Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Short Update About the Paris Conference and Zurich Workshop

Our Portal conference in Paris was a huge success. We have been instructed not to work on financial system but rather to transform the Paris vortex, as before the conference that vortex was one of the main Archon strongholds in Europe. We activated the Paris vortex for the Light and transformation of energies in Paris was tremendous. Needless to say, we immediately got sunshine and clear blue skies after many days of rain.

A strong interdimensional portal was opened and it connected Paris, Giza plateau in Egypt, Al Nilam stargate in Orion and the Galactic Central Sun. This portal will be one of the main stabilization portals for the planet at the time of the Event.

Our Goddess Spiral Workshop in Zurich went beyond all expectations and manifested energies of balance never experienced before. In the moment of the Autumn equinox, we have balanced female and male polarities and have triggered a planetary process of triangulating all pairs of opposites and merging them into Oneness.

Needless to say, we had sunshine all the time. The sun of One is about to rise on the surface of this planet.

Total Victory of the Light is near. 


  1. Does this mean that the next report we see from you will be about the remaining information towards the planetary situation as everyone else sees it so far?

    Glad that this work has been done, despite never actually bothering to bring anything to a table at all, I guess.

  2. Planetary Situation Update part 2 later this week

  3. Thank you Cobra, for all that you do, and gratitude for the Liberation Forces. I always appreciate your information.

  4. Tremendous work for the Light! Mahalos and Aloha! Namaste. Much love to you, Lady Isis and all the Cobra Family!

  5. Victory of the LIGHT!

    Hemp for VICTORY!

    I saw the Mona Lisa in the Louvre in Paris. It was a lot smaller than I had always imagined and we had to stand behind the rope about 20 meters from the painting. I also took the stairs up the Eiffel Tower as far as I could. What a view.

    Yes, Hemp for VICTORY!

    Victory of the LIGHT!

  6. Great job ladies and gents. Hope is was as gratifying as it was powerful and effective. Thank you all so much for your work there!

    Much love.

  7. Great work COBRA & the Light Team!!!
    Wish I was present & more invloved :)

    Victory of the Light

  8. So wonderful and exciting! Feeling the shift all around me now!

  9. Thank you!! Can't wait for the Event to take place. We've all had enough of what is going on this place and my country (Greece) has been through a lot. Thank you for all the work and efforts. <3

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  11. I must confess ,i'm sick of all this nonsense world,most of the times i feel hopeless and alone,sometimes i have the need to talk to someone higher,not only to my self....i really hope i can see the beginning of the golden era in my life time....i live in Portugal

  12. Cobra I'd like to thank you, Alexandra Meadors for so much work for Humanity on the Earth Plane and I am also exiting for the upcoming Event hopefully verry soon.

    Much love from Aukje Veldhuis Netherlands..

  13. Hi Cobra i'd like to thank you for everything as the incoming information on the Event.
    I am hoping that the Event soon would take place, so that Planetairy also can started to change for the golden era.. I sent you all my love from the Netherlands and thanks Alexandra Meadors and many others for all the good work for Humanity as One..

  14. Yes Thank You for your unconditional love and courage! I cant wait for this to be over with. Does anyone think this will happen before or after the end of the year?

    1. I don't think there's anyway for any of us to know but I wouldn't hold your breathe. Just enjoy now :)

  15. We really are entering a period when we need to hold onto a solid intent as to what we understand is about to happen..

    Despite whatever doubts you may have, keep your intent strong and remind yourself that this crazy story is for real. Everyone of us has come to a realisation about what has been done in our own personal way.

    Remind yourself of what it was, that kept nagging at you and the information that finally made the penny drop. Keep that moment as your touchstone and whenever you find yourself doubting your judgement relive that moment when you understood the scale of manipulation to all of us.l.

    Also remind yourself that we have all survived this long without any major atrocity, Think about it with what you now understand, do you honestly think they would have let significant dates like 11-11-11 and 12-12-12 pass without incident. The only way we have not descended into chaos is because we have been receiving assistance (external assistance).

    From the moment you became aware of the problem which may have been 30 years or only a week ago, the truth is still the truth and each one of us has had to find our own way to this point in time by discerning the available information. The really interesting fact is that we have done this work in isolation and we have all found ourselves here together with a common understanding.

    This is more than coincidence, take strength from the fact that you are no longer working alone with only your discernment and intuition as company. You are surrounded by people that understand the history and are expecting the same outcome.

    We are no longer alone! Victory to our light!

  16. Thank you Cobra for your great service to humanity!! Namaste... Working slowly on the local groups. Encourage everyone to got to and join their local group. Cobra, might want to make the link to it easier to find, lots of links on there

  17. Thank you, we're on our way to manifesting a Golden Age of peace and prosperity.

    Om Shanti & Victory Now :)


  18. Wonderful, sweet, uplifting message!
    Thank you Cobra for your dedication to help humanity towards freedom and for spreading unconditional love, we can feel it!!
    Blessing, love and gratitude for your work.

  19. I want to say thanks not only to Cobra and to Alexandra Meadow who really carry a burden but also to all the other co-workers behind the scene who also contribute with their awesome jobs days and nights. I think we hardly can imagine the dimension of the whole thing. I believe it is so tremendous and I send all my blessings to all the people who are involved in this, no matter if they are at the forefront or somewhere in the background behind the scene.

    We had an awesome Equinox celebration with 24 people here in the Far North of New Zealand. The energies are definitely changing and it was fantastic, joyful and uplifting. We celebrate each Solistice and Equinox and last year there were quite heavy energies but now we can feel the change drastically.

    Love, light and freedom for all from New Zealand

  20. Victory of the LIGHT!

    Hemp for VICTORY!

    A better link and audio synchronization:

    Victory of the LIGHT!

  21. Bonjour Cobra, First I want to thank you warmly (and all others joining) for all your fantastic work. I just discovered "Prepare for Change" after a long life journey (At 3 years old I remember, lying in the snow, dark at night, asking the sky "ok what's the deal here" ;-) Even though I resonate tremendously with all that is going on here I wonder why are you the only one from your Galactic Federation "Team" educating people on the planet. How come you are not more people doing this?

  22. some kind of opposites cannot and must not

    be mixed,truth and lie,makes confusion,health and

    death illness ,poison and water is undrinkable.....we

    can surrend and trasform in god oness the evil but is

    not good or necessary to mix it with the good.would

    you go to bed with queen elizabeth,or your partner

    with kissinger,while we all bless this union in

    oneness?don' think so,isn't it.i hope you had the

    wisdom to realize this in your thing are

    natural polar opposites in the same cycle and another

    the aberrations of cabal.their energies must be

    surrounded by god energy,not mixed with others

    people and expecially with lightworkers,when we act in

    subtle realms we must do it for the benefit of all beings

    and in respect of all beings,we cannot force darkness in

    light beings or opposite nor is needed or good to mix

    them before.this is needed to get real balance

    overcoming service to self and to others extremes,no

    violence no masochism,just respect.if dark beings want

    to keep alive will have to surrender totally to light,not

    descharge their shit on others and get the light to go

    on,and do worse.when there is darkness we must be

    light to balance it,but we are working for the victory of

    light and this gets out of the old plans and

    ways,otherwise which would be the sense of the new

    energy coming from the centre of galaxy?goddess

    wants the solving of unnecessary evil and the old style

    of balancing or mixin good and cruelty simply does not

    fit anymore. old tricks,would say,old mind pretending

    to be new.we need collectively to make a deep revision

    and cleaning of ourselves and to be forgiven renounce

    to extremes of ego among which,other side of the coin,

    self sacrifice.change game is very different from

    mixing the two sides of the old usual coin and bless the

    coin,and we need wisdom before projecting things


  23. Im living near from Zurich. If you have again a workshop in Zurich or somewhere else in Switzerland I could participate!

    Im also searching local lightworkers/lightfighters for meditating on forceplaces (kraftorte).

    Victory of the Light