Sunday, April 28, 2013

Short Update about the Zurich Conference

Despite a strong opposition from the non-physical negative forces this conference was a great success and a major energy breakthrough was made.

St. Germain has led us to purify the etheric matrix structure of the major banks, such as UBS and Credit Suisse and all this has already contributed to some cascading events that assist in exposing the real structure of the financial system to the masses.

The Zurich vortex is now acitvated for the Light and the Goddess is definitely present!

Probably you are already feeling the acceleration that is preparing us for the activation of the portal on May 25th. A special article with more intel about that portal will be posted on my blog soon. We will be anchoring energies for that portal in Laguna Beach and you are all welcome to join us:

After the activation of the portal, a lot of Goddess presence will be needed on the planet to stabilize the situation amidst all the changes and you are all welcome to join us in Hawaii, a major Goddess vortex point for this planet:


  1. i just wanted to get this message out to you but i didn't know how except here,,
    this link is regarding the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure, a petition urging TV networks to cover this event.

  2. Are you suggesting the Event will happen between May 25th, and June 2nd? ;)

  3. In Sophia Love's Conversation With Off World Source, the "source" suggests the event may start as early as May 2013. Cobra has said it likely won't start until earliest a portal is opened in May this year...

    But we ought to do our darndest in the meant time to spread the love and help make it happen. Its happening is a function of our increasing the influence of the Light on this planet.

    Thanks, Cobra.