Saturday, March 30, 2013

New Cobra Interview

You might want to listen to this new Cobra interview:



  1. I suspect this interview is very interesting but I can not understand much of it :-(
    Please, if somebody has the transcription, let post it here.

  2. Hey guys. Keep this on your radar!
    I think it's going to be a big help for our humanity at large :)

    Thank you Cobra for all that you do.

    Sending love and light,

  3. Dear Cobra Family,

    I wanted to personally reach out to you in regards to my upcoming activation Portal event in Egypt. I have been extremely busy since I left laguna for Egypt and the 2012 Portal Activation at the end of December. I have created a new website called I have been doing many radio interviews and have been speaking at several live events. Since my wonderful association and inspiration from the Cobra site and working with Cobra in person I have been launched my on my own mission.

    I have also moved to Chang Mai Thailand and I am living near a Brother whom I met through the Cobra family. We are working together on some amazing healing technologies. We are working to create some very powerful tools to aid in healing. We hope to be able to increase the spiritual and physical bodies vibration and bring them to balance. This information is on my website

    The reason I am reaching out to you all at this time is that I have a small group of people who are committed to come to Egypt with me from May 10th-14th. We will be meeting at the Tiba Pyramid Hotel as we have done before. For 5 days we will be having some meetings at the Tiba Hotel and going to the Giza Plateau and to Saqquarra to experience some spiritual meditation practices and to invoke the light on these special sacred vortex sites.

    I would be very honored if you or anybody you might know who are Light workers who would like to join me in May? If you might be interested and would like to participate in our activations, I will be honored by your support for this mission. Furthermore I will offer all of you who receive this letter to share with this others. I welcome everyone who wishes to enjoy the information I am offering.

    I would be honored to have all dedicated light workers join our group to share in the prayers as well as to invoke the light. I will share many teachings of the ancient linages of light. I feel honored to share these with everyone.We will do several powerful activation to briing more light into the planet.

    You are all invited to go to my website to see the basic itinerary of our group and the intended basic schedule. This is listed under the banner “Egypt Portal 2013” just click on the many links to see what we have intended as our basic plans. We have interspersed some fun tourist sightseeing with our more specific spiritual activities. I hope you will consider joining us on our journey to this beautiful ancient culture. This trip is already a confirmed and done deal and we are set to arrive on the 9th of May!

    Despite to the tense political situation and the very real struggle for peace amongst the Egyptian populace we already have a small group who feels comfortable to visit Egypt at this time. We have no interest in politics and only come to enjoy the beauty of the Egyptian culture and to invoke the light and to do some activation’s on these sacred vortex sites.

    As before all of the political tension is centered in the downtown Tahir square area. The Giza plateau and the tourist locations where we will visit are very safe. We will do a great service by acting as the ground crew once again to reinforce the Cobra group’s great effort and victory last December!

  4. I will also be at the Irvine NEW Society conference in irvine May 24th-26th and Cobra was hoping everyone could be reminded to sign up for this event if they are interested. You may all do so at this link here

    In June I will be speaking at the stargate to the cosmos event june 7th-9th in Las Vegas this site will be updated within the week for a list of speakers and registration details.
    I thank you for help in getting this information out there. Please feel free to contact me by the following ways if there are question you might have.
    Phone contact:
    In Thailand:
    Cell: +66-86-059-1610
    Home: 053-406-6226-7 /Room 215
    Best option for international / My Skype username is Babarobgod add me and we can talk for free!
    You may also call my USA phone number 530-918-8236
    The easiest way will be my e-mail

    Keep the light strong in your hearts disregard the negatie news and know that victory is assured , work hard everty to abide in the truth and the truth will abide in you
    Victory to the light