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March Monthly Update by Cobra

You might want to listen to the March monthly update Cobra interview by Alexandra Meadors here: 

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  1. Hi Lightworkers;
    I started contacting fellow residents and sharing some intel.
    In preparation for the Event and thereafter I wrote an Open Letter to the Bioregional Ecology Center in Mount Shasta, Northern California.
    I sum up the Resistance Movement and the Event plus I introduce Ubuntu-Contributionism as a new paradigm of existence for the New Earth.
    The link for your perusal:

    Victory to the Light!
    Karin Lacy

    1. Yes Karin Ubuntu! Tellinger has the right ideas. And that is what I have been sharing with my students too. One of them recorded me in class and edited it into a funny tune.

      Also I have been making some more serious tunes dealing with our current struggle to live in love and light. I hope these tunes can be of some comfort to all you out there. Especially those freedom fighters and Cobra himself.

      Stay strong brothers and sisters. It is always darkest before the dawn.

      Oh and did you all see this?

      Love and Light and the promise of a new day...

  2. nice Karin, good work!
    I wrote before about using discernment and to keep an eye on forces that might want to take advantage of the fall of the Cabal, but I'm sure the Resistance movement and the Light forces are aware! I'm not using a fake identity here, people can easily find me, as I have recieved an e-mail from somebody that's not in sync with the info here and was trying to convince me that Cobra is not the real deal! I'm opened mind and I might change my opinion in the future, but for now I totally resonate with all the information coming from Cobra! I feel better everyday (after my meditations, not necessarily before), and I agree that all of us need to do our parts and not put expectations on a saviour outside of ourselves, but definitely we can use some external help to get rid of the Cabal and all their black magic stuff, so I'm grateful for all of you out there vibrating in a Love frequency! I don't need the negative opinions and skepticism goes hand in hand with fear, and I'm not afraid of the Illuminatti, nor Russia, nor China, except in those moments when my ego tries to be in charge! Know that you are gods, you have the Force, all you need to do is get the ego out of the way!
    I recomend this documentary that I'm watching right now: Consciousness Science Kept Hidden
    We gotta take the power back!

    1. Love that documentary. I've seen it before.
      Nice post.

  3. Beautiful Karin!
    And also a creative way to introduce the galactic agenda and the new earth!

  4. Please people, join our chat group on raidcall!
    Raidcall is a chatting sotfware that allow us to participate on group and individual conversations (audio also). We already have 5 members in the group (only the online members appear in the list).

    the group is: cobraresistance
    (No password is required.)

    you can download raidcall here:

    You can register a new account here:

    Alexandra meadors, rob potter and cobra were invited to our group already. I hope soon they will join.

  5. The American Spring Begins April 10, 2014

    UPDATE: Up to 5,000 Armed Militia Members Will Be Arriving in Bunkerville, Nevada Today


  6. Brasil y China eliminan dólar estadounidense de sus comercios
    Brazil and China cut out U.S. dollar trades

    See more at:

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    1. I hope you read my reply about you having met fellow Buddhist members in California and going to a meeting. You can write me at I know you are now in Alaska but there are members there as well. And a new community center in Anchorage I think.

    2. I'm not sure what you're trying to say...if you wanna be able to open links in a new tab, at least with firefox you can easily do so by clicking the link with the middle mouse button.

    3. Ok... about the link I posted/removed... I picked sort of a slow spot in the posting cycle (waiting for the next big up-date... and keeping the "calm"), to make sure people posting here are aware they can bookmark web pages that will show them the html code for posting web addresses as links.

      Some blogs I was looking at only opened every link to a Face Book page that never finishes loading (they are sooo NOT fun to copy and paste). And I'm seeing more and more web addresses being shared here... Then I saw one code that would open a link in a new tab (didn't seem to work for Chrome), but I thought I would give it a try... I edited my post many times, and a bunch I meant to delete was left on the end... so I had to removed it.

      (hold shift and ctrl key to click open a new tab in Chrome... they got me hooked on free apps)

      And I do go back and read/appreciate any replies to comments... good or bad... a part of growing for me.

      March 22 post Buddhist Community Center

      Trying not to write out my own blog here, I wanted to briefly share how being "calm" (homeless and way less distracted) might reveal things not taught... nothing slows down time like not eating for 3 days.

      I saw many events even stranger than 2 humans, never speaking english, snag me off the streets for a 6 hour drive to chant for a few hours (not exactly dressed in a 3 piece suit, I wasn't)... I know it was God, but never ever thinking it could be like a prophet type thing... angels..? I wore shirts 'till they almost fell off, and almost always had dozens of holes right where wings would attach :)
      Was stuff like the Buddhist road-trip, and church people that always say,"They are feeling the presence of God" (but actually look and seem like they really, really do for a change) when you give it a little extra..? effort..? I saw coffee shops and restaurants so dead I could sit all day at a table and make jewelry turn into places you now have to wait in line to get a table... my camp (for 5 years right off the plane to Alaska) now a towering Merritt Hotel.

      Could all this kind of stuff just Archons being dealt with one way or another..?

    4. Hmm..? I wonder why that first web address I posted only looks like a link.

      I can't edit so I'll try one more time (the address of a past post works as a link)

      Edit for same link as above for html codes

  8. at this point now,. since I'm still unfortunately pretty much just still a 'newbie' and without any 'psychic' power/connection to what's *really* going on behind-the-scenes etc etc,. so, I can only sincerely & truly hope that all of this are going to be really real (happening in reality) .. too many truly good humans/people, lives, and souls have lost in this very harsh & limited everyday's Reality here in this planet earth ...

    - a truth-seeker from Indonesia -

    1. Important Work Being Done during the Dream State



  9. Cobra, these strata balloons that break through the veil, surely all the space shuttles exiting the earth over the years would have done the same?

  10. My dream with the Event - Dawn of the day 04.03.14
    I remember I woke up from a dream (I can’t remember) and went straight to the window of my apartment. I noticed that on the horizon of the sky in my town was covered by a dense black cloud (not sure, if it was cloud or maybe, smoke). Was not common, I can feel it. I realized that one of the side of this “cloud “was a hologram of our planet, the natural colors but in a small order, turning slowly. I think: “This is amazing”!
    Then, I remember I was contemplating this vision with a feeling of tightness in the heart. Suddenly I saw geometric designs, a form of a Hexagon, “crumbling “big " black cloud/smoke “, starting from the bottom to the top.
    I noticed there was an "intelligence” in that case because this cloud was disintegrated, and formed at the same time, a giant hologram / projection of images and sounds. My emotion was too great to realize instantly that the event was starting. The scenes of this hologram / projection were on our story, humans. Not focused my attention on all pictures because I was rushing to warn my relatives knew that everything would change after that. They were afraid, but I was sure that we were finally free and back to living with the Truth. Remember that the images conveyed much love and compassion. We were seeing transmission “live “our true cosmic reality and full truth about our condition of life on this planet. Full disclosure, at last, I think!!! I remember we were in 2014 including ...
    I looked down and saw people running and out of their homes to see and witness The Event. No outbreak and without confusion, at least as far as I could see...
    Remember there was a time lag, impossible to describe exactly, but it seemed that the projection / hologram was in order. Once “finished " the " broadcast " there was a very intense pulse of white light coming from the sun, brightening the whole city , including .
    Remember that “woke up " from this dream , got up and went to the bathroom stumbling , holding the walls of huffing and puffing . But this “awakening " of my dream was not in our reality because I was dreaming again .... !
    Remember the movie Inception? Yeah, it was a dream of 2 levels! , I was dreaming with the event, I woke up again, but I was still asleep!
    After I get to the bathroom, (can’t remember why…) I woke again, for the 3rd time, and now in our " reality " , I was extremely exhausted and confused. I felt very tired, took me to " tune in " . My whole body ached and I has a huge mental exhaustion. It seemed like I was out of the body
    Finally , it was very exciting to feel the Truth " into our reality. "
    The feeling of victory that gave the event in my dream was elusive and, now more than ever, I'm sure that will happen as soon as possible !

    Sorry for ma bad english !!! ;)

    Victory of the Light is NEAR !

    1. Também tive um sonho bastante lúcido, em que me diziam que o Evento está às nossas portas.
      Vitória para a LUZ!!!

    2. Bad English...? Damn near perfect English dude.

  11. Dear Cobra,

    In this interview you said that Ukraine is a ‘territory between West and Russia’, you also stressed that there’s a ‘natural divide’ (down the Dnipro river, I presume) which is induced politically so that the East part goes to Russia and West one goes to EU. Is that the official statement of the Resistance movement, i.e. their vision of Ukraine in the (near) future? Please, clarify on that.

    The reason of my inquiry are the recent events that took place in Sloviansk and Donetsk. Quite unsurprisingly, there appeared ‘unknown military men’( who, unsurprisingly, had no idea what street they were on and other logistic knowledge, which they would have known, had they been what they claim to be, a ‘peoples militia’. Moreover, Sloviansk has one of the biggest arms storage facilities in Ukraine, which, after been taken over, became the source of the arms that were freely given to ‘anti Kyiv protesters’. Also, the name of the city means “City of Slavic people” and thus its name, spread throughout the media, brings up the message of Russian doctrine of “Russky myr”(Russian world) which dictates that borders of Russian federation can be extended up to the territory, where Russian speaking population resides. Behold, Miami Beach. In addition, it is quite eloquent that the ‘unknown military men’ carried AK-100s with a grenade launcher mod – which is used exclusively by Russians.

    This is quite a peculiar story (

    Before I get blamed with anti-Russian propaganda, I’d like you to read this article and think it over ( And that is one of many blatant manipulation used by Russian media, not to mention what their Ministry of Foreign Affairs did.

    And on “Blackwater” from the infamous video (

  12. I had a lot of feelings in the past 2-3 years. In a way of the must excited or weird feelings and thoughts too. Let me say what are my perspective about that.

    Something on this planet is really happening, but what is... I can't imagine it exactly. I hope that is positive... About the informations what is are up to here on this blog or around the internet. It is very huge and are very accurate for me mostly.

    In Hungary the current situation is here. I try wrote down to what is happening here nearly about the past years.

    The Hungarian society is totally passive (From 1989 to current days...). I mean for any mean of passivity. If anyone tries to start to change something because it's wrong and not works correctly or it is against the nature of humanity. The population doesn't react for any kind of calls... Like it has no ears, eyes etc... They are only waiting always for the government to solve anything. But they (the government) don't want solve really anything. The like that state... The entire political system here is a mafia. I don't really see any POSITIVE factions on the "surface" "here" who could (be want) can be done any positive things. I just seeing that everything is being centralized and more centralized for as like a dictatorship. It's a imagine democracy. The votes aren't counting... That is a scam and a lot of people are knowing about it, but they not do anything for change which is can be good enough to that entire mafia became as a loser. The cabalists in Hungary are have very huge networks of observations... And of course a lot of people are to afraid or (almost of them) just not care about that thing.

    The government is a total mafia. They are all of them playing with (us) among each other the divide and conquer games. That is very terrible for me to because i can't do anything... A lot of people have tried in that 24 years to make a demonstrations, petitions in the country, but it not works for any way. The population is just sleeping more... Of course i see some tryings from some individuals, but it has not enough power or support from the general population of Hungary. They are most of them have who have good living conditions have been lobbying to the party system (un)consciously. I mean they following the party and the political system no matter the cost...

    I tried to find out anything possibility for change. Of course the change is you are, but the environment isn't changes. Just laugh on you or telling that "You doing stupidity..."

    "What's wrong with the current system?". They are totally asking this who are get fooled by that false promises what is the entire "mafia" is always telling and promising on that only one day when you are important to them. Only on the elections of course... They are promising that to give you job and normal education healthcare etc... But of course this BS are happening always on every election. What is going on here? Because sometimes i don't really understand to what the freak is happening here... (Not that past thought forms and stupid things...)

    And after the election you can go everywhere you want because the politicians aren't care about you anymore. Just themselves and their little circle. This is not part of the true Hungarian nature from my point of view,

    They are just care about power and taking away everything from the normal people. Of course the media saying to the country are in successful. But that is not true!!! The total economy is in collapse...

    A lot of people are has been migrated (1-1.5 million...) from Hungary in the last 4-12 years. Of course before that are started the conditions was much better for a suitable life. But the mafia have creating more and more taxes for every little thing. That is insanity...

    1. We have this same situation throughout europe. All our governments are mafia and they do not work for the people - they just work for their own benefit and what they can get in bribes and rewards from the mega-rich international companies

  13. But in Hungary the monthly payment is not more for an entrant or any kind of people who are want to work and want to start with other plans to start live their life in abundance is not more than 360 dollars (92.000 Ft's). For a typical Hungarian family (3 persons) this salary is too low (WITHOUT LUXURY GOODS, TRAVEL, ENTERTAINMENT etc.). The ideal salary could be 150.000 Ft's/person... Here is that coming in to how many unemployed people are here in Hungary. From my perspective about 2 million people are not finding any jobs. That is a very mixed up thing so i am not going in to the details... And the food prizes is too high in the market for that kind of payment. And the politicians aren't care about anything. They are just want more and more from everyone...

    That is happening here in Hungary. If you can make some steps for to my country. I will be glad about it. I tried to convince my environment in the past 2-3 years, but it wasn't very successful... Of course the internet is the only way where is the information can go through relatively safely.

    But i am out of options for that on now.

    I hope that Victory of Light is very near!

  14. I dont like spreading fear porn but i do wanna warn people even if its only a few people theres a good chance that in the next 72 hours -13 days a false flag HAARP induced earthquake plot to target either the diablo nuclear plant in california or the yellowstone caldera or both could happen. And while this warning is vague heres a link to the man/woman that tracks this with unparralled accuarcy. I hope some who read this can make it go viral and create awarness and thereby stop it but so please go to the site and as cobra says use your own discernment. Scroll down theres lots of good qualifying material that also talks about and is linked to the event.

    1. @paul wilderman....excellent link, thank you so much, helps me continue to connect the dots, these evil MF'rs have to be stopped!

    2. No problem forward it to as many people as you can we need to stop these black budget projects that arent being used for the good of human kind. Like any tech it can be used in a positive manner but currently its being abused by many nations. Also readers of these comments go research bases like Pine Gap base in Austrailia or the one in Nelson BC Canada.

  15. Hi Cobra, I really liked this interview that you did with Alexandra Meadors from She asked a huge variety of questions and touched on many issues (btw, I sent her that question about Bigfoot and she asked it! I was so pleased with her asking and your answer :-)). There really is a flurry of information war going on right now and it is hard to tell top from bottom sometimes. But I still have hope and faith in my Galactic Family! Anyway, my final impression from your interview is: I can't wait for April 21st so you can finally tell us wtf is going on!! ;-))

    1. Check out the numerous David Paulides/Missing 411 interviews regarding Bigfoot research..he found so many eyewitness and legendary experiences that he wrote 2 books.

  16. Dear Friends, I am really proud of America right now!!! There was a big tussle with a cattle rancher and the Feds about how his cattle should be grazing in public lands and the Feds swooped in to claim territorial rights from absolutely no history or documents. He said he had the rights; the feds said they had the rights. It was a disagreement...that happens. HOWEVER, the Feds then brought in lots of armed agents, tanks, and helicopters to "press" their sweet of them. Thankfully, the TRUE USA is tired of this crap!! A lot of armed militia men show up and dared the Feds to take the cattle!! The Feds, being the true cowards they are, backed down:

    God Bless the TRUE USA!!

    1. dont clap your hands too early. it will not be that easy and quick to end..

    2. @raymantatontwo, of course the Cabal won't completely give up, but at least we won this first battle. The point is that the people came together and fought against the cabal and they backed down. Now they will have to try a sneak attack. It won't truly be over until the Cabal is rounded up and put in jail!!

  17. how do other beeings on their planets cut their hair? with some technology we dont have here?

    1. I think its depending on how developed the beings we talking about.Dna can be modified on higher levels so they can stop the growing at any time or restart it maybe.But usually they would just reconstruct or deconstruct the hair matter by thoughts?Not really sure but the hair can have very different build even amongst us here.Hope it was a useful answer for you :D

    2. Don't forget the blue giants from the planet Pandora... and our own Princess Amidala.

  18. Good afternoon,
    In the last interview You, Cobra mentioned, that You will speak about coming home to our native planets or going to the ships and Inner Earth, You will speak only after the 21st of April.
    Did You have in mind the descending of Christed energies on Earth?

  19. any comments on this? i think it is nice reading. also sometimes i have strange feeling if this also isnt just a way of cabal into tricking people in something. i think i will stop reading everything so i wont be influenced. this blog included, its hard to tell these days and i was with this blog from the start, but sometimes i have bad gut feeling. and im really not the one waiting for event to happen just so i can have better life, money and so on. i try to be in now and im really not needy of anything, it will be great but also it can be just fairytale and things dont work just the way that you reset stuff etc. everyones on a journey and nothing external will change them if they dont want to. my two cents, please react id like your opinions. thank you love with you all.

    1. Many feels like you,but i think its important to not just think about ourselves as puzzle pieces but whole pictures as well.
      There are many things happening in the world in the same time triggering effects that stacks into each other building a big picture that will hopefully give an explosive realization.

    2. Makes sense, it's hard to hold onto the faith with out too much proof. Like you said though it's important that you don't get attached to the outcome of any of it, but still think positive.

    3. ya i follow taanath's updates her comments i find them to be very good reading but your right about all the misinformation all we can do is try to look at the big picture. From my perspective this is, and im only gonna get into the tangibles cause im no expert on the etheric side of things. Our cabal influenced gov't's are legally laying the ground work for a world of slavery right are being legislated away right now at mach speed. But thats only part of the plan once the groundwork is laid out you have to create enough chaos via some event to let them enact on those legislations, this can be down through a sudden economic collapse or seemingly natural event like massive earthquakes, war. part 3 would be depopulation this can be the soft kill or hard both right now are be utilized the hard kill would be world war 3 soft kill would be GMO's flu vaccines, fluoridation, and the like. These can tangible things can be stopped by awareness, legal actions, promoting free energy, creating political rallies its about awareness. We turn to these sites to find information on whose controlling the cabal and our government s but that shouldnt stop you in taking action on the tangibles action is what changes are made from so if you think your rights are being violated do something

    4. *discernment .... People who are not disseminating truth or based in Love and Light will be going away soon. Stay tuned :)

    5. @raymantatontwo, I read the link you provided and I think Taanath makes some very good arguments against that channeled reading. That reading is obviously the work of Archons trying to suck up last minute energy. I also like what Taanath says about the Trust Fund money and the need for that money to go to needy issues in the world BEFORE it goes to lightworkers. So suddenly a poor hippy is living in a manson?? How is that going to help the world? But, if that was the wishes of St. Germain in his will, then that is they way it should be to respect his wishes.
      As far as what information you should listen to, follow your own discernment. As for me, I don't completely trust most channeled sources. Why? Because they usually blather on and on about nothing! Anyone who talks too much about nothing usually has something to hide!! That is one reason I like Cobra; he gets to the point quickly and doesn't mince words. (of course, sometimes I would like a few more words of explanation......:-))).
      Raymantatontwo, maybe you just need a short break from the whole "New Age Circuit". This is a very emotionally volatile time and you should make some time for yourself. Take care.

  20. More awareness about diego garcia base just thought id share with the group

    1. Thank you, this and the link COBRA posted at the end of his "End of Petrodollar, Overunity and the Event" post are quite revealing.

      " Current hijacking of the MH 370 flight to Diego Garcia was an act of war of the Chimera group, Diego Garcia military base being one of their main strongholds: "

  21. 10,000,002 Page Views !!

    Congratulations and Much Love to
    Cobra & Resistance Movement **

    Gratitude to the Ground Crew & Light Forces ..



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  23. Re: the YouTube link below. It is a CE-5 FB Group Initiative for a MASS ET CONTACT EVENT. The group encourages everyone help spread the awareness that contact with extraterrestrial civilizations is very real and even practical!
    For those who are unaware, a CE-5 is a 'Close Encounter of The Fifth Kind'.

    Definition of CE-5 by (Steven Greer):
    CE-5 is a term describing a fifth category of close encounters with Extraterrestrial Intelligence (ETI), characterized by mutual, bilateral communication rather than unilateral contact. The CE-5 Initiative has as its central focus bilateral ETI-human communication based on mutual respect and universal principles of exchange and contact. CE types 1-4 are essentially passive, reactive and ETI initiated. A CE-5 is distinguished from these by conscious, voluntary and proactive human-initiated or cooperative contacts with ETI. Evidence exists indicating that CE-5s have successfully occurred in the past, and the inevitable maturing of the human/ETI relationship requires greater research and outreach efforts into this possibility. While ultimate control of such contact and exchange will (and probably should) remain with the technologically more advanced intelligent life forms (i.e., ETI), this does not lessen the importance of conscientious, voluntary human initiatives, contact and follow-up to conventional CE-s types 1-4. - See more at:

    I recently heard someone recount an experience he was privileged to, a test flight on a (reverse-engineered) spaceship in the 60's (out of Area 51 or Edwards AFB, I forget which one). More importantly, he stated that the craft was controlled by "thought" (intent?) of the crew. The crew of 4, essentially were able to activate, or power up the saucer-shaped craft to resonate on a aquamarine colored (the lights of the craft) sound frequency with their minds. This technology is so beyond our vocabulary and understanding that I have a difficulty in relaying it in few words but, basically what I wanted to say is, if the means to reaching out to Extraterrestrial civilizations is through thought, light, and sound,
    "Imagine what our elevated collective consciousness could achieve with Star Gaia" :)

    "Mass ET Contact Event"

    1. Freia, I believe you are talking about Advanced Symbiotic Technology, which was mentioned by David Adair in a most fascinating interview.

      David Adair at Area 51 - Advanced Symbiotic Technology
      Published on Dec 28, 2013
      "Space technology transfer consultant and former rocket whiz kid David Adair speaks out for the first time on camera in this interview about his remarkable encounters with an alien engine, DOD agents, and Air Force General Curtis Lemay in 1971 at Groom Lake, Nevada (Area-51). Hear first hand testimony about advanced alien technology and our military's most closely guarded secrets surrounding the UFO phenomena.

      Adair explains how at age 17 he built an electro-magnetic containment plasma fusion rocket engine and was invited by Air Force bigwigs to launch it at White Sands Missal Range. That led to his being taken to Area 51 where he saw an engine that was light years beyond anything on Earth - so sophisticated it responded to the thoughts and emotions of it's pilots.

      Now, comfortable with the way UFO information is starting to be accepted by the American public, Adair has decided to reveal the amazing truth which he held to himself for over 25 years.

      Also revealed are his meetings with renowned physicist Stephan Hawkings."

      I don't want to give it away, but suffice it to say that at that time, he also overheard the Military gentlemen discussing the potential use of his rockets for First Strike Nuclear Warhead capability. He was mortified!
      You must listen to his story in his own words as to what happened next. Later in life, he became a consulting engineer for NASA, but his journey is nothing short of incredible, and he waited 25 years to tell it!

      :D <3

    2. Excellent Phoenix. How cool are you :)

  24. It's taken me a while to find a chunk of time to listen to this (rewind, listen again to some parts). I find this month's COBRA interview to be particularly fascinating and enlightening! Due to Alexandra asking the right questions, COBRA bursts a lot of our belief bubbles (or at least puts things in proper perspective) by revealing what areas (including the influence of Archons on channeling) are valid and which are disinformation, while also confirming and clarifying facts and near-truths. Heartfelt Thanks, Protection and Blessings to COBRA, Alexandra and all withing the RM.

    However, I was dismayed to hear about the influence of the threats made to President Obama and his family, resulting in him being compromised. I hope that this can be revealed when all comes to Light, and that he can regain his higher purpose and participation.

    I found it very useful that below the video is a list of topics discussed, so you can go directly to that part of the interview if you are interested in specific information. However, listening in context may make things a lot easier to digest, as it did for me. ~PB

  25. Brothers and sisters,
    I found the transcription of the interview, but it is not complete yet (it ends at one hour and 17 minutes). You might refer to the following website and go back listening to the interview:

    Thanks for the person who does the transcript for it is indeed a laborious job. Thank you:)

  26. Cobra wasn´t involved in the later talk.

    1. yeah, i later noticed that after finishing reading the transcription. thanks anyway:))

  27. I must admit, I am somewhat confused at this point in time.

    I know that Cobra cannot provide dates, since it is of course a very dynamic situation. But the last major update "Over-unity and end of petro-dollar", does make it sound as though there is now major work to be done on the physical plane.

    It is probably a reflection of my feeble state of mind, and I am now really weary. I would just like to now where we stand.

    1. Everyone of us is weary at this moment. Be it starseeds, lightworkers, the Resistance, and even our star family. We all feel like hitting rock bottoms and wonder whether we could keep carrying on once in a while, so you are certainly not alone:) One thing that Cobra keeps reminding us is that we need to search for answers WITHIN ourselves, instead of outside sources. Over these decades, we've been instilled with false concepts and given false hard evidence by the cabal. One thing that we have to ask ourselves is that do we STILL want to look for answers from outside? Maybe that's why Cobra keeps reminding us to use our own discernment, to ask ourselves what we really believe in our inner selves. "Keep hanging there!" is not the word I'm going to say because we certainly hear plenty enough of it. But I will quote what Octumus Prime from the movie Transformers say as a closing: "Today, you may lose your faith in us, but never in yourselves."

    2. @ d250:

      In short: the Resistance is removing plasma weapons as some kind of physical/etheric weapons and the positive military is removing the physical strangelet bombs.

      Both in full speed. I thought strangelet bombs are only etheric but as it seems they discovered something new. In my opinion it´s better to discover them before the Event than get surprised.

  28. Hey d250, there's no need to be confused.
    We are being assisted, and riding the higher frequency wave of cosmic rays streaming from the galactic center, related to G2, which is on a quantum level rising our consciousness which in turn assists in DNA depair. Also the "surrender or die" moment (as Fulford called it) for the cabal has come.
    Instead enjoy this moment, the sudden leap in evolution, we are in the middle of creating a new paradigm of peace, free energy, spirituality, creativity and new technologies available to all. Natural next step soon after will be the mass ET contact.

    1. Cobra said, there will be soft disclosure of ET contact as next step.

    2. Thanks Michael, it's always nice to hear kind words...

      Discoveryet, yes! And in my opinion we are in the soft disclosure phase past couple of months already…
      …the exposure of the cabal/ Illuminati is leading to the imminent and complete "retirement" of the secret shadow government from EVER having ANY power again in the military, finance or the media, or in any other capacity for that matter. In the grand scheme of things WE WON ALREADY! and it is now starting to bear fruit.
      A Full Disclosure regarding our terrestrial history and the existence of Extraterrestrial Intelligence is what we all have been working for. People's awareness is heightening and growing on a global scale so that the 'mass ET contact' on Earth may soon be possible without a concern for creating fear and chaos amongst the masses without a rational mind, still under complete mind control and unaware of their BEing and free will.
      Cobra has also said that after the Event (the reboot), in the interim, all ET contact exchange will be through certain people and groups who are fully awake, unplugged from the matrix of fear, and who welcome the new paradigm and visitors from stars :)

  29. If I wanted to send up an atmospheric balloon, what kind of crystal would be best for holding the vibrations it would pick up while it's up there?

    1. Goshenite, supercooled in liquid helium.

    2. Clear quartz crystal would be the second best option.

  30. Fulford's update:

    "In other words, it is clear the planet earth is under quarantine because of the criminal mass murdering cabal that controls the US government".

    Read more: --->

  31. Go to to see what is coming!!! It'S WONERFUL AND PHENOMENAL!!!!! IS:IS portal activation !! YIPEEEEEEEE

  32. I would consider these revelations as "soft disclosure", due to the sources:

    “There is A Serious Possibility We Have Been Visited By Other Civilizations” – X United Kingdom Defence Minister


    Former World Bank Senior Council Says A “Second Species” On Earth Controls Money & Religion

    and of course we recall the former Canadian Defense Minister speaking out last summer:

    "Canada's ex-defense minister: U.S. knows how aliens can make us greener"
    Former Canadian defense minister Paul Hellyer says U.S. knows about UFOs and has even developed new forms of energy using technology from outer space invaders. These forms can allegedly save our planet.

    Some of my more skeptical friends find this news startling, while most of us are probably going "...ho-hum, yah, nothing new here..." but it is good to see more of this in mainstream news, as it is seeding the concepts into a mass consciousness that still holds disbelief in, or distrust of, E.T.s.

    I do think they need to make a distinction between benevolent E.T.s (Galactic Family) and those with a malevolent agenda. Of course, as with humans, not all are "bad" and not all are "good". As we move beyond dualism, all are to be included, all healed, all forgiven. Kind of mind-blowing, when you think of the enormity of what has transpired. But we all have played both dark and light roles.

    Anyway, my point was that since people in high places or those who are or once were in a position to KNOW, are now speaking out, surely it is a sign that the cabal is on the way out. In the past, people were threatened and killed for daring to defy them. With Obama compromised, so many confirming the existence of E.T.s may well be the soft disclosure preceding any formal announcements to come at or after The Event.

    1. "Former World Bank Senior Council Says A “Second Species” On Earth Controls Money & Religion" - i think she was misled.

      The Ukrainian UFO sighting march this year was another example of soft disclosure.

    2. My gut feeling is that she knows what she is talking about, having been involved in the World Bank Legal Department for many years, and having recently joined other whistleblowers in a sting operation, who are now sharing their inside knowledge about this complex organization. I think Collective Evolution put their pro-ET slant on the information, but if you listen to the Red Ice Radio interview, she sounds quite sane and extremely intelligent, with a lot of integrity. After all, it was her job to uphold the legal process within the World Bank, and she was fired for trying to do so. It is a very complex and elaborate web of exposed. Victory of the Light, that speaking out is no longer a guaranteed death sentence!

      Red Ice Radio - Karen Hudes -
      Former World Bank Insider on the Corruption of the Global Elite

      "I modeled Rule of Law inside the World Bank, and I didn't realize the corruption inside the World Bank was caused by corruption outside the World Bank,and that's a no-brainer, but at the time I just didn't know that we had a secret group of corrupt companies that thought they owned the world. And that's what we're up against. But I'm happy to tell that all of the countries of the world have banded together, formed a coalition and we are now taking back the world form that corrupt bunch...and who is that corrupt bunch?... " ~Karen Hudes (video 7:38 -transcript mine)

      The RT video in the article cuts to the chase:

      World Bank: Money Laundering Criminals | Interview with Whistleblower Karen Hudes

      I'm sure many of you have also heard of this, it was on Kaulapele's blog and American Kabuki, via Gawker. More outing of the cabal:

      "Wall Street genius" Mark Gorton publishes summary of "ruthless secret cabal that assassinated JFK and planned 9/11."

      ..and as previously mentioned, the recent 60 minutes interview with Michael Lewis:
      Is the U.S. stock market rigged? The following script is from "Rigged" which aired on March 30, 2014.

      So it would seem that we are well on our way. Victory of the Light!

  33. I would like to thank cobra & the team for their amazing work.

  34. I'm deeply saddened by the sudden passing of Mike Ruppert, one of the good guys, who dedicated his life to fighting the good fight, exposing corruption and outing the bastards. Crossing the Rubicon, indeed. So long, Mike. You were one of my heroes. You will be missed!

    Rest in Peace, Mike [CollapseNet's Founder, Michael C. Ruppert, Has Committed Suicide ]