Sunday, April 1, 2012


Operation Cobra in progress. HVBN stable.


  1. this fictitious fiat money from the Fed. Reserve is the main culprit of enslaving us. They are calling the shots with it every
    turn you make in your life, total control to clean us out at their
    whims. It is absolutely worthless. It is time to wake up & start
    questioning insane habits of illusions, faith, convenience. You
    give your valuable time & in return you receive a worthless paper,
    which the Federal Reserve calls its phoney value & everyone takes it at faith-value. The surveillance on us done via this fiat paper is altogether another nightmare.
    Yet we can so easily rid ourselves of these shakles. We can start to
    trade & exchange with real value, gold & silver. Everyone knows the
    value of the silvercoins minted before 1965, dimes, quarters, silv-
    erdollars etc. They are available at any local coindealer. Getting
    those silver coins into local circulation will boost your economy
    around you & prevent a fallout for everyone who is trading, ex-
    changing valuable silver, gold. Stop hoarding it, speculating with it does not help , but circulating it does. Value for Value,
    that is always right, anything else is phoney, fictitious & false.
    J.F.Kennedy died for it. On every coin it says; e pluribus unum,
    One for All & All for One.

  2. love your site guys love your actions and god knows i would love to serve with you in this plan of redemption at this time i am but one enlghtened soul working with the awareness and spirit of truth and i would be available to aid your cause in anyway possible surely can find me and contact me if you like i will be most helpfull in speaking before the public as I have personall experiences which can transmit to the audu=ience the truth of which i share
    Respectfully and sincerley