Monday, December 25, 2017

Cobra Interview by International Golden Age Group

You might want to read this new Cobra interview by International Golden Age Group:

A narrated Youtube video of the interview is available here: 

A new situation update will be posted in the first few days of 2018.

Until then, you can enjoy this Pleiadian Christmas present:

Victory of the Light!


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    1. What a beautiful Pleiadian Christmas present ✨❤️

      Looking forward to this new interview and the upcoming update!

      Hope you're having a good Christmas Cobra ✨


  2. by now it should be clear to everybody that the Event will not happen anytime soon... this process will drag on and on and on.. be ready for more delays! I sometimes cannot help but being frustrated about this seemingly endless story... layers in layers, on and on... confused I am !!

    1. I also realized that it seems to take a long time ... I'm not confused but a feeling of frustration and discouragement :/

    2. Regardless of what i said above, we all must still do the best we can to be the change at whichever potential we have available.

      If is what we are here for.. then be it. there is much chaos in this world... but you can contribute by adding your positive vibe to the other side of the scale.

      At least let it be known to the universe that we do care more than they could ever imagine.

    3. oops this response was for your other post
      . err my other post.

    4. Watch and be patient. Let go of expectation and you can see that progress is being made.
      Cobra has stated that the hammer will drop through feb. This interview is consistent with his earlier statements.

    5. Imagine how 'soon' can be defined by 4d,5d...7d beings. Each perceives time differently. Maybe don't focus on the event as a single thing, perhaps its a stretched out over 10 year period 'event'. With slow trickles of information that in the end when summarized would blow your mind. Already more and more UFO sightings are made, the whole Q thing is happening which seems to be gaining more truth thanks to that Department of Defense tweet yesterday, so many crazy things going on.

      I hope I'm not mistaken, but didn't Cobra say something about the year 2025 being the limit? So we still have potentially 8 years to go.

    6. Yeah I'm confused how this can take so long too. How is it that tens of millions of higher dimensional beings way beyond our intellect and power, who have the planet surrounded, cannot overcome what has to be a few thousand bad guys at most. Plasma Bombs? Can it really be that hard to disarm a bomb if your higher dimensional being? And how is it that Earth can be the last place in the whole universe where darkness still exists. Seriously? Have people any idea how big the universe actually is. And I'll tell you what else I don't get, how the light forces keep the truth from us. I can understand the bad guys keeping humanity in darkness and hiding the truth from us but the light forces? They have the truth right, but are they disclosing it to humanity? It doesn't seem so.

    7. @Peter Belk

      I think that there are far fewer of these higher dimensional beings than we are being let known, or that space in a higher dimension is far greater in size than ours. Just think about 2D to 3D, a flat piece of paper has only so much space, now add a 3rd dimension and lay multiple pieces of paper onto eachother & you can easily have 500x+ the space. Now add another density/dimension on top of that and the amount of space increases.
      I could be totally wrong though on this space theory.

      My other theory is that the ones active in these higher dimensional planes are probably a very small subset of their civilizations who do care about lower dimensional beings. So instead of eternal bliss they decide to fight the good fight. So the volunteers banded together to free the Earth. Hence everything taking longer than expected as they don't have the full force of their civilizations behind them.

      Lastly, it could just be control of information, every human on this planet can check this page, and so can the cabal & their reptilian leaders. So even if Cobra,the RM,and the light forces have cleaned out the toplet bombs they might want to see how the cabal will act, or they could be still checking whether there are any left.

    8. Peter which truths are you referring that they r hiding from us. Is it done for tactical reasons not to jeoperdize some operations? that may be so... and would be understandable. You would not want the bad guys to get an upper hand.

      Lets not forget we are hostages. Just picture a hostage situation in todays standards... The perpetrators usually are outnumbered by the ones in the outside who are usually better equipt... yet still those situations may last from hours to days and i think there is actually one that someone posted that has lasted a year or so... i cant remember which.

      now unlike those scenarios the weapons being used as a hostage mechanism on earth are exotic. the bad guys had 26k years to boobie trap and tampered the earth and us.

      We have already been informed by Cobra that they (LF) could stop the blasts of these bombs from spreading beyond certain point and i think as to not destroy earth but it would destroy our existense.

      last as far as the spreading of the truth... isnt that what we are supposed to be doing here anyways to our best of abilities?... you got all those whistleblowers n individuals like Cobra DW etc.. and indivuduals here doing that in their daily life even if partial. We had prophets and channelers... yet still people wont listen or those messages get corrupted by the bad guys.

      the reason why is not MainStream cause u guessed it, it is still being controlled by the bad guys.

      So the intervention degree or lack there of has been discussed before.. we may not like it or argue (which i have b4) but is part of the reality we are facing.

      There have been treaties supposedly the good n bad guys abide by even if partially.

      anyways this game is more complex than it appears to be.

      by the way is not just plasma bombs.. it is an ancient entity feeding on us as well. Yalda among other things.

      it may be difficult to believe that a whole universe has been wiped clean and this is the last stronghold. All this celestial info is beyond our understanding and sciences so yes it may b difficult to believe... but who says is impossible. All this is beyond our normality but we dont have to understand it in deep detail in order to believe.

      the cleansing is not a process that started last 10 years.

      I will be honest, i cant claim that i know what is truly going on. One thing that i do know is that the world had made very little sense to me and this explanation i found in this blog makes more sense than any thousand books i may have read(if any).

      Something is definitely wrong in many levels if we consider only what we have been taught thru the ages. We get glimpses or "evidence" of "errors" thru our own experiences, dreams, emotions and analysis.

  3. Thats awesome. Luv you all. Peace on Earth and Hallelujah. Singing Joy to the World the pleabes are here. Let Heaven and nature sing....

  4. now.. that is no bird with a flashlight :)

    1. holy shit. I'm having trouble understanding what I just saw. I wonder what it felt like to be an observer of the magically colored "clouds". it's like they were physical objects, but only just barely. I'm sort of speechless right now. I definitely expected something different... I guess I had envisioned something similar to a Ferrari.

  5. basically all we can do now (besides our mission, whatever that may be..??) is to sit and wait for more situation updates which tell you really nothing at all these days.. it's only the same stuff with other words and new obstacles (plasma worms, black stone, plasmaplane, toplet bombs, chimera, implant stations etc..)

    Don't get me wrong.. I believe all this is true but then again that doesn't help. Sometimes I feel better if I don't pay any attention to this blog anymore.. life is much easier if you aren't on "hopeium" all the time.

    Let's just wait for the final breaktrough mass meditation which will be announced by Cobra someday in the future... until then I'il work on my self.. what else to do??

    1. Waiting and hoping adds more suffering to this slaughterhouse. It is better to use our energy in positive ways rather than "checking the news" everyday. Looking for natural cures, using your mind positively to create abundance, doing meditation (real meditations, like vipassana) and participating in the group visualizations for the change we want

    2. Cobra has stated many times he is NOT a savior and DO NOT WAIT for him for any event.

      Stop doing this: "basically all we can do now (besides our mission, whatever that may be..??) is to sit and wait for more situation updates"

      Im sorry but this is flat out wrong. DO NOT SIT THERE AND DO NOTHING FOLKS. Take action, take your life into your own hands! RIGHT NOW! There is a lot of good things going on right now.

      P.s - Comments like these could also be trolls making you lose faith in cobra. Use discernment :)

    3. hello Beck. i understand and share your frustration.. Gersey makes good points and believe you know this.

      I've been trying to figure what is going on. Although we cant deny that changes are happenning in scales or speeds never before it also feels not fast enough or large enough.

      What changes I am referring?....
      there are some political or governmental cleanup and restructuring... the bad guys in high places and some unknown to us even higher places being dealth with... there are some soft disclosures being done like actually confirming visitation of UFO.... at least thats how i interpret it... Harassmemt issues being brought up. pedogate etc etc.. basically what once used to be called conspiracies now shown as reality.. These are undeniable changes that would not have happened under the old "conditions"

      however all of this it seems still not affecting the lower layers where the average individuals mingled... imo.

      As the geopolitical games continue and everyone sees it there is little relief i feel to the rest as far as enough to give them the sense that something monumental is happening withing their own life.. unless of course u are directly connected to any of the cleanups and restructuring..

      The problem we face (beside the already known world inequality, hunger etc) is that among the average folks predators roam that may or not be connected directly to those in the spotlight. For the most part these are individuals(the worst) that learn how to thrive by using the dirty tricks of the game while using sheeps clothing to fool others. Turning average people from zombies to puppets to pupetteers. A huge problem is that those that fall for it cant or wont recognize the transformation within n out. There is no mechanism in place to make people think twice... no incentive to choose the best choice to benefit humanity as a whole as opposed to one inv or a group.

      thus the absence of incentive not necessarily always punishment to do what is right... it leads me to believe that those creating chaos in our level wont be dealt with until the last possible moment either being by design or by grace. That seems to be the reality we face. I have not seen signs to be otherwise. I hope i am wrong.

      I am basing this on the fact that much of the radical positive changes probably would only happen when the technology that keep us in bondage is removed... othrr than that men will continue allow themselves being govern by fear factors...

      I have yet to see one man free of fear...

    4. Barda i dont think she/he is referring to literally waiting and not doing "anything".

      She did mention of working on her mission so that is a clue.

      the "waiting" part is something we all doing to some degree in a general sense. We are hoping to hear the "green light" has been given"... there is a sense of anticipation... an anticipation that is frustrating and we can only bring it to balance when we come to terms with the complexity of this game. that it wont be a zipper upper scenario. that although it is still making good progress reality is there is still more to do.

      Is not about losing hope... is about readjusting our expectations... that is what heightens our frustration.

      Yes there is much good going on. that cant be denied. Some of us are short in patience for difference reasons i am sure... Again is just a matter of taming the eagerness and adjusting our expectations.

    5. Barda: troll or no troll, frustration must not be censored.. everyone has the right of free expression

    6. Dragon Heart: very well expressed.. it is the constant readjusting of our expectations that can be frustrating at times.. and to all of you will answer with: "don't have any expectations" if you were honest with yourself you would have to admit that having no expectations is almost impossible with the inner Knowledge we carry...

    7. ok correction.... when i said..

      I have yet to see one man free of fear...

      ok. I am referring to not seeing a Moses or a Neo :)
      male or female or alien ... (yes they had a share of doubts... but they did what was necessary even if one was fictional) :)

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    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Who cares for the fate of the Chimera!

    3. Rob – OK. Another question. Would it be possible for Chimera members to surrender if they realize the game is over for them? Is surrender an option or would they be killed by their own kind? Or would they never be able to consider that?
      COBRA – Surrender is always an option. The ones who surrender will have an easier way out. But most of those types usually never consider surrender as an option. But surrender did happen in the past, is happening now and will continue to happen in the future.
      ---ref rp0415

  7. 親愛的Cobra &Resistance Movement:



    Dear Resistance Movement:
    Thank you for your company for many years.

    This year (2017), I have a goal.
    I want to promote art:
    Painting, music, dance, etc ...
    I almost found this feeling of "enhancing myself through art."
    I must also pass this "feeling" out!

    thank you all!

    1. I "got" that feeling also H.L. Shiue. Thank you for sharing <3 May the Wisdom and Understanding of the Goddes be with you.

  8. Wonderful interview and video...a real treat! Thank you for everyone who put this together...

    For those who are interested and follow David Wilcock here is an interview he did on C2C recently:

    Much love!

  9. According to Kabamur, Cobra is actually mistaken about Oumuamua. It is a craft from Vega.

    Natural objects do not change trajectory.

    1. The trajectory of Ouamuamua one can see at the link is the NATURAL consequence of the Sun`s gravity.

    2. this is the path of comet harley and other

  10. Woooaah that cloud is so beautifull, just at the end you can clearly see the Entity sitting within it :-)

    Mother Nature never stops to amaze me <3

    Thank you Baoxi Yang for uploading this presious video <3

    1. The original footage can be found here:

    2. I seen two figures of Buddha - one in the beginning and one in the end as you said. It was taken from the Wutai Shan (五台山) iin China at a temple. You can heard the buddhist chanting in the beginning of the video.

    3. Yes I know Piperon. That's the power of Prayer isn't it :-)

    4. The Words "Where two or more come together in My Name, I am Present" come to mind :-)

      In the Name of Love:

      Sparkly Heart

  11. Happy Holiday Light Forces! I love all of you!!!

    Thank you so much for this interview Cobra. What an awesome surprise gift which lite my heart with joy.

    Excellent questions and interview~ THANK YOU Untwine, Patrick and Jedi!

    Happy holiday to you and yours ground crew. We just keep trying... and we'll get there. Thank you all for holding the line. Endless light filled gratitude..

    Victory of the Light!

  12. Merry X Mass Family of Light .

    Thanks Untwine and Cobra for sharing insights in the interview .
    Thank You Everyone for caring about Yourself , Gaia and Healing your shadow .

    Victory of The Light > 3

    Yon Mee Shee Haah
    Hee Mee Shee Shee

    GF, and ALL Light Beings throughout the Universe. Thank you Pleiadians for the exquisite Christmas present of rainbow Liquid Lightship.
    There is so much work that has been accomplished for our Ultimate Liberation. I AM Grateful. I AM forever trusting in the Compression Breakthrough. The timing will be perfect. We will accomplish that which we have intended and decreed.

  14. Merry Christmas everyone.... 2018 will be glorious and let's all keep on shining our light! Love to all xx

  15. Thank you dear Cobra and LF! Great interview, wonderful Christmas present. No words how thankful I am! All the best in 2018 for all of us!


  16. Cobra but due to the situation update you speak about will it be enjoyment?...

  17. Massive intels by David Bigcock or David "Bigballs" (funny nickname stressing the courageous personality of this warrior of Light as Cobra!)

    Link here:

    Victory of the Light!

    1. Lol thats awesome, such a great nickname in a good way, he def is "sticking his neck out there". A hero of our time. :)

  18. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Well done, Zandra!!! !!!Greetings from God. Kisses.


  19. The Critical Mass Of The 70% – SaLuSa

    The Human Generosity And The Given Signs

    The Critical Mass Of The 70% – SaLuSa. By Gabriel RL.

  20. Cobra how much 'the time is now', now?...

  21. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. ponies n biscuits Chariot Snow, that's what I have to say to that :)

    2. Wish you real love and peace, Zandra Chariot.

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. I mean the unconditional love and peace where heaven is built on, where we all are good as we are, without competition.

  22. Thanks for the photos of the light ships, they are soooo beautiful. I can't wait to see lots of them over my city, like a sea of gigantic iridescent jellyfish floating over Manhattan.

    The Evil Cabal IS being taken down if you pay attention. President Trump has seized ALL THE MONEY and ASSETS of the Elite Cabal Luciferian Controllers of Humanity!


    The BEST part: it was Effective Immediately upon signing, with NO Prior Notice of Seizure given!

    That means at 12:01 am, before the ink dried on President Trump's Signature, a US Patriot using one finger, with one Click on a Banking Mainframe Computer = Cabal crooks had all their money seized! ::clapping my hands::

    The Cabal elites' offshore tax haven secret bank accounts, their gigantic mansions, penthouses, private planes, huge estates, millions of acres of prime land, yachts, gold bars, big diamonds, multi-million dollar artworks, luxury cars, ALL their ill-gotten money and assets are FROZEN and SEIZED by the US Govt. now controlled by Patriots.

    ***President Trump has declared Financial Martial Law without having to use the words "Martial Law".

    No troops on the streets, no big National Emergency Press Conference, no alarm bells, no MSM whores attacking his action..... He had the Evil Cabal's money seized during the Winter Solstice Night while they slept and dreamed their pedophile dreams. Super Brilliant!

    The Executive Order contains other master strokes to hobble these Cabal crooks. My Favorite other part of the EO states that -- no one is allowed to donate money, goods or services to these criminals (or their own assets will be seized too), which means that their cronies cannot help them out with money, and their attorneys cannot represent them for free! This great strategy tightens the noose considerably.

    ***The 3 Biggest Fish Caught in the EO Net, in my estimation:

    1. George Soros - who transferred $18 Billion Dollars to his Open Society Foundation (which funds ANTIFA , illegal immigration of MS-13 gang thugs and military aged men forced on sovereign countries including ours, and other violent hate America groups)

    Open Society Foundation Headquarters is in NEW YORK --- that's right, on American soil .... heeheehee .... which means it's current $19.59 Billion Dollar Endowment is eligible to be seized by President Trump's EO.

    2. Rothschild Family - I remember a couple years ago, Rothschild Trust opened a Trust Company in Reno, Nevada as a tax haven for the Cabal World Elite to launder and hide their money here in the stable and secure United States.

    Yup, the Rothschild Trust is ON AMERICAN SOIL !!! as per Pres. Trump's EO, all of its' assets can be seized. HAHAHAHAHA...... that right there, is like one-stop-shopping for seizing the $$$ money of many many bad Foreign Nationals and their Criminal Profits.

    3. Hillary and Bill Clinton - Their Pedo Haitian children Laura Silsby connection means the Clinton Foundation's $2 Billion Dollars is FROZEN like a Popsicle. Hillary's meltdown? Priceless :))))

    Two fishies whose fate I'm eagerly awaiting to see: Mark Zuckerberg and Jeff Bezos. How 'bout you?

    *** Keep In Mind that the EO covers not only Child and Human Trafficking/Pedophilia, but it ALSO covers Corruption. ANY Corruption. Brilliant move - with one stroke of his pen.

    The EO Net has to Shut Tight around ALL the Cabal crooks, so that none of them have time to transfer their money out to a new hiding place.

    Think of any Cabal crooks, the Bush Sr. & Jr. gang, the Clintons, the Obamas, all the Traitors in Congress, Big Business, Silicon Valley, Pharma, Military Industrial Complex, Hollywood --- they've lost all access to their wealth by now.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. I keep wondering about Eric Schmidt of Google, who 'mysteriously' stepped down from Google a few days before Christmas.
      He appears to be a nauseating individual, but we don't know what his particulars are.
      I wonder who will step down between now and January 1?
      Seems like we are in for some surprises...

      What about people like JayZ and Beyonce, Lady Gaga, ... big stars like this? ...

  23. Continued.....

    The Trump EO lists only 13 names of foreigners, but this is just for strategic secrecy. Considering the Thousands who are secretly named in Sealed Indictments, I bet that everyone named in each Sealed Indictment has had their money/assets frozen. Does anyone know how many Sealed Indictments we're up to now?

    Take ALL their money away First, then let them do their Perp Walk on TV later. Truly Brilliant :)

    Taking their money away is a Bigger Accomplishment than just arresting, prosecuting them and putting them in prison because trials can drag on for years with their high powered teams of expensive lawyers, years for them to hide their money elsewhere, then more years and years on Appeals.......

    President Trump SEIZING ALL THEIR MONEY NOW, leaves them with NOTHING!

    Think about it... their Mass Arrests will be almost anti-climactic at this point because they've already been stripped of everything that they own. What will a mega rich Cabal crook do with NO MONEY ?? and their beautiful historic mansions, huge estates, which they no longer own? Imagine how that must feel.......

    SWIFT JUSTICE is Served ! The Cabal is truly BTFO!

    ****** BEST. CHRISTMAS. GIFT. EVER !!!

    1. Good point astral traveler.

      I have been wondering why those 4,298 Sealed Indictments haven't been publicly opened yet. (I read somewhere it's up to 10,000) Although I have a feeling that they have quietly arrested certain people.

      My first thought was that Cobra said the Mass Arrests occur after all the Toplet Bombs are removed.

      Maybe that's why Pres. Trump hasn't unsealed all the indictments yet, and have a public mass arrest, or a Press Conference to inform the nation about the Cabal Global Control, because if he did, the Chimera would blow us all up.

      *Notice Cobra has not given us an update on how many Chimera are left?

      I get the feeling that as the obstacles are overcome, there is delicate maneuvering neccessary to put it all together for the public.

      Now that we have a VISIBLE-to-the-Public take down of the Cabal in progress, we are approaching a time when the Space and Beneath Earth Light Forces should be CONVERGING with Human Earth Forces.

      Pres. Trump seizing all of the Cabal's money and property shuts down their whole Global Crime operations,which includes the secret alien technologies.

      To me, this means that Cobra's RM, Corey Goode's SSP Alliance and Galactic Confederation is nearing the time to REVEAL THEMSELVES, because in any War, those factions fighting on the same side cross paths with each other, so there's gotta be a lot more coordination planned between them than we have been told.

      For example, I have no clue as to what Corey's Anshar are doing, if anything, to help us. They skipped town,they've put themselves into a Temporal Bubble to keep themselves safe, regardless of what happens to the people on Earth now, or after the Solar Flash. They're supposed to be us from the future, and their only job was to preserve their own timeline.

      To me, Real Disclosure means President Trump holding a Press Conference to tell us about who the Cabal are, and how they have ruled Humanity.

      UFO Disclosure means President Trump de-classifying all the UFO Files.

      The reason that some sheeple are still in denial of aliens is because they won't believe it unless they see "official authorities" acknowledging it, such as the President, the Director of NASA, and real tangible evidence.

      Have you noticed how every photo or video of a UFO is terrible? I mean, every cell phone can take great photos and videos, and with the Military and NASA having Multi-million dollar cameras and telescopes, you don't think they have HD movie quality video of alien spacecraft? Of course they do!

      How about photos and video of every alien species that the SSP has ever seen. They have it, but we won't be shown any of it until :

      OFFICIAL DISCLOSURE by the President of the United States on National TV.

      There is a difference between Soft Disclosure such as MSM news about UFOs, as in David Wilcock's post today. Media news is not OFFICIAL DISCLOSURE.

      OFFICIAL DISCLOSURE by its very name Requires OFFICIAL HEADS OF STATE to announce it to the People. Accompanied with OFFICIAL RELEASE of Official Government Evidence.

    2. @astral traveler,
      For many months now, I've been having the same thoughts, feelings about Trump's extremely smart, and BRAVE political maneuvers. You can't go that far with the cabal, unless - you KNOW you're well protected and ADVISED by the Higher powers. And of course, no one could talk about it, (including Cobra), and give the secret out to the cabal, who has all their wealth and organizations in this country. Saying about Putin's connection with the Pleiades was not that dangerous.

      BTW, I remember, almost a year ago, I posted a comment saying that Trump could be a Starseed. I got that idea out of nowhere. But now..... What if... soon we'll find it IS true?

      Very well done!! BRILLIANT, and easy to digest observations! I watched many videos on this subject, and read as many articles as I could. But most of them missed to mention how really DEEP it was going to shake up and ruin the cabal's empire. THANK YOU!

    3. if he did that to all. it would probably bring the US finances to a halt..

      me thinks

  24. Is there anything we can do to help the light forces understand the primary anomaly?

    Also, a question I would have submitted if I'd known about this interview sooner: Are tachyons simply photons in a higher energy state? Or would it be more accurate to ask if photons are tachyons in a lower energy state?

    1. i would say the latter maybe, since energy flows from the higher dimensions down to ours?

    2. I didnt find an exact answer... just a few entries.. related to tachyon n photons.

      U : Is there any photon outside the veil or is it just all tachyons ?
      C : Photons also exist outside the veil.
      ---ref ut0315

      COBRA – Tachyons are very interesting particles because they have a very strong connection with the Source and they do not interact with most matter directly. They interact only with strong nuclear force and because of certain physical characteristics of tachyons, they are very good in combating entropy. And they are widely used with various advanced civilizations as propulsion systems for their space craft, and tachyons have also the ability to merge subluminal travel with super luminal travel. ..."

      there are 3 questions on tachyon toward bottom of pg.

    3. Evo. if i remember correctly somewhere i read you could just try to connect to then and talk to them .. i believe it was said on an interview.

      anyways.. not sure if the LF or RM still reading the page from prepare for change... where you could write down your experiences or give some explanation or clarity about life here..
      i dont gave the link... but there is a page specifically for it.


  25. 12.24 - Q/Trump vs FBI/Space X/More MSM UFO Articles/Occult Manuscripts Declassified
    Destroying The Illusion

  26. Beautiful present Space Sisters&Brothers! ❤ Thank You ❤
    Hope to see them more in our sky ❤

    Thank you Cobra for the Info and insights! ❤


  27. 12.25 - DoD Confirms Q/Assange Twitter/UFO Distractions/Cabal Symbolism in Plain Sight
    Destroying The Illusion

  28. Here same in Slovakia

  29. "Siberian Breaks" by MGMT

    "Sleep as the goer
    The bridge that watches the light speed through
    And cries while the spirit stumbles
    The inside missile for the protection of you

    Maybe it's silent
    The voice can't bear anymore strain
    But speaks without even knowing
    And streams outside in the direction of truth

    There's no reason there's no secrets to decode
    If you can't save it, leave it dying on the road
    Wide open arms can feel so cold
    So cold
    Feel so cold

    Balance the books, the ledges, the loons
    The disappointed look on the faces
    That squint at the moon
    Let's see it with shadows enhanced
    And then vote to decide who'll advance
    Silver jet plane, making a turn
    Exciting the brain that expects it to crash and then burn
    It's not the life lesson I'd've guessed
    If you're conscious you must be depressed
    Or at least cynical
    But someone might still eat the steaks
    Even if they're tough
    Spending the day
    Chewing the fat
    Floating away isn't rough but it's not enough
    Oh Marianne, pass me the joint
    The sandpaper's tan
    Go-getters are surfing the point
    And London's a scratch on the lens
    It's over before it begins
    Silk 'round her neck falls down to her shoulders
    The older I get, the more I suspect there's a trick
    But really there's no trip at all
    That doesn't result in a fall
    Or a faltering
    But something could spit out the bait
    Even if it's real
    Rolling away
    Missing a spoke
    Close to the ground like a wheel but it's not a joke
    Holding the line
    Clutching the phone
    Nobly wasting the night, but it isn't right
    It's not right
    Smelling for blood
    Praying for rain
    Running away isn't rough, but it's not enough

    The low tide is telling me, when it's over,
    To breathe in everything exposed
    And comes back to cover me with a blanket
    Being here's always changing tunes

    The empty sky surrounds me but I can't see at all
    Wide open arms can feel so cold
    And you can sit beside me and tell me what it's
    But I hope I die before I get sold
    I hope I die before I get sold
    I'd rather die before I get sold

    If you find the soul that you lost
    Frozen in a starry void
    Take it within and hope the sight of blood
    Can will signs of life to return
    Back to the way that it was
    Long before it made a noise
    To keep on quietly reminding you
    What's never created or destroyed

    Wake as the swell peaks
    The close-outs drowning the birds with roars
    And howls scare the new unkindness
    That picks and laughs at the carrion scene

    Forces you see breath can always go into hiding
    And wait 'til it passes over
    Or stay far gone for all eternity"


  31. Touche! they also hire the folks to say "Cobra you remember you said the event was last month and it didnt happen!"... "Cobra the light forces havent done ANYTHING and I can sit and wait here anymore im soooo close to ending my life like OMG"

    100% agree astral traveler. :)



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  36. Cobra interview by International Golden Age Group – December 2017

  37. astral is true... but sometimes is hard to tell who is who... some of the whining or frustration is real.. There r some that r obviously fake.

    but I agree that minions are placed here to create havoc, heck even my dear puppets roam this place...

    So if u people happen to have enemies that had taken your privacy you can bet your halo that the most vile ones are just reading the content looking for that oportunity or waiting for you to display unbalanced because they will monopolize on it.

    that is what escavengers do... i mean sociopaths, psychopaths... n those in high degree of fear.

  38. I bet that this time next year people will still be checking in here and waiting for the EVENT to happen! I say there will be no change in another year!

    1. I'll take that bet. In another year there will be big changes. It will be easy to remember the post dated since it was on Christmas day. I'll come back and use it when you are proven wrong.

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  39. Translated to Spanish
    Traducido al Castellano

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    1. We have a large sense of privacy, as is needed of private things in life.

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  45. Replies
    1. We have a large sense of privacy, as is needed of private things in life.

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  49. In the past, darks fooled the light into agreeing to cancel a third of all light rules, and put dark rules in their place. This was not just for here, but for EVERYWHERE!

    As of now, all dark rules have been removed, and ALL LIGHT RULES ARE RESTORED EVERYWHERE. We are now taking out all dark installations and everything dark, everywhere.

    After 18,800 years (and billions of non-linear years), all realities, all existences, all of creation, is finally being brought out of the darkness and back into the light.

    Soon, all darkness will end, and we Protoi will prohibit any darkness EVERYWHERE and for ALL ETERNITY.

    More information will be published in our forum.

  50. I have a wish that one day all this kind of information will be familiar to me.
    Thanks Cobra and Untwine and the rest. Love from me.

  51. Hahahaaaa! Are we becoming a sex web? Not yet enough dirt around Chariot?

  52. Dear Cobra
    Wising you happy new year and may 2018 will be the year of healing and transmuting darkness back in to the light for those ones that realized that evil bring nothing but grief,suffering and endless craving for lust and power that will give rise to more of those inferior qualities in endless cycle which like the infinite space have no end,just amplification of Dukkha.

    Love you Brother

  53. After all the hope that´s spread, seems like there´s yet another push back and things do not go according to plan..


    Remember October 2017 (Cobra on GoldfishReport):

    „Ok, I will not give any dates but yes, we are making big progress and is always most challenging just before the breakthrough and the reason why this year was so challenging was simply because we are dealing with the real issues, we are finally resolving this stale mate position at the very top, it is being resolved right now. So, the reason why it was so tough is because we are right before the breakthrough, I know, it's not gonna happen this week, it's not gonna happen today, but it's gonna happen in a foreseeable future...“

    December 2017

    „P : Globally speaking, do we enough awakened lightworkers as the catalyst of triggering the Event?

    C : Yes when the time is right. But the conditions are not right, it’s not about the number of Lightworkers… I would say they are ready. But there are other things that are not ready, basically the conditions of the plasma plane, the toplet bombs, that is ABSOLUTELY not ready.“

    Very telling.. After all the meditations and visualizations we made.. :-(

    Until now I didn´t want to believe Susanne Sejana Kreth from the german lightworker magazine „Lichtsprache“. She kept on talking that the event would probably happen about 2023 because of a portal opening all twenty years:

    Montauk Project 1983, 2003 Alien invasions happening, Time travel projects, timeline switching possiblilities etc.

    Slowly I begin to realize that it could very well take that long.. Year after year we are waiting. Traumatised from this prison. Don´t get me wrong: There ARE visible changes. You can´t deny that. But it seems like it is all taking longer, slow motion.. Still waking up and seeing huge Chemtrails in the sky here in Bavaria every time when there COULD be a blue sky, stealing our sun and energies from it, makes me sad.

    I know COBRA stated, that we should not focus on Chemtrails, but well.. you can´t oversee them.. and it´s our lives passing by and by year after year..

    Really hoping for more physical intervention from the lightforces SOON.

    We don´t just need uplifting situation updates from time to time,

    „ENOUGH“ posts,

    promises after promises,

    justice of maat, …

    We did SOOO many meditations and prevented many things from happening. But when will all this prison earth finally be over? Hopefully there will not be more worms, newly discovered toplet bombs etc. in the coming update..

    So many people I meet just can´t take it anymore.. And I keep making a fool of myself, telling them that it will all soon be over.


    Victory Of The Light!

    1. noris... the storyline or theme of this site's message has not changed except imo sounding more optimistic than previous years as it validates that progress is indeed on the way. We do see such results from "a distance".

      The problem comes from our perceptions. As we decide to define that such changes mean freedom is emminent. That "soon" means tomorrow. We have an unquenched eagerness that all the nightmare would be abolished as if magic but fail to also include the other variables yet not completed e.g. the tbombs etc. Reaching critical mass on meditations does not automatically leads to immediate freedom... it paves the way... it helps. The progress down here does not equate to all dangers above to be sorted.

      On the early stages when i learn of what was happening I was eager to share information. I also spoke too soon in telling of events that for one reason or another did not occur.

      This was due to my err in perception.

      There is hope me friend... but lets keep a clear sight on it's source as if we walk beside it... not ahead for it can make a fool of us.. nor behind it as it will frustrate us or worse.

      Everyone is doing their best under the circumstances.
      Give them credit for at least that.

    2. If it takes another day or one another year or another lifetime, we stand, and will stand, until the victory comes.

    3. noris1986: I am with you here, feeling the same. People can call me whining or troll, I don't care. The truth is that I have read every post on this blog and every interview from Cobra over the years. And I just barely can keep up with the excuses and delays. It frustrates me to the core I must say! And if I'm not patient at least I am honest.

      I will give you an example: Cobra said in june of this year and I quote:
      "Removal of the black stone will create the vacuum metastability event that will allow the penetration of bubble nucleation front across the Veil boundary towards the surface of the planet and will effectively trigger the Event."

      Now it is pretty clear that the Event was not triggered with the removal of the black stone. So I don't think that the light forces have a clue as to when this situation will be resolved as they (as Cobra stated in this interview) still have not a complete understanding of the primary anomaly. So they just "infuse" more and more energy to purify the negative plasma entities and toplet bombs with their goddess vortex technology, but they can not predict how long this is gonna take. For this reason don't expect any fantastic news in the next situation update.. it is probably gonna say something like that more light will be present in 2018 and that we have entered a new phase in the clearing of the plasma entities, toplet bombs are probably coupled with the implant hemisphere of the negative trolls on this blog (like me) and few more breaktroughs for the private space initiatives

      no offense to anyone (truly) but what needs to be said, needs to be said

    4. This was a pretty depressing interview by Cobra. It seems the situation on the plasma plane has either not improved or even gotten worse. Although Cobra never gives dates this statement seems to imply we are a long way from the event:

      "...other things that are not ready, basically the conditions of the plasma plane, the toplet bombs, that is ABSOLUTELY not ready.“ - Cobra Dec 2017

      Just going by Cobra things do indeed look bleak. However, there are other sources painting a much more optimistic picture. Benjamin Fulford, David Wilcock, Corey Goode, and MegaAnon all seem to think the Cabal will be defeated on the Earthly plane in a short period of time.

      I have often said Humanity is ready but heaven may not be ready for us. What happens if the Cabal gets wiped out on Earth because the "White hats" and humanity as a whole just can't stand them anymore. Mass arrests and mass indictments are already progressing behind the scenes and there is real proof this is happening. Will the Chimera blow up the toplets or just run off to the plasma plane if they lose control of the Earth?

      Humanity taking action and not just waiting around for the event is the biggest wildcard. We will soon find out the answer to that question because the collective consciousness of humanity is now focuses on taking ACTION at this time. It is going to be a "damn the torpedoes" moment that will decide the fate of the planet.

      I am hopeful the taking of ACTION will not be in vain and it will all pay off soon as in actual soon not years in the future.

      For now peace and abundance be with you.

    5. Imagine how Cobra and the Light Forces feel when things are more difficult than anticpated. We do not know their losses or concerns. Then they come to this Blog and see that we think they are slackers...
      What would peoples financial condition or health be like if there had been no intervention at all to help us...


    6. Dragon Heart
      July 2, 2017 at 3:32 PM

      people are freaken out at the statement "RM using now plan B"... again.. this is not new news.. this was mentioned per the post someone found somewhere in 2015.. so please go back to that post and insert your comments of anger and disappointment back in time. I understand you probably just heard it...
      and is causing you turmoil..

      but do you understand now that we create our own drama when really is not necessary...

      u r gettinh angry at a concept introduced 2 years ago... such statement made on this interview does not equate to what you imagined as being a current event.

      yes.. is a known fact the Event is taking long... everyone got that... above as below..( of course except Creator is my guess... i am not going there). many are angry is understandable.. we need to go pass that people..

      .... got an idea..

      Can someone setup a discussion room voice enabled so we can argue err clarify concerns brought in the blog... perhaps to be operational right after a post is made..

      or post a link to an already chatroom... just post it after each post...

      that is the least we could do for one another i feel. Especially for new ones in the blog... but link mist be posted..

      it doesnt have to be a 24/7 helpline.. just spot to visit right after a post.. even if visiy brief.

      just a thought


    7. and,... the 'plan C' will follow soon...

      This is due to many lightworkers giving up due to 'long term' and 'living in now',...

      and thus RM and GFL carrying on their own, with no earthling 'energetic' cooperation, in order to catch (a day before) the 2025 end of time frame...
      to avoid 'another cycle of dark' and earth destruction...

    8. Previous:
      „Actually the percentage of people who are awakened is not very high at this point yet“
      „It is simply not enough cooperation on the surface of the planet for this to happen, so the Light forces are now using plan B which takes longer“.

      „P : Globally speaking, do we enough awakened lightworkers as the catalyst of triggering the Event?

      C : Yes when the time is right. But the conditions are not right, it’s not about the number of Lightworkers… I would say they are ready. But there are other things that are not ready, basically the conditions of the plasma plane, the toplet bombs, that is ABSOLUTELY not ready.“

      Cobra, BTW, but NOW, after so much 'unity between lightworkers' achievement, and, readiness of lightworkers,...
      would you and yours not be pleased to come back to 'plan A'??

    9. i think Plan A imo was an overoptimistic plan at the time...

      now, as far as the claims of the interview not looking positive because it mentions that plasma and toplet bombs are not completed...

      that is already known.. so why are you guys bringing it into the table as if it is a devastating news.

      You people are reacting to the info as if we had been told the event was given the green light and all the plama and toplet issues were resolved or isnt important nor critical....

      People honestly... One thing is to complain which we all do from time to time... but some of you at times look like you are just aching to scavenge for anything ... either for petty contradictions which may have a reasonable explanation or not or to make things look worse than it is... as if is not already.

      btw Unknown... i thought you didnt understand my English. Is mind boggling how you can find information n piece it together to suit your claims.

      At least this point you made now is well thought out.
      Unless you are another unknown.

      anyways. I hardly believe humanity is ready imo, the changes happening below (in government/politics) are not indicative of a 180 degree of paradignm change. Is getting momentum yes... but if not closely guarded it could get overtaken by any faction that scams its way to get the upper hand.

      One thing that we are to understand of bad guys is that they are opportunist and great manipulators...

      If the flow of truth remains or is accepted for the long term to be soft or partial disclosure in most areas that will lead for the opportunist to make a comeback.

      just saying.

      Maybe i read it wrong but the interview gave me NO indication or impression that was pessimistic. That quote you posted Nova does not indicate anything new or worse.

      for me it was more like a "No news is good news"

      You guys or at least some of you state tgat you have follow the blog. One thing you might have notice is tgat at times plan changes or things may not work exactly as anticipated or partially... this is not a game of tic tac toe with 6 squares to move. this game board is larger... is dynamic is volatile.. yet as you guys would understand things may not go all the time exactly as plan..

      Beck you posted about the black stone.. the statement made by Cobra is that it will lead to triggering of the event... or to be trigger.
      1. one thing i learn over time is that there is no such thing as an instant trigger... so i dont take those expressions so literally.
      2. what have we noticed happening recently:
      progress above as below... clearance of more chimera..
      long island cloning facility...
      governmental or even global events
      etc ...
      this illustrates things are picking up momentum than ever before we cant deny this..
      these are leaps in magnitude n visibility compare to before

      the point i am trying to say. This operation may not be the smoothest looking Op... but it is Happening right before our eyes ... even if at a distance.

      So please... lets work on our interpretations n expectations. I feel if we truly give much thought that this operation is not a piece of cake... it would lead us to less nit picking to me.

      Lets be mindful of our thoughts for we are being triggered..

      which reminds me.. sorry higher beings for my mental outburst from earlier while i was driving.

    10. by the way... unknown.. if u want to quote someone, it would be nice you indicate where the end of the quote is.
      people may get an impression the posts that followed were part of the original quoted person.. which may not be appreciated..

      just as an observation.
      thank you fir your consideration.

    11. Corey Goode said in his latest video that the Blue Avian told him that only 300,000 people will be harvested (Ascension) if the event is being triggered now. David Wilcock was also surprised of the low percentage.

    12. one thing... the statement given about the plasma or toplet bombs "not ready"

      DOES NOT translate to me as being 'no improvement' or worse...

      if there was a drawback probably Cobra would have told us... but that statement is just telling us that the operation is not complete yet... period.
      it was a straight up answer nothing more nothing less.


    13. If the comment is reposted in its entirety, with original author and date, there are no needed quotes. This is the case here.

      If we consider to post a part of your comment together with our opinion, then of course the quotes are needed,...


    14. This is also case of any text or interview.
      If you post it entirely, then you will indicate on the head of the text the original of it (without quoting the entire text), as author, date and link (not the case here)... because it is from the same blog, on previous date only...

    15. @Piperon, The event and ascension are two different things.

      The event is supposed to happen **First** by clearing away the criminal cabal which will uplift humanity and give the Earth population time to adjust to the new vibrations before ascension occurs. Only 144,000 are necessary for the event to trigger according to various sources and ancient prophesies. We are now more than double that number. By all means the event should have happened already.

      Ascension has a hard deadline of 2025 when Gaia the Earth itself shifts from 3rd density into the 5th density. Humanity must be given time to adjust to the new vibrations or people won't have the opportunity to ascend. The longer the event is delayed the fewer people will be able to ascend.

      @Cobra and others

      This is why I said Humanity may be ready but heaven may not be ready for us. The ground crew has many millions pushing for the removal of the cabal including president Trump himself who seems to be on board with mass arresting the criminals. His executive order as explained by MegaAnon and David Wilcock authorized the mass arrest of human rights abusers and declared a state of emergency. As of current the United States is under a partial state of martial law by order of the President. Ten thousand sealed indictments are in the process of being served.

      As I said it is "Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead." ACTION is being taken right now. Humanity is ready to force the event. If the toplet bombs on the plasma plane explode then so be it. Hope for the best now because we have crossed the point of no return.

      Peace be with you all.

    16. unknown. I am overly cautious on this particular point. I think is clear by now i just have grown not to trust this particular nick "unknown". I got me reasons and yes it is my problem. There is a certain legacy left by that nicks behaviour (may it have been by u or not as it was never cleared up) that make ones spell out caution.

      btw not always full posts occupy one log entry and not always are they always " " quoted... however people do indicate the source right after before they comment to differentiate... in short... is cleared when it begins n ends.

      If people are not aware of your methods it may be read different from what was intended if clarity is not provided. That is all i am trying to convey. This may be minor and may b so... however this was my observation.

  54. Ha I almost forgot :-) merry chrismas people of the Portal! May all your days be bright and you heart always sparkly and full of Light.

    Although it is rainy and windy in my "neck of the woods" inside its cosey and warm and most important the Energy is just wonderfull today <3 .... A great day to melt some beeswax, get those creative juices flowing and start painting :-)

    So I did :-) The Energys of the up coming full moon are already shining thru....Lots of water....But we aren't there yet ;-)

    Art is such a great tool to bring balance and anchore Energy in the here and now and for many people it is very healing :-) We have such great tools at our disposal isn't it?

    When I feel its finished I will share a link :-)

    Well I am of now. Have a wonderfull day in good company.

    Love Always,


  55. Красота то какая...лепота! Свет вперёд!

  56. Красота то какая...лепота! Свет вперёд!

  57. Красота то какаяааа!лепотаа! Свет вперёд!


  59. Source: Stunning New Briefings: Mass Indictments, Targeted Arrests and Disclosure

    1:Sessions may appoint a public investigation, but I’m told that Hillary, Bill and Chelsea are among the names already in sealed indictments.

    2:Some of the troop movements are said to be done via underground tube train systems. Navy Seals travel on these all the time.

    3:The Atlanta airport black out was caused by thermite grenades that took out backup/redundant power stations. This was all done to cause confusion and distractions for the Alliance to grab ONE PERSON! This was a high value target, or so I am told.

    4:The Military is being used secretly in ways that will freak out most of the population when they find out, but it will be justified for removing the Cabal.

    5:I hear that Trump has been watching Alliance operations as they happen live at all hours of the day.

    6:They "SAY" the Human Trafficking Networks have been mostly decapitated from these operations. They are basically stopping the international slave trade.

    7:Looks like some of these sealed indictments are of DOJ and FBI Executive types.

    8:There are SO MANY COVERT OPS going on right now… it is astounding. Far beyond the scope of what even the most forward-thinking people in our field may realize.

    9:They have been yanking pedophile and human-trafficking-ring people from every dirty corner of the world.

    10:MANY key people are now finding out that they are being indicted and are trying to plea out or turn in States Evidence.

    11:The investigations have been done so well and covertly that they don't need very many people to testify.

    12:It sounds like they now have Soros on a platter.

    13:It sounds like some of the public figures who were involved in pedophilia and human trafficking are going to be charged for corruption in some cases. They say none of these prosecutions can be done publicly without causing half of the country to riot. These secret courts are going to possibly try a lot of people for crimes that we may never hear about. I don't dig that at all. It is only being discussed so far.

    14:It looks like two branches of our government may get an enema. [DW: The three branches of the US Government are the Executive, which centers around the presidency; the Legislative, which includes 435 Representatives and 100 Senators in the US Congress; and the Judicial, which is the system of courts that enforce the laws passed by the legislative branch. Here, Corey appears to be referring to a major purge of the Legislative and Judicial branches.]

    15:Hundreds of judges are going to be taken down. This will involve Federal and State judges, and proceed all the way down to the local levels.

    16:The Alliance knows for sure who Q is now, and they say it’s pretty stunning. [DW: We have already speculated that Q Anon may well be the president himself, possibly working with a team of people to write and distribute the information. Corey wouldn’t say who exactly it was.]

    17:Every effort is being made to handle these criminals as ethically as possible.

    18:This executive order that was passed today is very, very significant to everything we are talking about.


    2. Thank you so much for this great summary! There is so much positive going on now. Just be aware if you are browsing the internet/Twitter/Facebook, etc. There are trolls putting out as much disinformation as possible to confuse the truth.

  60. Perhaps (some) Americans will realize a little bit more about Cobra and what he’s about through other countries interviews. I’m not some super evolved seer or an ultraterrestrial but it happens that I can spot one (sometimes). Honestly, I’m waiting for more info regarding this approach blending advanced science and esoterica, true info for us ppl that want to survive what maybe comming. Human ppl (myself included) sometimes act too much like they deserve stuff. Like the resistance movement or any other alien group owes us something... This is our battle and We have assistance but it is OUR OWN problem in the first place.

    Cobra we are eager to know more about what’s meaningful , keep it comming and please make this kind of comment with actualized info bypassing old ; too much ritualized ; scriptures and books.


  62. Hello , the cobra interview in french :

    Alex Jones

    BREAKING! Secrets of QAnon, The Storm, Deep State Counterstike - ALEX JONES INFOWARS

  64. Many feel Event is near1Q 2018 near lets all think so and manifest that happening! Good interview I hope once our memories are restored and our past is made known we know also how the universe and source work and we also wont need schools etc. And faith as we will be reconnected etc... Love and Light to All! Thank you GF RM LWs Cobra Source Angels AMs.. Let the Christ Consciousness begin now!



    White Hats Report #61


    Twas the night before Christmas and all through the land,
    The swamp creatures were worried, cause a line has been drawn in the sand.
    The indictments were sealed and sent to the courts,
    Plans being made to cut off escape and cancel passports.

    The people were all nestled all snug in their beds,
    While visions of freedom danced in their heads.
    Trump in the White House and Kelly guarding the gate,
    History in the making with WAR declared on the deep state.

    When out on the lawn at Langley there arose such a clatter,
    The media tried to ignore it but Patriots know what’s the matter.
    The shadow government being invaded by the Marines,
    Bound and determined to restore the Republic by any means.

    Documents and computers and hard drives, too,
    Evidence and proof of treason collected and the JFK coup.
    Time is counting down on these long time traitors,
    Draining the swamp of these dangerous gators.

    While the media and their lapdogs try to cover it up,
    We’re finding out the “Russian collusion” was just a setup.
    Not surprising given the Clinton crime family’s treason,
    The depth and breadth of the deception is beyond reason.

    As Santa checks his naughty and nice list for the holiday season,
    The overriding theme of the naughty list is high treason.
    At the top of the list, it’s replete with ex-Presidents,
    Soon, they will be calling prison their new residence.

    Followed closely by the cabal infested DOJ and FBI,
    No longer will the country and Trump turn a blind eye.
    Their dastardly deeds are being exposed,
    The will of the people will soon be imposed.

    The witch hunt continues, looking for Russian collusion,
    The people know by now, it’s all an illusion.
    The only collusion that’s being exposed is by the deep state,
    Ironically, the people have woken up and will no longer take the bait.

    The cabal controlled media bears much of the blame,
    They’ve become so desperate, they’re all without shame.
    Continuing to push their insane fake news narrative,
    Charging them as conspirators has become imperative.


  66. (continued)
    Further west can be found more names on the list,
    Realizing predators and pedophiles are in our midst.
    Yes, Hollywood is the target of much attention,
    Their undoing is by their own invention.

    As Santa closed the book, a tear rolled down his cheek,
    He knew this is a time not for the timid or weak.
    The US should be the strongest on the block,
    But under Bush, Clinton and Soetoro has become a laughingstock.

    He wiped the tear and looked up to speak,
    He knew his words must be strong and not weak.
    Now was the time to invoke his reach,
    He gathered himself and began his speech.

    “We must protect our children throughout the land,
    If we fail them that, then we’ve had a hand.
    In the despicable destruction of our own nation,
    For its time we find our higher vibration.

    And gather together in person and online,
    To rid this scourge and begin to shine.
    The light on the traitors and pedophiles, too,
    The responsibility to take back our Republic is all on you.”

    He paused for a moment and gave it some thought,
    And recalled with a growl what the predators have wrought.
    A nation deceived and a world denied,
    It’s time to stand tall for those who have died.

    “Gather your children and friends all around,
    In your states, cities and all over town.
    Unite together and always stand strong,
    The abuse and destruction has gone on for too long.

    Save your children and your souls before it’s too late,
    There’s still a chance this world can be great.”
    With that he rose and climbed into his sleigh,
    He hoped the citizens would soon find a way.

    To rid themselves of the pestilence, fraud and pain,
    And in so doing they would have much to gain.
    He had packages to deliver and good will to spread,
    As he prompted the reindeer and up went the sled.

    He smiled and gave all a big wave as he rose out of sight,
    “A Merry Christmas to ALL and to all a good night.”


    We at the White Hats Report and affiliates would like to wish everyone
    a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

    Posted on December 22, 2017


    Assange drops 65GB on Steemit, Dig muthfukkaz!!

  68. When Enigma thought AI gives an ear
    The better to loosh u
    Plans within plans
    Tangled webs
    Penny not for enigma thought
    Enigma weaves a web

    Christmas was fun! Took the good, the bad and the ugly. Maybe didn't get what I wanted but got what I needed. As I say goodbye to this year I set forth new intent. Destiny awaits.
    Victory to the Light

  69. Interesting interview and great questions, thank you. But I remember back in 2012 - 2013, Cobra assured us that after the event each adult will be given $100,000 (or the equivalent) and a one-time debt jubilee.

    But now, there is only the promise that the St Germain trust funds will be distributed to key light-workers. What has happened to the debt jubilee and giving each world citizen $100,000?

    I understand that the date for the event can not be predicted, but it seems like the conditions have changed, and the promises have been diluted.

    1. i think he only spoke about st. germain trust because he was asked directly about it. cobra has explained many times about the financial reforms and if that had changed he would say so directly. my guess is he is sick of repeating himself.

    2. What would the point be to give everyone $100 000? Are you gonna eat those dollars, use them are a cover to live under? Dollars only has value because people accept it. Giving everyone equal amount of dollars would just mean instant inflation in prices.

  70. Yesterday a Dutch tv news presentator at the sudden died at the age of 48.
    The same day Trump declared the US safe.

    I think that after the US Europe is next for cleaning by the RM, and this presentator wanted to talk and was killed, like many others before him, or refused something he had to do..

    1. these people that are caught in the shaninigans of the bad guys and want ir need to spill tge beans they need to figure out safer ways...
      1. I would assume at all times they are being monitored cause if they r caught in a major way.. you can bet ur butt their handlers are keeping an eye on them.

      So they need to play it smart..

      how many of these people who mean to spill the beans are being signed off ?

      how many times we Sheen Thais in The News?

  71. Wow! Look who's "Q"?

    Guys, do you remember this?

    "The Resistance has communicated to me that they will contact Drake just before the Event and give him substantial intel to be released publicly." -cobra/October 6, 2015

    I was thinking he was talking about Drake Bailey.
    NO. It's not him.
    It's Thomas DRAKE! If you've been following Q's twitts, you know his the REAL DEAL.
    A spokesman before the EVENT?!!
    There you have it. This is a 100000% proof we're very very close to the EVENT!

    A 6min. video by David Seaman. (at about 5:15min. mark)

    Wow, QANON's Identity Revealed + Donald Trump's Storm Is Underway


    🙏 ❤️

    1. Excellence! Beloved Hye Angel,
      I hope there will be no more delays cause many already are on the thin line with little income and resources to go on.
      Bring it ON! No more delays! We demand it!
      May the LOVE be with you always!

    2. Good sleuthing, Hye... perhaps Q is Thomas Drake.
      Thank you for letting us know that we'll get a lot of intell. just before the Event, too.

      It doesn't matter to me who "Q" is.
      Q might be a composite of people close to Pres. Trump who work together.

      I'm also glad Mega-anon is talking too.
      We're making progress!

      Keep holding the light for the Event and for Ascension and we'll all feel better soon.

      Victory of the Light!

    3. Sure hope this is the case :(

    4. Oh, I just noticed hye angel posted this at 10:44; a number sequences I have seen frequently amongst others.

    5. Is New Earth the first prize in a quizz?
      And is David Wilcock telling lies? Hye Angel does not believe him.

    6. Yes, great sleuthing job! ... But ...
      What should concern us now, if Q really IS Thomas Drake, is that David Seaman just painted a huge target on the man’s back by outing him! ... NOT a smart move!
      We should all pray for Drake’s safety now, as the cabal will want to permanently “silence” his intel ... 😞😠

      Peace, Love and Light to us all in 2018


  72. Cobra, is it the time... that we have to give you the courage to say it? We do it. We are ready to give you that courage to say it...

    Are we somehow entitled to suppose (as an educated guess, in fact) that there may be a long term (but hopely, not endless) transition,...
    in which ‘the Event’ may be only a public spectacle of announcement, which will happen at a certain time on this way of progressive transition…

    What is this to believe so, is that there is nowadays (compared to 2012) a need for too much clearance to be done before ‘the Event’.
    (We are learned now that a full clearance needs to be done in order the Event to happen)

    And in this case, if this clearance is done at a certain time, there is no longer so much need for a sudden event to happen.
    The cabals will be ‘a bunch of old and powerless men’ (as Cobra told us once).
    There will be no longer obstacles that will impose a sudden event in order to be removed…

    It will be, merely, and probably, a spectacle for only the unawakened population (at that time) to get acknowledgment about the stage of progress.

    Is this what you want to tell us about the Event?

    We are ready Cobra to accept it. May you have the courage to conclude it together.

  73. My I present for the enjoyment of all as promised my newest piece of art :-)

    We are indeed going to dive deep.

    1. Beloved Marthe Verwijst,
      Your abstract artwork is masterpiece, very inspiring and interesting. It seems you integrated the aspect of the Divine's energies into the artwork, this is very heart smoothing. Thanks for sharing!
      May the LOVE be with you always!

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.


    YES!!! Since a few days I have my sence of balance back, since 50 years. Thanks brothers and sisters Pleyadians.
    I love you, but you already knew.

  75. Robert Steels tells us: Open source everything!

  76. Replies
    1. Open Source principles for tangible goods development

      New ! ... Now, Open source, Open content and Open Design into designing of non-software physical objects.

      May you now participate into the process of technical products development, but starting from your end-user point of view.

      The more of you, as end-users, come with an idea of product improvement or development, the sooner you may find the product on the market...!!...and,... it may also become latter a de-facto standard.

      Envisaged publication type - Private Standard or Workshop Agreement - in form of an open source for 'technical product specification'.

      Purpose and justification:
      The proposal tries to be in interest of stakeholders in domain of iron castings, civil engineers, to get a consensus concerning the proposal starting from the point of view of end users - in order to go on the market of the product which is the subject of technical open source document.

  77. The rainbow light show was nice, but just get the damn toplet bombs removed already!! That would be such a better Christmas present!

  78. Awesome light ship!
    Thank you Cobra for the Christmas gift!
    We showed it to "normie" family members who enjoyed it.
    Love how it expands and turns colors.

  79. Beloved cobra, we have to be careful not to lower the morale of the ground crew too much.

    Victory of the light.

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  87. @Rajah
    Do you think it would help if I work with timestamps like you do? And then which times please.

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  94. Report Chemtrail Activity In Your Area & View US Activity Map

  95. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> New Year Meditation <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
    Make it go viral,...
    December 31st 2017 Meditation - Must Reach Critical Mass
    December 31st 2017 Meditation - Must Reach Critical Mass
    December 31st 2017 Meditation - Must Reach Critical Mass


  96. 'Wiping The Slate CLEAN for 2018' ... No Show this week. BIG Mass Personal Clearing Webinar For You Instead, This Sat, 30th 6pm EDT _______

    December 27, 2017

    The Unknown Lightwarrior

    This is an initial notification for a special 1hr personal clearing webinar/call that will take place this Sat the 30th at 6pm EDT (US).

    Mark your calendar, and the details are coming tomorrow. Subscribe to this website if you haven't yet, to make sure you don't miss out on this profound clearing, to set yourself up for 2018 on the highest timeline... (opt-in box is below).

    Lot's going on here at Ground Crew Command & it's sponsoring website Return To Your Truth ... too much to discuss here, so stay tuned.

    You'll receive an email notification with further details about Saturday's upcoming webinar, once you subscribe below, if you haven't already. (There will be a recording provided to participants who can't attend at the specific day and time). Mark your calendars now!


  97. Gonna Start a rEvolution from our Bed

    Champagne SuperNova

    Don't look back in anger


    Lots of Love and Light



  98. Earth Band Live - Blinded by The Light

    We're gonna make it through the night.


  99. Cobra the asteroid that passed which you said was two asteroids which appeared to look like 1 cegar shape asteroid, however corey goode’s intel states it is indeed a space craft and was boarded by sigmunds team and footage has been taken. My inner feeling tells me Corey’s information is correct in this case. Anyone have any thoughts?

    1. It is an indication that Corey and Cobra are not connected to the same factions with the exact same interests. Just like in politics we will have to choose what we like and what we dont like but unfortunatly we cant get it the exact way as we want it. What we can do is to suppport what we like and ignore or discourage what we dont like. Try to be one rock in the river that together with many others steers it where we want it to go.

    2. All this time pretty much objects or spacecrafts have been camouflage ...

      I dont think the good guys would cooperate in creating the illusion that they are just arriving. (when they are already here)

      the "just arriving" scenario would playout nicely with an "invasion" narrative for later.


    3. Even the dark forces' space travel technology is good enough that they have no need to travel so slowly. They've already brought in all the reinforcements that exist via portals. They're being prevented from leaving the solar system but could very likely get anywhere inside it in just a few minutes.

      What would be the point in using giant slow moving ship that's so obvious it can be spotted by the surface population? It would be detected and dealt with instantly by the light forces and they know this.

  100. We landed safely at the otherside of the solstice.

    Winter....the time that everything slows down. Life nature and so should we....

    Time to go inside, gather around the fire and listen to the story's the Old One's have to tell. Time, also, to nurture and replenish mind body and soul.

    Time for Upliftment....Mountain High and Wings to Fly

    In Loving Comfort,



  101. The SideWinder may very possibly sleep in a coil

    Don't lose My Number

    So Call Me



  102. We're gonna ReWind - ReWind A-Wai


    The SunToucher

    And ForWard A-Wai it is. OnWards and UpWards. Off to Infinity - and Beyond!



  103. "Oh, won't you please take me home?"

    This is Paradise City

    One More Time!
    "Let's go! Let's Go! LET'S GO! LET'S GO HOME!"

    All together now
    All Together Now
    On GAIA

    Love, Light, Unity, Peace, Freedom, Healing and Abundance All Aound The World!


  104. coooool thanks cobra fine sir.....and to all pleiadiuns who delivered us this grooooovy liquid lightship.....I just put it up as wallpaper on my computer-wow,the energies emmiting just from having it in this form is quite enhancing.....after all in plenty of cases on the earths surface pleiadiuns are us.....hahahahaha.....we are close to finishing this mission.....when it seems long and nasty on the surface-use your abilities to bend time and relief can arrive.....and drift cosmicly fluidly serenely into deep space comfort.....namaste.....cosmic drifting.....


  105. Haaa alaeeeha.... eeee... aaaalaeee.....

    I don't not know.... behind the scenes,... eee aalaeee

    This is KP

    Kp Radio Hawaii 12-26-17… “The Kauai Solstice Portal Openings… Explained”

    Posted on 2017/12/27 by Kauilapele

    Show link:

    Talked about (among other things):
    ◾The 12/19-12/21 Kauai mission was a multiple energy level operation.
    ◾Encompassed the joining and strengthening of the Eagle (Turtle Island (N. America))-Condor (S. America) energetic connection.
    ◾Increased the overall frequency on many dimensional levels.
    ◾Cintamani mission of 7/7 to 10/10 was preparation for this.
    ◾Wore my own personal Cintamani stone, as necklace.
    ◾Disclosure: not external, rather internal… realizing we are Cosmic BEings, connected to all life.
    ◾Higher D messages come through as a strong, instantaneous “GET”, via the Higher Self..
    ◾We must connect with our own Higher Self, and when we do, we can communicate with Higher Dimensional BEings, and Higher Dimensional Levels.
    ◾Connection with Higher Self enables connection with Higher BEings.
    ◾Also expanded and upgraded was the DOT* portal (*Dropping of Trash) (this might also be called the ARP = Attachment Release Portal).
    ◾Personal “left arm” issues… connected with feminine, about releasing “I have to rush” paradigm. Lesson: be patient with self.
    ◾The five Kauai portals that were expanded/upgraded… Hanalei, Kilauea, Kapa’a, Kekaha, Waimea Canyon.
    ◾Activation portal was Kalalau Valley, at 0628 HST, on 12-21-17. Activation felt like it was a flow up the valley.