Friday, October 6, 2017

MDS / Systems security breach at 504


  1. Cobra, can you provide a short explanation as to why exactly there is such a major uptick in activity?

    1. ther cabal are attacking with everything if you are a true lightworker, you can feel the heavy attackts right now happening

    2. I'm sure others have replies as well, and I'll point to the recent update that the main bulk of Yaldabaoth's head, the last remaining bastion of the Primary Anomaly of Division-Hurt-Separation-Greed-Hunger, has been breaking up and dissolving. People who desire Peace, Light and Love are coming together in greater Unity and Shared Purpose than ever before, and we are grounding and transmuting the Earth energies while solar and galactic energies also flow in.

      Basically, we went up to the last big fire ant hill on the planet, and kicked it over. Meanwhile, the winds are blowing heavy and the ground is shifting - metaphorically and physically. The fire ants are pouring out from their tunnels desperate to attack everybody and everything as invaders, and to rebuild their little hill.

      But the times of their aggressive, fiery stings have passed, and our work will continue to remove their painful torment from our planet. As the Lightworkers continue to ground and strengthen the Ligh Grid, all other plasma/physical changes will continue to move us toward That Loving Oneness.

      Long ramble short - We are in an End Game. We don't know the details, nor what phase may be next, not for sure, but definitely AN end game is in play, and unity is winning. "They" are fighting with all "they" can for the survival of "their" control structure. WE are united for the survival of United Good of All, and winning.

      Stay focused on following your soul's guidance for your part. We are One. We are LOVE!

    3. I'm guessing that the Cabal Scumbags are backed up against the wall and lashing out at anything/everything they can....but they're going down BIGTIME, quickly and permanently. Stay focused and positive Lightworkers! We're doing beautifully!!!

    4. It's the last hurrah for the dark forces.

    5. But how they still have enough strength to coradinet big scale attacks like that?

    6. This is excellent affirmation! They should of known that darkness does not prevail over love and unity.


  2. October 4, 2017

    The Unknown Lightwarrior

    So tune in to find out:

    •the true energetic impact of the Cabal attack in Vegas

    •The quickest & best way for Lightworkers to respond

    •What would have happened if the 144k was up & running in such a situation/attack

    •How the physical Light forces needed a profound & emphatic energetic response by Light/Energy Workers first … in order for them to action an effective & successful response on the physical plane.

    •Where things stand now, post Vegas attack & post OUR energetic response.

    •A full report on Tuesday’s response (3hr energy session) by Michael Pascoe & yours truly will be provided on this week’s show … (sneak peak: it involved Maldek [aka: super Earth that was blown up during that war]).

    1. I've been waiting for this time to come since I was 5,and read a newspaper and realized I fell into a distorted reality that was not in peace,harmony and balance from the reality I dropped out of on some time line So when the Peace Love movement Egan,with LOVE in's as we called them,many of us were Flower Children We brought love yo those who stood their rifles to support a Parasitic mind virus,and put flowers in their gun barrels,and said,"come with us,well you PEACE either love, song,dance and we will have fun teuniting to the great feminine Spirit that lives in this Earth Mario Savio at UC Berkeley said during the Free Speech movement in 1963,as a student body leader to the student demonstrations and take over of campus executive offices,that "we have s responsibility to be the wrench in the machine of this industrial war machine and bring it to a screeching halt.Cointel Pro tells how we failed to.muster enough vibrational awareness to join us on a much more global scale. Are we not capable of that,because where I can from it's already like that where no one has any memory as I didn't,of what Human suffering was,but soon realized I was a Super empath because I could Not stand to feel other's suffering,so healing them with love and emotional support.

      I believe Time line zero is alive and well.Kove and joy to you all from my 💓 and Soul Spirit.

  3. PREPARE FOR CHANGE TorontoOctober 4, 2017 at 10:08 PM

    Black Alert Meditation (using the guided audio of August 21st Unity Meditation at the Solar Eclipse)


    5 October 2017 at 05:19

    We need also a New general meditation for alerts (black and red) and for sequirity breack and deflection. Let's do it!

    Alethea Lobo
    5 October 2017 at 08:49

    There is one at 4 p.m. GMT (daily)

    Alethea Lobo
    5 October 2017 at 08:52

    Awesome!!! Sometimes we aren't able to do many in a day due to various factors. Last Sunday, I had done 7 meditations in one day, so this one really makes a lot of sense.
    Thank you and looking forward to partaking in this daily one.
    Victory of the Light!!!


  4. Sonja
    October 5, 2017 at 1:19 PM

    I feel the daily toplet bomb removal meditations are having a beautiful impact. "Loving attention" is very powerful!

    Still new at this :) but getting more acquainted with the power of light by the moment.

    Much love to Cobra, LF, RM and all who are assisting with planetary liberation. Thank you!

    Victory of the Light!

  5. Cobra, what is it

    RPS: 12:21/XORTSMODE


    PHX SIGINT loop operational

    on the right side of the page??

    And in what case your coded messages are put on the right of this blog?

    How important has to be so a message??


    "Terry This is the message to RM, and we don't know exactly what it means.
    But, judging from the facts that "RPS: 12:21/XORTSMODE" is the code that have been displayed above "COBRA" in the Portal 2012 at least for several years, while 12:21 was the instructed time for the meditation today and "12:21 operational, EELA reactivated" was posted only after 30 minutes from the time of the meditation, I would imagine something significant was achieved."

    Sunday 22 November 2015, 01:24:05

  6. Lucas Martucci
    October 5, 2017 at 3:32 PM

    Cobra - on your next update, could you please address the vacuum metastability event?


  7. Dança Ao Luar
    October 5, 2017 at 8:04 PM

    We must a meditation to bring money to starseeds, It's support...without support no way to go well.
    We can meditate to bring money and financial solution to starseeds..Money move the 3d life to people in surface difficults = no play.
    It's inteligence...Unity to bring our gold..... and believe that helps other is more efficient to helps ourselfs is a lie and it's like always foolish...may we must learn with black cabalists.Is mad helps other and not make our support.. The cause for event is not happen is the false light in people that must come to earth just live like the true light (non-dual) example?
    may if we make a meditation to break the cabal technology that dificults our financila lives we will send our will to source and not will the same to us about money...But if you meditate to break the prision in earth and your life is down is better uses your focus in some to you in a individual level? It's not a fantasy?

    We must uses our strategicall habilities, and we must unity, we must dominates our lives with our original power ( the unicity), we are here to show this... If we don't show this is better recognize that we are fighting side by side the dark cabal...

    I fel that may this explanation could sound excentric.... I hope no. WE (starseeds) ARE GUIDEDE BY COLECTIVE PROGRAMATION?

    If a meditation group is unity to creates a light-coerence to neutralize the money poverty in financial live by the people who is in that meditation.....It's will happen..

    If we made this in a 200k people we play the game like the game accepts, and the cabalists are made that (they play the game like they can) because in this aspect they have humilty.

    Not exist evil or good, exist our mission and our mission is focal, our mission is not same the dark cabal mission.

    1. I would like to offer one perspective of how a meditation could serve this!

      Money is called currency as a reason, and energy is meant to flow. I AM now perceiving money as the symbolic representation of the energetic flow of creation and intent which spreads as a web across the planet, and perceiving this energetic flow as freshly enflamed with golden, holy light. I AM now realizing the dark, hungry cube of greed and hurt that has been drawing in this web, and how it has been stealing the power of this flow and using it to create oppression and pain. I AM now lending my full loving light and creative power into the golden enflamement of the web, strengthening it with my intent. I AM now intending for this web to flood its holy golden light into the dark cube, turning the siphon into floodgates, overwhelming it with loving, divine light. I AM now perceiving the cube as turning from dark to purple, then violet, then white, then white-rainbow-golden as it spreads apart into a sphere that will help attune and strengthen the holy energetic flow of creation and intent. I AM now perceiving every heartmind being attuned to this web, receiving and giving in loving wisdom, in full freedom. I AM now grounding this vision into my reality, and I AM now intending for this reality to be real. I AM Gaia, Gaia is one, and We are Love. Sat Nam.

    2. There will never be money for some of us. Some of us are fated to be broke and in lack for the rest of our lives, imprisoned in abusive and painful circumstances, never a way out no matter how hard we kick, scream, and shout. I see no point in staying alive any longer, other than to fulfill the narrative of growing into an angry and bitter misunderstood man. The awakening can happen regardless. My death is of no consequence. Life is death, and so death may actually be the start of something new. Something more fluid anyway.


    3. @unknown, even though we are definitely on the right track in this process, you bring up a point that is energywise very important, for at least over 6 and a half out of 7 billion people on the planet. And it is going to be so for quite some time.

      The importance to do more action at all levels is a very high priority, first and foremost given the huge number of people in need; also, to support the more aware or enlightened ones that are also limited in their contribution because of it.

      Meditation Now.

      @We Dentify

      In the name of all of us in need, Thank You.

      Please forgive my apparent detachment, be strong a way you also express very clearly how relevant the issue is to our freedom when money is a need and a necessity.

      You always have the power to co-create because it is a part of you, and it is going to be more and more accessible along with the enlightened influence of your higher self as the improving conditions of the entire planet subtly work in your favor.

    4. Not true, Psychedelicpiper, the only NEVER is to NEVER GIVE UP! I don't have the energy to breathe life into you. That's your job, now do your job and hang in there! We fully expect you to show up at the massive party we're gonna throw when we finally shift this paradigm for the better! It's closer than you think, don't be a fool, don't succumb to despair, that's what they want! You wouldn't be suffering or under attack so much if you weren't important! You ARE important!

      I'm not religious, but this is a good quote:

      13 “Enter by the narrow gate. For the gate is wide and the way is easy[a] that leads to destruction, and those who enter by it are many. 14 For the gate is narrow and the way is hard that leads to life, and those who find it are few."

      Matthew 7:13-14English Standard Version (ESV)

      Teh Zen version I am familiar with goes:

      "The Way is easy, save for picking and choosing."

      ...which probably is an adaptation of this Zen Koan:

      The Koan

      Zhaozhou often quoted this saying by Sengcan:

      "The great way is not difficult
      if you just don’t pick and choose."

      ..but if we have to choose, IMHO we should choose life, no matter how difficult. Change is the innate nature of life, thus change is inevitable. Your intention will effect whether it is change for the better. Keep your head to the sky.

      In Lakech

    5. When the World Puts You on Edge
      -Remedy for Overwhelm-
      by Selacia

    6. Time will tell if there are not money for us.

      In any way, even if this is the case (no money for us) at least we will gain a proof that they, that there is no solution for us, - some of us expect, suspect, nor it will be in post Event era as well.

      We are entitled to suspect, to expect, that in post Event era we will also be told that we have chosen by free will this mission...

  8. We might need a meditation for strengthening the new Atlantean plasma grid, And Anchoring in the light...

  9. Batch of Goodies: Pedo Arrests, Disclosure in Headlines, Good General News, Syria Update, Podesta Called Out on Twitter, Personal Update, Uplifting Video

  10. Any opinions as to why there are so many postings right now? I've never seen them this frequently.

    1. Perhaps new energies coming in and affecting our planet?

  11. “State your intent to use this meditation as a tool to speed up the process of bringing harmony and unity for planet Earth and its inhabitants.”

    Let’s “keep it simple” and accomplish our goal of "The Event."

    Question: Should I pray in silence or out loud?

    Praying out loud is always better…then your physical mind is convinced that you are praying and that is enough.

    Why do I pray? I pray because I need God. I meditate.

    Why do I meditate? I meditate because God needs me.

    When I pray, I think that God is high above me, above my head. When I meditate, I feel that God is deep inside me, inside my heart.

    While you are praying, you are talking to God and God is listening to you. While you are meditating, God is talking and you are listening.

    While you are praying, your prayer is going up high, higher, highest. Then while you are meditating, God’s Love, Light, Peace and Bliss are entering into you. That is the difference between prayer and meditation.

    The human prayer says, “Lord, give me.”

    The divine prayer says, “Lord, take me.”

    The supreme prayer says, “Lord, give me, if so is Your Will; take me, if so is Your Will. I have only one message for You: I am all for You, only for You.”

    Human prayer says, “Lord, give me what You have, and make me happy.”

    Divine prayer says, “Lord, take me, along with all my possessions, and make me happy.”

    The supreme prayer says, “Lord, in me and in others, please Yourself only in Your own Way, and thus make me happy.”

  12. On Prayer and Meditation

    Prayer is purity. It purifies our mind. The mind is always subject to doubt, fear, worry and anxiety. It is always assailed by wrong thoughts, wrong movements. When we pray, purification takes place in our mind. Purity increases our God-receptivity. In fact, purity is nothing short of God-receptivity. Each time we pray, our inner receptacle becomes large, larger, largest. At that time, purity, beauty, light and delight can enter into our receptacle and they can sport together in the inmost recesses of our heart.

    Meditation is luminosity. It illumines our heart. When illumination takes place in our heart, insecurity disappears, the sense of want disappears. At that time, we sing the song of inseparable oneness, our inseparable oneness with the universal Consciousness, the Transcendental Consciousness. When our heart is illumined, the finite in us enters into the Infinite and becomes the Infinite itself. The bondage of millennia leaves us and the freedom of infinite Truth and Light welcomes us.

    There are two types of prayer: right prayer and wrong prayer. Similarly, there are two types of meditation: right meditation and wrong meditation.

    The right prayer says, “I am helpless, I am innocent, I am weak. I need You, O Lord Supreme, to strengthen me, to purify me, to illumine me, to perfect me, to immortalise me. I need You, O Lord Supreme.”

    The wrong prayer says, “Although I need You, O Lord Supreme, I have some strength of my own, I have some capacity of my own. I need You because if I have Your Power and Capacity, then there shall come a time when I shall be able to lord it over the world and dominate the world. The whole world will be at my feet and I shall act according to my sweet will. But for that I need power in boundless measure. I have some power, but I need infinitely more. Therefore, I invoke You, O Lord Supreme.” This is wrong prayer. This prayer is for the fulfilment of the vital in us, the vital that wants to dominate the entire world.

    The right meditation says, “Lord Supreme, out of Your infinite Bounty You have chosen me to be Your instrument. You could have chosen somebody else to play the role, but You have granted me the golden opportunity. To You I offer my constant gratitude, my gratitude-heart, for You have chosen me to become Your instrument to manifest You here on earth in Your own Way.”

    The wrong meditation says, “Lord Supreme, this world of ours is full of ignorance. We all are swimming in the sea of ignorance, wallowing in the pleasures of ignorance. You need me because in this world of ours, God-manifestation is extremely difficult. Your manifestation, Your full manifestation, is a far cry. Therefore, You need considerable assistance from me here on earth. You need an ignorant human being like me to fight against ignorance in this strange world that You have entered into. You need my help for Your own manifestation; so I will be Your instrument.”

    Prayer tells me, “O seeker, claim the Supreme Beloved as your own and say, ‘O Beloved Supreme, You are mine. I claim You as my own, very own. Do grant me Your divine qualities in boundless measure so that I can be Your perfect instrument here on earth. You have infinite Peace, Light and Bliss. Do grant me infinite Peace, Light and Bliss so that I can be a most perfect instrument of Yours.’”

    Meditation tells me, “O seeker, tell God, ‘I am Yours’. Tell the Absolute Supreme, ‘I am at Your Command. Use me in Your own Way. At every moment You can manifest Yourself in and through me. You can utilize me at Your sweet Will at every moment, throughout Eternity. To fulfill You in Your own Way is to achieve immortal life. Through me fulfill Yourself here on earth, there in Heaven’.”

    1. I really needed to read this today. Thank you! 💞

  13. because it's all coming to A-HEAD

  14. Greetings Light Community!

    Though I am still fairly new to this blog and the community here, I find that the following messages (listed below) strongly resonate with me.

    In light of all the scrambling for "specific" meditations, in the wake of a flurry of activity and coded intel posted these last few days, I strongly believe that my prime focus should remain on triggering the Event...via the all-encompassing Unity meditation, bolstered with the one for toplet bombs/parasite removal, as per Cobra's suggestion.

    Because, as I see it ...

    Once the Event happens and humanity's hearts and minds are bathed in that wave of purifying cosmic LOVE .. ALL of this terrible, distracting, negative cabal bullshit currently happening in the world will come to a screeching halt anyway!! 😊

    I've learned to view the coded intel posts as neither good/bad in and of themselves, since they aren't meant for US to understand or dissect anyway .. only that the LF are working their butts off, doing their job, making progress towards our liberation (which of course IS good) ...

    So for me, unless Cobra specifically posts a request for further, specific meditative action, I feel guided to concentrate only on the Unity and the toplet bomb/parasite meditations, to assist the LF and trigger the Event. That said, we ALL must follow our personal inner guidance to do what we feel is best in these times.

    In Heartfelt Thanks,😌
    Peace, Love, Light to Everyone! ☮️❤️☀️
    from Moon Mama


    THE EVENT: COmpression BReAkthrough ("COBRA") For Divine Harmony On Earth October 5, 2017 at 9:39 AM

    Just a brief reminder: These kind of "coded" messages that Cobra posts here are for the Resistance Movement and Cobra's connections that he communicates with, and are NOT meant for us, the "general public" who read and participate on this blog.

    THE EVENT: COmpression BReAkthrough ("COBRA") For Divine Harmony On Earth
    October 5, 2017 at 9:09 AM

    (@)PREPARE FOR CHANGE Toronto: Because the "coded" messages that Cobra posts are NOT for the public on this blog to figure out what they mean, why would you organize a meditation to act on such a message?

    THE EVENT: COmpression BReAkthrough ("COBRA") For Divine Harmony On Earth
    October 5, 2017 at 9:24 AM

    .... as I have posted here, our meditations should simply be at this time everyday for the general situation of bringing The Event (which covers EVERYTHING in detail). 
The coded messages on this blog by Cobra are NOT meant for the public reading this blog. They are for Cobra's sources and connections ONLY. We do not have to be concerned about interpreting them, figuring them out, and "acting" upon our "guess" what they mean. i.e. We don't need to organize a meditation about the coded messages. It's enough that we have the meditation for The Event ....

    And this .... (Note that the "Urgent Black Alert" meditation in the second link IS the Unity meditation we used on the solar eclipse in August) ...

    >From Cobra's Short Situation Update posted September 28, 2017:

    "If you feel so guided, you can use the following meditation to help dissolving alt those plasmoid entities and toplet bombs associated with them:

    Or you can hep the Light forces by participating in meditations listed here:

    When there will be meditations of planetary importance in the future, they will be announced directly on this blog."

    1. Do you not agree with the Unification Principle @moon mama? We are all here to collectively shine our own light in our own way, especially if it's with the same intention of invoking light and healing with meditations in situations that need it the most! We are not here to follow something outside of oirselves without first following our own inner guidance. We are trying to proliferate these meditations that are also being suggested by the PFC Network to simply another channel since COEO does not do daily meditations for most of the daily meditations that we have been asked to do daily and this is simply just another avenue for beings to come together in a shared space online doing meditations simultaneously and using any portable device to get on these meditations which COEO does not support yet - Meditations on the Go! We support the whole Lightworker community and do also strongly resonate with Cobra and PFC Network messages <3 Just to be clear our meditations are not used for coding or interpreting cobra's codes as you've implied they are just meditations that PFC and Cobra have suggested we do. <3 <3 <3

    2. @PREPARE FOR CHANGE Toronto

      Thank you for your reply🙂 .. and I do get what you're saying.

      I am all for Unity as well as individuality in meditation ... I was simply trying to point out what MY inner guidance says is the thing for ME to do with all these many meditations. The posts I listed that resonate with me are just examples of what I was already thinking/feeling before I even saw them. I was not implying that your meditations are used for "interpreting Cobra's codes as you've implied" (If I read that correctly? Should there be a period before or after the "as you've implied"??). He has suggested we do certain meditations, yes ... only not so many different ones with specific focus/intents. Please understand that I am NOT against anyone doing other specific meditations, and I AM sometimes guided to join in some of them (especially weather related) .. Still, in general, I strongly feel that for ME, the Unity meditation we used at the August 21st eclipse covers EVERYTHING quite nicely! .. along with the one that Cobra recently suggested for helping the LF remove the toplet bombs and parasites (to bolster the Unity one's intent) .. as according to Cobra, the toplet bombs are the only remaining roadblock preventing the Event. It is my feeling, MY inner guidance, that these 2 meditations are all that is necessary for ME to do at this time. By all means, if others feel guided to go beyond that, they should, and that's awesome! That doesn't make my personal contribution a lessor one, by the way, because we ARE all on the same page: Unity in invoking light and healing! In my perspective, I interpret "most needed" as meaning the situation as a whole (which includes all situations)--as the Event will eliminate all negativity once and for all.😌

      In Peace, Love and Light ☮️❤️☀️
      Moon Mama

  15. Supposedly another earthquake near Fukushima. Wondering if another Cabal hit as with 311.

  16. Dark Guys are in complete failure mode
    we have moved from malfunction into complete failure
    every single dark guys institution is revealing is backwards ways obvious to the most un-awakened - politics, military, sports/entertainment, education, law etc etc
    wish them well - they get to be Hydrogen again, should be fun!
    Victory of the Light!

  17. Apparently 3600 files on JFK assassination are due to be release to the public on oct 26th...

    on its 25th anniversary per Congress ... which the President has the authority to stop it if necessary...

    let me gues.. even if it gets disclose.. anyone would like to bet 90% of those documents will be black marked..
    out of 100 lines of text just two words were spared from being highlighted in black marker.

    lets see.

  18. Memory is returning. The soul memory network is becoming more and more accessible . REMEMBER who you are.... its not just a dream or an imagining....its a memory of another NOW . Its time to wake up from this dreamscape of learning and move forward with knowledge of all ...knowing what NOT to do when we reach our destination. We are almost there . MUCH LOVE .

  19. So...
    what exactly would it mean-
    "You have to like Yourself"
    Most of the World is born knowing
    "What needs to be done"
    & God's Judgement
    (a system)
    For You is...
    "How well You Judged Yourself"
    (or be removed as a last gesture)
    For Evolution of Any Good You Ever Remembered
    Good news is
    The Plan of God
    is not rocket-science

  20. Latest theory regarding shooting in Vegas is that supposed shooter was FBI arms seller to ISIS. ISIS shot him and committed the mass shooting. Cobra is there any truth to this? No one I know thinks this guy did this or at least not alone. It just doesn't make sense unless he was another mentally ill, Chimera/Cabal mind controlled person like Hitler.

    1. imo many options to choose from... one answer is fixed though... it was planned n done by the usual badguys... the problem with every new incident is that the badguys will just try to add more into the mixture n try to patch if they can previous obvious mistakes... no matter what they do ... all the events still lightup like christmas lights pointing at foul play. There r some patterns that cant change much.

      anyway.. the guy could have easily been used (what they called patsy?..) some claimed that he was planning to escape... that could have been pre arranged to look that way... People forget that framing n mirrors are important tasks for the bad guys.. they neeed that to create the illusion they want the public to follow.. they count on the naiveness of people.. these are operations.. that i believe are not done overnight.... several events happen which become the building blocks toward the main incident..

      dont be surprise some thought, planned n coordinated over years span...

      my understanding is that for each event.. they have their damage control personnel .. those that make sure the narrative is followed.. n r in charge to cleanup... n suppress info or personnel.. those disinfo and misinfo agents are a part of such process..but of course there are also the avg supporters or puppets willing n ready... There are also the ones who have infiltrated position of influence in order to help keep the illusion alive...
      Thes are the times the puppeteers are redeeming favours they have done for others (specifically for these occassions)..

      so those unaware of the scams n barbarities have alot to filter thru... unfortunately people r too naive n aim to take face value of what gets presented( which we know this)... in turn average individuals endup supporting their own slave masters.

      nothing new here i am sure.

    2. I'd like to ask Cobra this question too.

    3. apparently there was a schefuled shooting one week prior to Las Vegas... it seemed that one was averted...

      yet another piece to ponder of this whole puzzle..

    4. i am sure it will be asked on next interview.. lets hope ... multiple questions.

    5. Crazy British guy tried to kill Trump in Vegas in summer 2016. Trump is casino man. Then this thing happens in Vegas. Seems like warning to Trump not to reveal details of JFK assassination. Like JFK, this psyop involved patsy supposedly shooting from window when actual shooting took place closer by (akin to grassy knoll). (Not to say there weren't crisis actors and the number of real deaths will never be known.) Two builcrao stories were planted on 4chan as prepackaged conspiracies. The first, that Chertoff was using this to sell security systems to casinos, was trial ballooned but no one bought it. Second bs story is Paddock was gun running for ISIS. Conspiracy got legs by clever deception that the corrupt FBI ruled out ISIS right away. At least this prepackaged conspiracy has better script than the Chertoff one. Bottom line, LV likely done by same Western cabal security agencies that do all of these mass events. Wouldn't be surprised if Israelis lent support. Also wouldn't be surprised if "ISIS" gets blamed for a bigger false flag later on, with convenient "links back to LV." Akin to using 1993 WTC bombing to sell the 2001 psyop.

    6. I learned about information on those who planned this incident, by Benjamin's program. That's not the information about the criminals of the scene but ones who planned that at behind the scene.
      According to Benjamin Fulford, the following three people planned the Las Vegas shooting incident.
      Former CIA director Cheney, Former Home Land Security Secretary Celtoff and Casino King Adelson. Motivation is the promotion of metal detectors that their company manufactures.
      Sorry, this program is in Japanese language.

  21. Catalonia Meditation Promo

  22. This is a huge misery which brought many of us here.

    And for some, if not for many the beginning of their end (as a soul level of course).


    1. Cobra could do better to inform us in more details about all of this, about how were we brought here, allegedly by our free will.

      Instead of so many meanless post along this years (i.e. ordo bucintoro, and others alike) he could give us more details about the call given to liberation of (the disgusting) earth.

      We might be much more interested in our pre-earth history than in the disgusting one of the earthling middle age...

  23. Anna Von Reitz Update via Suzi - 46,000 Arrests -October 6, 2017

    1. thisis a quote from the bottom of SITREP intel page.
      Note from Deep Source(s):
      "Please note: Intel that is being provided from us to you is indeed accurate but completely raw and does have a tendency to not follow through. There is no denying that we are all in frustration and loss of patience. It is entirely a fact that intel being provided is real, but there are constant on-going activities that change the situation. This is agonizing but you mustn't lose hope. Nothing lasts forever."

  24. This is David Wilcocx's Dark Night of the Soul

  25. has another sbomb been removed yet.. at least one of those listed entities listed above?

    1. What if I tell you that there are not two sides, because coin is only in your mind.
      There are beings in Love and there are beings not in Love YET.

    2. And those beings who are evil to the core and can only dealt with by immolation in the Central Sun? What side are they on?


    1. Fastest way from the abyss to the Light:

    2. No, thanks. i was in one similar groups, It didn't end good for some of the members. I work alone and Like my results. Now i understand why I'm in NY. I created couple energy vortexes around NYC, which transform energy. Also couple day ago Gaia released big amount of energy which looked like black oil. All was placed to special containers which looks like big laundry bag. All that energy goona be recycled. (we are ones who understand essence of energy).
      I highly recommend do not mix your energy waves from your sources with other people when working in the group. Try to develop your own channels, and they gonna be most safe for you. And remember grounding is not always good thing for Gaia. it depends what you exactly grounding. Ask her first if she wants it.


    what doth life?

  28. We might need a meditation for strengthening the new Atlantean plasma grid, And Anchoring in the light...

    We need also a New general meditation for alerts (black and red) and for sequirity breack and deflection. Let's do it!



    Please include this in the Natural Disasters meditation if you feel so guided.

    Due to a number of different active meditations we have at the moment, it has been decided that a new general meditation for natural disasters will be held daily in the place of all other meditations regarding weather or tectonic activity.

    We will be doing the new meditation daily at 3:30 PM GMT.

    You can convert GMT time zone to your local time zone here:

  30. For a lighter note on these heavy subjects: always wanted to know how Cobra 504 look and sound like? Here you go .. ;)

  31. This comment has been removed by the author.

  32. I just have three last words to leave you with: You abandoned me. Goodbye.

    1. Psych:
      I don't know who you are addressing.
      We are all still here.

      Go have some fun in nature today.
      I am going to do the same.

      Ho o pono pono is a nice sentiment and quite powerful. Look it up and find some solace in it.

  33. October 7, 2017

    Regarding OUR MEDITATIONS to bring THE EVENT:

    1) Regarding Meditations People Can Participate In At The Same Designated Time
    In Order To Achieve Exponential Results Collectively
    2) Regarding The “Specific INTENT” To Have For Our Collective Meditation:

    My personal feeling is that basically only ONE intent is necessary because it includes ALL conditions and issues that occur on earth. It is what we used in the eclipse on August 21, 2017 for our World Unity Meditation:

    “State your intent to use this meditation as a tool to speed up the process of bringing harmony and unity for planet Earth and its inhabitants.”

    Ask yourself when considering the above intent, is there anything whatsoever that is not included in that intent? Consider toplet bombs, the anomaly, the extreme weather manipulations, storms, earthquakes, political situations, employed weaponry by the dark forces, money issues, poverty, suffering, etc. The answer I convincingly get is: NO, there is not any situation which is not covered in the above intent.

    Now, let’s consider prayer/and meditation in general: They have their range from general all encompassing intention to specific instances. One could say, “Let Thy Will Be Done,” or more specifically but still all encompassing, we could state our intent as noted above for our basic meditation;

    or we could single out specific areas that we wish to get help with and change for the better. Note: It is us who must decide WHICH specific issues if we go that route. We cannot possibly address them all. Will Source/”God” honor BOTH types of prayer/and meditation equally? I think: YES.

    I strongly believe it is the QUALITY, not quantity, of meditations that is most valuable. After all, are we trying to prove something to Source/”God” on how dedicated or industrious we are, how many meditations we can do! Certainly not.

    My suggestion to everyone is to have ONE basic all encompassing meditation scheduled each day using the intent stated above. If others wish to embellish on that and ADD specific requests, they are free to do so. If others wish to meditate more times that once per day, they are free to do so. But I do not think it serves us to try and post many meditations at different times and with different causes and intent.

    To me, that seems impractical, it divides the focus of powerful meditation to many areas and times, and it’s difficult to even keep up with. Truthfully, it is not necessary. I do appreciate the well meaning behind those suggestions, though.

    3) Regarding the “visualization” type of meditation suggested in our instructions, I personally think we could call that a common way of meditation that works for many people who have not learnt any other specialized meditation. For myself, I do not do the visualizations. I do the meditation(s) I have learned which I experience as most powerful.

    Also, I think to NEW people, the visualization meditation could be construed as beliefs and seem esoteric, occultish. I believe the meditation should be communicated to be OPEN for anyone to choose to pray or meditate as they wish. Only the Unified TIME of meditation and INTENT of the meditation are key factors to having the collective effect of powerful participation for THE EVENT. And the potential effect of “critical mass” of up to and exceeding 144,000+ people.

    If a specific situation comes up whereby the Light Forces, communicated through Cobra, wish us to have a meditation, great. I think we respect that. But I think the all encompassing intent stated above already includes ALL concerns for everyone on earth. As Cobra stated, if a large meditation is to be organized it will be announced on this blog. Perhaps it will be like the August 21, 2017 eclipse World Unity Meditation whereby we also extended our invitation to groups affiliated with David Wilcock, Corey Goode, Benjamin Fulford, and many others.

    Actualization, Realization, Victory to the Divine Light.


  34. :) <3 :) Join our Daily Guided :) MEDITATIONS ON THE GO :) to permanently ground the Light in our earthly realm:

    Meditation SCHEDULE ***Please note that we will have three consecutive meditations starting at 4:00pm UTC (12noon EDT) with the special request meditation for the black alert starting first, then the Ascension Meditation and then the Meditation for Catalonia**

    2pm UTC (10am EDT)
    Expanded Chimera Meditation on Long Island & Antartica Base

    3pm UTC (11am EDT)
    Daily Toplet bombs removal meditation

    3:30pm UTC (11:30am EDT)
    Geophysical Anomalies Meditation for both Puerto Rico and Vieques Hurricane and for Volcano Agung in Bali and now as well for Hurriance Nate now forming at the Gulf of Mexico

    4:00pm UTC (12pm noon EDT)
    Black Alert Meditation (using the guided audio of August 21st Unity Meditation at the Solar Eclipse)

    4:17pm UTC (12:17pm noon EDT)
    Expanded Ascension Meditation r3

    4:30pm UTC (12:30pm EDT)
    Meditation for Catalonia

    We have humbly been given this task in this Divine window of opportunity and we would be honored if you could join our efforts to herald in the light for the New Age that is about to commence!
    Your support and participation have an ever-lasting effect, so this is a grand Return Of Interest on your highly valuable investment of time and energy!
    Victory of the Light! <3

    1. We might need a meditation for strengthening the new Atlantean plasma grid, And Anchoring in the light...

      We need also a New general meditation for alerts (black and red) and for sequirity breack and deflection. Let's do it!

    2. Have we Cobra's agreement to change the time for WAM from 4PM to 4.17PM?

      Why not to change the black alert to 4.17PM in order to keep in place the WAM as Cobra put it in place??

    3. On the other hand, we have to meditate continuously from 4.00PM up to 4.43PM, dayly for who can do it.
      It is too much almost 3/4H continuously to meditate.
      Many are no so trained.

      He have to rearrange it!!


    4. A jumbled came out with the last 3 meditation on Sunday...

      4:00pm UTC (12pm noon EDT), 4:17pm UTC (12:17pm noon EDT), 4:30pm UTC (12:30pm EDT).

    5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  35. Enemy of the "Deep" State. I think two diff entities. One is asleep... the other wide awake abusing..

  36. The ultimate goal is not ascension. It's ascension and then coming back. Back and forth, with full awareness. The messenger may be compromised beyond redemption, yet the awareness remains.

    1. This is my understanding of the Human Purpose: Ascend within flesh, so we may serve as bridges between the I AM and WE ARE. Through this service, each may experience the blissful unity of the Great Central Heart without losing individuation.

  37. Be strong. Never be swayed from knowing that love will prevail over ALL trauma.

  38. And btw, where does this one fit into things?


  40. Does anyone know the true history of Satan and Lucifer? Are they different entities? Where did they come from and where are they now?

    1. There a big connnection with the two: both are fiction, so is god.

    2. is my understanding L got a chance to work for the light... S was sent to the Central Sun.

      I am not sure how the story goes.. The little that i recall from the stories I read somewhere else is as follows:..

      S..was Lucifer hmm lets call him L's sidekick.(They both are angels of different rank...) he influenced Caligastia who was initially someone that was temporarily looking out over this sector... (I guess in charge of Earth.. not sure what other areas)... unless i am confusing him with someone else :)...

      At this time Chris Michael(God'son) as they name him has not been crown hmm lets say guardian or ruler of this Universe yet... u know .. a lot of paperwork to fill out in order to assume position. One story goes that right after Jesus Chris completed what he needed to do here, C.M was then crown overseer of this creation.. was it Nebadon?.. (some claim Chris Michael was Jesus Christ.. although of course i hear on other stories Jesus Chris was actually the son of one of the Angels.. Gabriel i think.. dont quote me on any of this)... One thing is clear... the gossip on the origin of this mess takes alot of forms.

      anyways.. when the Luciferian rebellion happened... the split happened among angels and those influencing the Planets under their guidance... Those affected areas were quarantined at some point so no more areas would fall under darkness...

      By the way from what i hear our creator did not order immediate mitigation.. if i heard correcty there were attempts to communicate to find out what to do n i gather his attitude was "wait n see"... (this is my opinion of course)..

      Anyways a long while passed (when we already had lost our shirts) whem it was decided to take some proactive steps.. not sure if the quarantine was one the moves. I assume some attempts were made to salvage somerhing.. who knows.

      so to make the long story short ... the drama started up in the sky...
      So to answer your question.. L and S were and are fallen Angels.

      i am not sure how they are connected with the Archons... if they were the ones from the rebellion that decided to descend into lower density thus turning into the monsters they never thought they would have turned into.. Where the false power they created became their undoing..

      So if those are the fallen Angels Cobra refferred to then the origin of them would be the Andromeda Galaxy.. since we were told that is where the Archons originate. But that i am not sure....

      and this is my short answer :)


    I need your input as to your experience with the chamber whether or not it helped you.

    My Mom who will be 90 at the end of the year has dementia she had been in rehab for problems with walking for almost a month now. My brother can no long take care of her in his home if she can't walk or climb the stairs. She is suppose to be release soon and my brother tells me she is not ready to return home because she still need help standing up and climbing steps ... it is my hope this chamber will help her to the point where she can walk, have more energy and remember again so we won't have to put her in a nursing home. I hate those places. I had to watch my dad died in there of the same evil disease.

    For me this will be an act of desperation, and I hope it will work. I am told these chambers are the prototypes of the technology that will be offered after The Event. If it works it will keep her alive until The Event does take place.


    Thank you for reading my post :)

    1. Here's a good link describing the Tachyon Chambers:

      It also mentions Cobra taking someone to a chamber and letting them experience some of the effects, which were very positive! If you can afford this treatment for your Mom, you are exercising your ultimate love for her & it's is truly of the Light! You definitely are a good son!

    2. Yeah had a grand time ,did 26 times not sure if your mom would like it at 90 in her condition makes no sense.

    3. I don't have any experience with these; I hope you receive all the answers and help possible!

      I am posting to offer a healing transmutation of the challenges surrounding your mother, into a glowing flow of loving harmony. May her experience of life now shift into one of ease and plenty, and may her service be lifted up to one of joy and peace within the world. I ask that a holy sheath of light encompass her, and help her receive and live this brighter path. The times of troubles have passed and done their work, and are needed no longer.

      May you and your family be well! I love you!

    4. Thanks for the link sunshine ... thanks for clearing that up for me DH .... I've never been a good son. :)

      John ... I don't understand ... why do you say it makes no sense?

    5. Spiritoo:

      For the tachyon chambers that have web pages, check out the testimonials there.

      Here is Cobra's link to all the chambers around the world...

      I have visited 2 different chambers, 18 months or so apart. I am lucky in that I don't suffer from severe problems. I went with somebody else who does, however.

      This other person I went with got rid of a pretty bad case of eczema. It simply...went away.. !! And the guy running the chamber said his eczema had also disappeared.

      At the other chamber, the guy who has the chamber said his arthritis is nearly completely gone. Now - he has a lot of access to the chamber, because it is his own chamber.

      I would say if there is any chance that the chamber might help your mom, then go do it. If it doesn't solve her dementia, it will start to solve it.

      It will get things moving, it will start the healing process.

      In any case, it is a powerful experience and you should do it too. It will hep you in all kinds of ways.

      I think it is kind of a spiritual intiation -- similar to what may have been happening in ancient Egypt.

    6. Thank you We I appreciate that

    7. At 90 your just looking to go.. that's what I mean.😘

    8. I LOVE energy technology and any energy methods that can assist us in healing. It is probably an individual thing, I had 5 sessions in one of the tachyon chambers. I really wanted big changes. My primary issue is chronic ureasonable significant drowsiness. Unfortuntely , I noticed no changes. I cannot tell you in what ways it may have helped inner bodies or balance, maybe there were some. Again, I am very for anything that can help people. I just did not notice any kinds of changes for myself.

    9. That's not true John ... at least with my Mom it isn't.

      Thanks Megan ... the nearest chamber from where my Mom is a 3 hour drive to VA. I will have to drive 7 hours from where I live to get her. I've read the testimonials at the website.

      Edie I really appreciate you letting me know it didn't work for you. I'm sorry to hear it didn't, but at least this way I know it may not work. Can you tell me how long it has been since you had it done? If anyone else out there had the same experience as Edie please post.

      It may not work for me or my Mom, but it is a chance I'm willing to take in her case. If she still has to go to a nursing home I will know I at least tried. I'll have them do the lights too with her. Hopefully she will be getting out of rehab soon, and I will be able to take her late this month or early next month, before the snow flies.

      Like I said ... this is an act of desperation.

    10. Spirittoo, I know you were interested in tachyon chambers, but have you thought of using coconut oil for your mum?

      Dementia Reversal with Coconut oil - in an 85yr old at 35 days.

    11. Yes I did Kate ... it didn't work. :(


  42. It may not mean anything to anybody but it was important to me.
    I really really wanted to stay up all night this night. Which I do most nights anyway, so nothing special about that. But this night I had the chance to watch a live broadcast from The Land Of The Rising Sun - I've got some emotional and spiritual connection to Japan. And it is for a reason that I have three Samurai Swords implemented in The LightMachine ;-)

    It worked all out sooo very nicely.
    the show was quite fun, and then the Sun came up, Rainbows appeared in here; and still are in here. I just love my little rainbow crystal :-)

    Then I listened to this:
    Tiny Dancer

    And the very second the song ended the last of the night's candles went out and the church bells started clanging. Once again Timing, baby. Perfect Timing!

    And absolutely perfect TeamWork, Gaia my dear ♥

    Listen to The Music

    Get ready for the News ;-)

    Have a lovely SUNday, everybody.


  43. Pray and meditate and send good intention to your mother where ever she is--even if it's in a rehabilative home. Perhaps her healing will be to transition on to a higher level of awareness. Focus on your own healing and incorporation of the love that encompasses us all. Good changes are very near for all now.

  44. I have a book by SMF van de Kamp de Villandry about Rennes le Chateau. You can read that our world literally is a game. Books of Dan Brown are about it and it all comes together. Washington and CIA are mentioned too.

    So I wondered: do I have a role in revealing the solution. I was a bit shocked because so far most is of is abacadabra to me.
    I consulted my I Tjing. It says: things are stuck at the moment. But don't worry, when it is at worst salvation will come.
    So Cobra: head up.

  45. We are entering a time when we will "move past our stories". Beliefs about Satan, Santa Claus, Superman and Wonderwoman will fade far, far away. Much like children who no longer need a bedtime story, we are entering a point in our evolvement where we don't "need to know" about fantismal creations. Soon we will only be aware of our own divinity and the divine nature of all that surrounds us.



  48. folks - we need an effort to defeat the Vegas hoax
    please take some time to embarrass anyone that supports the official story - reporters, politicians, fake experts, whoever, embarrass them
    here is a clip of an effing security guard shooting the crowd

    if someone supports the official story send them this and embarrass them
    it is time to stop the madness

  49. The energies are just insane these days.. building and building.. can't you feel it??

  50. Blue Ray Transformers: Time-Out to Prepare for Ground Zero
    Shekina Rose / Blue Ray
    Wednesday, 4 October, 2017

    "The Blue Ray Hermit Shell and the Need to be with the Trees

    To the Ultra-Sensitive Empathic Starseed, your connection with Gaia is essential in feeling her response within you which empowers your spirit deeply. It is an empathic exchange that recharges, balances and stabilizes your energy field. If you have been exposed to toxic energy, overwhelmed or fatigued, this is how it can be released, recalibrated and make sense within your energy field.

    Many Blue Rays and sensitive empath starseeds have a powerful strength in..."

    read more:

    1. Blue bird of this blog@

      have you succeed it? have you tried it?

      tell us more...

    2. I've felt kind of guilty for retreating into myself, but I had to. This was a much needed affirmation, thank you for sharing it 💞

  51. I feel like Goku going SuperSayan :)

    1. We should all go super saiyan blue and kick the chimera :)


  52. Wikileaks Julian Assange Just Revealed What Really Happened In Las Vegas and It Is BAD For
    gary larrabee

    1. i just listened... i didnt hear anything new that we dont know about groups within each agency... It is already "known" there are bad guys within FBI who participated on JFK assassination... Do not forget too there r good people in there too... i dont really know to what degree they are all brainwashed like we all are... but some of them are trying to make a difference Or living under pressures that only allows them to do so much. (i can assure u some of the few bad apples creates event to compromise the good ones... is one way to build control over them)

      is not hard to imagine that many probably are aware of some truths... n many have bought the illusion as it has been all so well defined thru the ages.

      unfortunately is the ones at the top where much of the control n corruption breaths. The foot soldiers mainly follows orders..

      those who do not... you know... basically their life gets turn upside down.

      the role of the good guys will come in handy when the time is right...

      what happened to the good guys in the pentagon investigating as they say the missingn trillion dollars i think.. well they got blown up in one scoop at the pentagon per the claims. so the ones with good intent n trying to cleanup corruption they need to play it wisely.

      other than that... well is safe to say all organizations r compromised to some degree.. we know this... n Assange has not said anything we dont already know.

      problem is.. we are still dancing to the same all mambo.

  53. This comment has been removed by the author.


  54. DOJ Warns Senate & Reporters Of Coming Arrests
    William Dismount

    5 oct. 2017

    Don't Get Caught Un-Prepared Stock UP on Emergency Food! - or call 888-457-3212

    Protect Your Data from NSA Spies! - Click Here!




    1. we have not forget it... Cobra...
      your great forgetting of 1996...

      Please give us much details about Pleiadian High Council...

      P.S. at least as much as you gave us about ordo bucintoro, from which nothing true came out since...

  56. Please, don't see
    Just a boy caught up in dreams and fantasies
    Please, see me
    Reaching out for someone I can't see
    Take my hand
    Let's see where we wake up tomorrow
    Best laid plans
    Sometimes are just a one night stand
    I'll be damned
    Cupid's demanding back his arrow
    So let's get drunk on our tears
    And, God, tell us the reason
    Youth is wasted on the young
    It's hunting season and the lambs are on the run
    Searching for meaning
    But are we all lost stars
    Trying to light up the dark?
    Who are we?
    Just a speck of dust within the galaxy
    Woe is me
    If we're not careful turns into reality
    Don't you dare let our best memories bring you sorrow
    Yesterday I saw a lion kiss a deer
    Turn the page
    Maybe we'll find a brand new ending
    we're dancing in our tears
    And, God, tell us the reason
    Youth is wasted on the young
    It's hunting season and the lambs are on the run
    searching for meaning
    But are we all lost stars
    Trying to light up the dark?
    I thought I saw you out there crying
    I thought I heard you call my name
    I thought I heard you out there crying
    Just the same
    God, give us the reason
    Youth is wasted on the young
    It's hunting season and this lamb is on the run
    Searching for meaning
    But are we all lost stars
    Trying to light up the dark?
    I thought I saw you out there crying
    I thought I heard you call my name
    I thought I heard you out there crying
    But are we all lost stars
    Trying to light up the dark?
    But are we all lost stars
    Trying to light up the dark?


    the man on the right died ten days later of an inoperable tumor. the tumor was located in the area where the blue aura color appears. anyone else thinking of terence mckenna?

  58. When the heck are we going to be helped....... Tired of the constant pain......


    1. We have to stand up for our rights, no matter the mission we supposedly have chosen...

      we are like volunteer soldiers who were left out beside the way...



  60. Wow, the dark forces must be really desperate right now. Giving it all until the last breaths of Yaldaboath. By now the archons and Yaldaboath know they are goners. The Cabal couldn't even form another hurricane from Yaldaboaths excited plasma at the time of year the gulf of Mexico is at its warmest. Hurricane Nate became a tropical depression. I'm so excited that Yaldaboath is pretty much gone now.

  61. William Dismount The Storm Has Begun 10/7/17
    gary larrabee

  62. Greetings from Germay. We support Cobra + RM
    Rainbow Warrior

  63. Greetings from Germany. We support Cobra & RM


    1. We support them too, of course!!

      ... but there is need of some amendments...


    2. We have to stand up for our rights, no matter the mission we supposedly have chosen...

      We have to stand up... either like unpaid mercenaires, or, rather like volunteer soldiers who were left beside the way...


  64. Suddenly MI6, Mossad, CIA, NSA, Pentagon, Yakuza and Others All Say Something Big Is Coming

    P.S. But, what (the F.A.Q.) is coming??...

  65. What we need here is a "little less talk and a lot more action i.e global group meditations with higher consciousness interaction.


  66. "In 1516 Julietta Montefeltro, an initiate of the Order of the Star, joined Ordo Bucintoro. She was a priestess of Goddess Venus. Venus is a patron Goddess of Venice, Venice being one of the main planetary vortexes of that Goddess.

    As an initiate of the Order of the Star, Julietta knew the secret of immortality and Ascension and has communicated that to Ordo Bucintoro through an occult doctrine called Spiritus Eros, which includes the sacrament of the bridal chamber and other Goddess mysteries.

    The purpose of Ordo Buncintoro was to prepare mankind for a New Era, which was then expected to arrive around the year 2000. It was envisioning human sovereignty free from the influence of the Church, humans determining their own destiny and being respected according to their merits and not their bloodline. A new financial system was planned which would ban interest and prevent misuse and hoarding of wealth."

    Nothing true came out since this post...


  67. Cobra, but what about Mira, the pleiadean?

    Would you not give us some details about the unseen characters, than any other meanless posts?

    P.S. i.e. ordo bucintoro, from which nothing is seen since the post...


  68. You Do Not Need a PHD in Spirituality to Ascend - with Laura Eisenhower
    Stillness in the Storm

  69. Sather Illumination Channel (aka, “Destroying the Illusion”) 10-8-17… “The Calm Before the Storm”

    Posted on 2017/10/08 by Kauilapele

    Another excellent teaching and illumination video by Jordan.


    1. As of the last meditation on Oct 8th the very last bits Yaldaboth were dissolved. This information comes from a 'remote viewing' I did just after Sunday's meditation. All that remains are some plasma parasite worms containing the last few toplet bombs and the primary implants dispersed within the human population.

      Of these two remaining issues the primary implants are taking the longest to dissolve because not enough people are doing what Cobra requested of us back in July.

      Quote from the article:

      "First, the vast majority of suffering has its root cause in the so-called primary implant. Primary implant is the implant that we have all received upon our entrance in the quarantine Earth area many thousands years ago. This implant is positioned in the frontal lobe of the brain on the plasma and etheric plane, is filled with charged rotating anomalous plasma and has the primary message that we are separated from the Source / Love / Light. This primary disconnection from the Source then attracts situations that reflect that disconnection and create more suffering. Since our free will then aligns with the implant, the Light forces can not intervene in our life, the prayers do not get answered, the protection is lost, the trust is gone."

      The solution Cobra states:

      "To summarize, we can dissolve this mind program by disassociating our Self from the program. This can be done by putting our mind alternatively into the state associated with the program (I am separated from the Source) and its opposite (I am one with the Source). If you alternatively write down these polar affirmations (perhaps 10 minutes each day), your mind will disassociate from both polar mental states (separate from the Source / one with the Source) and the mental program will start falling apart, the rotating plasma will dissipate, the implant will start dissolving and your connection with the Source / Love / Light will be naturally reinstated."

      How many people are actually doing this? Even just saying it a few times can help.

      Neuroscience has even proven repetition can bunt the meaning of words. It is called Semantic satiation.

      If you say
      (I am separate from the source)
      (I am one with the source)
      over an over again all the words will lose all meaning due the Semantic satiation effect. This will stop the implant from controlling our freewill which in turn will allow the light forces to attract more positive outcomes in the future.

      More people need to see this.

      Peace be with you always.

    2. we are like volunteer soldiers who were left out beside the way...

    3. There was since early September no important updates:

    4. lets not add the implants into this equation... yes they are part of the matrix
      ... but the toplet bombs & yaldabaoth are it. the main obstacles...

      ismy understanding they should be able to deal with every other "known" trick..

    5. if yaldabaoth was all dissipated i would think things would seem a bit better...

      last i checked. ignorance still is at all time high... n i check it ever other minute more or less... pretty much i get validation of it.

    6. Remember DH Cobra stated things would look pretty bad just before The Event ... so the way things are now The Event should be just around the corner.

      Novusod ... I've been doing the writing exercise since the time the Cobra first stated it.

  71. Horrible fires all over California. So much pain fear and destruction everywhere in the world. Stop pulling the bandaid off slowly. Rip it off and get the event going. You have stated that it can be fine under drastic situations. I'd say the world is there now.

    1. I see your point... but is just from inside a 3D plane level...

      Who knows, maybe those imerse in those situations have something to deal... with karma..

      Their higher self knows what to do.

      Earth is shaking because are a lot to clean...

      Every one is exactly where should be!

      Focous in your path... dont judge others path... they choose it in some level.. It's difficult, but is true...

      Remember who you are, we all, no one is a victim of nothing.

      It's all experience, there's only bad experience if you choose see in that way.

      Stay calm in the middle of mess is a true light job!

      You can only choose your path.

      We have too honor other's choices.

      Any way, we choosed as a collective the fast highway... Earth will shake... We can noe shake with her and do NOT feed the fear and desperation.

      Be light. No body dies any way.. we just go home.

      Trust that we will see better days... and when all this end... we will have a great light party in havens... on 5D Gaia!



  72. All these things you fear so much depend on angles of vision
    Down in the maze of walls you can't see what's coming
    But from high on the high hills it all looks like nothing to me

    Victory of Love and Light


  73. California is battling a huge number of fires today, up and down the state.

    Oregon and Washington fires (had more fires in early September).

    Seems like somebody went up and down the west coast with a torch......

  74. Sending you some love, Cobra and some love to the Resistance movement and everybody out there doing battle.

    I suspect the black alert and the Las Vegas incident were somehow related.

    Feels like there is some serious stuff going on around Yaldo and those remaining, recently revealed toplet bombs. Perhaps these are testy, tempestuous bombs, and it is a delicate operation.

    I will send you all love and wisdom, so you can do your best and keep moving forward positively.

    Victory of the Light.

  75. Benjamin Fulford

    Weekly geo-political news and analysis


    "Suddenly MI6, Mossad, CIA, NSA, Pentagon, Yakuza and Others All Say Something Big Is Coming"

  76. New Video: The Golden Age Approaches 432Hz

  77. All I can say is our skies were very busy w chem planes today I assume this is because they are working hard to stop the energies coming in ?? I took it as a sign the Event is close and they are desperate! Oddly Sunday was a perfect normal cloud day. Thanks to all RM LFs Galactics all of us we will prevail and all who are still asleep I hope get to ascend as well. Love and Light to All!

  78. As I write this, late Monday night, the fires in the wine country of California are "zero percent contained."

    The firefighters are rescuing people, not buildings, so the news is showing an evacuated Hilton Hotel burn to the ground, with no firetrucks in sight.

    Big sections of Santa Rosa, CA have burned to the ground.

    Evidently the wind came up last night "out of nowhere," said the residents standing outside of their homes.

    More weather weapons? What is this?

    1. i am bored already by all this one way game.

      to imagine we been going thru this for hundreds of years...

    2. yes, hundreds of years. or thousands of years.

  79. Trump to Use Space Weapons against North Korea to begin Secret Space Program Disclosure

    Written by admin on October 9, 2017. Posted in Featured, Space Programs

  80. Real Physics of "Ascension" -- Dan Winter-HD-Science of Ascension Conference (Video)

    Real Physics of "Ascension" -- Dan Winter-HD-Science of Ascension Conference (Video)

    Real Physics of "Ascension" -Dan Winter 90min lecture HD_ at Science of Ascension Conference-Sept 30, 2017-Portal to Ascension hosts- see


  81. Michael Salla Update - Will Dalai Lama Join Pope Francis in Disclosing Extraterrestrial Life?

    1. Disclosure from the Vatican?? Come on, surely you must use your discretion! The Vatican is as archonic and cabal as you get!


    2. however, according to Cobra's posts and interviews, it seems very unlikely... Isn't it?

    3. I don't trust pope francis as far as I can throw him.

  82. Vittuileppa Puna-mustalle niin häviät hevonvittuun!

  83. After finding out about Cobra, the event, the veil, realising we're hostages on planet earth, realising that the golden age is coming and that things will be awesome once full disclosure occurs with the release of suppressed technologies etc... Basically being awake...

    IT'S BETTER THAN WINNING THE LOTTERY. Who else agrees it's better than winning the lottery?

    1. Yes, much better than winning the lottery. It's much better than every sentient being on the planet winning the lottery because along with financial abundance and true healing, we all get access to our True Selves and PRIMARY CREATOR! And Gaia ascends to Her next level in spiritual evolution. Yay, Victory of the Light!

  84. my prayers go out to Cobra, all Lightwarriors, and Lightworkers.
    Victory of The Light!

  85. a must read!

    1. This was a great article...thank you for sharing!!

    2. Kiko Peres: The reading you posted seems generally/mostly true and its outcome aligns with The Event.

  86. This comment has been removed by the author.

  87. Do you have experience with these chambers? I'm planning on taking my Mom to the one in VA.

  88. Visualize a big pink cloud of love over northern California, if you think of it.
    The fires are not contained yet.

  89. we need a major situation update. Looking back at your older posts they were so much longer and more detailed with vital information. Now it seems to be short and focus on info we can find elsewhere. Return to your roots please COBRA! Blessings :)


    1. we are like volunteer soldiers who were left out aside of the way...

    2. I envision the time before The Event to be relatively news-less. Not saying this is necessarily it, of course.


    3. Time before the Event is already since 2012...

  90. I have experience.

    You might phone the number for the Virginia one and talk to the proprietor.

  91. Re. these 'wine country fires' in northern California:

    Just visualize love and healing.
    Love and healing.
    A pink bubble of love.
    Violent flame over everything, which creates more love.


  92. it seems that nothing true came out from our eclipse meditation.

    it seems also that the more we meditate and the more we succeed, the more are we left aside of the road...

    this is what entitles us to believe what we believe...


  93. We have to stand up now, and ask for our desires beside of working together.

    What becomes clear now is that Cobra's plan of Ascension is surrealistic for the nowadays earth, even if liberation on the etheric and plasma plan occurs.

    We have to be here and draw our desire concerning the Ascension plan.

    They, RM, LF drew a presetted Ascension plan without to ask us for a word.

    It's like another case of say it dictatorship, but for the Light, for the 'higher purposes'.

    We have to stand up and to say: this yes, and this not for.
    And not to wait or ask for their plan.

    Let's act it now! LF will support out initiative in the way that Cobra claims they support any initiative for the light...


  94. Palinkas, where are you to ask for a new update?

    Sometimes, your voice seemed to be stronger...

  95. chucknoris1986
    July 1, 2017 at 2:26 AM


    There´s something I want to say before I leave this blog. I rarely make comments, but I´m following this site for quite a long time now.

    This latest interview was the last time I let myself be left disencouraged by COBRA.

    Over the years now it feels like a game:

    Encouraging followed by disencouraging followed by …

    In his own posts on his blog, COBRA makes hope for progress being made:

    „The year 2017 will see much more light …“

    „Our (Etheric-)meditation on Sunday was the turning point in the decisive battle for the energy grid of planet Earth that is taking place between January and April 2017, and one of the biggest victories of the Light. It is estimated that our meditation has cut the remaining waiting time towards the Event by half..“

    „The lightforces have enough …“

    „Justice of Maat!“

    „Fleets are in their final parking position …“

    „Operation … complete.“

    „BSMOSS final sequence in progress“

    And in the interviews and statements he always makes me feel we are FAR away from and not nearer to „the event“.There´s never missing a „We are not there yet“. First THIS has to happen and THAT has to change, THIS stone has to be removed THAT to be planted …

    COBRA stated, that if enough people show their will to free themselves from the cabal, it will happen. Didn´t we make that clear enough in the Liberation-Meditation?

    There´s always the feeling imo that we do nothing or at least DON`T DO ENOUGH and they (RM, Lightforces) do everything. Although even I know LOTS of people doing everything they can everyday to awaken humanity. There are so many people involved in healing, meditating every sunday at 4 pm GMT, doing research, informing people, blogging REAL NEWS...

    And all we get to hear from COBRA is

    „Actually the percentage of people who are awakened is not very high at this point yet“
    „It is simply not enough cooperation on the surface of the planet for this to happen, so the Light forces are now using plan B which takes longer“ and of corse „We are not there yet.“

    QUESTION TO COBRA: If it´s important to reach more people for sunday meditation, why don´t you make ONE BIG ANNOUNCED meditation like with the Etheric liberation? I´m sure we can do that again. If the announcement was big enough, posted ALL AROUND the different blogs and sites (truthearth, sitsshow, eventchronicle, prepareforchange ...) it would be successfull like the Etheric one obviously was.

    At the moment I´m feeling once more like ten years ago, like I´m chasing a phantom, a soap bubble. And that´s why for now I´m leaving this blog and wish you all the best! I came back because I thought „this sounds like change, this time we can make it“. But that´s obviously not the case SOON (there is that word again). One delay after the other.. I ´ve got enough now. Did my best. And I know many many people did and do their best, too. As can be read in the comments on this blog and elsewhere!

    Didn´t mean to spread anger or fear but had the feeling that this statement had to be done.


    May all beings be happy. May we all experience only good.
    Mögen alle Wesenheiten glücklich sein, möge Ihnen nur gutes Widerfahren!


    1. I must agree, yes it does seem well past the Shit or get off the pot time. There are many in the spiritual community/light worker community who keep bringing forward "Intel". It is too much to ask us to remain in the dark about what is going on behind the scenes. that is the tactic of the Cabal. expecting you to never see any proof, expected to take the word of a hidden person who refuses to come out into the open. I do more than meditate and attach my name to art work I create with a very high energy of Love and Light and truth, then put it on the internet the mass consciousness of the planet. I do not seem to have any support, no one answers emails or messages. It feels as though I have been quite isolated by the NSA. I am not getting much support at all. Then told I have to just trust. This feels like weeping and gnashing of teeth as I continue in peace while so much suffering is going on. Would you expect us to still wait after a year? 2 years? 5 years, 25 years? We live in the age of media, and still all of the media used is enigmatic or fictional. Why is there no real pics or video? Why are there not cashes of money, gold, bags of groceries dropped off to some who have stood up out in the open and are taking the heat. year or more ago there were forms to be delivered to community leaders. I am so glad I did not deliver those. I told my friends and family about all the eminent predictions. Years ago there was a channeler who I will not name, who told us to tell our families that the cities of light would appear at Christmas time. I did tell family and friends and now have no credibility at all with any of them. COBRA you are loosing credibility my friend. you have us all sitting out here out in the open and seem to take your time. I do regular inner work so no more excuses. In the Bible, the Sanhedrin tells that the leaders were expecting the Christ, but they were so attached to their power that they refused to recognize him when he came and worse. Is this the case here? Why am I not more involved and kept away? You are going to have to do much better than this guys. This is not getting it done. At the end of this line, I know the outcome is assured. Why are you so afraid of death as you would just come back again? You say we need to increase our vibration on what? frustration? Your hollow words? You say the restructuring of our financial system will happen AFTER the EVENT. that the media will be released from the corporate control AFTER the event. I ask again, would not the upliftment happen if all this happened before the EVENT? culminating in the frequency of the EVENT? Then I posted here a message to the cabal specifically about trying to stop freedom of speech and it was not posted here. I tell you the truth. I have the authority to speak as much as any of you do for I know who I AM. why was this sensored? here it is again. It will be interesting to see if it makes it this time.

    2. Never allow ANYONE to limit your Free Speech. - ONE

      Free Speech is a human right granted all of us by virtue of your BEing which includes the divine spark.

      These rights are stated and guaranteed (not issued mind you) by the Constitution of the Original United States of America. for All, not just American citizens.

      Any ONE who attempts to limit free speech is perpetuating an ignorant act on themselves and others and are to be pitied but dismissed.

      This will NOT be tolerated by those who understand their own sovereignty, by the ignorant who do not understand their or any ONE else's sovereignty.

      Those who scheme to impose their will trampling on the cause of Freedom for all, (no matter race religion or sexual orientation) WILL be resisted vehemently By the community of Light Workers on and off world using non violent means and resistance based on the highest energies of Love, Joy, Creativity, Gratitude, Bliss, Prayer and Meditation.

      On THIS issue, you have been warned time and time again by authorities higher than you. You are reminded here again patiently and respectfully to "Back the Fuck Off". (I don't intend to be crude here, just crystal clear.)

      Those ignorant ONEs who have perpetuated these crimes against sovereign freedom will be forgiven and welcomed back to your true nature of ONEness, and out of ignorance (darkness), as the time of honoring yourselves is coming to an end, in this NOW moment.

      I set my loving and determined intention that you will turn to the light in this NOW moment or you will be RE-turned to the Light as decreed by heaven. This outcome is assured.

      This message is a courtesy into the mass consciousness of the planet. (the Internet) the first physical manifestation in this realm of the Akashic record (The Cosmic Library) and I know the ignorant are monitoring. - ONE

    3. unknown... i cannot come up with much of an argument against yours because pretty much indeed this feels endless...

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts...

      i hope the event will be around the corner and you will be willing to return n participate...

    4. I never post - but today - Please do not be discouraged - this is to play right into the negative agenda. I know it can be very hard - but please realize that many of your negative thoughts are not even your own. This is part of the major attack on light workers and light warriors. Words of discouragement or impatience likely are intended to affect those on this blog and Cobra, as well.
      It's true - there is suffering and disaster in the world - but is this worse than what was endured during the Black Plague or World War I or II? Though now we hear about the disasters in minute detail - I don't think we are going backward.
      We do not know what dangers and energies are being generated or what Cobra and the Light Forces are facing. I can see Cobra's point about "surface cooperation" and "awakening" when I see the divergent views on this blog - from us - who should be cooperative and awakened.

      We act like Cobra is an employee of ours - negligent in posting what and when we want - when he is a volunteer for a mission whose dangers and responsibilities we know little about. I have seen nothing but great honesty, patience and dependability from Cobra.
      From the recent Cobra/Fulford/KP interview - Cobra's last remark -
      "So, the reason why it was so tough is because we are right before the breakthrough, I know, it's not gonna happen this week, it's not gonna happen today, but it's gonna happen in a foreseeable future and we just need to keep going, keep going, keep going and never give up and we will get there."

      No matter how dark it may feel - there is always a choice.
      "Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom."
      "Everything can be taken from a man but one thing: the last of the human freedoms—to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one’s own way." Viktor Frankl

  96. here is the problem: you give your time, energy, effort, money etc. to this cause. then you feel entitled to receive something back and sometimes you dont. Or even worse you receive an attack for helping. Solution: give from the heart only when you can, without expectations and DETACH YOURSELF FROM THE OUTCOME! this takes some of the pressure off, continue your regular life "business as usual" and do what you can, but becoming co-dependent on anything or anyone (including this blog) is not healthy. and frankly this attachment and co-dependency leads to complaining. make the wise choice to live your life as good as possible and contribute only with what you can handle. I know because I was guilty of doing the same thing, but I moved on! sending the light of love to all!

  97. Yes Megan ... I have already spoken with a rep in VA. When I get more info on when my Mom can travel I will be contacting them again to make arrangements for appointments. Is it possible to do the 5 sessions in less than 5 days?

  98. I became co-dependent on the outcome of this blog and the event just like many others here. As a result i was angry at COBRA and blamed him and the light forces for not giving us enough protection, complaining most of the time for being semi-helpless to these attacks.

    then a wise friend taught me to continue living my life with a "business as usual" attitude and when I did I was able to DETACH MY CO-DEPENDENCY from THESE play by play OUTCOMES on this blog.

    now i am able to carry on with my life contributing only fullheartedly when I strong enough and able to do so. If I am healing then i am not contributing since i do not have the energy and willpower to do so. this removes much of the pressure for me and allows me to welcome all news of 1 step forward even if it is followed by 2 steps back.

    removing the co-dependency has removed my internal complaining and allows me to kick back and relax more when i am sick from attacks etc. also after i heal, i usually come back with stronger contributions; time, money, effort, etc. whatever i can give

    I apologized to COBRA since I realized it is not up to him and he is doing the best he can like the rest of us.

    sending the light of love to all! hope this helps.

  99. Brazil asks S.O.S!
    The country is sinking into a communist socialist system. Everything is going up in price. Maintain life with the basics is becoming more difficult every day

  100. I'm trying to stay sane to not get depressed :/

    Placebo - Song To Say Goodbye

  101. could someone send a memo alerting this people to make sure to protect themselves and the info or whatever they doscover..

    Anti-Geoengineering Legal Team Sues The US Department Of Commerce

    they should expect (but not limited to)... hacking, monitoring bugging of office and home... infiltartion or someone from inside to be bought..
    threats and attempts on their life...
    etc etc..

    make aure they are not all traveling all on same plane or car... make sure they carry multiple copies of proof or at minimum the onformatoonis securely lock where it wont entail an IT hacler to have access to...

    whatever can be device to prevent loss of life and property would be idea...

    just saying..

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  103. The Elements and the USA: First, the Water (Harvey). Second, the Wind (Irma, softened). Third, the Fire (fires). Fourth, the Earth (earthquakes and holes). Well, we can also consider a fifth element, the Ether (plasma weapons and plasmoid entities?).

  104. Is something going down? This is mainstream media talking about technology disclosures. This is what Corey Goode said would happen. (Cobra May have said it to, but I just don’t have the info becuase I only recently found this blog)

  105. This comment has been removed by the author.