Monday, October 28, 2013

Stardust 3 operational


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  2. YES! 1 more step in the right direction!

  3. Great news, hope this 3.0 version of stardust is one with no side effects, we should be through tip-toe'ing and negotiating, time to use the big guns, and good riddance! People are tired of the cabal's influence. I want out of this roller coaster already.

  4. We are waiting for an explanation, thanks.

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    1. I thought I had read on this website that stardust is like a weapon of the GF (nano particles aimed at paralysing cabal members at the moment of the event). Something like that. Try to look it up on this site.


    2. Pre-Event pixie dust :)

    3. Look into previous blog posts for "Stardust 2". That should give you an answer as to what Stardust 3 is.

      Considering that they're using a new version of Stardust for their attempt at the suppression of the Cabal, it makes me wonder about three things, although none of them has me extremely worried.

      1) Is this version of Stardust also meant to suppress the compartmentalized mind control of victims from Monarch and MKUltra, as well as the intended physical arrest of the Cabal's movements?

      2) Are the Cabal actually purging themselves of Stardust 2? Or is their changing the guard involving the 300 so that those "in power" are not ones that are currently laced with it?

      3) The Cabal are almost certainly still using mind control methods and other harmful things to suppress people. But is one of the more dreaded things, "Nano Domestic Quell", still being sprayed across the country, or even perhaps the world?
      As certain as I feel that it is not, the fact that the Galactic Confederacy feels the need for a new version of Stardust is an insinuation that the Cabal is still fighting with the same old tools that bear some shiny new resistances to the present technology of the Confederacy.
      Or maybe all that tripe for number three is just utter crap, and I'm being paranoid with my hypothetical stuff.

      On a more positive flipside, though, Stardust 3 might even be something to help free us en masse from the etheric implants that are present in those that don't know they have them/cannot know how to remove them, as well as remove any other particular poisonings that would interfere with spiritual connections, which in turn would allow the Event's energetic signal to function properly in everyone.

      Any of these things could be what Stardust 3 is for. It could even be something that I am not aware of, and am wrong about on all of these counts. Still, cross your hopes together that it is technology from the Confederacy that is meant to help us set ourselves free from the systems that bind us in learned notions and unnecessary falsehoods.

  6. Victory of the LIGHT!

    Red Alert:

    Victory of the LIGHT!

  7. If I understand this correctly, then the transition from testing to operational is drastically picking up speed. That can only be a good thing. Right?


    Lets hope Stardust 3 includes Kissinger! As per one of Cobra's interviews (either the last or the one before).

  9. New Cobra Interview