Thursday, November 22, 2012

Compression grid pre-complete


  1. Wow! Does that mean that we did it? The light has finally overcome all darkness? Oh My Word!! So So So Happy :) love to all

  2. THIS seems significant! Knowing the interconnectedness, the Oneness of everything, even from our human 3D perspectives, has hopefulness as a foundation for the out-picturing of all good we desire to be integral in our lives NOW.

    Holding steady to this knowingness, despite whatever may be appearing to be otherwise, feels good to me. Considering how energy vibration works, to the best of my understanding right now, anything that is appearing in the so-called 'outer world' which is not of a loving, harmonious, joy-filled nature is simply a RESULT, a CONSEQUENCE of former thought-energy.

    How Abraham of Abraham-Hicks explains the concept of 'creation' feels accurate. Because 'they' indicate that the Law of Attraction is the bottom line process whereby we get to experience with our physical senses the configurations of thoughts/feelings we have previously been DWELLING ON, giving our ATTENTION TO, understanding that we must step up to the plate of DELIBERATE CREATION OF THOUGHT by identifying and THEN FOCUSING ON what we love, want, desire -- I declare here and now that the Purity of Love, of Light and of Living This Reality here on earth IS WHAT I WANT.

    Appreciation encompasses every single element/Being and action supporting this Reality of Love and Light. I choose to sense with my earthly senses good, kindness, compassion, plenty, therefore I ignore anything of a lesser vibration/nature. I am choosing happiness, lovingness, joyfulness, prosperousness, helpfulness, and all the 'nesses' which support an earthly planet that showers its inhabitants with excellence in unimaginable and creative ways.

    So be it. It is done. And it is done every NOW, because as I choose to focus on NOW in all its goodness and glory, I receive this. Anything appearing otherwise to my earthly senses, is a past, historical example appearing as it is due to former focus and attention. Allowing our concepts of time and space to morph into NOW takes practice, faith and trust because of former programming which played by other rules.

    Knowing that a new perspective of all that is loving, beautiful and good-feeling has always been in existence, just out of our human-perceptive reach, until we call forth the new reality of Oneness and Love and Light, now sooths us and sustains us as we choose this to be so.

    Thank you all of Creation for this experience and transformation.

    Love, Light and Beautiful Life to all,

  3. Congratulations for the work! I hope the best news!
    We are all one!

  4. Yaaaaaa!! Now when can we dissolve the elite Main Stream Media? Thank that Rob Potter guy - heard him on Coast2Coast. I actually have past life memory of the day those dark ones installed the energy field on the moon. My heart has been weeping ever since.

  5. During the meditation, I did see a grid of sorts. It was fluctuating and finally collapsed.

    1. I saw an open door after about 50 mins but thought I had somehow made it up.

  6. Potentially GREAT News Cobra!!

    Does that mean what I think it does?

    That all 'dark energies' are now removed from Planet Earth?

    Any feedback yet on the affects of the 'Global Unified Manifesation Intent Med' today?

    Wonder how many actually took part,..or was I the only one?!...LOL

    Keep the faith,


  7. Thank you. The 11.11 med was awsome. Despite a solitary, beginers version, I connected to love energy after around 5 minutes. It remained strong, unwavering yet gentle, increasing slightly, throughout. It had a quality that felt like compassion or 'unconditional' and there was an intense, deep, beautiful indigo colour for a while. It really felt like something was happening.

    'The diamond with its multi prisomed multi faceted sacred geometry expresses the life force of the universe from the source within, the diamond light of your soul and source. The diamond can be utilised by us to atune us to source within our heart, THE DIAMOND OF THE UNSEEN, the multifaceted, multidimensional diamond of our true essence with the filaments of light'.

  8. AWESOME !!!!!

    Heartfelt thanks to all lightworkers !!

  9. phew! yay! whoohoo!

    on tuesday i drove out to the portal written about in Merging Dimensions: the opening portals of sedona. written by linda bradshaw/tom dongo. it was published in 95. linda lived on the ranch-"bradshaw ranch". it's about 10 miles south of sedona city limits.

    she experienced amazing, crazy stuff! lots of light/energy balls, grays, a bigfoot, dinosaour tracks. some benevolent and some malevolent beings. the part written by linda is available online at google books.

    i was extaordinarily excited to take this little road trip to the abandonded ranch! i only live about an hour away. i didn't see or feel anything out of the ordinary (was not around at dark). hope my presence there did something positive.