Sunday, September 29, 2013

Planetary Situation Update: The New Financial System

There is a lot of confusion about the collateral accounts, even among people working behind the scenes. Let us clear that confusion.
Collateral accounts were a creation of the Cabal after WW1 when they persuaded many nations to give up their gold into their custody with an excuse that a gold-backed financial system with strong independent national banks creates geopolitical instability and can lead into wars like WW1. Bank of International Settlements (BIS) was created for that reason in 1930. After the creation of BIS, the Cabal went to China and persuaded the Chinese (sometimes gently and sometimes not so gently) to give up their gold in exchange for phony bonds.The Cabal never had any intention to repay these bonds back. The next phase of their operations was to steal the rest of the Eastern gold through the operation Golden Lily and then bury their lot in Philippines (Yamashita gold) and in Indonesia. 
This gold was used to underwrite the western financial system under Bretton Woods agreement. The Cabal controlled the apparently fiat financial system which was visible and hid the shadow banking system which was created by putting large sums of money into central banking trading programs, using the hidden gold to back up their investment. Those programs soon generated astronomical sums of virtual money which could not be taken out of the banks as it was part of the shadow banking system (for example White Spiritual Boy account with all its virtual quadrillions of dollars) and only very small part of it was taken out through money laundering operations. Nobody who was not tied to Cabal was ever allowed close to those prosperity programs and even a small fraction of the programs that tried to include non-Cabal oriented people were soon seized or shot down by the Cabal.
The Cabal was steadily using the gold they have stolen to finance the construction of their underground military bases and their secret space program between 1953 and 2004. 

In February 2012, the Resistance Movement removed all that gold from the hands of the Cabal. This is the reason Fulford can not find real proof of any current gold vaults anywhere in Asia. That removal of gold was a brilliant move. From then on we are having a real fiat financial system on the surface on the planet. That kind of financial system is very unstable and the Cabal has to be very careful with their financial machinations. For the first time in human history the financial system in not underwritten by gold.  This creates a dynamic tension which speeds up the Event because such financial system can not exist for a very long time and would eventually collapse on its own due to lack of trust and lack of real foundation and that would be the last possible moment for the Event.
Now the Cabal tries to underwrite their unstable financial system with worldwide real estate grab and this is the reason for so many foreclosures of homes. 
There is a lot of misunderstanding about the bonds the Cabal was issuing since the 1930s. These bonds can be never repaid back since the Cabal does not have the gold they stole throughout the ages from humanity anymore. They are also very short on liquid cash and that little they have is far from enough to repay even a small fraction of those bonds. 

The purpose of these bonds is not to extract value from the Cabal but to use them as a tool to enforce the bankruptcy of their corrupt financial system when the time is right. 
Historical owners of all that gold and bonds that represent it are not the Chinese, nor Keenan, nor White Dragons Society, nor anybody appointed M1 (monetary controller). The institute of M1 is a creation of the Cabal. The owner and true heir is humanity as a whole and after the Event the collateral accounts will be transferred to humanity in total. 
After the Event the Resistance will return the gold to humanity and it will be stored on the surface of the planet to underwrite the new financial system. Therefore that gold will not be traded in open market, whereas gold in private ownership will be traded and exchanged freely.
This structuring of the new financial system is one part of a secret agreement which was made between 57 members of the Eastern Alliance in the Monaco Accords meeting in August 2011. 
No new M1 will be appointed. No member of the Cabal will be allowed anywhere close to the collateral accounts, let alone the new Jesuit pope, and most of those people will be arrested anyway. 
Various groups that are working to liberate the financial system from the hands of the Cabal (White Dragons, Keenan, OPPT) will have advisory role and a council of government officials democratically elected after the Event will be the trustees of the collateral accounts. The whole system will be completely transparent and this transparency will be supervised by the Resistance Movement. 
Currency Revaluation (Iraqi Dinar, Vietnamese Vong) will have a minor role in the reset of the financial system as this is a transition into a true gold backed system under the supervision of the Light forces and NOT a speculative revaluation of currencies. 
This new financial system will be only a temporary solution as true cashless society will be created on the surface of this planet after the First Contact, backed up by advanced spiritual technologies of the Galactic Confederation. This cashless society will recognize true value of incarnated human souls and will provide them with physical and spiritual abundance.
Many people are wondering why the Event does not happen already. It is because all etheric negative entities must be removed before that in order for the key members of the Event operation teams on the surface of the planet to work harmoniously. It is true that statistical mean value for the expected number of casualties at the time of the Event is around 100,000 people. But if anything goes wrong among the key people of the surface population coordinating the Event operations, it could  be much higher and easily reach tens of millions of people and that is something the Light forces are not willing to risk. We have seen so many instances when so-called light workers or light warriors manifested intolerable behavior because they were under the influence of the etheric Archons. You might remember the French Revolution. It started so well and you know how it ended.
The Event will happen when it will happen. Until it happens, let us do everything that is within our power to make it happen as soon as possible in a harmonious way. It is important for the Light forces on the surface of the planet to unite, communicate, coordinate intel and align strategies.
The next part of the planetary situation update will be most likely posted one or two weeks from now. 


  1. "Currency Revaluation (Iraqi Dinar, Vietnamese Vong) will have a minor role in the reset of the financial system as this is a transition into a true gold backed system under the supervision of the Light forces and NOT a speculative revaluation of currencies. "

    Yeah..those that say dinar will be the world reserve currency etc are obviously partaking of the kool aide.But there is still money to be made from these I am sure.
    I have 250,000 dinar that I spent 300 dollars to get.Surely I could turn that 300 dollar investment into at least a thousand.

    That will be better than relying on so called prosperity packages,that people will find a way to delay just as everything else has been delayed.

  2. Cobra, please, we need to know how is the offensive in the etheric plane going!
    As you said, the non-physical forces are the only barriers that are delaying the event now, therefore, please, tell us how the etheric war is unfolding! This is the key to the event!

    How many reptilians and ankle-biters untill remaining? Is operation PANDORA already close to it's end????

    I had a dream today, that the light forces were not being able to win the war! Is it truth, or just a dream??????
    Please cobra, I waited all the week long for reports about the etheric war, do not make us wait 2 more weeks for intel!!!! We don't have another reliable source of information.

    Can you please make at least a small update about the etheric war?

  3. Hello my friends.
    Once I said here that we should not call the dark forces leaders "the archons", because it means "the rulers".
    They are not our rulers, and if we call them that way, we give them power.

    Unfortunately, people didn't give much attention to what I said.

    Here is a detailed text, explaining why we SHOULD NOT call them "the archons". I suggest you all to read.

    Let's call them the ankle-biters from now on ok?

    Can you do it too, cobra? It's a detail that will make the difference.
    Thank you very much.

  4. your updates and posts are on of the few things that keep me optimistic about our situation on this planet. but this "update" just reiterated things you've already stated or that most already know. i was very optimistic when i first found out about the event but it seems as time goes by this optimism is decreasing.

    i always hear you and others say the event cant happen until enough people "wake up" but im starting to feel like at a certain point time will start to have a negative effect and cause people who have "waken up" to start going back to "sleep."

    just my thoughts. i want to believe in the event more than anything as our planet is surely doomed without it but its seems to be getting harder and harder not easier and easier as.

  5. I hope you still have your monthly radio update

  6. I am not worried about money in any way; I am only concerned with the liberation of mankind from the Cabal, and the victory of the Light Forces. May love prevail!

  7. I thought all the negative etheric Archons have already removed, ain't the light forces capable of removing them completely? All these delays are causing more harm and pain to humanity. The dragging is nothing to them but being human in a body form doesn't justify this. Promises after promises and nothing major seems happening. Wish they can feel our pain and suffering and hope they fasten their feet dealing with the etheric and cabal. Thanks a million! May the LOVE be with you always. Piperon - The Spiritual Flute Composer -

    1. Archons are not organic beings, they are inorganic and they manipulate through the mind, that's why it's not that easy to get rid of them. It's changing the people to not accept their messages that is the challenge. Archons were a mistake of Gaia's as she gave birth to Earth, so she kept them out far but they manage to get to us through the mind, it's very detailed in the old Gnostic texts of the Ancient Knowledge.

  8. As long as the value of the stocks will remain after the transition, so that my mother isn't wiped out, and her main means in her retirement isn't swept from under her. Fine. If it means that I won't actually inherit that portfolio. And be able with the dividends to do what I have always wanted but could never afford. Or go to the places I have always wanted to. Fine. If I instead, can be instantly sent wherever on the planet I want. And have the means to stay and eat whatever I want through replication. Great. I do not want my mother or I to suffer in the aftermath of this jarring transition. I have very little. Mother lives on $40,000 in dividends. Which is a comfortable amount. Everything she has is totally paid for through her never buying on credit. From the first store credit card she was able to get in the early 70's, till now. She has never paid interest, as she paid off each month what she owed. The only debt she ever had was through a private family loan for our first and only home. Everything else she paid for as she went. So I really don't want her to suffer at all after the changes that are to come. She has never believed me about my involvement with star people of any kind. And I want her to be able to understand what is to happen won't hurt her or any of us. That is all I really want.

  9. But I can only survive with Phowa method now.
    Please let the Event happen.

  10. I thought OPPT was deflated? Also some of us know their rights and dont need any one making choices for them. Its bad enough the Vatican did it to us for many hundreds of years. Basically I dont trust my trust with anyone but me, the rightful owner of my god given inheritance. No one has the right to tell me what I am entitled too,allowed to do, or be. Thats slavery.

  11. Thank you COBRA for the update. I enjoyed it, even though I understood little regarding banking system. My Question is how to remove those etheric archons, so that event will be initiated. Is it only by meditation only?

  12. Hi cobra...and many thanks and blessings for your work! My question is how many etheric negative entities are around right now? According to your previous graph, they should be just about gone by now? Thanks again!

  13. ThANK YOU cOBRA THAT WAS great UPDATE!!!! WOOOO So excited...

    We don't care how long it takes just keep us in the loop COBRA WE TRUST!!!

  14. Financial issue plays a key role in the Event, as it affects and awakes everybody in this planet. We lightworkers should unite and positively support for the final victory of light for humanity and Gaia! Godspeed and bless.

  15. I don't understand why you're saying we need a new Financial System in order to Ascend into 5D consciousness. I mean, we can do without a Financial System... a System of Love seems to better fit humanity. All systems will fall and Love will prevail once Humanity attains 5D consciousness. Everything else is Materialistic and a diversion from Self. Correct me if I'm wrong.

    1. I think you missed a paragraph: "This new financial system will be only a temporary solution as true cashless society will be created on the surface of this planet after the First Contact, backed up by advanced spiritual technologies of the Galactic Confederation. This cashless society will recognize true value of incarnated human souls and will provide them with physical and spiritual abundance."

    2. We are billions of people with different cultures and needs. I believe we will need an interim time where things will have to be operated with some kind of transaction modality, until we learn the real way of partnership. Not that easy without a meantime.

    3. Yayyy I was corrected. I DID over look that important paragraph! Thank you both!

  16. Hello everyone,

    I plan to set for Belgium and the Netherlands. Regional event support group This can then operate as a mid-node event where local support groups can connect to as mini-nodes.The aim is to facilitate a platform that can serve as an information-infrastructure.
    We also want to create a radio stream in real-time that can broadcast during the event and answer questions. If this were to be successful, this may be expanded to a European level in order to come to a head node.The intention is not to repeat the information on the website prepareforchange but to provide an information infrastructure that during and after the Event, can spread accurate and up-to-date information. Anyone from Event support groups in Europe can contact me in this regard. In particular, people with IT knowledge would be welcome.
    I will also post this on the prepareforchange website.
    My e-mail:

    Kind regards from Belgium.

  17. Hi COBRA

    I make this assumption under your control.

    The event can only happen when m (L0) = 0
    September 21, 2013 m (L0) = 16.55
    September 28, 2013 m (L0) = 15.38

    For more information: [m (L0) =] is different of [m =], whose value is zero


    1. If the current rate stays stable, m(L0) would reach 0 in just over 13 weeks, we don't know what the function is though so it could go up or down. interesting fact, 13 weeks is 91 days which is the new year from now. another interesting fact, earth will enter the debris path of comet ISON around january 12 2014, which will be harmless, but what it may mean on a cosmic and spiritual level could be significant.

      these are just my observations, take them with a grain of salt.

    2. And as a general estimate it will take about 3-4 months for that value to reach zero again.More waiting again...yay!

      How are you so sure it will be the event?Thats what everyone thought about the last chart too.Cobra even posted it's swift last few week descent,making it out like it was going to be something big.

      Nope..we waited from May until mid September for that chart to go from a value of 16 to zero. And then all we get is a reboot and another chart/formula.If we get to the end of this one and it resets yet again;I know I am not the only one that is going to be truly pissed.

  18. I really enjoy this article and I also say that a cubic meter of gold and a cubic meter of printed $ paper has value only in the eye of the believe. In real life if you are alone in a pacific island, they don't feed you. Probably gold can be transformed into hard tools for agriculture, but the $ paper will pollute the soil if you don't burn them for heating only in a few cold nights.
    The real value the gold coins or the currency represents is the time and freedom you invest to get or to use them. Honestly, I expect for the cashless society to be born so we can enjoy the true freedom and time for our-self.

    1. Great comment Ion. Just dont' expect anymore. Join us at Armonia Brassovia so we can build it together... ;)

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  20. i thought this would be more of an update about situation, about the graph you posted for september and how that goes.. you just told us the same old stuff that was disscused here many times before and nothing really new. i really dont care about financial system, this will not keep my hopes up, i dont care about money, i care about being free. dissapointed

  21. Cobra, is this information true in some way or not?
    They say Ison is a ship with 5000 people from 30 races.

    1. Cobra has already called out ISON being a ship as disinformation.

  22. Faith and Patience, the Light will succeed! Keep spreading the Love.

  23. Is there any relation with the "event" and cabal's secret space program?

  24. What will happen to the price of precious metals? With the repossessed gold and the re-evaluation of the currencies, will the price of gold and silver rise or drop? The general strategy is to buy gold and silver when the price is low (like now) and when the financial system collapses and the price skyrockets it's time to sell. But is it wise to buy gold and silver at this moment before the Event?

    According to David Wilcock, most of the gold was stolen from Asia, so they deserve some special compensation. Their citizens have been living in poverty. And of course other poverty stricken countries like Africa who have been brutalized by the losers. I hope that those who are most needy will receive most of the help.

  25. this is great, but I think I will remain pragmatic 1st to see how things go. hopefully it's all really real and not just some imagined fantasy

    -a truthseeker from Indonesia-

  26. Wonderful news Cobra, everything is happening exactly as they should. We are creating the new EARTH by moving forward with Pure Intent. Love and Light all you beautiful BEings.

  27. Dear Cobra,
    Thank you for all your efforts. This post was perhaps good for some of your reader but, unfortunately, this post did not clarify much for me. I feel that the situation now is very unclear.
    I believe the following thing should be clarified:

    1. The diagram published on August 30 suggested that the situation on the etheric planes should have been cleared by the end of September. On September 21, there was a new message stating: m(L0)=16.55, indicating that there is a long way to go. Also the post on August 11 says “The Resistance Movement has communicated that as the non-physical planes will be clear soon” I feel that these messages are all highly confusing. Please clarify.

    2. You said in the previous interview with Alexandra Meadors that in September thing will start to happen. Not much has happened. What is going on???

    3. It is sometimes stated that light forces will “trigger” the event. On the other hand, it was stated (August 11) that we are waiting for some astronomical phenomena, such as solar magnetic field reversal, in order to trigger the event. I think that the information is highly conflicting and needs to be clarified.
    I feel that there are so many lose ends right now and it would be good if you could clarify this.

    1. 1. The modulo of slope towards the full zero point is not yet complete, but is on a stable decrease rather than a resisted fluctuation as it was previously. It may grow to become a rapid decrease in the coming weeks as the chart depicts. My feelings about that rapid decline may be most particular towards if America ends up inevitably careening towards default.

      2. Things have started to happen, but as the depicted slope, it will be gradual before rapid. Plus, it is also potentially a more "behind the scenes" kind of "interesting" that only Cobra and the Resistance are privy to until they can provide the following disclosures.

      3. The Light Forces will not trigger the Event. The Source will, by sending a pulse of energy and light from Sagittarius A, which will encompass the galaxy. On that trigger/signal, the Light Forces will begin their plan of action to end the Cabal.

    2. Hi Dan,
      when you say that "The diagram published on August 30 suggested that the situation on the etheric planes should have been cleared by the end of September" , i don't remember Cobra ever stating so, so i think this was just your assumption about the graph.
      I feel that what Cobra siad to Alexandra last month about september is true, i feel that much has happened behind the scenes and maybe today U.S. government closure is just one of the results of such operations.
      On the 11th of August post, Cobra stated: "The first Window of Opportunity comes within October – December timeframe. It will be triggered by the solar magnetic field reversal" and again: "The second Window of Opportunity comes within March- April 2014 time frame. It will be triggered by the Galactic Core activation by the G2 interstellar cloud";
      in my opinion, this means that the magnetic field reversal will trigger the first window of opportunity and the Galactic Core activation will trigger the second window, not the Event.

      Much Love and Gratitude to everybody!

  28. Thank you so much for the info and the effort to bring the light Cobra...
    May Father/Mother God bless you and your family =D

    Victory of the Light!!!

  29. Let me try to clear something about the new m posting.

    M=0 which we reached meant the astral plane. All the entities are removed now.
    M=(L0) 15.38 is meant to be the ASTRAL plane.

    My udnerstanding is that there are many levels to the non-physical plane. The astral plane i believe is the last one we need to clear. Given the rate the astral plane cleared quite rapidly, hopefully it should not take long. Maybe im wrong but if cobra or someone else could clear it.

    1. Er, not to be crass, but are you trying to say that the first "m=0" was the clearing of the etheric towards the astral, and that this second, the "m (L0) = X value" is the compression and clearance of the astral from negative entities?

      I'm just trying to make sense of what you want to have clarified, since you've said that the astral plane is being cleared up, but the astral is also clear already at the same time, so I don't know if you have your planes crossed.

    2. I do not remember Cobra ever stating that M=0 meant the astral plane.
      On the 11th of august post Cobra states that the Astral plane has been cleared: "A huge victory of the Light has been achieved on the day of the opening of the 8-8 portal. ALL negative entities from the lower mental and lower astral planes have been removed." And again: "The remaining etheric negative entities are concentrating their attacks on lightwarriors and lightworkers, but their final removal in inevitable and will come soon."

      Victory of the Light!

  30. Cobra, thanks alot for your last update. I rather appreciate this and I honor that you spend the time to inform us. I think you have more important things to do rather than to give us updates.

    But on the other hand I also agree with Dan and I'm a bit confused. Well, I try to be in the now and I don't want to speculate in any way. But I also thought about these things which Dan mentioned above and I also would love to get some claryfication regarding the etheric archons. I thought they were almost removed by now. How much are still active and is there anything we can help with. Sometimes I think meditating is not enough. I also have the feeling that they try to distract or attack me when I meditate on their removal, even though I protect myself. It happened massively last night. I want to help to speed things up. What else can I do.
    Blessings, love and light from New Zealand.

  31. Know that there is always assistance appropriate and equal to the challenges you will face - and you will face some. This is true moreso now than ever. While I'm not fond of repeating myself, I will do so here as the message bears repeating and is timely. Please heed...

    Those who serve, do so in deep and abiding love for you. Greet their Service with gratitude, joy, love, cooperation, self-reliance and a deeply rooted sense of humility. Don't ask them, don't expect them to do YOUR work for you.

    Soft words, gracious intent will fling open the doors and windows of abundance. Harsh words lock the doors and tighten the latches.

    1. Wise words 3DHD, thankyou. We should show grace and gratitude to those who lead the way. So nice to see your comments, I look forward to your contributions.

  32. with all respect to those who are using own energies to create this blog.
    my opinion and experience in short.
    everythink what you need to move your selve forward is in you and it was all the time so. it was never before so right time to start to discover and use your skills like now. you will be supported on every your step - i can confirm taht! for me looks like that you are again waiting that somebody else will bring the light in to your life. the old 3D software is no more supported, you can't realy get results.
    i can see dissapointed souls here and i can understand them. if you will have expectation which is a old universe paradigm it will happend that way again and again.
    don't you have the feeling that here runs a higher level different colored planetary game of the old duality world? i thought that is what we are working on to leave. with respect to every being lightrider

  33. just my 2 cents here:
    1. i don't remember what plane these specific archon(parasites) are on, but didn't cobra also mention that there are ones attached to human minds that are concentrated to the most powerful humans right now, where as most humans should be starting to get free of parasitic control. whatever planes that would involve. but it seems that these "controllers" could start some major issues and loss of life.
    2. as mother/father God would say from, remember kids, we're not on a linear time schedule, we're on a divine one.
    3. as much as i also would love to see this "event" happen, let's keep in mind that God him/her self is sending this galactic central sun energy burst and who could we trust more to send it when the time is right.
    4. on the global societal reset issue, this isn't the overthrow of a castle or a city, this is the coordinated overthrow of a PLANET to include clearings of other planes of existence, tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands, maybe even millions of our homo-Sapien brothers and sisters that have worked decades along with assistance from the heavens, our galactic brothers and sisters, the angels, the ascended masters and every other light being in the universe, this can't be an easy task. i'm not even sure what all that means, but it sounds big. I'm mean, there were time wars involved here folks, the ancient lemurians began setting up this resistance through the use of time travel when they were up and running.
    5. this is ending galactic wars that have lasted MILLIONS of years, i don't think i even want to know the death toll these wars cost.
    6. every one of us signed a contract that this is the experience that we all wanted to have while incarnated here, and the education we have had stuck in this "school of hard knocks" is one of the grandest educations a soul can get, while on one level, this is an experience we all can't wait for to be over, from what i understand, on a level we can't understand fully yet, our soul has had an experience so profound, so uplifting, so humbling, so enlightening, that billions, if not trillions of souls lined up at Gods feet hoping to get picked to incarnated at this exact point in earth history.
    7. these light beings are not here to save us, they are here to assist us to save ourselves. if they save us, we learn so little, if we save ourselves, we learn so much more.
    8. i personally try to imagine the level of understanding we will have of how important love is when we become fully conscious beings and we mend all the lifetimes we have had together. imagine the assistance we will be to the next graduating class.
    9. i learned alot of our galactic history and understanding of what has taken place on this planet from this youtube channel. it is andrew bartiz, earths first galactic historian with full access to the akashic records. 20 hours of interview with his insight, every one is absolutely mind bending. plus insight on the event.
    that all being said, let's get this friggin party stated, love and light, tommy

  34. Cobra, please discuss the Government shutdown.

  35. Dear Cobra,
    When are people going to check their facts AGAIN, OPPT was dissolved the 18 of March this year cause it had served it's purpose i.e. foreclosed all alleged governments and corporations. Former OPPT also took back all peoples value which is the people and always has been the people. The financial industry just forgot to tell the people that they had been trading on part of the whole value system, sneaky.

  36. Dear Cobra,

    Above, you said:
    "This new financial system will be only a temporary solution as true cashless society will be created on the surface of this planet after the First Contact, backed up by advanced spiritual technologies of the Galactic Confederation. This cashless society will recognize true value of incarnated human souls and will provide them with physical and spiritual abundance."
    I am Orthodox, and I will always be Orthodox.

    Is there a distant intention for 'spiritual reform' and the unification of all religions into a new religion far superior spiritually and introduced through spiritual technologies of the GF? There are some worrying new 'religious clubs' on the net trying to attract fans and promising pretty much similar 'benefits'....

    Also, I am very concerned about the 'true value of the incarnated human soul'. What do you mean by that? Who dares to be concerned about my soul and think about its value? You cannot talk about value... it is beyond priceless. I think you've gone too far here and I hope it is just a metaphor for something else.

    Live long and prosper.

    1. Dude- I think what he means with "True Value of the Incarnated Soul" means what it says. If someone has "Incarnated" into a body of say a cripple or has spent half their life dealing with Diseases or some earthly hindrance by the Cabal or Achon controlled people - that person will be provided with "Physical & Spiritual Abundance" - Physical meaning "Goods" or Money for comfort or compensation on earth (while Incarnated) and Spiritual meaning 'energetic & Emotional therapy' of some kind to help heal the soul and help it Ascend.

      I don't think it's as Mysterious as it sounds. What are we anyway? We're Spirits who created a Soul to live out this "incarnation" - Money does a spirit little good but when it's Incarnated & doing a Job (like many Light Workers has been born on Earth to do) it will need basic material goods on the planet.

      Imagine the "Dark Souls" who don't have Guides & yet are in no way connected to the Cabal - how do you "assess the value" of their incarnated Soul? That is not for You & I to judge (as ALL are creations of God) so hence I assume if everyone is Humanity - then some of them must be "Dark or Grey Souls" (Lost Souls) and they while Incarnated will get some "prosperity money" also. As much as I'd like to make this a "Us " vrs "Them" - good humanity vs Bad humanity rant - ALL of Humanity means "ALL"

      The Value of each "Incarnated Soul" might also have to do with what constitutes "Abundance" - what's enough for me might be too much or little for You. Then again I am just theorizing based on how I imagine my own Guide would answer such a question

    2. Yeah to blazes with that....
      Some of us are perfectly happy with our religious and spiritual beliefs the way they are.No one is going to forcefully integrate me into a one world religion.I have never sought to kill or persecute others in the name of my religion,so the stereotypes don't apply to me.forced religious integration would be the actions of an earthly tyrant or dictatorship

  37. Cobra,
    On August 30 you posted the graph for the removal of the Archons and it zeroed just before Oct 1.In this recent posting you say that it is still holding up the Event and has not completed. I've looked everywhere but I cannot find you changing this projection graph, please updates us regarding this in present time. Thank you for your time.

  38. A remote viewer named Ed Dames said Gaia was going to get what is coming to her. She challenged the authority of Hera and the Olympic gods. Hephaestus created Pandora from all the goddesses. He is the son of Hera. He is the maker of all the weapons of the Olympic gods. He crafted Poseidon's trident. Athena's brother is Ares, god of war. Zeus knew to fear both his son and daughter.

  39. The light comes from within.Let go and let God!

  40. 保持淡定~感谢眼镜蛇的信息和工作!

  41. Aloha Cobra...this just in....thought you should see it...this woman Jean is very close to Neil Keenan and has a popular blog...she just posted this about Neil....very interesting indeed..

  42. Last week was a great battle with the forces of Light Archontami - we won this battle!

  43. Hi Cobra,
    Bless you..........I am in Aust, and we have had our own political battle going on, with a new PM after a government with much internal unrest. I was wondering if you have any comments on our new government. I am a person who has been going through a process of awakening over the last 16 months or so and have been getting all sorts of messages when I close my eyes. A little while ago, I had a message about the date of 26th Nov.....this date continually rings in my head, do you have a comment on this? Anyway Cobra, no panic from here :-) we are very lucky to have such knowledge and for myself, I wake up each day grateful for what the day brings. Namaste. x

  44. please check this link,