Tuesday, October 4, 2016

EXMOSS clear clear


  1. Thank YOU Cobra! I was so happy to read this:

    An excerpt from the last interview. (I'm gonna have to put it in CAPS)


    Well, this is exactly what i meant, when i posted this, in March of 2015.
    (And some people thought, (including; now my dear friend, Ger Sey), that i was NOT appreciating what the Monks do).


    HYE ANGELMarch 16, 2015 at 8:36 PM

    <>. .........

    And I consider James' reply to be the most understanding one.

    Mitchell Tr. JamesMarch 18, 2015 at 4:17 A
    <<...... I don’t think Hye Angel meant this comment in the way you are taking it. I think what she is trying to say is that we need to turn our spirituality from inward focus to outward focus. This is the proper time to do this>>.

    May the Light and Love of Heavens be guiding you TODAY, TOMORROW and ALWAYS!!!

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  4. Gut gemacht. Richtig, richtig gut. Ich freu mich.
    Auf dass es jetzt hell wird - Prost :-)

    Bright Sunshiny Day

    Love, Light, Unity, Peace and Freedom for All



    1. The End Of Silence

      Vorsicht an der Bahnsteigkante, Zug verläßt den Bahnhof

      People get ready - there's a Train Comin'
      You don't need a ticket, you just get On Board




    2. Once More:

      And undulating always like the tide
      The Source's Bride is calling All towards Her Skirt
      And in the loving folds there we will hide inside
      From any would-be sneak attack
      And Now it's Safe to journey Back


      I Am A Tree


      And I have got Bulldog Skin


      Yesterday's Gone and Tomorrow has So Much More in store


  5. i know this is good.... finally. what is Exmoss again?

    1. MOSS = Multi-dimensional Operations Solar System. "Ex" *might* mean 'beyond/ outside of' (but not guaranteed).

  6. Thank you Cobra, we are all very proud of you, brother. This has been Hell, but it is about to be the antithesis of that place! You are have done the Solar System/Universe a great service along with the other Forces Of The light! We all are very grateful to you!!!!

  7. Love you soooo much...thank you.

  8. Is two Clears better than one? :)
    My complete gratitude to Cobra and RM!

  9. We are getting closer and closer. Everything we do matters.

    James Casbolt: Chimera - these beings are anathema to all our values. As we love, so they hate. As we are strengthened and fed by peace, they are strengthened and fed by fear. They are actually a dying race who has progressed too far down the road of technology without balancing their emotional developing. They have turned into organic machines because of this.

    1. Yes!

      So many have tried warning us and only a few listened, it was too dark..and uncomfortable…about this "death cult" and as with all creators, they try and create 'their own image' and - always - in Cyclical Natural Law, everything is brought back to it's Creator.
      The ebb and flow of doing and being..

      Along the same lines, this is an OUTSTANDING interview by the Dark Journalist with Dr Joseph Farrell !
      If you do listen, pay attention to every word, it's only 46mins

  10. It's very very nice impression. Thank you.
    ヾ(๑╹◡╹)ノ” Victory of The Light!

  11. CONRATULATIONS and great job to all! now lets real in the golden age once and for all!

  12. This feels good. <3



  13. This EXMOSS post sounds quite promising...

    Meanwhile, I have been looking at this website, which Cobra pointed out to us a few weeks ago:


    Late last week the two gold prices (London price vs. Shanghai price) were within $1.00 of each other... Today's gold prices have $55 dollars between them.... Yikes.

    1. Holy, I'm glad you linked me that. I need to get me some silver as soon as possible.

    2. This is cause of this http://www.en.sge.com.cn/news-announcement/announcement/540899.shtml
      So no yikes for now. It will be stable again after 10.10.2016

    3. Just now I looked again and the price in the west *Is* being slammed down....only in the west.... (Evidently "they" slammed down the price right before the Lehmann collapse too... I don't particularly understand the psychology of this, other than to 'demonstrate' to the public that gold is worthless).

  14. Wow!... that really sounds great!!! congrats to everyone in this process

  15. Well the world chaos is getting just as clear.

    The internarional money is now out with the petrol dollar in with th yuan .

    Can we say A huge yahooooooo!

    That has to be the biggest thing since the atomic bomb .
    This fact alone should rock this
    Western civilization but it comes across as a lamb un realized by the sleepple.
    Ill just keep holding my lamp toward the dark for those that can not see.

    Congratulations to all that got this major task accomplished Im sorry fir no ticker tap parade you all deserve
    I thank you sincerely
    Victorious we ARE!!!

  16. Clear clear... good good. I hope :)

    Victory of The Light!

  17. Well that sounds promising! Big love to the RM from SoCal.

  18. Right, now what? another kick to the can? we are tired
    Thanks for the info anyway

  19. Clearly culmination is coming! <3 Heartfelt Thanks to All!

    Portal of New Beginnings – Melchizedek &The Company of Heaven By annamerkaba


  20. sounds as if something major and very good for the light has happened?? this looks most positive..:)

  21. What does it mean? Is it over???

  22. I've never seen "clear clear" following EXMOSS. I'll take that as a very positive sign. Bring on the changes please!

  23. HVBN stable, EXMOSS clear clear,...
    But, what about M= and midas packages??

  24. Cobra, there is a while since you prevent posting messages containing "fuck"...

    But which is the true reason?
    Is it that the etheric and lower astral plane is too clear (and high in frequency) that it does not longer match the low frequency of phrases containing "fuck"?

    Or is it rather a masquerade of decency (as seen everywhere) in the way in which, let's say, a whore is sunbathing in one-piece swimsuit on a clothing-optional beach?

    1. COBRA won't answer here any more - but it's actually the overall emotion of the message; not the swear word.. that's why your comment was allowed.


  25. Temizlediyse gidelim. IF CLEAR VAMOS

  26. Clear Clear = Banish Banish !!
    We ARE just about there!
    I feel
    A SNEEZE coming on!

  27. Thanks, COBRA.

    Interesting article about 9/11 and Israel's involvement.


  28. Huge ! Thank you :) Victory of the light !

  29. Must be allot going on and some things that are done or in place what ever want to call it.... tingling energies in my face have become more and more nonstop now every day...And i can't help it to smile close my eyes take deep breath in cause something coming ..

  30. How and why to allow peace...

    High Council of Orion – Your Inner Compass of Peace
    – 3rd Oct 2016 by Holly Hawkins Marwood | Soul-Genesis

    Audio version: http://www.soul-genesis.com/?powerpress_pinw=7422-podcast

    "..Peace is a powerful energy of transformation. Peace is a pathway to love..." <3

    Besides, it just feels better.

  31. Ok, for some reason, on the prvious posting, the quotations didn't show up. So, i have to re-post this, and hope it'll work.......

    Thank YOU Cobra! I was so happy to read this:

    (Excerpt from the last interview. I'm gonna have to put it in CAPS)


    Well, this is exactly what i meant, when i posted this, in March of 2015.
    (And some people thought, (including, now my dear friend, Ger Sey), that i was NOT appreciating what the Monks do. I still consider it AS A SELF SERVICE).


    HYE ANGELMarch 16, 2015 at 8:36 PM
    <>. .........

    And I consider James' reply to be the most understanding one.

    Mitchell Tr. JamesMarch 18, 2015 at 4:17 AM

    <<...... I don’t think Hye Angel meant this comment in the way you are taking it. I think what she is trying to say is that we need to turn our spirituality from inward focus to outward focus. This is the proper time to do this>>.


    May the Light and Love of Heavens be guiding you TODAY, TOMORROW and ALWAYS!!!

    PS: And THAAANK YOU, COBRA, for passing this awesome message to us!!!

  32. We are FREE!

    Lets begin the event!!! Stay in righ frequencys, and watch the light shows!

    Bring popcorn and your favorite juice!

    Next stop, Golden Age!

    See you there!!! Namaste!!!

  33. Victória of light.
    💓 Brazil.


    Free Seminar:

    Presented by Patricia Cota-Robles
    In Washington, D.C.
    Sunday October 16, 2016
    10:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

  35. Awesome news!!! I think something big is about to happen very soon. Let's dance, let's celebrate, let's show the world that the big change is here.

  36. Obama: World Crossed Threshold Today for Paris Climate Deal to Take Effect

    Read more: https://sputniknews.com/environment/20161005/1046040162/world-paris-climate-change-obama.html

    Fulford claims its not really a climate change treaty but some form of framework for a new global system (presumably the good kind).

  37. Particles of Essence imbue each hu-being.
    Denials are eliminated.
    Fans of masteries are sensed.
    Prescient actives are embraced.
    Gaia Portal Home
    The simplicity of
    the weapon crafted
    against your own
    "extreme rage"
    is both it's weakness
    and it's power
    "Who the hell do you think you are"
    Denial = Kryptonite

    "record button"
    ("red" cat as trophy)
    on your
    "communication tracker"
    Is a key to
    "your power"
    "your own rage"
    the level you set before you push
    Is your Power over it
    (or not)
    your "proof" will be
    in not even needing the
    "play back"
    As Ordered...
    by the
    "Power" of the "Witnesses"

    White Self-Existing Dog
    Kin 30
    Moon Day 16
    Wednesday 5 October 2016

    I Define in order to Love
    Measuring Loyalty
    I seal the Process of Heart
    With the Self-Existing tone of Form
    I am guided by the power of Death
    Law of Time 13 Moon Calendar
    (push your mind beyond the "net" scroll)

  38. http://galacticconnection.com/the-guardians-have-received-and-announced-the-green-light-has-been-given/

  39. Well...



  40. As I step out onto the Balcony of The LightMachine and wave to the beautiful star-lit sky at night, this song plays in my Head and in my Heart:

    I wanna sleep beneath Peaceful Skies
    In My Lover's Bed
    With a wide-open Gaia in My Eyes
    And these Romantic Dreams in My Head

    [Remember, All:]
    We made A Promise We Swore We'd Always Remember:


    Almost there, EveryOne. Almost there.

    V for Victory of Love And Light. And Peace Forever.



  41. The Paris Agreement has been ratified. It will go into force in 13 days. Many are claiming this is the RV/GCR.
    Maybe Cobra can tell us?

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    1. Thank you for this. You certainly got our attention! Not all are familiar with the concept of Sacred Whoredom. People do not understand sacred service and the unconditional love and inner strength and compassion it requires.

      So thank you for expressing this, and owning and reclaiming the word "Whore", just as practitioners of Magical Arts reclaim the word "Witch", just as people of color reclaim the word "Nigga". Most people could not do so. I have new understanding and respect for you. Thank you for your service to humanity.

      If anyone is confused, here are some quotes from a page from the link below, that explains a lot of the historical significance of Whores.


      "..Mention the Sacred Whore to most people and you'll get raised eyebrows or disgusted grimaces. Many of us believe that prostitution is all about money for street hookers, fame for Hollywood starlets, or security for suburban housewifes. Prophetic texts, rituals, and icons are called sacred, even particular mountains or rivers are considered sacred, but whores?

      Sexually empowered women are called bitches, dykes, ball-busters, etc., by both sexes. Sexually independent women, once respected as sacred vessels of the Goddess, are degraded as evil temptresses, obstacles between man and a sexless heaven. One exception is the paradise of Islam, although it is a men-only club stocked full with re-virginating nymphs; Islamic women are said to be soul-less.

      Jungian psychologist Nancy Qualls-Corbett describes the Holy Whore as "a woman, who, through ritual or psychological development, has come to know the spiritual side of her sexuality, her true Eroticism, and lives this out according to her individual circumstances." By this definition, a Sacred Prostitute uses sex as a means to God/dess and to enlightenment. Fundamentalist Christians believe that the door to the kingdom of heaven is opened to those re-born of fire and water. Occult traditions such as Tantra, and magickal orders which esteem the Holy Whore, persuade us to experience our divinity by immersing ourselves in the fires of sexual passion and the baptismal waters of sexual ritual. Sexuality becomes sacred when the Goddess residing in every women is honored.

      The term "sacred whore" is not oxymoronic. If we explore the etymology of the words "whore" or "harlot," we find that the split between "priestess" and "prostitute" is a relatively recent one. In her book When God Was A Woman, Merlin Stone informs us that the Hebrew word zonah means both prostitute and prophetess. Barbara Walker, in her Dictionary of Woman's Myths and Secrets, points out that the Hebrew word hor means a cave, pit, or dark hole. The Spanish word for whore, puta, derives from the Latin term for a well, but the Latin term for grave, literally "a hole in the earth," is puticuli, meaning womb of rebirth. These terms for whore were not derogatory..."

    2. "Ishtar, the Great Whore of Babylon, was sometimes called the Goddess Har since she was the mother of the Harlots. These Harlots were not prostitutes as we know them, but priestesses, sorceresses, prophets, and healers. Sacred Whores were known sometimes as the Holy Virgins of Goddesses such as Ishtar, Asherah, or Aphrodite. The famous Vestal Virgins were thought to have practiced secret sex magical rites in honor of the Roman Goddess Vesta, the same as the Greek goddess Hestia -- Goddess of the Hearth, or "center of the world."


      "Virgin" did not mean possessing an intact hymen. A virgin was simply an unmarried woman, a woman who claimed ownership of herself. Think of Athena, the maiden goddess who jumped off a cliff rather than submit to wedlock. We see a similar story in the Hebraic tradition where Lilith, unwilling to subjugate herself to Adam in the male-dominant missionary position, exiled herself from paradise in exchange for her own sovereignty.

      But Holy Whores weren't man-haters. Their function was dispensing the grace of the God/Goddess through sexual worship by sharing their bodies with worthy initiates and with each other..."


      "..Priestesses devoted their lives and their bodies to the Goddess. Herodotus wrote that Babylonian brides were required by law to prostitute themselves at the temple for seven days prior to marriage in order to appease the Goddess, who disapproved of monogamy. Spending time as a holy whore blessed the maiden. The profession also became a refuge for women who wished to keep claim of themselves and their rights. In Hellenic Greece, courtesans maintained a social status legally and politically equal to men, while wives were reduced to servants.

      The idea that a man needed a woman in order to attain apotheosis, or give birth to the potential God/Goddess hidden within himself, still lives between the lines of many patriarchal religious texts. Crowley had his Scarlet Woman, Simon the Mage had his whore, and Jesus, Mary Magdalene. In fact, Magdalene means "she of the the temple-tower.".."

    3. "..The patriarchal entity is a tyrant who feeds on control, or "power over." The Holy Whore is a manifestation of "power with, power shared, and power for all." Think of the Strength card in Tarot: A woman holds the lion's mouth open. In this image, woman has identified and taken control of her sexual and creative power, symbolized by the lion..."


      "...In "Beauty and the Beast," the character Beauty can be seen as the Sacred Whore. She has gone to live with the Beast to save the life of her father. The Beast woos Beauty, painfully and pitifully. Ashamed of his ugliness and his animalistic traits, he pines away, stepping towards death. When Beauty sees beyond his mask, she sacrifices her ego and goes to him. When she gives herself to him with a kiss, he is reborn as a gorgeous prince, symbolizing the bliss of the union of Spirit and Nature. This tale is saying that it is within our power to change the state of civilization by the power of our sex. This sentiment is echoed in Deena Metzger's poem, "The Women Who Slept with Men to Take the War Out of Them." The Goddess' way is power with, not the patriarchal power over..."


      "..Sex, Death and Transformation

      When fully self-realized, woman is the initiatrix into higher rites of passage. She is Mut, Great Mother of Death, and also Isis, whose love makes possible the higher birth of Horus from the inert Osirus. Astrologically speaking, this concept is reflected in the sign of Scorpio, which rules sex, death, and transformation or initiation. Sexual love can be a path to spiritual evolution. Some occultists believe that sex combined with ritual creates the most powerful magic.

      Love/Sex is also linked with death. Renaissance poets called orgasm "the little death." The Goddess is more than Mother and Whore, she is also the Crone, the Destroyer, the Eater of Men. This trifold goddess is akin to Hindu Goddess Kali. Powerful Kali gives birth with one hand while squatting over her dead consort Shiva and devouring his entrails with the other. If we conquer our fear of the trifold Goddess' powers and embrace the natural sacredness of sex and death, we can truly begin to understand the cycle of life..."


    4. "..Many believe that the world's chance of survival is dependent on the reclamation of the female aspect of deity and its integration in the minds of the people "en masse." We will evolve in the images of the God/Goddess that we created. The Sacred Prostitute represents energy, light, and expansive creative force. The repression of this positive force puts society in crisis. As poet/prophet William Blake writes, "Repressed energy breeds pestilence." Our world becomes a place where violence has replaced creative sexual expression. Consider that violence is accepted as common TV fare, while the sight of a women breastfeeding her infant causes vehement outcries from the rightwing christian minority..."


      "..Violence against women increases as men who feel powerless resort to rape. Millions of women deny themselves orgasmic pleasure because they are taught "good girls don't" by a society that worships a bachelor god. The new Yahweh is irritable and quick to call fun a sin. Many men are stuck playing tough guy roles, and many women learn that submission and passivity are their tickets to survival. Two hundred years ago, the poet Percy Shelley, a maverick feminist and political activist, asked, "Can man be free if woman be a slave?".."


      "..Of course, women can't flock to temples and set up camp as Holy Whores in this day and age without being arrested. But a change in the way women see themselves, and in the way men see women, would be a start. Every woman can invoke the Holy Whore into her life with pleasure. The Sacred Prostitute is a woman who has reclaimed her Self and reconnected with her will. Most importantly, she is a woman who has reclaimed the sacredness of her body..."

    5. More can be found at the link, and of course much can be discovered via web search.

      I have known many Whores, I have been one in many lives. I rode my own motorcycle in my 20's, I seemed to meet men easily. One young man evoked a past life memory, he was the Samurai, I the Courtesan. There is no holding on to one in such a situation, regardless of feelings, there can be no attachment.

      However, I did not know that I am technically a "Virgin" because I am an unmarried woman!

      I find that amusing.


      A beautiful movie:

      Dangerous Beauty

      In 16th century Venice, courtesans enjoy unique privileges: dressed richly in red, they read, compose poetry and music, and discuss affairs of state with the men who govern the Republic. When Veronica Franco comes of age, she cannot marry Marco Venier, whom she loves, because she is well born but penniless. Her choice: cloister or courtesan. She steels her heart, and with beauty and intelligence becomes the best. She's a heroine when she helps convince France to aid Venice in war with Turks, but when plague descends, the Church charges her with witchcraft. At her inquisition, she must match wits with an old rival, speak for all women, and call courage from Venier.


    6. Hi~JustBe~

      Just a little piece of well-meant advice, make of it what you will: Please don't degrade yourself by calling yourself a term that one single person on here put on you weeks ago.
      I myself have been called a million things myself over the past 33 months and they just flow by me like water off a duck's back.
      To quote Henry Rollins: If I'd listened to everything that they said to me I wouldn't be here.

      Don't stop believing, hold on to your feelings

      For the nine millionth time, this time Orchestra-enhanced ;-) You're The Voice - and We're not gonna sit in silence, We're not gonna live with fear

      And I too bless The Rains down in Africa, not frightened of this "thing" that I've become :-)

      Just sayin'

      Have A Nice Day


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    9. @JustBe, "Attention Whore" is just a slang term for "attention seeker". You seem to have focused on the whore part and forgot the attention part.

      Posting multiple posts and then deleting them is annoying and attention seeking. Now, I ignored that; but when you also characterized everyone who follows this blog as unable to meditate I was even more irritated. If your "Masters" did indeed give you that lesson, it seems you have not learned it yet.

    10. Seems you misunderstood my intent. I asked an honest question. I thought you night have seen it. No worries.

    11. This comment has been removed by the author.


    12. You do know that I only use the term LightMachine as a nickname for my living room because I've got 74 candles in here, right? I don't light 'em all at once but I could if needed. Plus, I've got three glitter-filled lamps that you have to physically shake to switch them on. Guess what - I can switch them on by focussing My Heart on them and clapping my hands. Or by just thinking the right thing at the right time ;-)

      And you are correct: Your message does not resonate with me at all, sorry.

      Lots Of Love And Light. And Peace Forever


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    14. This comment has been removed by the author.

    15. @~JustBe~

      Yes, well-versed and I have had the honor to know some amazing, intelligent women with heart. Google is also quite handy, better than memories from other lives I've lived. Like cats, we live many. No wonder I am busting my butt burning off karma! But then, what do I know? According to the experts, I am an eternal Virgin. LOL

      Yah, Women are a far bigger threat than aliens indeed... except maybe an "alien" woman disguised as a Whore. BTW, her pussycat was named Yoni Yantra, and the man trembled in fear of it's wild, untamed power.

      That was a funny story, you should write a book about your experiences. "Tales from the Cryptic Mystic, or How A Witch and Her "Familiar" Got Some "Strange", and Healed It" ;)

      Ah, surely I jest. The point of all the quotes was to enlighten those who have (unconsciously?) embraced patriarchal and religious programming of judgment, separation, holier-than-thouness. Those who do not know the history of -and more importantly, HER-STORY of, such words. (But Siriusly, your descriptions are well-expressed!)

      It is always a challenge to understand unconditional love. When you no longer have a "charge" on a situation and can remain in neutrality, you're finally there. It takes courage to see the beauty in each person, especially when it is not apparent.


    16. Hint: If you check the little box in the lower right corner "Notify me" you will get comments in your inbox, so even if they get deleted, you can see by the time stamp which comments they were responding to, in context.

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    1. Good Lord! Woman lol.

      I missed the chaos. Is a pity this still going on where some are not letting you be. I take it is the usual mud throwing back n forth. Show me your paws.. Tsk tsk.. :)

      Btw the scalar attack has been overly used although you might be right as being the generic one to use... How about an MK Ultra episode...

      Come people... If u pipol(all involved) going to escalate the insults at least let the rest know ahead of time so we get a chance to bring the popcorn... I mean... lets work together here... We dont have to all be the same Or alike (thx zeus))... Or share same religious concepts or lifestyles... We here for one purpose: to/get inform to unite to support to uplift to liberate a planet... not to perform exorcism on each other :).. At least not on a personal level.

      Hmmm.. Actually now that i think about it... Liberation of planet earth is like an exorcism on the planet...

      So all this started because some didnt approve of u erasing your comments... and their approach were a bit insensitive ? Maybe now that all involved feathers are ruffled now everyone should feel much better on this progress :)

      The two reasons i think why you rebellious soul justBe continue this crusade is cause you get a kick out of it and two you are no ones fool.

      Whatever those two observations entails... Just a guess...

      Since i got a bone to pick with the Creator let me just say... May the higher beings from the Central Sun be a guiding light to both side of the arena. May all be settled over some cup of tea and dounuts... Or not

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Too Cool...
      You saved one for me..?
      (first JustBe screen-shot)

      ice cream...
      "circle of Life" in 3-D
      eye sphere

    4. Oh ok. Lol so i jump to wrong conclusions lol... Ok my apology to all...

      Be well.

  44. July 6, 2016 EXMOSS Progress complete
    December 21, 2015 EXMOSS EELA P Sequence complete
    October 4, 2016 EXMOSS clear clear

    Something troubles me about this. I smell another delay coming on.

  45. Wonderful, Wonderful! Let's keep it going!! Namaste

  46. Wonderful, Wonderful!! Let's keep it going!! Namaste

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  48. This is a whole list of the songs I've compiled that either say or reference the "truth". I've reviewed every song in this playlist multiple times and I can guarantee that every song in here has, at least, some truth/disclosure. Now, you may have to listen closely, as some of the songs have deep (hard to understand/see) meanings. It is absolutely stunning that there are this many songs, most of which are mainstream, that all sing about what's really happening on Earth; including corrupt governments/corporations and the illuminati, to far-reaching subjects like aliens, while sprinkling in a few songs that strive for freedom. This playlist will awake anyone; The number of famous artists who speak truth is simply not ignorable, even by the most sheltered of minds. Enjoy!

    Link: https://m.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLZx-wegItMu_NzURrDCFtEXFP1PVdiydh


  49. What the fuck was *that* just now? I know it happened for a reason and I know I'm meant to share it, but that was just *insane* even by MY standards!

    I had told a friend via email about "EXMOSS clear" clear, then read my own mail another few times and was just feeling happy. Put on some music, leaned back and caused the wooden stick behind me to fall down. As it hit the ground I heard the sound of glass breaking and thought "What the heck?" There is no glass on the floor behind my couch - what WAS that? Took a look behind the couch and picked up the three-pointed tree-branch. No glass anywhere in sight back there; just as I knew there wasn't.

    Instead, at the moment the wooden branch hit the floor while I had my eyes closed, a glass fell down as well. That glass was over one meter away from the wood and half a meter away from me! I did not touch it or the table it was standing on!
    As a Matter of Fact it didn't even shatter on the table it was standing on, it shattered on the Glass Table 30cm away from where it was situated!!!

    I used that glass for over a year to move my Rainbow Crystal around and put it in direct Sunlight so as to have Rainbows all over the place in the daytime. When the sun's gone, it just stands there on that wooden table.
    And now it somehow took a Leap onto my glass table and shattered to pieces without me being anywhere near either table and certainly not touching the glass.

    That was SO FUCKING COOL !!!

    And here's the song I listened to when that happened:

    We Belong To The Light

    And No - I'm not making this stuff up, that really happened

    V for Victory Of Love And Light. And Peace Forever


  50. If you don't know what it means then go here -----> http://theeventhub2015.blogspot.com/2016/04/cobra-2016-04-19-exmoss-eela-flush1.html?m=1

    1. Thank-you. This is amazzzing!!!

    2. Thank you very much, I was looking for this information for 2 days

    3. Ok so now we need to complete sublunar operations and we're ready to roll- unless they've been completed already?

  51. I will be outside with some sunglasses on and drinking some Aloe vera Juice eating my Chips with my welcome attitude ready

  52. Gratitude for the good work RM and Lightworkers!


  53. Hugs, thanks and fire fireworks for all .Namaste! ~ Co.bra & RM. We are all unique, beautiful, champions, diamonds, diamonds, gems, together we are powerful beyond measure one and infinite unstoppable ~ FORWARD SPEED Infinity soul ....... intergalacticomultidimensionale GOOOoooooooo....................
    Next stop, Golden Age!
    See you there!!!
    Endless blessings to all who read here.

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  55. What would "happen"to thous who don't ascend?

    1. They will continue their path in another 3D reality until they be ready to do so.

    2. Imho we are all presently ascending at our own pace. If you are referring who gets the benefit of swapping bodies at will it will depend how soon you meet the vibrational requirements.. It will be smoothier ride to reach such goal as negativity will be removed thus no delays on your progress unless is by your choice.

      So imho. Dont worry about who stays behind or not because no matter what everyone (in which ever vibrational level they are at) will be assisted and lifted or benefit just by the mere removal of the dark.

      So even if we dont receive wings at least our life will be blessed in many other ways... Enriched and empowered.

      By the way. Dont think that because someone seem to be at a disadvatage right now from ascending, it means that they wont.

      Remember we have been hostages and playing by unfair set of rules which were meant to separate us from ourselves.. In short to lose our souls... However we are more than the avatar we are using in this lifetime... There is a powerhouse behind you.. Your real self or higher self...
      I find it difficult to believe in the notion that we will be sorted out based on our present state of amnesia.

      In short there is more to you than the role you are playing today.

      Above was me humble opinion

    3. Dragon Heart, your words just touched my soul..
      I have three grown up sons, whom I just tried to explain the Event and the hostage situation and they looked at me as I were coming from another planet (which I anyway believe I am :-). but I know that they will follow when their time is right and this keeps me confident and happy.

  56. Cobra interview for September here:


    Take note of the situation in Malawi....which Lynn talks about at the beginning.... and there is an address where donations can be sent shown in the transcript..... In Malawi there are 444 orphans in this one village where the Prepare for Change team has quite up-to-the minute contacts. We can help...

    ...Love and peace...

    1. I made the same announcement yesterday, but Cobra prevented the post of the message... :-(

  57. I have friends/family in S. Florida. Praying for the safety of that area and that the effects of the storm are minimal. <3

  58. One of my kids is already planning a welcome party for benevolent aliens. She wants to know if Earth food is safe for them to eat, so I told her that if they can manage the tech for space travel, they probably have food scanners (like Star Trek tricorders). She wants a non-GMO, organic buffet with broccoli and macaroni & cheese (her favorites) to be featured prominently, as well as fruit and other foods. She also thinks they'd enjoy a pinata (abstract shaped) and plans to set up next to a local swimming pool so the aliens can swim. :D

  59. ATENTION TO THE SITE post by cobra in the past!

    Just a little more! KEEP PUSHING!!!



    Banho de partículas crísticas em setor Gate B12. Finalizando cauterização.

    Agroglifos dão sinal de binárias em 25° 25’ 40” S - 49° 16’ 23” W e locais agregados.

    Vírus "Nefelim1" cumprindo propósito.

    Avarias positivas em setor Gate B12 não podem ser desfeitas por MiD.

    Avalon (em regressiva) 46%. Órbitas locais estabilizadas. Aguardando equilíbrio emocional de 0i (Zero i).

    Zonas sísmicas sendo assistidas. Risco Califórnico e Anel em estresse. Meditação terranos solicitada. (Patrulheiro do Porto - invocar forças de patrulhas galácticas geológicas).

    "BE" cumpre objetivo. Ataque escalar 100% bloqueado.

    IUD-IL (Galáxia Azul) - Equilíbrio emocional para visitar setores geneticistas. Desconstrução de experiências genéticas negativas.

    Temporariamente fim da transmissão.

    Plêiades 1 (Em influência Solar).

    1. You have it very clear on this website:
      "Did The System Collapse? NOT YET"

      Where, the heck, do you see so much 'improvement'??

    2. Because before two days ago the marks on the graphics are in middle for months! And finally reach Danger and risign.

      Also as i post above the site link, a group called Pleades 1, come daily now with updates, and things are get so close!!!

      My english is bad so i can't traslate that properly.

      I dont know, Im sitting here in one of the 7 sacred cities from new age, i have borned here, i'm turnig 33 years next week, so much sincronicity this days, so much energy around here, just felling the process getting closer!

      Just glue the dots!

    3. Você é brasileiro? Em que cidade você mora? Quais sao as 33 cidades sagradas? Também estou acompanhando as mensagens das Pleiades 1. Tudo esta se acelerando mesmo!!! Feliz aniversario na semana que vem. :-)

  60. MOSS stands for Multidimensional Operations Solar System. It is a series of operations of the Light Forces to clear this Solar System from the last vestiges of darkness.

  61. Creating a website for crowd sourced community service. I call it: Compassion In Need. Updates on progress at www.compassioninneed.com Actual website at https://compassioninneed.org/

    This is all in the works as of yesterday. Nothing is finished. All a work in progress. Suggestions and help are welcomed! Please check out my "The Vision" post on the .com site to see what I am going for.

    Victory of the Light!

  62. We must be so close. One tool Cobra shared with us was http://didthesystemcollapse.com/ he said once the system collapses, then we are close to the Event. It's really close.

    1. One caveat is the Shanghai Gold Exchange is not open this week due to the Chinese holiday. When it opens next Monday, it could set its gold and silver "fix" price much closer to the Western "paper gold" price and it would be business as usual. (In other words, the West has taken advantage of the Chinese absence to knock down the London price, which it can't do nearly as easily when the SGE is open.) But with Deutsche Bank on the verge of collapse and speculation that this impending collapse in some way affects the gold market in some hidden way, it could indeed signal a system collapse very soon. Let's sure hope so.

    2. I keep checking this info and just since a few days it moved from "stable" to "caution" / "danger".. it somehow made me feel excited

    3. I m for my part do not expect a "system collapse" before the Event, but still I take any move as a good sign ... ¨I believe this is better, than getting frustrated over something not happening (yet)... :-)

    4. Sorry for the inconvenience but there will be no market crash this year, at least one of a "natural" origin.

      There will be a crash only if the Event happens.

      Deutsch bank bank will be rescued by accounting gimmicks as always.

      That widget is only taking in consideration PM's prices but they are traded in both locations simultaneously and the Shanghai gold exchange is for mainland China trade only.

      In western markets the Gold and Silver price is being smacked down because banks are struggling to find collateral to meet capital requirements.

      So nothing spectacular will happen this year.

      You must understand that the Financial Reset is a sudden crash caused by "Glitches" in the software that will cause disruptions in trading leaving the "Algos" in HFT trading software running wild and causing sudden and violent oscillations in stock and currency markets, forcing them eventually to shut down.

      Then China will "reset" the gold prices in Shanghai announcing that PM's will be traded AND delivered on the same day forcing western PM's markets to shut down also.

      That will prompt the New Asian Development bank to declare a "New Brenton Woods", or a new currency paradigm that will be an Hybrid Advanced Barter System where every trade will be backed and convertible on some sort of collateral.

      That will create hyperinflation on western currencies leaving them with the only option to foreclose on central banks and moving to sovereign asset backed currencies.

    5. Wow, pretty specific and unwavering, do you have insider information?

    6. No. I put all of this together using several public sources, including Cobra. Other sources may include Jim Willie, the Web Bots, David Wilcock, the Ambassador for the Red Dragons and some others. It's important to realize that no one is going to serve us with all the information in a single plate. We have to cherry pick the intel out there and create our own picture to explain what's going on.

      I also recently concluded that point out dates at this point is useless and who is doing that is either doing it for the cabal or to get a few more extra clicks on his website to cash in on ads or other kinds of web site revenues.

      Time lines are converging somehow and when that happens the probable futures get entangled and confusion on the temporal landscape emerges.

      This is a good thing because it means that we're getting closer but then again in galactic terms "close" is a very broad definition...

      My point is that nothing is assured at this time.

      Forecasts work with probabilities of how eventually things can play out.

      To our current understanding the Event sounds like a "miracle" because we lack the memories of previous lifetimes and cycles, so people are expecting miracles when in fact miracles only happen because someone indeed fought for them to happen.

      We're all expecting big crashes and that the "collapse" is just around the corner but everyone forgets that the financial is something that, if no intervention is done, can technically go on forever.

      They can print money to infinity and are very creative in their accounting and have control over the media.

      Although is becoming harder to hide the current state of affairs for the cabal, the truth remains that they can go on indefinitely and they will NOT let the system crash in any manner whatsoever, because even a small crash like a 20% correction in the stock market or a bankrupcy of a major bank or two would the trigger a mass awakening of the sheeple because the activity of the galactic central sun is already high enough for that.

      So if they let a single part of the "illusion" to fail at this point they're done. Finito.

      The MASS AWAKENING of the population is IMO the only thing that keeps those people awake at night.

      They don't fear anything else.

      US, waking up massively, is their worst nightmare...

  63. I loveeeeeeeee youuuuuu all. Thaaaaaaanks.

  64. New Cobra interview at PFC ... Hitlery is NOT dead!!! :O

  65. Unknown: But will they have the company of another Cabal?

  66. Cobra,... it is scandalous!...
    You are already preventing the posts which have common sense subjects, not only 'fuck all and everything'...

    It is in fact us deprogramming from the imposed fake morality!...

    It is scandalous!... You are shutting the mouth of your long term runners, who put their energy in and alongside with your work...

    Hopely, not this is what the Event will bring us!... to shut down us with our common sense items!...

    Post at least this one!

    The inner child in us needs a sign from our grandfather...
    Kind regards.

  67. ----!... ----!... ----!... ----!...

    All!... All!... All!... All!!... !!

    * * *

    Love, somehow?... Or?... what? Hmmmmm!!...

  68. Thank you Cobra .. also for explaining a bit the situation in Switzerland, where I am living. Now I know, why I am feeling so close to the Pleiadeans.. I even happened to live in Glarus for a while... WOW

  69. and by the way... talking about Switzerland; I know that a major bank is working under much pressure on an IT project; sort of changing the software in the background but keeping the screen templates as is so you would not see any difference. I cannot but think that they might be already preparing for some major changes. (of course this is done frequently, when splitting up or merging companies.... who knows). Only one thing is for sure: nothing is as it seems

  70. This comment has been removed by the author.