Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Important Update about Fixing the World Project

This is the immediate phase one results of the project. It has been sent to the parties in charge of releasing the funds. It needs to also be spread on the internet for the people to read.

There will be much much more to this project to come soon, but this is the immediate communication that needed to go out NOW as time is running very short:

Basic information about the project is here:


The update has currently been removed. Explanation here:



  1. That is sure the kind of world i want to live in,wow i mean im still pretty young and i never expected to live in such an exiting ''future'',i never felt good in the so ''natural'' way of living and knew there must have been something better.Cant wait for the event to take place :)thank you!

  2. Time to be who we REALLY are! Visualize Heaven on Earth now!!! Love, Light, Peace, Abundance, and Joy to the world! Namaste! Love and thanks Cobra!

  3. It appears couple of times in the text:

    "Those souls being called to serve our earth worldwide with this replant and healing phase are asked to step forward NOW, you will be compensated."

    How shall we do this? I've been waiting for this my whole life and would be eternally happy to help anyhow, hope an explanation and precise schedule will follow shortly of the HOW and WHEN.
    I am ready.

    1. ""Those souls being called to serve our earth worldwide with this replant and healing phase are asked to step forward NOW, you will be compensated."

      How shall we do this?"

      I know how...maybe you have to ask yourself?

  4. This is incredibly awesome! All we need is the start to implement and the wave of participation would be phenomenal. I know people take time to change ... but much is due to distrust. With the implementation of even a few of these things... trust would be fast in coming. Enthusiasm and hope would replace apathy and quiet despair ... I am certain of it. To live in a world working for these goals would be literally heaven on earth. Bring it on!!

  5. Latest just in from Gaia Portal.

    Seems , again to coincide with what we are hearing elsewhere.

    I guess we need to 'Keep the Faith' a little longer.


    {{ 'Streams of Light Cover Planetary Surfaces'
    30 Oct

    Streams of Light in 5D-7D realms cover planetary surfaces.

    In preparation for entrance of such into Gaia interior, at some point.

    Clearance and cleansing paradigms are followed. Rapid translation to 3D-4D realms follows.

    These Streams of Light in 5D-7D form “web of entanglement and dissolution” for all non-Higher-Light-aligned energies, individual, group, collective.

    “Entanglement” in this time period is “permanent”.

    Meaning no escape is permitted. Those entrapped will be dealt with after planetary consciousness has elevated sufficiently.(HooRa!!)

    No time frame is given, -- but “entanglement and dissolution” is intended to finish by the 12-21-12.

    Recommended that extremes of all types be avoided.}}

  6. The love surrounding these worlds make me cry. It feels like coming home. For me, for us and mother earth! Namaste

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  8. Thank you, I can only hope. I am so relieved that it mentions the vulnerable and animals. ALL sentient beings suffer on this planet and must be helped, not just humans.
    I just knew there are bases on the moon. So, who built the moon and why?

    1. George kavassilas says it was built by the Pleideans or allies. It was a biodome filled with life with the purpose of monitoring and seeding life in the galaxy. It was lost in a war again the Archons / Reptilian and they repurposed it to be used agains humanity since it contained much info about our DNA and life in general. The bases on the moon are used to send jamming signals and to further cut us off from the rest of existence. The moon is also said to contain huge amounts of Helium 5 which is a valuable resource. Saturn and especially its rings is also said to serve as negative jamming in the solar system.

    2. @Abenze, Thanks, I will check George out. Do you have a link? This is consistent with my info, that it is broadcasting negative information into the human/Earth energy field and possibly jamming correct information. Also aware of David Ike's claims about Saturn, not finished looking at this yet. There is a book 'The Saturn Myth' which may be worth checking out.

    3. Yeah that's a really good question?
      You guys reckon that the Moon and Saturn are artificial as David Icke claims?

    4. Well this claim has come from many diferent and quite diverse sourses. The first I heard was from Sheldon Nidle but I did not believe it at first. Other sources are Barbara Marciniac on Earth ( Pleiadian keys-you tube), Nasa scientists claiming it seemed hollow. When they hit it with a craft, it made a strange rebeveration for around an hour. There is a British chap, Alan Butler who has written a book 'who built the moon'. He did a lot of complex maths and calculated it could not be a natural satalite. He thinks it was either built or dragged there from somewhere else.I am not left brained enough to really understand it but the reviews on Amazon of the book are really intelligently written. It is very intriguing really, given the human fascination with the moon, epecially the pagan and witchcraft traditions.

    5. AFAIK according to Icke the Moon itself and the ring of Saturn are artificial and they are hacking our perception. Actually I tend to believe it.

    6. @Aradia I've gathered that info from listening to hours of videos from George and I don't remember where he said those things. I can point you to his latest talk here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3loKxz_bm5I and his official website here http://www.our-journey-home.com/ . If you stumble upon older videos of George (before around 2005) you will find conflicting information from what he says today, he explains all this in later videos. His version of reality differs very much from the common new age view of things. But his message is always about self empowering and being completely sovereign. I thing he gives a good piece of the puzzle.

  9. Together we can create Heaven on Earth.

  10. 293 essays coming from 37 countries! A small but broad sample of the main concerns of humanity. The amazing thing is the homogeneity of all projects done by people who are from different cultures and places around the world.
    We know what we want.
    We are all one!

  11. I too have been hoping for a chance to help. I'm a mostly unemployed Lightworker just getting by. Paid compensation would help my kids and I to eat and catch up on bills. Please tell me how to get a position. For now, I spread the word, raising hope about ascension and the beautiful world to come. Meanwhile I continue to love but struggle in the 3D matrix. My only escape is to meditate and rise above it all.

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  13. Love and gratitude.
    Sorry I'm late.
    Had to read all of hopegirl2012's content.

  14. HopeGirl and the 'team' helping with this project have worked quickly, in 3D time. And she says more to be posted very soon.
    I spent over an hour last night skimming through the 293 submissions. . . WOW. Lots of similarities.
    For anyone deeply desirous of elevated education for K-12, check out #224 in appendix. My vision is to see these "Sudbury education" models all over the world. Our family almost moved to Framingham, MA 25 yrs. ago, where the first Sudbury school is, founded in 1968, to give our 3 children this education; alas it did not happen so they got a super Waldorf education in Boulder, CO. Yet, the Sudbury model is truly for the 21st century: http://www.sudval.org.
    Love, Light, Plenty for all sentient Beings - YES! For those of us wanting to help HopeGirl, just keep in touch with her on her site. YouMa :-)

  15. Cobra,
    we would appreciate a proper update, some summary of Torino conference and how, if so, Operation Dreamland was implemented and progressed.
    Also your opinion on Sandy if possible.
    Thank you.

  16. Gaia portal new update- progress.

    'Being in the Present Moment' is the only way to truly live.

    Cheers Folks,


    {{“Extremes” of Clearing are Expected at this Time
    1 Nov

    Ambiguous energies are present with Gaia and individual Hue-mans, as transitions and upgrades are processed.

    Gaia relaxes with these transitions as physical adjustments occur in rapid succession.

    “2012 fantasies” are dissolved, - bringing angst to some.

    Release of outdated irrelevants is being encouraged.

    'Moment to moment living'- is the only path to inner peace.}}