Monday, September 10, 2012

Portal 2012 in Egypt

We will be having the main activation of Portal 2012 in Egypt. On December 21st, our group inside the Great Pyramid will be one of many groups throughout the world that will anchor the divine flash that will reach the surface of planet Earth on that day. That day will be a symbolic marker of the entry into a new cosmic cycle and an important step in the very intense process of the planetary liberation. Apart from our main group activation in the pyramid, a special worldwide mass meditation will also be organized so everybody will be able to receive the energies of that divine flash no matter where you are. 

Power Places Tours will be the agency that will handle the logistics of this incredible event in Egypt. They have been providing the finest tours and seminars for spiritual teachers and groups to visit the worlds sacred portals for many decades. They took the Dalai Lama to Egypt and I am sure they will provide the best possible experience for us:
If you want more information about Portal 2012 activation in Egypt, you can call Power Places Tours toll free from the United States:
If you are coming from outside the US, simply send them an email to and they will call you at your convenience. 
Detailed program of the Portal 2012 in Egypt with all registration details is available here:
Welcome to Egypt!
P.S. When my first announcement about the conferences went out, it did not link to the correct email address for Egypt information due to a computer glitch. There could have been those of you that tried to send an email unsuccessfully. The correct email address is


  1. Love and gratitude, and thank you for offering the conferences.

  2. Sounds exciting. Thank for offering conferences and for your bold bravery.
    It may be best to close all comments...worth considering if negative comments are progressively worsening; even one is too much.
    In most, if not many other venues or environs, it is not tolerated. If some people brazenly drop their garbage on your doorstep, routinely, it does distract from the one's purpose, especially with a superb blog like yours. And the burden of which, rightly ought have a limit. I can tell it bothers you, it would me. Many ways of handling it...close them a while, limit the open comments to an hour or as you yourself my man:) J

  3. Cobrasss
    You may also share with your friends on facebook about laguna on this site

    and the egypt 2012 portal event here

    victory to the light
    Pottsman and Cobra

  4. and of course all the old Europe's sisters and brothers are invited to Turin's Cobra event !

    Blessings dear friends
    Victory of the Light

  5. Thank you Cobrass! Sounds amazing!
    Peace & Love!

  6. Cobra,

    one question. Who steps out of the portal?


    1. I am wondering if anyone actually knows that the Great Pyramid is no longer in tune with the planet??

    2. Wow, I did not know the great pyramid was an instrument? Could anyone give me intructions i will see that we tune it up in December. The Great Pyramid is at least 25,000 years old as salt crystal from the flood have been dated inside this ancient edifice, though certain archeological "authorities" would tell you different!

      Though it resonates with the earths gravity and does hum so to speak it certainly was the most exact an in tune structures ever built and still is. It needs a long over do face lift and will most likely get one. This will come after frist contact. Feeding the hungry, sheltering the homelss, providing clean pure water and clothing the worlds masses will take precedence but dont worry folks it will get a makeover!

      The Great pyramid has many different functions just like pyramids do on many many thousands of worlds throught the federation systems and worlds. The state of the Pyramids show the level of culture and is used like focal point for a natural Portal or vortex of life force that feeds the entire lifestreams of any given world on all dimensions and all planes.

      The ignorant or hostile cannot and will not be able to use this 'altar to the lord" for anything negative. It is beyond their reach period. The bible has plenty of misunderstood and misinterpreted passages as well as many missing many important events in this book of the earths 'spiritual" history. However this one is pretty right on ISIAH 19:19 ""IN THE HEART OF THE LAND OF EGYPT, IN THE MIDST ON THE BORDER THEREOF THERE LIES AN ALTAR TO THE LORD". Christ was the last person to recieve an intiatioon there over 2000 years ago. after that secret chambers and rooms were sealed and the entire pyramid was sealed off until its was broken into.
      Victory o the Truth and the Light of your own god prsence that the Great Pyramid represents

    3. Well I wont bother going into this one, and yes it is an instrument!!

    4. This might also help:

    5. mmmmm....not so much : ) gee those Anunnaki have been busy little critters haven't they, this is just yet another view from another person and although some of it may in fact be true not all of it is or could be.

      The great Pyramid was given to the Egyptian priests as a gift, it was finely tuned to the earth and was a tool for the quickening of man's ascension, however the race who built it believed they were naive as it's use was distorted by the ruling Pharaohs, so they removed the original capstone that was made of a solid piece of very high grade Granite.
      There is also a legend that says when we are joined with our brothers and sisters that the capstone will be replaced.

      The part that may blow your lid is that it was made in one night.....thought built in fact, and it took the race more than 2 years to design it. It was covered in highly polished sandstone, the joins so fine and accurate that a cigarette paper could not be placed between them.
      well that's one version obviously not the mainstream version : ) .....but then how do they know?? a theory??

  7. Hello Cobrassss! WANT SOMETHING EXCITING?

    You might check this out:
    TODAY, September 11, 2012 - from 7p.m. to 9p.m PACIFIC time
    Live Q & A radio interview with ALEX COLLIER.

    For more details go to:

    Wish YOU ALL a very blessed day, and LOVE in the air- wherever YOU Cobrasss go!!!!

    1. Sounds interesting,hope there's an archive of the interview.:)

  8. MarĂșaweeka!

    I noticed at this time of day, an object visable in the daytime sky, and it is Venus.
    I can see it without glasses or optical aid. To see it, you have to look 'through' the sky, and it appears as a solid white dot.

    Also, there is the that is the best views of UFOS over New York City.


  9. Cobra isnt Dalai Lama part of a Cult that was brought to power in Tibet to rule for the western imperialists and Illuminati many centuries ago? I am quite sure the Lama cult is Illuminati Cobra, maybe you could check this out because i am a little in doubt...

    1. There are very strong rumors that the Dali Llama was replaced by the cabal after his exile from Tibet, this was in a bid to try and control all spiritual aspects for the 21/12/12 event, fortunately nothing at all can stop it as it is as natural as the rain.

      The Japanese Buddhist fear the Dali Llama as they say every time he comes to Japan he extorts money from them, of course I can not corroborate these rumors with evidence at this time.

    2. The Dalai Lama is a man a figurehead of a very spiritual culture that has been and is being destroyed by a politicaly motivated hostile force. He travels the world speaking about peace an and non violence. Peace and non violence as everyone knows is a major weapon of the cabal. Rumors come from pandoras box which is best left closed. Soon this box of rumors will be hurled into the past with all the speculations that go with it and b replaced by truth. It is as inevitable as rain. Yes there must be many buddists quaking if fear of being "extorted" by the Dalai Lama. He probably threatens the with inner peace and enlightenment.
      Think people think
      respectfully yours

    3. Dalai Lama is most certainly still intact of his enlightened soul, the man is as pure as the wind.

    4. You may want to take a look at this site.....not everything is as it seems.

    5. You know how you can tell that the Dalai Lama is who is is supposed to be? His joy. Watch him, hear his laughter.You cannot fake that.

    6. actor can. This is just another example of people do not want to let go of entrenched beliefs, I drop a comment in about something and you all jump into defence mode.........ask yourself, How do you really know??? you all seem to go with the mainstream beliefs that are conveniently served up to you on a silver platter. Then when confronted with another view you shut down like robber shields in a bank.

      It is easy to find what is put there for you to find but much harder to dig and find truths, even if they challenge your beliefs and you have trouble accepting what you find it does not make them any less valid than what you already know........just a different set of facts for a different view of the same thing.

      I have seen the Dali Llama in question time and all I saw were people so blinded by what they thought they knew that they lapped up anything he said, even though EVERYTHING he said was just garbage and most of it incomprehensible.

      There are always two side to a coin!!

    7. Thanks for the link Council...this rabbit hole is deep! Luckily, in time there will only be one side of the coin! Buddha is within everyone. Find the truth for yourself and you can walk your own path, don't look for a figure head to follow in there footsteps. See the top of the mountain and walk towards top of the mountain, is to be in a place to where I could talk to any person, of any walk of life, with any view and be able to have a loving conversation about whatever it is we would talk about because we are humans suffering through life trying to find the truth or our purpose...these days are fast approaching I believe, at least within my own body. I love to love, and I love to see people being loved from love. The only truth I know is Love.

      "Their power's fear and it's around me, these signs you can see. One day we will wake the walking zombies, till then we pray.
      The king and his ghosts are laughing at me, these sings you can see. One day we listen for the sirens, till then we pray." -AWOLNATION, Knights of Shame

    8. I also have to agree that the rabbit hole is very deep with the Buddhist culture in tibet and elsewhere. I actually wrote an extensive paper about the religious persecutions going on in Dharamsala over the past few years. As you can imagine it sparked quite some large debates in class. There is a lot of information about whats going on that is not making it into our mainstream news. Monks who wish to practice their beliefs and venerate Dorje Shugden as one of their protectors have been ostracized by their leader and are no left without food, shelter, and education. They have been lowered to such a degree that they are now seen as below the untouchable caste of India. All residents of the Tibet in exile were forced to burn any religious scripture that had to do with Shugden and formerly renounce all prayers and rituals to invoke his help and protection. If you followed suit you than were given a card that you must carry around with you to prove you have conformed to the Dalai Lamas wishes. If you do not have this card than you are not allowed any benefits from the government in exile, which means no food assistance, no education for your children, and so on. The Dalai Lamas teachers were even students in the Shugden tradition and have now been excommunicated due to their unwillingness to give up their tradition that has been passed down throughout the generations.

      I don't know the reason behind all of this and I do think/feel that the Dalai Lama is doing this for people benefits but as I have seen from research is that he is just a normal guy with a lot of spiritual education. This is how it has been for quite some time within the Dalai Lama tradition throughout the ages. It has been about politics for a long time now.

      Current day Buddhism also has a bloody beginning showing us that there really are no religions that are pure. Even though Buddhism talks of peace and non-violence, it is not acted upon. They can talk the talk but can't seem to walk the walk. In order for Tibetan Buddhism to become what it is today they needed to slaughter the Bon Po sect of Buddhism so they could rewrite the tradition as they saw fit. Research Bon Po and you will see that they were a more shamanic tradition of Buddhism that were exterminated.

      I don't take anybodies side with this but I am able to entertain ideas that I I don't always agree with to be able to formulate a broader scope of knowing. I think there is a lot of good that the Dalai Lama does but I also know that there is a lot of bad that comes from him as well. The same holds true of my beliefs of Buddhism, there is a lot of good and bad coming from these beliefs. Thats why we must follow the good of our own hearts and walk our talk. We can take the good and leave the bad. That is the state of duality, there will always be perceptions of good and bad within such states of awareness.

    9. Must see:


    10. And there was deafening silence from the auditorium : )

  10. IF I owned any amount of money other than zero, yes please, take me with you!!!!

  11. Hello all!

    I just want to say:

    You are the shift! You are teh change! Dont hold the love inside you.. Spread it <3

    BTW.. let's make the next meditation HUUUGE!! I am with you! :D

    peace and laove!

  12. Prayer

    I call on my most Divine, Universal Self to receive Love and Wisdom from the Source of all Life and bring these gifts into my being. I ask for help to receive what is being offered to me now, in a deeper way than ever before. 

    I ask to have any barriers and obstacles I may have put into place to protect myself at a different time, be removed in a healthy, graceful way. I ask to open to knowing what all the aspects of myself need in order to be whole, and in alignment with my soul’s purpose. I ask to be shown how much I am loved and cared for every step of the way.

    I invite a new level of Faith to work in my being so I know I am being guided and protected, as I allow my life to change and evolve on every level with Grace and Ease.

    I am grateful for the new awareness that is working within me. I know I am walking an empowered path that allows a graceful flow of the Divine Light of Love and Guidance to show me the way in every moment.

    For these and all my gifts in life, I say Thank You God and may it be so.

    © Unknown

  13. It may be that the gulfs will wash us down:
    It may be we shall touch the Happy Isles,
    And see the great Achilles, whom we knew
    Though much is taken, much abides; and though
    We are not now that strength which in old days
    Moved earth and heaven; that which we are, we are;
    One equal temper of heroic hearts,
    Made weak by time and fate, but strong in will
    To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield.
    ~Alfred Lord Tennyson

    This Universe Loves Balance.
    It's His-story
    It's Her-story
    It's Their-story

  14. Hello Ave Legios!
    If you want to read more about the Great Pyramid's functions, and why is it located there, please read this article by Noel Huntley ( 2003).
    "THE ARC OF THE COVENANT", posted on June 27th, 2012, on;

    So, sweety, it seems like the Santa Claus will emerge from the inner earth... with lots of goodies for the kids of all ages!! Just kidding, darling. I hope the article will answer to some of your questions. (Personally I did not believe everything she says. But some things just stuck into my brain for a long time).

    Take care of yourself, and keep on seeking!

  15. Hi JOKO, no fear here, don't worry, just trying to keep everyone informed. Take all information as if you're walking on broken glass. You know I don't speak Spanish.

    1. Sorry, this was supposed to be a reply to JOKO311's 5:02 AM post.

    2. You really know how to cut to the core of me, c0ca5a8c-c459-11e1-8248-000bcdcb5194, you are like a miniature Buddha, covered in here...what's that? You ate the whole wheel of cheese? I'm not even mad, I'm impressed!! LOL!

      One love to you! Have a wonderful day!

    3. Same to you, my friend! I love lamp...

  16. Awesome cobra!

    Btw.. great channeling >>

  17. so now we all know who you are please make it right

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