Friday, April 6, 2012

Nuclear Entropy Vector: -8.11


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    1. I have explained this in the last paragraph of my new post today (Resistance Movement). By the way, American Kabuki, your blog is really amazing and you are very welocme to publish my posts there (provided that you include a link to my blog) as it is imortant to spread the info to as many people as possible. Victory of the Light!

    2. American Kabuki I have really enjoyed your work as well it seems the number has hovered around 450 for a while I hope you pick it up again many people globally looked to you for information I support you man thanks for everything

    3. I have some updates to do. It is very exhaustive work. Very time consuming.

      Its a sisyphean task in a way, no matter how much labor I put it into, there will be some who refuse to see the change. It really comes down in the end to opening ones heart as the mind can always be sidetracked in fears and refuse to acknowledge what is plain before us.

      That said, I think the list did succeed beyond my wildest dreams in providing a little bit of proof that things are not as they always were and rapid change is happening.

    4. I completely understand what you're saying and I agree. However I don't think you realize how many people you reached with that blog. I do my best to keep up with the alternative news and I can tell you that more often than not your name gets mentioned in conjunction with your great work, again thanks for what you have done.

  2. Ahh the coded messages for the resistance..
    I hope you're the real deal Cobra..Theres been so much hope in these past few months with a feeling of anxiousness that grows stronger by the day. It doesn't seem too good to be true because there is such a massive amount of coverage, just not going as quickly as everyone would like.

    Im picking up from your entropy logs that there is a noticeable this the decreasing of the nuclear waste content on the planet? (This doesn't seem too sensitive)

  3. My feeling is that it's some sort of countdown(maybe till mass arrests?). Epirocker I know exactely what you mean I for example am studying(or at least should be studying) in the UK as a foreigner and I have absolutely 0.0 motivation in cramming all the bs they try to insert in my mind, I live in utmost sadness because of the two-sided life I have to pretend to my family and what really interests me..

    I am really, really waiting to be able to start some useful work for humanity as I have always felt in my life that is the purpose of my life in this incarnation.Help, maybe to ease the transition symptoms for many.


    1. Everything that is happening now is some sort of countdown. Don't wait for the countdown to come down to zero, start with your useful work for humanity now.

    2. LöncsVezér, I am feeling 100% exactly the way you do. I want to do real useful work and contribution to the people instead of learning useless BS.

    3. Just look at what you can do, and start doing it. Its kind of amazing how much help starts coming your way when you begin.

      BTW completely relate to the school situation, studying medical IT systems myself, feel completely unmotivated to learn a system that perpetuates the status quo in medical care.