Thursday, November 24, 2016

The Pleiadian Interview wIth Cobra and A´drieiuous

You might want to listen to this joint Cobra / A´drieiuous Pleiadian interview:

Or read the transcript here:

According to some reports, access to the transcript is blocked if you are using Internet Explorer, whereas with Mozilla and Chrome it works just fine. 

Victory of the Light!


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  2. folks, based on my experience I am here to encourage everyone to kick it up. Put in an extra effort to raise awareness.
    I just posted 2 comments on a Hillary article on Yahoo calling her out as an archon trying to put people in a dead universe. The article got removed right away. The Reddit dude also just admitted to changing comments by 'pizzagate' sleuths.
    I suggest hammering every public comment board you possible can.

    1. Yes thank you for reinstating this idea!! We must continue to utilize PUBLIC boards to spread awareness I find this very effective in my own experience. Please do not underestimate your potential!!

    2. What do you think about the recount that Hillary and Stein are pushing for?

  3. another thing I want to mention is that it very clear to me that the dark 'machine' is in full malfunction mode.
    Remember the archons eat the energy of human hormones, specifically fear and excitement. So obviously they engineer events to feed themselves and one of the places they do it is professional sports.
    I can see how they use the plasma field to engineer outcomes in sports to get mass excitement from the fans. There are too many close games, come from behind, last second heroics. I could probably prove this statistically but I am not going to.
    The machine is in full malfunction mode - this is our time.
    Victory for the Light.
    I love each and every one of you.

  4. Can anyone point me to the pic of the alien they were talking about (the one Louisa was passing around)?

    1. I asked her for a pic the other day- still waiting...

  5. Thanks Cobra. A very interesting interview. I appreciate your explaining the headaches, because I've had a few lately. I'll hope the ache is from "the removal process."

    I have never talked to a Pleiadian and I'm not going to immediately believe that this one (A´drieiuous) was born on the Pleiades (though he sounds nice enough).

    Will we hear from him again?

  6. Thank you Cobra and also thanks to those conducting the interview. It was very well conducted and the questions were posed very intelligently..

  7. Thank you Cobra for the information, love to hear about your news. Keep it up. Thank you and thanks to A’drieiuous for all his help and years on Earth, nothing is forgotten. Love you both.

  8. Wow what a great interview ... just up my alley with all the geopolitical news, that was very interesting. Lot's of talk about Trump. A’drieiuous had some good points as well. For me this is one of the better interviews. Thanks Cobra ... Happy Thanksgiving to you the RM/LF and all the LightWorkers. :)

    I Deborah L Dickson 08225503:38 Cleveland Oh right here and now do hereby officially ask for assistance from the Light Forces and Resistance Movement to intervene on my behalf to override the effects of Archon implants, the veil, and other dark force technology. I ask that any assistance you can give regarding any issue I face be implemented.

    And so it shall be, and so it is. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

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    3. ~JustBe~November 26, 2016 at 6:34 AM

      Hi, my name's Spirittoo.

      I enjoy long walks on the beach and trying to kill the so called "144,000" by trying to manifest them falling asleep at the wheel, while they're driving their cars.

      I don't seem to have much luck though as they're smarter than I thought they were.

      Bugger it.

      If that were true The Event would have happened a long time ago. Bugger that.

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  9. This is an amazing interview ! Thank you Cobra, RM & Pleiadians people :)
    Victory of the Light !

  10. Dear Cobra, do you perhaps know, if the Resistance Movement is already contacting certain people on the surface via dreams? They felt genuine. Thank you for the interview.

    Victory of the Light!

    1. I recommend you review either the latest posts or the latest interviews. I remember he had comment on that... I could tell you but best you see it for self.

    2. Thank you for your reply, Dragon Heart, will check out everything I can. I only remember him saying that higher Light beings are starting to contact the most awakened individuals on the surface, but not RM per se, but I will check again. It has been confirmed to me that the first contact was real, but I'm not completely sure about the other contacts, so I'm hoping that the other ones were not some Archon dream interference. Thank you for your comment and Victory of the Light!

    3. It is very hard to know if intentions are good or bad. It is usually up to the individual. Make sure to observe what you receive from a side point of view. Then decide what you want to work towards and put your energy into.

    4. Ok Nich. I was referring to that post you just mentioned. i failed to remember he referred to the light beings only. Sorry. Other than that i cant think of any other post.

    5. Dear Slasher, thank you very much for your advice. But I must say it's really hard to observe any contact from a neutral point of view, from the sheer excitement alone :-)

      Dear Dragon Heart, it's ok, I guess the real answer will reveal itself to me in time. Thank you anyway :-)

      Thank you both for your comments and Victory of the Light!!!

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  12. There is something I want to say here.

    1. According to the interview, A´drieiuous claims he is over 1000 years old ,and he was released from Area 51 after two years imprisonment. Why did the US government release a "live alien" to the public so easily if it is the cabal released? Why did't the Cabal chase him back if he is released by the some light force, even that let him do internet radio show and teach people to meditate rather than taking him to underground base for protection before the breakthrough ? I highly suspect either he is mind programed/mind controlled to think he is a alien himself or he is just a liar.

    2. About the time travel. Cobra has metioned it is not easy to do time travel and there is no such thing of photon belt in the past interviews.But A´drieiuous said the frequancy of the quark of body should be adjusted by a "device" before time travel blablabla and the photon belt blablabla. And then Cobra said nothing of it. I respect and I know it is his good heart that doesn't want to make conflict by pointing out other's disinfo/error/mistake , but his silence would make much more confusion among people roll by roll if he doesn't refute the disagreement base on his past information.

    I would recommend Cobra to clarify things in time if he will do interview with others in the future, or else people would throw much more questitons to you base on their confusion and disinfo on the internet :)

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    2. Cobra already said that creation was a direct result of Source attempting to deal with Prime Anomaly. Creation was unintentional. As P. A. is gunking up the works even Source can't time travel, for if it could then it would have set right P. A. by now. (Remember Cobra said that suffering is not necessary for evolution.) The whole concept of time travel must be totally different to what we are imagining it to be. No wonder Cobra is keeping silent.

    3. Cobra is very strict on not discrediting other persons and leaving it all to the discernment of each individual listening. For good and for bad. The few times I have stated my opinion about other persons in these comments they have not been approved.

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    6. Gen.1, He set Lights in Heaven... let me copy/paste what I'm reading... Books of truth, left by Ascended, so Truth would always have a way, in any Time...
      Gen.1/14... Kind James Version
      And God said, Let there be lights in the firmament of the heaven to divide the day from the night; and let them be for signs, and for seasons, and for days, and years
      16... And God made two great lights;
      the greater light to rule the day
      and the lesser light to rule the night:
      Galactic Center of Love
      the lesser, a quest of understanding this
      ... and he made "Stars"
      Heaven is all of Space (outside your little box)
      the working of "Grace in Motion"
      (didn't want to do a blog in a comment... but)
      (thinking... about Sunday)
      Jump to line 27... 28
      How many Gods could..?
      "Be fruitful, and multiply"
      "replenish the earth, and subdue it: and have dominion"
      One for each earth..?

    7. What if time travel (in the way we imagine it) is m/disinfo ? What do we know about it ? Once I binge watched Back to the Future Parts 1, 2 & 3 for 6 hours and gave myself a severe hangover. And that's about all I know of time travel - the Hollywood version. Only observational time travel seems to be entirely possible - Akashic Records, CRV, etc. As I said before if Creation was unintentional, then there's a fair amount of P.A. goo embedded in space-time making individual time travel in a physical sense an impossible concept even for Source. It may be that collective time travel is possible but you need everyone to agree on what to change in the past. And I mean everyone - even the advanced E.T.s and the Ascenced Masters. Have you noticed how evasive Cobra is when it comes to the subject of time travel?

    8. How can you change something in the past if events have already played out, taking us to this current moment? Wouldn't that ALWAYS result in another timeline forking off with the new changes in place, and running parallel to the original one??

      How can I communicate with a future version of myself, if my current self still isn't sure where I'll be or what I'll decide to do in 10 years time??

    Real Pleiadians Alien Humans

    1. Gives a little more info on A´drieiuous and the other that was held captive at area 51.

  14. Cobra ma questa intervista non c'è in italiano??

  15. As We bow our heads to the Horn of Plenty
    Seeking Mysteries
    of Abundance that
    resides Heart by bond
    (<>) bond by Heart resides
    that Abundance of
    Mysteries (5D rhyme)

    2nd biggest "pie" of a spending lie
    (education..?) Hang-in there Bernie
    so glad they didn't kill you, for
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    (look what happened to "nasty woman" 'lizzy)

    Just (teacher teacher) tell me "one" thing
    I can not "teach" from a cell phone...
    and could a 5yr old speak it..?
    (now only C.E.O's... seem to need your teaching help)
    (Ascending with respect for those taught by older doctors)
    To Serve as a Nurse (home schooled..?)

    2 times the people "and no more made-up jobs"
    A "Living Income" for a 4 hour wage
    2 times the "real jobs", almost overnight
    (typing, one hand still tied back there)

    Moon Day 10
    Mid Galactic Activation Portal
    (what, you think I didn't know
    the interview would be good..?)

  16. There are almost 8 billion people on planet Earth. How would you change the world?

    1. We cannot wake people up through force Siketa. If force is implied, the energy comes back upon another and creates a more stress and challenges for that individual forcing the I Am presence upon another.

      How would you go about waking up another? The best from my experience is to lead as an example and empower another energetic beeing. We could even go about enabling the other to figure it out by asking questions and letting the individual come to the realization.

    2. Very simply ,stop STOP s t o p tring to coddle and protect them from the truth , any and all truth . They will adjust.

      Why do people in control think just because they ate previ to hidden truths , that their minds are vastly superior to every one elses and deyermine " they" cant handle it.
      Well you handled it all right
      Everyone else will adjust as well.
      Stop holding back screw those false selfserving surveys that say peoples of this planet cant handle aleins or all the lies told to them .Thats a load of BULL ! Let the truth be known stop coddling us like we are mentaly handicapped and you in the know are the ONLY ones with the mental capacity to HANDLE the truth! Thats a world changer!

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    1. I wish interveiws were much more informative this is the same interveiw thats been going on all the time nothing new wait for the event.
      What about news .like what do ets do in there perfect daily life ? Or is it perfect ? What do the do what is their controbutions to their planet? Do they have police do they have laws do most stay on planet or do they visit other planets like we visit other cities.
      Do the drive flying vehicles do the teliport every where .
      Do the marry do they live for ever.
      Do they have other et races living on there planet do they have mixed et cities like new york where in one high rise you have lots of people from everywhere living in one building.

      How many ufo ships are govwrment made to fool us what do the look like hiw can we recognise them to not fall for their false flag invasions there is so many important discussions

      Why dont they give us the tools and knowlege freely so we can help here on the ground to be as effective laser like precision infultrating them from our persoective. Why do we have to sit on our hands and be kept in the dark about our own planet , havent the dark ones done that to us long enough

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  19. References from prevous last posting :-

    NEW SHOCKING INFO: FALSE FLAG COMING! Dr. Steven Greer 11/18/16

    FAKED stories of alien threat; Faked abductions; Faked mutilations;


    PiperonNovember 20, 2016 at 5:56 PM

    Blossom Goldchild of Australia also channelled a new message about the Project BlueBook (False Alien invasion using Holographic images on the skies) that will be occurring soon.

    Read it at :

    May the LOVE be with you always!

    and now Mike Quinsey's higher self is also warning us about the last attempt of the Cabal about the false Alien invasion, read it at :-

    THREE Sources.

    1. I think maybe we mean project blue beam regarding false alien invasion, rather than bluebook, which is something else usa/ufo related that began in the 40s or 50s.

    2. Beloved Gen Boutin,

      Sorry my bad, it should be Project Blue Beam.
      Thanks you so much for correcting it.

      May the LOVE be with you always!

  20. Fake invasion??? MikeQuinsey usually talks sense. If true, then - be aware...

  21. COBRA:




    We weigh people out on a scale and I describe it in English on a level system. For instance level zero, one, two, three, four, five, six, and seven. (exct...)

    Louisa: Cobra do you have any comments on that?

    Cobra: I am not classifying in any way the level of people on this planet<<.


    I'm so glad Cobra was born on Earth.

    Otherwise, he could NOT understand us - the way people from other planets do NOT completely understand what we've gone through. They say they DO.... But they don't.

    How could Cobra appreciate our emotions, the human ego, and all the sufferings we've gone through, if HE, himself, wouldn't be one OF US?

    With all our baggages of "goods and bads", Cobra still respects and LOVES us....

    Another reason i trust and I LOVE YOU, brother!

    I'm NOT saying that A’drieiuous was not correct. WE ALL KNOW that it is the case, right? To put it in simple English -we are ALL on a different scale of our own evolution.

    All I'm saying is, (for one more time), that I have ALWAYS liked the way Cobra handles... choses the words for his answers/opinion.....

    Always modest, humble, and levelheaded.

    To Louisa:

    Dear Sister, I love the way you handle your interviews. Nicely done, indeed.
    Thank you!
    However, unfortunately, there were several questions about the things that most of long-time Cobra followers know about, but you didn't.
    Therefore, before you do the next Cobra interview, i wish you would take some time and do more research on Cobra reports.

  22. For those who can't believe that there are some AUTHENTIC, flesh and blood Pleiadians here on Earth.
    I won't be surprised in the least if A’drieiuous is one of the AUTHENTIC ones.
    Tuesday, October 6, 2015

    The Great Forgetting of 1996

    >>Years ago, the Chimera has locked many physical Pleiadian hostages in prisons on the surface in Syria and Afghanistan. These hostages were captured by the Chimera forces during the invasion on 1996 throughout the Solar System and later transferred to Earth. These hostages are strategically important for the Chimera since they use them as a mechanism to block the progress of the Pleiadian fleet towards the Earth where they would like to help with the liberation of the planet.
    These hostages are the real occult reason behind the presence of the US negative military in Syria and Afghanistan<<.

    PS: If he's really who he's claiming to be, then A’drieiuous IS NOT one of those Cobra mentions above.
    A’drieiuous has been here for 44 years, (1972?), and he had been captured because the ship he was on had crushed in Nevada.

    1. You know what bugs me is the photograph this alleged ET (A'dreiuoisuious) chooses to represent himself with. A ~6 year old child? Why would you choose that picture if you're a man in his 40's?

      I guess it's possible those photos were taken decades ago - and that is what A'dreioueius used to look like as a child. I must say; the guy seemed perfectly nice and came across as decent in the interview.

      So, do ~all~ Pleiadians look so weird? Or is it just a certain bunch??


  23. has it occurred to anyone that gray can be blank indefinite (not infinite) void as well as binary absolute (inclusive not mutually exclusive) dense. it seems like the only thing that is infinite (not indefinite)is cycles of beginning and ends (not absolutes) phi is indefinite the phi ratio is absolute. certainly it is folly to say only sith deal in absolutes-complete perfect pure (holy) decisive. inclusive-whole

  24. Tick tock, tick tock.Better come clean pal.

  25. Yup they're still stealing from us...and your lords are still not happy ?


  26. Walking in Your Empowerment by Jenny Schiltz

  27. Honestly... I find it difficult that any parent or anyone in levels of responsibilities would allow atrocities... Cause that is the key problem here.... As far as Learning a lesson?... This is not a project or an error imho this was a catastrophy... And i dont care who made it happened or who is to blame this is the type of issues that merit immediate intervention... If the higher ups are so interested in masochism why dont they send themselves downhere to play the role of toy....

    I'll be darn.. I guess they did send themselves down here.. We are a spiting image of them lol... Lord.. This ironic.

  28. I can assure you people would have chosen (if this wasnt a rescue mission)... They would have chosen to 'learn their lessons' under a different playground...

    This cant possibly be characterized as a playground... when most was directed to go one way.

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  30. Knowing of EVERYTHING, of all creation, of every space in all universes, of each and every moment in all time, past, present and future - is NOT known in its "entirely" by any human. It cannot also be known by ANY other intelligent race or form whatsoever, no matter the advanced degree of their development. Do we know why this is so?

    To my understanding, the ONE that DOES know ALL in its entirety:

    FIRST: it cannot have a manifest form, because form is limited and is defined by its relative position to another form. The ONE must be knowingness itself, awareness itself, without form, without the separation between a knower and knowledge that is known.

    The ONE awareness, knowingness itself, must extend everywhere without boundary - limitless, everywhere present, beyond the comprehension of mind. This is what the texts and knowers of reality have referred to throughout the ages.

    The ONE, being everywhere present, without the limitation of time and space in "form," must necessarily KNOW every piece of creation - ITS creation. Because ONLY the ONE who is without form can be the source for all forms, all knowledge.

    and SECOND: The ONE who is entirely knowing, in addition to being formless and everywhere present, can ALSO be said to HAVE form. What would the form be of the ONE who is entirely knowing? The form would have to embody the entire creation, all universes, all manifest form in time and space.

    In summary, the ONE totality of knowledge, who has created all of the forms, all of the diverse creation, in all of its degrees and dimensions and permutations, ad infinitum, is BOTH without form, and with ALL form - all the while as ONE.

    So when Cobra or ANYONE, any race, any source whatsoever is speaking of knowledge and perception of any kind, know that it will NOT be the entirety of knowledge that the ONE only can completely know ALWAYS.

    This, to me, brings great humility, humbleness, not to elevate anyone on a pedestal, and at the same time, not to discount our own inner feeling as to what is right in any given situation.

    Love to all.

  31. Thanks Cobra, I am halfway through it..glad to hear the funding will be cut for $DAPL -that can'tcome soon enough. Jane Fonda has gotten all of Holywood donating money, yurts, supplies, etc. and being vocal.

    I heard there are Veterans (Positive Military?) on their way to Standing Rock to protect the people protecting the water.

    The situation has also been compared to certain scenes in the movie Avatar, as well.

    #PowerTothePeople #NoDAPL

    Looking forward to the 2nd half after some rest.

    All indications are things are ramping up, and it might get a bit crazier before it gets a lot better, but clearly we are headed in that direction.

    Thanks Cobra, RM and all Lightwarriors, Lightworkers and Legions of Light..keep on shining till all darkness is exposed! <3

    Victory of the Light!

  32. (every vowel for a name, except "y")
    After a pause...
    still stuck at Gen.1...
    this is going to take more time

    Can't forget the Pope

    Lines of Time for folds of flesh
    "recording" paths of the puzzle
    Pressed up to the Light to hold
    "A Truth"
    For You
    and we

    Flow from the Crown (wasabi cheat)
    Flow from the Eye of Eyes (tears, eyes closed, non stop)
    Flow from the Breath of Life
    Sound of the Universe from your Center (The Word)
    The Keeping with Time (pulse of your Heart)
    Manifesting Power of Posture
    Truth of Love to form a foundation of Joy

    How could I Pray for you to be a
    "poor man"
    When there never was meant to be
    such a thing as
    Except for the hearts ruled by greed
    Ever blind to "Worlds" of True Treasures
    All "themselves" at there own hand
    ... one of my friends
    The Pope

    "Planet Trump"
    added to photo blog test... comments, real time

    1. hmm...
      I right-clicked/copy a wrong link for
      "Planet Trump"
      (8 tarot card draw of shadow)
      (photo blog test)
      (comment direct to blog)
      will always be avatar text IceSphere- for Blogger
      unless... until...
      (tons code for the motion of a thought)
      we get a bigger Blogger up-date

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    5. astral travelerNovember 26, 2016 at 8:49 PM


      help is available:

      You don't like my statements so in your mind I'm schizophrenic ... what does that say about you?

    6. Justbe I have been told and can now give full disclosure to disregard people that think they know my thoughts and feelings, when they don't have a clue.

      If you believe my comments are "resonance of disconnection, and your willingness to disrespect the gift of life in yourself and others" why do you open yourself to it by reading it?

      Sorry ... don't have time to play your little "training program" game, fitting your "profile", or your name calling.

      Happy Holidays to ya. :D

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    11. Justbe ... you're full of it ... you are one of those people Cobra spoke of from his Oct.17 update.

      "Some people have the tendency to deny the fear and pretend that everything is perfect and we are all one (the New Age crowd.)"

      You like to pretend you are with the "in crowd" ... a great "messenger", yet you constantly delete your posts so folks can't ping you on your inconsistencies.

      JustBe quite ... you're learn a lot more.

      Happy Holidays. :)

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  36. I would like to ask what are your thought, Cobra, on David Wynn Miller's QUANTUM GRAMMAR. It's a huge revelation to me and I think is/would be a great trigger for disclosure, as his info is based on science but has to do with law, history and syntax. He is from a mason society though. Highly intelligent. Do you know him? is he helping the resistance? or is he independant? He does not seem to know much about the ET team. How does he fit in?


  37. Funny how some people just don't get it.
    Umwilling to change or adapt.
    Can't see the writing on the wall.
    Know nothing but talk like they know it all.

    Oh well.
    Far be it for me to criticize.
    Fancy that ;-)

    Come on!
    Show them what they are, and what WE ARE!

    Will you still love Me when All Of This has changed?
    When Everything has changed!

    Of course I will. More than ever before.
    This is Ocean Rising

    Wonderful Way To Go

    On a totally unrelated note (*wink wink, nudge nudge*), it turned out to be a wonderful cloudless night full of stars, the moon is right there outside my window and the Sun is rising as I'm typing this, illuminating the sky already.

    Good Morning! Happy First Advent, Team Gaia



  38. Tell 'em, Freddie.
    "I'm livin' It All.
    And I'm givin' It All!"

    Thank you, mate. So am I.
    And what is it?
    "It's A Kind Of Magic"

    Damn Right It Is!
    Süße kleine Magic :-)

    And this race that's lasted 25.000 years will soon be done


  39. ❤ Let’s come TOGETHER and COMBINE our efforts! ❤
    Please join us every SUNDAY in our weekly GUIDED GLOBAL MEDITATIONS to amplify our impact on the transformation of this WORLD now!
    At 11:00am EST (4:00pm UTC/GMT) we will host the Weekly Ascension Meditation, immediately followed by the Liberation Movement’s Weekly Meditation, and optionally the Yaldabaoth removal invocation
    Web location:
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  40. For LIVE interactive conversations with fellow beings of light that are geared towards the aspirations of the Prepare For Change Network, we welcome you to join our Skype group:

  41. Victory? Public outrage may force Feds to revisit approval of the Dakota Access Pipeline

    Friday, November 25, 2016 by: J. D. Heyes

    Learn more:

  42. Thanks Cobra.
    I wish whe gan wit an lot of Lightworkers/warriors blow up the computer the monitor us. Whit ore mind so that the computer will crash.I wil also try it by my self

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  45. It's A Well Done Conversation. Go Ahead...

    All the Q & A is done within; YE are GODS. How to raise your vibration? Do it with clean fresh food, sound/light resonance. You are an electrical matriX, a being in fluX. Stay away from Xeno-estrogens, do a cleanse---mind & body.

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  49. I like your post,I wish whe gan wit an lot of Lightworkers/warriors blow up the computer the monitor us.
    You can see bangla news