Friday, June 12, 2015

CHL1ZOO clear, CHL0ZOO clearing in progress, PB clearing initialized


  1. Desejo muita determinação e e força em todo esse trabalho

  2. ...sounds great....."load more"-time solved....
    ...apart from the zoo...whatever that means... just so..... the black sun must be the central sun.....

  3. For those who couldnt get the stone, and for those it, i warn you not to fall in the ego trap of "i didnt deserve it because i am not good enough" or " i deserve it cause i am a very awakened soul"
    I have faith in Cobra' s message , however i am not such a freak " to see a sign in everything" and to take things personally...
    What it happened here imho, was the same happens everywhere where things are for sale, like a supermarket or a website. Things run out of stock and what applies here is the Law of the Quickest! C'mon people let' s be realistic!
    But people like to inflate the ego , thinking they are Chosen and " awaken", while others fall into low self esteem and feelings of not deserving. It is very common nowadays and in western societies.
    Again: do not dwell in bitterness if you didnt get one, there is only one mechanic here about who got them, and it is not about specialism ( or spiritual hierarchy) but how quick the people made the order.
    Nothing more and nothing less.
    I am sorry if i challenge personal selfbelieves
    Kind regardads

    1. ger sey, I love what you just wrote.

      What you said about the stone is also true.

      Thank you for taking time to explain this, as i feel you helped alot of people who did not get the stone with your kind words.

      When we become Guardians we must not have a Ego, but walk in the Light!

    2. Yes! a rather blunt but honest way to put it! This is Gold you guys and gals

    3. I agree. Thank you.

    4. The "stone" is within you. Seek not outside yourself for it will fail.

    5. Well said. I can't believe how seriously people took that stone episode.

      Terran humans have *huge* reserves of energy inside them. Every single one of us. We *all* carry a portable Chintamani stone in our chakras. IF people have the discipline to meditate and do the necessary clearing, they could dig down to it. I have never paid for any external objects or tools, never worn robes, and had all the contact I needed.

      I could go to the river, pick out any stone, spend 2 days charging it with mantras, and my soul family would link extra dimensional tech to it if they so desired. The stone would be a unique gift from Gaia to me. The more love I put into it, the more etheric technology would resonate with it.

      My teacher, who had permission to visit subterranean cities, rarely used anything external.

      ​Focusing on external objects too much disempowers us and disconnects us from the natural energy that is our birthright. ​

      Our subreddit is up here:

      ​If you want to help work on Microflow, come and say hello...​

    6. Very well stated. I imagine if there were someone that was really meant to have a stone to ensure the success of the event, that Cobra and the RM would make sure that individual had one.

    7. I think people are missing the point if they think this is a matter of "being special" to get a stone.

      I also think people are missing the point if they think the stones are completely unnecessary.

      I have had one for about three weeks, and quite simply I am changing rapidly as a person. I believe they work as amplifiers - both for the energies and intentions which lie within oneself as well as for the transmissions being sent toward Earth from beyond the veil.

      Yes, for an individual who already has the ability to fight through the electromagnetic "gunk" they are probably unnecessary. But depending on your geographical location the scalar interference can become so great that one can feel completely crazy. Trust me, I know this from experience.

      The point of these stones being distributed to people around the world is quite simply to help the network of light dissolve the veil. Once the veil is dissolved, we can finally be free on this planet. But to do so requires points of light spread to be spread around the planet - some of them in places that frankly are quite nasty energetically.

      It would be a different story altogether if we were close to critical mass regarding the weekly meditations, but this is a way to break down the veil faster by allowing these stones to magnify the light energies on the Earth's surface.

      We must use all of the tools available to free the planet; the stones are one, Microflow is another.

    8. Very well said @ger sey, I think there is "free will" factor here and some "scenario" that arranged by the Creator/Source, but more is about how quick people see Cobra's message and then make the order on the site because someone must see Cobra's blog at the soonest but they don't take any physical action so won't get the stone.

      As Cobra said this stone is a strong amplifier to show your inside, no matter positivity or negativity is what Cobra implied. Everyone who get the stone is actually getting a responsibility on his/her shoulder, rather than said get a treasure that worth much money.
      Each holder of Cintamani stone will serve as an energy conduit at the Event so I hope every holder are very aware such mission and take it seriously that DO NOT amplify the negativity with this stone but help to assist the liberation of Earth. Use it properly and wisely.

    9. At one side I want it very much, but I shy away from it. It sounds such a big responsibility and I don't know if I won't make any mistake ..

  4. Hi everyone.

    We have a lot of projects coming up. Here's a bilocation conference:

    Red Pill Oracle has written many articles on Bilocation and other subjects, which will help people gain a deep understanding of the current situation. We have an infinity within us, there are trillions of races in the galaxy, and you can connect with many of them at any time, if you follow the instructions given away for free on our site.

    We also have a project called Microflow coming... Strongly advise people to get on a Bitcoin system, and get a blog ready, so we can start crowdfunding together... Why are people hanging on for the AIIB + BRICS to open when CFunding is giving out 2 million USD per day? Beats me. It's not easy to crowdfund, but we can learn as a group.

    The next part of Contact With Agartha is on our site in French and English.

    Have a good day...


  5. M1 of states in this video 'The Cobra event, which closes slavery on this planet...' Am I correct to assume that this relates to the brilliant work the resistance and you Cobra are doing, also could mean the financial liberation of humanity could jump start in August this year with the release of funds to liberate humanity!

    Much love and appreciation!

  6. For the stone, I could but didn't buy one.
    I do not demean myself (not my style), but I sense there are many more spiritually talented people out there who can do better use of it. The stone will know exactly where to land! I am not a very connected person, even though I see double or triple figures more and more often. As long as it is not a *&^% 6! Ha ha ha!!!

    I am glad about the latest post.

    It has 3 "clear" messages. I don't know what it means, but it is music to my heart and my guts! I just sense it is all going well.
    I am not into medit' (I am the active, frantic type of person, and I have no intention to change, I love myself as I am), but I did the one for the planets lib, otherwise I visualise, project, keep a picture or outcome in my mind basically at all times. My way of doing things, guys!

    I follow this Cobra site several times a day. Cobra and the team THANK YOU!
    I love you all! Victory of the light!

  7. Many miracles are to come!

    Sheldan Nidle’s Update for the Galactic Federation of Light and Spiritual Hierarchy

    4 Ahau, 18 Pax, 11 Ik 9 June, 2015.

  8. The Plan

  9. You Are Cherished, Beloved, Safe and Called to Unite!

    Archangel Michael

    The Company of Heaven Bows to You, as We Celebrate The Day of Revelation!

  10. I have attached here a link from Drake's latest report, on the Starship Eartg blog.

    Apparently, according to Drake the Soul Trap has now been removed! I hope Cobra can confirm this or give some details?

    1. Much of that post reeks of disinfo. I don't know if it's intentional (the blogger is a disinfo agent) or if he's just being misguided. I'm not referring to the drake stuff, just his personal comments.

      I find hard to believe in drake after all the mess he got himself into, he had good contacts before but he lost them and who knows if he has good ones now.

      My intuition tells me that genuine people with info wouldn't reach out to him because of the fact that he can't be 100% trusted.

      Also, we gotta remember that cobra's blog is public. There was plenty of times where cobra would post something and then a few days later people would post similar things but twisting the info up.

    2. I'm referring to the Thomas Williams guy, not the owner of the starship earth blog by the way ;)

    3. Yes, I've never heard of this Thomas Williams before. As far as I know Drake or anyone else, have never mentioned him previously.

  11. i'm very inspired to see the remarkable effects of transformation noticing how everyone here connected to this work is moving the energy along <3

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  13. I have been allowed to make a further comment.

    Please surface population of Earth! Watch out and through your surroundings.

    Don't you understand that now if you start just speculate and be doing just your daily activities only. You are pro-longing this world situation. With your work and with your studies. Which is a decision of yours.

    Not only the meditation was working toward the planetary liberation.

    I have chosen this way of living. By myself. I try be creative and do anything what i can do about that.

    I am been experiencing that. Attacks upon attacks. But them are lost very much of there power. In this intense 4 years. I can prove it with my living. Sometimes. They defeated me. But sooner or later. Them was turned to defeated.

    You are now be turning responsible to your global situation now also. These controllers of the non-physical and physical surface world are been supported now by you. Mainly. And only...

    The Light Forces are aiding you in every time. But you are exactly doing the opposite. You are eager to choose your brainwashing and assist in happiness to make this global suffering more pro-longed.

    You are liking this? If the answer is yes. You are have not understanding. What is real Humanity.

    That is the harsh reality. I am now had enough with this.

    If you are wanted to be live in sleeping status. That is only just your choice.

    But don't start to complain when you will experiencing the flood of reality...

    Peace and be Light.

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  15. Adolf Hitler and World War II

    Adolf Hitler was born on April 20, 1889, on the Austro-Hungarian Empire. His father, Alois Hitler As a child born out of wedlock Schicklgrubertől Maria Anna, who became pregnant when In Vienna, he worked as a maid in the Rothschild household.
    When the mistress found out what had happened, immediately he dismissed Adolf grandmother from the house. So Hitler ¼ himself was of Jewish descent. Great Mother of humiliation, his father's illegitimate birth He was very influenced by the emergence of Adolf spiritual world. This is the reason that power contact, he ordered that German women do not work in Jewish households. His father and his native village in Austria After incorporation of the exercise of used-target shooting. Hitler hated the Jews in it flowing Jewish blood because he hated himself, so he wanted to destroy their own genetic bloodline. This man They singled out the implementation plan by the Rothschilds and their money helped to power - he was Chancellor of Germany. Adolf Hitler, on the right side of Baron Rothschild They sparked II. World War I, which was basically nothing more than repeated attempts Rothschild Illuminati for families to break influence over Russia's Romanov, and take it management. Further aim was to eliminate the 14 Illuminati dynasties in Asia, the Yamato family rule. The 13 Illuminati families had never admitted that Yamato is a pure-blooded Lemurian reptile species of interest. The US-European Illuminati believes that the Yamato Drake rankings from the bottom, working in the reptile class are from, so I do not have no authority to sign in their eyes, they do not give them respect. The war once again provided an opportunity to techniques, try out experiments on living in humans, which could not be safely carried out in peacetime without consequences. These included the execution, liquidation projects to test various technologies brainwashing, application. The central camps gathered experiments were carried out on humans are not human limits of tolerance. During this process, carried out a living human interventions that often they resulted in the death of the subject. War time it did not matter. Hit death, such news events, if widespread, it is not caused astonishment or outrage. The war was possible to to give way to the new world faith spread and establishment of the State of Israel. In Germany, the Nazis came to power in primarily two companies and banks helped. One of IG Farben company's name, which was Germany's largest defense industry companies. You are using the 80% of the explosives was produced there, as well as a significant amount of poisonous gas is transported to the war In. In the background can be found secret relationships merger indicates that the IG Farben company's strong business maintained a relationship with the US Rockefeller owned Standard Oil now US soon. The German Air Force could not operate without the help of the Rockefeller oil company, as the aircraft It was necessary to operate a special additive that is produced only in Standard Oil, and has defended it. This IG Farben special fuel to take $ 20 million out of the US company, which is then They are used inter alia in London bombardment. The Nazis came to power allocated to another organization in the Union Banking Corp. - was a New York-based bank, which functioned as a Nazi money laundry. As a director and vice president of the bank was Prescott Bush. George Prescott Bush's father was Herbert Walker Bush, grandfather of George W. Bush, the 43rd US President. Nazi Germany's army technology development level was much higher than for the the world was shown. You could hear the secret weapons that were not created until the last minute.


  16. >>>

    There are many legends surrounding this story. The truth is, however, that the German army during the war already it had a nuclear bomb, which deployed theater of war. In 1942, a German bomber long-term, He converted 177 of Czechoslovakia (A-5) V 38 type aircraft in East Germany, Türingiából felszállva flying over Siberia, and then dropped the first atomic bomb German. Because it was the military target insignificant aspect selected to first test the long-term ability of the machine to fly capabilities, and secondly, if anything technical problems occur, and the bomb did not explode, the endless, uninhabited Siberian taiga nobody can emerge out of the secret structure. The following German nuclear deployed in June 1943, the city of Kursk took place 150 km away. As they were victims, Hundreds of people were burned out, the Russian 19th Infantry Regiment's soldiers perished to the last man of the Russians They tried to huge devastating explosion of unknown origin to cover up that poison gas attack It has been set. However, this fictional story, the site of the present day radiation measured. The third atomic bomb to blow up the German island of Rügen was held October 1944 12.-én. At the end of the war by the Americans dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki atomic bomb two German origin also It was adapted by the Americans. The US is a huge country, but it is necessary to atomic bomb Only small quantities of uranium mining in the country nowadays, and even in times of war It did not start the production. The Germans in the production of the atomic bomb Pleiadian (Pleiades) system came extraterrestrial beings received technological support. The help he designed and built a special interplanetary travel suitable for aircraft structures, which can be divided into four classes: 1. Haunebu I, II, III RFZ 2, 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 3. Vril (or RFC) 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 4. Andromeda structure The Haunebu III. 70 m diameter flying disc, 24-km altitude was 40,000 km / hr able. 32 passengers on board could deal space. The type RFZ speed of 15,000 km / h and was equipped with a laser weapon as a gun. The Vril 7 120 m in diameter, disc-shaped flying machine, which was piloted in late 1944 in the Baltic near the sea. The Vril 7 indication: (If someone similar to us discover the symbols from the Opel brand cars and for, well, not coincidental.) The Andromeda 139 m long, cigar-shaped flying machine, which Haunebut hold of one, two and Vril disc could carry.


  17. >>>

    Haunebu The new type of flying machine must not only shape was special, but the technique is applied. Power unit electromagnetic means. The vacuum is generated in the direction of progress, and then it is vacuum He sucked toward the plane itself. Vril for the advanced class of a company - Vril Society - received the the name, which originated gladly attended by leaders of the Nazi Thule Republic. They were members of his Adolf Hitler. The whole Nazi ideology and empire built upon the occult, ideological dating back to ancient times They were groundless. These occult roots thoroughly dealt with the aforementioned two companies members. Their main goal is to genetically pure Aryan origin, was learning about the past. The race again the establishment and maintenance of the supply of power in the German Empire inferior to other nations kizsákmányolójává wanted to do. The most feared Nazi German army corps of the SS is not the only defense squadron (Schutzstaffel) said. The elite fighters in your organization is actually in the black from day (Schwartze Sonne) named after him, which is nothing but the Tibetan religious symbol of the sun gear. This ancient sun gear iconic representation of one form of the swastika, which is used by the Nazis, the right rotary version It symbolizes the evil force. A special SS unit was in constant contact through the Tibetan monk on pleiadianekkel who They served as a medium. Monks regularly traveled between Berlin and Tibet. The Germans more also organized an expedition to Tibet, which are detailed reports útifilmeket made. These Reports, however, mysteriously disappeared from movies after the war. Aldebaran, and Pleiadian help the Germans in 1937, they reached the moon, where a small base They formed. They continued their space program, which resulted in the April 1945 - immediately before the end of the war - a volunteer in German, and Japanese multinational crew They set off to Mars. We had to ask for volunteers to travel, because they knew in advance that it does not They will be able to return to Earth.


  18. >>>

    Mars was the way the Andromeda structure in 8 months names, cigar-shaped spacecraft. The landing damaged the Haunebu III. Type lander. Staff He had sent a message to the tragedy at the South Pole, and German base at the moon, then the connection is lost with them. The German space program had actually started in the 1920s, Peenemünde and the Thuringian Nordhausen area. Initially, the program was called "Ring" (Die Glocke) projects. The secret experiments Research was needed to conduct a base, which is inhabited by people from resorts. Therefore, in 1938, the Germans began to build a secret military base at the South Pole, called New Swabia, that was Neuschwabenland. This base, moreover, has to this day, and it works. II. World War II ended in Europe, but Japan has not managed to force his knees. Particularly cruel method of choice for breaking America. The deployment of the atomic bomb was not necessary. The Romanovs Wind mill, and overseas Illuminati Rothschild has been beaten back by using intervention attempt, but a ritual, a bloody sacrificed was needed. Also had to send a message to the Yamato Illumination not to try again extending its sphere of influence. So he set off the airplane, and the two Japanese cities atomic pile was sacrificed. Of course, the profits going-out war should not be forgotten. The formula here is old. Money given to should both parties so sure of victory, and many times return on invested capital. The war bearing countries will lie in ruins. The losing years and decades will pay the reparations, and build the country must borrow. He then pushes the country for decades clutches of the Illuminati, all resources generated by the tax credit for the benefit wander into his pocket. The winner will go just a little bit better. Their country is in ruins, the build-up will need credit. Of course Illuminati from the same bank can only get money, which is also funded by the loser. The money will pay back with interest. And whom lies the burden of all? Of course he bled in the war, ruined, extreme depleted population. It is not enough to kill millions of people pile, destroy their homes, immense suffering to the people - while the Illuminati weapon in his hand, and military equipment


  19. >>>

    manufacturing companies gain a huge fortune - but the fighting is over for decades by the tribute poor population. The government is playing a pioneering role in the implementation of this task, since this their business, so they were placed in this position. No other people in this, as in an invisible prison, which you do not even notice, and from which there is no deliverance. Man is destined to suffer, work, provide and pay. The borrowed money will never be repaid because of the huge interest. Not to the goal! The goal is maintaining that serious debt - despite the ongoing amortization - countries keep debt trap, because this removes their own will, have the right to dispose over their resources. They lose their independence, are permanently vulture clutches of the Illuminati. II. At the end of World War II or Hitler, nor his wife, Eva Braun did not commit suicide. Legend has it that on May 30th they were shot in head count themselves only fictional story, like so much else in history process. The reality is that Hitler and his wife boarded a secret German base at the South Pole (Neuschwabenland) holding one of submarines, which are the results of the secret trials, and important persons were transported. But Hitler was not the South Pole, but got out of Argentina, the the fleet sailed on. No one would have thought that in the theater of war against each other in cutthroat parties along in the background Secret perpetuate cooperation. But it happened. The Germans and Americans in the secret war projects They collaborated throughout. One such place was the joint operational Montauk Point (Long Island), which is sunken continent of Atlantis had once belonged. The base is next to the South Pole in Montauk base of Area 51. (Nevada) and Los Alamos (New Mexico) was transferred to secret attempts prokektek documents the results. Paperclip in the framework of the project participants scientists and experts have been passed in the United States, where - whatever they did during the war - their hair no bent strand. Thus, the two merged cooperative partner, and so could continue further strengthened the secret workings of their projects. NASA was created in 1958. Its main task is to disguise the real activity, which the the largest conducted in secret. Civilian space travel, as well as the published data, images only Humanity deceive serve. In essence, the real projects hidden from public view out of reach taking place. Exactly how it works in the Russian space research. Illuminati closely with the management of both organizations He has worked and is working under.


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  21. >>>

    During the entire Cold War, and was the close cooperation between the two Between Space Agency. This process can be observed also in the Illuminati tactics. On the surface, division, according to the intimidation go fight the various ideologies infected countries between, while in the background a secret controllers continually cooperate. While the people various wars are killing each other in the background of the Illuminati chair leaning back in good fun with the events. Because what is really happening? The creatures, the slaves killing each other, destroy, destroy each other possessions. Then they all turn again to produce the illumination loan, which is then usury in return they will receive. Therefore, the fundamental interests of the illumitáninak the fear of the creatures - the People - the tension between the continuous incitement. This will assist them with the whole world encompassing the influence at the highest political, industrial and military circles, under the direction of holding international Freemasonry. The pot inlet immense amounts of money and secured huge consuming amounts of military spending, financing of aerospace projects. II. After the Second World War, the United States, the Soviet government, as well as some of the gray race traitor Pleiadian group can help you set up a base, and managed on the moon, and Mars. To 50 the early years - yet extraterrestrial vehicles - reached the moon, where the Germans had been operated a small base. Base during the Soviet-American cooperation built an enormous surface of the 60s Moon, where today approx. 50,000 people live. The life of the moon would not otherwise have to wear a space suit. Quite an oxygen tank as the one Divers wear. The lunar surface is not inanimate, is located a few sparse vegetation. The moon base In 1969, conflict broke out between the Russian and American sides. The Soviets wanted to take over full control of the base. The Americans were taken into captivity staying there. It later settled the case, but the Soviets because of this incident banned from the program for 2 years.


  22. >>>

    The moon base is more closely linked, in the Earth, Russian, American, saurian grays and traitor directed by pleiadiaiak, the US base is located. They are: Dulce Archuleta base Dreamland base Area 51. On these bases work with people on the ground and gray Nord species. As a result, sometimes tense, often conflicts break out, and even clashes also occur. In all, the two sides had lost lives. In 1952, Mars was launched by a Soviet-American space shuttle, which had reached his goal in 2 days. Somewhat seems strange, but in 1956, the Vatican sent a spacecraft to Mars under the Marconi project, Argentina made up. Russian-American cooperation in the framework of the Mars base has been established, which the hardware is transferred from the moon. Then Russia and the US Diego Garcia shipments Force Base launched to Mars. The base was given the name Adam, Hellas Planitia on Mars and crater situated. Part of the Martian surface over the base consists of three huge dome-shaped superstructure as dome type. The whole facility has been installed on a mountain side. The largest domed structure diameter of approx. 4 kilometers, the other two are nearly 2 kilometers in diameter. The three dome-like building is another tunnel system connected. During the largest dome 300 meters in depth with a whopping 11 square kilometers in size base is located, owned by Orion and reptile groups. Members of the Confederation of Orion Rigel Alien species belong to and work with the reptiles from the Draco star system. People on Earth they do not know what's going on at the base, because it is surrounded by a so-called power grid on which any technology can not see through. The Orion Confederation is also another base on Mars, about a million years old. This base switched to full capacity in 1994, is still unknown purpose. Unlike the others, this base completely beneath the Martian surface. The size of 105 square kilometers and a depth of 5 floors. The base is about. Flying machine in 2200, and nearly 100,000 Orion and reptilian warriors stationed. It is worth noting that earlier original home of the human race, the star system Lyric refugees - including proserpineieknek - also they had their base on Mars, but that erupted 317,000 years ago Orion Draco It destroyed during the war.


  23. >>>

    This base was located in the Cydonia area of ​​Mars. In addition to the earthly Adam also they built another base on Mars, which was given the name Eve (Eve). This a large, approx. 190 square kilometers of buildings. Three stories deep, and suitable for approximately 400,000 people. The outside world can get out through the front door 4, which 2 lift and 2 at the lock chamber has a pressure control system. The spacecraft through these They arrive at the base, dock and parked in a hangar at the right. The first ground blue-blooded reptilian hybrid landing one of the most secret American organization, the NSA (American National Security Agency), March 1959, using the gray alien species carried out the Cydonia region of Mars, where a 29-person group of scientists and soldiers arrived at the base. From then on Eve's operating base until 1989. Who were those people, organizations and companies that are on the moon and on Mars built established the bases? First of all people have participated in these projects who have some personal reasons or for adventure wished to secede from Earth. Among them were the JPL (Jet Propulsion Laboratory) scientists, engineers. The project involved major companies in Army Corps of Engineers, AA Matthews, Bechtel, Robbins Corporation, Psi Corporation. The total funding for the earth Illuminati was carried out using the NSA, which is a source of land encompassing black farm receipts, huge amounts of money provided. Complete construction and installation of the bases was completed in 1968. Bases on Mars, the work did not last long, since March 1989, Draka Orion and reptiles ground troops occupied the bases. The communication ceased with these slots. The lived close 300,000 people's fate is unknown, since information has been received from them. The Illuminati tried to find out what happened to the Martian bases. By American and Russian space agencies tried to send satellites to Mars is close, but they are all shot down. It was not, however, completely Unsuccessful attempts to obtain information, as two later rover managed to reach the ground. These the information is sent to Mars, but their content from people on earth is full concealing. The successes of the American and Russian space industry not only scientific work of the people of the earth Results. Both of these techniques in developing countries in space alien, extraterrestrial beings were involved, or by transferring technology.


  24. >>>

    In such event was the lunar landing, which of them took place not in 1969, as the They taught in history books. The moon landing is actually much earlier, completely in secret It happened. It was the "landing" pageant presented in 1969, in fact the whole of Hollywood scenery It was recorded in between. However, not all happened in the studio, they were slamming original recordings. Have man on the moon several times, the first American in the '50s, the 60s and the lunar base had also It was built. The Apollo program was real, it was just a different purpose than what you have revealed to the world. It's still going on. The US and Russian RKA, NASA has been sending a spacecraft into space, real tasks, goals are secret, they are familiar with the Illuminati. There are secret military flight into terrain staff, but also unmanned military space shuttle launches are, which barely existed know something about, let alone the tasks. The moon is high in relation to the silence. Media in the hands of the Illuminati trying to dispel Moon suspicions about the real role. The question arises that if 1969 is simply They could get to the moon, then why not try to do it since it is no power on earth? The US long-term space exploration programs of the new moon landing project was canceled, reportedly for financial reasons Because. But this is not true! The real reason is that in 1989, Mars, and the Moon fully lost in the for Earthlings since then under the control of the pure-blooded reptiles. Reptile inflows into the solar system, however, did not end there, as the Hale Bopp arrived in 1997 2 comet was closely followed by huge object. They are close to the size of the Moon Draka mother spacecraft on the Moon are parked in the shade, it will not be visible from Earth. Millions of reptiles are on board placed. They arrived because the earth - they want to take possession - their original plans. The millions of years before the moon arrived reptiles have been unable or unwilling to implement the Earth issued orders to occupy. Contrary to the original plans failed belakniuk the Earth's surface, leszorultak inside the ground, the surface is dominated by a mixture of hybrid human-reptile species. The reptile species will unacceptable, because their awareness of the superiority of domination of the Earth also demanded for themselves. Despite dominate the Earth from 50-50%, shapeshifting hybrid consisting Illuminati families, purebred reptiles this is unacceptable. The Earth is in trouble managing Illuminati feel they do not know what's going to happen. Own their plans for world domination could not yet fully implemented. Initial 2000 should have the complete Acquire control of Earth, but it is not met, the new date until 2015. That is what is going to happen, itself the Illuminati knows. However, the Galactic Federation of Lights ships Drake learned of the arrival of the occupation of Earth plan. As a member of the association, a representative of the Ashtar Galactic Command of the Earth as well. The Galactic Alliance fleets assigned in the solar system to address the threat, which today constantly coming days. Gathering place of the Kuiper belt. Smaller and larger clashes are ongoing between the lyrical species of reptiles and species that are well-Earth observed. The same can not be seen with the naked eye, however, the third-generation night vision device the sky sooner or later, watching the viewer can witness a conflict nation. The bad news is that such Hungary night vision device category, not many people have, since military technology vehicle and may therefore not be permitted possession, ownership, or attempt to a criminal offense. I wonder why? There is some good news, too! The fight to date the Alliance forces are winning, but the battle was not yet decided. The Illuminati is managing us just wait, because you do not know what fate awaits him and on us, ground people.

    1. you know all this ... ????

    2. Where to find translation to English.?


    3. Grüll Antal : The origin of humanity (reversal Googe version)

      - Copy,

      - Pasting


    4. Further topics:

      - Foreword

      - The unveiling of the Illuminati

      - The Illuminati system

      - The history of the Illuminati

      - The origin of the earthly man

      - Atlantis and Lemuria Life

      - Alien Creatures

      - Friends and Enemies

      - Egypt

      - Jesus Story

      - Attila, the scourge of God

      - The extension of the Hun Empire

      - The formation of Illuminati

      - Adolf Hitler and II. world War II

      - Global warming

      - Atmospheric sprayings

      - The HAARP project

      - Project Blue Beam

      - Thought and mind control

      - The soul

      - Indigo and Crystal Children

      - Who owns the land?

      - Alien beings land bases

      - Ceremonies, sacrificing

      - Parallel universes

      - Dimensions

      - My prayer

      - Crop Circles

      - Money

      - Concepts

    5. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
      (google reversal version)

    6. Alien beings land bases

      This chapter lists some of the base where alien creatures bound on earth governments staying under the Agreement, researches, trials are carried out, - human beings as well. These Bases military bases operate, due to the strict controls are inaccessible. Good to know that they are connected to each other through underground tunnels. Some of the tunnels more millions of years, they have built their extraterrestrial beings in the distant past mining activities were conducted on Earth. There are also new flights that have been to the New World Government They have been created. Since these tunnels is the biggest secret extraterrestrial (melting) technology drilled, to finance the construction secret funds created by using dirty money laundering up. They were topping up of casino towns like Las Vegas, Monte Carlo, Atlantic City, Macao. Sukoro would fit in this line as well. (Joav only Blum executive, R. Lauder, however, the 300 Member of the Commission. The Illuminati plans can not be crushed into nothing. If you do not Sukoró, it will be built elsewhere In addition to financing the casino is important.) The gambling industry in the state-controlled financial resources, secret drug trafficking. Let's start with the list of bases closest to us, in Europe: - The base of Mont Blanc (Switzerland) - Narvik (Norway) - Island of Gotland (Sweden) Russia: - Serov north of the city (American, English, Russian, extraterrestrial base) - Karaganda (Kazakhstan) - Sakhalin Island Asia: - Tibet (high up in the Himalayas) - Xining - Qinghai (China) -Yazd (Iran, Iranian middle of the desert) 92
      Page 93
      Africa: - Tahat Mountains (Algeria) - Nyala (Sudan) - Kindu (Congo) - Kalahari (Botswana) - Al Khufran (Libya) - Plateau of Giza (Egypt) Australia: - Great Victoria Desert - Pine Gap (west of Alice Springstől) South America: - Calama (Chile) - Andes Mountains - Mountain Cuiaba (Brazil) Canada: - North Bay (Ontario) - Dawson Creek (British Columbia) - Calgary (Alberta) - Babff (Alberta) United States: - Braxton (Missouri) - Dulce Base (New Mexico) - Amarillo (Texas) - Miniapolis / St. Paul (Minnesota) - Datil (New Mexico) - White Sands (New Mexico) - During the Salt Lake (Utah) - Mount Hood (Oregon) - White Mountain (Arizona) - Superstitions Mountain (Arizona) - Groom Lake, Sunspot, S-4, Area 51 (Nevada) (The base is located in the center of the area used for weapons tests by the control of the Navy They assigned below. The staff need to log in grade of "Q" presidential approval, which is interesting because the president himself have no permission to enter the facility. The alien technology the transfer of the S-4, called area. The S-4, code-named. Dark Side of the Moon) - Black Rock Desert (Nevada) - 29 Palms (California) - Edwards Air Force Base (California) - Death Valley (California) - Ferry Nights (CA) - Mojave Desert (California) - Bishop (CA) - Yucca Mountains (Nevada) - Mount Shasta (California) - Grand Tetons (WY) Atlantic: - South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands Indian Ocean. - Diego Garcia Islands 93
      Page 94
      In addition, there are still extraterrestrial bases, but these are the most important.

    7. Not sure if anyone reads voluminous, repetitive posts of words not broken into paragraphs, but I don't. I skip over them. A title and link is sufficient, IMHO and an excerpt from longer articles to entice people into reading is helpful. My eyes glaze over with this kind of stuff, though I know it was well-intended.

  25. New Cobra interview with Untwine:

  26. It doesn't matter if they got it because they were the quickest or not... if they were the most aware or not... the point of it all..... is to make use of it for the greater good as it was intended to... we need all the light anyone can muster.. stone or no stone.. and if the stone will assist in leaps and bounds all we hope as a collective is that those given the opp to wield it.. will do it wisely.. responsibly... honorably... the rest of us who did not get one regardless of our level of awareness still have a job to do.. and as someone so well pointed out.. we don't have to always have to use an external tool... Gaia and the universe can provide what we need when we are ready to take on the challenge... we need every lightworkers and lightwarrior at the different levels of knowledge or advancement.. imagine if everyone got a magic wand that would remove all issues instanteneously... what sort of teachers could we be to those that need guidance.. we can't just tell those that are learning the rope.. just get a wand... those that got the stone will probably have their journey more redefine... they will have to add as much effort on their quest as those that didn't get one.. bottom line.. we all have a job to do... to help on the liberation.. stone or no stone.. don't think less of your potential if u didn't get one.. and the need collectively for you not to have gotten one. You are important as much as those that got the stone... we are a team.. regardless how u got the stone.

    I take it the stones were distributed globally where each area of the earth will be well represented or balance.. more than one person in each region... thus if someone slacks off at least there is a chance one or more of those within that region suceeds... so best of luck on such journey.

    Remember all we got specific jobs to do... would be nice to know what mine was lol... err

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  28. I am curious if any of the things we talk about here have to do with the man calling himself M1 and the Un Swissendo plan? The more I try to learn about all of this, the more confused I seem to get.
    The Un Swissendo plan is promising everyone in the world will be millionaires on August 17th 2015, thanks to M1, the "King of Kings". I watched this video on it, and something about it just stinks.

    1. Just reading your description of it makes me smell how bad it stinks. Dont even bother looking at it.

    2. People really will believe anything they read/watch

    3. Valerie, I don't want to be a millionaire, as I imagine most Lightworkers wouldn't either. The sooner this financial system collapses the better. It does indeed, as you say, stinks.

  29. 13/6 = 1 9 Alpha & Omega. Timeline changed 05:00 to 777. Event activated. Complete


  30. The ANGELS' Are Getting Their WINGS Back.


    Lars B.

  31. Pressure Normalized,... Portal Opened,... Green Light,... Go,... Go,... Go,... Go,... Go,... Arrest the Perpetrators,... "The Event",..

  32. From Bradley Love, thru me, to Cobra et al:

    "You can NEVER SOLVE A PROBLEM using the same level of consciousness that was used to “create” the problem.

    To WIN THE WAR of “consciousness” a new approach MUST BE USED!


    For the “light”…, those who would battle against the DARK to “engage” in using one of the most “primary” weapons of the DARK….., is like a first year “novice” MAGICIAN…, trying to go up against the WORLD’S BEST AND GREATEST MAGICIAN IN A DUEL!


    In order for the LIGHT to defeat the DARK…, the LIGHT MUST USE ITS OWN TOOLS!


    1. i love his writings they make a lot of sense and they helped me a lot in my journey! Thank u Brad!

    2. I like this writing as well.. unfortunately caution must also be taken... holding back information (secrecy) is not necessarily Not speaking truth... the dark relies on secrecy by lying or mixing truth with lies etc... the light sometimes stratigically need to hold back information... for 'loose lips sink ships.' and who knows sometimes it may have been necessary to trick the tricksters. Without seeing the whole picture of a situation... especially of a planetary and solar grand scale i believe it would be hard to judge if there is only one absolute method to fix this issue.. such as 'no secrecy'... such probably will be possible once the unsung heroes are out of danger... or when full disclosure is finally before our eyes. Imho



  34. Uff... has finally reached 4,144 followers - Target Reached :-)))
    Their message from today is amazing as well, go check it out. It's great and I won't spoil the fun on here ,-)

    Speaking of Fun:
    Putting IZ - E 1111 on a giant silver Rolls Royce (of all cars...) was just a teeny-tiny *little* bit over the top, I thought. But that okay, I'll take it - no complaints here :-)

    Love, Light, Unity, Peace, Happiness, Joy, Freedom and Ascension for Us All.

    Lars B.