Tuesday, May 15, 2012

R13/2 complete. L0 radius: 13.9 m.


  1. We aid in mankind's restoration to the Adam Kadmon, or original Divine design. Humanity is in process of emerging from the limited Human state into being full spectrum, unlimited light ..Ain Soph, ascended Star beings.

    WHAT TYPE OF BEINGS ARE IN THE ASHTAR COMMAND? The numerous ranks within the Command are comprised of Etherians,Celestial s, Devas, Angels, multi dimensional ET's, Ultra terrestrials, Zoharim races, Whole Light Full Spectrum Beings, Adonim or Lords of Light, Elohim or Creator Beings, demigods, Divine Beings, Ophanim, Sirian Dolphin and Whale beings etc.: We have representatives from all dimensional planes, realms, worlds, sun systems etc. Millions of beings and perhaps we could more accurately say, billions come under our guardianship. We have also within our fleets beings at all levels of development Spiritually, both ascended and ascending, Humans and Man, those currently manifesting in the original (non-fallen) Divine Image and Similitude known as the Adam Kadmon. All of Humanity is destined to be returned to this Divine pattern of the Adam Kadmon.

    HOW OUR SHIPS ARE MADE: Our "ships" are formed by our conjoined intent, for a specific purpose. Some of these are created, like a mayavirupa, a thought form made and held intact by meditational focus for a specific and temporary usage and purpose . Afterwards this thought focussed energy can be dissolved, reconstituted or remolded according to our function and requirement. Some of our ships are composed of sentient micro organisms, some are partly amino-etheric computerized, or manned by robots. This is the case especially when we enter into the denser regions governed by the fallen masters of the dark lodge.

    MERKABAH CAN ASSUME MANY FORMS: Life upon our mother ships closely resembles being upon a planetary world. These massive cities in space can house up to millions and are complete multi-dimensional ecosystems. These worlds in space can be as large as a city, or even in some cases a small country. Sometimes our ships are referred to as bioplasmic manifestations since they can appear as globs of multi colored lights that seem to morph into different configurations, and to separate and form new combinations of shape and formation.

    THE GLORIOUS MYSTERY OF MERKABAH: There is really no way that we are able to convey to the human mind the most awesome revelation regarding the reality of Merkabah. The fact is that we, in ourselves, out of our own Divine nature and essence are our star ships! We become and form our Merkabah through our consciousness manifesting as this vehicle...which indeed can appear exactly like a UFO!

    1. Within the higher heavens or Shamayyim,the Merkabah is replaced by an even more glorious manifestation known as the Zohar body. The Zohar, the highest of five energy -light bodies currently being developed within the advanced Human being, is similar to the Ananda rupa or Bliss body. The Zohar body or fiery chariot is a manifestation of one's Divinity, one's nature as a Son of God, just as the Merkabah is. The Merkabah has both an individual as well as a group or collective application where more than one being can conjoin as we do in creating the familiar, many tiered, lenticular cloud ships.THE UNLIMITED NATURE OF OUR STAR SHIPS: Our star ships or Merkabahs are not limited by time or space. We can appear as small as a spark of light, or as large as the state of California. A Star, lenticular cloud, globe, bubble, pillar of Fire, pillar of Light, like a sun or moon, a zig zag, triangle, crescent, or star tetrahedron, a saucer or bell shape, etc. We lower our vibratory wave length and appear, we raise it and disappear. We glide upon the etheric wave bands and currents of space like a ship sails upon the ocean currents. We do not actually travel in the higher levels we utilize molecular displacement. This occurs by exchanging or displacing the molecules of one density coordinate with those of another.

      Individuals on Earth serving also out of body within our fleets serve upon star ships that accommodate your specific frequency and density orientation. "your ship" is one that will match the level of your light body, your mission in service to the Universal Father. Within a myriad of worlds we, as Spirit Beings are ever in service to all forms of life.There are also the many Spiritual cities within, upon and around the Earth; Telos,and the Agartha Inner Earth Cities, Shambhala, the Trans-Himalayan and South Indian Lodges of Masters. The Avatar and Kumara lineages, theVairagi, lineage of Spiritual Travelers and so forth.

      WHOMEVER YOU LOVE IS WITH YOU NOW: It is appropriate to assume that with Whom ever you experience a heart connection, you are associated with that One in some manner. It is most often one's own Self as a higher aspect that contacts or communicates through or to you! We have often emphasized the importance of not opening yourselves up indiscriminately to any spirit, whether extraterrestrial, a self proclaimed, ascended master, guru, or spirit guide. We of the Command and Confederation Fleets love and care deeply about every one of you. It is the desire of our hearts to see that each one who chooses to, fully manifest your Divine nature and heritage, fulfill your mission, and to be noble examples of Spirit led Sons of God.

      May you be committed, humble and fruitful servers of all life, where ever you may be. In living thus you will be bringing honor to our Creator as well as adding to the good reputation of our Command. With our deepest love, the Ashtar Galactic Command and Commander Lady Athena. Adonai

      There are many, many ships of many sizes working within the Ashtar Command. At this time, we will speak only of the Command ships, and not of those from other Commands who offer and give assistance.

      Starting with the midway stations. I will endeavour to set out a listing of space ships and their purposes. This will only be relative to the effort which is known as 'Operation Victory' in other words, moving the Earth's vibration up into higher dimensions.


      The greatest of all Mother Ships in the Command is known as "The New Jerusalem" consisting of a square space station in constant orbit around the Earth, with orbit distances varying from approximately 500 miles to 1,500 miles. This Station has thousands upon thousands of entities, who live there all the time. It also has monitoring equipment of great sophistication to assist in the mission of uplifting Earth's frequencies.

    2. SHARE

      This is a true midway Station also orbiting the Earth, it is not square but circular and of a smaller stature. It is in permanent orbit at this time, from where ships all over the Universe check in and receive their orders. This is a vast Station, also housing thousands of volunteers and permanent workers. It could easily house 20 enormous sized Mother Ships at the one time.


      These space ships were described in 'On Earth Assignment' as being round, about 100 miles in diameter, and 12 storeys high. These are available and ready at any time, to accept third dimensional Beings and able to adjust their frequency level to that of the ship. The facilities are sufficient to house them for several years if necessary.


      These space ships can house up to 100 scout or shuttle ships, but have no facilities for housing third dimensional Beings. They are the 'workhorses' of the Ashtar Command. They are nevertheless very comfortable and Beings live on them for long periods at the time.


      Can be quite small and also up to 20 miles in diameter. They are conditioned for fast work in the evacuation of people from danger zones in any dimension, including yours the third dimension. They have temporary facilities that are comfortable for all types of Beings. For their safety, those in physical bodies are usually carried in their sleep state, to Mother Ships for rejuvenation.


      As their name implies, these are ships which check out conditions of interest or where problems exist, and report back their findings. They are circular and relatively small.

      Generally speaking that is the categories. Although depending on their need, different uses are made of some ships. You know that your space friends are out there; you have seen the evidence and some of you have visited many of the ships. When you have had the pleasure of watching and enjoying the skies on a beautiful night, if a star turns out to be a space ship, you may never know it. The chances are you will never be able to visit it, except perhaps in your etheric body, and coming back to your physical body it is doubtful that you will have any recollection. Therefore why worry, enjoy the stars, enjoy the colours of those that might be ships, and know that your home is amongst the stars, as is the home of all Lightworkers on Earth.

    3. SirianStarseed,
      Have a question if you dont mind...
      I notice u'r using hebrew names, is it because thats how they are called or its your analogy to ancient writings?
      (Elohim, Adonim etc)

    4. Yes that is how they are called and were describe in the ancient times.The Elohim Councils of God The Elohim walked this earth during Lemuria with Lord Melchizedek and are the overlighting force of God’s energy upon this planet. Each of them is represented by each of the Rays and is very powerful to work with as they understand being in body more than most Ascended Beings of Light.

  2. Perfect moment for your comments, Sirian Starseed. The Ashtar Command is fully involved in R13 operations.

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    2. Deja vu Cobra i was just using the vacuum cleaner and knew it would be you to respond to my post confirming the ashtar command was involved with the R13 operations and that the event is right on schedule,and that i have helped and reached alot of people for the upcoming events.Also so much will happen one transition after another and that i and other's need to be prepared and ready because it is about to be at full speed.Namaste

  3. Thank you SS for so much info. I will need to read it a few times and digest! I've had a few experiences lately, I would love some insight...a month ago, woke up suddenly and felt like I swallowed a ball of Orange light, then about a week later, woke up suddenly and heard/saw the name Hatonn in my mind surrounded in Orange light, then just over a week ago my son and I saw a glowing Orange ball fly out of a cloud and across the sky. Is there any significance to this color?

    1. Hatonn is a
      Record Keeper for the Galaxy, Planet by his Name where Records are kept. Space Master Hatonn is of the Space Councils and Space Commands. Teacher and Master for the Higher Worlds, and speaker for the great Solar Tribunals of the Space Federation.He also works with different energies of light orange, white,blue,purple,and green to help ground crew members with their DNA upgrades and to help prepare them for personal contact with benevolent starbeings.

    2. I'm glad you decided to tell that story klove, I know how surprised you were when you related that.

      A few weeks ago my wife saw a very bright golden orb fly in our room, then hide behind our blinds, it was so bright the rays from the orb came through the slats. I didn't see the orb I was sound asleep. She said it was about the size of the "golden snitch" in Harry Potter but a very bright light it wasn't metal.

      She had the flu and a fever so I wasn't sure if it was the flu or if it was real. The following Saturday on Coast to Coast AM, the host John B Wells told a story about a friend of his who was on our local beach that night with his girlfriend. John B Wells said his friend saw a golden orb come out of the ocean and fly over them inland. That beach is due west of use about 2 miles.

      It was really strange to get a confirmation on the radio of what my wife saw that night! My wife said that it flew through the glass and away. She still talks about that. I woke up the next day with some straight lines on my left arm kind of in a V shape below my wrist. It wasn't exactly a cut but I can still see the lines, the redness went away after a couple of days.

    3. I actually saw a orange ball of light floating on top of a street a few months ago. I saw this with my friends. Could this be the same thing ?

    4. AK - I wonder about the mark on your arm...what are your thoughts? And did your wife's health improve after seeing the light? Mine did after the first experience. I won't pretend to understand all this, but I am so looking forward to when the veil is lifted! I always assumed these orbs were "ghosts" or spirit and now its seems that is a somewhat limited view. I wasn't aware or even interested in ET's until a few months ago...

    5. Lpbron - a few days prior, someone filmed similar orbs nearby us in Florence, AZ. Maybe this is all just a nudge to be aware / prepared for disclosure.
      Sirian - thank you for responding! :)

    6. Here is a link to the Florence sighting...looks exactly like what we saw, although it was a lighter orange color and it was not dark out.

  4. Cobra/anyone; a question...
    Around 14:00 ~ 15:30 pst I had a 0.5 sec where i felt as if a power grid was turned off/on
    I was looking at my computer display and as if some force effected my eye for a sec.
    before & after I had a weird feeling.
    can I relate this to this update?

    1. I had an experience as well which I commented earlier on the previous post.

      (Copy paste)This is what I wrote:

      I had something strange happen today, my stereo turned on it's own.I heard the tick sound several times before it actually went on, for a moment I thought power was going on and off.It wasn't the power, clocks were the same but at the same time I was making a call on a portable phone.Did the phone cause it or something else?
      I forgot to mention the phone had static, no dial tone when it all happened.

      Could you describe the weird feeling?

    2. I can try..
      I was looking at the screen when I felt weird feeling for a few seconds and an Icon i was staring at had 'noise' for a 0.5 sec, same noise an old vga display would have when the cable is broken and moved if you know what i mean, an 'analog' noise.
      but the strange thing is that it was only in the icon i was looking at...
      It could easily be just a sw/hw issue but then that feeling that I had, dizzy, unclear...

    3. What's more strange I think mine and your incident happened at or around the same time.

  5. SirianStarseed, I am sending a lot of love to you for posting this.

    This reminds me of an experience I had during a phenomenal dream a few years ago. I am very very curious, can contact from these beings be made during the dream state? In my dream, I was taken by very intelligent beings into their star ship. My dream began as one being approached me peacefully and said 'do not be afraid, we want to show you something'. He then embraced me and a huge ball of light exploded between us. It felt like a gesture of love. Immediately I was in a small ship with him and 3 others. They said they wanted to educate me on the knowledge of where we come from and of our existence. Sort of an 'educated tour' throughout Earth and other star systems. Time did not exist. They said they wanted me to share this information with others since there is so much hidden from us, and that we need to open up to the truth of it all. It was difficult for me to absorb so much information. I sensed they were extremely intelligent. He said they were very advanced beings, and they wanted to help us.

    To shorten this - At some point in my dream, I found myself alone, left in a field back on Earth, and I immediately felt overwhelmed by intense feelings of love, peace, happiness, completeness.. everything..you name it. But it was these feelings at an EXPONENTIAL level. I was so drunk with this ecstasy, that I couldn’t even stand. I plopped down flat on my back in the grass, looking up at the stars above. I was so out of it with it all, that I just kept smiling and laughing and saying to myself 'If this is what it feels like to die, then I can't wait. I can’t WAIT!'. And then I woke up.

    Whether my dream was direct contact or something symbolic, it left a very real, and lasting impact on me (very positive). But I can only hope to experience the purest intensity of these emotions again, and this encourages me to continue diligently in my path to the Light. Whoever these beings were, I felt honored and thankful. Your posts here have been very helpful more than you know. Thank you.

    1. As clarification, they did not say 'Time did not exist'. In my dream as we flew all over the world and in space, I had no sense of time. It was as if we were flying in past, present, and future. So for me, it felt as though time did not exist while I was with them.

    2. Wow beautiful dream, I am sure it was real.

  6. Guys what does this mean? "..will be grounded along the path of totality" english is not my mother tongue..

    1. Usually the term grounded is reffered to the connection to the mother earth. Like when you meditation and center and ground yourself. I believe that statement means that if you follow the spiritual path (grounded to mother earth), then that will lead you to all of the truths (totality - everything). Thats my view on one meaning of that :)

    2. Grounded has different meanings, such as being stable or rooted. But in this context from Cobra's Reboot post, it is being used differently. Totality, is the period during which an eclipse is total, or total coverage of the sun during an eclipse. So, a simple way of translating this would be:

      ..."will be situated on (or adjacent to) the path of total eclipse of the sun".

      hope that helps.

    3. LöncsVezér, I realized you were pulling this phrase from Cobra's Reboot 2012 post, and that he was describing the annular solar eclipse, when the Moon will eclipse the Sun.

      However, what is really fascinating, is that Barda gave the perfect way to describe this amazing event in from a spiritual perspective:

      "if you follow the spiritual path (grounded to mother earth), then that will lead you to all of the truths (totality - everything)."

      Now apply this view on a cosmic level :-)

  7. http://soundofheart.org/galacticfreepress/content/cobras-very-first-interview


  8. I've got a question especially for SirianStarseed. You say that none of us will be able to actually visit the ships or even if we do so, we wont be able to remember it. Does this mean that most of us wont be able to actually see any of you out there and also what about the souls from Pleiades that are on Earth (I had read and heard that some souls on earth were from vulcan and pleiades and other places). Will they remain here on Earth even after the Ascension....???