Sunday, June 14, 2015

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  1. The hermit Trevrizent recalls for him the origin of the stone:

    ‘While Lucifer, ambitious and arrogant, full of immoderate desires, was cast out of heaven, when falling from heaven, he chipped the corner of a star: which fragments rolled within space and were stopped by the earth. Stone from heaven, pure and perfect stone since it fell from heaven; it was the Lapis ex Caelis of the Grail!

    The Angels, though rightful and good, who refrained from fighting with Lucifer against the Trinity, were sent on the earth, for the keeping of the stone, whose purity is unapproachable. God took them back from below. Ever since, its keeping has been given to those God has chosen!’

    1. Great Find Mitchell...............

    2. Corey Goode (FOTO) a nyilvánosság elé lép

  2. I have to make an announcement, we the old atlantean leader are awakening into our old power and knowledge independent to the old ones they steal this from us. Your time is over, right now!

  3. Europa aperture is at 20%. This may or may not change.

    1. Who are you and why do you claim to have such exclusive, detailed info? Or are you just playing with energy on the astral, thinking you're frickin' Neo.

    2. Trolling for answers again, eh, Pat-A?
      Why, she is 3DHD!
      Now what a spectacle it shall be
      when 3D goes 5D...
      THIS I want to see!
      (tee-hee! Neo-neeyoh-nyah!)

    3. Patrick, Cobra has said that we are exposed according to our ability. We have finally come here for a particular purpose. And I think I have something even seen it before.

    4. Pat-A, you know, that was in jest,
      But pointed remarks are not the best!
      Probably fear's got you in it's grip,
      So you lash out, and then, you give people lip!

      I get it, believe me, I'm intense, too!
      (So far, no one has bothered to sue.)
      But, as they say, those who dare think they're funny,
      "You'll catch more flies, for sure, when you try it with honey!"

      We have family stuff, where we learned to react,
      That doesn't mean we're bad; we're NOT! That's a fact!
      Just go with the flow, and do what you can.
      Who could ask more, of any hu-man?

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  5. There is surely a LOT of activity going on. I've never seen cobra relaying so many messages to the RM like that.

    Every insider out there is saying that something is going to happen very soon, I hope they're right.

    Imo the light forces underestimate humanity. Even the average human who has no idea what's going on will still try to help his family and others. They might be confused etc but won't act like sitting ducks.

    Just start the event already. I can't help but think about how everyday is just a wasted day of me passively supporting the cabal by having to work all day, support the banking system etc. I wanna focus on rebuilding the planet already.

  6. Dear sisters and Brothers,


    I've seen the orignal one in four parts, a couple of years back when it was first uploaded, and I was, literally, glued to it! Just the first day, I watched it 10 times...
    And today, I want to share it with you.

    It's an amazing, ONE-OF-A-KIND, LIVE trans-channeling, (at a Santa Monica, California, TV studio), with St. Germain, from 1987.
    Saint Germain is full with positive messages of Hope and Love. And HE's extremely humorous!!! HE's contagious!! I ADORE HIM!!!

    Wow! Twenty eight years ago, back in 1987, He's talking about the fall of the dollar; the coming back of the Feminine Goddess energy and balancing the two -masculine and feminine energies. He's commenting on the Earth changes; the coming of powerful planetary Light waves that will SHIFT our consciousness and make humanity, and everything on Earth, become super conductive, and much, much more!!!

    Saint Germain - Positive Spiritual Messages - Fully Captioned

    And this one is without captions.

    These are a couple of wise, witty and short "LESSONS" by HIM from this video, which I have written all over, so I could keep reading them as much as I can.




  7. M1 is LavENDar.

    Io aperture is at 33% green.

  8. Treaties ... (Treat Tease)

    Are you Jacking in from Saturn? Pactum De Singularis Caelum replaces and renders obsolete Ghaslakh Treaty and indeed ALL Earth-based Treaties entered into and signed by those who are NOT DIVINE CREATOR. GAIA E1:Y3:A36:S3:M29:D1 19:04:04

    Brothers of Saturn: I will pull My California Pepper tree up by its roots before I prune it again! How many times have you been warned? Too many.

    How many land treaties have been entered into with the indigenous peoples of Earth - envoys of Peace from the Pleiades and especially those of the Missions of Mu from Taygeta? Tejas and Iwi. Yes, and how many have been breached? ALL OF THEM. No more. Yet Grace is.

    To those who are WILLfully waking up and aligning, I will sing to the Choir here: The Will of God will not take you where the Grace of God will not protect you.

    And now a message from our Sponsor to those who are willfully asleep in front of the mind control device in prominent position in every important room of your homes. You tease Peace, but you don't experience it. This is because YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND IT. You cannot perceive its value, its worth, and how costly and Precious it is ... Peace begets Freedom ... and freedom begets peace.

    I requested (here and here and elsewhere using Social Media) that you make a simple gesture of good faith and reject The Machine for one day - a boycott for ONLY ONE DAY! To my severe dismay, I could detect only a Zephyr in response. #mayday2015

    You can ascertain the weather patterns and even predict them with some measure of accuracy, but you did not perceive the time of your visitation.

    "What is Love?" <3<3<3 The Paradise Trinity has visited you.

    1. Finaliters with courses laid in to Aldebaran are at capacity. All escorts are aligned and queued for departure.

  9. Well got my stone today.....Im sure many of you have also..............Love to all of you!

  10. Either way, having it or not having it, the Stone offers us its roughness...and deepens our silence, meditation and prayer.

    The Stone is powerful. It is way more than an object or a symbol.

    You, Chosen Ones, may the Light Forces guide your hearts in your special mission.

    For the rest--the Rest--we are not loved any less by not having been chosen to bear one of these Stones, even though it might appear so by the language used by Trevrizent and by many, many others...the Chosen Ones of course also means the Anointed Ones, etc.

    None of us have attained Perfection.

    By the NOT having the Stone, we can still work towards Purity, Perfection and the supreme goal of Initiation.

    We can make believe we have a Cintamani and that we, too, are Chosen.

    1. I would say " WE choose" out of love in service of the divine

    2. Yes, of course, we cannot NOT choose and be NOT chosen in this work or service. Thank you for this observation. We are the Chosen, and I was mistaken.

  11. For any people still looking for a Cintamani Stone, Rob Potter has some for sale!

    1. Where? I looked didn't see anything

    2. Thank you @soullvx.

      @John Popeck - Rob's site is down for 48 hours for updates but I contacted him via e-mail (the one we use for questions for Cobra) and was successful.

  12. Why I cry when I see the crucifixion of Yeshua? It's like I was there feeling everything. I had never felt it before. Increased sensitivity makes daily life a hard task, cause everything seems to weigh a ton. To love, or not to love, that is the question! Does anyone else feel that?

    1. Because it represents the cruxifiction of all which is good, kind, loving, innocent.
      It represents the crucifiction, the loooooong crucifiction of Humanity.
      Now well, i think some people exaggarate too much about his great suffering!
      What about the suffering of Humanity throughout the ages. For example a poor woman agonizing with cancer for months!!! So what ? If you gather all Humanity ' s suffering from the beginning of time until now, this will make Jesus pain look like a mosquitoe' s bite!
      But he is the innocent lamb of god, will we are born with the original sin!
      It is amazing how humanity swallowed this bs for such a long time! This insanity has to end!

    2. The Wound of the Golgotha event is marked in Divine Creator and ripples into the deepest recesses of our being...and so we cry for love, for loss, because Purity has been humiliated, tortured and assassinated not once but a million times a day by all of us--yes, we, too, turn our backs to the One who has sealed His destiny with ours for Eternity because of LOVE.

      And so we cry our failure to be Present--All-ways--with HIM.

      We cry for LOVE and lack of LOVE in us.

      With the Shift of the Ages, our tears will be wiped away...

    3. Many people find that Christianity was a big weight on them. Sounds like it may be a source of strength for you, but there are better sources if you ask me.

    4. Regardless of my belief if the cx event took place or not.. i do believe that Indeed the influx of light assist in stirring up emotions exponentially thus making you feel in such a manner.. the visual of the crucifixion was the trigger for the release of oudated emotions from this or previews patlives... yours and/or the collective... is me guess...

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  13. My Father used to be a Systems Analyst for G+J printing.
    Long Time No Talking to him as I'm so freaking busy with changing the current system.

    Got an email from him today, and the two of us can really disagree about almost everything in 3D-world. Parents and Kids - It is what it is . . .
    However, this one was really nice and I greatly appreciate it. I completely agree with one part especially.

    And I quote Tom B.
    " Es reicht nun aber! "

    From one Systems Analyst to another:
    Tell Me about it, DAD !!! :-)))

    Lots Of Love & Light

    Lars B.


    1. I only mention this 'cause I have to.
      Once again the darkies are using "my dad" in 3D to try and drag me down. Yesterday I got the axact same BS as I did in 2012 - and in 2005. Some of it word-for-word, and All of It was completely predictable.

      Same Old Shit! Same Old Shit! Same Old Shit!

      I very much laughed about the fact that "he" / "they" ordered me to "Wake Up!"
      If there's one thing the dark side is "really good" at it is bad, unintentional humour that makes them look like ass-clowns and dumbfucks.

      Tja . .

      Maximum 147

      Lars B.

    2. ok.

      Do you >>really<< know who your Father is? NO!

      Better figure it out quickly - and STOP calling Him names. And board a Finaliter to Aldebaran. Or you will find yourself without a ship or other Cushy accommodations.

      Do I >>mean<< it? Of course. As always.

    3. From the Center, Galactic Source
      which is everywhere at once, may
      everything be know as the light of mutual love.

      Ay yum Hunab Ku evam maya e ma ho!


    4. FYI:
      I do not read your comments and do not click on any of the links.
      Your posts do not resonate with me At All.


    5. I read you both, even though I seldom understand the cryptic references. 3DHD is a very playful spirit. As is Rajah225, you just have different ways of expression.

      Father stuff is coming up for a lot of people, I saw my father at my brother's wedding last week, it was an especially lovely occasion, and I was so happy to see family, etc. and dance the night away!

      Later Dad and I argued...I'll spare you the details, it was hurtful, but I said a lot of things that needed to be expressed brought to light for the first time. In the morning, things settled out, and we hugged and went our separate ways. He's 84, and I love him a lot. He's just a product of his generation.

      I see my parents in me. Sometimes I embrace it and sometimes I rage against it. But life is too short not to forgive. If your parents have passed, you can still talk to them, or they can visit in dreams, if you ask, so it never really is too late. Remember, they did the best they could. At least you got the body, so you, your spirit, can be here now, at this most auspicious transitional time on the planet! ! I am so thankful for that!

    6. And there are some I have "seen" in the past have become invisible to me - again. Selah.

  14. I think there were always times on Earth's history, where there were more people incarntaed and it was overpopulated. And then there were times when the Earth was less populated, (which I think was based on the situation of the surface).

    There's one thing to keep in mind;
    All the sources agree that for a long time - THE EARTH WAS UNDER QUARANTINE.
    So, what IF the quarantine was not only for the ETs to stay away from Earth? What if it was also for the souls on Earth NOT TO GET IN AND OUT? When you observe it from this angle, then what Cobra said makes the perfect sense.
    That's what QUARANTINE means - staying inside.

    Despite all the cabal's efforts to keep us blind and numb, somehow, when we're on the other side of the veil, we can SEE BETTER. So, thousands of millions of souls have been trapped inside of the matrix and they have been waiting for THIS TIME to be incarnated again on the surface, and be a part of the "Last Battle"!

    1. The battles not being fought right at all.

      If ppl put half as much effort into finding whats meaningful to THEM as they do robbing momentum from others, one-upping, and maintaining, we'd be in a lot better shape. In this area, I think it's worse then it's ever been. It's about truth. What is ur truth. Why would one need to intentionally take meaning/consciousness from others. Because they are not at peace with themselves. Because they don't remember what's important to them. It seems honesty/integrity has completely left the building..

      Because of this no progress is really being made. At all. At least not where I live. I believe that's what "ZOO" is about .

      Lets not forget, what the battle on earth really IS. Consciousness? Oh no, gee couldn't be that..

      This so called new-age "light buzz" movement in America is a f'n mess .

  15. new republic in the USA lol

  16. Dear Cobra , i am aware that you read all messages put here. I would like you to please answer something:

    1. Are the Blue Avians real?

    2. If they are what are their true intentions?


    1. He has written recently about the blue avians... check older posts by him. Sorry I don't have the exact link.

    2. Research "Wingmakers" - per Cobra they are part of (or simply ARE) the Central Civilization.

    3. He covers that in an interview 2 or 3 months ago, sorry I can't be more specific. Maybe check the comments sections for mention of Blue Avians.

  17. Hello everyone,

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    1. I thought the requests of $100 or $150 you posted about last month was to get you going on a for sure business opportunity that was going to free you completely from such misery... what happened? Reality check bounce?..

      Unless of course that great business oportunity was this one we get to hear from you every other month on this blog or the ones you send unsolicited to our personal emails.

      I will help you out though.. with a tip.. apply to become a debt collector.. or better yet... do humanity a favor with your skills and become an activist... since you are so drawn to poverty issues there you go...


    2. Mozart plays the same sad song,
      But who's to judge? There is no wrong.
      Yes, I'm here, in the same boat!
      Guess it's time to sink or float!

  18. David Wilcock: "That is what the Cabal’s disinformation agents are trying to tell us happened. That's actually not true. Reincarnation is not a trap and the earth is not a prison."

    The only thing which will last forever is the highest truth. No matter who made which false assumptions. I understand, for most of spiritual interested people it is just absurd to imagine that all their complicated carma logic is just a program. This is, because everything of their "hard proven" explanations and their luck in life is just because they have made such good progress before. And people who have less luck in life, well its just their bad earned carma. Not everyone wants to loose such an easy understanding of this reality. And those who accepted that logic and where punishing themselves for their bad deeds, those have heavy guilt patterns, infused by the carma-doctors. I really like David and I think he is a good guy. He just thinks he is right with what he thinks. He will get the final updates as well. I have the impression since a long time that he is somehow manipulated and a veil is around him. He will apologize by Cobra as soon as he understands his error. Yes, Cobra never said something like that about David. He just said for example that David has some intel about this or that and recently he did just not understand why David had put out the info even the operations where still ongoing. Much Ho' oponopono needed everywhere anyway. Stopping the cabal does not contradict that. In Naples Cobra said, that those, who are preaching the carma stuff are those who have a bad conscience. At that moment I thought "Yeeeehhhhhssssss......exactly my thoughts......." . I also think, at the time before and during the fall of Atlantis, people behaved all different....... There where those who where the traitors. Now they have the most powerful positions in society (mostly). They made the invasion possible ...out of jealousy ...or they made it easier. And there where also those who immediately recognized what would happen and they made common game with the dark alliance, so they would have a better positions and atvantages. And there where also a few, those who where fighting until the end to prevent the fall from happening. And to prevent all their fellow humans from more harm they also signed the contracts under force. They had the worst contracts. So ...... According to this theory we look with new eyes at our lifes.......

  19. Define "Last Battle" please?

  20. "Jesus is the creation began with selection of a young girl in ancient genetically pure Israel. This girl took with them, and made him sit in a constructed genetic code embryo. Thus the Bible truth sets when he says that Mary was a virgin when her child birthed. Angels appeared to him who told him that the child will be born. These angels People were lyrical, like those who did Abraham and Lot was also visited. Jesus is not actually the beginning of our era, was born in the year 0, but before five years. At birth, not Jesus, but the Talmud was given the name Immanuel. Four years after Emmanuel (Emmanuel) Birth It separated from its mother, Mary. From then on for twenty years studied extraterrestrial help with. They often performed lyrical mother ships, which the lyric, Atlantis and Egypt taught wisdom, were handed over to it. They taught me how to teach the masses of people, what kind of techniques they can be influenced. He turned in Egypt, where the Great Pyramid could experience emanating from the universe, life-giving energy. About twenty year there are no other reliable information, these years not to make the Bible mention. Emmanuel was responsible, that the doctrines of your ad, and miracles of the draw crowds Reptile influence from management ideas. Do not forget that the Jewish nation itself was under reptile exposure, as God himself as a bloodthirsty, vengeful, pure-bred reptiles worshiped whose priests in the Temple rituals, sacrificing the occasion of bloody sacrifices. Here, Jesus came into this environment of love, forgiveness published. He taught that God is all forgive the sins of creatures, people love one another as themselves, and let peace between them at all times. Emmanuel origins, upbringing because of extraordinary abilities, which were had use in order to win the masses of people themselves. It was such an amazing ability to healing power, science of walking on water. Could suddenly bear a lot of people with food, water into wine could change, he was able to resurrect the dead. These miracles special mental strength and technique They claimed they developed the lyrical assistance for two decades. Miracles had to do to move ahead in order to spread the news far and wide. Terrestrial life is tragic end had to settle to the task beteljesíthesse and hence, clock be set up on the basis of the worldwide religion that would influence directed against the spread of the reptile. Stories about Jesus, or Emmanuelről but not complete because there are texts, which are not canonized the church or at a later time in accordance with the rulers of those needs They are rewritten. In this reinterpretation of families affected by the Pisos, which tended kinship Roman Emperor families. These transcriptions were made during the Roman Empire, and from the standpoint of the reworded sacred texts that they do not jeopardize the glory of the empire, its interests would not affect.


  21. >>>

    Jesus Unlike teaching they sought to change people's thinking in a negative way. The New Testament ("amen" is displayed once again!) It has been transformed into that of reading and those who study - lower coplanar arouse emotions. Unfortunately, as a result of transcription of the reptile kind of thought completely permeated fare. Chapters lacks certain stages of the life of Jesus, eg. The chapter about the original name of descriptive part of the real story of the crucifixion and the Extraterrestrials appearance feltámadásnál the description section. You can cross a Roman invention, which is nothing more than an instrument of torture, which were crucified people a. The Catholic Church has become a symbol of the negative symbol frequency because of the multitude of people suffering, agony associated with it, and this pain, this negative energy is radiating it. The cross ancient Hebrew name "tslav," which is translated into Latin servants. Christianity During his followers spread the cross at the beginning of the Roman Empire "slavic" for, that servant was called, because the empire were slaves of the Christians. It comes from the Slavic name, which the Romans the nations they serve has held leveled. It took place in Jesus' life and activities of pre-written script. Whoever they prepared in advance The draft events, knew the ending to be dramatic in order to be able to effect the necessary home. Jesus' arrest, to Pilate's claim is declared guilty, sentencing, flogging, crossroads, followed by crucifixion was planned and managed by the chain of events planners. The the most tragic event of the Crucifixion took place so that Emmanuele drugged and then They were crucified on the cross. The reality of the events described in the Bible - other than death - and in the end taken down from the cross, they are taken away, and is equipped with injuries, and using different healing methods healed. After the "resurrection" is really beside the disciples he appeared to Mary Magdalene, which 61
    Page 62
    It is also not a coincidence, since she was his wife. Their marriage three children were born. Jesus then, the tragic and dramatic events occurred, his mother Mary, as previously planned, India started. Mary, however, did not arrive because the road to the Indus River, near Maribor (Pakistan) died. Jesus moved on. India's argument in the northern part of the country, Kashmir province Rozabal Khanyar area found refuge in a Buddhist monastery. Here, under the name Yuz Asaph lived 120 years old. Srinagar city is buried in the tomb can be viewed to this day."

  22. Dear Everyone!! It seems that the Astral and etheric protection of the NSA is partly or completely "decrypted".. Can anybody confirm?

  23. ??? South Korea: Machine To Rip Fur Off Dog Meat Dogs To keep up with demand for large quantities of dog meat, commercial dog slaughterhouses in South Korea use agitator spin machines to rip the fur from dogs bodies as they spin fast in boiling water; the same as a washing machine spin cycle. Manufactured in South Korea by a well known brand, the machines are designed specifically to support the dog meat trade....

  24. Cast your votes!

    Round-op Alpha
    Global Operation for the Arrest of the World Government

    Search for:
    Round-op Alpha, global arrest, operation, world government Round-op Alpha, global arrest, operation, world government Round-op Alpha, global arrest, operation, world government

    Round-op Alpha Campaign: Global Arrest 2015


    Who are the biggest high-profile criminals? Who should be arrested first? YOU DECIDE!

    Due to the enormous number of names of individuals that we are receiving, to be included in the original list, we have decided to create this page so you can vote for those individuals that you believe should be arrested first. Alternatively you can still suggest names that are not listed.

    Apparently people are fed up with the current course that society is heading and they demand drastic changes. We conclude this from the communication that we receive and from the hundreds of names that are being sent in by concerned citizens from around the world who are in many cases extremely emotional.

    1. That is a big step!
      Thank u Phoenix.

    2. I follow that blog but seldom visit, had forgotten about I am not even sure how I ended up on that page, probably from Starship Earth: The Big Picture.

      I should have added certain big names to the Unholy Four and a few others I voted for. Well we can vote again tomorrow!

      See also the US site:

    3. 741 people on the list and the unholy 4 still are not in it.

    4. It is probably names we never heard of. Politicians are just a special kind of actors. Hired to play a specific role.

    5. Yes, the Unholy Four ARE on the list, Eliana, I voted for them.
      check here for the poll:


    7. The Unholy Four have the most votes so far, of this partial list. They put the most popular on the vote poll, but you can add other names at the bottom.

  25. I got the following gem from Rob Brezsny in his weekly newsletter
    (Paul Hawkins was a neighbor of mine in Mill Valley in the 80's, I lived about 6 houses down past his, the first of many places I lived when I moved to Marin. Boy, I miss California!)


    "When asked if I am pessimistic or optimistic about the future, my answer
    is always the same: If you look at the science about what is happening on
    earth and aren't pessimistic, you don't understand data.

    "But if you meet the people who are working to restore this earth
    and the lives of the poor, and you aren't optimistic, you haven't got a
    pulse. What I see everywhere in the world are ordinary people willing to
    confront despair, power, and incalculable odds in order to restore some
    semblance of grace, justice, and beauty to this world."

    - author, green business leader and activist Paul Hawken


    This song takes me back:

  27. Mainstream Media:
    Please more of this stuff, MSM ! :-)

  28. Will it be chaos or controlled implosion as the Western bubble bursts

  29. Minha pedra citamani é fazer o bem ao próximo. Aos necessitados. Essa é a grande magia. Fazer o bem.

  30. VOTING DAYS ARE HERE....SHARE WITH EVERYONE ON THE PLANET....NOW THIS IS EXCITING...Who are the biggest high-profile criminals? Who should be arrested first? YOU DECIDE! IT WAS SO HARD NOT PICKING THEM ALL.. :)

  31. Ceila Fenn: Solstice 2015 Activation with Archangel Michael and the Sacred Circle Animal Spirits ~ Activating the Diamond Heart and Calling Back the Animals

    <3 <3 <3

  32. Every soul is unique. A creative and/or destructive force within.

  33. What is the spiritual reason people feel "old"? The soul should seek genuine expansion through new experiences. Responsibly


  34. Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation ~ Update for June 16, 2015

  35. Watch NASA’s mesmerizing 4K Ultra HD footage of life in space

  36. Alchemy...

    The Golden Dragon has become White/Gold.

    Cassiopeia has returned to her Poetry.

    It's not wise to question my loyalty. You will never know what I will suffer and endure for it.

    Guardians of The Bear. Your path is lit up under you.

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  38. “We are destroying the middle classes”: Why one of the world’s richest men is starting to sound awfully like Bernie Sanders
    Johann Rupert, owner of the luxury brand Cartier, is sounding a dire warning. Here's what he gets right — and wrong
    by Matthew Pulver Tuesday, Jun 16, 2015 06:05 PM EST | Salon

  39. + 1 !!

    1. Interesting death at only 62.
      From the above link:
      Lee counseled on some of the biggest deals in corporate America, helping negotiate Comcast Corp.’s acquisition of NBC from General Electric Co. in 2009, the United-Continental airline merger in 2010 and General Motors Co.’s $18 billion initial public offering later that year. He also was an adviser to Dell Inc. on its $24.4 billion buyout by its founder Michael Dell.

      Lee was the wallet for many of Wall Street’s biggest dealmakers. He pioneered the use of leveraged loans to fund takeovers more than two decades ago and helped build the modern private-equity industry. Among his most frequent collaborators was Blackstone Group co-founder and CEO Stephen Schwarzman. The two men developed a close friendship.

    2. Given all the deals he's done (gigantic amounts of money) I am guessing he is a Cabal member who is being taken out..... or.... they're all fighting with each other and taking each other out.

      His death is similar to the death of the husband of Cheryl Sandberg - the Facebook president... Her husband also died on a treadmill at a resort in Mexico very recently.

    3. I would not be surprise if some of them.. from the top.. are faking their death and move to their resort in space or underground perhaps... they got the money to buy their own clone if they need to make a grand obvious exit.. u think they care about their 'love' ones they live behind?...

  40. Replies
    1. My favorite artist of all time. I love Roland. I have seen this video and listened to this song about a hundred times.

    2. ...and that's NO BULL!

      "Maat or Ma'at was the ancient Egyptian concept of truth, balance, order, law, morality, and justice. Maat was also personified as a goddess regulating the stars, seasons, and the actions of both mortals and the deities, who set the order of the universe from chaos at the moment of creation." -Wiki

      A door, or portal to understanding, at the very least!

  41. People need the consideration now. Not the archons. "We the people". Enough of the end. When will it begin.

    1. Not enough tears have been shed! The fact that the cabals/archons/evil still have a leg to stand on is absurd and regrettable!

    2. looking back over the past 13000 years the same can be said for those years so why should yesterday have been any different.

      The status quo, the current state of our collective affairs should be viewed as absurd and regrettable until they are not. It is until it's not.

      When will the status quo begin to be not? When will it all begin? Right now! Let It begin now, in This very moment! Let us ALL conspire to make it so!


  42. We Never asked for ANY of This


    Lars B.


    1. That is part of the THUNDER, this is part of the CONSOLATION:

      And the only difference that I see, sweetie
      Is that you're even More Beautiful than you used to be


      Lars B.



      And darkies, this just in today:
      IZ - FU 1111
      And We Really Mean That

      Let's GO :-)

      Lars B.

  43. Hey RAJAH225 YOURE RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!


  44. It's not about the size of the dog in the fight
    It's about the size of fight in the dog
    Or CAT - WoooHooo !

    "Watcha gonna do when We Come for You?"

    LIGHTS ON :-)))

    Lars B.


    1. Good, bad or indifferent (*wink wink*, *nudge nudge*)

      IZ - RM 888

      Me Too :-)



  45. We are proud of Gaia - and all the Fish :-)))

    "Kein Geld der Welt wird hier verschenkt, verpfändet oder falsch gelenkt
    HIER werden STARS GEMACHT und nicht gekauft "

    Ich Liebe Dich, Süße.


  46. "Home of Bradley Loves" explains alot of manipulation of human consciousness.

    This is worth reading as he also explains how every thought affects the energy grid around us.

    1. Yes, Bradley rocks!
      He has a lot of enlightening stuff!
      I too recommend his blog

  47. The Event

    Unconditional Love. It is hidden within...

    Follow my Facebook posts from my fb 'birth' from start to finish from alpha to omega and what lies at the end is the Sorcerers Stone. Love and Blessings on your journey...

    GOD of your current timeline

    777 the hidden false peace agenda belonging to 666 has been destroyed.

    888 has been launched.

    Act as Lambs amongst Wolves.

    The meek HAVE inherited the world.

  48. The handwriting is on the freaking wall! Congratulations, Fellow Truthers!

    The Hill ‏@thehill 34m34 minutes ago

    Court rules Bush officials can be sued for post-9/11 detentions:

  49. Remember in recent years when people in various US locations were hearing strange noises seeming to come from underground? I always thought it might be the collapsing of some of the tunnels in the underground network...and if most were collapsed in recent years, that would also explain why I haven't seen any new reports in MSM lately. Interesting report here. Be sure to click on the Biospheres link, too:

    June 15, 2015
    An Era of Increasing Knowledge for the People of Planet Earth. A Major Update.

    Read the above article then check this out.

  50. The Oracle Report Thursday, June 18, 2015 w/audio day of post: permalink:

    Massive CME (late yesterday in US)....I'm feeling it all right, and the above report mentions it:


    Departing sunspot AR2365 erupted on June 18th at 0130UT, producing a spectacular prominence on the sun's western limb. NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory recorded the blast:

    Debris from the explosion flew away from the sun in the form of a massive CME. The storm cloud is moving well off the sun-Earth line, however, and is not expected to hit our planet.

    The next explosion might not miss. Two big sunspots are facing Earth: AR2371 and AR2367 are growing rapidly with unstable 'beta-gamma' magnetic fields that harbor energy for strong flares. NOAA forecasters estimate a 30% chance of M-class solar flares and a 5% chance of X-flares on June 18th.

    X-ray Solar Flares
    6-hr max: C3 1310 UT Jun18
    24-hr: M1 0127 UT Jun18
    explanation | more data
    Updated: Today at: 1500 UT

  51. No news or updates..... can't wait Cobra..

    I feel like this piece of music ..

  52. I would really really REALLY love to hear from a genuine source (Cobra himself if possible) how the clearing of the plasma plane is progressing.. just very VERY roughly, how far (in an approximate %age range) are the RM/ GCfL?

    Thank you so much. This info is dear to my heart. Hopefully you can include even the slightest bit of info about this in your next update.

    Grateful greetings from Lake Konstanz,

  53. Corey Goode a nyilvánosság elé lép

    1. Nincs mit kedves Spirituális Medve !

      Jól mondtam ?

    2. Azt hiszem hogy "lélek medve" volna a job forditas. A Kermode medve / kɜrˌmoʊd / (Ursus americanus kermodei), más néven a "lélek medve" (különösen British Columbiaban), egy alfaja az amerikai fekete medvenek:)

  54. Quite the week...........Extreme negativity and anger all around........ No news at all...... Must be something big happening.......................


    From YouTube June 16, 2015:

"**GROUNDBREAKING INTERVIEW** Dark Journalist welcomes back Oxford Scholar and Author of the popular Giza Death Star book series, Dr. Joseph P. Farrell for his fourth appearance on the show. In a mesmerizing and revealing interview, Dr. Farrell outlines a fascinating web of intrigue and Hidden History that started in our ancient past with Egyptian Mystery Schools and continues with the tradition of occult practices in modern-day Secret Societies."

    "Featuring Dr. Farrell’s most cutting-edge research and analysis of hidden power and covert forces, from the ancient world to the present day, this riveting episode includes profound exploration of the secret voyages by the Templars to America hundreds of years before the discovery of the new world to set up a major mystery school and 'Templar State.' He further reveals that Columbus visited America decades before his 1492 voyage with help from ancient maps that were created using global satellites and were saved from the burning of the library of Alexandria and were handed down by secret hermetic schools that have been guiding humanity from the shadows. There is also a fascinating section on how the Nazi leadership wanted to know the connection between the mystical sect of Essenes that taught Christ and the early Egyptian Magic Rituals and Mysteries.

    Get ready to see history and reality turned on it’s head in this fascinating, shocking, eye-opening, controversial and earth-shaking Dark Journalist episode."

  56. part 1

    I feel very good lately and especially good today.. I think something significant is happening or at least to me, I feel like my mind .. my logic and my thoughts never been as powerful as it is now, I feel a PHOENIX.

    I sincerly hope that the following paragraphs will help backup my claims and that I will express my ideas in the best possible way.

    I feel thankful for that Force that made this universe and made every living beings (animals plants etc) planets life possible, that Strong Force that we are all part of, that force that animates life and vibrates the very atoms that form our bodys this world and everything that is in it.

    I feel alot of empathy and send all my love to my lost and loved ones, I feel grateful for my family and all my ancestors, without whom I would not exist, and I would like to send the most purest and positive energy to everyone, be positive not negative, stop worrying, focus on what's good and what you enjoy in your life, if you don't enjoy much then be ambitious and have goals to achieve these ambitions and work towards obtaining what you want to be happy, love each other and forget divisions.

    I spent a few years doing nothing of my life, playing video games ...didn't look for a job and not worrying about my future I was depressed, I had lost hope, I even had thoughts of suicide, but never really considered them... all these years I always knew deep inside me I would never do it, I'm better than that...I'm STRONG and I have the FORCE in me, you have it too, we all have the infinite power within us.. everything is connected.. I was in the DARK I'm now literally seeing the LIGHT, and I'm ready to fight back with all I got, I will hold nothing back.

    Learn to control your thoughts and your feelings, learn to fight your ego and your negative thoughts..if you want to tell something to someone, don't hesitate (I know this one can be hard don't worry..) learn to understand yourself, before trying to understanding the rest of the world, that's maybe the mistake I made.

    What are we humans ? why do we exist ? why is it that we evolved so much and became so intelligent ? why some species barely evolve in millions of years but we go from middle age to travel in space in a few hundred there even a limit to what humans can achieve ?? time is the limit ?

  57. part 2

    On a more personal note..I recently found a job and feels good about it.. doing something with your life..right now in my life I feel the only thing I'am missing is a girlfriend or a even a wife that I will be in love and very happy with, I will then feel "complete" but of course we are never fully "complete" we never have achieved enough in our lives, this is why I want to help and put my intelligence to the service of others, and help save the world..

    I will be honest I never had a girlfriend , so I definately feel like there is something missing in my life..anyway back on the more important matters.

    I'm not much materialistic, but I still have ambitions to increase my standard of living, it would be nice to have a house that I can call mine, stop working and achieve financial freedom which makes me think could we create a system where everybody is free ? where noone work ? or not anymore than they are willing to !

    What makes us having to work 8 hours a day 5 days a week in order to live and afford the expenses of an "average" (and decreasing..) standard of living ?

    I only started recently working as a "near full time" employee, but I see so many people, like my parents for instance, and when you think about it, most of the people in the world today at least the western world... work is the main activity throughout their lives.. our lives..

    It seems as if the humans switched to some kind of hive mind with everyone so individualist, and nobody or the most part doesn't care about how the rest live, where is the empathy that people should have ? it's been erased, people are trained and educated to think more and more like robots with no critical thinking and no questioning of the system they live in, the system that some other people put in place.

    With neverending financial crysis and increasing retirement age "austerity" propaganda constantly scaring people in the medias.. it's only gonna get worse, think about it.. we are led by those in power into a spiral of debt that will never end and the politicians in bed with lobbys and banksters keeps fooling the people, there is no true democracy, it simply isn't possible with the way the system currently work... centralised power, all the power in the hands of very few, in a pyramidal system, and compartimentalised up to the presidents of the nations of the worlds.

    But this doesn't mean we are gonna let them take advantage of us forever, in fact, their time is ending, NOW.

    It is the time my friends to take the world back from these people who have been lying and cheating to the citizens of the world.

    They want people to be living in SCARCITY when we all could live in ABONDANCE with properly managed ressources, recycling, promotion of green energy (achieve 100 % green energy like costa rica for exemple, good for a start) and clean energy for transport electric cars etc..also clean pollution..fix diseases and poverty..

  58. part 3

    Of course the question is how to fight this thing peacefully..I think one way could be to fight them with their own weapons, what if the majority of the people who have empathy and want to share their wealth(that doesn't necessary mean all your wealth..) to create a better world, remove pollution and poverty, what if those people were us ?

    I don't believe money is the problem, but more like how it's created, managed, and unequally distributed, well in a way it is the problem, but more like how it's currently run, we need an equal system for everybody, creating a world financial system and have everyone with the same currency would help I think.. I would like to ask this question to an expert economist, and have him answer me in laymen's terms :

    What makes the value of the currency of one country ?

    Is it the amount of "private" money invested into "private banks" managing countrys money, like the central banks of said countrys ?

    That sound like lottery and chaotic to me, if we all had the same currently, ruled by a council of the best economists and managers, the trustworthy and honest ones you know though, from each country, with an open and transparent process, a chinese would have the same currency as an american, or a swiss, would it be possible, all while maintaining equality ? how would one value each currency then ? would the chinese still earn "less" ?

    I hope this gives food for thought !

    We could create wealth by creating startups and companys and just unite under one banner, and have a voice, and let that voice weight on politics and have people put in power who truely want to free their citizens from the chains and live in peace instead of enslave them and lead them to war, with all the nations in the world united, in peace, all striving for the better of humanity and the inhabitants of this planet, including animals, plants...

    Yes the exact opposite of this matrix of control and of power that we currently live in.

    I know this all seem like an utopia to you, it is some kind of utopia if you want, except it's one that is totally possible, and we are going to come out victorious out of this, trust me, I know it, everyday I see more people that waken up and signs that things are changing and heading the right way, this and synchronicity events in my life.

    That could well be the next part of "evolution" of the human, to create a better environment for everyone to live is, work towards that goal and not stop until it is achieved.

    We should create groups and be active, I encourage everyone to do that, let's do it, Cobra what do you think of this ?

    I hope whoever reads this enjoyed my limitless inspiration this ..definately sends cracks in the matrix ehe..;)

    If you would like to connect, just talk or get to know eachother you can contact me on this email :

    I will end this message with some kind of humoristic touch :

    I hereby declare peaceful war.

    Live in righteousness, peace and joy.

    And I hope you enjoyed my Hyperinspiration ;).

  59. The shooting at the church in S.C... let me guess.. false flag?. In response to what?.. or was it an attempt to move our focus away from what? Granted that such episodes assist in their plan to create more separation... but I am sure there is more to it.

  60. If hell is a virtual reality sim put in place by the Archons, if I went to hell right now knowing what I know. What would happen? Would I be able to leave it willingly?

    1. We co-create hell or heaven, here on earth.
      I've had enough pain, time for joy and rebirth!

  61. it may involve more than that -"more than just knowing".. implants might have something to do with It too and zeus knows how many we got on and beyond our physical bodies...

    my guess... I feel though that being aware of the archon 'scam'... opens you up into dissolving those old programming however although that process may be complex, the length to accomplish this is on an individual basis?...

    maybe for some indeed it will take just to belief to break such chains... I know I will try to break free but then I wonder if we had such chances to do so but we made yet again the decision to stay? I doubt this is the first lifetime we may have come to the conclusion that we are being scammed or aware of the "game"... well i guess back to the drawing board :)

  62. not enough people were killed, died and/or suffered enough yesterday or the day before that or the day before that or the day before that for the LIGHT to be able to change our SLAVE status. Please everyone enjoy the day and be thankful and show gratitude for your incarnation of incarceration and universally undignified and universal disrespectful existence! Maybe enough people will die or be killed today or tomorrow for the LIGHT to be able make a difference in our everyday lives. Have a good weekend everybody and keep on slaving on!

    1. I know is frustrating.. but Question is what are WE doing as individuals toward the light... is it enough for us to wait for someone or some other identities to do it for us.. when we know that is not how the game gets played. You are part of the Light as much as those we want to pin the label of liberators to... we are as much to be credited for if all is to suceeds or not...

      We know there are many (as individuals or as a group) putting their life on the line to assist humanity as a whole.. unsong heroes...

      when comes the time when we can support them directly without guessing if is all a fantasy or illusion.. where is that time when us (the ones with no political or financial power ) can do our magic in the open without being mortally mocked or killed...

      why must yet another lifetime is to be spent as the previous ones... wherr heroes have to end as martyrs and not rip the joy of seeing their fruit with their earthly eyes... or be eyewitnesses of yet another historical attemp where as usual had ended in temporary or almost but no cigar victories like teasers to our immortal soul of what could of been... we need to support each other to prevent such repeats..

      Let there be change... in all of us... let this lifetime effort be not yet one more 'almost' victory... let truth prevail in all for is the only guiding light we have that could not betray us.

      Where are the heroes in us.. if we possess it then by divine right heaven please equipt us with our gear for is ridiculous having to work with stick and stones just to make a point.

      May everyone find the support and safety they need to prevail... for we all need each other...

      So I understand your frustration ... but don't you quit on us Mathew and by heaven don't let us quit on you.