Monday, October 2, 2017

MDS/Systems security breach at 504


  1. The time has come to trust that guiding Light! Gerry Rafferty "The Ark"

  2. I hope this is an improvement from the black alert.
    Sending the RM some love and light.

    If anybody feels like sending Catalonia, Puerto Rico, and now Las Vegas, some love and light, I don't think these places will turn it down.

    Stay positive and loving and we all have to try to stay out of the partisan politics.

    1. at this rate Megan we gonna have to be sending love n light 24/7...
      the schemes are none ending... next week another scheme would have developed... This is beyond old. This imprisonment is a 24/7 hour machine.

      If we could vote. I would vote for the Event to be triggered... If higherarchy really really care for us... it should not be a second guess that they will protect us....

      if we are not... then ... we will know how much we truly were cared for.

      this is a game where humanity does not get to played .. is a game where humanity gets used and abuse..

      Everyone!! Stop this nonesense...

      This is not about cowarding down... or running away...

      this is about being tired of the pull push nonesense.. where obviously humanity becomes the joke of every one elses actions.

      what do u guys up there need to dissolve them sbombs? short in manpower?.. short in equipmeent ..material?

      sorry i am pissed at everyone again.

      is just plain nonesense in me eyes.

    2. People, remember what COBRA said. He said, to do not watch the clock. He said, to do not be in the wait for the event 24/7, because it's just gonna make your life harder. Things are going well, The cycle is broken, The end is near. IT'S 100% SURE !
      Do not justify your anger by waiting for the event ! It's not gonna be productive in any way. Not for you and not for anyone else. And meditation is not an obligation. Personnaly I don't do it because I don't need it. There exists many different ways to participate on the good side, meditation is just one little of them. Take care


    3. @ Dragon Heart:

      While I understand your (and everybody else's) frustration letting it out in public serves absolutely nobody except the dark side. Spreading negative energies does not help the cause at all, mate.

      I have learned quite a long time ago that it's better to not say anything at all if you don't have positive things to say.
      Let me quote what was written on here just four days ago:

      "So dont get discourage.. Take the good news as well as the sour news with your chin up. I prefer to hear the hard truth vs being kept in complete darkness.. hey we know and have one piece of puzzle to focus on... lets do whatever we need to do to cooperate ...
      this is what teamwork is all about.

      we need to stay focus .. and keep the flag high. I dont know how much we can count on the Universe but let be know... tye Universe can count on us..
      we have complained quite a bit in the past.. lets keep the flame going for everyone.. for humanity."

      Sound familiar? That's 'cause it was you yourself who wrote that, D.H.
      I mean this in the nicest way possible, please practice what you preach and don't let yourself get discouraged by minor setbacks.
      Otherwise you're just doing what the dark ones want you to do.

      We will be victorious.

      Lots of Love and Light

      Your friend




    5. I told this story a few days ago, and I feel it's appropriate to tell it again.

      Cute little analogy:
      This week I listened to an interview with an ultra-long-distance runner. He runs the 135 mile Badwater race every year, and for one of his anniversaries he ran the Boston marathon four times in a row.

      Just like what We All are doing here that requires a lot of physical, mental and spiritual toughness.
      And trust Me, my friends, just like That Guy, each and every single one You can do this!
      Nobody said that this would be a sprint, and it's not. And YOU are tough enough and powered by Divine Love so that YOU and Me and All of Us will complete the task at hand.

      Let's just keep on doing what We're doing.
      Quitters never win.
      And Winners Never Quit!

      It should be noted "that guy" was an alcoholic, did drugs and weighed over 145 kilos before he decided to turn his life around and started running.

      His first "run" lasted a whole eight seconds on a treadmill before he collapsed. But he didn't give up.
      Two years later he ran his first marathon.

      You think that's impossible? It's not.
      You think that you can't do that? YOU CAN! Only better!

      We are Humans, We're the toughest sumbitches in the whole wide Universe, and NOTHING is IMPOSSIBLE for us.
      And We are not going for a Run, We are going for the Final Fight against the darkness. And they're scared of you. Boy, are they scared. 'Cause they know that there is absolutely nothing they can do to stop YOU on your path to liberating Yourselves and liberating Gaia.

      Plasma beings this, plasma beings that.
      Toplet bombs, shmoplet bombs. Who gives a shit?
      FUCK THOSE GUYS! :-)

      BOOM! Toughest guys and girls in the Universal Room!

      Victory of The Light!

      Here's one more (well, two actually):

      While I never got to be a long-distance runner in 3D-world (I topped out at 15km, then it just got boring for me), I supported a friend of mine during some of his marathon races, supplying food, drinks and encouragement.

      And way back in 19 . . . 89 I think it was, we were required to read a short story in English class and then had to summarize it for the world to hear.
      It is definitely no coincidence that the task I was assigned for was reading and then summarizing the by now very familiar story of "The Loneliness Of The Long-Distance Runner" :-)

      Funny how these things all come together in the end, isn't it?
      What We're All doing here together is a long-distance run, and We've almost made it to the Finish Line.

      Not much longer, you little beauties, We're almost home :-)

      We Come ONE!

      Love, Light, Unity, Peace and Freedom for All ♥ ♥ ♥


    6. yes...i understand low vib comments does not serve us.

      Fot me is not about waiting for the Event.. is about putting an end to nonesense... humanity is caught up in the middle...

      a game that makes absolutely no sense.

      i will leave it at that.

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    8. Dragonheart, I send you greetings and beautiful healing intentions. understand that clearing these negative feelings is a part of this process. What does no good is to bury them. This place of all places should be a welcoming warm place to come in, clear, for ourselves, others and the Earth herself, Then go out and BE the Light. Once the negative energies attach, we clear again then start the process over. I practice mindfulness, but sometimes I get weary too. It is not my nature to work in the dark. In fact I am not certain why we need to work in the dark if we are trying to release light. Light is disclosure, light is putting all your cards on the table. Moses modeled for us what our attitudes should be especially here of ALL places. A brother or sister can come here and clear, rather than slap their hand, we hold them up and Love them up. This is what is needed when a brother or sister comes clearing and mindfulness has failed them. Moses's brothers held him up and so should we. We are all doing the best we can under the circumstances. blindfolded (amnesia) and is some cases hands tied behind our back. No I AM not a victim, but I chose to come here to assist and currently these are the parameters. Namaste

    9. All truths are true even what ONE perceives as a lie, lives in someones reality. Until we understand that simple fact, we will be buffeted around by disinfo always looking for an absolute that does not exist in a vacuum. Imagination often manifests Archetypes which you Franck referenced a few times. look at the root word and you will find a message there. I-Mage-In ation. a "Mage" is a magician, or a learned person. How are they learned? look at the beginning of the word and the clue is obvious. "I". When playing in the resistance/COBRA sandbox, discernment is paramount and the understanding that a thing can be and not be at the same time. We have relied on our 5 sense but in this realm you must activate new eyes, discernment. The secret for me is believing everyone but discerning that which I act on.Either way I AM going to be the light.

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  4. The situation shows that we are just before the final breakthrough NOW! We keep focusing on Light till the breakthrough!

  5. We need to keep strengthening the critical mass reached New Atlantis energy grid!

  6. If you want anything to happen this year please perfect your meditations to the point where you can SEE and FEEL that changes are occurring by your personal efforts. Meditation scripts are offered as suggestion only, personalizing it and making it your own, evokes more emotions thus making it that much more effective. People talk about it being synchronous in time and also think that it automatically has to have the same vision in place as put out by the suggested script which is only partially effective. Adding your own essence and creativity to the meditation is key and essential or else we are just robots and rote followers just like religion has instilled in us devoid of uniqueness and aliveness. Think of an orchestra where there are different instruments each making their own sound adding to the perfection of a beautiful piece of music ... that is what it's all about ... shining our own essence and aliveness into a meditation while having the same intention of the meditation in place. <3 <3 <3

    1. You have a fine mind my friend.

    2. Yes well said!! warriors unite for the light ❤ the intent is all you need

  7. When will the federal reserve go?

  8. I would like to network with anyone near central IL, USA regarding Cobra info...

  9. Bless you Cobra....Victory of the Light

  10. The Pizzagate Investigators are in need of your wisdom.

    We think we may have found a potential "smoking gun" email chain and we would like your thoughts on this matter since you would probably understand this more than us. A quick reply would be most appreciated.

    The third email down in this chain mentions something about "smoking people's pineal glands" and DMT.

    If this email chain truly is damning evidence, please foward this to the resistance and various positive groups.

    We experienced a massive DDOS attack as a result of the thread containing this stuff, the recent Huma and Hillary data dumps, info on Roberta's Pizza, and some pedo swirl truck caught on national television, so we have a feeling we could be close to finding something important.

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  12. I would like to add a comment. Something we all tend to forget from time to time is that WE are ALL ONE.

    Now, that means, all the evil people, the Chimera, etc, are a reflection of US. We are them and they are US.

    It's like the one is looking into an infinite number of mirrors and the world reflected back to the one is our unique individual lives and experiences. The Chimera decided they would corrupt and distort their mirror and as a result, they are no longer a representation of the infinite love that the One has bestowed to each of us.

    But knowing this, I cannot have anything but Love for ALL beings, not matter how evil or pure they chose to be. At the same time, I will not stand by and left evil fester and grow. It simply cannot be allowed to continue. I choose to dream of a day when the event will happen. I choose to meditate on schedule as many times as I can to paint my version of reality onto the corrupted mirrors that exist. I choose to send love and light to all that attack me, or anyone else I know.

    At the same time, when the defeat happens and those that are shown they have a defective mirror and choose not to repair it, it will be with love and light that I would send them to the central sun so they can be repurposed. It will not be done with sadness of any kind. I also have to remind myself, that my path will eventually lead to the central sun. But my sincere desire is for that to be after milleniums of experience and growth, not because my free will is opposing the free will of billions of souls.

    And for the end, I found this music extremely calming ... it is from the movie Intestellar.

    1. You have a good heart! I too hope you get to spend millennia learning and experiencing all this Universe has to offer. Earth needs more kindness like yours, probably the whole Universe does too 💞

  13. Friends: watch the video. Look at the link below. Then pull in the violet flame.

    Robert Steele in an interview with Victurus Libertas VL published Oct 3, 2017. Steele explains Las Vegas and shows a deep web warning on Sept 10, 2017.

    Two links and also in the video he mentions a "tiny url." Write that down and look at it.


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