, I spent some time writing a rather long question for you and Corey, but I submitted it on the 26th - not the 25th. Considering how relevant the question is, could you guys try and answer it please?


  38. Thank you! You can count me in! I already feel the tingling in my high heart for this most loving of energies. May we all expand out into infinity, our love desires, to be joined together as one, and really tear this 3d duality maze up!! Love will abide~

  39. Now is the time when you will see the "false" lightwarriors and "false" lightworkers, wich only are here to create disinformation and only want money, i hope they will retract and will join us this time

    We need them in this side

    PS: reddit is an big site, i hope some people can spread this post there, i will too

    Is time!!

  40. Lyrics~I've Told Every Little Star-Linda Scott (2:20)

    Yeah i know "this is the girl"

  41. This is to @psychedelicpiper

    Sorry if I hurt you, but I have abusive family members and problems too. My mom especially. But I dont give up on my goal, im manifesting the reality I want to create.

    Money is a tool used manifest what we want. And if we use our money on psychedelics to escape this reality we are only making it worse for our selves. Psychedelics and other kinds of recreational things like video games sports and so on. Should be done when you are happy and selfsustained and not dependant on the system for basic needs.
    I have tried mushrooms and dmt. Very good experiences. Also I will have ayahusca and mushroom retreats in my place. Around stage 3 of osei.

    I wish you the best and I send my love to you :)

    1. How do you manifest a reality with only blue aliens around you, and a sky with 2 suns and 3 moons?

      Learn us if possible...

    2. @Farouk Saleh Wow man. No offense, but you can't just make assumptions like that. I can count on one hand the number of times I used psychedelics. I can't afford them, nor do I have a good environment to use them.

      The last time I took a small dose of mushrooms, I felt they were telling me I need to move out and making me feel existential, so I got rid of them.

      I also had opportunities to participate in an ayahuasca ceremonies, but said no, except to one time where I only took a minor quarter dose. I blew off two opportunities where I could have participated for free.

      My only addiction was to cannabis, I will admit, but I've learned to save my money and not spend it. I currently don't pay for the cannabis I use now. Kratom is all I am going to spend my money on now, which is more cost-effective and working miracles on my emotional, mental, and in effect, physical health as well. But otherwise I'm saving every dollar, especially when The Event happens, that emergency money is important.

      Everything you have said I know and agree with. I am more positive these days. The comment I typed out yesterday was mostly due to the really bad start I had to the day. After taking kratom, I recovered and felt so much better.

      I realize I am able to manifest anything I want in life, I have a lot to be grateful for, it's just that for my life it's as slow as the process of erosion. I simply need to keep my vibrations high and do what I can. I must be patient and maintain my sanity. I am feeling far more connected to my heart and Source.

      Thank you! I wish you the best and send my love to you, too! :)

  42. Calendar Referendum and Declaration of First World Peace

    ~ 524 years from the arrival of Columbus to America~
    The Global Council for Calendar Awareness (GCCA), an autonomous educational and cultural platform, working in collaboration with the Foundation for the Law of Time (FLT), urges people of goodwill and conscience everywhere on Earth to sign the attached petition for Calendar Referendum 2020 and Declaration of Universal World Peace to help humanity restore right relationship with Nature and ‘natural time, by asserting and adopting the calendar of 13 months of 28 days as our new Harmonic Standard.
    A calendar is a programming device whereby the society that uses it creates its psychic field of influence and organizes its collective life. In the Gregorian calendar (12-month predominant current civil standard, est. 1582), months are uneven, the length of months does not correlate with the number of seven-day weeks that exist, and the numbers change every month. This erratic, uneven frequency of timekeeping has no cyclic or periodic order; this is why civilization is in such chaotic disorder. As such, human civilization, en masse, has veered out of sync, away from our natural attunement with the cosmos and into a linear way of operating. With such a distorted lens, over many years of conditioning, we have been unwittingly complicit with the gradual destruction of the biosphere, perceiving and appropriating Mother Earth as, in the words of Chief Arvol Looking Horse, a “resource for our use”, instead of thesource of life.
    GCCA is launching the 13-Month, 28-Day Calendar Change Campaign and this petition for Calendar Referendum 2020 and Declaration of Universal World Peace on NS1.29.3.21 (October 10, 2016), Indigenous Peoples’ Day (former Columbus Day) in Turtle Island (North America). As turtle has 13 scales on its back reflecting 13 Moons in perpetual motion around the Earth, it is fitting that this call is being sent from Turtle Island. Truly, Nature is the greatest teacher and healer.
    GCCA invites your participation with this educational and cultural campaign over the next few years, as we promote this open referendum to reform the calendar between now and 2020.
    No longer can we, humanity, afford to ignore the negative impact of the Gregorian calendar upon our consciousness, our quality of life, and our interconnectedness with this precious planet and among one another. And, we do have a choice!
    Join us in asserting our human right to live in harmony, balance, and peace with each other and the planet by adopting the 13-Month, 28-Day Calendar as our new Harmonic Standard worldwide.
    Call for Calendar Change and Universal World Peace
    We all really want peace. Not peace through war, or peace that is bought by money.
    But real peace. And we want peace to be more than just one minute or even one day. We want that peace all the time.
    Is it possible that the time of war is a function of the calendar – and the time of peace might be the function of a new calendar, a calendar of peace and harmony?
    There is a growing movement of people across the planet who recognize that a Calendar Reform from the false, irregular, illogical, confusing, crooked, uneven Gregorian calendar to a perfectly harmonious and accurate 13-month, 28-day perpetual calendar is the first fundamental step to realizing universal world peace and harmony.
    The calendar we use is the macro-organizing principle of our lives. It programs our societal culture with daily, weekly, monthly, and annual customs and habits. Therefore, to change the calendar we use is to participate in one of the most subtle and profound forms of revolution happening on the planet today.

    Calendar Referendum Initiative 2020


    1. Yes, we have to change anything related to earthling time.

      we are already enough about schedules and 'timetables'...


    2. no longer measuring time after the Event!

      fuck all!!

  43. I look forward to the meditation o Sunday 21st August even though it is at 3.41.11 am in this part of the world - whatever it takes right. we are intending on a unity breakthrough and critical mass. i wish i had social media outlets to put this out there but facebook has made the decision 2 years ago that i cannot have an account, instead they have allowed trolls to clone my page and use it for no good.
    anyway see you all on 21st for the biggest and best group meditation we have achieved so far.


    1. It's hundred time preferable to have it on night, rather on day when you have to work!!


    1. Light and Love: What a great question. From my perspective you are ultimately correct. However, I think that "free will" and EVERY action and interaction is playing its role in the grand divine plan of bringing about The Event and New Age on earth. I think that all of this at once is the GOD/SOURCE Intelligence and Manifestation already "SENT OUT" into his infinite creation.

      I think, all we can do is follow our inner guidance and impulse to do what we feel to do. I don't think there is any one "right answer" or "correct action" because each individual is a completely unique soul from all others. I think the World Meditation can greatly boost The Event. However, everything that goes into it is already calculated into the omniscient possibilities that IS GOD/SOURCE.

      In the final analysis, I don't think ANYTHING that results is from any independent choice of an individual. Because nothing is independent of SOURCE in any time or space/place of creation.

      I support 144,000+ critical mass to participate in this meditation. It must naturally resonate with the individual who chooses to participate. It is not a punishment, but an opportunity to join with GOD/SOURCE in the grand Divine plan and unfoldment.

      In summary, it can't be figured out intellectually. GOD/SOURCE is beyond comprehension.

    Meditazione Globale per l’Unità – 21 Agosto 2017 20:11

    Video in Italiano con Istruzioni Audio in elaborazione!

  46. It will be 2:11am here in Hong Kong, but I'm still doing this meditation --- it's significant! We can and we will reach the critical mass! Victory of the Light.

  47. It will be 2:11am here in Hong Kong, but I'm still doing this meditation --- it's significant! We can and we will reach the critical mass! Victory of the Light.

  48. The final victory is belong to the light

  49. Victory to the light!! Let's do it Brothers and Sisters!

  50. Victory to the light! Let's do it brothers and sisters!
    The Goddess want peace and love! Thank you Cobra!

  51. my own personal goal is to try and bring about The Event before Aug 26
    there is a 'big fight' that day - a lame attempt to refill the obviously empty loosh tank

    We got this!

  52. Folks! This meditation will be epic can be sure. I seal this.
    A lot of people from all over the world have added me on facebook. Meditation is spreading like flames
    This is incredible. I have repaired the spirit of union of all! The event is coming now!
    The most striking phrase in my opinion was: '' Goddess wants unity and unity it will be! ''
    The union of these is happening now!
    This will be awsome

    As always I leave a song because for me life is like a song, that is, it has its rhythm and movement :)

    Love for all



  53. Wonderful UpDate on earlier today:

    "Fortifications have been removed from all Higher Energy realms.

    Classicals are abandoned.

    Ancient houses collapse.

    Nova ground is laid."

    It's all coming together.


    Love, Light, Unity, Peace and Freedom for All


  54. Strona poświęcona medytacji w języku polskim

  55. will there be any group on San Diego?

  56. For Slovenian readers of this blog, please visit our main Facebook page:

    PFC servers are under maintenance, so we currently cannot properly publish our translations. Slovenian guided audio for this important meditation will also be available soon.

    Victory of the Light!!!

    1. @ SIPFCTEAM
      And to everyone else here:

      Last night I messaged the PFC Global facebook page about the PFC website being under maintenance for so many many hours..which I thought was suspicious..?
      They replied saying they have been under CYBER ATTACK since earlier in the week..and asked for our patience as they are addressing the problem.

      So.. it is obvious that the cabal really does NOT want the masses having access to this Eclipse meditation info! (Gee, what are the dark ones so afraid of??😎)...

      This is a big one! In the meantime, to spread the word about the Eclipse meditation, might be a good idea for us to share the Prepare for Change Global facebook page.

      Victory of the Light!💫💫💫

  57. Just a note. Based on the feedback from other meditation attempt...
    Do double check or verify the time and day ... Ask here if you must for verification.

    place date on your phone calendar.. write it down on a place you often check everyday...

    think of ways that you know it will help you not to missdthe date.

    place the date on the PC screensaver if you must...

    plan ahead what you need to do to take a few minutes break even from work.. early lunch.. get day off? plan to set up 3 alarms if u r a heavy sleeper n need to wake up for it...

    there are basic things u could do to make sure u attend :) just saying

  58. Got it!!.. Victory of the light

  59. it would be inspiring i believe if a list gets created of all or most groups participating ... not necessarily a list of individuals but of groups...

    specially seeing those groups that may not agree with one another but they at least do share the common cause of planet liberation.. now that would be consider a milestone...

    so perhaps someone could talk alexandra meadows to join her group for this event.. David Wilc... L. Webber.. David Ick...
    Native Groups... all org big and small.. city base groups

    it should not matter if u are the only one in your city meditating... represent your city... make it count

    1. Dragon Heart:

      You are right!

      If you are the only one in your city meditating, I think you will act as an angelic presence, bringing in magical light and anchoring the light in your location, assisting to spread light around the world.

  60. I will join in on the day and time, live in Holland.. probably over here it starts then on Paris time it seems :)

  61. What is the significance of the number 144,000?

  62. Is there any significance to the number 144,000 mentioned in the article?

    1. COBRA – 12 x 12 x 1000. It’s symbolic number which has very powerful meaning in sacred geometry of numbers and it’s also an actual number of people who are selected, of souls who are selected at certain points to enter in this planetary quarantine to transform it. One, I would say small percentage of those people have already awakened to their mission and more of them will awaken in the future. (great, thank you) [pfc 0516-2]

  63. Cobra wrote "the energy of electric fire of liberation will flow from the Galactic Center (the Pleroma)"

    This reminds me of the below:

    "Others will be unable or unwilling to accept the Light and will not balance the consequences of their past actions. They are unredeemable and will be taken to the Galactic Central Sun for restructuring.

    Their personalities and soul essences will be destroyed with the Electric Fire into the basic elemental essence. Electric fire of the Central Sun will disintegrate their Causal body (vehicle of the soul). Individualized spark of the soul will be then dissolved, with all memories and individual traits erased. It will return into the Source and will have to start a new cycle of evolution from the beginning."


    1. Lightworker@

      you can it get also by request! it cames also from an interview. Why do you not remember it too??

  64. Removing the Cabal

  65. Do we start meditating at exactly :11? Or do we have to give ourselves 5min before to get ourselves into a meditative state?

    1. Kailem K: I don't think it matters what "quality" of meditative state one is in at 11:11am PDT. The uniform intent of the meditation (indicated in the post) and starting at the indicated time is what's important for the "critical mass" effect. Whether you start even earlier than the designated time or finish after the suggested 15 minutes time of meditation, is optional. That is my understanding. Good question. By the way, we as individuals don't have the control over what kind of meditative state (or any state, for that matter) will occur in each moment of our life. If we did, we would instantly bring the New Age and solve this whole dilemma. LOL.

  66. The Pleroma

    Sunday, July 26, 2015
    Galactic Wave of Love

    "But the main aspect of this Galactic pulse will be a wave of cosmic Love. This Love energy is the basis of universal cosmic reality and is now reaching our shores. This energy has Galactic proportions and can not be stopped by the Cabal, no matter what they try to do."

  67. "This energy will completely clear the primary anomaly and the plasma octopus entity around the Earth, which was called Yaladaboth in Gnostic teachings:"

  68. 21st of August is my birthday!! I want it to be something special this year! :)

    1. The 22nd is mine! :) Looks like both our birthdays will be special this year. :D
      Victory of the Light!!!

    2. YIPEE!!! It will be a good week for all. I have close frie nds with birthdays on the 20th, 23rd and 24th and mine is on the 24th also . I am soooo glad that time is an illusion ( b/c I am turning 60!)

  69. USA was founded to be a free,sacred and divine nation by the Light Forces including St. Germain, but this nation has been taken by the Dark Forces!

    NOW the time has come when this nation and their citizens are fully liberated!

    The cheer for USA from all over the world!

    We will do our best, and

    Victory of the Light!

  70. The Dark Forces are trying to rule us by "Divide and rule",

    Against this,

    We the Light Forces "Unite and fight!"

  71. It will be 3:11am in Japan, but we will still do this special meditation!

  72. Thank you to all of you who will "get up in the middle of the night" to meditate on August 21, at 11:11 Pacific - California - time....

    For some of you, it will be 22 August by then... and in your part of the world it will be 2:11 am and 3:11 am and 4:11 am..... very early !!

    Those of us who are in the USA and who will have an easy time meditating at 11:11 (or 12:11 or 1:11 pm or 2:11 pm) appreciate the help from all of you.

    Thank you Taipei !!

    I am trying to spread the word out here on the West Coast.... I am surrounded by a lot of people who think this is just a cool "throwback hippie event" but might participate to wear tie-dye clothing and bring back that era....

    But! I may be able to convince them to meditate.

    1. And...Not only a thank you in advance to Taipei because you are getting up in the middle of the night, but:

      Thank you all of Taiwan!
      Thank you Japan!
      Thank you Thailand!
      Thank you China!
      Thank you Singapore!
      Thank you Malaysia!
      Thank you Laos!
      Thank you Cambodia!
      Thank you Viet Nam!
      Thank you Indonesia!
      Thank you Phillippines!
      Thank you Australia!
      Thank you New Zealand!

      (who did I miss?)

      You are all wonderful and we in the USA send you lots of love and light.

      Thank you

    2. Yes, thank you Russia!

      Thanks to all of you who are getting up in the middle of the night to do this meditation!

    3. do a.

      Thank you _______ (fill in the blank)

      and you should be covered :)

  73. This "discussion" with the dark leaders might help if you feel that they have power over "us":

    In essence, what is relity?
    What is it to be free?

    As a light being, being of light,
    I am free

    As a ladder, a power structure,
    piece of the pyramid,
    You are slaves

    I coexist, and as light
    is in me and I am part of light,
    Light forms love in one of
    its aspect
    So I am love in one of my aspect,
    And I give love and
    I receive Love

    As a ladder, a part of constructed
    reality in a closed environment,
    Earth for example, you who govern
    for yourselves are subject
    to upper levels, and you are
    their slaves, dependent upon
    their decisions, and even
    at the top level, you
    are subjected to your own
    ambition, slaves to your
    distorted image of reality,
    slaves to your ideas of god
    in you, slaves to your ego,
    slaves to your goals

    As in the light,
    there is no goal,
    there is no ego,
    there is no more ideals,
    but what the goodness that
    Light provides,
    Light provides all infinity
    and all that is needed to transmit
    light, love, etc is provided
    Light provides
    and who needs only what
    light provides
    truly is FREE

    You, who want to govern
    your own mind created
    ideas are slaves,
    Lack of all that is good
    in humanity is what you want,
    You are the slaves.
    The slaves to the ladder
    of your construction,
    you are fading away,
    as is the anomaly
    that you believe
    is true. You are not true,
    You are slaves that
    will fade away

    Light is the essence
    of all beings
    Light means that one is free
    Light is the universe,
    And I am free
    Free in light,
    light enlightening

  74. Earth turning wrong way during eclipse?


  75. 2017-07-28 Max Steel - THE EVENT 2 - Fall Of The Archons



  76. 2017-07-27 Max Steel - THE EVENT 1

  77. Sophia Love 8-2-17… “As we shift – it’s not about money”

    Posted on 2017/08/03

  78. Hi ground crew, Cobra, and light forces;
    I wrote an Open Letter to President Donald Trump as a "Homage to the Whistleblowers".
    It contains a 7-page summary of what the whistleblowers brought to light, in particular over the last ten years. It can be read here:

    Victory of the Light!

    1. your intent is noteworthy. thanks for your hard work.

  79. Dr. Sam Mugzzi with Drake Bailey

    Drake is teaching about the various accounts and the money that is owed to the American people. In order to access it, you have to understand it.

  80. Let it be light!
    Thank you, Cobra & RM and all who are with us.
    Cobra says everything goes according to the plan.
    They have implemented Plan B, which we do not know about.
    Now comes the meditation where it says THAT DURSES A LONG LIFE ..., our contribution with everyone together to the Final Release.
    Let It Be Light!

  81. some thoughts about money

    it can and is used as an instrument of control.
    as i see love is the goal, a brother basicly never charges his fellow brother for providing anything, he simply gives if he so wants.
    beeing rich in money can almost only be archived on other backs (low wages, high prices), if your not "lucky" that your relatives did that for you, or using pyramid games. so the wish for beeing rich in money is flawed.
    this is my statement.

    i could use some people putting their wishpower into this topic. wish for the good of all.


  82. Violet Flame for Long Island - Guided Audio - version 2 • English

    Actualized version:

  83. MIB Are Outside Watching My Home 8/5/17 : secureteam10

    Hey guys, here is Men In Black, perhaps from CIA.

    Make this viral! Disclose their dark actions. Expose their faces.

    How stupid MIB! From now, definitely all of them will be filmed and exposed all over the world. But when you are visited from MIB, you should call police at first. After policeman come, film the MIB.

    This is war against MIB!

    1. if he is truly being monitored... may be perhaps a form of intimidation by someone else or another group.. but i doubt is by MIB... note i dont know much about MIB honestly..

      i take it someone trying to drive this kid into a paranoid frenzy... to break down his credibility as people watch and analyze his behaviour n reaction... so my suggestion is that he tries to first eliminate all possible and impossible "normal" reasons... before he ventures into a fringe area.

      "Once you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how improbable, must be the truth" (arthurcona)

    2. @Dragon Heart
      Ah, your opinion is very helpful! Thank you.

    3. The person who made the video needs to talk to all the neighbors.

      Perhaps it is a burglar and he is casing your neighborhood.... One of your neighbors may have expensive "something-or-other".....

      Crooks hang out to watch people's schedules, to watch who is up late at night, who works late, who is not home during this August vacation period.

      Visualize a big white light of protection around the whole neighborhood, the home, spouse, child, car, everything....

    4. west has a good point... hopefully he has a good relationship w neighbors.

  84. Canal criado no App Telegram para a comunidade Prepare for Change Brasil. com audio das meditações para download e ouvir no celular :)

    Vitoria da Luz!


  85. Someone claims to watch in the night time videos with human resembling aliens on the off (shut down) TV set.

    Has any of you similar experience?


    1. We may speculate that aliens may have a kind of tech to activate the phosphorous of the shut-downed TV screen in order to produce similar effect as the 15625Hz spot activation does, and resulting in a 'remote influencing', in fact manifestation, on the screen's phosphorous, and broadcasting images they want to do.

      Maybe, similar as Asthar broadcasted the message in 1977 during a TV show...

  86. Eclipse.. viewing earth from space it would be rotating to the right. Why would eclipse not begin on the East coast and move WEST as earth rotates?? Seems backwards to me. It is moving west to east?? Also if earth rotates at about 1000mph thus 24 hrs 24k miles the circumference..why isnt a flight from NY to LA much faster than vice versa??

    Thanks for the replies..


    1. Things are clear explained with eclipses. Do your research.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.


    4. you have to take into consideration the moon rotation, not only the earth related to the sun.

  87. James Farell my question too! Any exlipse should start on east coast and move westerly..what is going on here is earth. Thr sun rises in the East what am I missing here??

  88. Treasury Direct Accounts any validity to these or cabal trap? Many are accessing


    But how can we truly capitalize on this, and take absolute advantage of it to accelerate the removal of these primary blocks even further?

    Find out by tuning in, and you’ll discover exactly what’s being prepared to super charge our path to freedom, this week on Ground Crew Command.


    Intel sources confirm:

    •Queen Elizabeth ( bloodline), Pope Francis and German Chancellor Angela Merkel are the European bloodlines’ front line pawns.

    •… while the gnostic illuminati control both the Trump presidency and the US military industrial complex, both of which are being used to purge the Deep state in the US & fight the bloodline families in Europe.

    •And a stand-off in the West between the European royal bloodlines represented by the Pope, the Queen and Merkel, and the gnostic illuminati represented by Trump.

    … discover the details of what can change all this, and above all … what WE can to do take charge & wipe all negativity (including its physical embodiments such as the bloodlines) off of our beautiful earth, and return to freedom, abundance & Goddess rule.

    ... all, on this week's huge episode of Ground Crew Command Radio ... your weekly dose of empowering clarity, inspiration & motivation to get you through the Archon invented "work week". (& Hit the Follow button for show reminders & recordings)


  90. Cobra, but post the comment about Dave Schmidt.

    It is scandalous to have a supposed member in the truth community who claims for partial disclosure and with no alien involvement!...


  91. Do you remember?... from an older post...

    something like "banana messages and fear based comments... I have asked the Resistance why should I continue..."?

    The correct answer from RM should be rather that they need on the surface a sane voice for them but also a lightning rood for the followers of this blog... :-)

    So, don't be sad Cobra,...
    We encourage you to carry it for both RM, on one hand, and for us, the followers, on the other hand...

    It's part of our 'spiritual experience' after 1996 which the 'ascended masters' claim they can not even understand...

    1. funny thing is.. thats the very same reply i got about me procrastination.. is good to know how our excuses for none positiviness manages to find a reason n purpose in our own illusions or desillusion...

  92. Tyler from secureteam10 is obviously being observed and/or attacked. Perhaps some feel led to apply the meditation for the members of the middle management of the cabal to the person in the car and the person outside the car.

    Meditation for the members of the middle management of the Cabal:

    1. has he gotten the license plate yet? sorry i have not watch completely the video.

      if he is recording i think it will be sound advice to learn about the laws dos n donts... etc. u dont want to be caught by surprise.. cause if they r really after the kid.. they will monopolize on any opportunity to either entrap him or use any small issue or mistake and turn it against him exponentially or twist it just to meet their goal.

      do not be comfrontentional unless he has good solid grounds to stand on.Do not live in fear. if he wishes not to be drain by this quickly he needs to remain calm.

      play the cards right...

    2. good luck to him.. i am glad to hear he is not alone... and people are supporting him..

    3. I posted a note above...

      Make ALL the neighbors aware of this guy sitting in the car.

      Make everybody within the community aware of this guy sitting in the car.

      Then, visualize a white light of protection around everybody's nearby home, spouse, children, pets, everything...

  93. Corey Goode & COBRA Joint Interview (Video): Call for Unity & Action (link:

  94. Cobra/ Corey Goode / Prepare for Change: July 2017 Interview

    August 5, 2017 by Dane Arr



    In These Increasingly Troubled Times What if You Could Rapidly Get Answers to:

    What world situations will affect me soon?

    Where will I most probably be in 1, 2 or more years?

    How do I change and improve my life situation?

    How do I strongly intuit and influence my future and the reality of loved ones?

    What are the real intentions of a person or group I am dealing with?

    What is the best way to deal with a person or group and influence it to a harmonious? outcome?

    How do I attain inner peace, no matter what unsettling situation is "thrown" at me?

    How do I avoid future "crisis" spots and events?

    Where will the real estate or any financial market be this and next years?

    Should I buy or sell a certain investment?

    Should I engage in, or pursue, a relationship?

    How do I quickly "heal" physical, mental, or spiritual dis-eases afflicting me or my loved ones?

    ​Should I participate in a new career move, business, or situation?

    ​How do I keep myself energized, young at heart, spirit, and body for as long as I desire?

    And much more!

    1. The best thing to invest in is land. With land you can become selfsustained.




  97. LEARN TO REMOTE VIEW with Gerald O'Donnell of Cosmic CoCreation
    SphereBeing Alliance





    1. Corey Goode & Cobra Joint Interview - Call for Eclipse Mass Meditation
      SphereBeing Alliance

  100. @Apex, thank you very much for your comment. Hope, that people who read can get it. I am not the kind of people that belives that we only get a reward after suffering, I have fight back all those type of ideas and analogies that make believe that we need to get ready or prepare for the Event. Really, how can we prepare to receive the High Frequency came from the Heart of the Source? All preparedness will not be enough except when we learn to release, if we allow it to be, we start automatically navigating through higher frequencies, those planes of existence where the dark beings cannot reach because they do not exist there. Once again, thank you. We need much as possible people resonating in this frequency. That is the key of our liberation through Bliss and Love. Victory of the Light!

  101. Let's make this happen! I'll be meditating.

    Theraphi Plasma & History of Energy Healing:

  102. this is the type of information i dont understand why is not made to be presented in the news or tweet about if thats the form of communication..

    SORCHA: Trump Evacuated From White House After Massive 9/11 Spy System Discovered

    why does everything has to be done hidden from the public... they could have just announced... white house found to be riddle with bugs (which honestly why they found that surprising is beyond me)...

    1. Dragon Heart: Mainstream news is controlled by the cabal for their "new world order" sinister agenda. In turn, controlled by the top level of the chimera and archons. The intent is to keep truth from the public, such as the example you just cited of the White House being completely "bugged."

    2. i understand. i agree. But i thought the president communicated to the public via tweeter..
      i am out of the loop about current events... but basically what i am saying is... bottom line everyone just wants to keep all games hush hush.

  103. For those who asked why the Eclipse goes from west to east, here is what I found.🙂

    NASA animation:

    Some excerpts:

    "This is a very good question, because it shows how Solar eclipses take us out of our normal experience. We are all used to seeing the Sun and Moon rise in the east and set in the west. But if you were situated HIGH above the north pole, the Moon would appear to move counterclockwise (i.e., from your right to left) in its orbit around the Earth. And it is THAT motion of the Moon moving in its orbit, dragging its shadow along behind it, that causes the eclipse path on Earth to move from west to east"...

    "..the Moon moves to the east in its orbit at about 3,400 km/hour. Earth rotates to the east at 1,670 km/hr at the equator, so the lunar shadow moves to the east at 3,400 – 1,670 = 1,730 km/hr near the equator. You cannot keep up with the shadow of the eclipse unless you traveled at Mach 1.5"...

    "You’re watching the Moon move IN ITS ORBIT, and not as a result of the Earth’s rotation."

    Love and Light to all..💫

  104. New Rocket Ship Video in French!


  105. Cobra, when did we reached 'many times' the critical mass of 144000?

    1. Cobra said a few times, not many. Actually there has been two times so far.

  106. I'm a bit aworried about the attacks during the meditation

    Actually i started to share this information in some places and all what i had is negativity feedback, angry people

    "Being under lies is not something that you should be promoting"

    "Mediation?! Really?! F*ck this!"

    In other places they asked to me to delete this information

    1. That sucks. I think this may be a case where less may be more. If you can talk about the eclipse meditation without mentioning The Event and Cobra specifically, but keep it vague by saying things like 'positive timeline', 'positive future', 'liberation of our planet', 'light forces', etc., then you may achieve a lot more.

      People naturally react with fear regarding things they do not know nor understand. Their natural reaction to The Event is that it's some kind of cult, that Cobra is some kind of cult leader, and that whatever does not align with people's current belief structures is 'misinformation'.

      There needs to be a guide in going about spreading this information without setting off these alarms in people's minds. If we can get more people meditating during the eclipse without them necessarily knowing anything about Cobra and The Event, but still focusing positive intentions on the future of our planet, then we'll still have achieved our goal.

    2. 1. are you surprise about the reaction of some or many?..

      2. how are you presenting the meditation.... ?...

      3. if u were venturing n posting in locations that you know r hard die matrix focused... i would not b using my actual ID... because there is a chance of a backlash of negative feedback).
      i wouldnt want to deal with such nonesense at that time.

      the objective is to post, inform.. not to engage deeply and or get drag by the reaction of some because it will happen... but i believe presentation of the invitation is one key point that could greatly determine the degree of backlash...

      by the way.. if u happen to have stumble into sites where u have the bad guys minions browsing dont expect sweet remarks.

    3. by the way.. you r taking their feedback to heart...

      L, i wouldnt find those those replies you posted by people to be out of bounds... it would b shocking to me if i didnt get any of them at all.

    4. psychedelic i agree... there should be some Softer approach when dealing with most average Joes to gain their participation on meditation.. is not about lying to them cause the meditation supposedly is to ultimately bring global peace or peace in wherevee the focus is...

      i agree there should be some guidelines provided because time n time again we get to hear about the backlash when promoting this info.. on a personal or global social media scale. Although lots has to do with naiveness... i think this is one area of discomfort that could be prevented or minimize greatly.... (but by now so many have fallen to same old traps that we should be masters in social dealings.. so we think)

      this shows how really unprepare we are folks... not pointing at anyone individually.. is just that every game the light plays (my observation)there is always a great degree of an unnecessary learning curve... that shouldnt be there after 26k years later..

      we seem to play like we were born yesterday when dealing with earthly matters.. i am referring to the level we are at... i wish not to think that that is also happening at higher levels in the social latters.

      sigh.. anyways...
      people do your best... n dont bring about unnecessary discomfort. play within your boundaries unless it calls to break thru them.

      this task of spreading an event should not be a detrimental affair. if is starting to be... re-analyze your approach.

    5. perhaps someone from PFC could write some generic guidelines.. just provide a list of known pitfalls that people should be aware of when communicating with general public n hints of best approaches.. in person or social media etc..

      perhaps someone unknown to anyone here (ideally) could build a group that is more directed to the general public ... and creates meditation at about same time the ones here is announced.. with the focus of world peace n abundance etc...

      arent there tons of leaders out there with a lot of followers...
      the 1mil thailand students.. those who people claim are reincarnated ascended masters...
      how is it that is a struggle to contact those people just to request that they join in meditation on that day even if is not to tackle the chimera.

      imagine.. fine the focus may not be exactly the same but imagine what could the input of positive though at diffent levels could create. that should be worth something...

      the result could be such that they may even try it again... n some adjustments may even b done to synchronize focuswise then.

      the light forces has influence over some country leaders.. Request that they try to get their nationals do a 5 min meditation for world peace on that day... televise...would that hurt?

  107. This is completely off-topic. (But not really, because THIS IS FUN!!)

    I want to recommend this movie, "Valerian and the City of 1,000 Planets."

    It is a very cool, fascinating movie with amazing amazing (did I say amazing?) special effects.

    There are great, loving extraterrestrials, an idyllic civilization with unlimited health and free energy, neat cities and planets and space ships.

    It has a wonderful message of love and forgiveness.

    Go see it!

    It's beautifully made, fun, funny, and really creative.


  108. Corey Goode & Cobra Joint Interview - Call for Eclipse Mass Meditation
    SphereBeing Alliance

  109. David Wilcock Blog Update, Corey Goode Timeline Talk, Disclosures in the Headlines, Pedo Arrest Sweep, Tom DeLong Facebook Post, Threats in Dreams, Dreams of Pedogate Blowing Wide-Open


  110. Who can call Steven Gere and others?

    Corey Goode & Cobra Joint Interview - Call for Eclipse Mass Meditation
    SphereBeing Alliance


  111. Oh wow, somebody fixed the audio quality on this and re-upped it just two days ago. Excellent!

    We're putting the aerial up so We can go out On The Air!

    On The Air

    Na denn mal los :-)


  112. The world after the Event is

    FANTASY Earth, Wind & Fire -(1977)

    "Every man has a place, in his heart there's a space,
    And the world can't erase his fantasies
    Take a ride in the sky, on our ship fantasii
    All your dreams will come true, right away

    And we will live together, until the twelfth of never
    Our voices will ring forever, as one

    Every thought is a dream, rushing by in a stream,
    Bringing life to our kingdom of doing
    Take a ride in the sky, on our ship fantasii
    All your dreams will come true, miles away

    Our voices will ring together until the twelfth of never,
    We all, will live forever, as one

    Come see victory, in the land called fantasy
    Loving life, a new decree,
    Bring your mind to everlasting liberty

    Our minds will explore together, old worlds, we conquer, forever
    We then, will expand love together, as one

    Come to see, victory in a land called fantasy,
    Loving life, for you and me, to behold, to your soul is ecstasy

    You will find, other kind, that has been in search for you,
    Many lives has brought you to
    Recognize it's your life, now in review
    And as you stay for the play, fantasy, has in store for you,
    A glowing light will see you through

    It's your day, shining day, all your dreams come true
    As you glide, in your stride with the wind, as you fly away
    Give a smile, from your lips, and say
    I am free, yes I'm free, now I'm on my way"

    1. Thanks.I have already forgot this music.25 years ago every club was playing this Fantasy in my country.We were dancing on it,but never recognized the lyrics.Now its so much different to listen to it again.It has a meaning.I enjoyed it very much.

  113. It's about exploding and imploding, imploding and exploding. Neither is superior. Both are equal. Goddess is implosion. God is masculine. If an equilibrium cannot be found between the two, then existence will go on in extremes. There is extreme yin, there is extreme yang. Neither is the 'ultimate reality.' What's in between? What's phase conjugation? :D

  114. a terence mckenna synchronicity

  115. @Psychedelicpiper
    Is worst than that, i never mentioned cobra or corey or any time-line, just meditation for peace and unity

    Even some people attacked to me saying that this meditation is for grab the energy from other people, in other words, this mediation is a party for energetic vampyres

    But is getting someone started to spread that this eclipse is bad for us and better do NOTHING, and this person know about meditations, eclipses, etc is not a noob person in this themes

    We have 2 reactions (i hope the RM can read this)
    -Some people think this mediation is part of the dark forces
    -Some people think meditation is for idiots/sick people

    I sent emails to some popular youtubers (+1.2 millions) and big sites, they always talks and make videos of liberation, freedom, the cabal must be finished etc..

    Any feedback? No, 0

    I sent emails to particular people who have a lot of "public", from 10 emails, i got one feedback.

    Is a bit sad..all the people talking about "two earths" "freedom" "we need to do something" and what happend? they don't care, "bussinnes is bussinnes"

    Cobra said "i hope Benjamin Fulford will say somethin" (not exact words)

    Personally i don't expect any reaction from Fulford calling to his readers for this mediation, i hope i'm wrong

    And David Wilcock leaves "the scene" what a surprise..he said nothign about the meditation (yet..)

    We can start with the names of the "false lightworkers" and "false lightwarriors", wait i'm not saying that the people of above are this, no.

    We have 2 weeks, i hope some of them will start to react, meanwnhile, positive toughts


    1. I've said this before on here: I just cannot trust the moon to be a natural object.

      Every other moon, planet, sun, galaxy spins around its own axis, there is *no* exception to that in the entire Universe.
      However, Earth's moon does not. It always shows the same side and does not move except for the cyclical orbit around earth, which never changes. So by law of gravity it should be coming closer to Earth because it has no velocity to stay in position, let alone for thousands of years. The moon's gravity influences the oceans on Earth, but the much heavier Earth doesn't influence the moon? That's impossible.

      Plus, it cannot be a coincidence that the moon's size is *exactly* so that it completely covers the Sun during an eclipse. In comparison to the size of other moons in the solar system it is *way* too big for a planet of Earth's size.
      I had been pondering all this for years and finally My Higher Self sent me an explanation, one that was shortly afterwards confirmed by a video that showed up out of nowhere.
      And that is that this moon is not a natural object but was brought here to influence all of us, and not in a good way. There's quite a few ancient stories, legends and tales about how there was no moon in Earth's orbit and then it was brought here.

      There's a few other unanswered questions, for example about how elements like titanium, neptunium or uranium 236 can be found in moon rocks.

      So the doubters may very well be right, and supporting the moon blocking out our Sun may not be such a good idea.

      Just my two cents on this topic.

      Lots of Love and Light


  116. Youtube playlist random choosed this song for me, cool

    Where I Belong

  117. Youtube video made by Smaly7!
    Let's translate the English text
    into many languages as possible!


  118. I'll be with you all liberate the planet <3

  119. After meditation or before can we view eclipse with normal sunglasses?? Thanks