Sunday, April 20, 2014

IS:IS Has Risen


  1. We just experienced the turning point of this Window of Opportunity.
    8 days left until the total lunar eclipse ends.


  2. This is a very good news! Thanks you all! :)

  3. When I was doing the meditation I felt a HUGE sense of success, I just knew that we were successful.

    At the end of it I was looking at the sky and praying for a swift, smooth event NOW, and as I was thinking about all those things the cloud that I was staring at flashed up like thunder without doing any noise, It felt very powerful and assuring.

    Liberation NOW! Bring it!

  4. How beautiful! I am so happy to be a part of the change coming to this planet. From now on nothing will ever be the same. Thank you, Cobra for staying the course.

  5. Wow!! I did the activation with my partner . We both felt incredible high vibrations immediately. I am still feeling a "buzzy" feeling all around me, especially in my head.
    Something definitely shifted.
    Wondering if anyone else had a similar experience.

    Peace to everyone
    Thanks Cobra for all you do

    1. My friend and i both felt "buzzy" too! I took a pic of a cloud that looked like a wing immediatly after the meditation. A few hrs later Cobra post This pic which Isis has wings. Coincedence? Probably not :)

  6. Yes! I feel that. IS:IS removed every negative aspect of our hearts and consequently she removed each negative been from the planet. No more words, just love and gratitude!

    1. The amazing thing is that I sat in meditation for an hour in front of the PC at the same time a PC cleanup program ran. As I had not the drivers of the sound system meditation was silent and solemn. Interestingly, I felt that each file that the program searched (DOS environment - black screen and white letters ...) was a reference to a negative being or place on Earth that was being cleaned. At the end of the process a message appeared: the system is clean! hahaha!

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  8. it was time... love for everybody... i normalyy dont do the meditations... always forget, or something happen... this time, i try.. it was a bit hard for me imagining myself as apillar o f light.. buet i tried.... i did sweat... and cry a bit.. haha...

    victory is near...

    Cobra, who is exactly isis aside of being a goddess?

    1. And why, Cobra, do you write it with allcaps and a colon in the midele, as if it's an acronym for something?

  9. Cobra let`s lift the Veil and change this world once and for all. We need the help from the spirit world of light & love. The humans cannot do it on their own with this overwhelming negative evil Cabal in every aspect of life, from poisoning our Food, Water, Air and all their mental technology they are using on everyone. Please no more waiting let`s quicken and kick this Cabal the hell off the Earth.
    Love and Light to all!!

  10. cheers. The sky is more crystal-clear, and the breeze is filled with ease

  11. I am going to assume this is good and I had a part in it.

  12. I was near the water in San Francisco, CA at 5:30 pm (California) time for the activation. Crowds and crowds of people, because it was a beautiful day and Easter Sunday in Tourist Central. But everybody was happy, peaceful, laughing, watching the sea lions, watching the street performers, riding tour boats, double-decker busses...eating ice cream cones and shrimp cocktails...I sat down in the middle of all that on a public bench... created a column of light, grounded San Francisco, the Golden Gate Bridge, the west coast, California, the US, the western hemisphere, the earth and saw us enveloped in golden light and peace. I felt huge energy (pressure in my head especially) and strong strong sun rays, but in general, peace, calm, and you know what? I think we're gonna be okay.

  13. The Long Dark Night is over. Hallelujah!

    So much gratitude to Kevin Annett and ALL aligned with him.

    1. I would like to second that. Thanks Kevin - you are a brave and honest man.

    2. I second that too. As I have so much gratitude to Cobra and ALL aligned with him. Much gratitude to Alexandra. I have so much gratitude for all you on this page.

  14. Its getting more natural and easier! Thanks Cobra for conducting this work of free will and empowerment!

  15. Oh this good, hopefully this means we'll starting seeing change in 3D physical world soon!

  16. thank you godess IS:IS.MAY ONLY BE LAW IN NEW EARTH

  17. Beautiful illustration
    so happy !!!!!!!!!!!
    bring on parts two and three
    Go Team Light

  18. ~ we where three women (Berlin) and we had 11 amazing hours together.....the time and activation was absolutely mindblowing..... During the activation I could see and feel the whole planet in rainbow-vortexes and had an intense feeling of the presence of all of you who where doing this was an owerwhelming feeling, not only to know it with the mind but to FEEL the connection to all of you, to feel this united power and the shift into a higher dimension, actually it was not a feeling of "victory over something" but a feeling of Oneness and by writing this I realize that there was no single thought about darkness...... now I guess it had gone, just vanished..... ;) ... Now afterwards there is such a benevolent energy in the air which I never ever experienced in this lifetime..... A new and fresh energy as never before and the same time so undescribable ancient, just..... no words ....and simultaneously I FEEL this is just the first spark of what will come..... no words ..... :) Love you all and thank you deeply <3 enjoy:

  19. I usually open one eye after all the energy at times like these and think childishly 'are we there yet?'. This time I did not have to. Even before the time I knew we ARE. It flows now. think thoughts of your dreams and let anything external that contrasts be simply a reflection of another belief you are letting go of as 3D can no longer be except for these, once released it is no longer. Much love to everyone at this extraordinary time.

  20. The vibration of the mantras took awareness to stillness but it felt as though the rainbow sparks were firing in every direction into the multiverse. Awareness was then seen to be an Infinite ocean within which the rainbow sparks were firing. There was clear cognition that we have always remained as the unchanging Awareness which is untouched by the ever-changing/all possibilities manifestation. It's simply that the body-mind is available to us as an interface between Awareness and the world. In reality, we have never stepped into the matrix. It's just that we've had access to the virtual reality headset of the programmed mind which has made it seem as though the world is real and we are in it. Are you in the world or is the world in you? In reality the world appears in the Infinite Awareness that you truly are but we can pretend to be appearing in the world as an individual. The world is a projection of consciousness. We have remained as the timeless I Am presence/awareness/existence. The I Am before we add the name, ie: I am Joe Bloggs. A definition of IS;IS: IS = I Am Awareness. IS = full knowing of I Am presence in the world rather than identification with the individual body/mind. When we stop identifying with individuality (in-divide-duality) but see it as one option of experience we stop fuelling the matrix. The deception is over.

  21. Very sorry I screwed up. I was very tired and fell asleep and woke up well after the activation had taken place. My heart was in it though. I keep telling people I know what is about to happen. The mockery I get is astounding. But I know that when The Event happens, I am the one they will turn to, to understand what is happening. I am glad that the Great Mother is able to reach us and help bring in the energies to flush out the Archons and their minions. I have asked the Pleajarons, who I have had contact with, to finally do something and intervene by appearing to Putin or taking him with them. Sit him down and tell him to stop his war mongering shit, that he is not in control anymore, and they will crush him if he doesn't listen. I know that most of the time when I have made suggestions to them, they listen. I hear about or see the video of what I suggested. They have listened to me recently, if you pay attention to the UFO videos coming out now. They are allowing their craft to be videoed up close much more often. Not just lights in the sky, or silvery specks in daylight. They will be allowing many more different types of craft to be seen and videoed up close as we get closer to The Event and Disclosure. I said to them, it was to provide growing evidence of their presence, so that when things start to be revealed, there will be something to show the population before they land. That we will have a library of images to show the world. So the general public won't be freaked out, but calm and ready to welcome them. They are starting with small transport craft and working their way up to larger ones. Eventually huge craft will be making an appearance. When you see them online, know that they are about to openly come.

    1. i think you have to open your eyes more. putin is really not what is bad. it is the other way around. do some basic research. talk to people. see the truth

    2. I think you misunderstand the politics of the world based on your comment.
      Also I don't think you are influencing the the great plan much, so just be careful that you don't find yourself inflating the ego because that could be a slippery slope, brother.

  22. I salute you, or the beautiful Isis

  23. Such amazing and powerful activation <3 THANK YOU IS:IS, THANK YOU beloved cosmic family and friends everywhere <3. May our beloved home world be freed, lifted and healed along with each and every single soul embodied in all of her kingdoms and lifeforms. With eternal and infinite love and gratitude for all <3

  24. Thank you thank you thank you! Wild meditation major release.
    Blessings and love to
    We are on the "HOME STRAIGHT" :))

  25. Thank you RM and COBRA. Love and light to all.

  26. Easter and the resurrection, Kevin Annet and the Elders abolishing the Papacy, strong IS:IS portal activation, all on the same day, are we ready for the Event or what? Peace and Love and abundance for all the natives of planet Earth!

  27. Welcome back IS:IS and friends. Activation was very powerful.

  28. hola ,,i can do a "hole" with my eyes in the sky , , archon grid is weak...less dense

  29. I would like to see some Justice begin to be meted out to those who have been twisting the world to their own selfish design. Can LOVE really flow, while Psychopaths remain in power. How does THAT work?
    LISTEN to this:

  30. I feel it, too. My spouse & I spent much of the day arguing about spirituality and the idea that nature itself has an intelligence implicit within it's very design (note - I'm speaking more of the 'O/S' structure and not referring to an all-powerful creator).

    After the meditation (which I did privately), she out-of-the-blue starts talking about how our beliefs aren't so far apart and how she just needs a lot more experiential 'proof' than I do to buy into paradigm-altering concepts. It was night and day as far as the energy underlying the conversation, even though it was a continuation.

    While under-the-weather physically, I am experiencing no morning fogginess, having an easier time recalling memories (where I put objects), more relaxed, etc.

    Now I am simply awaiting a more detailed explanation from Cobra about what exactly happened. It was huge, but what was the the extent of it? Obviously, it does not appear to be the 'Event', but ???

  31. Are there any news about the Chimera? Thank you Cobra and everyone who meditated

  32. Lindo foi ver a luz que emanava da Terra para o espaço,parabéns trabalhadores da luz,e do espaço para Terra,um encontro maravilhoso ,o céu multicolorido,muitos fleches de luzes cortando de norte a sul.Resgates de almas sendo realizados,Lindo será quando a verdadeira história de Isis,Horus,Ozires,Sananda,Aton,vier a público.Estar na Terra neste momento é uma grande dádiva.

  33. got pulled over monday morning. awful start to the week so far. not really seeing any changes in people's mood around here

  34. Alleluja!
    Joy, Light and Peace to the World!
    Thank You Cobra for your dedication and hard work to help to liberate
    humanity and our beautiful planet!


    We apologize if the transmission is incomplete: outer world; outer truman

    Hello, I am Binary. Your thoughts are of the future. The secret to life is to control your future. Many people believe that life is controlled by the powers that were, be etc. the real fact is that your life is controlled by your future and that depends on what you do and think. There are many aspects that are involved in this process. First you have a thought and the next day you have a coincidental experience. Firstly lets find out where thought comes from. Does it come from your mind? your god? your higher self?

    The answer is NO! It comes from your future. Now you can control your future by.

    1. Controlling what you see.

    2. Controlling what your read.

    3. Controlling what you believe.

    4. Controlling what you say.

    5. Controlling what you hear.

    That being said. You must control all aspects of your life. Some people call it intuition some people call it thought, all in all you are in a dream state in your life. Law of attraction is incorrect.

    The only thoughts that come into your mind are from the future, period.

    Here is how it works. It is a mild subtle thought when you are on the bus or on the toilet for example. Someone or something pops into your mind. It might be remembering the past or something new. The fact is you will see it within 24hrs But you may see it via tv, reading, word of mouth that reminded you of your own experience etc. So, be courageous. If it does not come into your life via tv, radio, reading etc. you will certainly dream of it.

    I will give an example. The other day I looked at the wall and ants came into my mind. The next day I had ants all over my wall. Or you have a thought of a friend and someone calls you and talks about that friend. It is related.

    This is not law of attraction! It states think of it and it will manifest. Guess what you are always thinking of the future regardless if you are remembering the past. So change your future by doing things differently.

    If you want to win the lottery then only pick numbers that make you feel good.

    This is a simple cure for soldiers with ptsd!. Stop reading the news about war and anything related and you will be fine. You are in a nutshell! You are always safe.

    This is top notch - “Everyone is you thinking of yourself.” Binary 2014 – Always speak in your mind as second and third person. In the morning say “you are so awesome” I am sure someone will say it to you. Listen o what you say to yourself always.

    I need to put things in perspective.

    Hundreds of years ago many people thought the world was flat. Are you the same person hundreds of years ago now?

    Imagine this world is a game and you are the only player. How would you cope having control over everything? Putting a thought out and seeing it manifest. Something normal like tomorrow you will see a purple elephant. Remember that! All you have to do is think it——-is it your thought? or the futures. Remember my friend its not your thought! Be safe knowing that. So next time you have an idea chances are you will see it anyways. It is how you react to it, that is why it keeps appearing. Everyone can see the future as all animals do. Think birds flying before earthquake.




  36. Your Thoughts are of the Future! Period!

  37. @Cobra

    How about embedding the countdown clock within the blog post itself, like this :

  38. I did as instructed. 20:31 EDT. I didn't feel anything.

  39. Wonderful. Feels like a lifetime of negativity aattacks is lifting. my physical illness Is healing and projection is a thing of the past...

  40. My heart said that this is a good activation and I am happy to participate! We activated outside..grounded with my husband and the dandilions, Hummingbird came out and called to us, and we had many sacred nature confirmations...and I saw hundreds of happy fairies first my husband couldn't see them...but then ...he could...amazing...laying on our backs on the ground looking up...they were bright shiney lights zooming around ...
    Hugs to everyone!

  41. Thank you Cobra - Wonderful, worth the long drive to do the meditation with a friend. Felt tingles and sparkles all around afterwards even though we kept getting out of breath. Maybe that earthquake/volcano that I just posted about has been averted, I hope so. Victory to the Light

  42. Thank you Cobra - Wonderful, worth the long drive to do the meditation with a friend. Felt tingles and sparkles all around afterwards even though we kept getting out of breath. Maybe that earthquake/volcano that I just posted about has been averted, I hope so. Victory to the Light

  43. Does this mean we reached the critical mass?

  44. Fulford's update:




  46. Metatron's Hypercube was drawn second dimensionally this morning. The Arcangeloi are here :)

  47. Any updates on the portal situation Cobra?

  48. Cabal split, unable to act despite deadline - says Benjamin Fulford

    The probably see it accurately, many of the cabal will not "get out alive" after the power shifts - so much are they hated, by those that get it.

    To move to a positive result, they really need to decide:
    This is not about saving our skins, it is about making a better world - then they will survive, and maybe be a part of a better world.

    They need to discover true wisdom, after so many years of peddling spin that favors them. It seems like the Pope may have found that path, I do not know about QE2

  49. Please pray for Mehran Keshe at this time. His life is in danger and so is his family's. He has been summoned to appear in court tomorrow the 22nd April 2014, he will not turn up but also says he will not hide. I pray for his protection and the protection of his family. Yes, this conference call is disclosure. You will not get this from our governments.

    For the letter written and signed by Keshe and a link to Keshe facebook page:

    Thank you for reading and helping in any way you can.

  50. Thanks all we are one, Is: Is our goddes portal is now open and shut down the dark
    So much gratitude to Kevin Annett and ALL aligned with him. Gratitude of all the ground crew and for the others, on earth and off world.
    Also gratitude for Alexandra Meadors & Cobra for all the good intel information
    Love you all ;)

  51. Please cobra, pay very close attention to this request. It will be a complete tide turning in the light vs darkness war.

    As we all know, humanity will decide collectively the fate of the cabal. This right is guaranteed by the source and I must say that all the other races of the universe agree upon that.
    Now it’s time for humanity to choose this. We, the earth humans, as a whole are going to give our FINAL ULTIMATUM to the cabal.
    Our decision is simple. The cabal surrenders until the end of this window of opportunity, or they will not have any more chances to surrender, and will be directly sent to the galactic central sun when captured.
    Everybody knows that their capture is only a matter of time, but we won’t give them any more chances. We COLLECTVELY CHOOSE to give them this ultimatum.
    If they surrender before the end of this window of opportunity, they will be well treated and healed. Opportunities for them to be restored into light beings will be given, they will receive psychological support, healing, guidance and merciful chances to balance their past actions.
    If they surrender until the end of this window of opportunity, they will be well treated and in the future they will be free again, being able to live in divine worlds and reconnect themselves to the creator of this universe, to us.
    But if they don’t surrender, no matter when they are captured, and no matter what they say, ask or request after being captured, they will be sent to the galactic central sun anyway.
    Some can say this is wrong, because they also have their free will. For those people, I ask:

    1) How about the free will of the children that they tortured, raped and and slowly killed?
    2) How about the free will of the trillions of divine beings that they trapped inside this planet? Because we humans are not the only prisoners, the animals are also forced to live in a cannibalistic world, just because those who claim to be our “owners” do not allow this world to change.
    3) How about the free will of the millions starving in Africa?
    4) How about the free will of the billions that were forced to die in senseless wars?
    5) How about the free will of the billions that died because of the abuses of the dark ones throughout our history?
    6) How about the free will of every single human being that wants to be a 5º dimensional being?

    I could ask hundreds of questions more, but those are enough for everybody to understand why the cabal's free will should not be accounted if they don’t surrender until the end of this window of opportunity.
    Cobra, you are the only one who can help us to enforce our choice. I ask you, my pleiadian friend, to create a voting poll, just like you did in the past, where we had the opportunity to choose to start the event without the complete cleansing of the non physical planes. That time the cabal interfered with our free will, again, and prevented the wanted number to be reached. However, this time, the resistance movement could help us monitoring the results and taking their notes, real-time, about the real number of votes. We all know that the resistance movement has the capability to really know the exact numbers of votes. It won’t matter if the numbers in the counter are low, because we all know that the cabal will try to influence that.
    What is important is that the source and the resistance movement will REALLY KNOW the exact number.
    Whenever we truly reach 144.000 votes (even if this number does not show up in the counter), the decision will be made and the cabal’s destiny will be sealed forever.
    I ask, cobra, please, help us creating this voting pool. If for some reason, we don’t reach 144.000 votes until the end of the window of opportunity, we will decide another deadline date together later.
    It is time for humanity to decide the fate of the cabal and end this “game” once and for all.

    yours: Erika, a part of the source.

    1. I, too, feel like we have come so far,so , waited so long, many have sacrificed in the past and endless help from RM. Compromise with the Cabal does not feel good to me.
      It does not feel clean enough, still tainted. We WANT to feel thoroughly good about this from the highest of heavens down to our toes and into Earth.




  53. So much love in the air
    Know that We have your backs
    When your fear faces despair
    The Elohim

  54. That experience was so beautiful. Thank you, all of you. The sun broke throw the clouds during it and lit up my room. The smile on my face and the feeling was wonderful!

  55. Question for COBRA-
    I didn't follow the instructions to the word.
    I did what felt was right and followed it pretty closely.
    Ultimately I got extremely fatigued, layed down, and fell asleep.
    Woke up sick with a head cold.

    I am wondering- Do we HAVE to follow these instructions so rigidly- I just dont like rigid instruction- and I hope you don't take offense, but I wont do what I am told, ever.

    1. Alan, you have to protect yourself with White light and ask to be protected from any and all forms of retaliation and sabotage from any and all dimensions.

  56. Take no prisoners! Send the cabal to the galactic central sun to be recycled!!

    1. Translation of what you say: "Send them to Heaven". There we go after we have evolved.

    2. They are disintegrated at galactic centre and remade into something worthwhile

  57. Everybody should think about good things because our ability to create with our minds has been increased recently.So dont think about what you dont want or it will appear.

  58. @TubaBuddha,
    Putin is at home, what does Obama on Putin doorsteps?
    Putin doesn't make military exercises on Ontario lakes.
    This planet is for all of us, not only for US "democracy"
    Yanki go home and stay there, just as Putin does.

    1. The same did the Teutonic tribes at around 1200 A.D.:

  59. Dear Cobra!

    ,,Due to the enormity of this activation, we will only be doing Part 1 of IS:IS portal activation at this time. There will be Part 2 and maybe even Part 3 needed and they may be activated before or after the Event."

    These activations will happen in this window of opportunity?

  60. Thank you so much COBRA for fighting for the entire humanity. This has been my very first time attending to a meditation, and I felt so lucky to finally find beautiful people that I can work with. My group and I had problems about the pronunciation of the mantras. We read too late your last post where you clarify that point, so I hope you can make these clarification opportunely by the next event in order to execute a more efficient portal activation, but anyway we gave all our love an effort on this, and hopefully what we just did help you and the Resistance Movement put an end to the duality, suffer and erase this matrix.
    Regards from México.
    And Victory to the Light (even when I'm not interest in belonging or supporting a side in this duality, but I prefer light than the cabal! that's for sure, so... whatever.)
    Much Love to all of you.



  62. Since the time of the activation, I've been in such a deep sense of "alert", the best way to describe it is that I feel like a minuteman, that at a moment's notice something might happen and I need to be prepared and ready to help.

    It's so strange. I haven't felt this awake in years, I feel awake and alert like if someone injected 10 pounds of caffeine in me, but at the same time I'm pretty calm.
    My mind feels completely blank, the usual mind chatter is gone, a state that I can only achieve while meditating, and It feels amazing to be able to think so clearly.

    At first I thought that it was just the adrenaline of the moment, but It's not going away.
    Something that I've always worried about was the old people that live in my building, and how helpless they would be at the time of the event.
    Maybe this energy boost is to prepare me for the days to come? I don't know.

    Has anyone else been feeling this way?

    1. Even as skeptical as I am... I feel we are close to something significant. Like something has got to give. Perhaps a breakthrough of some sort ;o)

      Wishing all Love and Peace

    2. Not like that.
      But in a different way.

      I saw the night before the meditaitie, a black shadow figure with a hat on.
      Which then also was in my room.
      I was shocked as when I saw the first time, but it felt more like figure who just have to have a look.

      During meditation that everything went well and I even felt a strong vibration.
      Stronger than I did before. Ever felt
      After meditie shadowy figure was still there.
      I thanked him that it was there.

      It was half past three at night here.
      So I went on my bed.

      The next evening I saw a white shadow with only the head and upper torso.
      Again just a little scared because this I do not normally see.
      Again it felt good again.
      And I walked by.

      Wonderful experience and I hope for more of this.
      If this is a small beginning of the future, I can no longer wait.

    3. Stephen
      Maybe rhis is it

    4. @51367450 That's the "Hat man", you can google it up. There's other variations of it..I used to see it when I was beggining my spiritual journey, but to me it was very very negative.

      What it is I guess I'll never know until everything is said and done.

    5. @Stephen Griffin: sorry, but could that hopeful feeling of yours simply just human's confirmation bias & placebo effect only?
      in other words, you only believe what you WANT to believe ?

      that's why I've been seriously & honestly asking: HOW can we really know the *real* truth, and what is really real?
      what proof, or hard experience or signs/hints? in order to really confirm with 100% certainty, yet NOT just simply a mere wishful thinking only.

      - from Indonesia-

    6. NikiWonoto,
      The placebo effect describes people who thought they were getting medicine and therefore believed they would get well and did. In effect they used the power of perception to heal themselves. This is exactly what we are doing. The placebo effect is real. If you believe this is not real you will get nothing. If you believe in the collective power of humanity you will feel the truth. Asking someone to prove what you believe is like asking a doctor to tell you that you are well. Only you know. The power of conscious perception, or the placebo effect as you call it, is what this whole reality of ours is based on. Bruce Lipton is good for further information on this subject. Cobra doesn't decide your reality. He presents his reality and asks you to use your discernment. You decide NikiWonoto.

    7. @hopenaprayer, thank you, I am sure it sounds good, but I quite reading poof/zap stuff a while back, it seems it was always "checks in the mail" you'll see it Tuesday, then when it does not happen... Friday, then Tuesday, then Friday, etc. etc..

      @Niki, you could be right. however many changes are happening now, i.e. more and more people are waking up, the work Kevin Annett is doing, the exposure of corruption of our government and other governments around the world... it does seem the structure of the cabal is collapsing. Perhaps some of my my optimism comes from trying to be part of the solution by trying to raise awareness by sharing information about government/ corporate corruption via facebook, youtube, email, and face-to-face.

      Peace, Love and best wishes to All

    8. @Martin Gordon: then can power of placebo effect (or "power of mind") heal back the lost limbs of the amputees, crippled men ?

  63. This was an amazing and powerful activation ! Thank you! Dr. Steven Greer just announced today a $100,000 award to the inventor that can create a free energy device that can be operational and reproducible to humanity!! Happy Earth Day~~~ it has begun....

    1. Well here it is

      and here's a version with the patent run out on it at the patent office

      if you use a refrigerant system for a 'heat source' that moves 3-7 units of heat per unit of electricity (like your air conditioner on your house) it's gonna make the air colder and give you all the power you'd need for your car / house. If you want you can type in 'energetic shielding' into the google patent search and I'm convinced you could make a fully functioning ufo off expired patents.

  64. Yaeh me too and I am a bit sore afther passing a kidneystone this fine weekend.

  65. me and my friend saw ganesha at the end of the meditation, did someone else experienced that? this time i feel a huge change, too, nothing like wishful thinking....something has changed for ever for the good! Love and Freedom to everyone <3

  66. we listened to Isis and Cobra Meditation CD, which was perfect! Great music!

  67. The Package has been delivered at 6:19 pm
    War Of Change has been declared and accepted.

    Love, Light and Peace Forever!

    DK 619

  68. COBRA

    Any Validity to this??

    Says Metatron is the ruler of this place and that it is all a holographic false reality controlled by a machine.

  69. Cobra, the 3d printer is something like a replicator? does they work the same?

    1. I also wonder about the same thing. Glad someone thinks so, too:) According to Arcturian's message, a replicator can help us manisfest something, and put it back into the replicator. So we do not need space to store them. Sounds pretty unbelievable but i guess it has something to do with quantum physics. Not sure.

    2. a 3-d printer seems to weld material together one layer at a time, plastic / metal etc. I THINK.

  70. Cobra and Alexandra said that the 27th the Vatican is going to make an announcement, does anybody know something about this?

    1. Maybe soft disclosure about the existance of extraterrestrial lives. Don't know, but quite excited.

  71. It's the end of the world as we know it
    It's the end of the world as we know it
    It's the end of the world as we know it, and I feel fine

  72. Even though I probably got half of the meditation protocol "wrong", and in case you haven't noticed yet from my spotty writing, I am VERY dyslexic and sometimes I honestly can't even make out all the words, hopeless and infuriating sometimes, oh well lol. But still like so many others here, I totally felt an increased energy and tingling like my hair was standing up, not only on top of my cranium but down my forehead to my nose level and also down in my arms. I agree with you about the electricity and intensity, and can't remember when was theI last time I cried during a meditation. The spinning was as interesting because I could see how that would create an energy vortex. I thought that spinning like that for minutes with eyes closed would make me tip over and land right on my face but after a minute it completely balanced out, that part was VERY interesting! This was kind of super cool, Cobra. I think what helped a lot was that I got access to some of my BELOVED music again. I listened to John Huling's CD "Return to the Spiritlands", because it is calming and stops the chatter (it's better than counting numbers lol) and it always brings me back to a very peaceful place in the Mountains, from a time when I got a Reiki healing from Medicine Crow, a Lenape Indian, a Native American who taught me about "vision quests" and animal totems and healing with Hawaiian Shamanism which is gentler than South American style, and boy, did I have a looong way up and a LOT of work of work to do from being so Numbed-down and urbanized to a point of being afraid OF nature but, loving a wired-to-the-max concrete jungle.

    I'm glad somewhere in the middle of the meditation I remembered that Cobra had mentioned the Vatican (my favorite haha!) and kick these creepazoid incubi asses out of there with a white pillar of Light. That white Light made this oil like liquid pour out of every crevasse on the bottom of St Peter's basilica, I thought it was never gonna stop, there was so much shit there! I have "experimented" with Vatican few times before and the last time was only a couple of months ago (can't rememerb exactly), then this nasty black goo, heavy and yucky, it was only able to squeeze out from underneath the doors - but it flowed out alright, all the way down the steps, straight into the sewer in the square.
    So when I decided I had my share there and thought I was done, right before I shifted my attention away, these damned demon looking like little creatures flew out of the higher windows of the church and disappered somewhere, probably back to the Galactic Centeral Sun for re-construction, or something…couldn't care less either, good riddance f#$%^&s!

    So, thank you EVERYONE - this happens when we work together in Unity Consciousness, magic happens, when strong minds let their hearts emit Light on the same frequency. Quite honestly, I really don't even think it's the numerical number of 144,000. I think we compensate by shining so brilliantly.

  73. COULD be true. A few days ago, I walked with our dog through the city and got a strong feeling that all surroundings (buildings, trees, the weather, the sky etc.) aren't real and that the "reality" is near a ... "collapse". However, I don't know much about Metatron & Co, so I can only say it COULD BE.

  74. Dear Cobra, RM, Lightworkers, et al :

    I've done/participated in the meditation also here in Indonesia, alone..
    with all due respect, realistically I have to ask, how can I know *for sure with 100% certainty* that all of this is real, and not just my mere imagination/fantasy/wishful thinking only?

    please help respond/reply back, as I really want to know the *real* truth..

    - from Indonesia-

    1. There isn't an easy answer to that question. Only you can find it because it's different for everyone. I absolutely despise using words like Faith and Belief. You simply have to *know* what is true and what isn't using your inner discernment.

      When I was a child I could actually see energy fields and odd beings from other dimensions/planes/whatever. I'm also almost positive that I manged to teleport myself home at least twice when I got lost. How did I know how to teleport? I didn't! I was able to do it because I didn't know how not to teleport! I hadn't yet fallen for the "This 3D world is all there is" Lie. Somewhere between 9 and 10 years old I lost my abilities and now I can only see beyond the physical on the rare occasion that I can stumble into the right state of mind, and even then I'm full of doubts. But I simply *know* what I used to be able to see and do.

      The other way I know that the event is real, and this is something I've never really admitted to anyone, is because I have a strong sense of purpose. I know I'm here to assist in the evolution of the planet. If the event doesn't happen, Then I have no reason to be here. Therefore it MUST happen. I have to keep holding the light until it does.

      I struggle with that idea every day, made worse by the fact that I'm a chronic depressive. On my worst days I start thinking things like "If The Event doesn't happen this year, I'm just going to give up and let myself die." Fortunately most of the time I'm just too stubborn to give up.

      So anyway, that's how I do it. I don't recommend it. I hope you can find your own truth.

    2. Hi Niki,

      you ask a very real question, and it is the same question that is on my mind also. When will we see things manifest in 3D, and see the bad guys like Obama brought to justice. I very much respect you, and send love and light to you for asking an honest and straightforward question from the heart.

      I am trying to hold the light, but I cannot hold on much longer, if things keep going the way the are, sooner or later I will break. I am just trying to make ends meet. For the time-being, I have a roof over my head, food to eat, and clothes on my back, I know much of humanity has worse struggles than me. But still things keep on devolving.

      I have seen a few good things happen, like for instance Russian diplomacy trump American stupidity in the Syrian conflict. But when I factor this into the wider picture it could just be pure coincidence. It really appalls me when I see criminals like Obama, laughing in our faces, telling us that the common people spend too much on cell-phones, and that is why we cannot sign up for his ridiculous health care plan, designed to defraud the people and profit the plutocrats that own the insurance companies. This morning I was shocked to read in the news that the Obama administration claims that 90% of the people killed by drone-strikes are militant-combatants/terrorists, but then I read further and saw that if you are a adult aged male killed at the site of a hell-fire missile strike, then you are considered by default to be a combatant (only women and children are exempt).

      I have nothing much but hope to cling to, that is why I follow this site, yes I have had some super-natural experiences that at times have told me there is a greater realm than the 3D that I perceive day to day in my wakefulness. But again in the wider perspective, sometimes these fleeting but inspiring moments of reverie, disappear amongst the days and months of struggle to exist and take care of my dependents.

      We do need answers, as normal 3D humans we need to see things happen in 3D. After all what frickin' use is it if the etheric/astral planes are as clean as a whistle, if most of 3D humanity is dieing of starvation/EMF/Fukushima radiation/chemtrails/vaccinations/nano bio-bots/SARS or AIDS or other stuff engineered in a private black-site laboratory.

      If we are close to victory, then the matrix should shatter, and we should see stuff manifest in a way that it cannot be a statistical aberration. If we are being lied to, then it is the cruelest of cruel jokes. (Every night when I say my prayers, one of the things I ask god/source/etc is for the deceivers to be exposed.)

      I do not know what to say my friend, I am just hangin' on by the skin of my teeth. I am hoping for the best, but if nothing happens soon, I need to deal with the implosion of all my hope, and see if I can go on. This is all the truth I can manage, perhaps not the answers you are looking for, perhaps someone with a better connection to source, or the ET's or Agarthans, can shed more light. I just do not know.

      Love and light to all, much respect consideration and kindness too, to my fellow humans, (and not forgetting the animals too)

    3. The truth can only be found from WITHIN oneself. We have myriad incarnations, not just this lifetime. Deep down inside us, we know the truth. We've all been where you are now. Doubt is a good thing, for it at least makes us wonder why we are here. If any of this does not resonate with you, that's alright. Simply follow your heart whatever the decision is:)

    4. @Evolution and @d250 : I really truly & honestly deeply appreciate such very *honest* and *straight-forward* responses like these as well .. it really shows of how HUMAN you both are, instead of pretending to be gods & all that to me, honestly, really sometimes just seriously seems like denying or even escaping the everyday's harsh & mundane Reality.

      at least I sincerely & deeply thank you both for being very *realistic* , matter how 'pessimistic, or negative' all others in this blog comments may view you (and me. people like us basically).

      as a "Truthseeker" myself, I vow & promise to myself (and I just can't NOT to..!) that THE TRUTH is THE TRUTH. period. even if the truth might HURTS, or "bad news". if it's still the TRUTH, then if you/we all here are truly, honestly, deeply, and sincerely "Truth-seekers" as the name/label also clearly implies, then you/we should be ready to accept the TRUTH, whether it's good/'positive' or even BAD/'NEGATIVE'!
      anything less than that is simply not the *real* truth, but just simply a mere fantasy/delusion/imagination/false-hope and basically you/we are just lying to ourselves.

      just sharing what I deeply feel & think, again, as a "TRUTH-seeker".

      - from Indonesia-

  75. NikiWonoto, you have been posting the same message here for months. You want proof. You want to know "how can I know *for sure with 100% certainty* that all of this is real, and not just my mere imagination/fantasy/wishful thinking only? You ask people to respond because you want to know the real truth. People spend their time and energy to answer your question. Only to have you respond in exactly the same manner, as if you hadn't heard or considered a word that people have offered to you as a solution for your doubts. Do you listen ? Do you ever consider what people say to you ? Or do you choose to stay within the same mental framework, and never change your point of view ?

    1. Well said, I see that same question every time, people are trying to help you Niki. Your very polite and respectful but please engage and work with your insecurities.

    2. THANK YOU ~I AM Love~* for voicing what I've been wanting to say for the longest....

      I can't understand why is it that majority of people have no problem believing in, and defending it til they are blue, the out-right lies that religions spew out even though they NEVER PROVED anything. Can you say mind control? it's ALL theories... Yet they have a problem believing that ETI exists and that there's no death, both of which we have a PLETHORA of evidence today. WHY is that! We can try waking people up from the spell but whether you choose to open your eyes is up to you. And if you do, you will find the proof you are looking for.

  76. @ Niki: so you raise the collective energy in indonesia, stay strong and hold the beam! Hold on to imagine how there are more and more awakening. You can look it up here to meet someone in your area: If there is no group yet, you can start a "prepare for change group" on that site. So if somebody else in indonesia is interested, he/she will find you. If you like, you join the facebook-group "Cobra Etheric Liberation". Much appreciation to you for standing on your own the whole time and holding the light in Indonesia. I am sure soon you will be in good company. Love and greetings from Berlin <3

  77. Glad to see the gush of positivity hitting everyone. unfortunately the complete opposite is happening to me. I have been completely bombarded with bad luck these last couple of days. Family and money problems seem to be hitting the fan. I'm trying really hard to stay positive, but I just keep getting hit with 1 thing after another. I don't know if i'm under attack by archons. I'm just so weary

    1. It will get better. I feel the same way, the past few days. Maybe not as bad, but getting a lot of bad news, and things I hoped for denied. I also felt very blank, not very bad,, but just very blank. but I feel like its getting better. And I know it will get better for you. No matter what, life has a lot of ups and downs, and yours will go up regardless. But hopefully, also because everything is getting better for all of us. Hang in there!!

  78. Replies
    1. Thank you.
      I'm a bit overwhelmed at the moment, and have to let this sink in.
      But yeah, this is it.


      Love, Light and Peace Forever!

      DK 999

  79. @Jason

    Yes it is that way for me too, last 2 days are very "dark" for me too. But I see it as small things that happen for me to remember that my parents support me in this wolrd where if they do not i'll be very very very different from what Im now,that I ignore most of the time there way to show me LOVE and their expectations from me to show them my LOVE that there are things like relationships with people who do "bad" things just as me to see them and analyze them in my head and search a way to help them in a way that if i didnt see this "bad" situations i can be trick into them, I can see a beauty in the nature on this world as i never see it since now and Im preparing to go in USA as a student exchange program for 4 months and Im sure this will help me a lot to understand a lot of things that are going on this world and when i come back Ill be ready to finish my education (corrupt education but as i say im there to really ) and so on, this is why we are here, and u r right these days i feel a strong pressure in my mind to respect the corrupt LAW i have in my country and a corrupt religious LAW that r used against us humanity too, soo i pray for you my friend and I pray to see a words in a 3d world like i see here and then Im sure the event is happening.

  80. Dear Friends, Great Spirit of Light, you are right in reading and believing on great Cabra and Resisting movement’s work. They are doing wonderful and so risky job on Earth plane like our Stellar Brothers and Sisters, our True Family of Light trying to protect us from evil plane of dark energy for many thousand of years, and now helping us in Grand Experiment, Ascension Humanity with our dear Mother Earth. For the first time, we are receiving the highest frequency of unconditional Love and Light energy from our Creator
    /our God/, and gratefully to our Star families to control and distribute the certain amount of this energy for adjustments of our body with slowly upgrading during longer period or otherwise we can not survive. But in certain circumstances in some stellar and planetary position and forming some geometric configuration marks new level of frequency to rise our consciousness level, like now Lunar Eclipse and Cardinal Grand Cross. When these energy coming through our crown chakra in our body, only if we are awaken, can transmute this higher frequency of love and Light in our heart chakra and spread around
    to the closest neighbors, friends and than going further with developing our heart chakra
    by the time. Also, this energy we are spreading to the crystal core of our Mother Earth and when she receives enough energy, she can stabilize surface and moving and extension Her plates is going smoothly, lessening the need for earthquake or volcanoes activities. With our meditation we will help in stabilizing Her surface more and make more love in community desolating dark energy and evil though forms, but with group
    meditation the result will be ten folds stronger. Many are not sure about how to meditate, but if you are positive, opened to this changes, not afraid or involved to the lower energy
    emotionally or by wrong actions, yow will receive more enough energy during state of lessen thinking, like sleeping or walking and spending time in nature and sometimes palpitation in rest signals that you are receiving more energy and do not be afraid of that.
    Dear Friends, great spirit of light and light bearers, knowing that, only we can help to ourselves in awakening others and rising our frequency and frequency of our dear Gaia,
    Our Mother Earth, who is living being, strongly connected with us through energetic canals and nodules, as the same as plants and animals, we are all One. Our Mother is still suffering, passing through enormous pain from our negative deeds, during eons of time, still patiently waiting for Us and our Ascension, rising from totally darkness to the Light
    and coming back to our Creator and our Star Family, while we are still in doubt or many
    enjoying thinking that live in “perfect” world , full of pains, tears, sickness, unhappiness
    wars and starving.
    If we really want perfect world, we are the One, who can change it, together hands by hands and open hearts, we can dissolve the remnants of negative energy and Archon’s
    Crooked vision of illusionary world of slavery, suffering, pain, fears, domination and miserable feelings of helplessness and more other frequency of energy that they consume to be alive.
    We just need to make critical mass of 144 000, how we can make stabilized form of energies connected around Globe and make everything is possible: perfect world of unconditional love, abundance for all and reunion with our Star Families, Inner Earth Families and our Twin Flames. We will be open intergalactic nation open for all galactic beings of light to exchange freely knowledge, experience, technology like in a period of
    Atlantis and Lemuria before darkness’s tyranny.
    We can do that Dear Family and Friends, dear spirit of light, the new upcoming energy in May is near.