Thursday, November 15, 2012

Eleventh Gate Activation Update

The time for eleventh gate activation is fast approaching. The response to my call to be a part of this has not yet been as we have hoped. The eleventh gate is the completion point for the duality-based reality and thus a very important planetary activation so I would ask as many people as possible to participate.

The Youtube video for this activation is here:

The main Facebook group for this event, created by Solara, is here: 

And another Facebook group for this event, created by Cobra supporters here:

Basic instructions for this activation are here: 

And again, the main link to all details of the activation here:


  1. First ? :D

    I'm IN ... !

    I've been following the gate activations since the first one in 1992 and it will be a blessing to participate in the final activation.

    The countdown is at 7 days ...

    Much Love to all

  2. For sure I wont miss this!

    PS: read on this guys, happy days! I thought Obama was going to get to work straight away :)

  3. New post from “Gaiaportal” also mentioned the importance of 11-22-12 window of opportunity. --------

    Inter-Galactic connections with Gaia approaching full empowerment
    16 Nov
    Inter-Galactic connections with Gaia approaching full empowerment. Hands across the Cosmos embrace Gaia planetary awakening to Galactic family portraits.
    Streaming coordinated Higher Dimensional beam of Light emanates from newly activated portals and projects out from current pole locations to all Universal Galactic Contacts.
    Empowerment of Gaia-Galactic interface follows the 11-22-12 window of opportunity.
    All those required for service have been contacted and relevant missions communicated.
    Planetary Peace is at hand.

  4. Today we published the new version of "The Bodies" on the wiki. This page has detailed infos about the different bodies we have, the energy points and chakras in the bodies. And two charts which explain the current and the oruginal configuration of the chakras.

    Here is the link

  5. I am not sure what to do at all. Am I just visualising circles of coloured light? If so, where? Around the Earth? Sorry to keep asking questions, it's a condition I have, but I really would like more explanation here, clarification as to what, exactly, I am doing.

  6. Unlike previous global activation activities, Cobra did not post the instruction/guidance for the eleventh gate activation. Additionally, according to, it is better that people do it in group. So what about single person?

    And wish NY conference will be as successful as previous ones.

    1. I have posted many links with detailed instructions, the main one being at

      If you don't have a group try to follow the instructions as best as you can as a single person

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  7. We are on it out here in Hawaii, just as we were with you on the 21 of October. That was a powerful day of decision. Know that the work you are doing Cobra is far reaching, and that you have the support of many. We will be gathering for a 6 hour journey on 11:11, leading right up and through the gateway. I have been waiting a long time for this. Aloha!

    1. I live in Hawaii, are you gathering on Maui? If so, I would like to join in, please post details! :) Mahalo!

  8. A song I received:

    One more time I go, Through the wall
    The door is opening, I go to the other side.
    It is here, where I belong
    The thoughts of my mind, they no longer prevail.
    Who will not see this Light,
    Does not understand the Truth,
    Hold firm to the key, I have never been away.
    One more time, I will show you proof,
    That all under the Sun, have love to bathe in.
    If you don't come in, then you would soon see
    The darkness that's still around would throw away the key.



    It does not matter, if you are a single person, or with a group.
    Like Cobra said before, just start by singing "IMAGINE" - AND IMAGINE, IMAGINE, IMAGINE... AS IF IT IS A DONE DEAL! ( I do this all the time... and it gives me wings to soar).



  10. Stay positive no matter the path, give it your all and trust in the source and the protection that comes from it. Lets lay our differences aside and give peace a chance. Back into the dark I go attracting moths to my flame. Sit back and look for the warnings, the future is bright and alarming! ONE LOVE!!

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  11. I would like to share another songb If you don't mind:

    Here we must choose the Light
    The sun is now shining in the night
    There is nowhere left to hide
    The volcano erupts inside

    There is no escape
    We have all manifested this time
    The fire rises
    The Phoenix knows your name

    I send love
    To those in fear
    Invoking the Goddes
    To calm And sooth my brothers and my sisters

    Pure bliss is our birthright
    We claim our heritage now
    I call Burning love into this circle
    We ground this reality now!

    1. I skipped a verse here:

      Give us strength and courage
      To stand in the flame
      To endure the fire
      The Fire of the Master Surgeon

  12. One more. Thanks for posting!

    In the middle of the forest
    I touched the hand of Goddess
    She told me
    That She would never leave me

    I have been fed
    The Force has arrived
    Watch the unfolding
    She feels where you suffer

    Don't hesitate
    Don't look back
    It is time for the Justice
    Uncovering all the lies

    Let's not wander
    Let's go inside
    I will wait
    And carry you in my child

    It's the force that's arriving
    Driving us home
    The peace That you feel
    Shall Never remain unknown

    I have received these and many more hymns over the last 14 years. They seem to directly address the times we are in. Mahalo!

  13. and from: Marianne Williamson
    May all of us join in bringing down the light of heaven into a darkened world.
    While war threatens, peace is. While darkness hovers, light is. While separation tempts us, unity is.
    May all who see through the veil of illusion to the unity of souls, feel and experience our oneness with each other.
    May our hearts be conduits for the extension of God's love.
    From Moscow to Kansas, from Nairobi to Bermuda, from Tel Aviv to Gaza, may a new consciousness, a new love, and a new era for humanity now emerge from the depths of our wounded and yearning hearts.
    May our prayers be heard.
    May our oneness be apparent.
    May peace prevail.

  14. Ciao miei Fratelli! :))

  15. Hey Friends, i just wanna share something with you
    Yesterday i went for my first Ayahuasca ceremony.
    I set my intention to see the truth. To face and see it all. Whatever happens, it's ok and for my highest good. I wanna see who i am already.
    I had thoughts i might be facing my own darkness, be sick, etc, as it often happens during this medicinal process. But again i was just open for anything, without judgement, for my highest good.
    Well, it was all pure bliss. All was Love, Cosmic Love. All Heaven was right there, saying, you're all good, all, it's all ok, we Love you and support you.
    Then another glass of it, and i was on to the Cosmic Mother. Wow. I was her child, nesting on her belly drinking Cosmic Universal Love from her nipple, source of all creation. It felt like it was lasting 500 years, no, it was eternal actually. She was saying, nothing matters, it's about acceptance, i accept all of you no matter anything, and i Love all of you. Nothing matters. You're accepted, always, entirely. I Love you. I want you to know that, and i want the world to know that. To know that i Love and accept All. All the time. It was eternal, total and pure. I felt the whole world was healed, it really was. I heard inside of me : 'The world is slowly waking up to the fact that nothing ever happens'. It was all so good i didn't even need to convince anybody it was, i didn't need to do anything, to move, to talk, hug or kiss anyone. I was in the Mother's arms and if anything is not ok, well it's ok anyway. All is Love. I became aware again of the world and for a moment i felt the deepest, primordial sadness, thinking i was gonna have to leave and go back there. Where everybody's constantly doing something and looking for something that would remind or confirm them that it's ok. I didn't want to go back there, because i knew it was ok already. For a moment i thought, that's it, the fuse is gone, i'm just gonna be there forever and never ever get out of it. I'm just gonna lie here, the whole world can come to me and ask if it's ok, i'll tell them, it's ok. Then Mother talked : she said, you're my kids, you go about and play, and you think you're alone, but i'm always there watching and i know all about it all, anything you do it's ok, you go out and play but you never ever leave me, never have, never will. I'm your Mother.

    And i got up, and everything was fine. I didn't feel sick on any level for any second. It was all good. All. I wanted the truth and the truth is, it doesn't matter the history and the geography and the math, we never really go anywhere. Nothing really ever happens and nothing really matters. We are always in our Mother's house and everything is always fine. We're always thinking oh what happened, who's right, what's gonna happen, blablablaaa, in truth all is just pure Love and we can let it all be, let it all go.

    And that's what the 1111 is about for me. All is One. Nobody and nothing ever leaves it, we're always ever in the womb of the One.

    Untwine (Antoine, ANtoOne ;) )

    1. Ahhhhh! Choked, gonna cry. I don't like this illusion.

    2. If it resonates, here is a heart activation from Jeshua via mystic Yael Powell. There is no charge, you write why you wish for this and send it with a photo of yourself. It is safe.
      Love A x
      "Heart Activation allows the fulfillment of each person's purpose, first in the realms of Love and as the Arc of the Covenant of grace,

  16. We'll be there from Atlanta, GA, USA. No Anchor group here and too new to this to create myself, but no matter what Gaia will enjoy our participation. Namaste!

  17. hi, i've been following this blog for a while now and i'd just like to say i'll be taking part in the meditation and hopefully with a few others. don't lose hope as light will prevail there are a lot of supporters out there that remain silent, but we're raising in numbers and its only a matter of time now
    love to you all

  18. Reporting for duty as always here in the heart of Dixieland. ;-) I' ve been here all along, just chose not to add comments the past few months, as things seemed to be nutty on the comments area for a time. All in the plan, no judgements. But I am here, Cobra, never left. I'll be one of the "individuals" doing the ceremony, but I won't be alone, as I'm sure you understand ;-)

    Mitakuye Oyasin, much love to all


  20. I have informed many folks from my email list, and there are several groups gathering here in Hawaii and on the mainland US. So people are responding, and just know Cobra that your call is being heard! My email list is large and almost everyone will be involved in the meditation.

  21. All loving people please share these great videos on this channel. cabal is apparently trying to block all,videos,informations,etc that is exposing their lies.

  22. Cobra,
    can we expect an analysis of current state of affairs, a real update anytime soon? Not all of us folks can go to conferences and also it's been a real long time since you have had a deep update, I guess last one was Masterplan..

  23. Cobra and Cobrass, i have been quiet for awhile. But I am here and you can count me in.

    IN5D: Palestine Loves Israel Loves Iran Loves…
    Palestine Loves Israel Loves Iran Loves…
    by Gregg Prescott, M.S.
    Palestine Loves Israel Loves Iran Loves…While global tensions are reaching a boiling point, the people of countries who are at potential war with one another are coming together in unison and through love against an impending World War III scenario.

    The movement began when an Israeli man showed his love for the people of Iran. In return, Iranian people showed their love for the Israeli’s. As the video spread around the world, other countries showed their support for world peace and for love to both the Israeli and Iranian people.

    See Not Ready To Die In YOUR War

    Now, each country is showing love and compassion for one another in a viral movement against war crimes against humanity that only serve ulterior motives for world leaders at the expense of loving and caring citizens who oppose war, tyranny and oppression.

    Just looking at the following pictures, you can feel the love and honest intent of these people. If you’re anything like me, these pictures are powerful enough to bring you to tears of love.

    Please share this article far and wide as the mainstream media wants us to believe that we hate each other. This proves otherwise.

    <3 Sending LOVE to ALL countries and ALL people <3
    Israel Loves Iran Facebook Page
    Iran Loves Israel Facebook Page
    Israel Loves Palestine Facebook Page
    Palestine Loves Israel Facebook Page
    Palestine Loves Iran Facebook Page

    Read what everyone is talking about on this subject and leave a comment on YouTube

    1. Thanks Aradia,

      Just amazing stuff ... the LOVE of the PEOPLE is unstoppable in this world !

      As an aside, I always wondered (not) why this event was already predetermined and hyped as wwiii even before it begins ... another archonic device attempting to do it's handiwork. This is language & a thought form that has to be extinguished.

      Glad to see humanity has caught on to the antidote !

      LOVE LOVE LOVE !!!

      Victory of the Love
      Victory of the Light
      Victory of the Peace

  25. "mika nuotio" with youtube search. last subjects was to tell what was time travel and why time travel WAS possible and why time travel NOT possible in end year 2012 and what from end year 2012.

  26. i am from plejadians. i was stop personal disclosure all ready.

    help come to very near people. over 10 healing "crystal city" as huge space ships lands before end year 2012.

  27. Re Israel loves Palestine, Palestine loves Israel, Israel loves Iran, Iran loves Israel campaign..for those that are not on FB, here are 2 email adresses. If you wish to show solidarity, you can end your photo to these:
    It's a love bug and it's spreading fast!

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  29. Hallo Cobra Family!
    Transcript translation:
    Übersetzung In Deutsch(German)
    Przetłumaczenie na polski (Polish)
    On my Facebook-Page:
    can someone make a video?
    Love and Light!

    1. Hallo revoltage! Please look at the "Are you ready for change" post's comments. I was ready at 15th november... :)) Namaste

  30. the Seeds of Love

  31. For those in, or around LONDON please come and join the 11:11 ACTIVATION by coming to the top of Primrose Hill at 10:45am on 11/22/12!! (Primrose Hill is located on the north side ogf Regents Park)
    Go to and review the folowing that we will be doing: The Silent Watchers, GO,
    11:11 Crystal Arrow Mudra, Lotus Dance, The Pulsating Star Dance, and Pa'a. I look forward to seeing you there, Michelle

    1. Hello there, i plan to attend tomorrow, i was just wondering if we have to wear white? Because i dont have any white bottoms.

  32. Sorry, but the translation into german is a desaster! Have you put in an automatic translation? - what a pity, for you have made it so lovely in its structure, with time tables and wonderful pictures! There are some fatal bugs in it! For example " make it virus" you must not translate with "Virus" in german, and not at all to "make" in relation of "Virus", also "Menschenpimmel" is a word for the male genital and in the sentence where it is mentionned, there it doesn`t make sense at all. Don`t you have at least one person who is able to translate it in german???!!!!

  33. All hands on deck here :-) Lets do what we came here to do <3