Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Alert downgrade to red


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    1. New York Nadia - Dear Transwomen: ENOUGH


    2. Red is better than black. It means something was slowed down.

  2. First time I've seen a red alert be good news, lol.

    1. Yep! This is not for us :D normally we have been told red alert is bad...hmmm...






    1. Vent, Heal, Move On, Repeat. . . Heal Others.

    2. What´s up with you? Peace out, buddy. The LF´s are doing everything they can, so please don´t take your anger out on them. :)

    3. why is such a hateful comment even approved?
      i thought it was about keeping a high vibration.. i am all for freedom of speech, but baseless accusations and even insults dont serve anyone.
      maybe its for this poor guy to feel heared?
      I hope he finds peace..

    4. I agree he was a bit harsh. But maybe he wants to say that the dark forces constantly throw heroes and saviors at us and build them up and get everyone following and then never come through so that we sit on our hands waiting for something to happen. They are very good at this and it's a pattern. Then when they don't come through we get frustrated and give up hope because we invested so much of our energy into waiting for the white hats to save us. I want to believe a character named Cobra exists and is risking it all to help us and that a cosmic Event will occur that will change everything but I also have to live in this harsh reality with Watcher99901. I think meditation and holding the light/being the best version of myself is important to the overall consciousness and ultimately to creating the world we want but we also have to survive in this crazy world and just trying to survive is not always conducive to higher vibrations. It is easy to see that Watcher is probably a good dude that is tired of hanging his hopes and seeing no signs of progress other than what Cobra says is happening behind the scenes although it often conflicts with what we are feeling and seeing in our world. Not that Cobra owes us anything but maybe he could throw us a bone that is tangible in our reality not just his. If Cobra and the resistance are real and end up at the party right after the event, then I will hug them all and tell them how grateful I am and will feel forever in dept. But if we find ourselves still reading these posted next year at this time while thousands or millions are dying from the vaccines after Cobra said they are not for depop and basically calmed everyone's fears, I think Watcher's comments may not be so far out of line. This "EVENT" has been coming for about 10 years. I can't say I agree with Watcher but I can see where his frustration is building from.

    5. I ate quite a few spiders yesterday. Chill brotha.

    6. What he said is very truth, we are let on our own to defend ourselves with the vaccination policies going on. No help and no intervention made them a Looney.

    7. @FluffyFractalshard There are always lessons to be learned from darkness. The fact that it is ever present should be appreciated, so long as it doesn't take too strong a hold as to lose rationality. We all fall sometimes, just as we are helped up sometimes. We all share the load.

    8. We dont know the entire situation we do know per cobra there is a specific plan unfolding to insure earth and us are still here to ascend. We dont need a maldeck or a Mars repeat...

    9. There's no higher vibration than truth

    10. @mg2323
      We need HELP....not more 'lessons'. This is a WAR we are in, a war for both freedom AND survival. And we need TANGIBLE results.

      As I said before, George Washington's army needed a real, tangible win.....otherwise the army would have disbanded. His soldiers, literally, were walking bare foot in the snow....many of them leaving bloody footprints.

    11. I agree, @Sherman, we need help, but the problem are still the toplet bombs as mentioned in the last update. We do not know the entire situation but I´m pretty sure, the LF´s would have helped already if there wasn´t this retaliation mechanism Cobra talked about. :)

    12. Ain't it GREAT being a human, Carlotta?

      It's like having one's nose a vice, one's shin slammed by a car door and a punch to the throat.

      We're gonna be dead or elderly at this rate...

    13. Bro, I get you, but this isn´t gonna help anybody, so chill a bit. :) Just explainging the situation to you. And we´re NOT all gonna be dead, that´s just the cabale talking bullshit and I´m not buying it. Love, Carlotta

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    1. These are codes for the attention of the Resistance Movement and in principle it does not concern us ... We can just guess

    2. Ok, vou me concentrar em manter a luz e o amor em meu coração e vibrar pela humanidade, gratidão, contem comigo! Vitória da Luz!

  5. Wonderful... keep going... victory of the light ✌️

    1. I'm in an American INFRAGARD concentration camp. None of you live up to that saying and every town is run evil satanic pedo cult. Smash the Nations!!!


  6. For those new to this blog. This type of message is coded for the Resistance Movement. Don't try to find an explanation

    1. obrigada! ;) estamos juntos com a luz e pela luz!

    2. So it is! Thank you for notice new sisters and brothers ♡ And Thank you new ones for finding us♡ ALL IS FINE! HOLD THE LIGHT♡♡♡

    3. Exactly and one can sure use their own discernment and know a black alert isnt a good thing. My question is how is team dark able to do anything now if dracos are removed and chimera? Who is capable of challenging the galactics now??

    4. Yep, I myself want to know how the light forces be seem to be challenged heavily from what is, basically, a 'space mafia'.

  7. The horrors committed by the Cabal begin to be published on the Telegram page "OfficialMcAfee"


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    1. Why does my memory keep getting wiped?,how am i supposed to help being Clueless?why???...

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    1. If you need someone to say yes to be happy... Yes, be happy

  10. I soul,spirit,body am light NOW just before dawn, there is nothing to fear, all beings of light we are, light strength over the slope we go as ONE.
    ❤ N.C.S.VV.I.C ❤
    ❤ WWG1VVGA ❤
    ❤ Victory of the Light ❤

    1. Dutch Maria:
      Congrats Sigurgeir!!!

    2. Being part of this transformation is a honor.
      Blessings from Iceland Dutch Maria <3

  11. Greetings Family of Light .
    Holding space for the Flower of Life , Seeing what the New Earth looks and Feels like , Staying Happy Excited Being the New Earth Demonstrating It , Bliss , Have Fun With It All .


  12. Kyrie



    1. Dutch Maria. Greetings Rajah!
      My favorite Kyrie through times:


  13. I urge everyone to say this affirmation out loud at this time and repeat every 24 hours if that is what guides us while we are on this lower scale. It helps you keep your fields clear and not subjective to any form of negative thought virus.
    ′ ′ In my consciousness and Being there can only be Benevolent Energy.
    And so it is. "
    Love and light

  14. COBRA...I wish all of you the best! VOTL!

  15. WHERE we GQ one WE GQ ALL

  16. Ready to unlearn


    If someone wants to advance into higher vibrations of consciousness, it happens that it is necessary to unlearn what he has learned.

    With the current crop circle there is the astonishing case that grain pressed down by the tractor was symbolically [apparently] raised again by an artifice.

    That tractor tracks are fully included in the crop circle is a rare occurrence. This may indicate that many lightworkers show little willingness to unlearn. In most crop circles, the tractor tracks are not included, which seems unattractive, just as it is unattractive when someone is unwilling to unlearn.

    In this crop circle the tractor tracks are not included,

    the grain "was straightened up again", that is: "learned things were unlearned", and so a harmonious picture results.


    1. Of you are implying that the intricate crop circles being created are done by clunky tractors then you must think the farmers or whomever are able to air lift the tractors into place create an amazing design that is perfectly symmetrical then airlift the tractors out again all overnight mind you.. because hell they are bored and the media covers them so well. Honestly you dont think the galactics are using the crip circles as symbols for us to interpret?? Flower of life a clunky tractor did that?
      You have found the wrong blog it appears you need to be on the tractor pulling blog... cheers

    2. We need some type of key, some sort of decoder for the crop circles. We were not able to read hieroglyphics until we found the rosetta stone.

  17. Breaking News Media Release: Monday, August 30, 2021

    Genocide whistleblower and Republic convener begins campaign tour as Canadian election looms – Kevin Annett challenges Prime Minister Trudeau to public debate, calls on Canadians to boycott “treasonous election” and vote for Republic of Kanata – Republic Passports to be issued starting September 8

    Also see this exclusive TV interview with Kevin, August 27 (begins at 6:25)


  18. Hold the Light ~ * ~

    The grid is still recovering.

    "In the volatile August to October period, doing the Flower of Life meditation will be also very beneficial:

    https://www.welovemassmeditation.com/2019/08/daily-flower-of-life-meditation.html "


    ~ ~ ~

    "On the planetary surface, the dark forces still control the energy grid through wars and through animal slaughter:


    To help restoring the energy grid into the hands of the Light forces, regular Flower of Life meditation every 4 hours is still needed:


    https://www.welovemassmeditation.com/2021/03/why-we-need-to-use-flower-of-life-in-our-daily-meditation-practice.html "


  19. https://stillnessinthestorm.com/2021/08/we-will-bring-the-whole-fing-system-down-marine-lt-col-resigns-wages-war-after-biden-afghanistan-disaster/


    and in the end it wasnt some new weapon-it wasnt the mighty fleet that took the cabal down-it was a marine lt col named stuart…..bravo zulu…..

  20. I dedicate this song to anyone who is having a bad day, week, year, or life.


    You cannot see the light
    Hold on for dear life
    No one comes tonight
    You barely feel alive
    You fall on to your knees
    You cry but no one sees
    Please listen to me
    Where you are I have been

    When all that you want
    Is to make it through the day
    When all that you want
    Seems so far away
    I swear it gets better
    You'll have all that you want
    But you've got stay

  21. Cobra,

    I have legal documents regarding COVID-19 Mandatory vaccinations. These documents should very well help people to not lose their jobs and other things. I have been sharing these documents with people but if you could look over these and share them on your platform to help people in this Dark hour.

    My Intentions are Pure and I want to see everyone choose their own divine choice. Check your email please.

    Victory of The Light

  22. The end of the archons? Coming soon?

    "This is the time of great purification of Rigelian forces that invaded planet Earth in 1996, and after this purification is over by mid to late October, it will be expectedly much easier to manifest-the-dreams of the *Age of Aquarius* on the surface of this planet."
    - The Portal / August 24, 2021

  23. The Light Grid is now lower by 40 percent. This is to do with all the fear and negative reaction to Vee programming.


  24. Do you think the current wipeout sequence encompasses the last non physical entities to be cleared?

  25. Wednesday, February 26, 2014


    ..The Galactic Central Sun is the source of our free will and of course the Cabal can not stop the Galactic Central Sun! Nor can they stop the cosmic wave of Light which accelerates the key breakthroughs in evolution to happen faster and faster, converging into a mega breakthrough point in our near future:


    Urgent meditation for liberating all hostages from underground bases:


    Peace (Crop circle) and Victory Of The Light!

  26. Have we succeeded in "tipping the scale" in favor of the Light?

    "On August 28th the first of the two exact Eris Pluto squares will be taking place. On that day, many protests against coronavirus restrictions are scheduled worldwide. According to Cobra, if the critical mass of 144,000 protesters gathers worldwide on that day with a unified message, this can begin to turn the tide in the battle between the positive and negative timelines."


  27. @DH oui CX a cette capacité là tout comme Dôme veille sur ses enfants .🤗

  28. Have we succeeded in "tipping the scales of Justice" in favor of the Light on August 28th?

  29. Warning! September is the month of all dangers!
    part 1

    “The month of September will be the door open to 'the' passage, that is to say that you will prepare yourself for this new civilization which is approaching and in which, and we really hope, you will be able to live.

    This month of September will be the month of all dangers, of all happiness.

    In September, there will still be very special vibrations that will push you to action and positioning. These vibrations, these energies, have no "color", that is to say that they are neither good nor bad, they are neither Light nor shadow, they are colored with what you are. .

    These vibrations will also affect inferior beings, angry, very violent beings, etc., they can further increase the violence, and even the harmfulness of certain beings, just as they can increase in a very important way the potentialities of Love, generosity, wisdom, respect, and all that makes and will make a new man.

    Then there will be those who will be touched by these vibrations and who will multiply their lower energies tenfold, and those who will be touched by these vibrations which will multiply tenfold all that is sacred in them and their truly higher vibrations.

    Regarding France, really monitor everything that is happening in you from next week. You will already start to feel something else. You will start to feel a little different, and the miracle is that your fears, if there are still any in you, will be more and more absorbed by what you are becoming, absorbed by the energies, the extraordinary waves that will flood you permanently

    Depending on what you are, and we repeat it “depending on what you are,” you will go much faster and much higher or much lower.
    From next week, and because it is very important, we would like to ask you to pray.

    Pray for your world, pray for all human beings, pray for yourself. Don't pray with church words that no longer have the sacred value they should have, pray with your heart, don't pray with your head. Speak in a low voice, aloud or even in thought, but let what is most beautiful in you express.

    Ask for help from Mary, from Jesus, from your Brothers of Light, from Father-Mother God, speak to all these extraordinary Beings and ask them for help for you who will be reborn to yourself, for all your brothers, for those who are in the dark of consciousness as well as those who are awakening or those, of course, who are awake. It will be your participation in the transformation of your world.

    Remember that prayer is sacred.

    We would like to talk a bit about prayer because it is really very, very important:

    Prayer is the dialogue between you and You, it is the dialogue between you, your soul and your Divine Part, it is the dialogue between you and the Great Beings of Light, your Guides, etc., and you you have to start making it exist within you and nurturing it.

    We use the word "prayer" to help you better understand the importance of this dialogue; it will have to be supported by your thought, that is to say, it must start from the heart and the head, not from the intellect, using the power of the thought. There must be coordination between the heart and the thoughts that you will have sent out during all your prayers in order to ask for the best for all humanity, for all your brothers, all your relatives, etc.

    We will add this which is very important:

  30. part 2

    Around you there are a lot of people who are undergoing injections, so it can disturb you especially when they are relatives, people you love, etc.

    So there too you have a means of action. You can ask them for help, you can send them a lot of Love and visualize them permanently in perfect health, ask the Universe to be protected from all the nuisances caused by what is injected into their body. .

    You also need to understand this: at the human level, we are going to tell you that this injection is not quite all that we are telling you. There is the gaze of scientists, but you do not yet have the spiritual gaze; this one will be able to completely transform the worst things that one will be able to inject into your body, it will be able to destroy them completely because, in the Universe, everything is balance, and if we put in your body something that completely owes you unbalance at the cellular level or your DNA, your matter, etc., the Universe is rectifying.

    If it is the choice of their incarnation, some people will not be able to resist this poison, but many others, if their consciousness is sufficiently awakened, will be able to completely annihilate its negative effects if they are aware of it.

    However, as with children who obviously cannot be aware of what negative they are being injected with, it is very important to understand that anything that may seem terrible to you today may seem like luck to you. tomorrow.

    You will say: "finally, it was a chance because it allowed many beings to wake up, and it also allowed those who are awake, who have another consciousness, to help in a great way. more important, to sublimate themselves in the help of Love that they will bring to all the unconscious and malleable beings who had no awareness of the danger.

    If there are enough of you to create this healing egregore, this egregore of Light and Love, you will heal the world; however you will be able to heal him only through true spirituality, you will be able to heal him only through human Love and the power of Vibrating Love. When you start to make these prayers, these connections, you will very quickly feel the Vibrating Love within you.

    You will recognize it, because this Vibrating Love will bring you such interior joy that you will say: "I succeeded, I understood!" and it will energize you. You will want to offer again and again to grow yourself in the offering of Love and Light, in the offering of this Vibrating Love that you will make to all those you love.

    So we say it and we say it again: the Universe always corrects what goes wrong, always corrects the great mistakes of humans. This rectification can sometimes go through a death and sometimes through the Love that those who have the knowledge, those who are open, can offer to those who are still completely asleep.

    So don't worry too much, because we know that many of you who have a very generous heart, who therefore have a lot of Love to offer, may be concerned about your loved ones who are obliged, for reasons " x "or" y ", to go through what they don't want.

    Send them Love, do it in a collective way. Not only are you working for yourself, but you are working for the Universe, you are working for God Father Mother, you are working for Love, for Life, and it is important to have this awareness, it is important to be able to and know how to do it ”.

    You may reproduce this text and give a copy of it under the following conditions:
    let him not be cut
    that there is no modification of content
    that you refer to our site https://ducielalaterre.org
    that you mention the name of Monique Mathieu

    1. Nicely written. thank you. I believe you hit it on the spot. We are dealing with a cleansing. Those who started years ago should have less baggage to clear up. And those who have no idea what is happening may have a very difficult time. This is the beginning of the harvest.

  31. RM(東京)の入り口を公開します。

    TPA 下口


  32. Ascension Energy Update Solar Flare


    Love and Light!

  33. The soul of man is housed in the body of water.

    Oh desert speak to my heart
    Oh woman of the earth
    Maker of children who weep for love
    Maker of this birth
    'Til your deepest secrets are known to me
    I will not be moved
    I will not be moved
    Do not try to find the answer
    When there ain't no question here
    Brother let your heart be wounded
    And give no mercy to your fear
    Adam and Eve live down the street from me
    Babylon is every town
    It's as crazy as it's ever been
    Love's a stranger all around
    In a moment we lost our minds here
    And lay our spirit down
    Today we lived a thousand years
    All we have is now
    Run to the water
    And find me there
    Burnt to the core but not broken
    We'll cut through the madness
    Of these streets below the moon
    These streets below the moon
    An I will never leave you
    'Til we can say, this world was just a dream
    We were sleepin 'now we are awake
    'Til we can say
    In a moment we lost our minds here
    And dreamt the world was round
    A million miles fall from grace
    Thank God we missed the ground
    Run to the water
    And find me there
    Burnt to the core, but not broken
    We'll cut through the madness
    Of these streets below the moon
    With a nuclear fire of love in our hearts
    Yeah, I can see it now Lord
    Out beyond all the breakin 'of waves
    And the tribulation
    It's a place and the home of ascended souls
    Who swam out there in love
    Run to the water
    And find me there
    Burnt to the core, but not broken
    We'll cut through the madness
    Of these streets below the moon
    With a nuclear fire of love in our hearts
    Rest easy baby, rest easy
    And recognize it all as light and rainbows
    Smashed to smithereens and be happy
    Run to the water (And find me there) Oh, oh
    Run to the water