Sunday, February 10, 2013

Power of Creation

We as a collective have the power to create the Golden Age on this planet. If a critical mass of people makes that decision and then insists in the face of all opposition, the Golden Age will come with mathematical certainty.

Much is happening in the background that can not yet be reported. I will be able to release some intel after February 22nd when a certain specific operation of the Light forces will be completed.


  1. Victory of the LIGHT!

    Thank you Great Spirit! Thank you Water!!

    Victory of the LIGHT!

  2. It's interesting that you mention something about intel in your latest post. I was just thinking about that last night, wondering when you would be able to post something on current intel, for I sense a big struggle/fight going on behind the scenes as well as a standstill. It's been too quiet. Thank you Cobra for letting us know that intel will be coming soon!

    Love & Blessings,
    White Fire

  3. Ohhhh ... yeah.

    It feels as if we are being handed a magic wand now ... ancient wounds around power must be healed and released, if we are to come into our fullest potential to co-create.

    Meditation, visualization, intention ...

    Awesome inspiring images Cobra, looking forward to some juicy intel soon too ;)

    Much Love to all ♥

    1. You and me looking forward to juicy intel!:)

      Love and light!

  4. I participated in the meditation Sunday. I asked for all light workers who are not in unity to have some event bring them back, so that we can get the obstacles to manifest The Event. overcome as soon as possible. I want my mother, 72, to be able to see the changes and perhaps get the medical help to allow her to live in good health for years to come. I do want to inherit, but not so quickly. I want to be able to go with her to achieve her bucket list. And she needs to be able to walk freely, with no pain, or being winded, to accomplish that. Nam Myoho Renge Kyo.

  5. Our Divine Blueprint called for us to be gods and goddesses (little 'g')...that is Who We Truly Are :)

  6. Hello. Did you know that the Pope has decided to resign by February 28?

  7. I just read today that the pope is going to resign ,and I said to myself what a wonderfull world and I hope is the last one,end of darkness,can not wait for everything comes to light,and put an end to this false freedom world ,can't move a mile without money,sucks..peace and love

  8. Thank you very much, Cobra.
    I admire you for staying ALWAYS positive and grounded.

    Unfortunately, recently, I've been having so many unhappy experiences - with the people who called themselves Love/Light workers - that I was more "out" than "into" it.

    Fortunately, things have changed for the better now. For three days, I was at the Conscious Life Expo with Eben, and we met and interviewed many real Light workers, truly nice people there. (and because of that I missed my group meditation yesterday).

    Meeting these people, and talking to them was the "Cherub's Arrow of Love" to bring me back to the real ME-SELF again. I'm back and Ready to be in service to ALL, and to lend my hand to everybody who needs it. It can't be any other way. That's who I AM.

    I promise YOU, Cobra, to stay always positive, grounded and in LOVE.
    I promise YOU to stay with you all the way.... when people NO more will be in need of our help.


    PS. By the way, please post about the coming Love Event of 1 Billions, which is going to be held on Valentine's Day. As I told you many times before, people will follow YOU, not me ;)))

  9. Comment on blog post at URL:

    This post talks of certain important people fleeing and leaving clones in their place. Some people didn't understand, or believe this. Actually, the technology or ability to create a "dummy" is rather simple. It's being used by the light forces sometimes. But normally, you wouldn't know this, or you couldn't tell unless your third eye is open and you can use it to see the buildup of human bodies. You don't need to bother with this. "Dummies" are just remote controlled human bodies, or constructs, that look like humans.

  10. I think that the Oppt In movement is a really good tool to get the word out about our freedom and reach critical mass. It is catching on fast, they have a very active facebook page as well as many others that people are creating every day. It is a great experience and it really shows how creative people can get. And even though everyone might not understand what the legalities and filings means right away, everyone I have come across wants to be free and this is what sparks their interest. It is circulating very rapidly on facebook in the 2 weeks its been up and running, they also organize online flashmobs, there is one tonight, great thing to be a part of!! Lets create our future!

  11. Thanks Cobra!

    I have a request. It would be great if ALL websites who want to participate, would use their platform to call the COLLECTIVE CONSCIOUSNESS together to CALL forth what we want.

    Step by step. It is the most powerful tool we have and we are not using it. :(

    What are we waiting for?


  12. I find it very strange of the news that the Pope has decided to resign. This has never happened. They say he has trouble seeing/reading. Really? That is weird. Something is up. I pray every day and have concentrated on seeing a new world filled with love and peace. I have full trust in the creator. I look forward to new intel.

  13. The system that required The Children to beg for scraps from the table like dogs has been struck down.

    Those who serve, do so in deep and abiding love for you. Greet their Service with gratitude, joy, love, cooperation, self-reliance and a deeply rooted sense of humility. Don't ask them, don't expect them to do YOUR work for you.

    Soft words, gracious intent will fling open the doors and windows of abundance. Harsh words lock the doors and tighten the latches.