Friday, February 1, 2013

Operation Underlord in progress


  1. Have heard abt OPERATION OVERLORD, the D-Day landings of June 1944 for liberating Europe from Hitler,

    But OPERATION UNDERLORD??? Can someone Explain


  2. COBRA interview On ET-First Contact Radio
    31 January
    Thanks to Maarten Horst

  3. Ok Cobra, I wonder how to see bankers, speculators, rich people who exploit poor people, and not to judge them.
    What must be my attitude towards them?

  4. Kunde-Ra, I must impose on You again, my Ancient Friend. Please help Faedra release the Abyss now. We need to move on. Resonance rules now, as You know.

    1. REM, I do not understand your request. Are you speaking in code? Are you referring to the character "Phaedra" from literature? You may contact me directly through if you can clarify.
      Thank you for your service.

    2. All is well now Kunde-Ra. Faedra is one of US he's not a literary character yet to my knowledge... lol - operative word YET.

      I appreciate that you made yourself and your RV available. We'll talk more about it all at The Table.

  5. Ananda, simply LOVE them. we all have our place in this world. Even they. they are just lost and by taking back the power they have stolen from us we are just returning them home. So simply just Love them and wish them the smoothest of transitions.

  6. Cobra, any thoughts on this?
    Rocket carrying US satellite crashes into Pacific seconds after launch

    And, hi, first post after almost 1 year of following..
    I'm shy, time to come out!! :)
    Come to midwest!! STL,KC,Chicago?!

    Love to all
    Thank you for being!

  7. Colby, they steal from me my time, my consciousness, my work, the food of my children and they make me change my life for money in order to survive...I am unable to love them.
    If you have a garden with tomatoes, you have to remove the weeds from time to time...they are parasites, viruses, do you love the viruses that keep you in bed?

    1. are right....we should not go with pink glasses and hug every thorn...but Colby puts a interesting point.Hate is what drives them...if you hate them then you are like them.Yet you must not go overly loving too...simply accept their existence and be great full for their presence.Your analogy to the weeds on the garden is good.Yes they have negative influence on the crops and should be disposed of.But when looked in deeply one can see that by removing the weeds we show love and care for the crops.And...I believe that expressing love and care towards any being could help them to evolve faster.And looking it at from the crop's point of would not be able to distinguish the love/care energy pattern if there were no weeds(or anything else) to torment you...I find that balance is the key.These things makes us stronger and we should be thankful to some extent to them.It's a concept even I have a hard time accepting...but I find it the only solution to any problem.If we concentrate on how much we hate them then we would exhaust all our energy on that thought and not on finding and manifesting a solution.

      In any case...I came here because I have seen many comments about the Galactic Central Sun.And people who are come Cobra and other people who have contact with "ET's" speak about a sun in the center of the galaxy...yet the conventional physics speaks that there is a black hole that devours all matter.
      On the youtube video below is a man who patented a bowl shaped magnetic emitter ...and with it....he kind of explains how matter in the universe forms...that makes the theory that galaxies are kept together by a black hole in the middle...something that should be left behind.This is a part of a 5part series that comes out in some period of time.This is something the person discovered just last year...and could have amazing applications if the fundamentals are understood properly.

    2. Thank you, Nikola...I think that Buddha set the right attitude. No love, no hate, but compassion. If you can love, then love. But if you can not - be compassionate.
      If you are able to love, then love, but at least you can be friendly. It is easier and it is a good beginning.
      So - friendliness to good people and compassion to bad people. I can do this.

    3. Hey, friends, thank you for your support. :-)
      To forgive somebody means - I think they are guilty, right?
      But they are not guilty, they are what they are and they struggle hard too, they do the best they they didn't do anything to be guilt hence there is no place for forgiveness.
      They are in my reality because I have created them. If somebody must be guilty, that's me...but I did my best too so I am not guilty too. There is nothing to forgive.
      Maybe the best action is to stay indifferent and when it is possible - compassionate.
      They are my past mistake, what to do with the mistakes? To analyze them, to extract the lessons and to leave them behind...

    4. Very interesting discussion. I think universal love means to recognize that in every being there is the same soul and to love that soul unconditionally. The soul always belongs to the light, but we deal with different people in a different way according to their external situation. The dark ones have forgotten their real identity and are a danger to everyone, including themselves, so they need to be treated with a firm hand. They need to experience harsh lessons in order to grow. This is an act of love towards them, just like a parent sometimes has to punish a child.

    5. People pay thousands of dollars to go to college. For what? They buy a service. They pay professors to make them study, and then challenge them with tests.

      In larger life, things that challenge us, provide us with a service. It may often be difficult to immediately find the lesson in it, and what can be learned from the experience Which is very likely, different for many.

      In LoO terms, our challenges are gifts of experience for the purpose of evolution. Once the lesson has been learned, the service can end, and the source of the challenge released from it's service. Only each individual consciousness/spirit can recognize what it has chosen to learn from it's various challenges. 10 different people can have 10 different interpretations of the exact same event, or set of circumstances. That is because each chooses what the experience means TO/FOR THEM, and how they will learn from it.

      Everything that we experience has some opportunity for progress within it. Although, sometimes identifying what understanding is to be gained, may require wisdom.

      I find this arrangement, logical. Painful at OUR level perhaps, but logical.


    Ananda you may find this video very helpful.

  9. @ANANDA,
    I agree with you, totally.

    I can not, and I will not love them. However - FORGIVING - is a piece of cake for me.
    I don't want to spend my time and energy on them AT ALL. I've always asked the Galacticts to BEAM them UP, and leave the rest on us.

    This is a tiny part from an old channeling from S-ANANDA, (Jan, 5th,1992).
    Too bad, that up to this day, many people blindly, are still following to the so called "gurus" and spiritual teachers. So very often - when you get to know these people - you just want to go back to the state of being an "un-awaken one".


    Lie 2. There is no bad or good, just experience.

    This sort of statement is one of the most common interpretation is EVERYTHING, every behavior,action and activity is okay. And at the same time these ones will tell you "you must not JUDGE another". Well, true. Remember the Laws of God we wrote about in the PHOENIX OWNER MANUAL, we bring balance to the statement "you must judge another",by adding "you MUST judge behavior and actions which do defy Gods Laws.
    Whats the difference? You are never obligated to CONDONE behaviors and actions against Gods laws of balance. For example, can you stop someone from having an abortion? Not forcefully. You can, however, explain to them why it is wrong to murder, knowing full well THEY will make and live with their own choice and you cannot act or choose for them.
    Know that there are NO women, who contain Godconscience, who do not know the sin against God and life they have committed after they have chosen abortion. Do they all change their behavior? No. But the remorse and the often accompanying selfpunishment remains with them until they are able to see the error in personal responsibility and thus change the attitude and behavior which would compel them to murder an unborn babe.

    Read more:

  10. dear Ananda,

    forgiveness ...

    They are creations of the same Source as we are, who have been separated from His/Her Love. We forgive and love them, as we do children who have lessons to learn.

    It has said that forgiveness helps the one who is doing the forgiving, as much as those who are being 'forgiven'.

    In effect, there is really nothing to forgive.

    All is Source, experiencing itself, all is allowed in a free will universe.

    It is up to us to determine what it is that we wish to create, and humanity is waking up to that, right now.

    Namasté friend,

    You ARE Love

  11. Hi Heather-I don't post often but I am in KC so second your request. Had something very positive happen and thought I would share. I work for the State of MO and was put on administrative leave due to knowing and talking about the financial system. They decided to say I was not stable-about 3 weeks ago. So today I had to go for a assessment and I was blown away. The person they sent me to did use the first part to see if I was crazy then we had a great conversation about the changes and how it would work! He confirmed everything and in addition I get to be off on paid administrative leave til the system changes. I also had to go to the regular doc over all this and it feels like the medical community is getting a heads up based on questions they are asking. Don't know about others but my vision is really getting bad in 3D. Thought I would share this as it gave me a kick!

    1. I was wondering what it was about my vision. I'm having great difficulty. I went to see an Ophthalmologist and he said there was nothing wrong :) Can only mean 3D. Glad everything worked out for you!

    2. Hi Cherie...
      THAT is amazing he concurred with the truth with you.
      The new financial system could be here in 2 weeks or several months from now. So what you are saying is that you could have an indefinite paid leave since you said the following:
      ...'I get to be off on paid administrative leave til the system changes.....'
      As a state employee you are getting treated like one of the 'elite'...well, kinda sorta since you are 'free to move about the cabin' :) Did your work give you a timeline at all?

    3. That is so right-on that you were agreed with on the truth rather than argued with and since you said
      '....I get to be off on paid administrative leave til the system changes', that could mean a couple weeks or a very long time since timelimes keep changing. Did you get any 'hints' as to any sort of time frame you'll be on paid leave rather than 'until the system changes'?

    4. Oh that is so awesome! Lucky you!!
      Yes I am having crazy things in my peripheral and have had a flea sized black spot with floaties since Dec 6, just appeared out of nowhere!
      Good luck to you and congrats on the vacation!

  12. Hi Cherrie,

    Thanks for sharing. Very interesting, & rare- first hand info you have there.

    Yes, its an easy cop out for TPTW, to label people as crazy.

  13. All that is Gold does not Glitter,
    Not all Those who wander are lost;
    The Old that is Strong does not wither,
    Deep Roots are not reached by the frost.

    From the ashes a Fire shall be woken,
    A Light from the shadows shall spring;
    Renewed shall be Blade that was broken,
    The Crownless again shall be King

    ~ J.R.R. Tolkien

    1. ...and we give back the dark power, into the fire from whence it emerged.

  14. It is time we all forgive others and our yourselves. We need to send love and gratitude for all the beings on the frontlines. We are all one and need to support all life in this transformation. We are very close to victory of the light and for that I am very grateful!! Thank you all for the experiences and what a bright future we have!! Victory of the LIGHT !!!!

  15. Oh Michael! You have convinced me. There is nothing in Heaven or Earth that you cannot Master or Perfect. I'm stunned and grateful.

  16. I see you have set the Table before My Enemies.
    However, I noticed that it seats only Two.
    Grand Marnier as an apertif My Love?
    You always knew that I am game for desert before dinner.

    What a Whimsically Innovative way to stir the Carmel ;)

  17. The Power of Love
    You gambled everything, EVERYTHING on it
    You gave your very heart and soul to it
    And so did I, and so did WE!
    There will be no disappointment in this for US.

    Omnia Vincet Amor


    Toronto ET Disclosure Live Webstream Event
    The Honourable Paul T. Hellyer, Former Canadian Minister of Defense will deliver the keynote address at a Toronto ET Disclosure media event on Thursday, February 7th, 2013. This media event is sponsored by a consortium of Toronto based UFO/ET disclosure advocates under the direction of Mr. Chris Russak. The aim of this special international media event is to preview and promote the upcoming Citizen Hearings on ET Disclosure due to take place in April 2013 in Washington DC sponsored by Stephen G. Bassett Executive Director of the Paradigm Research Group (PRG).

    This premier Toronto ET Disclosure media event will be an advanced preview for the press of what many are describing as spectacular yet disquieting testimony by over 30 witnesses

    1. looking forward for this.Thanks!If I don't forget...(since this something I do a lot) I will listen on it.

  19. SS Oranje ~ Peace, Peace, Peace... and Joy.

    Whaddya think boys... it is time to Light it up?

  20. Cobra, what do you think about that? Can it be true? I post this in FB group to see the reactions of the others, one day after the last weekly meditation:

    When I started it (the meditation) I asked to know information about the intels over the work an to see what was happening, due to I make a better colaboration and to have and extra motivation ;). Well, I started breathing, connecting to Innerself and to the galactic core and sending this light all over the Earth.
    Then I was surprised with a series of visions: at first, I saw a big sphere of golden light being created by our galactic friends in a big coordinated movement, fed by the energy generated by the meditations, coming from all over the world!! It was kept a while in this way, for making a powerfull light sphere!
    Meanwhile, I saw what I could say to be the core of the etherical dark control grid, that was something like a black hole that spreads and was circundated by eletric rays, as those pieces of scientific toys, but in a big scale. It was mantained by a number of dark ones, that colects the negatives energy on Earth and fed it, at same time that spreads this negativities.
    Well, then this sphere of light, was send to this place, and envolve all those things. Then it (the sphere) started to became a gold pyramid, whit a square bases, with about 100 meters of hight by 100 meters of base, with equal dimensions over and down the surface, forming a spacial polygon. Then a ray conected this sphere over and down, to the galactic core and the central sun of Earth.
    The information I get was that this pyramid would isolate a lot the central command of the dark grid, in a way that it would be like noise to the ones that folow its orders, and fed it. At same time it would start to dissolve this command structure (the black hole I refered) by the continuous incoming energies from galactic core and central sun of Earth.
    It means, if all this is true, that, from this point, the dark ones over the earth are weekly central coordinated, and the work of cleaness the negativities is now in another level!

    Well, today (3 days after), I have to say that I still feel attacks of the dark ones, but for me these attacks seem to be a little weaker, and I can handle easier and more consciously whith them. I saw again during my last daily med (yesterday) the same pyramid with a more solid aspect, with walls similar to shining golden rock (as if it had solidified) and the top as a golden crystal receiving the light from above. In addition, I see that the work is going on dissolution of local dark holes. To me it seems that the grid was quite damaged by the isolation of central control and the dark ones are trying to keep it the way they can, but with few success, since those local dissolutions and the taken of the dark ones are happening in a large scale.

    Is there something like this happening?

    1. From what I know, this could very well be true. The exact shape of things seen are usually in the conceptual world of the person seeing it, so the "reality" of it isn't just one way. The idea of objectivity isn't really valid when it comes to other dimensions.

      Just recently, I found an inner structure is still being used by the dark ones. This means, while the main surface structure is collapsing, there still exists command centers hidden inside molecules. These have the form of government secret service offices, or military building complexes.

      At the time when the main communication network isn't there for them to use any more, these command centers are using any available channels to connect. This means any dark matter, including negative thoughts, or even negative thoughts transported by human inborn telepathic abilities, can be used by them.

      So they are now relying almost completely on the weaknesses withing individuals.

      If you know how the Internet is constructed, you get the idea. Information is sent in "packages" with an address, and it's not decided how they reach their destination. Any way will do. So as long as there is just one communication path for them to connect with an area, they will still get their orders through.

      So this means everyone has to pay attention to their thoughts, because any dark matter is a path for them to communicate through.