Wednesday, February 15, 2023

SD recovery in progress


  1. Fantastic! Moving forward in full force team... 👊😎👍
    Let's shut down this toxic Matrix and end this farce once and for all LF and RM! Bring on The Event!!

  2. Nicee! Well done! 🥳
    Thank you Lightforces and Cobra!
    We will keep shining and pushing forwards to victory! 💜

  3. "SD recovery COMPLETE" Please starseeds, read this imagine this... VICTORY OF THE LIGHT

  4. Non mi sento bene in questi giorni, il mio umore cambia spesso e ho avuto momenti di rabbia ed impulsività oltre che fischi nelle orecchie. Ho poca capacità di sopportazione in generale. Non è un momento facile.

  5. Ho l'impressione che il sud America sia geologicamente a rischio in questo momento. Argentina? Spero di sbagliare.


  7. Morti da vaccino , in Italia è un disastro. Sulle pagine dei giornali ogni giorno riportano morti improvvise di ogni fascia di età. L'ultimo purtroppo è un bambino di 12 anni che è morto improvvisamente mentre giocava nel cortile di casa. Questi sono morti silenziose , dove ogni volta la copertura mediatica inventa scuse per coprire l'evidenza delle morti da vaccino. C'è chi da la colpa al freddo, poi al caldo. Altri danno la colpa al vento. È uno schifo tutta questa menzogna. Ora che un bambino è morto in cortile a 12 anni , daranno la colpa al cortile?

  8. We need a situation update on the chimera fleet, the chimera AI and the non physical situation.

    Seems there is very big events appening and that the chimera is very active now.

  9. That's good 👍, excuse me for a moment cobra I just want to bring everyone's attention to America and the people of Ohio.we need to focus on clearing the cloud and protecting the people can someone with more experience than I get something happening my opinion America is the western Front and must not fall, victory of the light ✨...

  10. One last thing quickly ashtar how you doing, that's not you on YouTube hey?..

  11. Let's do it!

    New pandemic is coming now?

  12. We need to hold the Light my dear brothers and sisters. We are getting there☀️☀️☀️ Victory to the Light☀️☀️☀️

  13. We need to hold Light my dear brothers and sisters☀️☀️☀️ We are getting there☀️☀️☀️

  14. Cobra, what happened to Theresa Sumner, the owner of veritagalacticsweden website? The website no longer exists and she had previously stated that she was in hiding.

    1. Yes, I've got the same question. What happened to Theresa?

  15. Right after the Turkey and Syria earthquake they ramp up the ufo narrative and admit they lit the American chemical spill on fire intentionally. The spill was probably intentional to begin with.

    According to the Unveiling all of this is happening as the non human element is having full scale war.

  16. earth ascension are not easy like other many areas.
    because there is [ Pandora's Box]
    we both know the ending is about oneness- unconditional Love.-earth free and ascension.
    But we know for ourselves that the road is not easy, that it is long, that the universe watching our journey should understand what it means to love unconditionally and cherish everything.
    There is no 【Pandora's Box】 twice in oneness universe.
    It won't happen again in the universe!
    This is the love of all souls and beings.
    we will Holding love and light until things really happening on every dimensions on earth.
    not easy🥲but I still here.i can't give up the soul wanna to loving. to healing and i won'tbgive up..
    u know how much I love u
    in every emotions.
    in every moments.
    in every situations.
    I wanna this love can manifest in all dimensions !
    I wanna it!

  17. Just Like Clockwork

  18. @Cobra

    Has the dark forces been sending spies, or hitmen, after people? I ask because, last night....VERY strange things happening, and my mom went to the bathroom, and saw out the window this body, or mass, of what she called mist, JUMP off the roof, and it vanished in mid jump. There was no wind last night, so no snow could have been blown off the roof, and this thing seemed to have had a purpose. One of our cats was actually very restless at this time, and I felt like someone was trying to choke me in my sleep, and that happened several times last night prior to mom seeing what that was...and the choking stop. And mom felt disturbed, like something evil was about.

    Also, what are the light forces going to DO in regards to this?

    And this, among with many other reasons, is why me, and some others, want to to actually JOIN the fighting. (As I said many times, pick me up, fix me up, restore me to what I was before and SHOULD have been now, and I'll gladly join in the fighting). And I prefer a straight fight than either having to take cheap shots from the darkies, or having to fend off their hitmen, as it were. >:(

    1. Sherman, are you still rolling around like a tumbleweed in the desert of your life? When you wish to start a fight, confront your own demons. Get real, boy! Or girl!

    2. What did I do wrong, NOW, Devon? *bends over for a paddling*

      What 'demons' are you referring to? Whatever that was that was skulking about the house the other night was some dark being, probably a spy, or a 'hitman', to get us. Allow me to get you to current event, but if you read past posts of some of the other folks about here, that many of them are being attacked, regularly, by the darkies.

      Also, I remember my mother telling me she saw, one early summer morning, several years ago, when there was a heavy fog, all about the place, and she saw a rectangular 'cube' of this fog, or mist, come out of the rest of the fog, leaving a perfect rectangular hole in the fog. Then, it started to slowly glide towards her, like a Dalek, and it got closer and closer. Mom said she felt an evil presence and just ran, went back into the house. I was still asleep that morning, so I missed it.

      'Demons' that YOU keep claiming I have DON'T do that. So put a sock in it.

      Also, Devon, I was asking Cobra, NOT you.

      Not enough, I want to FIGHT those guys, head one. Like Han Solo once said, "Bring 'em on, I'd prefer a straight fight to all this sneaking around."

      Cobra said a portion of the light forces just recently got the courage to fight the darkies.....I've been ready and willing for over 20 years.

  19. “We must never forget that higher knowledge has to do with revering truth and insight and not with revering people.” ~Rudolf Steiner

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